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08-26-2001, 09:43 AM
I confused everyone last week with the July start!!!Poor BFB, tired and a wild party trying to follow behind my messed up thread start last week!!!!

BFB-Get some sleep!!!I was watching London on the news this AM about all of the surveillance cameras in the city...I tried to spot U but never did!!!!:DHope U R catching up on the sleep!!!!

Baily-How is the journaling comming along?????

Tech-Sending U job finding luck your way!!!!!

Jul--How do I access the site with the pictures???I am soo computer illiterate it is funny I found a husband here!!!!:lol:

Jul-1 lb!!!

Elisa-Happy late Birthday and Anniversary!!!!!

Well, off to swim all day again at my brothers(with my 50 sunblock lotion!!!!)...It is soo much fun and never feels like excercise!!!!
Have a great Sunday all!!!
Think "COOL" for those in the hot parts of the world!!!!

08-26-2001, 11:27 AM
Hi All,

I'm having a great satisfying weekend for once!! :D Yesterday I cleaned my apartment all morning/early afternoon. My aunt came up from central Jersey on her way to a friend's house and saw the place. She hasn't seen it since before we got married and moved everything in! She liked what we've done. I was pretty much OP Friday and Saturday!! I was under Friday and over just a little Saturday. Today I will try to be OP also! We have a Baptism to go to at 1:15, and a reception afterwards at an Italian restaurant! If it's anything like the first child's Baptism, I will need to be careful, because it was a buffet.

I feel very happy with myself, because I have a clean apartment...except for the bedrooms which is where everything got shoved for now! And I am planning! I think I just always thought it was hard, or too much trouble to plan, but the past couple days, it's been easy! I took some chicken out of the freezer yesterday and I will marinate that for dinner tommorrow night with some squash/zucchini, and maybe some potatoes.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! I have to go jump in the shower and go get a present...I can't believe we forgot to get a present!! :rolleyes:

08-26-2001, 02:07 PM
Vicki: I'm with you , I know just enough about this computer to make problems. All I can tell you is to type in http://www.frugal-moms.com and then look for the discussion boards, go to chit chat (pretty far down the list on the main discussion page) and look for that title "I met julsave".

Lauren: Have a great time at the reception. I just bought the cutest little boy overall outfit at Target yesterday for a new baby. I forgot to tell Kenneth that the neighbors had a baby and he thought I was trying to tell him something about me when he found the outfit on the dining room table this morning. Opps!

- jul

08-26-2001, 03:30 PM
HI ALL! :)

I was confused about which week to post on!

I'm at 9 days OP!:D I am being so careful.

Pryia - yeah for you on your 40 minute walk. Thanks for the comments about ds. Yes, I think it gets easier with time. Hooray for OP! Hope ds gets a great teacher. I posted on the mileage thread.

RR - have fun swimming!:cool:

BFB - hope you were able to get some rest.

Lauren - enjoy the baptism.

gotta run



08-26-2001, 10:03 PM
Sorry to confuse ya'll with the dates!!!I guess brilliant minds think alike BFB??????
Had a great time swimming--worn out by the kids swimming back and forth racing, pulling etc...
We grilled food and had a nice OP cookout!!!!My brother is a food freak about calories and fat soo I had nothing to worry about....
Off to bed..I love to go to bed and watch Jacka** on MTV!!!!The only time I watch TV!!!
Have a great SUnday!!!
Jul-Great pics!!!What is the price of the little angels in the back???????

08-26-2001, 10:27 PM
...that I didn't even notice that the month was wrong in the weekly thread of last week and I surely did not notice when I started the thread this week. July, August, it's all the same :spin: I must have been dazed and confused and wanting to conform and not buck the trend. Maybe we were all trying to backdate so that we could all meet our LD goals :D

Well the weather here is not nice, but the ducks must be enjoying it. It has rained all day and I do feel a bit sorry for those who went to the Notting Hill Carnival, because this Bank Holiday weekend was supposed to be hot, hot, hot. I have never been to Carnival and have no desire, I like feeling space around me far tooo much.

RR - they seem to be installing CCTV and speed cameras everywhere. All the speed cameras make you do is slow down when you approach (guilty) and then speed up.
Bailey - how's the journalling going, I have been a bit lax this weekend, and I may just pay for that when I weigh in this week.
Juldiet - had to admit I had to take a peek at the pics, the glass blowing is beautiful. I wish I was more creative
Tech - sorry to have about the job, but I am sending you positive vibes. I know how it feels :( it seems to be happening everywhere here, especially in the city
LBH - I guess you have the cleaning bug, if you ever get the ironing bug, please please please send it over - I need to catch it really badly
Elisa - hope you had a wonderful birthday - I thought I saw the birthday icon, but I wasn't quite sure
Rabbit - congratulations on staying OP - I don't think it's a simple thing to do and it is so easy to slip uo - Good for you for sticking to it
Pyria - good luck with the teacher. Can I post my jogging and skating?

Well I am off to bed now, it's 2.22am (Monday) and I really need to catch up the sleep I lost yesterday due to the wonderfully LOUD people who had a party - I guess by playing the music really loud, it was inviting the whole neighbourhood to join in. I don't know how the people on either side or across the road managed - I couldn't tell where it was coming from, but I could sing along :mad:

Have a great week everyone :D

08-27-2001, 12:43 AM
20 mintues of any excerise is one mile. So you just post away.

Good night all

08-27-2001, 02:01 PM
Hi All,

I'm back to being ridiculously busy this week. If any of you get a chance, could you go check out my food log and see what I ate yesterday. I'm not real sure on the points for most of the stuff, I just guessed. If you think I counted under of over for anything, please let me know!! :)

Thanks! Gotta run, lots of Training stuff going on...

08-27-2001, 05:02 PM

10 days OP and I'm really beginning to be able to tell it now. On the scale and the way clothes fit.:D

RR - cool that your brother is a food freak about fat and calories! That's gotta make family cookouts a whole lot easier to deal with.

BFB - I don't think I would like those cameras everywhere! Sure you can count your jogging and skating. As Pryia said, we've always counted 20 minutes as one mile.:)

Lbh - don't work too hard!

Hello to everyone else.:) Sonya - are you out there anywhere?



08-27-2001, 10:29 PM
Tomorrow I am going to be like a Rabbit okay I mean like the Rabbit. I am going to be OP-I am going to be OP- I am going to be OP. Rabbit I am very proud of you. I want to be just like you!!!!

Today I got a great compliement. Went to B's school. Totally a waste of time. Did not meet his teacher. They could have sent home a slip of what room he was in. But I ran into a old neighbor. Could not even believe her son was old enough for school already. My gosh time flies. But she told me I look great and she could tell I lost a lot of weight. And you know what dumb@ss did. I said oh it was not that much. YES!! it is 25lbs is ALOT and I should be proud and not act like it is no big deal. CAUSE it is a BIG DEAL!!! I will have to work on it.

Good news!! But don't tell anyone. They are no longer ordering snacks at work. YEAH!!!! No more free junk food. YEAH!!!!!!!!! Okay so we see that is a problem for me. I am so happy---happy---happy.

Okay I hope everyone is having a great day/night.

:lol: :^:

08-27-2001, 10:48 PM

Pryia: you are too funny! you made me smile. And yes 25 is a lot of weight (a small child, 5 5lb bags of flour, a small/med size dog, etc....) :) Don't you feel better now that I've put it in perspective?????

I need to buy new pants! Tried on my winter pants today and will have to get rid of every last pair!!!! I haven't been this excited to spend money in ages!

Rabbit: you are awarded OP Queen of the week!! :)

I think I'm going to check out the food log page and see if I should start keeping track on it instead of on paper. Feeling bad about 2 pieces of papa john garden thin crust pizza this evening.

- jul

08-28-2001, 01:23 AM
Hi all!
Can it PLEASE still be July??? PRETTY PLEASE...
First, let me say that I really appreciate this site and all of your stories and encouragement.
Journaling has been going well. No problems staying OP as long as I watch the coke and alcohol ... until TOM!!! If you check the food journal page you will see that I have Really blown it over the past few days. Better than being so busy, PMSing, eating salad and then kicking puppies on the street!
H2O goes well as long as I avoid coke. Working on exercise, but not quite there yet.
Anyway, sorry to join the group and then not post much. In a nutshell: Quit graduate school (May) and had no job, boyfriend lost job (June), found a job on east coast (June), left boyfriend in SLC with dog to start work and find sublet in Boston (June) where rents are 3X as high, packed all stuff and left SLC with dog, boyfriend, truck and trailer then dropped stuff in storage (june), landlord said she is gone for a year instead of 2 months so moved all of her stuff out of house and stuff from storage in (this past weekend).
So, all moved in now (but no where near unpacked). Boyfriend still has not found work, but we will survive. Dog adjusting well, seems to have matured over the move:D
BFB I agree - lets say there are still 5 weeks till LD (LOL) - keep up the exercise
Elisa I have really been trying to get 6 fruits and veggies (YUCK!) in a day, so have not been "hungry", but I really miss the sodas! I usually carry one with me throughout the day so they are sorely missed. I agree, however, that giving them up is much easier than other changes I could be faced with. Keep up the good work -- sounds like you are really making lasting changes!
Juldiet Woo hoo!! No changes on the scale can compare to needing new pants!
LBH I love the journal page! Even when I go over my points by 100% it is a great place to be accountable. Great job last week dealing with a very difficult situation after WI! Glad the WE went well.
Pyria Thanks for posting the exercising thread. If I can get my big butt to the gym, I will see you there. Good luck becoming the rabbit! You know you can do it, you have already come so far.
Rabbit WOW:eek: How many days on program?!?
RR I think the clothes are a much better indication than the scale. With all the exercise you get, I am sure you are building a lot of muscle.
Tech You have a lot of balls up in the air right now. Just remember, things have a way of working out. Don't forget, your LD goal is to maintain sanity!! Best of luck with the job search. Can't wait to here more about the wedding.
All: Sorry so long!


08-28-2001, 12:04 PM

I hope you all aren't sick of hearing this. 11 days OP. Somedays it seems I get plenty to eat and other days, it's - oh man, I'm out of points!

Pryia - thanks girl! You made me feel great. :D You can do it! Determination. And yes, 25 pounds is a very big deal!! Feel proud!! Lift up 25 pounds of weights and see how much it really is. That always amazes me.

Jul - WOW ON THE PANTS! You have to be thrilled about that. If I'm the Queen, I need to be practicing my queen wave.:wave: :lol:

Bailey - well, you've certainly had a lot going on! Do you like the new job? Were you tired of school? Boston is really expensive housing wise, isn't it? We thought we were going to move there last year and I checked into housing - AAAHHHH! I saw that 135 is your goal. That sounds like such a nice weight. How tall are you? I'm full of ???s today.

bye for now.



08-28-2001, 05:47 PM
good Evening!!
Well, had a great excercise day yesterday but since AUnt Flo and the whole family(feels like it!!!)are visiting today, decided to nap today instead....I was excited about the visit, then not too excited...I guess when the stork does arrive..I will have to cross that bridge when I get to it!!!

Rabbit--Yeah on the OP!!!Keep posting it!!!!!

Bailey--what alot of changes!!!Stay with the positive attitude!!!

Off to retrieve kids!!
Tonight is cheerleading practice for SD#1!!!

08-29-2001, 06:45 AM
All I have to say is that I gained 1.5lbs this week and I guess I should be hung, drawn and quartered. Rabbit I too would some day in the future like to be OP Queen, but I guess I must be 2,000,000th in line for the throne

08-29-2001, 10:23 AM
Hi All,

Had a good day yesterday...DH and I walked around the "block" which is just part of the complex...not as hilly as the whole complex, 3 times after dinner last night. It actually felt really good, and he was surprised that I said let's go a second time, but then when I said, OK, let's do a third time, he almost fell over. My knees started burning when we were nearing the end of the third time around so we called it quits. I'm not sure how far it was, will have to drive it and see. I'm guessing close to a mile.

BFB- Come on missy, get your act together...we have to do this. I have WI tonight and I'm pretty sure I'll have a small lose...hoping for a pound, more would be nice! I've been pretty good this week, so I should lose something...but then again, I am PMSing so who knows!

Jul- Congrats on the pants!

Rabbit- You're doing incredible!! 11 days OP!! WooHoo!! cool:

Bailey- Glad the journal page is working for you! It is a kind of accountability. I've said this before, it's very easy to cheat and not type in everything you ate, but for some reason, I feel like I have to! Did I miss something, your kicking puppies out on the street?! :(

Pryia- What a great thing to hear, yes, 25 lbs. is a lot, be happy to accept compliments!! :D Let's all strive to be like Rabbit!! :)

OK, time to do some work...have a great day all!!

08-29-2001, 12:16 PM

OK, 12 days op. WooHoo. It really makes me feel good to be able to say that. I checked the scales this morning and they look the same, but I'm sure thinking I should have a loss tomorrow night! Whatever, it is a great feeling to be in control of myself.

RR - wow, if the stork does come you will be one busy lady!:)

BFB - so sorry about the gain!:( Hang in there though! We've all done that self sabotaging, just don't let it send you on a downward spiral.

Lauren - hooray for the long hilly walk!:D Good luck at your weigh in.



08-29-2001, 05:35 PM
GOod Evening all!!
Feeling much better today..WOrk was totally crazy today and I cant wait to lie in the bed and read!!! Refman and I have a new thing we started this week, get the little one asleep by 8 and the older one in her room and we have quiet time together locked in our room.. It has been soo relaxing talking, him brushing my hair and laughing..It has made me love him more cuz he is taking time for me...:D I recommend it to anyone that has stress!!!!

BFB--remember, it could be strictly water gain..Don't be discouraged!!!

Lauren--Excercise is more fun with someone U love!!!Unfortunately, I excercise first, then watch the kids for him to go to the gym..

I am off to get some hair color and a cut!!!I am old, but dont want to look it!!!!!:cool:

08-29-2001, 10:30 PM
Rabbit, I've been reading your posts and you are so inspiring. I have been faltering for quite a while and feel miserable. I'm pretty nervous about school starting and that is my poor excuse for overeating. But I think about you all everyday, scared to check in because I've been so lax. Anyway, I'm so proud of you!


08-30-2001, 11:11 AM
Hi All,

Good news!! I lost 2.2 lbs. at WI last night!! :) I'm very excited because I know that as long as I plan, everything will be fine! :)

Sonya- Nice to see you!! How much more school do you have? Geez, it seems like you've been going forever!! LOL!! Good luck to you...and stick around!

RR- That sounds like a great plan you and DH have for getting in valuable time together. We don't even have kids yet, and we have to make time to just cuddle together!! We have dinner, and then he either messes with the computer or watches what he wants and I go in the BR and watch my soaps! Yes, exercising together is soo much better. I would probably not have gone around 3 times if DH wasn't with me, chatting the whole time.

Rabbit- Good luck at WI tonight!! I just know you're gonna have a great loss!! :D

Have a great day all!!

08-30-2001, 02:28 PM

13 Days OP! You know, it's like I just will not let myself break that and go over my points. Hopefully, I'll have a good loss tonight.:)

RR - glad you have found a stress reliever! And you are NOT old!:D

Sonya - I'm so glad to hear from you! I've been wondering about you. Sorry that you are feeling miserable. I KNOW you can do this. You have come so far already. Grad school starts soon then? You'll handle that just fine. Please don't be scared to check in!! We've missed you.:)

Lauren - WOW on the loss!:D

gotta run - I'm hungry for lunch!



08-30-2001, 03:21 PM
Just got back from a little shopping. I bought two pair size 14 regular jeans. YEAH!!!! I haven't seen size 14 in 6 yrs!!
What a boost!!

O.k. I have to get back to cleaning house. We have a house/dog sitter coming in tomorrow for the weekend. We'll leave about 6 a.m. for St Louis. Have a indoor show this weekend. Nice thing about indoor shows is they have very poor selections of food so we have to bring our own (healthy) snacks.

- jul

08-30-2001, 04:02 PM
Rabbit - good luck at the weigh in this evening. Hope you get what you deserve. BTW - I was OP yesterday :D

08-30-2001, 06:33 PM
Hi Rabbit and Lauren. Thanks for the nice posts. Lauren, it took me six years to get my bachelor's degree, and will take me two more years to get my Master's in digital media. Maybe by then the economy will have rebounded and I'll be able to get a good job? Hope so. Rabbit, school starts on the 10th of September and it's looming! Once I know what's expected of me, I think I'll be fine.

Jul, so glad about the 14 jeans. That's a great feeling. Your progress encourages me.

See you all soon, and thanks for welcoming me back.


08-31-2001, 11:30 AM

14 DAYS OP and I lost 2 pounds last night!!!:D It's amazing what staying in your point range will do.:lol: I had a hard time staying within it last night after weigh in, but I pulled it off.

Jul - WOOHOO on the size 14's!!!:smug:

BFB - yeah yeah for being OP!!!:cool:

Sonya - it's got to be exciting starting a new school year also. I always love the start of school.:)

gotta run



08-31-2001, 12:20 PM
Hi All,

YEAH RABBIT!! A little work always pays off!! Congrats!!

Sonya- Wow, that's a lot of school!! :dizzy: What kind of job will digital media get you...sounds interesting.

BFB- Congrats on being OP!!!

Jul- WooHoo!! Congrats on the 14's!!

Anybody have plans for the weekend? We're not doing a whole lot. Wanted to go away, but can't afford it right now. We're going to put some shelves up in the kitchen and hooks to hang some utensils, because they just don't fit in the drawers! Will try and get a curtain rod and scarf up over the sliders too. We have blinds, but it needs some softening up, ya' know?! Either Sunday or Monday we'll be at my mom's for a cookout.

Have a great day and weekend all!!

09-01-2001, 01:06 PM



09-01-2001, 02:41 PM
Hello all!!!!
Sonya--great to see U back on the thread!!!Good luck in school!!!

I have no plans this weekend except to relax and do nothing..I am going to my brothers for a cookout and swimming on Monday but nothing else....
Gotta go shop!!!!

09-02-2001, 12:39 AM
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: Just wanted to let you all know I am reading everything.

I am just a patheic poop right now.So I don't want to post much.

Everyone keep up the good work. And I will post more when I am done being a pp.