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11-28-2006, 08:15 PM
You know, I tried WATP, and I LOVED IT! But for the life of me, I can not afford 25 USD (I'm in Canada, so tack on another 5-7 dollars) every time I want a new video. I came across the Canadian version of WATP. It's called Walk On to Weight Loss. It's done by Stott Pilates, and it's a great workout. I'm currently doing the 45 minute video (yes! more than 20 minutes!!), which is just over 3 miles of walking at 4.5mph. And get this... It only cost me $16 CAD!

I urge those who are a bit tight in the money department to check this out. They have varying levels of inensity for beginners straight to pros!

Just thought I'd share :)