General Diet Plans and Questions - 2Wonderful books from former fat ladies..inspirational,honest~

07-25-2006, 07:53 PM
Hello new buds..I have recently been finding reading material..actually its been finding me,that is written by ladies who have been fat/heavy/overweight/obese..unhappy,and unhealthy with their weight. Nobody likes to use,or hear the word fat. But these books are not put downs..they are honest,true,and from someone who has been fat/overweight/obese...AND HAS LOST THE WEIGHT THEY DON'T NEED AND/OR WANT..I call this inspiration. They did it like we are..steady slow hard work,dedicated to making themselves healthier,and more comfortable in their own skin.;) I don't mean for this message to insult anyone,and I do hope it is taken in the way it is help us. It's encouraged me to keep matter what.:^:
One of the books is called FAT GIRL...AND It's fabulous..what a difficult life this womans had..but look at her now!
The other is called PASSING FOR THIN-Losing Half my weight and finding My Self~by Frances Kuffel Just fabulous books,and inspirational. Let me know if you decide to read them,and what you think..They are not big huge bks.and I found both at my library.:flow1: :goodvibes Take good care,FOCUSED~

07-25-2006, 08:39 PM
Hi I hope you don't mind if I jump in this thread, even though I'm not doing LA Weight Loss. I read the book Passing for Thin a couple of months ago. I found it very interesting. What peeked my interest in it was this thread talking about what has happened to Frances Kuffel since her weight loss.

I've not read Fat Girl. My library has a book called Fat Girl by Irene O'Garden. Is this the same book you're talking about?