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09-16-2001, 03:58 AM
Morning all - hope you guys don't think I am hogging the thread starting, shout if you think I am turning into a control freak :lol:

Well I have not had a good start to this week. The phone rang at 6.30am. I said hello and a male voice said hello and then went silent. As I did not recognise the voice I hung up. I dialed 1471 to retrieve the number and it was a mobile number that I did not recognise. The phone rang 2 minutes later, so I picked up the phone and said nothing. Surprisingly enough the caller said nothing either, so I hung up. The phone rang again, so I switched the answer phone on (if it was important, they would leave a message). Guess what, no message left. The person hung up after a few minutes and then called back. So I got my personal alarm and let it off next to the phone. After two/three minutes I switched off the alarm, but the caller was still blocking the line. Eventually he hung up, but then he rang back, so I put the alarm on again. Hubby got sick of it, so took the phone. He was extremely calm. Hopefully I will not offend anyone here, but suffice to say the subject of section orientation came up. It turns out that the caller was waiting for a female voice and when he did not get it, he started telling my husband that he had "slept" with me, my hubby replied by telling the man he was a sad individual and that as he (my husband) was gay, the guy must have the wrong number. This went on for ages and through it all my husband never shouted, wasn't rude and in the end the caller rang off. He informed the man, that he was a really sad man to be ringing around and that he was only running up his phone bill as my hubby could stay and chat with him all day and believe you me he would. I then had to trawl around to find a number to report the call. I am amazed that these sorts of numbers and information to deal with these types of calls is not printed on the phone bill or in the phone directories. Anyway, things can only get better....

Watermelon nice to have you back, congratulations on the spectacular loss. You are my inspiration and I am gonna jump back up there with you
Rabbit are you still OP?
Bailey just had a look at the site and read the article. It is so sad, I sometimes fear what the eventual outcome is gonna be.
Tech I'm getting excited for ya! Are you gonna post pictures, I love looking a wedding pictures, hubby thinks I am obsessed :lol:
LBH did you manage to take a chicken sandwich with ya? :D
Everyone else hope you all have a good week

I have been having a really bad time with my weight loss (gain is more accurate), but Watermelon is my inspiration and I will get back up there. However all my difficulties and personal struggles pale into insignificance with the light of everything that has happened this past week. So this is just to let you know that I am thinking of you all :angel: .

09-16-2001, 08:52 AM
Good Morning all :)

It is hard not to feel somewhat guilty doing the normal everyday things. Sometimes I feel pretty normal and then other times I feel like the world has stopped. I guess those times are when I am out in the world (seeing all the flags and signs etc) and when the tv is on. When I am at work things feel normal. Little kids have a lot of little kid things on their minds and that is refreshing. When I am home things feel normal too (as long as the tv is not on) mostly because I have a little kid around. :)

I do not know exactly how I am doing with my weight goals. But I do know that I have gained a bit of weight. I stopped going to WW when I joined the kickboxing class. That class is going well and I really love it. It is hard but ... satisfying! I don't have a home scale. My cousing offered to let me use hers. I am afraid to see what it will say. I eat well add day until I get home from work. Then I just eat and eat well past that uncomfortably full feeling. The kickboxing class has not been able to counteract all that eating. I am supposed to go 3 x a week but so far I've only been able to make it 2 x a week. I am not giving up.

I know I have a lot of posts to catch up on. I have read some but not all. I am glad you are all here and safe.

Jul, I am so sorry about Levi. It broke my heart to read the story. I hope you are feeling a little better today.

Pryia, Thanks for touching base with me and sending me the things you have been sending. I am sorry to hear that you have people missing.

Watermelon, good to see you here. :)

Sonya, it is so good to see you as well. :)

Rabbit, you are doing so well!!! I am inspired by your continued strength!

To everyone else, hello! I am sorry I did not address you by name.

Have a good, safe, Sunday, all!


09-16-2001, 11:05 AM
Good Morning!!!

BFB--SOme people are soo very strange, I guess in every country and all over the world!!!GLad your husband was there or U would have been frightened!!!BTW--it is nice that U R ahead of us in time to start the new thread!!!!

Setina-That is really neat about all the red, white and blue!!!Someone put little flags in front of everyones mailbox in the entire subdivision..It is really neat to see the American Flag all over everywhere....

People need to realize that all people of foreign descent were not involved in the attacks..It is sad that even here, a couple(who are now American citizens after being here 25 yrs) are being boycotted against because of their heritage and where they were born...

Yesterday, I took the kids to the water park all day....Refman was getting recertified to be a referee soo we didnt want to spend the day alone...I have never ever worn shorts and a swim suit in public like that, soo it was a major accomplishment which I am proud of......Being with this man has really changed things for me..I think this is the first time in my life I can almost say I am completely "cured" of the ED that has affected me all my life....I even went up and down the steps and slid down the slides with SD#2 in my lap..We went in the wave pool and did lots of walking and running after her!!!!!

CONGRATS to all the losers and tryers this week!!!!
Off to cook grits for the kids!!!Have a great day all!!

09-16-2001, 12:55 PM

12 days op!! Tomorrow I leave town and wanting to stay op will keep me journaling (I hope!). I couldn't believe we had 3 pages on our last thread. Unusual for us anymore.

Watermelon - great to hear from you. You sound like you are feeling well? Congratulations on your wonderful loss. :D

BFB - Can't believe your phone call! Glad dh was there.

Happy - nice that you are enjoying the kickboxing and you're right, don't give up!

RR - congrats on the swimsuit and shorts accomplishment!:cool:

Better run -- Rabbit

09-16-2001, 01:10 PM
Hi All,

I really wanted to go to church this AM, but I lost track of time and didn't get showered in time to make it there. DH was taking his Sunday AM nap after he got home from mass and I didn't want to disturb him either! I really need to talk to him about food too. He was soo cute and happy this AM when he walked in the bedroom where I was under the covers watching TV and plopped a Dunkin' Donuts box on my lap and said, want breakfast in bed?! He bought 6 muffins!! I said thanks, but after the sub sandwich he brought me home yesterday for lunch, and that this AM, he's totally blowing things for me!! Need to give him a little reminder that while I love him and he's very thoughtful bringing food home for me, he needs to be a little more considerate of what he's bringing home!!

Setina- Good to see you! Sounds like you've got the red, white and blue thing covered!! I have not been able to find a flag yet, but we did wear R,W&B to work Friday and have DH's '76 flag hanging out the bedroom window!

Dani- Good to see you too. How have things been going in school for you? My MIL teaches 4th grade also, and they were asked to discuss everything with their students. They had a counselor present also, for help. She said they understand something's happening, but they don't fully understand the big picture.

Rabbit- Good luck this week being away...I'm counting on you to stay OP!!

RR- Congrats on the shorts/bathing suit accomplishment...I know that took a lot for you!! Glad you've still got warm weather...I'm almost ready to turn the heat on!! If the weather continues to get colder, as it has, it'll be on by the end of week!!

BFB- Thanks for starting the new thread. I don't mind you starting it, it's nice to see it there!! We definitely were ready for a new one! There are lots of sicko's out there, glad DH was there to calmly get rid of him.

Karen- If you're out there lurking...just wondering if everything's OK with you, DH and your friends?? Pop in and let us know if you can!!

Headed over to mom's to pick up warmer clothes and then go food shopping. Have a great day all!!

09-16-2001, 05:03 PM
Hi Guys,

Today is the first time in a long time that I have been able to check in. I hardly know what to say about all of this. All of my family and friends are OK. Thank God. One of the girls at work husband works at the WTC and things were frantic for her for about four hours. He was finally able to call and tell her that he was OK. Thank god that DH wasn't working down there that day. He does some work at one of the buildings across the street and was there several days the week before. He also used to work at One Liberty Plaza. That's the only corner I would have recognized in a photograph and now it's nothing but rubble.

Tomorrow night I am going to answer phones at the Red Cross. They need volunteers for next week those of you up here. They are located in Jersey City.

Jul: I am so sorry to hear about your dog.

Lauren: Yeah on the loss. Tell DH to bring you celery and carrot sticks in bed!!

BFB: Guess it takes all kinds to make a world. He must be a very lonely person.

Rabbit: Did I see that you are opening a store in Memphis? I can't find the post now, so I may be totally off. Anyway, if you are, where in Memphis? I lived there for awhile and I loved it. It's a nice place.

OK, gotta go for now. My best to you all.

:wave: :wave:

09-16-2001, 06:57 PM
Karen- Thanks for checking in...glad you're all OK!

09-16-2001, 09:22 PM
Hi Everyone!

BFB-Thanks! We WILL do it. Glad the hubby was able to get rid of the caller.

Dani-Glad to see you too! I have missed you bunches. I am sharing your feelings exactly.

RR-Way to go at the water park. Maybe one day I will do that too.

Rabbit-Thanks! I am feeling somewhat better. Any improvement is great for me!!!! Way to go on the 12 days. Please have a safe trip.

Lauren-That's nice of the hubby but I know what you mean. It's not easy to say no to food and then when we do we hurt their feelings.

Karen-Glad you are ok and God Bless you for helping out the Red Cross. I am trying to make a little money for donations for them here and there and will try to give blood again this Tuesday.

I also gave all my neighbors flags because I think I told you I don't live in the greatest neighborhood and I haven't seen too much patriotism in the complex, well this morning I looked out and all the flags I gave out last night are all out displayed. I still have cold chills from that site.

09-17-2001, 09:27 AM
Hi everyone!

Hope this week turns out better than last week and I hope everyone is coping.

Well my husband had his first self imposed weigh in today (since he didn't officially join WW, just counting points like me) and HE LOST NINE POUNDS!!!! Men! Now I think it was more like five or six pounds since somehow last Monday he had mysteriously gained 4 pounds from the 2 days before so that must have been water or something but still, even to lose that much. I'm happy for him. I know he's more likely to stick with it if he sees results. And I know it's just the first week but that's so great. Having him count points has helped me stay on track too and I lost 2.5 lbs which is great for me. So maybe together we can do this.

BFB - That phone call thing is a bit scary. I used to get that quite a lot when I was younger, living at home but had my own phone line. But I've found since they invented call display and call return etc. it's gotten so much better. I'm glad your husband was there.

Lauren - I understand completely. Sometimes I find when they're trying to do something nice it's hard to say "I appreciate this but it isn't good for me" but I guess you have to.

RR - I totally understand the bathing suit thing. I do wear shorts without much thought but the bathing suit thing is so tough. I wear it but I don't feel great and I'm waiting for the day when I can walk around freely without worrying about how I look from every angle. Good for you.

Hi to everyone else, hope your week is starting off okay.


09-17-2001, 10:33 AM

Just a short note before I take off . . .

13 days op!

Lauren - thanks for the op support!! It's so hard to journal when I'm gone but I'm determined.

Karen - glad all are ok. I will be in Nashville, not Memphis.

Water - glad migraines are better.

Elisa - 9 lbs - oh my!!

gotta run - Rabbit

09-17-2001, 01:33 PM
Hey There all you beautiful DIVAS!!!

I have not been around in forever and a day but I think I shall be coming back more often....

Update: I quit smoking for good 2.5 weeks ago (my Mom has been diagnosed with cancer - in her liver, lungs and rib). I could no longer continue to do this to myself. I am taking Wellbutrin which is helping immensely!!! Although I am craving refined sugar and I am terrified to gain weight!!!!!

Also, my ex is being a total pr*ck (excuse my language) about everything. He already has a new girlfriend but he still wants to control me through our son. I am basically going through **** with him about this. My ex is such a bast*rd that I don't know how much more that I can handle.

I met a wonderful, wonderful man but he's from freakin' England!!!!! I am going to visit him in November but seeing him only every 2 months is torture. He will be most likely moving here next July (I'm really, really hoping he does... I think he's the ONE!!!).

Anyway... this has been the most insane summer of my entire life both good and bad. Luckily I am finally free so that I can attempt to live my life. It's just unfortunate that I had a child with my ex... he is so miserable that he is hurting my son.

I will come back to read and update myself on everyone later!!! I miss you all and I hope you are all doing well!!!!!!!!!

Keep Smilin'
Kymber :smug:

09-17-2001, 01:56 PM
Welcome back Kymber & KarenK & elisa and anyone else I may have missed.

Kymber sorry to hear about your mum.

Have you guys ever done a bio thread, i.e everyone post their bios. Shout me down if you think it is a bad idea. I am just conscious that some weeks when I start a thread, I may be missing some people out inadvertently.

09-17-2001, 02:21 PM
I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I am proud of you for quitting. I too need to quit and now is a good time. You won't gain if you are carefully. We can do this together. But I am sending you lots of hugs.

BFB-There is an old Bio sheet around here somewhere. I will see if I can find it.

So far I have been OP all day. But the day is young yet. Just that my track record is not that great.

Check out the thread to get a coupon for a free WW pizza.

Love ya


09-17-2001, 03:34 PM
OK girls, I started a new Bio thread, since the old one is MIA!!

09-17-2001, 08:11 PM
Hello all!!!
Kymber--nice to see U back!!!I have been through the ex's from U know where..REmember Mardi Gras??It is wonderful about the new man!!!!England is wonderful!!Went there on the Honeymoon!!!!

Well, Have to run !!!

09-17-2001, 09:46 PM
Hi! I'm back in town. The last 30 miles my husband and I kept telling each other..."now remember Levi will not be there to greet us when we pull up in the driveway". We went to the show not expecting to do a darn thing...but it ended up a very good show. People needed to get out and away from the TV's and art is healing so lots of people showed up to buy.

My dad finally made it back. I think I told you all that the only way he was able to get back from Portland was via Grayhound. There were alot of other people in the same situation so it was a pretty safe trip, a few wierdos but not bad.

I'll weigh in the morning and see if I kept that 3 lbs off.

- jul

09-17-2001, 11:57 PM
Hi Divas

Elisa-Congrats to you and the hubby on the great losses! Way to go!

Rabbit-Thanks! Congrats on the 13 days OP, again have a safe trip!

Kymber-Missed you girl! I am so sorry to hear about your mom. She is in my prayers. I am proud of you for stopping the smoking. Sorry you are having probs with the ex and hope he grows up soon.

BFB-The new bio thread is a good idea because there are some new people since I was here last.

Pryia-The coupon queen, thanks for the info on all the deals. I like the new WW pizza's.

Lauren-Thanks for starting the bio thread. Hope you are doing well.

Hi RR!

Jul-Glad you were able to get out. I think it does us good to do something once in a while or we will go nuts. Glad your dad is back home safe.

I took flags to work today. The office started out with none and now they are everywhere. It looks so cool. People just started coming up and hugging me and saying they didn't know what they would do without me, that made me feel good. They call me Martha Stewart....although I don't care for her, I know why they call me that LOL

Hope everyone has a great evening!



09-18-2001, 02:19 PM
Okay I gained 2pounds. But she marked it as 3.4 on my card. Let me tell you I fixed that real quick.

I need to get my @ss on program. Someone help me. I need major help.

09-18-2001, 06:19 PM
Good Afternoon all!!!
WEnt to the healthclub and had a good run/walk...I have been a little tired and realize that walking is just as good!!!!

Tech--Is the wedding this weekend????If so..HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

Pryia--Maybe Aunt FLo came to visit early????I would have corrected that mistake quickly also!!!!

Jul--It is hard to miss an animal soo much!!!That is what made me mad at the nasty people that were angered by the animal welfare that was concerned about the missing peoples pets...As a pet owner, I know the people would want their animals taken care of!!!!!

Everyone have a great evening!!!

09-18-2001, 07:26 PM
Hey Vicki, getting 'tired' is one of my early signs of pregnancy! I'd sit down to read and wake up 30 min. later. I've never been a nap person.

Pryia, sorry about the gain. I can't believe she tried to tack another 1.4 lbs onto it!!

I've really got to be careful this week, next week is TOM and I'm already wanting to eat everything. I did manage to maintain the 180 over the weekend....I want to aim for 178!! I will be so thrilled that day. 50 lbs always seems so....out there! Just 15 more lbs and I'll be at that 50 lb point. Its so much easier taking it 2 or 3 lbs at a time.

- jul

09-18-2001, 08:20 PM

Pryia-Here is a kick in the butt :) You can do it!

RR-I need to get out and walk myself. Exercise has been pretty non existent lately.

Jul-Congrats on maintaining

I had a slightly disappointing day but I am keeping my chin up. I went to give blood and they turned me away. The crowd was way to big. I explained the issues I have had this week and how they called me at home Saturday and they looked at my veins and said no problem and they would take me but I had to wait about 3-4 more hours...I told them I would keep my blood for now and just send a cash donation. I was told by the lady at the Red Cross that they are building up a blood reserve and will start freezing blood...scary huh? Also, I am sad to say that even though I live in a terrible neighborhood my 7 flags and still out flying high but the one on my desk at work was stolen, the nerve of someone to steal an american flag, ****, all they had to do was ask and I would have gladly and proudly given it to them. It makes me feel even worse to know it was someone I work with. I give out over 50 so it's someone that know I was the one with them because they only took one from me, my guess thinking I could replace it. I guess I will pray for them even though I want to beat the **** out of them.

Better run.....

09-18-2001, 11:25 PM
Now Setina--- I want you to think about how sad and patetic that person who stole that flag is. Beating the crap out of them would not have changed that. They would still be sad. That is just insane to steal a flag.

Okay I know I have to get on program. And I have to do it NOW!!!!!! Not in another 2 lbs or so. I am going to do my darnest to get there. I hate this, you start moving and then you just go flat. Well if I go flat then I have a problem with blowing up again. So first I am going to take off the 2 that I gained. And go from there.

Anyone here watch Big Brother 2. I want to know did they tell them what was going on this past week. I missed the beginning of the show.

Okay off to bed to dream healthy weight loss thoughts.

Love ya



09-19-2001, 12:34 PM
Hi All,

Wow, I have a lot to catch up on I guess...and it's only been a day!!

Jul- You know, everytime I go to Mom's house I look around for Niki. I know she's not there, but it's a natural instinct! Do not let Aunt Flo get the best of you!! You can do it!!

Pryia- KICK!!! Come on girl, you've done soo good!! I did not see BB, but I did hear, or read somewhere that they were told about what happened.

Setina- Sorry to hear you could not give blood. DH went last week and they turned him away. They made an appt. for him for yesterday, so he went back and gave yesterday. I feel rather selfish, because I am too much of a wimp to do it! I even scammed my way out of a finger stick at the doctor's last night!! How lame is that?! I hope whoever stole your flag is making good use of it, and not abusing it!

Kymber- Congrats on quitting smoking...YOU CAN DO IT!! Are you taking Zyban or something? I've heard that helps a lot. Congrats on the new BF too...hope he moves here!! Is he thinking of moving here for you, or work, or what? Sorry ex is being such a pr*ck, hopefully he'll get over himself!!

Elisa- WOW...don't you just wanna strangle DH?! LOL, I know I would... But that's great if it's gonna keep him motivated! I did talk to DH and he said he'll try harder.

OK, I've got to get some work done!!

09-19-2001, 05:23 PM
Well DH and I are still holding our own. This is a tough diet week since we have a few family dinners and a wedding this weekend. We're still trying to count our points but if I stay even this week I'll be really happy.

Setina - It's disgusting that someone stole your flag but you just can't figure some people out. Just keep doing great things and know that most people will appreciate it!!

Pryia - I watch BB2 - hate to admit it but I've been waiting for it to come back on air! I saw it last night and yes they did tell them what happened (I think they kind of had to). The show had checked in with all the families to make sure they were okay. They all were except for a cousin of Monica's who worked in the World Trade Center. Last they mentioned it they still hadn't heard from her, which is scary, they didn't really give an update. That's all I know - any other BB questions just let me know!

Hi to everyone. Haven't had a chance to fill in the bio section yet but will soon.


09-19-2001, 08:29 PM
Hello all!!!
I am having an irritable day....Soo not used to early dismissals and less time for me!!!!:dizzy: I did go to the club and did 4 miles..felt good but that good feeling disappeared when SD#1 and five friends arrived to spoil my quiet time!!!!!It is hard being soo single and running around, to being married with kids!!!I wouldnt trade it though..I am expecting Aunt Flo any day now..but really dont want her to arrive!!!Hopefully she will be around next June!!!!:D

Pryia--Last night was the first time I ever watched BB2 and U could tell they were upset about what had happened....

Setina--I will draw your blood!!!I am a sick woman that loves a "vein challenge"!!!!!I think U R doing alot just bringing spirit to the office!!!I was sickened by a woman selling ribbons today for $2 and keeping the profit..I went out and bought supplies and made ribbons for everyone so no one will buy hers!!!!!I think it is sickening how people use situations to make profit!:(

Everyone have a great evening!!I am off to make more ribbons to make that woman mad!!!!!

Should we save the bios when the server is moved over??????

09-20-2001, 12:39 AM
OK, I am definately running over this computer as soon as we move in together and I don't need it!!!!

Well, I didn't suceed in not gaining weight over the summer. I'm up about 4 lbs for the summer, but then again considering all going on it's not so bad, and I have succeeded in maintaining my sanity:). I promise to get back on track when I get back from the honeymoon :D.

RR - Yes the wedding is this weekend! I'm about to loose what little sanity I have left. We are going to Hyde Park, NY; Bar Harbor, ME; Down East ME (by the Canadian Border); and then to Watkins Glen, NY. Based on the actions this past week we are even more glad than ever that we decided not to fly to Italy.

LBH - I have to agree with your sentiment. IT DOESN'T MATTER!! and may I extend it to say, what's done is done and what's not didn't need doing.

Baily - I liked the article you copied (I think it was you). K said it was like Yamimoto (SP) said after the attack on Pearl Harbor "I fear we have woken a sleeping lion"

Rabbit - Hope your still on program even though your out of town.

BFB - sorry to hear about the loonie. Sometimes you just have to wonder about the human race.

To all the loosers and gainers - good luck in the next week!!!!!

Well the rest of this week is booked. We close on the new house tomorrow and then have the rehearsal, then the wedding is on Saturday. Hopefully everything goes off without a hitch, and if it doesen't it's only one day :)

Have a great week everyone!

- Tech :spin:

09-20-2001, 08:33 PM
Good Luck Tech and Mr Almost Tech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09-20-2001, 08:37 PM
Just a quick stop by, been away from home for a couple of days spending some time with my mum (more about that another time!!)

Just to say hi to everyone and a special hello to Tech - have a wonderful day (both of you) and savour every moment, hope you are having a video done. I missed so much and it was nice catching up later. Have fun

09-21-2001, 11:15 PM
Hi! I forgot that the forums were going to move to another server.

I'm maintaining the 180 this week....even though all I feel like doing is eatting. PMS is really bad this time. Even my husband is trying to stay far away from me. I think I really scared him today when I yelled (he isn't used to that).


- jul

09-22-2001, 10:15 AM
HAPPY WEDDING DAY TECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning all!!!!I am just hanging out watching the little one and relaxing after the 4 girl slumber party last night!!!!Hopefully this will be a quiet relaxing weekend since hockey season and the weekend refereeing starts next Sat....I lossed 1 lb soo that is 3 lbs in a month which is good for me..I have 4 more to go to get to the pre marital weight...Aunt Flo is suppose to visit but she is 3 days late on her reservation!!Hmmmmmmm.....:?: :?: I was laughing this morning cuz my cats came in the door and climbed in the bed with Refman and I..They were soo glad to be back in the bed with Mom!!!!:D

BFB--I read your bio and had to giggle!!I would have loved to have met U when I was visiting England..Well, maybe one day, but U seem like U have a great sense of humor!!!!!

Well, off to do some education things online for my license...Must have that done and while I am thinking about it will do it today!!!

09-22-2001, 12:13 PM
Hi all - checking in from a Kinko's from Nashville. Had to remember my password & username to log in!

Anyway, things are going well here. We opened the store yesterday and it looks great! Everything went very smoothly also - the easiest one yet.:):)

On the eating front, I have been writing everything down that I have eaten - but do not have all the points calculated - it is so hard when you eat out all the time! I know I have been over though, so will have to start all over on my OP days when I get home. I've made some good choices eating out though - veggie stir fries, veggie pastas, and special K for breakfast. However, I have also been on a french fry kick and have had cookies. Hope I have not done too too much damage!:(

Hello to everyone and BEST WISHES TO TECH!!:D :D :D

Talk to you all again soon - going home tomorrow.