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07-18-2001, 04:03 PM
If you have 50 or so pounds to lose, jump on in and join us! You'll be sure to get a warm welcome. :)

07-18-2001, 04:42 PM
JOYce, I just popped on while I had a few mintues so that I could try to read and catch up on everyone. I can't tell you what a smile your kind words put on my face...and I haven't been smiling very much lately, so it felt really nice. You can't know how much your sweet words meant to me, especially coming from you. I often think about how much I admire you and all you do...not only for your family, but for your church and community. Even though I don't really "know" you, I think I know enough to know that you are a very unselfish person who is always thinking of others. All those in your life are very lucky and blessed to have you!! :) You are right about my friend and I having a special friendship, and this tragedy has reminded me to cherish not only each and every moment, but all those people I hold dear. It is so easy to take things for granted.

Thank you again...and congratulations on the new baby. I know that you all must be thrilled!!

Carol, congratulations to you too! How exciting it will be to have two "sweeties!" :)

Hi to everyone else! Have a wonderful week!!

Janet (Kudzu)

07-18-2001, 05:29 PM
:) ;) :lol: :D
glad I could give you one Janet

07-19-2001, 08:34 AM
HI guys....

I wanted to send a quick note before I headed out to work.... Well, I ended up losing 3 pounds this week - YEAH!!! ... I am 1/2 way to losing what I gained last week.... I probably would have lost more but I kind of ate a lot during my birthday this weekend - Ugh... But I had lots of fun went to a club by the water and they had some DJ from a local radio station.... Thanks for all the Birthday wishes seems like we have lots of cancer people on the board :) .... Talk more later....


Linda Jean
07-19-2001, 12:57 PM
Good morning, ladies -- I lost a pound, so I'm off that pesky plateau I was on for so long--thank you to those who gave me some very sound advice on dealing with it.

JAN, how is your dh doing? Mine has lost another pound, so he is down 8 pounds now. It's just wonderful that he is taking this so seriously.

I picked five tomatoes from the garden yesterday. They are so sweeet and good! I made tacos for dinner last night with some ground buffalo I'd gotten at Trader Joe's; they were 5 1/2 points apiece, counting the guacamole we put on them. JAN, were those cheese enchiladas your dh made low in points? I really like enchiladas, especially cheese ones.

JOYce and I get to do Meals on Wheels this morning; I have so been looking forward to it. JANET, you are so right about JOYce's being selfless and kind. She is definitely set apart. How is your friend doing?

TEXASLADY, so glad you found a mother of the bride dress. I too, found mine right away and bought it immmediately. Dd's wedding was in the summertime (August) and my dress was a breezy, chiffon type. Yours sounds just beautiful.

CAROL, thinking about you.

07-19-2001, 03:48 PM
Linda, congrats on breaking the plateau! That's great; and I'm so glad your dh is doing so well, too. Re: my dh, he's lost about 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks, and is still OP. Those cheese enchiladas were fairly low point; he used the lite cracker barrel 2% sharp cheddar, lots of onions, and Tia Rosa corn tortillas (2 for 1 pt!) and El Torito Fire-Roasted Green Chile, 1/4 cup for 15 cal, no fat. (We get it at Big Lots.) He warmed the tortillas in the microwave, dipped them in sauce, and put a little cheese and onions in each; rolled up; rest of sauce on top, and baked 30 min. or so. He also fixed condiments of sliced radishes, chopped cilantro, and nonfat sour cream to go on top.

Merri, way to go, 3 pounds down! I'm sure you'll recoup that setback very soon! Glad you enjoyed your birthday; sounded like lots of fun!

JOYce, what a lucky dgd you have; I'll bet she's really enjoying all those wonderful crafts you have lined up for her. DH and I are looking forward to meeting you and your dh in New Orleans; the way this summer has gone, September will be here before we know it! Re: Dad, thanks for asking, he's doing great; he just went to visit with my sister in Florida for 5 weeks, while dh and I went to San Francisco and then tackled this surgery thing. He loves it out there, but I sure do miss him when he leaves! Hope your DH is catching all kinds of interesting fish out in the Pacific!

Carol, how great that your exdh is around to help with your move! I'm sure you have everything organized beautifully, but even so, a move can be so stressful. I hope you're not overdoing it! Any word on that second opinion yet? And thanks, yes, am feeling stronger every day, and definitely staying out of this awful heat!

Saara, hope you found the med records you needed! Is today your last day at work, or is it next Thursday? I hope you have a great flight, and that you enjoy visiting with your "second family" in California! What an exciting time ...

Texaslady, have you thought about black sandals? I think our favorite shoe place, SAS, has some nice ones with very little heel. They have multiple tiny straps that look quite elegant, yet they could also be worn with a summer dress. I've been wearing mine most of the summer! Hope they still have them; usually they keep their designs a long time.

Beth, a 1.8 gain is so small, I don't think you should worry about it. It will come off next week, I'm sure! Travelling can make for weight fluctuations, but they always settle down a week or two later. Sounds like you're really busy getting ready for school! I'm glad you're looking forward to an exciting year. Your love for teaching just shines right through in all your posts; how fortunate your students are to have someone like you!

Janet, so good to hear from you again! I am so sorry that your friend is going through all this, but I agree with JOYce, she is also blessed to have you there by her side. I'm glad that you'll be able to have a little R&R before the summer is over; that trip sounds like heaven on earth, so restful. How long will you be gone?

Went to a meeting yesterday (maint. week 1) and stayed well below goal, so I'm happy with that! Also saw my doctors, who both said I was doing well recuperating, though my gyn said not to exercise for two more months at least. I *never* thought I would some day miss being able to exercise, but I was not happy to hear that! (Although I'm definitely not in the mood for situps, I can tell you!) I asked if I could at least do my upper body workout w/weights, and she said only with 5 lb. weights; guess I'll have to borrow Dad's set. Oh well!

Hope everyone's having a good OP Thursday; what's in store for the weekend?


07-19-2001, 04:20 PM

No I have not fallen into the Muddy Mississip'.......I have just been really overly busy, aggravated and just lazy.......

I am ashamed to say that I have not been back to WW since my son graduated in May!!! I weigh myself really often and I am holding at my ending weight, but I am just a little disappointed in myself. I WILL get back to WW this coming Monday. I still have 40 lbs to lose and I want to lose a few before the New Student/Parent Reception at my son's college on Aug. 15th.

My Dad had his ultrasound of his heart done and that came out fine....but now they want him to do a Thalium (sp?) Stress Test. They said his blood pressure was a little high....it was 150/80!!!! High??? If they saw mine they'd probably have me in CCU!! Even though his wasn't THAT high.... it was probably "White Coat Syndrome". I know he was concerned about hearing the results of the ultrasound so that had him anxious. I told him he needs to decide if he wants that stress test. Sometimes I think they are just trying to get money out of older patients. Everything they did so far came out perfect.

And I am still having just a grand old time with my varying TOM. That one month it took 40-something days to start. The next month only 19, this month 30-something. This is just SOOO exciting. Never a dull moment.

DS finally got his car back and he is back to "cruisin' for chicks". He is also in two different bands with friends and has been really busy with that. They got a "gig" at a restaurant/bar in New Orleans for a week from Sunday. He is really excited.

I have been trying to keep up with at least reading the posts.

Carol - any news yet on the second opinion?

Well, I need some pep talk because I am discouraged with myself. I don't see any weight gain, but I don't feel as firm. I haven't been exercising like I was. I want to get Leslie Sansone's walking tapes (tapes that let you do 1, 2, 3 & 4 mile walks --- INDOORS. I was going to order them on QVC but they are wait-listed. Does anyone here have them? If so, what do you think of them?

Well, I know this is long. I really wanted to address everyone, but I've got to get back to work. Everyone else seems like they are staying pretty much on track. I am determined to get that mindset back again. I think I will cook some eggplant tonight.

I'll be back soon, I promise.

Take care,

07-19-2001, 08:03 PM
Hi everyone! Happy TGIF Eve!
I heard from the doctor on my second opinion. He said their radiologist (who's specialty is mammography) sees some "potential concerns and does not like the "watch and wait" option. She believes some additional views should be done- also, the "technical quality" of my other films wasn't the best, especially the one they did the day of my surgery trying to insert the localization wire!Now THERE's an encouraging thought! :eek: That guy based his "let's wait" on a poor quality film! So, I'm now working on getting my HMO to approve another mammo and additional views up there at the Baltimore facility- I have an appointment for Aug 1, hoping I'll have my pe-authorization by then. And then if it shows the biopsy is necessary, I'll have to try to get it there- since the radiologist down here can't tell the surgeon where to cut!:dizzy: This is a pain in the neck! Oh well- I needed a little more stress in my life! :rolleyes:
Patti YOU're the one I keep forgetting to post to!!! :o I'm so sorry!!! I'm so glad you are back with us! I hope your Dad's Thallium scan goes well too- even though it seems like overkill for them to be doing all this, better safe than sorry! I hope you can get back to WW- the meetings will help you get back on track. Maybe you can ease into exercise gradually- like park farther, take the stairs, walk up nd down the halls or rooms in your home, etc- all that sort of stuff helps without feeling like exercise! Glad ds got his car back- I know he's tickled to death about it!
Jangive dh an "attaboy" from me for staying op and losing those 3 pounds!I'm glad your sweet dad is doing so well!! I'm not surprised by the exercise restriction placed on you. It is funny how the previously hated thing can be so sorely missed! My inability to exercise even a little has been so frustrating with this back thing. But, my theory about that is, if you go to a doctor and pay for his/her expertise, you need to do what he/she says!!
Hang in there, girl! This too shall pass!
Linda, congrats on the one pound loss!!And ditto for your dh! MMMM! Those garden tomatoes sound wonderful!! Email me a few, will you?:lol:
Merri, big congrats on your 3 pound loss! Way to go! And you'll probably do just as well next week with no birthday celebration to contend with! I'm glad it was fun!
Joyce, how is your dgd enjoying the first few days of her visit?I have a feeling those kids all love to come visit you- you are such a sweet, caring person. And they all learn such a wonderful sense of values from you! How did dh's fishing trip go?
Janet, I guess by now you are frantically doing the last minute packing for your trip! Have a WONDERFUL time!!!! How is your friend doing? She is so lucky to have you- I don't know if you appreciate what a wondeful, thoughtful person you are! Have a safe trip!
Beth, Uh-OH!! The delayed Houston gain syndrome! :D Don't forget to keep tracking the points even if you are not totally op- and drink that water! I know you'll be back on track in no time! Find yourself the ugliest, grossest picture you have of yourself and paste it right on your refrigerator! :lol: Increasing your green veggies will help your anemia even more than red meat, and will be good for your weight loss plan too!
Texaslady, AWWW! No Boots! You're no fun! :lol: Jan's shoe suggestion sounds like a good idea to me too!
Saara, how's the mad search for the medical records coming? Hope you had fun with your dad!

This weekend will be packing, moving stuff, and working on getting the inside wiring for my phone line into my daughter's house. And I'm sure an occasional little sweetie hug! I am so totally exhausted and sore that even picking him up is a struggle! Hopefully I'm tonong a few muscles in the packing process!
Gotta run. Have a good op weekend, everyone!

Linda Jean
07-19-2001, 10:49 PM
Jan, I am so glad that your dh is still OP, too. That is just great. The cheese enchilada recipe sounded really good -- I love onions in cheese enchiladas. I have never heard of the 2-for one point corn tortillas. I'll have to search around next time I'm at the grocery store to see if I can find any that are only 1 point for two! I appreciate your typing out the recipe for me; thanks. And kudos to you for making it through your very first week of maintenance. What a blessing to have a nice cushion! When I was on maintenance I found it a little hard to increase my points. I lost about 6 more pounds (down from my goal weight)during that six weeks, not meaning to. I just get to the point where I'm not used to eating the "old" way, and it is easy to eat too little on maintenance.

Carol, I am hoping that your HMO will OK the mammo on August 1...you seem to have such grace throughout all of this; I admire you. I smiled and my heart sort of "squeezed" when I read of the "sweetie hugs" you are probably going to get from time to time when you are moving in this weekend -- dh and I are sooooo looking forward to our first grandchild (who hasn't even been thought of yet by dd and dsil; it will be at least six years of their saving for a house before it will be in their minds)...I have lots of "grandmothering" sites bookmarked already. I also have a drawer in dh's old bedroom which has some neat "grandchildren-" type things I've come across. I have "Grandparenting for Dummies" and "The Idiot's Guide to Grandparenting," as well as "The Idiot's Guide to Cooking with kids." Dh is redoing our landscaping with grandchildren in mind...all we need is a grandchild! <sigh> I know, I know; in due time! :^:

We are having baked albacore and roasted vegetables for dinner tonight -- JOYce's dh shared some of his "catch" with us, and JOYce gave us a bag of fresh veggies from her garden. Yum!

07-20-2001, 06:25 AM
Hi everyone!

I hope you're all having a great Friday! Where did *another* week go? Well, I should be able to get all that medical stuff in order. Still haven't found my records, but because the doctor here said his sure I've had 2 MMRs, he's going to write me the paper for Utah. I'm still going to send a written request to the place where my records should be, so they have to look for them harder...

I had a nice visit with my Dad, we went out for lunch with his co-worker who's from the States. She was a really nice girl, and gave me some advice about Utah. She had been on a camping trip there, and said it was absolutely wonderful.

Well, next Thursday is my last day of work, and then I'll be going to Eastern Finland for a weekend to my friend's summerhouse. Should be fun, about 20-30 people are coming. After that I have 2 weeks of packing, and partying... And I'll leave on the 12th. I haven't heard from my american family for a while, but I guess someone will pick me up from the airport...

I've been trying to figure out what classes to pick next semester. I can already register for classes online on the July 30th, and I want to, too, so I'll get the classes I want. Anyways, it seems that I'll have Fridays off. Great! Long weekends, always. :)

Have a great weekend! Saara.

07-20-2001, 10:30 AM
Hang in there Patti! Our WW leader's talk this past week is just for you! It was about getting back on track. She said to first - Get past the feeling of failure. You didn't fail - you just made different choices. Then, ask yourself three things - "How did I get off course?" "What can I learn from this experience so I don't repeat it?" and "What one thing can I do RIGHT NOW to get back on course?"

I really think your choice to get back to your meetings is a good one. I have joined and quit WW numerous times. I would KILL to be the weight I was when I joined the first time! (Funny how what used to look like fat to us now looks like skinny.) I think I finally have the right formula figured out -- You HAVE to attend meetings weekly and you HAVE to journal everything. It is a lifestyle change and you will have ups and downs. Doing these two things will keep you on track and help you go the distance! Of course, this is what my WW leader has always told me - but like my kids do, I had to figure it out for myself. :o

By the way, what college will your son be going to? I have one at UL of Laffayete.

Hi to all -- Have a great OP Friday!


07-20-2001, 08:17 PM
hI Ladies....

How are things going?? Things are fine here... Quick question for you guys - does anybody know where I can order old issues of Weekly Woman - the small mag in your grocery stores?? I cant seem to find their websit anywhere and lost the mag I was using to lose the weight I lost last week :( .....

JanetMae- I have to ask you what does dh stand for? I am assuming that would be your honey - so how does he like the program so far?? Has he gotten hungary?? I have to say when I started I was always hungary......

Rymsh I have to say to you all the stuff you seem to be going through with these doctors you seem to be SO strong & positive (how do you do it??)..... You deserve a big hug.... Hope the packing/moving goes fast!!

Well, I'll chat with you all again soon..... Hope you all have a wonderful/OP weekend!!! I feel like I have to be good this weekend seeing I was semi evil last weekend :D .....


07-20-2001, 09:19 PM
Carol, I'm so sorry that things are turning out so complicated with the tests; I sure hope the ins. co. gets its act together, so you can get that additional test Aug. 1. You are handling this all so well; I really admire your strength! And I feel sure it will all come out ok. How wise of you to seek this second opinion, rather than wait-and-see, which is what I would have done, I'm afraid. And thanks for the encouragement! You're right, I'm going to follow my docs' advice to the letter.

Merri, so glad things are going well for you! Re: dh, it stands for dear hubby or husband; just 'net shorthand. Dd stands for dear daughter, dgd for dear granddaughter, etc. Helps protect privacy and conserve bandwidth. (Though my messages are so rambling, I sure don't help out with that!) Re: dh's opinion on WW, he's a big fan of it. Sometimes he doesn't eat enough, and sometimes too much, so I'm really glad he's started to journal now.

Saara, sounds like everything's falling into place for you! How wonderful! I hope you have a great time this weekend at your friend's house. (Are you taking some op snacks along? Remember not to get too hungry!)

Beth, you really hit the nail on the head re: how we have to learn/accept things for ourselves, no matter how many times we're told. And I've noticed that with my students, too. Sometimes, I'd tell them something (like a design principle, for ex.) a zillion times, and then I'd have a guest speaker in who would say the same thing, and suddenly *then* they'd believe it! Go figure! I think we can read this stuff in magazines, but when our WW leader says it, it starts to sink in a bit more.

Linda, those tortillas are Tia Rosa; hope you can get them in your area. They also have a large wheat flour tortilla that is one point! We have to get them in San Antonio, though. And wow, you lost 6 more pounds on maintenance?! That's amazing! I'd like to lose 8-10 more pounds to reach my personal goal, but Christmas is a pretty realistic time frame for that, considering how slowly I lose!

Patti, I think it's great that you have maintained your loss, with all the excitement in your life these last few months! Don't feel discouraged for a minute! And now that you're ready to start down the scale, I'm sure you will. I've heard that it helps to maintain a loss for a while; gives your body time to adjust to the change. Glad to hear your Dad is doing ok with those tests. My dad actually likes to have tests done; he calls it "getting a good going-over." I think he sees it like a tune-up or something, bless him. So maybe having these tests will reassure your Dad that he's doing fine, I hope. State of mind is so important to older folks!

Had a good day; dh and I drove to Victoria (about 75 miles away) to do some school business, and then saw a movie (Final Fantasy; not bad! amazing animation..) and shopped a bit. I found a new dress for school, cotton/linen, my favorite. Am a bit worn out tonight, though; guess I'll have to build my stamina back a little.
Everyone have a great OP weekend!

07-22-2001, 06:00 PM
Where is everybody? Weekend's almost over; hope everyone had a good one!

07-22-2001, 08:14 PM
Hi everyone! Jan's right- we've been an awfully quiet group this weekend! In my case, I've been moving stuff, packing stuff and cleaning stuff, and I am totally exhausted and officially in pain!:dizzy: This too shall pass. This time next weekend I'll be all moved. We've got most of th big stuff moved- anything I don't need for the next week. But there's still so much to do, it seems like- and so much to find a space for without totally disrupting my dd and sil's lives too greatly. It's going to be so hard not having any more than a room to really call my own- it will be quite an adjustment. Wonder what it will do to my weight?
Linda, being a grandma is the best! I'm afraid it might be less fun when I'm living with him, because I won't be able to escape bad days or avoid being the "bad guy" when I'm there all the time. But he's such a good little guy- it'll be fun to see him everyday. Thanks for mentioning that there are grandparenting sites- I never thought of that, and since your post have found several I like.
Saara, I'm glad the medical stuff is working itself out, and hopefully you will still be able to find the missing records. Have you chosen your classes yet, or heard from your previous host family?
Beth, I enjoyed reading your good advice to Patti! It helped me too!
Merri, thanks for the big hug and the vote of confdence. However, I'm not really as strong and positive as you may think! I only wish I were!
Jan, I kind of figure I'd rather know what's going on and deal with it now than wait 6 months and maybe have to deal with something worse- while worrying that my insurance is changing Jan 1st! I'm glad you got yourself something new to wear, but it sounds like you may have pushed a little too much- I'm not surprised you were tired! Your stamina will take it's own sweet time!
Gotta run, ladies- it's only 7 p.m., but I'm tired :yawn: and I think it's bedtime! Hi to everyone, and here's to a good, op Monday for all of us!
Carol :wave:

Linda Jean
07-22-2001, 11:38 PM
As of Saturday night, I am back in my khakis again -- and I haven't been able to wear them for almost a year! Man, I am celebrating!!! :lol:

Carol, I'm so glad that you have found some "grandparenting" sites. It really pleased me that my comment about the sites I've bookmarked encouraged you to find some, too. We can't have too much up our sleeves for our grandchildren, can we? I understand your slight concern of living in the same home with your family; it will test everyone's mettle, I think. I am sure, from what I have gleaned of your personality, that you will do just fine, though.

I'm almost within 2 pounds from my goal weight, and am happily looking forward to returning to WW meetings (for free). I didn't want to go and have to pay, that is why I've skipped so many since I've been over goal. As you probably know, when you are a lifer they give you that two-pound cushion (so you can weigh up to two pounds over your original stated goal weight and still go for free, that is).

We had tacos tonight -- without guacamole this time, so they were lower in points.

Happy Sunday evening/Monday morning to all.

07-23-2001, 10:31 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

I've been busy this weekend "cruisin" in my new car! On Friday, I bought a RED PT Cruiser! :cool: We always buy used cars. I have never bought a new car and driven it off the lot with everything I wanted in it. About a year ago I saw the PT Cruiser and fell in love with it. I decided that would be my once in a lifetime buy and it had to be red! (I think I am going through a midlife crisis or something. :lol: )

Linda Jean - Congrats on getting back into those khakis! Keep it up and you will be back at goal in no time! I have never made goal with WW before and I am determined to do it this time. This time I am going to be a lifer!

Carol - One more week of moving and you can finally rest! Having only one room to yourself will be a major adjustment but then again you get to hug your little sweetie all day long!

Jan - When do you start school? Take care of yourself so you will have your strength back by then. Teaching is exhausting especially since you are on your feet all day. I love those cotton/linen dresses, too. I have several denim jumpers that I wear. I call them my "teacher" dresses. They are so comfortable and I can wear them year round.

Patti - Hope all is going well with you. Hope you can make it to your meeting today. I weigh-in on Mondays, too. I'll be thinking of you.

Saara - Glad you got those records straight. Won't be long now! You must be terribly excited!

Hi to all I missed. Where is Texaslady?
Have a great OP Monday!


07-23-2001, 12:29 PM
Wow, Beth, a new car! I *love* those PT Cruisers; and a red one, but of course, way cool! Do you think buying a new car might be a reflection of new attitudes & feelings? (I.e., you deserve it, just as you know you deserve to, and will, reach goal!) Re: school, inservice starts Aug 13 and the kids come Aug 20. Right around the corner! Dh and I went up to campus early (6:30 a.m.) this morning, to move some of my stuff out of my old office and into the classroom. (It gets too hot for that by 10 a.m.) Got a lot done, but am taking it easy the rest of the day.

Carol, so sorry that you are sore and tired from all that moving; any way you can cut your work hours this week, to give yourself some r&r time? And I agree with Beth, I know that you will handle the new living arrangements just fine. Your little sweetie will be on Cloud 9 when he realizes what's happening!

:) Linda, am sending you a virtual high five, wow, way to go on getting back into those khakis! Only two pounds to goal, all RIGHT!! It's so obvious that you are one of those "masters" that Anne Fletcher talks about in "Thin for Life." (I love that book!) She says that the MAJOR thing distinguishing those who keep off the weight from those who don't is that the masters nip any gain in the bud before it gets out of hand, just like you did.

Hi to Texaslady, Janet, Saara, Merri, and Patti; hope all is well!


07-23-2001, 08:16 PM
Hi girls! I'm sorry I haven't checked in these past few days. I just don't know what happens to the time! Now that I am so busy at work, I can't "check in and post" like I used to do! I have read everything I have missed, though.

Jan & Beth - Wow, school is really right around the corner for you guys. The kids here start August 15 I think - that's only a few weeks away! Jan, I think you better get yourself over to San Antonio and pick up a few more "school-teaching clothes"! I KNOW nothing you wore before you quit teaching fits anymore!!! And congrats for hovering beneath goal. Fantastic! Thanks for the shoe suggestion - I will check out the SAS store. There's one along the street I take to work.

Beth - Congrats on the new car. I can just *see* you cruising around town in it! I am surprised your ds hasn't tried to borrow it for his own cruising! He could probably get lots of female attention by driving that around town.

Patti - That *change of life* thing is a real bummer for a while. It probably won't last long, and it sure is nice when its over! Congrats on making the decision to get yourself back on the WW wagon. I have no words of wisdom for I find myself just where you are. I haven't gained back any of the 75 pounds I lost, but I am not really moving towards goal. I do find that my new job keeps me so busy that I have lost a couple pounds since I started working there (that, plus the 30 min lunch rule). So perhaps this will get me started again.

Linda - I am so proud of you for being so close to your goal again and getting into those special pants. You did absolutely the right thing by getting those extra pounds off right away instead of waiting until 10 pounds became 30!

Joyce - How's the visit coming? I bet she keeps you hopping pretty good (hmmmm, that's good for weight loss, right?) You are such a "fun" grandma - all those wonderful dolls and crafts available to the grandkids! They must think its like going to 'summer camp"!

Merri - Can't help you with the magazine. However, I think its wonderful you lost those 3 pounds last week. Keep it up now and you will be back to where you started in no time. Again, you have made a wise decision to nip this gain the bud before it became unmanageable. I think that really is one of the secrets to losing weight (and keeping it off).

Carol - Bless your heart! You have so much going on in your life right now! Sending you ((((hugs)))). Don't overdo with those boxes - you don't want your back to start up again! I guess the injections helped - I am hopeful you can really tell a difference. I too think it will be difficult to walk the line between Mom and Roommate. But I know you don't like living alone so I am hoping having family in the immediate vicinity will please you. I also am so glad you got that second opinion! I wonder when the first guy was going to tell you he had lousy film???? Probably never, right? Still sending up prayers for good news for you. But I am so glad you didn't wait on this.

Janet - I know you are going to have a wonderful trip with your dd and your Mom. You must be getting anxious about her moving out about now. It will be such a change for you, and it's not much fun for a while. It was just so quiet when my dd finally got her own place - I hated it (and of course I missed seeing her everyday). But we talk several times a day and I see her most week-ends and now I really kind of like the quiet and solitude of being by myself. Don't have anyone to please but me! It has its drawbacks, too, of course. But that's the way it is so I may as well get used to it.

Saara - Sounds like you have a lot of partying and visiting to do before you leave. Now don't you go gaining back all the weight you have lost! Keep that in mind these next couple weeks. I am sure your American family will be thrilled to see you again.

I got all the wedding invitations addressed over the week-end. My dd and her matron of honor will come and stuff the envelope and get everything stamped. Also finally booked a make-up/hair vendor. DD went for a trial run and liked the results. That was the last vendor unbooked. I have been trying to get my Mom out to shop for a gown but it is such a challenge for her to get out and it really wears her down. So dd and I went to Dillards (who will let us return) and picked out 3 gowns and charged them. Hopefully one will fit and I can take back the other 2. If not, I will return them all and start over again. She didn't even know what size she wears - said she hadn't bought a dress in 15 years! So we guessed. She, too, needs shoes but I can't get those for her. She will HAVE to do that herself. We are just about 3 months away now - officially in the double digits, according to dd. My plan is to have everything done by end of August so I can clear my schedule to make homecoming mums. I *think* homecoming is Oct 5. That would work out OK for me, but means I will spend all of Sept doing mums and won't have time for wedding crafts. At this rate the wedding will be here in the blink of an eye.

Gotta go now. Want to go out put some concrete edgers around my gas light in the front yard. I am tired of the lawn people hitting the gas light with their mower and shattering the mantles. Costs me $8 everytime I replace them which is about once a month during grass cutting season! :mad: Perhaps the edgers will slow them down!

07-24-2001, 05:49 AM
Good morning! Happy Tuesday!
Well, the great move continues. The kids (esp dsil, bless him) are going out of their way to make sure things will be as comfortable and convenient as possible for me when I move in. My major crisis this morning was that I discovered that my back-up supply of Kashi got moved over the weekend by mistake!:eek: Gotta stop by the house and rescue that- can't go4 days without my Kashi!
Linda, congrats on being back within 2 pounds of goal! You are such a wonderful example to all of us! Now we need you to post some "before and After" pix for us!
Beth, congrats on your new red car!!!! I'll bet you are having a ball!
Jan, I can't believe that it's almost time for school to start for you! The summer has really flown by! I really can't cut my hours this week- I wish I could. Our annual leave is accrued each pay period starting in July, so although I get 4 weeks a year, I don't have the leave to waste right now. I didn't have any leave to carry over because I used so much babysitting last summer. I am taking off next Monday, though, to get my phone in and do final clean-up of the apartment after my move out.
Texaslady, as the old saying goes, you are busier than a one-armed paper hanger these days!! Thanks for the virtual hugs- they are much appreciated! I was reading what you said about living alone, and I agree. Although I hate the lonliness and will be glad to be away from that. living alone has certain perks that I will miss. After 6 years on my own, re-adjusting to living with others will be as hard as the adjustment to solitary life was then. Sort of a schizophrenic feeling. Anyhow, enough of that! Is the hair and makeup vendor y'all found going to just do your dd, or will she/he do you and the wedding party as well?Hope your mom likes the dresses you chose- it's so hard to fit someone else like that! I forgot you'll be having the homecoming mums to deal with in the midst of all your wedding crafts!!! If I were close by, I'd be glad to give you a hand- although with my lack of artistic talent, you are probably better off with me way over here in MD!:D
Janet, I know you aren't here, but I'm thinking abiut you on your "girls only" vacation, and hope you are having a wonderful time!
Saara, I hope your packing is coming along better than mine! I'm to the point where I just want to be able to wave a magic wand over the place and make the rest of the stuff disappear!:dizzy:
Well, I'd better go see if I can scare up a uniform somewhere- I work with patients today. Hi to Joyce,Rebecca, Merri, Patti. Liz, Kendra and Stamps, where are you?
Have a great op Tuesday, everyone!
Carol :wave:

07-24-2001, 10:24 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

Had my WI last night and I lost 2.8 lbs.!!!!! :D
I didn't expect that much so I was VERY excited. Makes up for the 1.8 I gained the week before.

Texaslady - No wonder why we didn't hear from you for a few day! Goodness you are busy! Makes me glad I will be the mother of the groom instead of the bride!:lol:

Carol - Your move is getting closer every day! I hear WW people talking about Kashi. I've never tried it. It's a cereal, isn't it?

Jan- I go back on the 15th for inservices. Our kids start on the 20th, also. Getting close! I have very mixed feelings about starting up again. It is exciting to start a new year with new kids but I also wish the summer would never end! I feel like I don't have a "life" when school is in session. I also get very stressed.

Well, speaking of school, I have to go run over there now to finish getting my classroom ready. Hope all have a great OP Tuesday!


07-24-2001, 12:22 PM
Just wanted to check in and say hi!
I need to take dgd to work in a few minutes.
I spent most of yesterday at Bullwinkle's. a "Fun Center" with video games, go-karts, miniature golf, and a pizza restaraunt with visiting dgd and 2 cousins who came to visit with her. They had a good time, and it was fun to see them having fun together.
i didn't eat more pizza than I walked off.
Still waiting on carpet, to be able to put the house back 'in order'.:rolleyes:

gotta run!

07-24-2001, 04:34 PM
Texaslady, wow, you are so far along with the wedding preparations! I never realized there were hair/makeup vendors; guess they don't do that in small towns, but what a terrific idea. Re: the clothes, yep, still need to shop; have taken out the last of the xxxl's and 24's, and the closet is sparse! I may go to the San Marcos outlet stores later this week or next week, if I'm up to it. It'll be fun to shop in more than just the specialty size shops!

Carol, how wonderful that your dsil is such a help with this move! I'm glad you're at least able to take Monday off, though it sounds like it won't be a rest break. And I know what you mean about magic wands; wish I could do that with all the junk I've moved into my classroom. I think I'll just have to part with some of it, and stop being such a packrat.

Beth, yay, 2.8 pounds gone forever! :) That's just great! And I agree with you re: school being so hectic; I have had that feeling (of being overwhelmed) so many times through the years. But a couple of years ago, I just decided that I had to put my health higher on the priority list. And I told myself that as long as I stayed OP for the day, I should feel good about that and not worry about all the other "stuff" on my to-do list. That one attitude change (refusing to feel guilty) was an incredible stress-reliever! Somehow, that made it easier to get the other stuff done, too, in its own good time.

hi JOYce! Way to go on the pizza in moderation thing; sounds like you really have a handle on things! And what fun your dgd must be having, with all the wonderful activities you plan for her. She won't want to leave at the end of her vacation!

Hi to Patti, Rebecca, Saara, Janet, Merri,a nd Liz; hope all is well!

07-24-2001, 08:30 PM
Evening, ladies. Hope everyone had a great Tuesday. I am so busy at this new job that I cannot believe how fast the days fly by! What a change from the old job where time just d.r.a.g.g.e.d !

Jan - My dd and I visited that outlet mall in San Marcos when she was in high school - about 10 years ago I guess. It was wonderful. We couldn't even hit all the shops before we pooped out completely. But you be careful not to overdo - that place is huge! But a grand place to spend some $$$$$.

Carol - Wow, no Kashi?? Now THAT is a serious problem! :D I take it in little baggies (portion sized) and keep it in my desk at work. Makes a nice snack when the hungries hit. The make-up/hair lady will do the whole wedding party (for a very nice price, mind you!) and the best thing is that she will come to the house (heck, she would even come to the church if we wanted). One less place to have to run to on the wedding day. Some of the girls (& moms) are getting both hair and make-up and some are just getting make-up. I am paying for their make-up sessions but if they want hair too, they will have to pay. For gosh sakes, I am NOT made of money (contrary to what my dd seems to think!)

Beth - You should be able to find Kashi for Good Friends at your local food stores. It is a cereal. Sometimes it is located in the specialty foods area or sometimes where they sell "natural" products. It's really good and you may be tempted to overdo - but, with all that fiber, I really wouldn't recomment more than one serving at a time! :lol:

Joyce - Those kids are keeping you hopping! Like I said last night - you are running a regular summer camp there these days. When do you expect your carpet? What kind did you get?

Everyone take care. Need to go write yet ANOTHER wedding check. Reserved a limo today for the Bachelor Party and another for the Bachelorette Party. I am putting down the deposit but the kids will have to pony up the money for the rest of it. ENOUGH ALREADY! (No $$$ stress here, no sirree!) :rolleyes:

Linda Jean
07-25-2001, 02:21 AM
Beth, First of all, congrats on that 2.8 loss -- that is super! You know, what I have found is that the weeks I lost weight were those in which I recorded every single point I ate -- even when I went over the top of my range -- in my WW journal. That way it is easier to see patterns in eating and how the variation of the points affected my losses (or gains, or staying the sames!). I'm glad to read that you fully intend to become a WW lifer -- good for you! That is exactly the attitude that will get you there. And how fun to have a brand new, red PT Cruiser! Have a lot of fun running around in it, and be sure you always remember to buckle up.

Carol, I don't know about posting pictures of myself -- especially a "before" one! Thank you for your kind words.

texaslady, that is just great that you have addressed all of the invites already; that is one of the really big jobs of a wedding preparation. Sounds like you are keeping up with things that need to be done. Enjoy every moment of this exciting time; I know I did!

Jan, Thank you for your words of encouragement regarding my getting closer to my goal weight. It really hasn't been hard this time. Do you agree with me regarding the importance of recording each and every point? What did you find that worked best for you, in your losses?

JOYce, good job on being able to stop eating the Bullwinkle's pizza when you did, and not eating more than you could walk off. Pizza is a killer for me. Probably one of the hardest things to go easy on; much more so than cookies or candy or chips or whatever. I guess pizza is my favorite food.

07-25-2001, 03:24 PM
Not one of my strong points! But what choice do i have!
The border for dgd's wallpaper arrived yesterday, but the paper hasn't come yet. They said it would come by UPS. the border came by FED EX, I suppose because it was a small package... still no word on the carpet... maybe I will have to go "rattle their cage" :s:

Yes, I've been kept hopping! But dgd is quietly playing her cousin's Play Station right now, so will take this break.. :)
Nah, I exagerate.. not that bad.
She is going to her friends house this afternoon to swim.
She learned how to clean ceramic greenware yesterday and is now learning the patience needed for the kiln to be cool enough to remove the pieces that fired last night.
She is really doing very well!

texaslady I want to see pix of those centerpieces when you get them done! Wish I could help you with your mums!...I could just take a little side trip on the way to Nawlins!...maybe the pilot would object, though.
How great is it that the make up lady is coming to the house !! that will sure save a lot of running around, won't it! You are a very generous mom-of-the-bride!

Beth Kashi is a yummy hi fiber cereal, I get it at Trader Joes, it still amazes me that TJ's is cheaper thatn the super market!

the 'big girls' are coming home for lunch today, for left over lasagna, so guess I better go heat it up. they all really like it, but I don't, so got them a Marie Callendar's frozen lasagna at the super market, it is really good, I guess. They all had seconds, and are coming home for more today!

Have a great OP day!

07-25-2001, 08:06 PM
Hi everyone! Happy Hump Day! Boy, is it hot and humid here! We've been spoiled by our unusually comfortable weather so far this July.
Well, my mammogram saga continues- my HMO may be balking at my getting the additional films done in Baltimore- even though they are the ones who sent me there!:?: They don't mind the extra views, but want them done in this area- even tho the problem with the local places film quality is part of the need for the extra views! So, we sent them reports and all from the Baltimore doctor, and it's wait and see again! I have decided that if they don't let me get the films done in Baltimore by the specialized radiologist, I'll just do i anyhow and pay out of pocket- it'll be worth the $250 , even if I have to pay it in installments. This is so frustrating, especially right now! As they say, timing is everything in life! I can't tell you how sorry I am that I ever even got my physical and mammogramdone this year!:mad:
Boy, did we had a nasty accident on our beltway during rush hour this afternoon! Someone cut off a great big dump truck on an overpass, and he flipped and ended up with the cab dangling from the jersey wall over the highway below. The guy wasn't hurt apparently, but it took them over to hours to safely get him out of the cab. All this with 95 degree temps. They did find the driver who allegedly cut him off, anyhow.
Beth, wow! Congrats on the 2.8 pound loss!!! If you don't hve a Trader Joe's (where Kashi Good Friends is $1.99), it's worth paying the $4 plus in your grocery store if they have it! It's a great hight fiber cereal- I love it mixed with fat free vanilla yogurt instead of milk sometimes at breakfast. I eat it just about every day.
Joyce, it sounds like your dgd is having a ball! I can see why with a fun grandmother like you looking out for her! I'll bet you DID run that pizza off!:lol:
Jan, yup- I'm trying to de-pack rat my life as I move too. The only trouble is, I sort of did that 6 years ago when I moved here to the apartment, and I'm reasonably attached to a lot of what I have now. However, practicality will have to win out! I know I say this every day, but TAKE IT EASY!!! I sense you are overdoing some, and trust me- you will regret it if you do!!
Texaslady, I can empathize with the $$$ flying out the window during the wedding preparations. When we were planning our dd's wedding, I finally told her that the money tree in the back yard had died of terminal root rot, and that she'd better figure out a way to pay for anything else they wanted! Of course, I got a blank stare, and she just worked on her dad a little harder (we were still togehter then). :lol: How nice that the hair and makeup can be done at your house! It will probably be well worth it to lessen the stress that day! I think it's darned nice of you to pay for the makeup for the girls, myself!
Linda, I understabd if you don't want to post pictures. But, before pictures, at this point, should be something you are proud of, because they show how far you have come! Also, they make wonderful incentive when posted on the refrigerator!:eek:

Ladies, I have to run- the washer beckons. Hi to everyone, and I hope you all have a good thursday,

07-25-2001, 10:11 PM
Good Evening Ladies!

Carol - It's hot and humid here, too. Not my favorite time of year. There is some sort of tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico so we are getting rain along with the heat and humidity for the next couple of days. :p I am soooo tired of HMO's taking control of our lives!!! Glad you will choose to have that mammo done anyway. Doesn't make sense to me that they won't pay a small price for prevention of what may be a larger expense later. I'm going to have to go find some of that Kashi. Sounds great! We don't have a Trader Joe's here so I will check the grocery.

Joyce - I did last summer what you are doing this summer - redecorated the house. We got all new floors and carpets. MAJOR JOB!!! The good thing about all of it was I had to really clean out the whole house. I was thinking about doing wallpaper and painting this summer but just didn't feel like it. I might do some painting later in places that really need it but the wallpaper can wait. Sounds like you are having a great time with dgd.

Linda Jean - I agree with you on how important it is to journal. There are days when I have journaled 50 to 60 points and when I look at the amount of food I ate it doesn't seem like much. Just shows me how bad I must really be doing when I am not doing WW. I keep all of my journals so I can refer to them later. When I have weeks that I am not doing very well, I look at past "successful" journals to see what I need to be doing.

Texaslady - Glad you are really enjoying your new job. I know what you mean about time flying by when your job is interesting and challenging. I've never heard of make-up/hair vendors. Last wedding I was involved in was about 18 years ago. I'm sure I will find that a lot has changed with weddings when my ds and future dil plan theirs. I'm glad HER dad will be doing the "check writing"! :D

Jan - Hearing that you are cleaning your closet of all the xxl's and 24's is an inspiration to me! I have some 24's in my closet, too. I'm looking forward to the day I make goal and can clean out my closet! Goodwill, here I come!!

Got to go pack up some things. I am going to be staying with my sister a few days. She is having a total hysterectomy tomorrow. I probably won't be back on line until after the weekend.

Have a great OP Thursday, Friday, and Weekend!


07-26-2001, 12:17 PM
Texaslady, so glad you are enjoying your new job! Sounds like you are pretty busy writing all those checks, too; how kind of you to help out w/the limo and the makeup, and all those extra, special "touches" that will make your dd's wedding day so memorable. Have you found your shoes yet?

Linda, I agree with you; the journaling is very important. Like Beth said, seeing the points add up on a day when we don't really feel we've overdone can be a real eye-opener. And sometimes the opposite is true; on days when I've had lots of fruits and veggies, it's hard to believe I could eat so much and still be OP. re: what helped me the most, in addition to journaling, I'd say that exercise made a big difference. Taking those early morning walks, rain or shine, started my day off right and gave me time for reflection. It was very empowering, and helped change my self image; I started thinking of myself as more athletic, stronger. I can't wait to get back to that routine, as soon as I get my doc's ok. I expect it will take time to build back up, though.

Carol, what a hassle the ins. co. is giving you! I'm so sorry. Will keep my fingers crossed that they'll give in and make the right decision, so you won't have to pay the $250! Re: throwing stuff out, maybe you could keep some of it in a storage warehouse instead? Do they have those mini-storage facilities near where you live? And thanks for the advice; you're right, no sense in overdoing. I think I'll hold off on that shopping trip until next week, or the week after.

Beth, I know you're with your sister now; am sending good wishes your way. How sweet of you to be there for your sister; I know she'll really appreciate it! Let us know how she's doing when you come back!

JOYce, what a busy summer you are having, with all the remodeling and house guests! But if anyone can handle it, I know you can. Be sure to find some time just for yourself, though, if you can!

Janet, how did your trip go? Hope you got to relax and enjoy those lovely views.

What is everyone planning for the weekend?


07-26-2001, 08:01 PM
Hello ladies......

How are things going?? Well, I weighed in the other day and lost 1 pound - sort of disappointed seeing I was SO careful this week... But then realized that it was that lovely time of month :( - Ugh!! My leader talked about how people lose weight at different paces and I took a look at my progress since January and noticed that I have pretty much stayed the same... I would gain then lose get to a certain point gain and lose again.... It was very depressing!!

I ended up winning Bon Jovi tickets the other day at work - the concert was sooo much fun it was like an 80's flashback :D .

Sounds like all of you are way too busy.... Make sure make time for yourself.... Hope you all are doing great!!


07-26-2001, 10:31 PM
Evening, everyone. Tomorrow's Friday! Let me be the first to wish everyone a TGIF kind of day tomorrow! :D

Just finished baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies to take to dd's tomorrow night. She and future sil are having an Open House on Saturday to let everyone come by and see their new place. I made some cookies and stirred up two of those big On the Borden margarita tubs for the freezer as my contribution to the cause. Oh, and my other contribution is to go back and pick up my "grand-dog" tomorrow after work and let him stay here this week-end. DD is concerned that he will freak out with all the new people around and might even escape out the door if no one is watching for him. So no wedding stuff this week-end, unless I go pick up the pots for the centerpieces.

Joyce - I will post some pics of the stuff when they are done. I know I have had a hard time describing them, but they really do look nice. If your dgd can clean greenware, then she certainly does have at least "some" patience! That can be tricky as best I recall! :)

Merri - Don't be discouraged by your lack of progress since January. I have done the same. But, as I know I have stated here many times, "not gaining" is progress, too! There have been plenty of other time when I lost weight and prompty put in all back on. So hang in there, girl.

Carol - I absolutely agree that you should pay for the medical stuff yourself if you can. Sometimes if my doctor knows I am paying for stuff out of pocket (he is NOT a provider on my PPO policy - but I continue to see him anyway and pay my own way), he gives me a price break. AFterall, he isn't going to get the full amount of his bill from the insurance company anyway. What a mess you have had with these people. Makes me want to give them a swift kick in the butt.

Jan - Nope, no shoes yet. But I haven't looked too hard yet. I think you are being wise to put off the San Marcos trip until you are stronger. By the time you and your dh meet JOYce in New Orleans, you will be able to walk all over Bourbon Street and then some!

Linda - I am trying really hard to keep my head about the wedding waters, so to speak! With the big day fast approaching, there's still a lot I want to do. But I want that last month to be as stress free as possible for me and for my dd so I don't mind kicking it up a notch now. I know the wedding itself will go so fast - at least that's what everyone tells me. It's a shame we can do it in slow motion and make it last longer!

Beth - Yep, hair and make-up is the wedding rage around here. My dd was in a wedding last October and she did her own make-up. She was as pale as a ghost in almost all the pictures. She doesn't wear much make-up as a general rule and forgot she should have piled some more on for the pictures. Her experience is one reason she is hoping all the bridesmaids & moms will go along with the professional make-up. AS for the hair, well, its really just hot rollers and styling - she can't really wash and dry everyone when she comes to the house (or the church!). I probably will do my own hair - there's not much else can be done with it other than my usual style. But I may change my mind later on.

Got to decide what to do about my EARS! I have had them pierced for many many years. I always wore a pair of diamond stud earrings. Then I lost the back to one (it was a screw-on type back) and I procrastinated getting it replaced as it had to be specially ordered. So, then I discovered that one of my "holes" had pretty much closed up. Now its been years and I am trying to decide whether to have them re-pierced or not. I have tried to wear clamp style earrings every once in a while and I felt like my earlobes were going to fall off after a couple hours! Want to wear beautiful earrings for the wedding and I need to decide something pretty quick!

Gotta go and clean up the kitchen. Will try to get in this week-end sometime. Have a good Friday!

07-26-2001, 10:32 PM
Well, heck, we are close to a second page so I will start a new thread before I log off! Come on over!