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10-29-2006, 03:03 AM
G’day all,

Thought the first thing to do was say ‘hi’ to you all and start a new thread after our trip to Melbourne. :)

We had a nice time but the 10 hour drive to and fro is exhausting.

Up very early this morning and I did most of the driving for some reason, just worked out that way.

Little Saskia is gorgeous and our daughter and her dh are well and were happy that we visited.

What a pain about your carpet Slavika, hope it will eventually turns out the way you want it.

There has been a lot of controversy here about the ‘delightful’ :dizzy:Inman of the muslim community in Australia and many are demanding his resignation. Many Muslims are distancing themselves from the ‘spoiled meat’ remarks and others are defending the remarks by saying that he was incorrectly interpreted.
It really does not help to bridge the ever widening gap between Muslims and the rest of us. :(:(

Ann you are doing really well with the weight loss and so are you Bernice! Wished I could report the same!

I must fly and attend to some other stuff….hi to everyone hope you are all well and happy.

Talk to you later….


Karen L
10-29-2006, 08:05 PM
Maria I'm sure you are glad to be home. Be it ever so humble. Glad you enjoyed your time with Saskia. 10 hours on the road is a long time to be sitting in the car. When we travel to Minnesota we take 3 days with 2 nights in a motel. We figure 6 or 7 hours driving is enough for one day.

Had a quiet Sunday around here. DH was out playing golf with 3 other guys. And I was sewing. Trying to finish up my totes for the craft sale. Still have one more to go. Had to quit today as my machine was acting up. And I was getting frustrated so it's best to just give it up . I'll see if i can get going again tomorrow or Tuesday. Then I worked a bit on My latest painting project. It is a winter scene with trees and snow and a tiny little ice skater on a pond. Got the back ground done Monday in class and then Wednesday I worked on the back ground trees and foliage. Next is to put in the pond. Then the foreground trees , shading and stuff. Then I get to tackle the tiny little man. It is a pretty good size picture about 18 inches long and then maybe 6 inches high. All done on a piece of wood . It also has a frame that I have stained a light oak color. So far so good. When I get it done I send you all a picture of it so you can see. You are my captive audience.

Last night we went to the variety show put on by people in the park. It was so funny watching those people play the fool. They had a good time doing it and we all had a good time watching and laughing.

Last night was the end of daylight savings time here in the U.S. So this was the longest day. I don't think it's ever going to end. I was up at 4:30 again. This is getting old fast. Anyway I'm tired so I'll go for now. I'll check in with you tomorrow to see what is going on here. Hope Glenda gets in touch with us soon so we know she is OK.

10-30-2006, 05:49 PM
Hi Everybody; We also turned back our clocks this weekend. I thought I would get all the things I needed and make a big pot of cabbage diet soup (well it's really just a veg. soup with onion soup mix and water for the broth. For the first two days I did fine. I would have the soup then a sandwich or something but on Saturday I went to GS 13th birthday and my Son had made spare ribs that were so good. I ate 6 of them, then had a small piece of ice cream cake and that pretty much took care of what I lost eating the soup. GRRR. Yesterday I went to my friend's GD confirmation and then we went to this lovely rest. where the father of the young girl bought us all brunch, which again was just super. Today we are getting a lot of snow, and I will be staying at home and I WILL be having that cabbage soup. Welcome back home MARIA, and welcome back GLENDA. KAREN you sure keep yourself busy with interesting things Good for you. Well nothing else is new just a very dreary day today. Bye for now. :)

10-30-2006, 11:00 PM
Yesterday we had 50 mile an hr winds and lots of branches came down. it was also raw and cold. Today, however, was 50 degrees sunny and just beautiful. Crazy weather. We leave on the 10th and do 12 hrs of driving the first day with 3 hr stops to walk and water everyone. The next day is 10 hours till we get there and then 6 months of hopefully sunshiny (is this a word ?) days.
Did I mention we had a black bear walk up the driveway the other day. He was about 250 lbs and walked very quietly and nonchalantly. It is a little disconcerting to see this so close when you are used to see these animals in a zoo. We have to be alert when we let the dogs out and in Florida its the aligators..

10-31-2006, 11:06 AM
Bernice: A Bear! WOW!! :eek: Did you call anyone to come and take him away? I've been reading more about the problems with the constant encroachment on the natural habitat of animals. There was whole TV special about it. It is happening big time around here, and every day I see so much road kill, as the little critters like possums and raccoons, to name a couple have lost their homes to all this development. Sad in a way.

Sally: Snow! Guess it is that time of year now. There sure was a lot in Colorado for an early winter storm. Good for the skiers tho'. I like that cabbage soupl I make my own version of the WW soup a lot, with all the vegetables I have on hand. My kids used to call it Mom's garbage soup. Doesn't sound very good, but it is. Hope your rug comes eary, so you won't have to deal with that situation any more.

Glenda: glad you are back in circulation again. A working vacation? That's not my idea of fun, but necessary anyway sometime. I know what you mean about a clean looking house being dusty and dirty underneath.

Maria: 10 hours of driving is a long time. But I'm sure worth it to see Saskia and get to snuggle her a bit, or maybe a lot. I am doing most of our driving now, Dh goes out once in a while, but to go anywhere, it is mostly me that drives.

We went to see 'Man of the Year' with Robin Williams last night. A good film, and I think it was not an accident that it was released around election time. There were a lot of thought provoking things said about lobbyists, and the elected congressmen who hardly ever attend the sessions. Made me think of an oly Jimmy Stuart movie. but I can't remember the name of it. He was a candidate for president and they wanted him to play the 'political game' and he refused.

Karen: Will be lookin forward to seeing your finished painting project. Sound very nice. I need to get going on some quilling for our craft sale. I just seem to keep putting it off. Hope your sewing machine got rid of it's 'snit' and let you keep on with your work.

Hope all is well with the rest of you gals. 'See' you soon. Ann

Karen L
10-31-2006, 11:58 AM
Ann I finished the bags. I talked to a friend who does more sewing than me and she told me to change the needle. And low and behold the machine began working again. i just have a little bit of touch ups to do and i am completely done. Going to do that now.

Everybody have a great day.

10-31-2006, 11:22 PM
Ann, there is no reason to call any one about the bear as they will not do anything unless it's a nuisance like breaking into the house or going after pets or horses and then it's a category one and they will kill it. There has been a bear hunt for the last 2 years and 300 bears were killed each year. This year we have a new governor who is against the hunt ( I agree with him) so the hunters are up in arms claiming the only way to control the population is to have a hunt. In 13 years I have seen bears 4 or 5 times and as long as you don't leave food or garbage or have bird feeders they just keep on walking. Of course you can't let your kids out alone to play cause you never know.
A big surprise for Halloween- the door only rang twice and there was 4 kids each time. Can't say I was disappointed as I hate the doorbell ringing constantly cause the dogs go nuts. Now I have so much candy and while it doesn't tempt me,my diabetic hubby has no self control so I will have to make it disappear.
Good news the mri showed no infection in the bone and if he's only stay off his feet a few days the ulcer would heal.

11-01-2006, 05:49 PM
G'day all,

As you all have the end of daylight saving, we started ours:carrot:, I love it but hate the 'loosing' of an hour!

Karen you sure are busy with all your projects, good for you.

Slavika I have never had spare ribs, both dh and myself cannot understand why people like them, it seems to be more fat then anything else:dizzy:
They weren't available here but over the past few years they are gradually coming into the supermarkets. We have not been tempted to try them though! I know you will think I am crazy but getting a lot of snow does sound nice for ONE DAY;):D

Bernice that is amazing having a big bear wander up your driveway. What I learnt on our last trip is that alligators are relatively docile compared to the salt water croc that will attack anything and anyone. I guess any animal that gets a bit stirred up is not going to be happy.
Good news about your dh with no infection shown.

Ann I always like anything that Robin Williams does, he is a bit crazy but he is so talented and comes across as a genuine, warm hearted human being.
I don't want to start on politics but I do hope you will have a change of president:^:

I am ever so gradually getting things sorted again on my computer, it will be quite a few weeks yet.
I am inundated with work and sort of loading stuff that I need for doing the work.
We were supposed to be going away for 10 days to the Gawler Ranges, (http://www.gawlerrangessafaris.com/about_us.htm, check out the location tab) However with the crashing of my computer we decided not to go much to Alan's disappointment.....but now that I feel I have everything under control work wise, we will go and will be leaving next Wednesday.
It is probably a very good idea to get away out bush for 10 days just with some really good friends.
Closer to the day I will ask you all to scrub my name from your email list for those 10 days.

Back to the grindstone.......;)


11-01-2006, 06:45 PM
I haven't been here for such a long time. Just before I took off for a week, our computer guy had to rebuild my computer. So, when I came here, I thought I would just post. Well, you all know the story. Had to log in again and had to get the password again. I know I had it, but it did not work.

Bernice, a bear? A real, BIG bear? We saw little black bears in Red River, NM last summer. Tourists are certainly encouraged to put their trash in tight trash cans, but the poor things come right into town at night. And we had a black bear in Paul's Valley kill a child this year. That never happens. So, I guess you do just have to be careful. Like Ann says, we are encroaching on their territory. We actually saw a bobcat alongside the road the other day. Would not want to meet one on foot, but "they" say they are more scared of us than we are of them. Do not want to test out that theory.

Ann, we saw the same movie. It was pretty entertaining and thought-provoking. I am so sick of politicians and "spin." This is the most polarizing I have ever seen in our country. That darned war! I will be glad when the election is over. The movie you were trying to remember was "Mr Smith Goes to Washington." He was a young senator who did a phiibuster (sp?) and about passed out. I loved it!

Maria, glad you will get to go on your trip. Ten hours by car is a long time, but for a granddaughter???.......Sure.

Karen, you little crafty person! My niece just asked me what I would do when I retire and my spontaneous answer was, "Not sew!" I used to and just hated the tediousness of it! Cannot wait to see your painting. Have you always painted?

Get our new couch and chair tomorrow. Should look nice, I hope. We had 9 little muchkins last night. I was so disappointed. We were the stereotype old people with the porch light on, waiting with the bowl of candy. They just didn't show up!

Dancing with the Stars fans, who will lose out tonight? I think they are all so great! I secretly am hoping for Emmett. Maria is dropdead gorgeous, but from what I have heard, he certainly knows it!

Karen L
11-01-2006, 08:43 PM
Glenda to answer your question Have i always painted. No I've never even painted a wall. I did finish my picture today and have decided to never do fir tree's again. Only leafless trees. Mine turned out to be yukky i think But I tried to make the best of them and the whole picture looks OK. Not like I had hoped. When asked who i was going to give it too i say I didn't know who I was going to punish with it. Once the hardware is put on the frame i will take a picture of it and send to you all and you you can all have a big laugh. But I still had fun doing it. Next is some oven pulls Don't know what I'm going to put on them yet have to look in my books.

I was up at 4:15 this morning. couldnot go back to sleep so that is when i finished my painting. Sure hope I sleep tonight. This is happening more and more and I think I will be talking to my doctor about it when I see him on the 14th.

Maria glad you got your computer up and running again.

Glenda we all missed you while you were gone. We couldn't figure out why all our Emails to you kept bouncing back. But now it's working just fine. Who Knows!!!!

Must go sit and relax.


11-02-2006, 09:46 AM
Good Morning everyone:

We had no little munchkins here as we are a gated park, and retirement people only. So I went over and worked at registration at church for our Fall Festival/Holloween Alternative. Open to the public. There are all sorts of games, the moon walk,(kids love to jump up and down in those) popcorn and cotton candy. When they register they get a card with all the games on it, and they can go to each one twice. Each time they go their card is punched. so they can get popcorn twice, and the cotton candy twice. And then they can go through a room called Illusions, see a presentation there and get a ticket for a hotdog and drink. I think that there were about 800 people there all told. It is not only a good place for kids to come, but is also an outreach for our church. So then last nightbwe had follow-up teams and we all were given names of people who came, and went to make a house call and leave a packet of information with them, with a dvd about our church and the ministries we have.

Phil and I were paired with 2 kids as we went out. They were fun. I have forgotten just how talkative a couple of kids can be. Of course it was dark, and we had to find places we had never been before. We found the first one all right, but then the 2nd one was elusive. We never did get to it. But the fun part of the whole experience, was that we did bond with these kids, and now they call us Grandpa and Grandma. And I expect we will see more of them.

Not much happening today. A friend and I will go out today to try to find a place for us to have our Ladies Christmas luncheon. It is not easy to find a place that can take 50 to 75 ladies and doesn't charge an arm and two legs for the meal.

I was sorry that Monique was voted off last night, but I really expected it. She was the only woman, and I do think that the male contestants have a bit harder job, since they not only have to learn the dance, but also have to give the impression, at least, that they are leading their partner. It is going to be a hard competition at the last. somehow I think it will come down to Emmet and Mario. Time will tell. I have voted each time and this past time I had a hard time getting on the site to vote. Must have been many many others doing the same thing.

Have a good day. Ann

11-02-2006, 10:34 AM
Good Morning All!

It's been a while since I have posted! Live is so boring and then....everything happens at once. This is the first morning I was able to stay abed til 8AM for over a week. Last week we went to the Cape to visit my girl friend and this week on Monday we went, again, to the Cape to visit DH's oldest cousin. She is 84 and lives way down the Cape almost to Provincetown. Since we have been working on cleaning out the cellar we came across some old photos....dating to the turn of the century, 1900's, of some relatives we had never heard of. Took them down to show her. She is sharp as a tack and lives alone but she had never heard of them before . We came to the conclusion that they were her and DH's grandparents. The weather was beautiful and in the 60's....a perfect day for a long ride. On Tuesday we went to Bedford Commissary and then on to DD#3 for a visit. Yesterday DH had a 7:40 AM appointment for an echocardiogram but we won't know the result for a week.

Maria: Sorry to hear your computer crashed and although it will be a lot of work, at least you can do the work yourself. If that happened to me I would cost a fortune to have it corrected. Wow, a 10 hour trip...but well worth it to see Sashia. Looked at your trip to Gawler Ranges and it looks like interesting country.

Slaviak: Sorry about all the problems with your carpet. It will look beautiful when it is completely installed. I know what you mean about outside activities messing up your diet. Staying home forever in not an alternative!

Ann: Congrats on the weight loss! Your Halloween activities sounded lovely. What a nice thing for the church to do to entertain so many people.

Bernice: You, too, are to be congratulated on your weight loss! A bear, oh my! I guess we can't complain about the squirrels and raccoons and occasional foxes that we see. Glad your DH's MRI showed no problems.

Karen: Your sewing project sounds like a great one but I'm sure your happy to see it completed. I can hardly wait to see your painting!

Glenda: Welcome back! Hope your computer is up and running better than ever. New furniture! Boy, I would like to get new LR furniture here and I was just saying that to DH.....wouldn't be nice if we could just dump what we have and get new.....He said it's not going to happen! :)

Peggy and Trudy: Hope all is well with you both.


11-02-2006, 03:23 PM
Just wondering how to get this to do it automatically. I still have to log in. I didn't have to before.

Ann, your Halloween just sounds wonderful and such a good mission for your church. My sons took their little ones to churches in OKC, something similar. I just always miss the little ones at Halloween.

I agree about the Dancing with the Stars. I thought Monique would get voted off. I love the three men, but just like Emmit the most. Mario gives me the "vapors". Wow, is he hot, as the kids would say! And Joey is so sweet, with his head always bobbing yes.

My computer wasn't screwed up, but it won't take that many emails without bouncing them back. Next time I am off I need to tell everyone in advance.

Just got our couch and chair and they do look good, but now I have to do something to brighten up the living room a bit--maybe throw pills? I would like a big flower arrangement too. Ah well, I think I am ready to go back to just being happy with what I have.

Gloria, we have been interested in tracing our family too. It is so interesting. I have some cousins I have never met who gave my sister some early, early pictures of my mom and dad. Almost made me cry. And have some sort of family tree being formed. So interesting!

Have a good day.

11-02-2006, 10:52 PM
Hi all.Maria I agree with you about a change of President in this country but he has 2 years left to go and the election we are having is electing senators and congressman. I personally think we should vote all th incumbents out and get fresh blood. Our country is in such a mess with the so called leaders we have. I urge all of you who can to Vote. It's so important. OK off my soapbox.
Yes it was a big bear. Our property borders stateowned land and a couple of years ago I had a bobcat with a radio collar pass thru my backyard and a long time ago we saw a cyote.
I knew Monique was going. I think the winner will be Mario who not only has charisma, is adorable but also watch his movement,he's graceful and fluid.
Emmitt has a wonderful smile and is charming but he's not graceful. He appears to thunder around the stage. Joey is cute too but I don't think he's as natural as Mario. I don't vote but I love the show as there is so much garbage on TV that this is a breath of fresh air.
Another favorite program is watching Public Broadcasting-Have any of you seen the Andre Rieu Concerts- They are so much fun aand we actually have gone twice to see it in person. A fabulous evening.
Ann- interesting dilemma for the ex-chief of police in '''Winter Haven. I don't think he did anything wrong. How can an overweight policeman run after a bad guy and they certainly don't look so good in uniform. It's been all over our news.
We had two beautiful warm days and it has gotten cold again. Eight more days and we head south-Yeah!!!!
I've gotten the girls food together and their records, I'm packed and my house is straightened out. Next week I have a beauty parlor appt for my hair and then it's the nails and a pedicure. The cleaning service comes Thursday, we load the car and then we are history.
I think the reason we had so few kids trick or treating is they have alot of parties in school and in town and it just isn't safe sending the kids out late at nite plus our houses are spread out and the driveways are long and we have bears
Time to surf the internet. Good nite Ladies..

11-03-2006, 07:26 AM
It is late but I HAD to comment on Bernice's post, I just love Andre Rieu and have several of his DVD's.
He of course is Dutch and comes from Maastricht, a city I lived in when i was a child.
I think his music is so uplifting and such a joy to watch his concerts.

I have a DVD of his live concert in Maastricht and it is just wonderful, the amazing thing is that little Matilda just loves the music and wants to hear it all the time. Our son and his wife did not believe me until they saw it for themselves that she did not want to go home until the DVD was finished!

Voting is compulsary in Australia, don't know why they don't make it so in the States.
Maybe just a change in senators and congress men may make a difference, one can but hope.

Off to bed after yet another VERY busy day.



11-05-2006, 03:22 PM
Hello, this is a newbie... KaCe. No rhyme intended. I have had a busy and stressful week, tho when it started it didn't seem to be. I am putting in oak flooring at a rental. A tenant in a different apartment couldn't pay his rent so I let him help me for paying off what he owes. He quit when he got even, and had said he'd stay until the project was complete. Now I need to find a strong helper. I used to do this stuff myself, but now that I'm 59-11/12, I just don't have the strength I used to. Then the drum sander quit and the early morning of Halloween we were burgled while home! They stole my computer, Baybe... my saved-for-two-years computer. The violation is so real. I learned a friend had been robbed at gun point ten years ago. The guy had tried to shot her in the head, but the gun wouldn't fire. I think I would have vomited on him about then. It makes me sick to even think of it. Then as if all that isn't enough, I was to be hostess for my P.E.O. chapter and we had yellow-jackets coming into the kitchen through the recessed lights! I couldn't have 20+ ladies here who might get stung, so a friend up the street had it. Bless her heart. I am making her a wreath from my grapevine prunings. I'll decorate it with her dried hydrangias. Then it was our daughter's 31st BD and today we're having her and GM, sis, and BF over for dinner... her choice is enchlade verde, which I make. So I'll have two and that's it. They are too easy to eat more. But I am working hard on portion control.

I want to come back to get to know all of you better. The snow sounds nice, as it seems to quite things down. I love how quite it gets here when it snows. I just hate it when it goes away and gets dirty. (Breakup in Anchorage is one of the nastiest messes you can think of.)

We have significant issues with black bear herre, as well as deer, which eat the roses; racoons and opposums, squirrels are the thing that I hate. The eat our cedar roof and after nawwing their way in— continue to naw on everything— electrical wires, storage boxes, decorator items, etc. They are not even native. I'd trade all my squirrel for a couple of gentle bears. Basically, I'd like all wild critters to live in the wild, move out of the city and be more natural. My neighbor puts out food though and attracts all manner of unwanted wildlife, especially opposum and squirrels.

I'd love to see the bags that were sewn. It could be a nice gift idea. I like to make my gifts. I have more time than money. And the painting sounds very nice. Is it acrylic or oil? I am a watercolor artist and do sumi-e painting. But have not been working as I have a rental to get ready. (The story of my life.)

All the traveling sounds like a good opportunity to share time with the family and see the country. I actually really enjoy travel. I like to think of the trip as part of the adventure and it usually is. Sometime I'll share a story about my daughters, nephew and I that could have been scarry but was very funny in hind sight.

I will try very hard to be on program today and all week. I'm waiting for news from the local college to see if I can use the gym there for my aerobic workout. Until next time, KaCe.

11-05-2006, 05:25 PM
G'day all,

what a horrendous week Kathryn, I wondered where you were but I guess you cannot do much when your computer gets stolen!;)

It all sounds an awful lot of hard work to me getting your rental ready for the next tenants!!

Not much to report from here, beautiful weather and all is well.


11-05-2006, 07:23 PM
Hi All:
Ka-Ce: I'm sorry that your week has been so horrible. Is there any possibility at all there will be a recovery of your computer? But at least there was no 'gun-point' involved, but violation just the same, and could easily make me to want to stay locked in a closed room. Yellow jackets are no fun! Were you able to get the nest cleaned out. How are you making out now with your refurbishing the apt.? Were you able to find someone to complete the floor project. some day you will have to fool your squirrel friends and put on a tile or a tin roof. They can't gnaw that I bet. I hope you were able to stick to your portions and with all the other stress you have been feeling, the lbs should come off. I know some people react to stress by wanting to eat the world. and others by not being able to eat at all. If things are really bad, I'm the second type. Which one are you?

We have had a busy week. Our Fall festival at church was a great success, on Tues. Then Wed. we had followup calls to many people who came for the first time. Then I had to get ready for our Showtime here at the park. We had a group called Music City Brass. They performed on Sat. night, and they were wonderful. All I can say is if they ever appear anywhere near any of you, by all means go and hear them. They are real professional musicians, not the second rate kind, come out of Nashvillle, and we were very fortunate to get them here. A trumpet, trombone and saxophone with back-up cds. They play every style of music, jazz, dixieland ( one of my favorites) gospel, country, and big band style. And they are also fun. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Today we had country day at church, and everyone one dressed in their denims and boots, and hats, etc. A great day, and another fun one, except that I was so sleepy, since last night I was dealing with the full moon again, and had one of those nights where I didn't sleep much. :eek:

The start of another week, and a new experience for me. I am going to work at the polls. I am going to be a book inspector. I hope I don't flub up too much.I know I have to review my training book again. It will be a long day, and I sure will be glad when all the tv ads are over. We are just bombarded with so much negativity.

Hope you have all had a good week or if not that this next week will be better. I still haven't been back to WW. It just seems things keep happening on Sat. to keep me away. This week we had to set up the stage for the show. The men came in to get their sound checks a little after noon, so we were through just in time. So life is just never a dull moment.

Tonight I hope to sleep. "See" you all. Ann

11-06-2006, 04:41 PM
Hi Everybody: Well KaCe, you sure have had the week from (well not heaven). :D I thought the project that I had to get done yesterday was a big deal but nothing as to what you are going through to get your rental ready. I knew that I had to shut off the water suppy to my outdoor taps so that they would not freeze but geez, I couldn't find them anywhere in the basement. Then my brother said the they are up high and close to the location where the outside taps are. Well finally I found one in the ceiling of closet in the family room. A small hole had been cut so you could just stick your had in and turn it off. The second one was more difficult. I finally found in in the famiily room near the window but on the ceiling which finished off but in this one spot there was a square piece of wood with four screws in it. Did I ever have a difficult time getting the screws off, I guess they were kind of stripped from being screwed in and then taken off every season.....but I got that job done. :cheer: My son and DIL home was broken into and robbed a few years ago and then they put in a security system and so did we. Did they take other things besides your computer? ANN it sure sounds like you had a great halloween. I had made up bags for 25 kids and only had 8 children. Welll...there was a lot of snow and there are no sidewalks on my side of road.....but I missed them. GLENDA I am looking for a new sofa set too for the family room. The one I really liked was too expensive especially since I don't think that area of my house will get that much use........I'll keep looking. I hope you are all having a GREAT week. Big Hugs. :hug:

11-06-2006, 07:02 PM
KaCe, I am so sorry you have had such an awful week. Sometimes they just fall that way, but it has to get better. At least you have a wonderful friend who helped you out because of the yellow jackets. So, do you live in the "wild?" Your part of the country sounds interesting. As I have said, we have a few armadillos, deer, and bobcats, but mainly cows and horses. Every part of the country is so unique.

I am glad you kept your head about your meal and portion control. I seem to have a big problem with portion control. I don't eat the bad things, just way too much of the good.

Slavika, so you are learning how to do things. Next year will be easier. From my colleague at work, this just goes on and on. I love my couch and chair, but they weren't that expensive. It is Lazy Boy and very comfortable.

Got to go. It is already 5. See you tomorrow.

11-06-2006, 07:42 PM
KaCe what a perfectly horrible week. It can only get better. You are quite handy to be able to renovate the rental unit yourself. Dh & I are not handy at all and every time we do try to do something in this old house it only leads to a much bigger problem and we would have been better off to get professional help in the first place. Hope you can get your computer back...that is a tough loss. Our only experience with yellow jackets was a couple of years ago when they infested a hollow tree near our driveway. DH went out to use a spray (bomb) at dusk when they were quieter and he said as I watched from the pantry window... if the start coming after me, run and open the front door....Ha, then they would come in right after him. It didn't happen so I was lucky I didn't have to make that decision. :D

Slavika, your home is getting updated and soon you will feel like it's a new home. Wonderful

Glenda, I love the Lazy boy furniture. Had a recliner for years and last year got a new one for DH but not Lazy boy...wrong decision.

Ann, Good luck with your work at the polls. When we volunteered, years ago, we didn't get to go home til about 3 AM....never again!

Maria, Have a great vacation....see you when you get back!

Muffinsmom, Another Andre Reiu fan hear. Whenever he is on PBS we always watch, even if it is a rerun.


11-07-2006, 04:08 PM
KaCe, I can tell you it will get better. It seems to me that we get dumped on all at once and then it's smooth sailing. We had rental property and it was a pain. Tenants didn't seem to repect where they were living and there was always work when they left.
We are on a countdown to going south. Tossing out stuff from the fridge, keeping up with laundry and trying to sort out all the things that need attending. I hate the first day on the road cause our goal is to get to South Carolina and that's a 12 hr drive. A looong day.
Went and had the nails and toes done and picked light Fl colors as I've been wearing the dark colors. Have to think light again. Next week I'll be in shorts. Yeah!!!!
Taking the girls in to the groomer tomorrow for their summer type haircuts. The only problem I have had in Fl is finding a good hair place, nail place and decent groomer. Otherwise it's great oh I forgot I really don't love Publix especially after being a Shoprite shopper. But the sun and blue sky during the winter months makes up for it all.
That's it for me right now-Have a great day everyone.

Karen L
11-08-2006, 08:47 PM

Sorry about all of you problems. It's awful after your house is broke into. You just want to nail all the doors and windows shut. It is nice that you can do all the renovations in your rental your self. much cheaper. We are like Gloria and Her DH always have to hire some one to do stuff.

We have had a our neighbor over here working to fix the house. I dont remember if I told you all that I hit the house with the golf cart about a month ago. A freak accident . Still not sure what happened. But the cart hit the bike and the bike hit the house and broke the brick skirting in 4 places. Our main worry was in one place where it was not only cracked but pushed back under the house about 2 inches. I didn't realize that anything had happened to the house until the next day when DH pointed it out to me. Crash #2 is my name. Crash #1 lives down the street from me. She drove her cart up the steps(3) and into the door. She got a new door. Oh well accidents happen. Our neighbor did the work for a lot less than any one else would have. Some of the men who looked it over thought the skirting would have to pulled out and replaced. They were talking about BIG BUCKS. Anyway I'm sure glad it is done.

Bernice, Sprout has a groomer that comes to the house. It's great. That way he doesn't get traumatized from being thrown into a place with a bunch of other dogs.. I have her coming next week to just get his nails clipped and his butt trimmed up a bit. The rest of his fur he will need in the frozen north.

I think am going to dumping my adelphia address. Don't like the web mail program they have. Had to go to that after my Out Look Express quit working.

Well My neck hurts so am going to get off this thing. See you all later. KaCe hope things are better this week.

11-08-2006, 10:21 PM
wouldn't you know it, it has rained hard all day and of course the girls went to the groomer. They came back looking adorable and yes a mobile groomer would be great but they are more expensive than taking them in and it cost me 150 dollars to the four and it would be another 40 if the groomer came to me. Got to save where we can so we transport.
Clean out the fridge and 2 ovens and shopped for food to take on the trip. We carry a fridge in the car.
Every thing is done and we are ready to go.
Said a sad good-bye to a friend who is on hospice care and I'm sure won't be around when we come back. Found out tonite another friend ( actually my husband's old boss) dropped dead on the golf course in Fl yesterday. That was a shock as the man was thin as a rail and looked the picture of health.
Well I guess we must make the most of each day cause you never know.
On that note catch ya later.

11-09-2006, 08:48 PM
Hi all: well working at the polls was an experience. Up at 5:00a.m. there by 6 and everything all set up so the polls opened at 7. Steady work until closing at 7. And then all the rearranging stuff, and signing of papers etc, so we got home about 8:30. It makes a very long and tiring day. I got home in time to see the end of Dancing with the Stars. What a hard job to vote, as all three were very good. And then last night to see that it is down to Emmitt and Mario. Joey took it very well. It was a hard farewell, and next week will be difficult for sure. They both are so good, and also so different in style.

Bernice; hope you have a safe and uneventful trip.

Ka-Ce_ I hope this has been a better week for you. Have you managed to get your rental finished?

Slavika: Sounds like an adventure to turn off your outside faucets. Has the new carpet come yet?

Not much of anything exciting going on around here. Talk to you all later. Ann

11-13-2006, 05:14 PM
Where is everyone? I know Maria is on a trip, Bernice is on her way to Fl. but where are the rest of you? Bad week, or what? Ann

Karen L
11-14-2006, 01:01 PM
Busy week . Trying to get ready to go north.BRRRRRRRRRR!

11-14-2006, 08:11 PM
Hi Everyone,We are here in the sunshine state and back in shorts. Yeah! The trip was fine, the girls good as gold. No one in the hotel knew we had them there as they were so good. We left Fri at 6 m and arrive Sat at 4 pm. Lots of hugs and kisses from our neighbors and we went to a luncheon today and then tomorrow I go to another. I've been invited back to play mah jong and life is good.
One of the cars was dead and my neighbor changed the battery and we are back in business.
Karen, Why are you going north? I know the weather report says it will rain here but the sun will come out tomorrow as the song goes.
If you all send me an e-mail under the yahoo account I can respond by putting you in my address book.

11-15-2006, 01:00 PM
Bernice, glad to know you are in shorts. We are freezing today. One day nice, the next cold.

Is everybody just busy? I haven't been here in awhile. Just work is too busy. I have been keeping up with the emails and enjoying them even if I don't reply.

We are having a couples' weekend this weekend, again at my house. Looking forward to it. But I should do some cleaning and will just do what I can and not worry about the rest. I think I will make for my one meal chicken and noodles. Is that easy or what? But when you are a vegetarian and never have liked chicken just the smell, Yuck! So this is a major sacrifice.

The aftermath of the elections has almost been ludicrous. The day after, things were shook up, but supposedly, it was "all in the works." The lady in my office whose husband recently died with lung cancer has been in an awful mood. Her husband was totally conservative and she has made him out to be a saint who could never think wrong. So have been walking on eggshells around here. Not that bad, but you get my drift?

Karen, how did you hubby react to your little wreck? Mine was one way for 43 years, I think I have told you, and now with different medicine he is a bit different. He is fine, but he has to process bad stuff before he is fine. Who would have "thunk" after 43 years I would have a new man. Sometimes ready for him to go back on those old drugs. Ha.

Have a good day.

11-16-2006, 08:52 PM
G'day all,

As some of you already know, I am back after a very eventful 'holiday'.
One of the good things that came out of this holiday is that we are much better off just travelling together.
Some very dear friends joined us on this trip but they relied on us for EVERYTHING and it became quite tiring to have 2 people with you that just don't think for themselves. DH always thought it would be much better with more people but he now realises that is not necessarily so.
I am pleased there will only be the two of us when we travel in America.
We have also decided that we will definitly get a GPS system when we get to America, it will probably safe our sanity!

It is 'Matilda' day today and I have to say I was not looking forward to it, she has been quite difficult the last few weeks.
I cannot believe the change in her, she was just perfect this morning and is now having a sleep. It must have been teeth or something has been upsetting the applecart the last few weeks.
She is VERY chatty and is getting easier to understand.

A busy weekend catching up on everything, I also hope to post some photos of our trip on a website. Some spectacular scenery.

Good to read what everyone has been up to.
I was pleased to read the results of the American elections, lets hope we will see some changes for the better.


Karen L
11-16-2006, 10:56 PM
Glenda, DH was not really upset. He was just worried about what it was going to cost to get the house fixed . But then so was I.

The Van is packed and we are ready to go. Poor Sprout doesn't know what to think. In the morning I will put his harness on him first thing so he knows that he is going to get to go.

Bernice. I felt it was important for us to be with the rest of the family for these 2 big holidays. It's the first ones since he past away in January. I'm really not looking forward to the cold. And it won't be happening next year. We might go but for only one holiday and then it will be up and back. We will be bringing my Mom back with us for a while. She again has decided to take Amtrak home. This time she wants a sleeper.

It has been a long day for me with all the packing and loading of the Van so I'm going to bed. If we are up at 3 we will leave or 4 or 5 Whenever we get up. I'll catch up with all of you next week some time.

11-17-2006, 06:28 PM
Karen, Sounds like you are doing what we just did only in reverse. Where is your final destination? We actually left at 5.52 am on Fri and finally got to the motel at 7 then were on the road again by 8 and arrived here at 4. My four girls were ansy too with the anticipation of the trip. They knew something was going on. We have them all in one large crate with a mattress and sheet and they slept every time the car was in motion, I take water from home to avoid stomach upsets with strange water and they were great. Have a safe trip and enjoy Thanksgiving. Remind me to tell you why we didn't stay up north later to do the holidays with the kids.

11-18-2006, 01:09 AM
Onto the next thread all.....