Weight Loss Support - "Calling all Canadians -- March Chat"

03-03-2006, 05:27 PM
As promissed....:D

TTFN :wave:

03-03-2006, 06:19 PM
Yep, I think a thread-of-the-month is a good idea. Think I'll suggest it in a couple of other places, too. Thanks, Ilene.

03-04-2006, 11:32 AM
Good Saturday morning! Cold, clear and crisp here this morning.

da fat n da furious
03-04-2006, 02:32 PM
Good Saturday Morning...
not much to say,,,took my youngest son to vocal lessons,,,first time driving in a couple of weeks...did well. Even stopped at Tim Hortons for my coffee...feeling human!
Getting picked up tonight by one of my closest friends,,,going over to another friends house to watch our favorite movie Pride and Predjudice
Yesterday I was so proud of myself...I was hungry had the munchies. so instead of binging on the peanut butter cookies I made I chopped up some cellery and carrots.
Well I should get in my shower and nap....

03-04-2006, 05:03 PM
Good Afternoon. Fellow Canuck here! :) Hoping that the snow will finally go away. I hate winter!!!

03-04-2006, 07:06 PM
Welcome, Margaret. Glad to have you with us. The more company, the more fun. Drop in often. :grouphug:

Have a great evening, everybody. We'll see you all tomorrow. Keep on doing all the good stuff and the rewards will come. :carrot:

03-05-2006, 09:37 AM
hi everyone i found you. glen

03-05-2006, 10:47 AM
Merry March to all my fellow Canadians!
I have not been good this week. I hit the gym twice; the rest of the week I worked. I have been retired for a year and a half, and went back to work part time because a friend needed a tax preparer for the season. Ahhh, back to sitting at a computer all day.

The weather has moderated this weekend. Hope that's the first sign that spring is on the way.

Have a good week.

da fat n da furious
03-06-2006, 01:09 AM
Hey all, not much happening,,,hubby and I went grocery shopping,,, so I have all the veggies I have been craving...

03-06-2006, 10:28 AM
Thought I'd say a quick hello. Not feeling too great today. Hope I'm not coming down with something nasty.

Hang in there, gang. See you tomorrow. Hopefully feeling better.

03-06-2006, 10:32 AM
Hello fellow Canuck :wave:

Today is :sunny: and bright ... I'm off to the gym in a few minutes to do some leg workouts...

03-06-2006, 11:55 AM
Hello fellow canucks!

I've been horrible with exercising so far this month. But I did manage to stay away from the chocolate cookies my husband brought home and left in clear sight! Small victories are better than no victories, I guess.

03-06-2006, 12:42 PM
Hi all my canadian friends, trying again, and hope to not sabotage myself today. Am going to try to eat well today, and remember that just because I mess up one time I don't need to carry it on for the rest of day. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming:carrot: .

da fat n da furious
03-06-2006, 01:08 PM
Good morning all,,,,

Shannon, my favorite movie is Finding Nemo...just keep swimming!

had a fantastic sleep, was in a bit of pain last night,,,did too much...grocery shopping, folding clothes and lil stuff around the house.
So took a pain reliever and it knocked me out. Hate taking anything, makes me have horrible dreams...which I didn't have.
big plans for today is eat my celery, finish folding the last two loads of laundry.

03-06-2006, 04:22 PM
Hi there, I'm new here and it's nice that I found a bunch of Canadians to yak with. I'm Carol, married 19 years to a great guy and mom of two teenagers, one girl and one boy. I started to get serious about my wieght at the end of January and so far have lost 12 lbs. I'm still on the high of eating healthy and light so I haven't hit any major obstacles in that area yet and I've gotten real serious about excercise and especially weight lifting - I think that is the ultimate answer for women over 30. I look forward to getting to know all of you!

da fat n da furious
03-07-2006, 01:45 PM
Snowflake,,,I would still consider that a big success.
Welcome Carol, we can get pretty chatty in here. been married 19 yrs too,,,2 teens,,both boys. Just had surgery so am off doing anything.

My oldest son had 2 surgeries last year...ever heard of someone growing too fast too soon? His feet went from a size 9 to a 13 in a year. On both feet they noticed the outer bone didn't grow as fast and is being crowded by the other bones (bully bones I call them) anyways they are all now hardening together (build up of calcium) or so they say. They don't know what they are doing,,,there was a Dr. who thought he had a severe case over in Ontario,,but once he saw Brandon's file he just told our Dr. good luck. Brandon is also severely flat footed (suction cups when hes bare foot on the floor) So he had the 2 surgeries on 1 foot(broke his foot in 4 places to make an arch) took part of a bone from his hip and pinned into the short bone in his foot. He needs to have the other foot taken care of... hes in so much pain he can't walk. His appointment for his specialist isn't till next Monday, Im taking him to our clinic to see about getting some pain releiver for him. This is very stressful in our house..

Wide in Winnipeg
03-07-2006, 05:45 PM
oh my, that sounds so painful,hope you and him get better soon.

How are you all doing??? I think I'm doing pretty good considering it's TOM There guys here and I don't want to offend them.

I'm doing great with the Beat the Bulge game and am looking forward to game#2 starting on Monday 13/06,any of you interested??It would be nice to have some Canadians participating(hehe),just a thought.
The weather here is pretty nice,it's +1 right now and up to +6 on Thursday supposedly.we'll have to wait and see!!
Have a good day,eh.

03-08-2006, 12:22 AM
Angie -- OUCH !! Your poor son!! Hope things heal up real soon :hug:...

Today was a super duper gorgeous day, I ran 8k in record time for me, 56 minutes...

da fat n da furious
03-08-2006, 02:04 AM
Ilene, that is fantastic! Is there a goal you want involving your running?
Is running 8 km a normal thing?

Well went and saw the Dr. took over 3 hours...I was exhausted and in so much pain. But we did get not 1 but two types of pain relievers for Brandon, T3s and another that is also an antiflamitory....

weather was great today...nice and warm,,,had all the windows I could reach open. so when i came home it seemed fresh in the house...

03-08-2006, 10:22 AM
Hi Gang . . . Nova Scotia is still attached to the rest of Canada . . . weather is fairly mild here, too and the sun keeps coming and going. It was beautiful yesterday (I think I remember it). I'm still not feeling 100% but it's coming along. Of course, when I read your posts, Angie, I realize how lucky I am. I hope everybody is feeling better really soon.

Welcome to Snowflake and Mrs. Moby. I'll look forward to hearing more from you. Glad to have you aboard "HMS Losing-It".

See you soon. Keep on fighting the good fight.

03-08-2006, 12:49 PM
Hey everyone!

I thought i would introduce myself! My name is Charlene, i'm 23 years old and i live in Abbotsford, BC (as most of you probably know, it's an hour outside of Vancouver) It's cold and looks like rain here today (surprise surprise!)

Hope everyone is doing well! :)

03-08-2006, 04:50 PM
Good afternoon everyone! Thanks for all the welcome's!

Angie - I'll be sending positive thoughts your way for you and your son. Hope you're both feeling better soon!

It was a nice day here on the shores of Lake Huron and it's looking like the temperature is going to be going up all the way through to the weekend. They are calling for thunderstorms though which is always wierd when there's still tons of snow around. Oh well, all that rain should take a bunch of it away. I can't wait for spring! :-)

03-08-2006, 06:06 PM
Welcome aboard, Lejellybean. Come and visit often.

03-08-2006, 06:14 PM
Hello Canada.
Sitting here in Saskatchewan. Lots of snow melting today, we got about 30 cm last week, so its a heck of a mess out there. Looking forward to getting to the gym this evening and pushing myself hard. Went last evening and it felt good. I have figured out that the only way to make it work...is if there is sweat involved.

Take care all.

da fat n da furious
03-08-2006, 10:59 PM
Hey Charlene! Welcome,,,

Christine, hope you have a good workout!

What a warm day here,,,had the windows in my bedroom whide open,,and I relaxed,,,watched Smallville,,,finished season 1 and now have 2 to watch.

Ate clean till I had not one but two muffins,,,washed it down with a coke...duh what is wrong with me?

03-09-2006, 12:13 AM
ANGEEEEE -- Step away from the MUFFINS :angel: on your shoulder .... :lol: Aw heck we all have those days you have the rest of the day to eat clean...

Today I worked chest and triceps at the gym, ran around and did errands, corrected DD French essay :faint: ... swam for an hour tonight to destress from the correction...

This weekend I am going to a Yoga camp in Val Morin Quebec for some R & R and snowshoeing :dance: can't wait :D....

03-09-2006, 04:11 AM
Wow, lots of new folks! Welcome all.

I have some great news...I've lost over 25 lbs. I'm down 27.2 lbs. now and tht was a big goal for me.

My broken ankle is healing well now and I can walk on it. I'll be out of cast in two more weeks! Yipee! Our community has an Inernational Women's Day event every year. It's tonight and I'll be going. Then we're going to the city on Friday for a couple of days and I'll be eating out there. Get to see our granddaughter in the city as well as our three kids and their significant others. Love that.

Not much more news. Hope everyone is doing well.

03-09-2006, 08:13 AM
Good Morning from Nova Scotia . . . Our two beautiful spring-like days have ended and we have snow on the ground again . . . not too much, mind you, but snow just the same. Oh well . . . it will eventually be Spring.

Glad everyone is doing pretty good with the exercise routines. Don't worry too much about those muffins (. . . we all need a treat once in awhile . . .) unless the pattern continues.

Nothing too exciting in my world. Eating and moving are within acceptable bounds and I just keep plodding along. Have a great day, everybody. Keep up the good work. :carrot:

03-09-2006, 09:54 AM
Today, just off the shores of Lake Huron :) It's 5C but windy and wet!

da fat n da furious
03-09-2006, 02:18 PM
Hey all, thought it was going to be beautiful today but Hubby just called to say they closed part of the highway due to storm. Batten down the hatches.

Maggie be careful, hopefully the storm is only over here and you don't miss out your city trip.
And be careful with the foot,,,try to keep it up as much as possible. Its been 9 months for me but I still remember that horrible achy feel.

Ilene, have a fantastic time at your retreat.

Meowee are you feeling better?

Brandon has been maintaining the pain alot better, he can now shuffle along instead of crawling. He has a nasty cold, sinus and all.
My big plans today is to make a few calls, having to organize and gather some props for a play
ok no more muffins! I really mean all the muffins are gone now. lol

03-10-2006, 11:09 AM
:wave: it's suntan weather here.it's 10 degrees here meowee are you awol today. :lol: :) glen

03-10-2006, 12:01 PM
It's more like rain-burn weather here today, Glen, but it is fairly mild and most of yesterday's snow has gone again. At this time of year, I get a little dose of SAD when the sun doesn't shine. At least the days are getting longer and that's a good sign. :)

Nothing much else around here is noteworthy. I'm hanging in there, doing good things in the eating and moving departments, although I can almost feel the need for a binge sneaking up on me. I'm fighting it . . . and so far I'm ahead. :carrot:

Have a great day, all, and here is a double dose of :dust: :dust: to keep us going.

03-10-2006, 04:36 PM
Afternoon all! Just wanted to check in even though I don't have any good news to speak of. I came down with a sore throat/cold Wednesday night, am up a pound for this week (ugh!) and just got a call from my Mom telling me she had to call the ambulance to take my dad to the hospital. (He had surgery 3 weeks ago and keeps having complications) Soo, I'm just trying to pass some time until she calls again to give me an update. Thank heavens for excercise and it's stress reducing benefits!

da fat n da furious
03-11-2006, 02:05 PM
Hey Carol, I hope your dad is ok,,,,

Meowee Ive heard of people with SAD getting a certain light to help them.

Nothing new here,,,slept alot yesterday, and didn't sleep well last night so Im hoping I don't get myself into a bad cycle of sleeping during the day and not at night.
its cold here minus 10...snowing.

03-11-2006, 04:27 PM
It is gorgeous here today. Not only did I take my jacket off to do some outside work, I'm going for a walk in just my sweater. Ah spring!

03-11-2006, 08:39 PM
Rained all morning but the sun came out this afternoon. Supposed to be sunny again tomorrow and Monday and the temperature is supposed to hit 10C. I hope so.

Angie . . . I don't think I really have SAD, per se. I think its just cabin fever.

Carol . . . Sending you my best wishes for your Dad's recovery.

SusanB . . . Guess we'll have Ontario to thank for our mild weather for the next couple of days. I just hope Calgary's snow fades out before it gets to you.

Have a good evening, everybody.

03-11-2006, 08:49 PM
We're supposed to have flurries on Tuesday. Best make sure I walk again tomorrow.

03-12-2006, 10:02 AM
The sun is here. It's a beautiful morning, but still a little too windy to be considered comfy. But thanks, Ontario, we know you did your best. If the wind goes down it will be really delightful.

03-12-2006, 11:08 AM
hi meowee it's cloudy here and it was sunny here yesterday. :) :coffee:

03-12-2006, 05:42 PM
Don't send us any cloudy, Glen. I want more sun.

03-12-2006, 07:03 PM
hi meowee do want to trade? :lol: glen

da fat n da furious
03-13-2006, 02:02 PM
Wow what a beautiful day here! Snow is melting fast,,,roads are dry.

I have to take Brandon to the foot specialist, kinda worried that hes going to say they have to fuse both feet, or that they can't do anything. Which is worse? Doing nothing.

anywho thats all that is happening here,,,gonna go get a decent cup of coffee...Tim Hortons

03-13-2006, 04:54 PM
Hi there . . .

I don't have to trade, Glen. You'll be sending it this way soon enough. Today is gorgeous, Sunny, 10+C but still pretty windy. Tomorrow . . . forecast says . . . snow, followed by freezing rain, followed by rain, all with lots of wind.:(

If you just keep pumping your weather eastward, Angie, I should get it in another couple of days . . . as long as Glen doesn't steal it all on the way past. ;) Hope the appointment goes well. I would probably agree that doing nothing would be worse in the long run. The real question is whether it would be worse to do both feet at the same time or one at a time. That is a really tough choice. Whatever the diagnosis . . . enjoy the coffee, but try to stay away from the doughnuts. :hug: Good luck.

Wowee, I wonder where everybody else is hiding today? Have a good one folks and keep up all the good stuff. :carrot:

03-13-2006, 07:39 PM
Hey everyone. Well I'm glad the weekend is over and things are looking much better (except the weather that is!). My dad is doing better, thank you for the well wishes, and I also lost the pound I gained plus one more at weigh in today. woo hoo!

Now I have to be especially focused this week as I was invited to lunch with the girls on Thursday, going out for date night with hubby on Friday and then I'm throwing a wedding shower for my neice on Saturday for which there will be lots of yummy stuff I shouldn't touch! Yikes. I'm simply going to promise myself to eat healthy and light.

03-13-2006, 08:12 PM
Hey gang :wave: I had a great weekend at :yoga: camp... I am exhausted today though, not sure why... It could be the combination of dull, rainy weather and the weekend, I didn't sleep very well I keep being awoken by the furnace starting up down the hall grrrr :mad: ... Send the nice weather vibes this way please!!

03-13-2006, 08:20 PM
Hi from across the St. Lawrence!! :wave: I live directly across the river from Kingston, ON and feel Canadian by association. Actually, my grandfather and his relatives are from Picton, ON. :D

Anyhow...just had to add to the weather reports. It was beautiful here on Saturday and I walked about four miles (don't know the kimmies) and rode my bike about four as well. But yesterday and today have been very foggy and soggy. Our snow has all melted and now we enter the MUD season. :p Twice in two days I've taken my dog and son for a walk and got rained on on the way back. :mad: Oh, well, that's why God made blowdryers, right?

Okay...just saying HI!!


03-13-2006, 08:22 PM
OH!!! And the robins are everywhere!! So are the GEESE!! :carrot: And the Simcoe (the ice breaker) is scheduled to head up the river any time now!! My favorite signs of spring!! :D

03-13-2006, 08:52 PM
Hey all!
I am new to this chat, but full blown CANADIAN!!! I love saying that!

Its been raining allllllll day!!! T-storms too!!!! Had a friend here for the day, went to Williams for coffee (yummmY) then went to the mall...I bought the new "eye intesifiing" make-up fomr Almay! I am soooo excited!!!

so yeah, that was my fun filled day!

03-14-2006, 10:48 AM
:wave: welcome kris and fitgirl. meowee it's cooler here today. i saw the forcast for ns and you keep it. :) glen

da fat n da furious
03-14-2006, 10:55 AM
Good morning all, and welcome to our new people.

ate healthy yesterday No donuts Meowee! Infact I came home and made bran muffins, a breakfast on the go sorta thing. Drank my water

Brandon has to have surgery they will do one foot at a time. The foot that has all ready been done will be done first. They will be fusing 3 large bones together. But first he needs to loose some weight the Dr. said, hes 6'2 and 250 lbs, he wants him down as low as he can go because this will be a hard surgery (which we know from experience already) so now I feel like I have a diet buddy at home.... much easier.

weather is beautiful here...don't know what the forecast is...but right now it feels like spring.

03-14-2006, 11:00 AM
It is incredibly windy here today. I will not be biking!

Oh say! fitgal2 ... I was in London last evening. DH the carpenter needed some things from Home Depot.

03-14-2006, 12:38 PM
Hello everybody . . . sorry I didn't wake you this morning. ;) So far, no snow, ice, or rain is falling (and it's now noon) but it is definitely a dull, windy day.

I've been busy playing around with FitDay vs Nutridiary and trying to decide if I want to replace my personal little Excel program with one or the other of those two. So far I'm leaning toward Nutridiary because it seems to log meals better for future reference. Anybody got any suggestions? Or preferences? that you're willing to share. I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts. :listen:

Carol . . . good on you for 2 lbs gone to ugly-pound-heaven . . . and very glad to hear your Dad is doing better. Here's an advance dose of :dust: for thursday.

Ilene . . . glad you had a good yoga camp. You got me thinking about how much I used to like yoga (back in the days when the earth was new and I was thinner and more supple). So I ordered Peggy Cappy's "Yoga For The Rest Of Us" in the hopes I can get started again. Unfortunately the confirmation from Amazon says not to expect to receive it before mid-April. What the :devil: are they cutting this DVD especially for me?

Techwife . . . a welcoming :hug: for our new part-time/almost Canadian. Fitgirl . . . a welcoming :hug: for our new full-time/real Canadian. Glad to have you both with us. We love lot's of company.

Angie . . . good eating, girl. :crossed: for Brandon. Wowee, this is like getting a 2fer. Two exercise buddies in the same household = two sets of good :goodvibes everytime you post.

Susan . . . Always glad to hear from you, too. You can keep your windy stuff . . . I don't need anymore.

Have a good day, gang. We'll see you soon. Keep on doing the good stuff. :carrot:

03-14-2006, 06:48 PM
hi everyone.......

i am a fellow canadian... i live in Nova Scotia......

i just found the board today..... i hope to get to know you all......

03-14-2006, 07:10 PM
Hey Goy :wave: and :welcome:

Meowee -- :lol: they must be cutting the tape just for you or maybe personalising it with your name dubbed in where it says : "Now, meowee, take a deep breath." :lol:...

Today was EXTREMELY windy here and now it's snowing... DANG!!

Food has been good, had a great leg workout this morning... I did a few excercises that I used to do 20 years ago when I first started weight training, stuff with cables... it was fun and I'm sure I'm going to feel them tomorrow :dance: ... I believe in the moto "No pain, no gain" :yes:, but it's not for everybody though....

03-14-2006, 07:54 PM
Hi all. Major wind around here since yesterday afternoon and that darn snow showed up again. grrr

Meowee - thanks for that willpower dust, i think I'll need it!

Angie - sorry to hear Brandon requires surgery, I'll be sending good wishes your way for getting through it all OK

Welcome everyone new!

03-14-2006, 09:55 PM
Holy windchill factor, Batman!! You know, you'd think being a North Country Mamma and having real Canadian blood streaming through my veins that I'd be able to take that howling wind today. I've had many weeks where the high temp is minus 30 F at high noon, but this damp, cold wind is horrible. :fr: And its flurrying on and off again, too. At least the back yard is freezing again so I can let my dog out and he won't turn my kitchen into a mud explosion.

Okay...that's the report from the deep south...across the river, anyway. :carrot:

03-15-2006, 09:35 AM
:wave: meowee here is the weather report from ontario. it's cold, windy and it snowed. i'm off to the ymca. :) glen

03-15-2006, 09:38 AM
Cold and windy here to :( ... I'm off to the gym I'm going breakdown and run on the dreadmill :tread: :( ... Going to work on shoulders too, tonight I have swimming :dance: ...

da fat n da furious
03-15-2006, 02:09 PM
It is beautiful here, but oh how easily it can turn on you.

nothing planned today, did my lil errands yesterday, even went out last night to talk to a costumer. My youngest son's school is doing the play Aladdin and they asked me to give a hand, I do alot of theatre. And so went and did the Im begging.stealing and borrowing these. It was great since I got to visit for a bit with alot of people.

so today will be a bit of cleaning,,,bathrooms, laundry,,,(folding)

03-15-2006, 03:22 PM
Well everybody, looks like you did your best/worst; but we didn't get the really bad weather they were predicting. It rained a bit, but that's all. The radio this morning was yelping about some slippery highway problems in the province, so I guess we just got lucky.

A great big welcoming :hug: for you Goy. Glad to have you with us. Hope we'll see you often. Where in NS are you? I'm in Pictou. Did you get the bad weather?

Hope you both have good workouts, Ilene and Glen. Wow, wouldn't I be shocked to finally get that DVD and find my name on it. :dizzy:

Hope the dust helped, MrsMoby. Here's some more, just because none of us can every really get enough. :dust:

Alladin is always a favourite with the kids. Have lots of fun putting it together, Angie. :belly:

My day started out really well. Finally, I got to move my ticker-slider a whole 2 pounds. :hat: Then reality dawned. Have you ever had those feelings that something is just not quite right about something? Well, I was feeling tht way about the excel program I use to track my calories, etc. Anyway, I finally discovered what it was. When I added the calorie counter to the program I neglected to readjust the carbs --- When I was using the program just to track carbs for the purpose of controlling my diabetes, I only wanted to deal with "net carbs" (total less fibre). Of course, when you count calories, the fibre calories have to be counted, too. Sooooo, I'm as happy as can be about getting the scale to cooperate finally. :shrug: But I'm kind of elated/disappointed (don't really know which) to discover I've been underestimating my calories consumed for the last 10 weeks by approximately 12.5%. Now I have to get used to about 200 calories less but hopefully the rate of loss will speed up a bit. I'm also having trouble getting the program rewritten (can't cross balance), but I'll find the bug eventually. :mad:

Better get back to the :devil: program or I won't be keeping track of anything today. Have a great one, gang. We'll see you later. :carrot:

03-15-2006, 05:29 PM
Road trip tomorrow. I hope the weather's good. The college boy called and I guess there's been no talks yet. The strike continues. He wants to come home. So, I'm off to Welland in the morning.

03-15-2006, 05:51 PM
Hello Canada. Saskatchewan is cold and calling for more snow! I hit my first stepping stone today! I hit 5 pounds of weight loss since starthing March 1, I am ready for more!

03-15-2006, 08:31 PM
My program is fixed so I'm good to go. The radio says snow here in the morning, too. . . I'll wait until I see it.

03-15-2006, 11:43 PM
SusanB -- that is such a waste of time for the students....I hope they settle soon...

ApplBride -- Congrats on the weight lost :high:

03-16-2006, 01:02 AM
:wave: welcome applbride i am en ex stubble jumper (someone from the praries). i lived in sakatoon and regina. :) glen

03-16-2006, 09:44 AM
Another cold one down here by Kingston! Minus 3C, but the sun is shining to beat the band, so my car should be nice and solar heated by the time I get in it to go grocery shopping! March is such a yo-yo month for weather. It's like it just dangles spring in front of you like a :carrot:, but doesn't let you have it till April comes.

Okay...that's it from the deep south!! :coolsnow:

03-16-2006, 10:25 AM
March is such a yo-yo month for weather. It's like it just dangles spring in front of you like a :carrot:, but doesn't let you have it till April comes. What a great description of our Canadian Spring :yes:!

Yesterday food wise was a lost cause :mad: exercise was so-so :( ... Today I am determined to do well at least foodwise if I don't have time to exercise...

Back later to report...

03-16-2006, 10:26 AM
Good Morning . . . Sunny and cold in Atlantic Canada, too. Nothing exciting going on today. See you later, gang.

da fat n da furious
03-16-2006, 11:07 AM
Good morning, not too bad here, still early so hopefully it will brighten up. Had some down right spooky fog last night, I don't like fog. And I remember my youngest son would cry if it was foggy and he had to go out in it...we lived behind the school and I would then drive him and walk hand in hand into the school.
I ate ok yesterday till the toast, cinnamon raisin. Ate 4 slices. Can you say Carbaholic?

Wide in Winnipeg
03-16-2006, 04:11 PM
Hello fellow Canadians!! Thought I'd pop in and see how you all are doing!

The weather here in Winnipeg is quite nice today! It's -10 or -16 with the wind chill! nice and sunny too! So far no sign of snow coming and that's a blessing,I don't like to shovel!! lol!
Take care,

03-17-2006, 10:29 AM
Happy St. Patrick's Day . . . He's wearing a white coat today. Just to let us know that Winter is not yet over. At least the sun is trying to shine.

If you don't like fog, I definitely can't recommend moving to the east coast, Angie. Fog is almost a way of life down here. I don't like to shovel either, Wendy and today's snow blanket is not really enough to worry about, luckily. It will melt away soon if the sun stays out.

Have a great day, gang, and remember to wear something green.

da fat n da furious
03-17-2006, 02:12 PM
Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Did anyone see Primetime last night? Ive never watched it before but someone from another group was talking about it. There were these people who agreed to have their picture taken wearing only a bikini, we are talking about poeple who are weighing in at lowest 161 lbs all the way up to 261 lbs for the females there was one male and he was 279 lbs. So they take their picture a couple of months ago. And are told they have to lose 15 lbs in the next 8 weeks or they are going to broadcast their picture. Talk about pressure.
anyways all but 1 made it she had a 13 lbs loss. She did alot of weight training and had gone down 3 dress sizes.

So fellow Canadians, would you have ever signed up for something like this?

03-17-2006, 02:29 PM
NO WAY! I'm sure it was a great incentive; but kind of 'the carrot' vs 'the stick' type of incentive. I've always been a carrot kind of girl:carrot:and this sounds too much like a 'big stick' to me.

03-17-2006, 03:31 PM
You know what...it might be an incentive to me. But then I saw these dee-lish shamrock cut-outs today at preschool and they were so wonderful, I'm pretty sure even public humiliation wouldn't have been enough to keep me at bay from those cookies!! :lol3:

Well, its still pretty cold here, but the SUN!...Oh, my, it feels so nice on my head:D UV is such an under-rated thing, unless you're deprived of it all winter. There's not a cloud in the sky today!! :D

03-17-2006, 04:26 PM
Heck no! I never would have signed up for something like that, not just because of the pressure but I'm sure after the broadcast I would probably just pig out . I think the motivation needs to come from inside in order to stick with it long term and of course to keep the weight off after.

It's bright and sunny today but very chilly, brrrr!

03-18-2006, 12:28 PM
Sunny and cold . . . and we got another sprinkle of snow last night. Forecast is calling for 15 to 20 cm for Monday . . . the official first day of Spring. We'll see.

Nothing else too exciting. Eating light and healthy and moving and shaking from time to time.

Have a good day, gang. See you soon. :carrot:

03-19-2006, 08:35 AM
hi everyone. :coffee: is everyone doing the :carrot: it's sunny and cool here. :) :wave: glen

03-19-2006, 12:00 PM
Sunny and cold here, Glen. Have a good day.

03-19-2006, 10:22 PM
It was :sunny: and cold here today... I worked out legs for 2 hours with my friend Luanne, we had a ball!

da fat n da furious
03-19-2006, 10:30 PM
did I mention I signed up for that show Taking It Off, got to 2 interviews but wasn't picked,,,the following month I see front page teh people they did pick,,,in bathingsuit type outfits...the sigh of relief, and the feeling like I dodged a bullet was felt.

The weather today was fantastic, warm, melting the snow. I cleaned the pantry today,,,that was a job in itself...now I have about 6 loads of laundry to fold.
have a great day all

03-19-2006, 10:45 PM
Angie I love that "taking it off" show! To be seen half naked would be a incentive to lose weight though, I shudder at the thought too!!

03-20-2006, 09:44 AM
I think (hope) there are other, equally effective incentives that are not quite so humiliating as a public semi-naked display of this thing I laughingly call my body. :D

Another cold and sunny day shaping up. Looks like the heavy snow is going to miss us after all.

Have another moving and shaking kind of day. See you soon. :carrot:

03-20-2006, 01:30 PM
Hi everyone! It's minus 2 here, but the windchill is minus 6. The sun is brilliant and shining, though, so it inspired me to wash my quilt on my bed and hang it out on the line. I just checked and it isn't frozen...but the sunny side is getting warm and it's just about dry. I love, Love, LOVE hanging bed stuff out on the line...you just cannot copy that aroma no matter how hard they try to put it in fabric softener. And its only this time of year...later in the summer, things just don't have that spring-fresh smell after being on the line...or maybe I get used to it...but it definitely seems stronger in the spring.

Happy Monday!!

03-20-2006, 01:39 PM
Hi tech.

In my dreams of what it might be like to be really, really wealthy . . . I have my 100% egyptian cotton bed sheets laundered, dried outside, and then freshly ironed by my 'staff' everyday . . . to me that would be true luxury.

da fat n da furious
03-20-2006, 01:51 PM
techwife, I bought a candle from Linen n Things, its called fresh cotton, and that reminds me of clothes that have been hanging outside.

ITs chilly today,,,brrr..
just calling to make all my appointments, need to see a chiropractor, feeling off centred. Either that or we are going to get a major weather change, Ive had a migraine since late last night, barely slept.

Wide in Winnipeg
03-21-2006, 01:23 AM
Late but who cares!! I would have so done that 15lbs in 8 weeks! Just the kind of kick in the butt I would need!:D
I also loved that taking it off show! Way cool! I liked the brothers they had on there one was dark haired and the other was ??redhead/blonde!! They were really funny!!

da fat n da furious
03-21-2006, 09:56 AM
WIW (wide in Winnipeg) I know me too! Thought what a great attitude for life to some extent, the one who didn't like veggies...that show I could of went over there and smacked him up side the head! 2 words,,GROW UP!

And that woman Trina? She was from Calgary and had problems with her husband...well don't get me started on those two, both to me were messed in the heads.

Im not sure if I would of been a good mix, that was the group I could of been in with...very happy I wasn't.

Anyways todays weather looks and feels great,,,nice and warm,,,and its almost 7 am. Off to drive Mr. T to band,,,arghhh I hate early mornings. Stayed up late watching Miracles in the ER, some woman had a 156 lbs benign tumor in her stomach! Can you say she wasn't facing reality? Ya would think at 5'2, that even 20 lbs tumor would be noticable,,,and that she would not walk but run to the nearest medical help?
Anyways watching wayyy too much tv,

03-21-2006, 10:03 AM
I saw that program last night, too, Angie. Unbelievable . . . said she didn't like doctors and hospitals . . . but give me a break. Looked (and must have felt) like she was pregnant with a volkswagen. Scary what stupid things we human beings will let happen to us.

03-21-2006, 03:27 PM
meowee....... sorry i just noticed that you asked me where i was in NS... i am in yarmouth.......

da fat n da furious
03-22-2006, 02:17 AM
Hey all,

Doing the healthy clean eating. Need to drink more water, Brandon has lost 3 lbs since last week. I have not weighed myself, I guess I should.

Weather was beautiful today, had alot of errands, and feeling like I accomplished alot.

03-22-2006, 08:17 AM
Good Morning . . . another dull day . . . but that's OK, it sort of suits my mood . . . or maybe my mood sort of suits the weather. :^:

Another pound has gone to 'ugly-pound-heaven'. On Sunday it would have been two, but one of them just couldn't bear to become 'official' I guess. So I'll settle for one.:D

Hey dafatn. Good for Justin. :hug: You've probably lost too since you've been eating clean. :hug: Well, Goy, sounds like we've got mainland NS covered from end to end. ;)

Have a good day, gang. See you soon. Keep on doing the good stuff. :carrot:

03-22-2006, 09:27 AM
hey meowee it's sunny here and i'm keeping it. i'm starting an accounting course on monday. :) glen

03-22-2006, 09:49 AM
Haw, haw, Hefty. The sun will eventually work it's way East and you can't stop it. Enjoy it while you've got it, boyyo. :carrot:

Wide in Winnipeg
03-22-2006, 01:01 PM
YA!! I know I would have given Trinas hubby the big old boot as soon as I found out he was messing around!!! lol!! And by the looks of him who would have wanted him(yuck) lol!!!:D
Yes the veggie hating guy was just being plain lame when it came to the veggie ordeal,for a 30+++ something guy to be scared to eat his veggies is totally absurd! lol!!

they have a show called miracles in the ER??? That sounds great! I don't get to watch much tv with a 2 year old around:( and when I do I'm far to tired to watch anything!! I used to love watching Trama in the ER and birth stories,etc...now I watch Little Bear and Franklin LOL!!! My favorite is Toopy and Benoo HAHA! I also LOVE to watch Miami ink when I think about it,and have the time.
So far here is about the same as last time I posted here,-8 and sunny! Another month and I'll be getting ready for camping season! I'm pumped about that!Started to buy the necessities already,like the camp site,jigs for fishing,cloths for cleaning etc. Can't wait!:)

03-22-2006, 01:20 PM
W. - I love the picture of you and your son. He looks like such a happy guy!! My vast exposure to the tv also includes the Nick Jr set. Someday I'll have the tv to myself again and I can watch what I want through tear-stained eyes, missing my little guy at kindergarden. :(

Well, the sun is shining on...THE ICE BREAKER!! It's parked at the breakwall down on the river as we speak!! My favorite sign of spring. AND, they're loaded up with the channel markers because the ships start moving tomorrow!! I can't wait. My son and I will be going to the water when we see one coming, get out our binoculars and find the ships flag...then we look up the flag's country, then find it on our globe to see how far its come around the world just so we can see it float passed little ole Cape Vincent.

I'm so happy!!:carrot: I can hardly wait!!

da fat n da furious
03-23-2006, 01:47 AM
AAAAAAAAAH I can relax now, I know for a fact I did wayyy too much today. Seriously I covered this whole city on my errands. So much accomplished,,,feeling quite smug. Ate super healthy, other then drinking chai tea latte, not sure if thats good or bad. Tasted darn good so going with bad...lol

Weather was balmy...spring like. wrecked my favorite leather shoes today when I got stuck in some mud...grrr

03-23-2006, 02:29 PM
Nova Scotia checking in . . . another dull and relatively cold day. I think we were having nicer weather in January than now.

One good thing about being at the grandchildren stage of life . . . you do get to watch 'adult' TV . . . never fear, girls, your time will come again.

Have a good day doing all the right stuff. :carrot:

03-23-2006, 02:34 PM
another NS check in... not too sunny, but not cloudy.... just an inbetween day. hehe
i went to the gym this am while my little one was in pre school...... now i sit at the computer while my house work waits for me. hehe

have agreat day all

da fat n da furious
03-23-2006, 03:49 PM
Alberta weather seems to be the hot spot! Snow is melting fast here...my dog is sunning herself on the window ledge.

well off to find some colorful boas,,,need to make a parrot costume.

03-23-2006, 08:08 PM
Ontario checking in .. ran 8.17k it was awesome 10C and :sunny:, I ran in a long sleeve t-shirt, it's all good :running:

da fat n da furious
03-24-2006, 02:14 AM
Ilene, i feel like Ive run a few KMs.... I have been doing errands trying to get things for the caberat Im stage managing next month. And no other parents signed up to help with our school play so Ive been doing both props and costumes, have most of the props. And 90% of the costumes. YAY!

well I had a great day, warm weather,,,but again with the spooky fog.

03-24-2006, 10:39 AM
The sun is shining here in 'eastern' Nova Scotia and it's a couple of degrees above freezing. I always feel better when the sun is out, :) even though I pulled something in the back of my right knee yesterday and it is very sore. Just thinking about your 8+ km run is making it throb. :dizzy: Think I'll take a couple of tylenol and put it to bed for a bit.

See you later, gang. :carrot: Hope you each will have a couple of extra minutes of exercise today to make up for the fact that I don't think I'll be doing any. :^:

03-24-2006, 10:50 AM
Checking in from just south of the border here! Did I mention the ships are moving along the river? Hallelujah!

Cloudy today, but yesterday it was sunny and wonderful. It didn't get above freezing, which is good because then the dog can go outside without dragging in half the backyard. We haven't had any precipitation, frozen or wet, for about two weeks...which is so nice. It'll cut down on the mud when it warms up.

BUT, I took my son for a bike ride and warmed up our rosy cheeks with cocoa for him and green tea for me. That sun is just to nice to let a little coldness get in the way.

Talk to you guys soon!!


03-24-2006, 12:49 PM
hi all. sunny here. i'm going to the y later. glen

da fat n da furious
03-25-2006, 03:39 AM
hello all, again we had a warm day,,,had a busy day, but got alot done.

feeling good, getting my strength back, didn't eat so great, went to Red Lobster with a good friend,,,had garlic shrimp,,,and it was dripping in butter...bad bad

03-25-2006, 02:05 PM
Hi all . . . nice and sunny now, although it was quite foggy first thing this morning.

Nothing exciting around here . . . my knee is still bothering me and I have to go out to pick up a few groceries so It will, no doubt, be worse when I'm finished.

Have a great weekend. Keep up the good stuff and here's a little dose of :dust: to help us along. I really need it because you've got me drooling for those garlic-cheese biscuits at Red Lobster. :D Luckily (unluckily) we don't have one around here.

03-26-2006, 09:41 PM
hello. where is everone. it was sunny here. glen

da fat n da furious
03-27-2006, 02:01 AM
I would love to have more buiscuts....lol did I say that outloud?

wonderful warm weather here,,,feels like spring!

Ate a horribley high cal breakfast...then burned it all off with priming our basement twice, then painting it twice,,,,my forearms ache.
Got our taxes, all organized as best as I can, and so now just have to hand it in,,,see how much we owe...*sigh

03-27-2006, 01:02 PM
Hello everybody . . . sunny and fairly mild . . . but I'm afraid I don't match the weather. I had a very nasty 'hypo' in the middle of the night (very low blood sugar level) and after I had a little nibble to bring it back up I just kept on eating. Result . . . I consumed half my day's calories by 4 am. :o Oh well, I'll just do the best I can for the rest of the day. Luckily my week had been pretty good until now.

Have a good day, gang. Keep in doing the right stuff and I'll see you soon. :carrot:

03-28-2006, 02:00 PM
Good Morning from eastern Nova Scotia . . . sunny and windy around here. Where is everybody today?

Pleased to mention that my calories for the week are within 1% of plan with today to go. Yesterday was an almost disaster, but the week is doing OK. T:carrot: omorrow, of course, is my weigh-in day, so we'll see what the scale has to say.

Have agood one, gang.

da fat n da furious
03-28-2006, 05:25 PM
Good day all,
weather looks beautiful over here, warm and mild, no snow. I am doing a bit of spring cleaning and have most of the windows open,,,even thou that means I will have to dust again...lol

Eating clean, need to do more water intake though

03-28-2006, 05:34 PM
Hey all you Canadain Chicks,

New to the site and loving it. Good to see lots of Canadian support. With the weather so nice here in Calgary I have no excuses not to be active.

http://www.3fatchicks.net/img/bar-retro3/flower01/lb/144/115/133/.png (http://www.3fatchicks.com/weight-tracker/)

03-29-2006, 08:53 AM
Good Morning from eastern Nova Scotia . . . another nice sunny day . . . don't you just love it.

Another ugly pound has left the building. Not the fastest weight loss I've ever seen but at least things are moving in the right direction.

Have a good day and keep on moving and shaking, gang. :carrot:

da fat n da furious
03-29-2006, 05:15 PM
Dragonfly, it is beautiful here, I shouldb e out walking my dog. Instead I went shopping, groceries that is

03-29-2006, 06:06 PM
Ya, it is a beautiful day in Calgary. Took the dog for a walk yesterday, hopt to again tonight.

Wide in Winnipeg
03-29-2006, 07:15 PM
:D Oh rub it in! lol!!:D

Out here in Winnipeg it's about 0 and cloudy,looks like rain too:(

How are you all doing??

03-30-2006, 09:26 AM
Another beautiful day in Nova Scotia . . . sunny and mild, but a little windy. Hope the weather in Winnipeg is better today.

Notice that it's still pretty quiet around here.

03-30-2006, 09:40 AM
Quick hi! The South Beach Forum keeps me pretty busy but I do like to pop in here to maintain my Canadian status!

Spring is finally arriving here - it actually was above freezing last night. The ground is still frozen but tomorrow's warm rain should solve that problem. Then the gardening season will begin! I'm off to town to treat myself to a new wheelbarrow today. This afternoon, I plan to stir up some of the leaf mulch that is keeing my front perennial bed frozen. I want daffodils!

March certainly is going out like a lamb although NL got a dump of snow this week! Anybody here from Newfoundland and Labrador?

03-30-2006, 09:47 AM
:wave: Hey Ruth!! I wish I had the ambition to start looking into the gardening and lawning stuff, but I'd rather be running :shrug:, so in a few I'm running :running: to the gym to work back and chest...

Another beaut if a day hre in Eastern Ontario... +10c and it's not even 9am yet... Yes WinW I AM rubbing it in :lol:... But don't you worry, this boasting will come and haunt me when it's gorgeous there and rainy here...

da fat n da furious
03-30-2006, 12:22 PM
Good morning, beautiful here,
Had a busy day yesterday, had to see the optomitrist (sp=eye Dr.) I was making a costume piece with some synthetic fabric and had a particle get in my eye. The dangers of theatre...lol Coming from me that is the truth, fell off the throne and broke my foot last summer. (throne=king's chair that was on top of a set of stairs, had to explain cause at the hospital they actually thought I fell off my toilet, not that I haven't fallen off my toilet,,,well not mine but thing is I fell off and did hurt my ankle, AND that people is another story..lol)
Did some shopping, bought a new shirt, is a smaller size,,,wahoo! I guess all that clean eating does work.

Wide in Winnipeg
03-30-2006, 01:54 PM
Ralin again for today,all the snow is melting though! Just have to get throught the next big snow storm and we'll be into spring:D I say that because it usually snows just as the sidewalks are dry enough to take a walk! lol!

03-31-2006, 08:36 AM
My goodness . . . we slipped off to page 2.

Mild and sunny again . . . but only predicting 12 as compared to yesterday's 16. Afraid I have to agree with Wendy . . . Winter is not quite done with us yet. The cormorants haven't returned yet and they have to be here to get stormed on at least once before Spring can be considered 'official'.

See you soon, gang.

Wide in Winnipeg
03-31-2006, 11:22 AM
:coffee: Morning, how do you people get up so early?? lol! Kidding!but I usually sleep till 11am! Pretty cold out there today and wet still, it rained all night. Let's hope it dries some before it freezes so it's not to slippy!
Have a good day,eh!!

da fat n da furious
03-31-2006, 01:37 PM
morning, slept in big time...feeling all groggy.

it is warm! that is actually what woke me,,,sweating like a pig in a blanekt,,,or maybe its a hotflash...lol

anywho, heading up to Red Deer to hang out with my mom...have a great day

03-31-2006, 04:39 PM
:wave: i get up at 6:30 and then off to school. it's warm here today. how everyones "diet" going i hope nobody is :ink: out. glen

03-31-2006, 05:39 PM
Pretty much of an early riser myself . . . and being the furthest East that's really early compared to the rest of you. :D

I don't know, Wendy . . . ;) A mother of a 2 year-old expecting us to believe she sleeps in until 11 am?

Have a good day with your Mother, DaFat. I know sometimes I sleep in and my whole day is upside down after that. ;)

Are you enjoying your course, Glen . . . other than getting up at 6:30. that is?

Well, after getting a good report from the doctor I decided to celebrate the absolutely wrongest way possible . . . ice cream (at least it was 'no-sugar-added' kind) and five (count 'em, thats 5) carrot muffins. Oh bad, bad. :mad:

Heh . . . not only is tomorrow a new day, it's a new month too . . . and I promise I'm getting right back in the saddle again like a good girl. :tread: Besides, my stomach is feeling grumbly from all the garbage I stuffed into it after I'd spent three months getting it used to better stuff. :(

See you later, everybody . . . as the earliest riser of the group, I'll start an April thread in the morning. Have a good evening. :carrot:

Wide in Winnipeg
03-31-2006, 06:12 PM
I'm lucky Ryan likes to sleep in!:D See ya tomorrow everyone!:p

04-01-2006, 07:09 AM
Good Morning . . . the sun has risen in the east once again . . . here is our new April thread . . .


04-02-2006, 08:30 PM
Closing this thread to open an April one :wave: see you in April!!