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09-09-2006, 10:53 AM
Well, I'm back. I haven't been around for over 2 weeks. I have not been doing that well with my diet and exercise and have been sort of ashamed to come and post. But I guess I need to step up if I'm going to make this work for me.

I was doing great on Phase 1. But when I went on Phase 2, I think I introduced carbs too quickly. I then ate out once, thinking I could 'cheat' this once, and be alright, because I was just having one of those days. I then, was not eating enough veggies, eating more bread, and then all went to ****.

I have next week off, so I'm going to go back on Phase 1 for that week, so that I can actually do this without distraction. I'm also going to incorporate my exercise again. I have been just a couch potatoe and have had no motivation to work out.


I just wanted to come clean on here, because I know this place has helped me for the first month I was on this, and I have to come here and post religiously if I'm going to make it work.

Phew. That felt good to get it off my chest. I have cheated, and cheated, and am not doing it anymore! I'm going to be accountable to myself, and to my chicks!

Thanks everyone. I needed to vent.

09-09-2006, 12:26 PM
I love this site because it really helps keep you focused and it is nice to hear that other people are having the same issues.

You can do it and you will :)

09-09-2006, 06:29 PM
Welcome back! I had a thought though when you were talking about doing PI for the week you are off. How about doing PII and concentrate on getting it down a little better? Just some food for thought. Good luck whichever you do. :hug:

I am thinking the reason "I" had that thought is PII is where I get off the beach too. Instead of doing PI this time back I am starting on PII after only two or three days of doing I.

09-10-2006, 02:05 PM
Bunna, I may only need a few days on Phase 1 again before I go back to Phase 2. I'm only going back until I get rid of my carb cravings, that's all.

I bought a Gazelle last night and just did 40 minutes on it. I love that machine!

09-11-2006, 12:34 PM
:welcome3: back, Chantal!

Glad you're using P1 to get rid of your cravings. You can go off plan, but I highly suggest (just my $0.02) that you wait until you've figured out exactly what works for you in P2 and do it for a while, first. When you do go off plan, plan it out, and plan to do P1 until your cravings go away. Okay? :)

Yay for exercise, commitment, and coming back. Being here, even when I'm not OP, helps me so much. I hope it helps you too. :grouphug:

09-12-2006, 09:51 AM
Hey Chantal (my fellow Canadian with my name) :)

Glad to see you back!! Coming back to the boards, and coming clean about everything that's happened in the last couple of weeks, is a great way to have closure on the slip up. It sounds like you're back on track, and that's all that matters. Life isn't perfect, and neither is losing weight. You're realizing things sooner rather than later, which is great... tells me you'll succeed at this!

If only losing weight were so easy and without temptations or struggles. Just remember that you've lost 10 lbs already :cb: and you can keep losing more! You know what to do... just take it in stride.

Let me know if you want to buddy up. :) I've got MSN.