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05-08-2006, 08:02 AM
I'll try and make it back more often. My life has gotten crazy/busy. My fingers are all better (except the blister I now have---but I'm able to type). I braved the scale a couple times and it said 151 so I'm thrilled about that. I've got to work on getting water and exercise in...but I'm counting all the "unsual" walking I've been doing lately as a start :lol: I've done more walking the past few days than I have been doing--to me that's exercise. Now to just keep it up!
Babysteps :) :wave: Hi everyone!! Hope you had a great weekend!

05-08-2006, 11:04 AM
Hi Brenda :)
I'll try and make it back more often. My life has gotten crazy/busy.
I second that! I have such a hard time keeping up, seems like if I miss one day I'm totally lost LOL

THings here are OK, but after the woosh fairy visit I'm stalled out again. I dunno what's up w/my body, but I know for sure that if I stick to it, the #'s will come off eventually. Meanwhile, it's not like I'm starving or anything LOL

Have a good week everyone!@


05-08-2006, 11:54 AM
Morning Ladies:

Brenda - glad the fingers are healing! That just sounded awful!

Tenn - That little fairy never really made it to house. :( but anything coming off helps. Check your measurements.. bet you'll see it there!

Susan - This should be the first day of no bad house guest! Let us know.. Hope you smudged your house. :)

Ok, I must share my yummy dinner last night. I took an eggplant and sliced them into 1 inch slices. Rubbed them with olive oil and fresh crushed garlic, salt and pepper. I put them on the BBQ grill, and right before they were done, I put a slice of tomato, and a slice of pepper jack cheese, closed the lid and took them off just as the cheese was melted. Goodness it was delicious!

I have cut out all artificial sweetners, and was trying to get Andy to do the same.. but we really liked our rum and cokes. I had only been having rum over ice instead of the cokes, but wanted something different. I went looking up recipes and found this:

Rum Rickey

1/2 of a lime juiced
1 1/2 oz of rum (or as we call it - 2 fingers)
club soda

We used seltzer water since it's naturally carbonated water rather than club which has soda added to it.. and holy cow -- it was delicious! I am so hooked.. and I don't have to take in the artificial stuff, and can still have my vanilla rum!

So I thought I would share for those who like the occational cocktail! :)

Nothing going on here. Just pissed off at the doc I took Moose to. She kept trying to tell me he was fine. She said that public school kids pick up something every 2 weeks, and it's normal for them to be sick 5 months out of the year. Then when I told her he was schooled at home, she changed her tune and tried to make it sound like it was due to isolation. He is NOT isolated in any fashion. He plays baseball twice a week, irish dance once a week, library 2 times a week, homeschooling group once a week! Shesh.. anyhow, she charges me $150 to tell me to give him Motrin for the headaches. He has had headaches 4 times a week, dizziness, nausea, low and high grade fevers (2 weeks out of a month for 6 months) and she tells me this is normal. *sigh*

So I get him home, and not 2 hours later he has a fever of 100.7 -- I could have driven back to her office and given her a once over. I want my $150 back! Ok, off my box.. but when you know somethings wrong, and someone tells you it's in your head, you just feel like kicking their ***! This is not normal, and it's the most he's been sick in 9 years. I'll be taking him to Children's hospital in Denver if things aren't different this morning.

Have a great day ladies. Off for some Yoga! :hug:

05-08-2006, 12:36 PM
Falon: As I was reading your post I thought Children's Hospital. Glad to see one is close enough to you to go. I hope they figure out what is wrong and can get him feeling better. BTW we homeschool too.
Tenn and Brenda: You will see that scale move again soon. Mine goes down, fluctuates up and then drops dramatically. Mine hasn't done it's next drop, but really looking forward to a day or 2 of many pounds gone.
Woke up this morning to a phone call. Dh's great uncle (91) passed away last night. Lived a very full life. So another crazy, busy week.

05-08-2006, 01:38 PM
Morning ladies!

The houseguest actually left Friday around 5:30. It was a totally lovely weekend. I can run around the house in my underwear and use the computer whenever I feel like it. We can make out with the bedroom door open too.

I had weird dreams last night and didn't sleep really well. So I'm yawning today.

Candy In Alabama
05-08-2006, 02:12 PM
Hello everyone,
Thought i would join in since its been a while. We finally got all the tests matthew, my son needed done. He's been really brave. The Artiogram was the scarriest for him though. All the silent tears before the test was very heart breaking...:cry:.. He gets really quiet when he's worried about something. The doctor and nurse's were really good with him though... After it was over he was all jokes and smiles about it. He was born on April Fools Day, so i call him my little jokester...:D... We go to see the Neurosurgen on the 16th to get all the results. Still, most likely brain surgery, since it is the only 100% fix. Radation takes 2 years and you possibly could have a bleed within that time which could mean stroke or death. Which that is what we are dealing with now. I have been spending a lot of time on the net reserching everything about AVM's i can find. Some are very scary to read but, i am finding a lot of questions i can ask the surgeon about. We are still so worried, living day to day praying for the best. Hope everyone is doing good.

05-08-2006, 03:02 PM
Lady Adnerb: It is that time of year isn't it! I'm glad to see your doing better! If your interested in walking and counting we are doing a little challenge on step counting. See (It worked for me on this board)

Tenn: I like the positive outlook. Do what you can and keep going!

Falon: That eggplant does sound yummy!!

Ciarra: I wish you peace and smooth sailing in this week.

Hockey: Sorry your so tired maybe it was because you missed him so...hehehe okay, maybe it was the giddiness about him being gone!

I had a great weekend!
I went to our church picnic and took fresh fruit and a sugar free pudding concoktion (sp). We had a great time!
My kids were BOTH gone Saturday so we (DH &I) went out and had steak and grilled veggies. YUMMY!! People are starting to ask me questions. It's starting to show that I have been working on this. I've decided that I like that. I will only tell you that we too enjoyed the house all to ourselves! :o ;) :o ;) :D

I love you guys!
See ya thinner!!

05-08-2006, 06:24 PM
Hi everyone, I am recuperating nicely and feel so much better. First post-op visit tomorrow and I'm sure it will go fine. Took steri-strips off yesterday and now trying to figure out how to get all the ugly tape marks off my tummy. My husband has been working a lot of over-time so it's very quiet at my house. Saw my 2 yr. old grandson yesterday and he's so adorable. Expecting next grandbaby (a boy) around June 8th. Hope everyone else is doing great. Candy, very sorry to hear about all the scary things you and your son are going through. My daughter had heart surgery when she was 8 yrs. old and I was terrified. She is healthy now and I praise God for that. Falon, be persistent and find out what's wrong with your son, that is not normal symptoms. Sometimes doctors can be so dumb and patronizing. When I first broke out in a rash all over my body, my doctor sent me to a Dermatologist who diagnosed me with Poison Ivy and acted like I was dumb for bothering to come see him. Turns out, I had Liver Failure and this was my immune system causing the rash. I griped at that specialist office and never got a bill from him. Susan, glad to hear you got back control of your home, I know how great that feels. Good luck and well wishes to everyone.

05-08-2006, 06:55 PM
Hey everyone. I'm still here, just really BLAH. I don't know what is wrong with me. I'm keeping up with everyone, just not posting. I'll be back soon. Staying on plan and am still losing inches...was late for Curves today so I didn't get measured, but I will tomorrow.

Sending you all a :grouphug: talk to you soon.

05-09-2006, 09:33 AM
Things got busy and I'm behind on a lot of stuff. So no time to get personals done today (sorry!!!!). No water or exercise. But eating was OP. So I consider it a good day :)
:wave: Hi everyone!!

05-09-2006, 12:02 PM
Morning ladies:

Sounds like everyones doing pretty good. I am down another pound this moring so I took it. I think I still have a chance to get closer to my goal before vacation. :) <crossing fingers>

So yesterday Moose awoke with a headache, but seemed fine later on in the afternoon. I decided to let him go to baseball practice. All seemed fine while there, but when we get home.. he is nearly in tears. His head hurts, his chest hurts, and he's complaining of a lightening bolt sensations at the base of his skull. I gave him Motrin (like that good doctor said -- hmph!) went to bed, and he woke me up a few hours later to tell me it didn't work. I am keeping a very detailed list of everyday to take to children's hospital when I take him there. I'll be calling this week to see if they can check him out. I am just at my wits end. *sigh* Ok, just needed to vent.. There's nothing worse that your little man being in misery and no one willing to really take the time to find out what's wrong.

Alright -- Off to do some Yoga, and go to the library, so long as Moose is feeling up to it. :)

05-09-2006, 02:26 PM
That is scary, Falon, I wouldn't wait. Call and call and call until you get someone to pay attention to you. It sounds like something serious. Let us know what happens. I'm worried for your little guy. It doesn't sound good.

05-09-2006, 07:07 PM
Falon, I'd be going to the emergency room -- I know it's not close to you, but I don't think I'd wait.

05-10-2006, 08:11 AM
Falon: There's a teen girl I know that's going through the same thing. Monster headache. And the doc really isn't sure what's going on. They're leaning towards a sinus infection. But waiting on the results. I know you don't want to seem like a paranoid mom...but moms DO know when something's not right. Go with your instinct (even if it's a sinus problem, kids/adults shouldn't be in that type of pain)!! Let us know how things are going!!

Susan: :wave:

Only a little water yesterday and more walking (for Girl Scouts). I'm not detail oriented on that stuff enough to count what I've done. I know I was walking steady for about an hour. I can tell because my legs and feet ACHE! The kind of ache that says "hey silly! You need a new pair of SHOES for walking!" Then again, the ache doesn't go away after sleeping (like it used to) so maybe there's more to it. :shrug: Well, I'm off to start the day. Might actually get some wash done (being able to stay home for a while for once!!)!! The girls'll be happy. lol

Candy In Alabama
05-10-2006, 09:33 AM
Falon... I agree.... DON"T WAIT.... Take him to the Emergency Room. Don't let anyone tell you this is normal.... IT"S NOT....When my son had his first seizure 4-22-06 a few weeks ago it scared me. I knew my son, and this was not right... He was at his dad's for the weekend when it happened. I wanted him home as soon as thay could get here to take him to the ER. His dad and stepmom was telling me it was normal for a 15 year old to have seizures. I told them... What they think and What i think is two different things and i wanted him home.. If they wasn't going to bring him, then i was coming to get him. Long story short... Please DON"T WAIT... The Lighting bolt feeling is not right.... I would tell the ER of his pains and how long he has been having them....I would even get a cat scan to rule out everything there.... I don't want to scare you but, if i would have listen to my son's dad we would'nt know what we know now.... By going with my instincts I feel i saved my sons life....That reminds me of what the ER doctor ask my son...He ask matt if he had a girlfriend... Matt said no.... and the doc told him...Good because no one will ever love you like your Mom.... I find that sooooo true...:hug: keep us updated... I am praying for everything to be ok
:hug: ..Candy

05-10-2006, 12:37 PM
Oh gosh girls! You all are so amazing.

Thanks Candy. I got teary eyed over what the doc said to your son. That really is true!!! :) I wish your son a full recovery, and please keep us posted about him as you can. There's nothing more terrible than a sick kid! Expecially with a serious illness.. Oh, and the fact that they thought it was normal for a kid to have a seizure makes me cringe! :hug:

Susan - thanks for the link. I actually got him in today, at 3pm. I will keep you all posted for sure. He woke me up last night with a mild nose bleed. *sigh* Never has he had one of those in his life!

Brenda - the same thing happened to my daughter. She was having several days of migranes, and after 4 visits they did an MRI and she had a severe sinus infection also. It was just so far up, they couldn't see it with the scope. The only thing that makes me think Moose is different, is the flu like symptoms once (sometimes twice) a month for the last 6 months, including high fever. I hope your neighbor girl gets better and it's nothing that can't be cured!

Sherry - :hug: thanks. He's ok this morning. He's eating his granola and watching a movie. He's actually happy to be going to the doctor, and I sense it's because he also knows somethings not right.

Watch! We end up on Mystery Diagnosis on Discovery Health Channel. LOL Wouldn't that be our luck. I have just heard such wonderful stuff about Children's and I hope they find something out.

When they tell me what's wrong, i'm tempted to complain for a refund from the first lady. Why is it, if we were unhappy with a contractor, plumber, etc can we keep from paying for lack of satisfaction, but a doctor doesn't have to do the same? If they feared people coming back for their money, they might actually DO their job thoroughly to begin with. The nurse at Children's was surprised when I told her the doc didn't check his BP. $150 for less than 10 minutes! HMPH! Ok, i'm just going to continue to bee pissy until I know whats wrong.

Thanks for the support ladies. I don't know what i'd do without you all!

Candy In Alabama
05-10-2006, 01:15 PM
Falon, I am so glad you got him in to go see a doctor... Tell them everything and give them H**L if you need to...:D... I also would try for a refund...Don't sound like that doctor gave you 150 dollars worth to me.... Let um have it..:rollpin:

I decided to change my avatar.. Well not change it but, let you all see the whole picture... It's at my son's "Matthew's" 8th grade Graduation...Last year. He's the one i've been talking about. :)

05-10-2006, 01:54 PM
Candy: What a sweet thing for the doc to say. Shoot, we had a weenie doc once for our kids, and when YDD had to go in he asked her if she did drugs. She was like 7 at the time. And I'm like WHAT??? UGH! I much better like your doc :)

Falon: If you don't want to ask for your money back, go to the business office of the doctor and tell THEM. If the doc is associated with a clinic name (and not just in business for himself)...then go to them. Explain that you didn't feel that the doc was thorough or that you didn't think the doc took your concerns serious. See what they say :) Good luck and definitely let us know how it goes today. It's actually a girl from our church. And just found out THEY (the docs) are going to wait a MONTH to do a cat scan to see if the headaches go away as it's "not a sinus infection" . WTheck is with doctors?? Do they LIKE to see people sick/in pain? Well, one thing, it keeps them coming back!

Stepped on the scale this morning and it had gone down. But I had to go to "muffins with mom" with YDD and so I'm sure that messed things up. But hey, at least I know it can go down again :lol: Well, that and I didn't like how come I went down. I hadn't eaten really much at all yesterday. I refuse to give up on food just to get to the weight I want. So we'll see what happens. :)

05-10-2006, 01:56 PM
Hey....where's everyone else? They all on vacation and didn't tell us? Then again, if they're getting awesome weather I can understand them being outside. We're in a rainy bit so that's why I'm inside.
Helloooooo.....anyone home??:listen:

05-10-2006, 01:58 PM
Falon: Have you heard anything about your son's tests. My friend called yesterday and her son had a couple of weeks of feeling awefull. She took him to the doctor and she said growing pains. His dad is a paramedic and took him for trip number 2 and requested a check for mono. She felt he was too young, homeschool so likely no exposed to it, etc.... But dad insisted.
Got the results yesterday and it was mono.

This week has been crazy. Eating will be off plan today. Funerals are not a good time to be picky and eat differently. I did see another loss this morning to 169. I can see myself hiting my summer goal soon! Just thinking I should lower it soon and just shoot for the 150's

Candy In Alabama
05-10-2006, 02:37 PM
Lady_Adnerb,...It was the ER doctor that ask him that...I wouldn't going to wait on a app. with his doctor...Sometimes weeks before you can get in to see him... What is up with these doc.... and nurse's...:eek: :crazy: The Er Restering nurse ask matthew... 3 TIMES!!!!...if he was doing drugs or drank alcohol...At that age he would need 3 Doctors by the time i got done with him...:kickbutt: ...:LOL...It's rainy here today to... expecting storms later this evening...

Ciarra, doctors love throwing growing pains out there these days don't they....Heard that one alot here lately...:dizzy: I hope he gets better soon...

Lillybelle , It is terrifing to watch our kids go through things like this....I would change places any day if i could....Glad to hear all went well with your daughter..Hope all is going good for you and your recovery is speedy..

05-10-2006, 02:55 PM
Ciarra -

Nope. This has been going on since early December, so I would be shocked if mono was the case. We go in today at 3pm. He's feeling fine right now, but I have got to have someone look him over thoroughly. *sigh* This just isn't normal, and it sure isn't growning pains. Actually 4 years ago, my daughter was finally diagnosed with West Nile Virus (after 2 energencies room and 2 doc appts - Children's actually did the test!) and the 4 places before hand, tried to say growing pains! Ugh! I really think the industry is lazy, and the few good docs out there, aren't near us! LOL

I'll let you all know afterwards. :)


05-10-2006, 06:12 PM
Keep it up Falon and be persistent. You both deserve a decent answer and to find out what the problem is. Has he had a tick bite in the last 6 months or so? Something to find out. Does he have neck pain? Make them check out everything. We as parents know when something's not right with our kids. Good luck and well wishes. Susan, best of luck with your son and keep us posted. Candy, thanks and I do feel so much better. Also, Susan, i had my son (19) at the Dr.'s last winter with pneumonia, the doctor made me leave the room and interrogated him for quite a while about drug use and sexually transmitted diseases. My son was pretty upset and so was I. BTW, he's in the Army Reserves and is tested regularly for substance abuse. Sometimes, doctors see so much that they don't realize that teens actually get sick and it has nothing to do with drugs or sex.

05-10-2006, 08:13 PM
Ok, well.. we just got back from Children's and they were awesome! They spent nearly an hour with us -- 2 doctors. They gave him a thorough head to toe exam, and sat and talked for a long time.

1. It would have been more in our favor had I brought him in with one of the fevers for them to do the blood work.

2. They agreed this doesn't sound normal and believe it could be a few things. a) Auto-immune or b) in the brain.

So they want us to keep a detailed journal for 4 weeks: When a headache comes on, the time, the location, anything else that comes on during the same time, and on a scale of 1 - 10. Then we take him to a neurologist. Yes, I wish it would have been sooner, but I would be walking in blindly, and not with enough info in hand to show them. I am at fault for not keeping record of it all.

They said 6 months is to long for it to really be viral, though it can't be ruled out. If this isn't common place at home, then it's probably something else.

If he comes down with another High-Grade fever (which is very likely) to get him right down there so they can examine him, his joints, draw blood, and so on.

They were wonderful.. and exactly what I was hoping for. We might not have gotten the full answers today, but we are several steps further. They confirmed (as I already knew) that I wasn't jumping the gun, and was right to demand something be figured out. If we were able to wait 4 more weeks, it'll help us get answers. Yeah... i'm willing to wait! ****, 6 months of it, what's one more.

So there it is.

Brenda - As for the girl from church, I can now understand, especially if they asked the parents to keep a detailed journal. It makes sense, but as a parent, we want them to be pain free faster! They did say it was up to me, and if I couldn't hold off, then they'd get him in, but the extra info would help considerably in his end diagnosis. Anyhow, that's what happened today.. and I feel so much closer than before. :)

Off to get dinner going. I'm hungry.. :hug: Did I mention a big thanks for support to you all?? <grins>

05-11-2006, 09:33 AM
Ciarra: Don't worry about the food while you're going through the funeral and procedures for that. Just jump right back on when you feel able to deal with it :hug:

Candy: Did you get storms or just rain? (and call me Brenda :) ) We're getting rain with high wind advisories. ICK.

lilybelle: :wave: I think if patients don't want their parents or whoever brought them to leave the docs should respect that.

Falon: Glad that you now have the care you were expecting for him. And that's the way it should be no matter WHERE you take him. Hope everything goes well :hug:

Not sure why, but I'm tired again. I've started adding potassium supplements to my vitamins to see if that'd help. I just started this week so I'm sure it's too fast to expect results. But I want results NOW :lol: It's dreary and rainy and the wind is supposed to pick up and I've got to go shopping. My 3 older sisters and I have finally decided on a present for our mom...and I said I'd get it. Jeesh. When will I QUIT volunteering and let one of THEM do it? Oh well, I've got to go get some stuff from the GS council office anyway. That's after my MIT prayer meeting. So on the run :wave:

05-11-2006, 09:34 AM
Oh..forgot to mention....the other day DH and I were hanging up clothes and he grabbed a shirt and asked whose it was. I said mine. He's like "you can't fit into THIS." HMPH!! I said yes, I can! :lol3: He's just used to shirts that hang on me. I was a little offended but I got over it. Figured he didn't mean it as an insult he was just surprised.

05-11-2006, 11:46 AM
Brenda, I understand about the clothes situation. My husband was doing the laundry while I recuperated from surgery. He had to keep asking if the jeans were mine or my 13 yr. old daughters. It did feel kind of good. When I was in size 20, no one had to ask who those belonged to. LOL. On a bright note, I hit 150 on the scale this morning, you all will hear me screaming from Oklahoma when the scale gets to 149. Haven't see 140 anything in at least 13 yrs.

05-11-2006, 12:26 PM
Morning Ladies:

I have a few girlfriends coming over for lunch, so I have to get the house straightened up. I wanted to check in though, and thank you all again for the great posts. They have been greatly appreciated, and extremely helpful.

LillyBelle - Congrats on the 150! :) I thought I heard some distant YaHoo's going on.. <grins>

Hope everyone has a lovely day.. I agree with you Brenda, where did everyone go?


05-11-2006, 12:32 PM
Hi ladies! I haven't posted on the weekly chat before. I just started reading them them this week to get an idea about what they are all about. It's great that you all get to know each other in other ways besides just talking about what we all weigh this week!
When I read lillybelles post I just had to reply!
That is SO EXCIING! I know I go through that every time I hit the next 10 lb mark! This week I was 171 so I am so excited about hitting the 160's next week! ( I hope!) I too, haven't seen these numbers in years and years. I don't think I was in the 160's since I had kids (10 years ago!) Just went shopping yesterday and bought a size 12 pants! my current pants are 16! (always were big in the but and legs but needed it in the waist!) I also bought a shirt from the same dept. (size XL) but that's ok. I used to have to get pants in one dept and then run to the "womens" dept to look for a top to match because I was wearing a 2X! Ithink my boobs are actually getting smaller:carrot: . Which is good because I was a 42D. I haven't felt the need to change bra;s yet though so I don't know. I hope to get back to a 36C some day! For now, Like I said it was great shopping in one dept!
So, I know how you feel and think it's awesome. These are REALLY HUGE accomplishments! Way to go!
Anyone on hear from the east coast? Seems like a lot of you are from the midwest and south.
I look forward to reading your posts each day and hope to contribute more myself now if you don't mind!

Candy In Alabama
05-11-2006, 01:13 PM
Don't mind at all, Maggie..:welcome2: Join in anytime..:)

Falon,...Sounds like you got some good doctors out that way that cares..Keep us posted on how everything is going...

Lilybelle,... I'll be listening for the Yahoo's Yip's, and Hollars....:cheer:Way To Go.....:cp:

Brenda,....Yesterday we got some thunder and lighting with the rain but nothing severe..
the sky looks kind of bad out here today.. Well did , right now the sun is shining. I think somebody is sending us some of their winter. The wind is chilly today.
I FINALLY weigh less than my husband!!!! He's one of those that never gain... You know the kind....Lucky Devils...:devil:

05-11-2006, 04:24 PM
Yesterday was a busy day for me. I'm having an endometrial ablation done on the 23rd, so had tests yesterday.

The gyno was supposed to just do an ultrasound, but he decided to do an endometrial biopsy as well - ouch! He couldn't get it the first time and had to do it again. I told him his nurse practicioner was better at it than he was.

Then at the hospital, the nurse in the lab had to stick me in 3 places to get enough blood for the tests. My right hand has a huge giant bruise on it from where the vein collapsed. Arrgh!!!

Falon, glad to hear you are getting something done.

Brenda - if you keep feeling tired, I'd suggest you go get your iron checked. You might be on the low side. Exhaustion and fatigue is the first symptom.

Hi to everyone else!

05-12-2006, 01:01 AM
Maggie, you'll hit those 160's before you know it. Congratulations. Welcome to the forum and keep us posted.

05-12-2006, 01:03 AM
Falon, I'm so glad you are finally getting some help with your son. Best wishes to you both.

05-12-2006, 01:05 AM
Candy, weighing less than your husband is awesome. It took me 50 lbs. to lose before I weighed less than mine, but it was so worth it. TEhe.

05-12-2006, 08:02 AM
Busy day today. Just hopping in to say :wave: and wish everyone a great weekend. I'm hoping the scale goes down. Tomorrow is official WI but I won't be here. So I'll try and do the WI either Sun. or Mon. If it's the same as my ticker I'll STILL be happy :)

And to all the mom's out there...Happy Mom's Day!!

05-12-2006, 10:25 AM
Hi! I've been lurking around the low-carb boards for awhile. I have been eating low carb for eight weeks now, and have only lost 7#. I have the Atkins books and have finished the 2 week diet. I feel that I must be doing something wrong...everyone else seems to have such success and hiuge weight loss...where's mine (whine)!

I have lost 25# on WW and I have about 12# to reach my goal. I drink coffee in the morning, then have an egg with cheese about nine am. Lunch is usually a salad with either tuna or chicken, supper is usually meat and a green veggie. For snacks I have been having cheese, salamie, green veggies with dill dip or SF jello with cool whip. The only fruit I have been eating are strawberries with some cottage cheese. I have been checking food labels for carb I doing something wrong? I drink my water and I drink one diet soda a day-no alcohol.

I do feel like I have lost inches though I haven't measured since the start and I'm not hungry or having cravings, so I like this way of eating..but I would like to see some weight gone!

Any tips on what to eat or what not to eat would be greatly appreciated...

05-12-2006, 01:48 PM
Hi Everyone, Well my toe finally healed so I can run without pain:moo: (YEAH) My son finally made it back for a week before he has to go out in his truck again. We are having a barbeque, so I will bring a LC dessert. I know hwat you mean about slow weight loss I lose like a turtle. 25 pounds is wonderful:carrot: I know you'll lose your 12 pounds and you'll feel so much better. I hope your tests go well Hockeyfan7. That is awesome Candy that you weigh less then you DH:carrot: . Hope everyone has a great day, Judy

05-13-2006, 12:09 AM
Hi guys remember me? Well I fell off for awhile, had some stuff going on and plan on starting back on strict induction on Monday. Sorry for my absense. I missed you guys.


05-13-2006, 01:50 AM
Hi everyone!

We went to see Posideon tonight -- it's great if you are a disaster movie fan like me -- good explosions and lots of them.

It's supposed to be a gorgeous day here tomorrow, so I'm thinking it might be a good day for a hike.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Candy In Alabama
05-13-2006, 08:40 AM
Idealperson...:welcome2: Losing does get a little harder closer to goal. I have about 15 to go ...We will get there..:high:

Hockeyfan...Ouch... I've had to have a biopsy before to, thay are a little painful...They could of warned us a little...I think i would of taken about 4 advill or something..:D ...I am a disaster movie fan to..I want to see that one...The last one i watched was Dante's peak about volcano's...Good Movie...

:wave: Hi Judy, Glad you toe is better

Sandra, we've been wondering where some of you run off to..Glad your back..

Morning Lilybelle...:coffee:.And Brenda:coffee:

I've got to get myself started today...Been lazy lately....Mabe my husband will do alot of work outside today...Work on my 4-runner for instance..:D I get a lot of exersize following him around and being "Go-Fer"...Go for this and go for that..:running:.....We are supposed to have a sunny day today....I think i will cook burgers out on the grill this evening and maybe ride 4 wheelers...:moped: :moped: :moped: :moped: :moped: All 5 of us and usually my brother inlaw and nease and nephew..That's 3 more...:moped: :moped: :moped: I'll have a lot of dusting to do tomarrow .I think it seeps through the cracks..:D ..Have a great weekend and a Wonderful Mother's Day everyone Hope your MOM's Day is Special...:encore:
I think we all Deserve it..:D :cheer: :cheers:

05-13-2006, 01:58 PM
Our church had a lock-in for the teens last night so I'm punch drunk (as in...little sleep). It was also a famine so I've not eaten since about 12:30 yesterday afternoon. I'm doing ok though. I was worried that I'd feel sick, but I drank juice (yup, full of sugar stuff) so I'm sure that is why I don't feel hungry. The sugar is enough for my system. The fast ends at 6:30 tonight. I'm going to have a chicken sandwich on LC bread :) And then it's back to "normal" eating tomorrow. Maybe just smaller quantities though :)
:wave: hi everyone

05-13-2006, 08:22 PM
worked in my garden today and tomorow will be catch up for work and then go to work so not much fun but today I cleaned my side garden and other side garden planted some planters and well am getting ready for the house pictures! like a movie star getting ready for the big day! nobody will see it except me and my husband but we will know what it can look like! (and every one it town as it is the only plum house in town!!)

05-14-2006, 12:52 AM
Hi Everyone, Well I was lazy today and did no exercise. Went to the barbeque and had a great time, I'm a little tipsy because I had a couple glasses of wine. Actually I think it is finally wearing off. Planning on downsizing the amount of grass I have to cut, because I want to landscape my yard. So I guess I'm going to be doing that for the next few weeks. Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom's out there. I remember when our kids were teens, they had a lock in at church, the kids had a blast.I'll bet the chaperones were ready to sleep in the next day. Hi Sandra, welcome to our group. Hope your tests go well Hockeyfan and glad you enjoyed the movie. Greetings to everyone else I missed. We had a beautiful day today, but a little cool. Everyone have a nice evening, Judy:dizzy: :smug: ;) :D

05-14-2006, 09:33 AM
Happy Mothers Day to all!! Hope all of you have a great day and have all your kids wait hand and foot on you serve you brreakfast in bed and all that wonderful stuff.

I have been up for hours and kids are all still sleeping so I do not have the pleasure of cleaning up after their mess, I have tons to do today and need to work this afternoon so I am off and running ,coffee is made and I am ready to get some work done!

This is wierd I lost my ticker and tried to up date it and can not get any tickers at all. so I will keep on trying hopefully I will succeed.

05-14-2006, 11:03 AM
Ack! I'm behind on posts so no need to try and catch up. You guys know I love ya, and hopefully that's good enough. <grins>

Susan - I hope it all goes well. I'm not far up the road if you ever need any help. :hug:

Sandra - Glad your back hon. I'm sorry you had a blunder there, but glad to see you're getting back on track. :sunny:

Andy asked me what I wanted to have for dinner tonight for Mother's Day, and I said Sushi. So that's what i'm doing.. It might mean a bit of rice, but i'll be careful if that's the case. Did I tell you all that Andy had hit a stall a few weeks ago, and when he weighed himself yesterday he lost another 12 pounds for a total of 40?? Yeah.. started 2 weeks before him!!!! *sigh* Ok, deep breath. I'm extremely proud but irritated that they can loose so much easier and faster. Anyhow. Everyone have a nice mother's day, or enjoy it with your mom's.


05-14-2006, 04:29 PM
Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's. Hoping everyone has a great day. I went outside and couldn't get the lawnmower started. Shucks, guess my DH will just have to mow it tomorrow. My husband had planned to take me to the Outback for dinner tonite, but he was scheduled 16 hrs. overtime today. Oh well, grilled chicken and salad will be just fine for me and my DD tonite. Plus the overtime means more new clothes for me. TEHe.

05-14-2006, 04:59 PM
Hello Everyone,

I hope all of you mothers are having a Happy Mother's Day. I know I am. I'm all alone and I'm loving it. I guess I'll sign off so that my kids can get through. (I have dial-up.)

After looking over the threads and seeing your weight loss successes, I can only say WOW! Congratulations to all you losers. I hope that I can achieve the same kind of success.

I put a bit of my weight history on the July 4 challange site.


05-14-2006, 06:26 PM
Happy Mothers Day, hope everyone has a nice relaxing day today. Judy

05-14-2006, 11:12 PM
My plans after the fast went kaput. So now re-starting tomorrow. :) I need to sit down and work out a routine. I need to add prayer, exercise and cleaning into my schedule. It should be doable as I don't work outside the house. Did I mention I'm allergic to cleaning and exercise? :lol3:

05-15-2006, 01:42 PM
Morning everyone!

Brenda, you are not allergic to exercise. Sorry, I'm not buying it. Get moving girl!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I was pretty darn lazy yesterday. We grilled burgers for lunch and didn't really eat dinner.

Vern the cat woke me up at 5:20 a.m. this morning wanting breakfast. I don't get why he can't wake up John instead of me.