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12-09-2006, 09:58 AM
Stayed on yet again yesterday (hooray!). On to today...I really wanted to avoid eating out this weekend since I had Subway 2 nights in a row already, but then I got a secret shopping assignment at a diner for tonight, so I'll make the best choices I can based on their menu (which I've already looked up online):

smoothie - milk, protein powder, frozen strawberries
Lean Cuisine - lasagna and chicken
Kashi cereal w/milk
dinner out:
appetizer - ginger shrimp skewers (not breaded or fried)
entree - more ginger shrimp skewers (it was the best non-fried option I could find on their menu!) served w/rice and garden vegetables
dessert - vanilla ice cream sundae (split with Jeff)I've estimated dinner in Fitday (I'll have to count my shrimp when I actually get there...I estimated 4 per skewer), and this comes to about 1525 calories and 88g protein (would have liked more protein, but I've been really high on other days this week, so I think I'll survive ;) ).

12-09-2006, 11:19 AM
Wow Jill, you are really "doing it". I ate too many calories again yesterday (2200), but kept to healthy foods as usual. The scale increased by .5 pounds. Oh well, today is another day! I will probably go to the mall in Jersey today for some xmas gifts so I looked up the menu at Ranch 1 Chicken where I always go when at that mall. Usually I get the sandwich (370 calories) and the fries (who knows how many calories!), but today I will just get one thing (i.e. no fries); I noticed 3 options for about 350-370 calories. It really does help to avoid certain foods when you see how many calories they have!