100 lb. Club - I want to keep this motivation locked in place!

Laura Philly
08-16-2006, 02:24 PM
Hi all,

Sometimes I wonder why at times health, weight loss and exercise are the furthest things from my mind. It's like I'm totally detached, pretending not to notice my gerth. Now, however I feel accountable and connected. I'm actually excited and hopeful. It's nice because I haven't had these positive feelings for so long. The thing is... I don't want to lose them, because when I do great damage comes along with that. It can be years of binge eating and avoidance of self care. I don't want to go back to that place. My question to all of you is how do I keep this motivation? What has worked for you in the past. Thanks and hope everyone's day is going well.

08-16-2006, 02:38 PM
I can tell you from my own personal experience is that I come here. Every day, check in, and interact with the wonderful folks here. I stay focused and motivated by being positive and mentally picturing myself on a path.. A path that only leads to a slimmer more healthy me! I was gone for over a year, I got pregnant when I nearly reached goal. My pregnancy was a rough one and I was terribly side-tracked and gained all my weight plus an additional 25 lbs back. It took me a year to get myself re-focused because I was trying to adjust to my new family etc. (I talk about that more in another thread). Anyway, I pushed myself into feeling like its time. I put on my positive cap and so far so good. I'm tellin' ya, when I'm not focused, I just can't do it. I can't even do the one thing at a time or "baby steps". A lot of people can, I just cannot. You have to figure out what will work for you. What makes you tick. What makes you so focused and determined that this will be the time to stay with it. Coming here, seeing all the success stories and progress keeps me motivated. I have to tell you, when I wasn't so positive about my weight loss during the last year, seeing everyone be so successful made me envyous. I took that, turned it all around in my head and decided I was going to be on that path too and stay there until I'm done! You can do it. Think positive, think about where you'll be in a month or two if you keep this up. Think about the end result... Keep your eye on the goal as it gets closer and closer and closer! So I guess to really answer your question, you've got to make the decision to be focused and really want this not half heartedly or just because you "should" . Do it because you want to, do it because you've got your mind set on becoming a healthy person because you want to be and remember... I think I can I think I can I KNOW I CAN!

08-16-2006, 02:48 PM
I don't rely on motivation because that waxes and wanes for me. Instead, I rely on commitment. I commit to getting up every morning and exercising whether I want to or not (and most mornings it's not!). Sometimes I go so far as to write out a contract that I sign and post where I can see it because sometimes I really don't want to eat well.

08-16-2006, 02:49 PM
I also treat it like a huge learning class for me. I log my food (so I can see what I'm doing and learn about it). I come here and learn. I read up in books. I treat it like a hobby I want to know more about. Sometimes I don't do as well as other days and that's just part of the learning process. How do I apply new strategies to improve those situations, etc. I have a diet buddy (from real life but in a different state) and we tell each other what we learn as we go along. It really can be a lot of fun!

08-16-2006, 02:54 PM
Right On Deafinly Smart! I think you just nailed it on the head for me.... It can be like a hobby and fun! Its something you want to do (like a hobby) its something you can learn new things about (like a hobby) and its something you can buy new stuff for as you get more into it aka clothes, new food recipes, etc... JUST LIKE A HOBBY!!! WOW-- that's some excellent insight and I think that's why I am so into this journey!!!

Laura Philly
08-16-2006, 03:01 PM
GREAT insights! It's true, looking at it like something I want to master is a great idea. It's scary to think about how many failed attempts I've had. But what I'm hearing Gretchen she makes sense, keep it positive. A new and novel idea for me. I haven't really done that. Thanks.

08-16-2006, 03:01 PM
Motivation is great - but as someone posted it does wax and wane, so rather then get discouraged by it, I've learned to prepare and dig in and stick with a healthy eating plan even on very very unconnected, low motivation days -- that's when determination and will power have to work over time. I find having healthy foods on hand that are quick and easy to fix are helpful because then I don't have to find the motivation to shop or think about what to eat. Better yet is having a few back up healthy meals in the freezer too. The faster you can get some healthy food in front of you, the easier it is to avoid tempation and reaching for a quick fix when feeling hungry or emotionally not having a good day.

Connecting with others too is very helpful - this forum is a great place to get motivated, but also for support and encouragement to get you through a dry patch -- some days no matter what the motivation just won't bounce back, and that's ok too.

Finding something else besides food that captures your imagination and your interest -- a series of novels, a hobby, a place you like to walk. When you don't feel motivated to diet, try to spark up some motivation to something you enjoy and feeds your soul overall -- and those good feelings will then spill over to motivate you to be healthy too.

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08-18-2006, 12:41 AM
Gretchen & lady rose 13: I loved your response to Laura's question of motivation. You two ladies hit the nail on the head. I found it very uplifting information also.
Norma aka harkeyvalley

08-18-2006, 12:47 AM
I agree 100%. Treat it like it's a hobby. Learn as much as you can. Come here for new bits of wisdom and encouragement. Enjoy the process, it doesn't have to be a bad experience. I have found that it is such a truly positive experience for me and that really helped through the tough spots.

Laura Philly
08-18-2006, 07:43 AM
Thanks Lilybelle,
I love going to your page, it's motivating and inspiring!

08-18-2006, 08:03 AM
A lot of good things said here. I agree with them all.

Feelings are a fickle thing so you can't rely on that. It's kind of like marriage. You have to be committed for it to work. The warm fuzzy feeling of love is not always there but your choice to be committed to that person can always be there. So I choose to be committed to my health just as I choose to be committed to my wife. In doing so I keep a blog and I also journal my food. I come here for support and as said above I learn everything I can about healthy eating. It sometimes gets monotonous doing these things but the alternative... well there is no alternative.

08-18-2006, 11:25 AM
Wow - great posts! Thanks for sharing! I've learned also that the feelings of motivation come and go. If I lived by my feelings I'd be in trouble. It's like SusanB on this board says - it's about "doing what's right and doing it right now"...or something like that! That has helped me so many times. And once I choose to just do it (exercise, eat balanced, not binge...), I feel great about myself.

Laura Philly
08-19-2006, 06:40 AM
Hi Howie,
Thanks for your insights - I really like what you wrote about the committemnt to marriage. It makes lots of sense. The day to day work brings me so much joy and fulfillment, but at times it can be hard. I read through your page and it was motivating and helpful. Thanks again.

08-19-2006, 11:19 AM
During your highly motivated times, make a plan. Here are some fun things I did that helped me during the times when I'm less motivated. Good planning is at least half the battle. Having a good attitute and commitment is the other half. You thought it was all about the food. HAHAHAA! It's really about what is inside YOU. YOU CAN DO IT!

My Hobby and Tips:

1. Research and write some recipes.

2. Make a master list of foods and meals you can eat without guilt (I feel you can eat anything in moderation and occasionally, but that's not what this list is about). The master list will help with shopping and giving you ideas when your energy/motivation gets low. It also motivated me because I could see what a huge variety of foods I CAN eat instead of focusing on what I'm not GONNA eat anymore. More preparation now means less thinking later (when you need it).

3. Make a master list of excercise activities. It doesn't have to always be the gym. Do you like touring new tourist towns (hours of walking). Do you like redecorating your house (hard work). Do you like water tubing? Have a lot of fun! Of course I'm gonna have to revamp my list since summer is almost over. I helped a friend move yesterday (I have done this 5 times this summer..woah) and moved furniture in my classroom. That's excercise for me.

3. Write down all your obstacles. Then think and brainstorm ideas/strategies to get you through it. For ex, I am a chocoholic. I found 3 alternatives to that. Now I dont' crave it so I don't eat my alternatives either. (Some people do well with alternatives, others have to quit...your obstacles will be personal to YOU).

Most of all HAVE FUN!

08-19-2006, 04:27 PM
We are all in it together. These threads help me too. Glad you enjoyed my site also. I've been lacking in keeping it updated.