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08-24-2006, 02:22 AM
At my weight I was wondering...could doing 60ish minutes a day of walking be counterproductive for me at this stage? My weekly routine is: walking 60 minutes 7x a week, and upper body strength training with free weights 20 minutes 3-4x a week. I'm either gaining muscle or my weight loss has slowed right down....-0.5 this week. I've been doing this since August 1st. Should I keep doing what I've been doing, or what? I'm so confused! :dizzy: Thanks in advance!!


08-24-2006, 06:44 AM
Hi Melissa,
When I first started, I was fluffy, ya know? Sedentary, really ate just whatever I wanted. When I first started walking and cutting calories, I lost alot fast but then it kind of leveled off. That could be the kind of thing that's happening to you.
Three weeks is a good start and is obviously working. That's still a half pound last week right? There's lots of reasons to slow down a bit or fluctuate in one day even. I think you'll be just fine.
If you find that nothing happens or you start to gain, then it might be time to look at your food and exercise intensity but I think you're doing fine.

Get n healthy
08-24-2006, 10:17 AM
Oh my gosh, i know where you are coming from. I have worked my butt off this week in exercise AND kept my calories below my limit and i am actually up half a pound. I will be VERY upset if i am the same tomorrow...that is my weigh in day. It is TOM so that is a big factor and my mind knows this, but still...to know that i have worked this hard only for it to be up half a pound...it freaks me out. Even though i KNOW next week, if i keep up the good behavior, i will be down like 4 pounds. That is just the way it goes. I say, and i need to take my own advise, give it time to level out and see where you are in a couple of week. That is what i am going to keep telling myself anyway.

08-27-2006, 08:30 PM
Melissa and Stacy patience and perseverance is key here. Stacy if you KNOW you will have TOM don't let it get to you too much perseverance will pay off. Melissa if in an other week or so you see no or little difference, maybe it's time to increase the intensity in your walks by walking faster or doing a light jog for one minute then walk for a minute OR doing some hills ... But don't dispair both of you :nono:, if you keep doing the right things the weight will come off.... It's not rocket science less calories in plus more calories burned equals weight loss... Hang in there girls...

Get n healthy
08-27-2006, 08:45 PM
Thank you Ilene. I get in such a panic if the scale is up even just a littl. My mind knows it is TOM week and i tell myself it is no big deal the whole week but all bets are off once i step on that scale. It was a good week though. I lost 2.4 on TOM week. Hooray. Thank goodness for the ellipitical. I swear i sweat my water weight off when i am on that thing.