WW Clubs and Groups - how do i ww with no time in the summer

05-11-2006, 06:49 PM
Any ideas???
I am going to start working my summer hours next week from 10-6pm Monday thru Friday. I am the supervising recreation leader for teens with disabilities. I went out and bought me a camel pack that holds 2 liters of water. Does any one have ideas how to stay on ww?? I will start working with the teens at noon till 6 and before that its office time. Its so hard for me to go and buy food because my live in boyfriend does not do ww and does not need to take lunch to work. But will eat my food at home!!! Please help me!!:?:

05-11-2006, 09:27 PM
Buy easy to carry food that are point friendly. Like baby carrots, whole grain crackers, laughin cow cheese wedges, dry cereal (you can bring it in a little bag), FF deli turkey breast, whole wheat wraps and pita pockets.

Honestly, all it takes is a little planning. If you don't have a fridge at work, buy yourself a lunch bag, one of those insulated ones and a few ice packs. Pack your lunch at night so it'll be ready in the morning.

And as far as your bf goes, tell him to keep his hands off your food. If he doesn't do WW with you, then just tell him to help you stay on plan by being supportive and not eating your food. And if he eats it, tell him to buy you more to replace it! :D

Good luck!