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02-13-2006, 02:11 AM
Ok I've been trying to come up with an eating/exercise plan, and I was trying to figure out calories burned and eaten and BMR and all that jazz but it is all so I was trying to figure out how much I would lose per week but I guess you never really know exactly, and the most important thing is trying to eat more healthy and this is my rough idea...

Breakfast: Cereal, Oatmeal, Toast (whole wheat), Eggs, etc.

Lunch: Sandwich, Soup etc. (I dont usually have a big lunch, depends on how hungry I am...I usually don't get up until 10am and 12pm)

Dinner: Whatever my bf and I make, or his mom makes...(Im living with my bf and his family right now so it is kinda hard b/c I have to eat what they eat, were planning on moving in 3-4 months and then things will change, I'll be able to buy healthier food, we will also have much more choice since his mom likes to let the cupboards go empty before she does groceries again) Once he works afternoons (in a couple weeks) were going to buy a bunch of healthy microwavable dinners for me since he won't be here and his mom hardly ever cooks meals, and I would like to have something quick, easy and filling that I can make for myself.

Snacks: Nutrigrain bars, canned fruit (in juice or light syrup)


Morning - 30 minutes of cardio (this will be some type of aerobics video etc.) (Around 275 calories)

Evening/Night - 30 minutes on recumbant bike (Around 300 calories)

Strength 2-3x/wk - 30 minutes (give or take) of strength training with stability ball and/or hand weights (Around 165 Calories)

Mon-Fri - 10-15 minute walk to post office (PO Box) and back (Around 50-60 calories per day, 250-300 per week)

02-13-2006, 06:30 AM
I think that if you like all this figuring, you really are going to like calorie counting.
It's pretty early here and I'm just skimming quickly before I get ready for work. So I'll come back this afternoon and think on this bit more with you.
In the mean time, you could go skim through the nutrition section and see what folks are eating. There's even a couple of threads where folks posted their grocery lists.
Chances are you'll get some good replies to this thread today.