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07-10-2001, 12:05 PM
If you have 50 or so pounds to lose, jump on in and join us! You'll be sure to get a warm welcome. :)

07-10-2001, 12:21 PM
Beth, welcome home! I know what you mean; I love to travel too, but it's sure great to be back home. Sounds like you had a wonderful time on your trip; way to go, journalling everything! I'm so glad that y'all like your future dil so much. Someone once told me that when we marry, we are marrying not just a person but, in a way, his/her whole family. Tell us more about the presentations you'll be doing in August at your school? Re: my classes, I'll be teaching multimedia and web mastering again. Haven't taught for 3 years (had an office job, tech. director) so I'm working on my software skills. Really looking forward to working with the kids again!

Texaslady, congrats on your new job! Sounds like there are many benefits to this change, too; avoiding the Katy Freeway rush hour has to rate way up there! I can't believe they still haven't filled in that hole; hope they come soon and get that done for you. Is your new job a little closer to where you live?

Linda, how's your dh doing? Mine is still journalling, thank heavens, and by the home scale has lost 2 pounds; sure hope that encourages him to keep on.

Am heading up to San Antonio in a little while, hopefully to get these darn drains removed and then to go to a WW mtg; according to my home scale, I should be below goal, so hope to get that little star or whatever and start my 6 wks of maintenance. (I've kinda been doing maintenance all this year anyway ;) so hopefully that won't be too hard!) Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Hi to Carol, JOYce, Linda, Janet, Saara, Patti, and Rebecca; hope you're having a great week!


07-10-2001, 04:49 PM
Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted for a day or two-things seem to stay pretty hectic lately. I'm so tired all the time- probably just from stress.
My biggest news is that my dd found out the other day that she is pregnant! :) :cool:She's due about mid March. She's had early pregnancy problems in the past, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that all goes smoothly! My little sweetie will be about 2 years 3 months of age when the baby arrives- wonder how he'll take to competition ?
The other thing that's going on right now (in addition to my going banans trying to pack stuff) is that I have my 2nd opinion tomorrow. They are sending me to Baltimore, and my appointment is at 8 AM :eek:, so I'll have to leave here by 6. No problem except for rush hour traffic- I'm definitely a morning person!
Jan, how nice of your neighbor to make you those 1 point muffins! If yu get the recipe, pass it along!Were you able to get your drains out and get to the WW meetin? I just know you're at goal!!
Beth, I'm glad you had a good time, and kept journalling in spite of a few "dietary indiscretions" :D! Good luck at your weigh in!
Texaslady, it sounds as if you are enjoying the new job so far! I'm glad things went well on your first day! You'll probably be dopping weight like crazy! :lol:
Linda, Aren't plateaus the worst? I've been stuck on mine forever, it seems! I'll bet your increased exercise will help!

Oh- "Food for thought"- did you all know that a slice of Cheesecake Factory's carrot cake contains 1560 calories & 84 grams of fat?!? :eek: OMIGOSH!!!

Well, I'd better go do something productive for a while, A friend and I are going out to dinner later (which I don't have time to do, nor do I need the points, but...). Hi to everyone I missed, and y'all have a good evening!

07-10-2001, 06:30 PM
CAROLWHAT FUN THAT WILL BE!! We'll keep your dd's condition in our thoughts and prayers, hoping and praying that all goes well. how nice for her that you will be living there to help out with little sweetie! he'll be glad you are thre too!
We'll be thinking about you in the morning, praying it is a good opinion!...I like early morning appts.! get up and get it over with! I hate waiting!!
JAN, is it time for the happy dance?? Hope those drains are gone!
i discovered a new Garden shop this morning! what fun, a new garden project will kepp me busy!
I almost have all the dolls out of the living room! dh will paint this week end, I hope.
12 yr old dgd will arrive next Tuesday for a month long visit, hopefully , she will help me dust and replace the dolls. {I figure I can bribe her with some new school clothes}:lol: Her cousins that live with me will be working all the time she is here, so will need to do things with me. We'll have fun!
Gotta go!

07-10-2001, 08:54 PM
Hi all...

I feel SO down in the dumps - I totally fell off program for a couple weeks and gained 6.7 pounds - Ugh.... Why is that we can gain it so fast but lose it SO slow... So I have decided to combine ww with this diet I found on weekly woman - it gives me the meals written right out and figure it will give me a better structured menu. I think I can stick to it better. My birthday is Saturday so I want to be super good til then so I can drink some by the way do any of you have hard drinks that are low in points - not a beer drinker so....

Talk to you soon.


07-10-2001, 10:03 PM
Hi Merri.. Sorry you are feeling low...but I've been there, done that,and understand. Stick with the basic plan{combined with the one from women's weekly,} and you can do it! Drink ypur water, walk a little more than usual.
I have a similar incentive this weekend...sunday is our 45th wedding anniversary! We are going to a Dinner theatre to see a play"Forever Plaid" . I have no idea what the menu is, it is a gathering that was planned by friends, and it just happens to be our annniv, so I figured it would be a fun way to celebrate.

Wishing you much success!

07-10-2001, 10:13 PM
OK, guys, time for the happy dance ... I did it! Made goal with 4 more pounds to spare! Am officially now on maintenance, heading towards lifetime. (And I intend to actually do the lifetime thing, too; this is for keeps.) Oh, and also got the darn tubes & drains out, so I feel like I'm part of the human race again.

Carol, a new grandbaby on the way! How exciting! And how wonderful that you will be there, helping out with your little darlin'. (You know, somewhere I read that two years is an ideal "spacing" for siblings; I'll bet he'll be thrilled to have a little brother or sister!) And I'm so glad you finally got the ok for that second opinion; please keep us posted on how your appt. turns out tomorrow.

JOYce, sounds like you have all kinds of projects planned! Glad your dgd will be there to help with the dolls and such. What garden project are you doing? I love all the cool garden "stuff" in the stores now, like sculptures, fountains, birdbaths, and wind toys. I saw a neat fountain in California with three shovels (just the metal parts) over a wooden tub; the water cascades down each shovel. DH promised he'd weld one for me one of these days!

Merri, I'm sorry you've been having problems w/program lately. You haven't gained that much, though, and you're stopping in time and turning it all around with your new program. I know you can do it! Re: birthday libations, if you like wine, how about a wine cooler? (wine + club soda + lime +fruit juice). Or a mimosa, champagne with OJ, a really festive drink; use a pretty crystal champagne glass. Really stretches the wine, which is 3 pts for 8 oz. If you opt for mixed drinks, avoid the sugary or creamy ones like pina colada and margarita, or those that have several kinds of booze (like Black Russians). Esp. avoid liqueurs! Instead, maybe try a whiskey and soda, with 1/2 jigger to a large glass of soda, goes really far and helps you get in your water, too. (Any hard liquor is 2 pts per jigger.) You also could try having a glass of water or diet soda in between each drink. (Can you tell this has been one of my battles? Have had to develop lots of strategies to get past it.)

Hi to everyone; hope you're having a great week!

07-11-2001, 12:12 PM
Good Morning Ladies!

Well, today is my weigh-in. I am not expecting much - just hoping there isn't a major gain. Since vacation I have been having a hard time getting back on track. I want to "pick" all day and end up going over points.

Jan - Congratulations on making goal! Your getting there gives me the incentive to make it, too. I am determined to do it this time!!!! What grade level do you teach computer skill? I teach 4th/5th special ed. My kids are learning disabled and have trouble with reading and math. The Share Fair presentations that we do are geared towards elementary/middle school level. I will be doing a math presentation on teaching multiplication and a language arts presentation called Making Words. Teachers present ideas that they have been using in their own classrooms. It is a fun day with about 500 teachers attending from all over the New Orleans area. It is also a fund raiser for our school. It allows funds for our teachers to attend workshops, etc. during the year.

Merri - Sorry you are having such a rough time and have gained. Don't give up! :) Just keep working at getting yourself back on track. I journal EVERYTHING - even when I have had very bad eating days. It shows me just how many points I am consuming when I am acting like "my old self". It is easy to do 60 or more points a day when you are not following a program or structure of some sort. That's why we can gain it back so easily! :o Have a great time for your birthday but go easy on the drinks. I agree with Jan - drink a glass of water between drinks.

JOYce - Happy Anniversary! 45 years! WOW! DH and I have been married 27 years. Have a great time on your night out.

Carol - You are in my thoughts and prayers this morning. Hope all goes well with your appointment. How soon will you know the results? How exciting that your dd is expecting another "sweetie"! My sons are 2 years 4 months apart.

Hi to everyone else. Have a great OP day!


07-11-2001, 04:43 PM
You are so wise to see it as a lifestyle change!
Must make it lots easier to have dh doing it too.
Regarding my garden project...I have a plot that is about 25' sq, that makes up half of our back yard planting area... the other half is veggies. The new half will be flowering shrubs and seasonal flowers..going for mostly purples, but have to have Calif poppies , so will have some golds etc, as well!
I will divide it into 4 corner quarter cirle areas with a center circle that will have a gazing ball. dh has requested a bench on the back side, which is fine with me. {that is near our aviary where we have a cockatiel , Charlie, who whistles Happy birthday. and parakeets.} I want to include one of those animal topiary things. I saw a butterfly yesterday that was nice, I've considered a fish, in honor of dh's love for that, but also remember one of an angel :angel: that I saw one time, but have never seen since. The butterfly will probably win, because of the price of larger ones!:eek:

well, I have started a batch of Bread and butter pickles this morning, so need to go see what is next in that process!

Hi to all!
have good OP days!
Anxious to hear from Carol today.

OOPS, forgot to brag about the veggie part! we have tomatoes , crookneck squash, bell peppers and cucumbers, all doing welll, and contributing to my menus! We had 6 peaches off our early tree, and have oodles on the other one that won't be ready for a while. anticipation!!:spin:

07-11-2001, 07:52 PM
Hi JOYce! I too am anxious to hear from Carol; hope she has some good news from her appt. this morning. Your garden plans sound fantastic! I can just picture it. And I envy you all the fresh veggies in your garden now; ours is in summer "oven" mode, meaning we're just trying to keep things alive until fall so they can produce again. (Many of the plants just have to be taken out, and new ones planted in the fall, which is our best garden season.)

Beth, I hope your WI went well today. I think you are very wise to keep your journal, even on days when you might go over points. The psychology of journalling (if I'm putting that right ...) is so important, probably even more so than the WW tools like anchoring, etc. I think they did a study that showed it was the most crucial factor separating those who were successful from those who were not. Re: your presentations, they sound very interesting! You must be a Master Teacher, to be asked to give two prez's in different areas like that! You mentioned y'all were raising $ to attend conferences during the year; are you planning to go to one? I went to a Tel-Ed conf. in New Orleans a few years back, and it was fantastic; the Louisiana teachers who co-hosted it went all out to make it special. (There's nothing that compares to Louisiana hospitality!) I visited several area schools, too, and was so impressed with all they were doing with technology. (That's my field; my classes will be high school next year, but have worked with K-12 over the years, including special ed & adaptive/assistive technology.) I really admire you for working with special ed; the most dedicated and expert teachers I have known are in that field.

Linda, a breakthrough w/dh: we have been keeping our journals side-by-side on the kitchen counter, so he could check mine for points values when filling his out. A few times, he asked me to write stuff in his journal. Well, this afternoon, in *my* journal, I noticed he wrote in the points for the half banana we'd shared, as well as in his journal. Isn't that great?! He's taking this seriously now!

Gotta run; hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!

07-12-2001, 05:46 AM
Happy Thursday everyone! We are scheduled to have an absolutely beautiful day here! Blue skies, low humidity, temps in the low 80's. Too bad to have to spend it working 11 hours and then packing boxes! :D
My consult when well, but I won't have a final word for a few days. The doctor kept my films to go over with the radiologist there (who specializes in breast oncology). He'll call me when he's met with her. I liked him a lot, and he answered a lot of questions I had, and suggested several possible options if the biobsy doesn't need to be done now. He was worth the hour and a half rush hour drive in unfamiliar territory! This is the only thing they do, so I'll feel comfortable with whatever they decide should be done.
Joyce, how nice that your 12 year old dgd will be visiting! I bet she'll have a ball! I didn't realize you have an aviary! I grew up with an assortment of parakeets, and had a cockateil for several years (till he got so noisy I was afraid he'd get me eveicted and I gave him to a coworker who had several of them. Congratulations on your upcoming 45th anniversary!! I haven't been to a dinner theatre in years, but they are such fun!!!
Merri, don't let your weight gain get you down! Just get yourself right back on track! Do you ever go to http://www.dottisweightlosszone.com? She has an area with lots of motivational stuff that's helped me at times! Hang in there, girl! This too shall pass!
Jan Hooray!!!! I'm so proud of you! You are such an inspiration to all of us!! And give dh my congrats for doing the journal and the point counting! How are you feeling now that your tubes are out? Don't overdo!!!:nono:
Beth, good luck on your weigh in- it is so hard to get on track after a vacation!!! How did your older son take to the new baby when he arrived?

My son-in-law and a relative of his came buy and moved most of my living room furniture (except} for my tv and the entertainment unit it sits on, and the chair I sit in to watch it. So now both mt living room and dining room are a large empty. I have so much stuff to do and pack up in the next 2 weeks!:eek: I can't do much at one time due to the back thing and it's limitations- what a pain!! This is all so stressful- not to mention the fact that this apartment has been my home for 6 years, and I love the place, and the loss of personal space and independence that goes with this move. But it'll be fun to be with my little sweetie (who cries whenever I leave him) and see him every day.
Well, time's getting away from me- gotta run and get ready for work. Have a good op day, everyone.
Carol :wave:

07-12-2001, 08:27 AM
:spin: :spin: :spin: :spin:
CONGRATULATIONS, JAN! HERE'S THE HAPPY DANCE FOR YOU! I am SO PROUD of you and I know that you and your dh are proud of you too - and well should be! FOUR pounds to spare - hmmmmm, now exactly WHO was your doctor????? :lol: (though I doubt I could lose 40 pounds with an operation - unless they removed a lot more than he did for you :wink:. Glad you are feeling better, but don't overdo.

Carol - I am still sending up those prayers for you. I have all fingers and toes crossed as well. Let us know as soon as you hear something. I am glad you have confidence in this doctor - that always helps so much. And a new grandbaby to boot! Wow! I leave here for a few days and all this excitement happens! Congrats to your dd and her dh - and to you, too! Boy, this is going to make it a LOT HARDER to move to Florida! With your furniture gone, I bet the place "echos".........

Merri - I am so sorry that you fell off the WW wagon. But you do realize that by acknowledging that fact and getting going again is a sure sign of behavior change. I bet there was a time when you didn't correct past mistakes but rather just kept on making them. This weight loss journey is so difficult. You just keep putting one foot in front of another and you will succeed! You have already succeeded at changing some of your behavior!

Joyce - Your gardening sounds like fun. It's so hot there, I don't see how you can get out and do anything like that. If I HAVE to pull weeds out of the flowerbeds, I do it just at daylight on the week-ends. Otherwise its just too darn hot already. Like Jan says, we are in our garden "oven baking" mode right now. Its a miracle anything survives.

Beth - I know you enjoyed your time with your son & his fiancee. I can't imagine my life without my dd and hers. Guess I am overly involved - but can't help it! I try to give them some space as they don't always have a lot of time together because of his work schedule. When he's working afternoons or nights, my dd and I find lots to do to keep busy. Can't believe school activities are starting up so soon again. The kids here start mid-August. Seems like they just got out!!!! What has happened to this summer?

The telephone company finally filled up the giant hole in the backyard. But they didn't come til yesterday - I had to call Monday afternoon and fuss at them. My grass looks awful for about 6 feet around the hole. I watered last night but it will take a while for it to recover, I'm sure!

The job is great so far. I am still so busy trying to learn so many new things. The woman who is training me just flies through these tasks and I am going wait, wait, wait, WAIT!!!!! Explain that again!! Yesterday was my birthday. My friends from my former office called and left a message for me on my answering machine and also send me such a sweet card. Gosh, I really do miss them - but I don't miss the job. My commute is about the same but an entirely new direction - same miles and same amount of time on the road. But leaving at 4 is great! I can actually get home about 4:45 most days - at least so far. I take the beltway in the mornings and afternoons and I move a lot faster there. Too bad there's not an exit off the beltway right to my door! It takes me 20 mins after exiting the darn thing to get to the driveway. Speaking of the commute, time for me to get out the door. Have a great Thursday everyone - Wow, can it be Thursday already!

07-12-2001, 01:26 PM
Too cute! texaslady! I love your happy dance!! very creative!
Belated bday greetings, hope it was a special day for you! It must have been strange in a new office. so nice that your friends from the old office came thru with remembrances!

Carol, I'm glad you had a good experience at the doctor's.. it is so good to really like a doctor... sounds like they are being very thorough....I continue to wait with you, and pray that all will be well.
Your living room sounds like mine... dh has helped move all the furniture out except for the t.v. and the sofa he sits on to watch it. My dolls and rest of furniture is stacked in family room and dining room...NO ENTERTAINING for a while! He will start painting tonight...but will be another week or more before I get the new carpet.

I made bread and butter pickles yesterday with my abundance of cucumbers, they look really pretty in the jars. :)

Confession time... dh does most of the gardening, although I hope to make this new flower part, my project.:cool:

I must run! today is Meals on Wheels day!! Linda will be picking me up in a hour, and I am still in my nightgown!!:eek:
have a great day..more later!!

07-12-2001, 03:41 PM
Carol, I'm so glad you found such a good doctor for your second opinion; sounds like the radiologist is also expert in this area, too. Please be sure to let us know when they have some news for you! How great that your sil took care of moving all the furniture for you; don't overdo, now, on packing the boxes! Wish we could all be up there with you to help.

Texaslady, how wonderful that your new job is working out so well! That was very sweet of your former colleagues to send you the card. (And Happy Birthday, belatedly!) Thanks so much for the "happy dance," that was cute! And yes, this may have been the hard way to lose those last pounds, but I'll take it any way I can! As my doctors both told me, no amount of dieting would ever have helped reduce that area. I'm just glad that when time came for this, I'd lost most of my weight and gotten in shape; it's hard enough recuperating as it is, but I just can't imagine how hard it would have been 105 pounds ago!

JOYce, I envy you, getting a new paint job and new carpet in your living room! Will you have a party to celebrate after you've moved back into the room? You are the busiest person I know, wow, remodeling, making pickles, planning your garden, and doing all that volunteer work!

Things are pretty quiet here; I'm doing what I do best, goofing off -- just relaxing and doing a little computer stuff. Poor dh has been working like crazy, reorganizing Dad's "chapel" for him; Janet, Carol, and Texaslady, you wouldn't recognize the room, it's so spacious and neat! Dad will have to give up on that joke now, I'm afraid! (To our newer members: when Janet, Texaslady and Carol visited here last March, Dad showed them in through his garage office, and told them he called it his chapel because whenever someone walked in there, they said "Oh my gawd!") Dh also reorganized the pantry/washroom and Dad's bedroom; Dad will be so pleased when we bring him home tomorrow night!

Hi to Janet, Beth, Saara, Rebecca, Patti, & Merri; hope all is well!

07-12-2001, 04:23 PM
maybe! :D
Maybe I will wait til September after dh goes on his next long range fish trip, we'll have a fish dinner! I'll need that long to get things back in order! I HAVE to have dh take pix of the rooms where everything is stored now.:dizzy: you wouldn't believe!
I love your chapel remark...I get the same reaction when people first see my rooms full of dolls... I guess I rank at least the chapel title if not cathederal!

Linda and I had a short run this morning, but it was fun. Our day captain is such a neat lady and had a chance to chat with her a bit... she is so thrilled to have some of us younger people volunteering.:D
I don't feel like a younger! :lol:

I discovered a tasty cereal in the health food section..It is made by Health Valley...called Banana Gone Nuts...really tasty, crunchy and filling, 4 points for 3/4 cup with skim milk.

Must go clean up my pickle mess, and go look for the newest beanie babies! I know they were shipped last week.


Linda Jean
07-13-2001, 04:34 AM
JAN, congratulations on reaching your goal weight -- that is fabulous!!! Being four pounds under the actual goal weight, you will have six weeks to keep it within 6 pounds over the weight you are right now to reach your Lifetime Status. That is just wonderful; you must be walking on air! :) DH is still counting points, thank you for asking. He is also on a plateau (as I still am--it's been about a week and a half now), but is keeping OP, bless his heart. I think that putting your and your dh's journals side by side is a great idea; it seems as if your dh is really serious about this--especially now, I would surmise; now that you are below goal.

CAROL, how exciting that your dd is expecting another sweetie. I am so happy for you! Still keeping you in my prayers, be sure and let us know what happens.

Gotta sign off -I'm calling my wonderful sister (the other one...) who is in London on vacation; today is her birthday! :) :)

07-13-2001, 03:16 PM
Hello Ladies!

Lost my internet connection for a day - phone line was down. :( It's very aggravating since I do a lot of stuff online - banking, etc.

Linda - Have you ever heard of the Wendie Plan? It is something I found on one of the WW message boards. It is a way to get off a plateau - you vary your points daily. You never go below your lowest point allowance but you can go over the max because you bank. According to this theory, eating the same number of points every day will get you in a "stuck" mode. You have to do something different to get out of it.

JOYce - You make my mouth water with those pickles! Years ago I was a stay-at-home mom and I had a huge vegetable garden. I used to make bread and butter pickles, pickled green beans, salsa, canned tomatoes, and canned green beans. I also grew lots of corn and usually froze that. Now that I am teaching, I don't have the time to keep up a garden (and really don't like the intense heat in the summer!) I am hoping that when dh and I retire we will move to a more agreeable climate and I'll garden again.

Jan- I remember that Tel-Ed conference a few years back. I almost went to that one. I usually go to several workshops and conferences during the year. I will be attending workshops for two days next week. Our school is very big on technology. I have several multimedia computers in my classroom, internet, a CTV, a TV and VCR. We have a great computer lab at the school, too. The kids also do a morning broadcast. Most of our teachers have been INTEC trained. The past couple of years there has been lots of money to spend on technology. Hope it keeps up!

Carol - Glad your doctor visit went well. It makes such a difference when you feel you can trust your doctor. I'll be praying that your results are good.

Texaslady - Sounds like you are really enjoying your new job! Nothing like a new challenge! That's what I like so much about teaching. I used to work in an office setting and hated when everyday started to seem like a repeat of the day before. With teaching, nothing is ever the same! Always a new challenge. Happy (belated) Birthday!

Well, I had my WI on Wednesday - 2.6 lb. loss! I didn't expect any loss - just hoped I didn't gain. All that eating in Houston and the "picking" I have been doing and I still lost!

Have a great OP day!


Linda Jean
07-14-2001, 04:31 AM
BETH, thanks for the tip on varying my points. I haven't been doing that very often; I end up carrying more points over than I am allowed to eat (I mean that I am carrying over more than 10 points some days, so I'm just losing them) because I just haven't been very hungry and have been struggling to eat up to 20 points some days. I got on the scale this morning and I was the same as as I have been for so long. I am drinking *tons* of water -- I go through about a gallon a day (no exaggeration). I haven't been eating as many fruits and vegetables as I have in the past, maybe that will help, too.

To where would you and dh like to retire? I see you are in Louisiana. It will be nice when you can garden again.

I talked to my sister in London today -- I was practically floating, I was so thrilled to hear her voice! We get to pick her up at the airport in LA next Tuesday. Can't wait! She said that she has been having a wonderful time there, and that this was her very best birthday ever. :)

CAROL, thinking about you.

Happy weekend, everyone!

07-14-2001, 10:12 AM
Hello all....

How are things going?? I thought I would write you all a short note seein g I havent since my upset on Tuesday :( .... Well, after I talked to you all I ended up going to the store and spend 60.00 on groceries on myself - Ugh.... But I stayed on the diet all week until yesterday - everyone wanted to take me out to dinner and lunch - ugh!! Today I am going to be really good (minus the drinking aspect) . I love having Birthdays :D .....

JAN!!! Congrads on making goal that is SO amazing... what are you going to do to celebrate?? I cant wait till I make goal... Thanks for the advice on the drinks... Do you think a cranberry and vodka would be bad?

Rymsh Yeah I love Dotties website it has just about everything!! I go on there a lot especially if I'm going out to eat gives me some low fat or point ideas.... You freaked me out on that cheesecake from the cheesecake factory - How can ever do the cheesecake thing again?!

Well, I better go... Hope you all are doing well on program.... Thank you all for all the support and advice - I was sure bumming when I left weigh in on tuesday and you all made me feel tons better :) .


07-14-2001, 04:37 PM
Happy Birthday, Merri! :) And thanks for the congrats; will be saving the celebration for making lifetime in six weeks, but haven't decided exactly what to do. Re: the cranberry juice, sounds good; they make a lite version that would save you points, and you could add club soda to stretch it out. And I know what you mean, it IS hard to stay on program when eating out, but after a while you learn strategies to cope with that too. I've been on so many failed diets in my life (I'm nearly 50) but this time, I haven't thought of the program as a diet at all, but as a revamped lifestyle. I think that's why I finally made it, and feel confident that I can keep it off forever. And you will too!

Beth, whoee, gal, 2.6!! Fantastic! You must have been more OP in Houston than you thought! Re: technology, sounds like you have all the latest and greatest in your classroom; that's terrific! Like you, I'm also hoping that the funding levels stay up for at least a few more years. It's just so important for the kids to have current technology to work with!

Linda, thanks, yes, I really am excited to finally get here; y'all have been a big factor in that, you know! Next big goal is to help dh trim down. Thanks for the moral support there! I'm sure both our dh's will make it, I just know they will. And re: plateaus, I agree with Beth, I've read about the Wendie plan and it makes sense. Maybe you should try eating the maximum now and then, to jolt that metabolism a bit?

JOYce, thanks for the tip on the cereal; will look for that. I love Kashi, but it would be nice to have something different. And as far as being "younger," well of course you're young! Anyone with the zest for living that you have can't ever think of herself as "older," you know. I think your idea of an apres-fishing trip dinner party sounds great; wish we could all come. Between your dh's incredible fishing skills and your cooking talent, I'm sure those events are really something!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! It's reached 100 here, but Dad, dh and I are staying inside and just relaxing. It's so great to finally have Dad home again! He was *so* excited to see all the organizing that dh had done for him; it's hard for him to do that himself, with his limited vision.

Hi to everyone; have an OP Saturday!

07-14-2001, 06:55 PM
Good evening, everyone! I hope you all are having a good weekend! Our weather is absolutely gorgeous- it went up to 80 today- just perfect! I feel sorry for Jan and her 100 degrees!
No word on the second opinion yet, and the doctor will be out of town part of next week, so I'll be in a holding pattern for a while again. I'm sort of getting used to it!
Texaslady, a belated happy birthday to you!! Hope it was memorable! I'm so glad you are enjoying the new job so much! I know it was such a nerve-wracking decision for you to make, and I'm so delighted that it's working out so well!! Whats new with the house and the wedding plans?
Jan, I know you are thrilled to have your dad home again- after seeing first hand the easy, genuine affection between you I know how much you two must have missed each other! I'm glad he liked the reorganization of his "chapel"!:lol: Have you ever tried the new Kashi GoLean Crunch? I haven't ever seen it anywhere but Trader Joe's in this area, but it may be in the stores where you are. It's great for filling a sweet tooth!
Linda, I empathize with the plateau- I can't get off mine, but at least am counting my blessings that at least I haven't gained with all the nonsense in my life lately! Varying your points would be a good idea- it sounds like you need to rev the old metabolism a bit, and that might help! Plus eating something (healthy like veggies or fruit!) every 2-3 hours always helps me- except now! :dizzy: Hang in there- you'll get back where you want to be, I know it!
Bethcongratulations on that wonderful 2.6 pound loss, even while travelling!:D You must have gotten enough extra exercise to compensate for any over indulgences!
Merri, Happy Birthday to you too!!! I agree- eating out is hard- especially portion control! I don't drink, so that's not a problem! I rarely eat out, but this week I did so 4 times!!! A friend wanted to go out to eat Tuesday, then another on Thursday, then the bosses took us all out for a belated secretary/nurses' day luncheon (buffet), and I just got back from dinner at the Olive Garden with my dd, dsil and my little sweetie! The buffet was fine- lots of veggies, and that's primarily what I ate-, Olive Garden I knew the points for what I ate and had no desserts anywhere- but the portion size weren't what I should have had on the rest!:eek: Oh well- I did enough lugging and packing of boxes this week to work off something, I guess!
Janet, where are you? Did you get my message? How's your friend doing?
Well, boxes beckon- I'd better run. Hi to all I missed, and I hope everyone has a great Sunday.

Linda Jean
07-15-2001, 03:33 AM
When I woke up this a.m. and saw that I still weighed the same as I have for over three weeks, I thought, "OK. This is IT." So when I went to the grocery store this afternoon I bought two king-sized Nutrageous bars (one for myself, one for dh who has lost another three pounds, making him seven pounds down now -- one third of his way to his 10 percent!:)). We sat out in the glider swing in the back yard and muched away, enjoying each and every point (I told dh that I thought that since he has lost so much weight so far, that he needed a Nutrageous bar to celebrate). So now, eight hours later, I still have an upset stomach because I just can't eat that way anymore; the fat in the candy was way too much for me. So even with that (12-point) candy, I am still within my range because I carried ten points over from yesterday. I really am trying to eat at the top and eat up some of my banked points (a la Wendie plan that BETH and JAN suggested)...but tonight, much to my dismay, the waistband of my jeans is tight--AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! Foiled again. :) I am not going to give up; today was just a little fling and sort of experiment to see if eating more points will get me to start losing a little. The way my jeans feel tonight, I will have gained a pound by tomorrow morning!!!

TEXASLADY, happy birthday a few days late -- did you have any cake? :)

Merri, happy birthday to you, too-- hope you had fun eating out with your friends.

We are getting the *best* tomatoes off of our bushes this summer. This year I followed directions when planting them and planted most of them horizontally to the ground (with a few inches of the tip sticking up, of course:)), and I also mixed in a tablespoon of epsom salt into the hole I dug for each one. I don't know, but it seems as though the salt really made a diff (I have not fertilized them), because we haven't had such good tomatoes, ever. Anybody else ever done this?

Happy Sunday to all.

07-15-2001, 09:43 PM
Grrrrr - I just HATE it when I lose a long post!!!!! Let's try this one more time.....

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and thanks for the cards, Carol & Joyce. That was so sweet of you. It made me :).

Jan - I know you are happy to have your Dad back home again. Did he even recognize his "chapel" after your dh cleared it out? Looks like he will have to find another "welcome joke" to tell everyone. I am positive he will have no trouble doing so. I was amazed at his wonderful dry sense of humor!

Carol - I can barely *see* you among all those boxes! It is such a pain in the posterior to have to pack everything up. But it is a good time to sort through stuff and get rid of the unwanted clutter. OK, OK, I am TRYING to look on the bright side (easy for me to say as I am not the one moving!).

Merri - looks like our birthdays are not very far apart! Guess we are both "cancer" crabs! I'm glad you feel like you have gotten back on the wagon again. You just keep on going down the right road and it will all come together. I just know it will.

Linda - Looks like no more Nutrageous moments for you for a while! Our bodies are very good at letting us know we have poked something in them we shouldn't have. Happens to me a lot since I have such a problem with some foods (dairy). Sure makes me stop and think before I do something I will pay for hours later!

Joyce - How's the living room re-do coming along? Is you dh through painting yet? What color are you going with?

Beth - That is a wonderful loss - especially considering you were on a mini vacation again! You are making me so jealous. You are doing so well with the program. Congratulations. Your students are going to be surprised to see the thinner you when school starts.

I went shopping for my gown for the wedding yesterday. DD and her fiance's Mom went too (she hasn't bought her either!). I lucked out and found something at the very first shop we went to and I bought it! I worried that it was too good to be true and I would find something else I liked better later, but I just wanted to be done with it. We hit three more stores after that and I still liked the one I bought the best! Sheila wasn't as lucky - she came home empty handed but she tried on a dozen gowns. So her search is still on. The one I bought is floor length. It's a black skirt with an attached short sleeved top along with a jacket. The top and jacket are covered with gold and bronze metallic designs (sort of chevrons). The gold looks good with my blonde hair - or at least that's what the others declared. The bridesmaids are wearing black tops with their blue skirts, so I think the black will be OK - even if it is a wedding. It doesn't even need altering except for the hemline. I can do that myself once I get my shoes - now THAT will be the real chore!! I can't wear heels anymore and I can't imagine what I can get to go with the dress that will look OK. Any suggestions?

DD was supposed to have her hair and make-up consult this am but the make-up artist called late yesterday to let us know that she had a family emergency and was going out of town. So that got postponed to next Saturday. One of the bridesmaids called DD a few days ago to announce she is pregnant. Now the skirt we bought isn't going to fit her in 3 months so we are having to order a much larger size and hope it works. Another bridesmaid (she lives in Missouri) slipped and fell last week and blew out both knees (she has had major multiple cartilege problems over the years) and is scheduled for major knee surgery on both the the first of Sept. The Dr told her she probably should not plan on trying to travel here and stand in the wedding so she has had to decline. (And no, we cannot return the bridesmaid dress which is already here). So now we are down to four bridesmaids - one of them will be 6 months pregnant. See, I TOLD you things were going way too smoothly! And DD calls to tell me that on Wednesday of this next week, it is officially less than 100 days til the wedding! Now, I really needed to hear that! I have about finished the veil. Just need to get it attached to the comb and it will be done unless DD decides she wants the pearl edging around it. She wanted to wait until I got the scattered peals on it before she decided about the edging. Oh, and the invitations arrived on Friday. Those need to be addressed and gotten out by the end of next month. NOT TO MENTION I still haven't got the centerpieces under control............. Oh well, it will all come together somehow! :dizzy:

Hope everyone had a nice week-end. Tomorrow is Monday again already! Oh, I forgot. Last Friday a little before 3:00 I was sitting at my desk just working away whe everyone started getting up and turning off their computers and picking up their stuff to go. I asked what was going on and they told me we always get off at 3:00 on Fridays! Well, no one had told me that! That was great news! Another perk to this job! :D Now if I could just understand what the heck I am supposed to be doing............

07-16-2001, 12:44 PM
What a delightful evening! The performance is a musical comedy, with ALL the good old 50's songs performed by a very talented quartet.
It was fun celebrating our anniversary with friends at such a delightful gathering!
I chose a grilled breast of chicken and duck salad with oriental dressing. different than the usual oriental chicken salad, but nice.

We started the day out in church, where we had a bouquet of roses and stocks in honor of our anniv, then we went to brunch with friends.. Then we came home and we got the first corner of my new garden planted, it will be loverly! :D

I didn't get to weigh in on Saturday, was on the way out the door, and had a sick dog to deal with :(.. then I was ready again, when the phone rang. it was my son, excited about expecting a new grandchild. :D and it was such fun chatting with him, that I didn't get out the door! My home scales still show a maintain.

Carol, I can relate to your weeding things out as you pack, I'm going to be doing the same thing, as I move the dolls etc, back into the living room after the carpet comes. The painting is finished, just an off-white. Once things arein place you don't see much wall anyhow :lol:. I'll put the same 'country blue' curtains at the windows over the lace sheers. We went with a beige berber carpet, which seems to be all the rage these days.

OOPS! Must run again! this is Casies first day at her summer job, I need to take her..
more later...maybe...:lol:
have a great day..

07-16-2001, 10:02 PM
JOYce, a belated Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a wonderful day; I'm so glad. Way to go on making good choices at the dinner theater, and maintaining your loss! And mucho congrats on the wonderful news; a new grandchild, how exciting! When is the baby expected?

Linda, thanks for the tips on tomato growing; we will try that with our fall crop! (It's hard to even think about gardening right now, with the scorched earth and 100+ temps outside, but fall has to get here one of these days!) Sorry to hear you felt bad after that candy bar; it's odd, isn't it, how our bodies adapt to healthy eating, and let us know when we change anything. Hope you're feeling better now!

Texaslady, my goodness, what a time you are having! I'm so glad you found your dress; it sounds absolutely lovely, and I agree with your DD, gold and black would look wonderful with your blonde hair and fair complexion. So sorry to hear about the bridesmaid problems, though! Knee surgery, wow, that's awful. But you have so many other things already taken care of or well on the way, and I just know it will all come together beautifully! Re: Dad's "chapel," he was so excited, he kept going back into the room to admire all that space. And of course, he joked about filling it all up again!

Carol, are you seeing boxes in your sleep now? How's the packing coming? Thanks for the reco on the Kashi Crunch; we did find that, and it's very good! Like you said, a bit sweeter than the Good Friends Kashi.

Everything's quiet down here. My cousin and her dh stayed with us this weekend, and dh (mine) was very inventive at coming up with vegetarian meals for them. It's a bit easier staying OP when doing the vegetarian bit, I think, though I don't think I could do that long term; too fond of steak & fish, I guess! DH fixed soy tacos, chalupas, veggie lasagne, and cheese enchiladas at the various meals, and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

Hope everyone had a great Monday!

07-17-2001, 03:33 AM
Thanks Jan,
Yes everybody is excited about the newest great grand that will be born in April. (just beginning) I'm sure that it will be the longest 8 months that big brother has ever spent! he will be 7 when the baby arrives.

12 yr old dgd arrives tomorrow for a months visit. she is excited, it will be different since the girls are both working all day. We'll do lots of crafts, I suppose. she loves to paint..and I told her if she helps we with dolls etc, that we can shop for school clothes. We'll have fun....I'm sure that it is only coincidence that dh is leaving town for 2 days on the very day she arrives :lol:

guess I beter get to bed and get some rest!

07-17-2001, 06:55 AM
Good morning!
Linda, it is interesting how our bodies don't tolerate foods we used to down without a second thought. I'm sorry the candy bar made you sick, BUT, maybe that was a good reminder that using food as a reward is a definite :nono:! :D Your tomatoes sound wonderful! I could live on garden fresh tomatoes, corn and green beans!! I just love them!
Texaslady, your dress sounds lovely, and I agree that it should be perfect with your hair and coloring!! You asked for a shoe suggestion- how about (are you ready) black cowboy boots!:lol: (is your dd still wearing boots, by the way?) Seriously, I have the same problem due to my kness and back. Can you tolerate a dressy low heeled shoe? I managed that at my dd's wedding- wth a pair of comfortable shoes in the car in case of emergency!Or if not, a dressy pair of flats should be fine- after all, the eyes of the crowd won't be focused on your shoes, so be comfortable so you can enjoy the day!! Sorry to hear about the bridesmaid problems- but maybe having that setback now will assure you all smoth sailing the rest of the way! Isn't it unbelievable how much time, money and effort goes into a wedding- or a "4 hour party", as a friend of mine once said!:lol: But it's so much fun, and makes wonderful forever memories! I wouldn't trade a minute of it.
Joyce, your anniversary celebration sounds wonderful! Congratulations on your new great grandchild to be!!! Looks like our happy events will be taking place close to the same time- my new grandchild is due mid March. My dd dreamed that she had twins last night- poor kid is absolutely terrified and horrified at the thought! Dsil said "that would be all I'd need", to which dd replied "YOU??!!?? :lol:
Jan, how sweet of your dh to do the vegetarian cuisine for your cousin's visit! He is so thoughtful- you both are!! How are you feeling? Be careful not to overdo in all that heat! I'm sure dh is keping a loving watchful eye on you!
Janet, where are you? When do you leave on your "girls only" trip?

Have I mentioned that I HATE moving? :( I lot of the big stuff is moved out, but I swear the little stuff expands and multiplies to fill the space!!:lol: I picked up exdh at the airport last night- he'll at dd's place working in the area until after my move, so that will be a big help. It's getting hard to find things now, even though I've pretty well organized the chaos. Every now and then something's there that I really need here- but this too shall pass!!
Today I'm working 1/2 day, and then taking a 3 hour plus drive to meet a friend of mine for dinner- I've had some stuff of hers stored in my apartment that I need to get to her, and with her work schedule and mine, it's been impossible set up anything closer or sooner. Oh well- it'll be fun, even though I could do without the drive right now!

Hi to Beth, Patti, Rebecca, Saara and Merri Stamps ,Liz and Kendra, where are you??? Stop in and say hi. Hope I didn't miss anyone!
Have a great op Tuesday, everyone. Talk to you later.
Carol :wave:

07-17-2001, 11:57 AM
So many thigs to take care of, and some of this stuff is driving me nuts. Somehow no one knows where my medical records are and I really need them so the doctor can write me proof of immunization... Utah requires 2 MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)vaccinations, and for sure I've had those, but this little card I have only shows one, so I've been calling around trying to locate my medical records, and it seems they have disappeared. And I talked w/ the university nurse today and she refuses to give me another MMR, I guess it wouldn't be healthy, but if I can't show proof that I have gotten them, they'll give it to me anyways in Utah. Gosh. Well, hope I get it cleared out tomorrow. I'm also going to Helsinki again tomorrow, after I go to the univ health care center. I'll visit my Dad again, so I get the credit card he got me... It's only for emergency use, but still a huge help.

I started to do a little packing, but it feels like I'm never going to be able to do it all... 6 more work days. Last of them being next Thursday. Time is flying by way too fast, but I'm also really excited about going. Lots of mixed feelings.

Well, I really have to run again. Just wanted to let you all know that I'm still around and thinking about you all! Saara.

07-17-2001, 10:53 PM
BLACK COWBOY BOOTS! :lol: Good thinking, Carol! But no, I don't think so. And YES, dd is still planning on wearing those darn boots. She even took them to Boot Town last week-end to have then stretched. When she bought them, she forgot she would have to put super duper insoles in them because of her back. Consequently, they are now too small with the inserts so she is trying to stretch them out. I will have to get out and search for some low heel shoes pretty soon, I guess.

Saara - Sorry you are having trouble locating your health records. Hopefully you have found them by now. I wouldn't want to have any more shots than absolutely necessary!!! (Sorry, Carol!) I know things are hectic for you. Won't be long now before you will be flying over to our side of the ocean!

Joyce - Your anniversary day-long celebration sounds wonderful. Forever Plaid passed through Houston not long ago and I believe it was playing in Vegas the last time we went. I never did get to see it, but being a child of the 50's, I KNOW I would be humming along - they would be lucky if I didn't start jitterbugging in the aisle! Now THAT would surely be a sight. Congrats on the new great grandbaby. Wow, we are having a miniature baby boom on this thread! :D

Jan - You do know that you really did get a prize with your dh, don't you? There are not many men (at least not many that I know of) who are so sweet and accomodating. You really did get a "good one". And my yard is as dry as a bone and hot as a firecracker too. There's been some scattered showers around town the last few days but we didn't get any raindrops at my house. I have had to resort to sprinklers this past week or so. There goes the water bill!!!

Still struggling to adapt at the new job. The software is really getting on my nerves. But I know that this shall pass and there will come a time when I won't believe it gave me so much trouble to start with! But right now, I feel like a fish swimming upstream. But I am enjoying the challenge - I guess! :dizzy:

Take care everyone. Hi to Linda, Beth, Janet & Merri. What happened to Patti????? Stamps????? Liz?????? It's been a while. Please check in! We miss you ladies.

07-18-2001, 02:56 AM
Had my WI yesterday. 1.8 lb. gain! :(
Oh, well, I figure all that eating in Houston and Arizona finally caught up with me. I have been having the hardest time lately staying within point range. I've been busy lately trying to get my classroom ready and going to workshops. School will be starting before I know it! I'm excited about this coming year - lots of changes at our school. Where has the summer gone?

Texaslady - I'm like you, I can't wear heels anymore. Guess I'll be looking for a pair of low heels to wear to a wedding before I know it!

Saara- Hope you get those records straight! When are you leaving for the states?

JOYce- Sounds like you had a grand time at the dinner theater. I haven't been to one of those in years. DH and I used to have season tickets to one here in New Orleans.

Carol - When is your moving day? Sounds like you've got it all under control. I hate packing, too.

Linda - I've done that trick with tomatoes before and it does make a wonderful difference. I used to have a really nice garden - sure do miss it. I just don't have the time or desire (in this heat) to take care of one anymore.

Jan - Send your dh my way! I love eating veggies! My dh will help around the house but doesn't do any cooking. I think I could easily become a vegetarian. I probably eat less meat than I should anyway. I recently found out that I am slightly anemic. I've been trying to eat more red meat and take a supplement.

Hope you all have a great OP Wednesday!


07-18-2001, 12:28 PM
Hi everyone! I just wanted to check in real quick and say hello. I've been spending most of my time with my friend who lost her fiance'. She is having a really hard time right now and doesn't want to be by herself. She has lots of friends and we are all trying to be there for her, but I know it's not the same as having your mate there. As much as she loved her mother who passed away in February and as painful as that was, she says that it doesn't even compare to the pain she feels now. She has always been the strong one, and it breaks my heart when she tells me that she didn't know anything could hurt this much. I had a really hard time when I got divorced (even though I know that doesn't begin to compare to what she is going through). After being with someone I loved for over twenty years, I felt some of the same things she is telling me that she is feeling now. She helped me through some really dark times that I wasn't sure I would find my way out of, so I definitely want to be there for her. I guess I just feel helpless knowing that there is nothing that is going to ease her pain but time...and the comfort of knowing where he is now.

I haven't really had time to lurk so I can't respond individually, but I hope everyone is doing good. We leave Friday for our trip and I can't wait. Hopefully things will settle down when we return, and I will be able to post regularly again. I'm just maintaining right now, so I don't have much to report on the weight loss journey, but hopefully that will change soon too. DD will only have a couple of weeks after we return before she has to move into the dorm, so it may just be wishful thinking to think that things will settle down! :dizzy:

Have a wonderful OP week, and I will post when we get back. Jan, I hope you are recovering nicely, and Texaslady, I hope you are enjoying your new job!

Janet (Kudzu)

07-18-2001, 01:10 PM
Janet He has certainly sent you into your friends life! She is so fortunate to have a friend like you! Her pain must be totally devastating. I guess we can expect parents to pass on, but when a mate or younger person dies suddenly...it is so hard to understand! God will richly bless you for being there for your friend...it sounds like you and your friend are already blessed with a wonderful friendship! :)
I'm sure that yor "girl get away" with dd will be even more special than you had planned. ENJOY!
It was so good to hear from you this morning! Keep in touch when you can. WE miss you.

2 dgd's are off to their summer jobs, and 3rd is sleeping in...I'll let her do that! :D It is great having her here and giving dd a break, but it will be exhausting at times! She needs to be 'entertained' a lot. She has ADHD and other issues in her life, so she can be a real challenge. :) She was anxious to help with dishes yesterday, knowing that she will get an allowance. I will clear a painting area for her, so she can paint ceramics today, and I think she will enjoy "scrapbooking" some of her early pix for me. her cousin the 18 yr old, has scrapbooked her entire high school experience and has done a super job of it, so I had her look at those books last night to get an idea.

Jan that dh is certainly a catch! my dh bbq's and makes fudge! the rest is up to me. (almost) :lol: I'm so glad that you have had so much help during your recovery time.
:?: I lost something somewhere...where had your dad been? I trust he is o.k..
The lady where I buy some of my Beanie Babies has been giving me New Orleans tips. :) she is excited that I am going there. Last time I was in, she was showing me a map the had from there, and was telling other customers that I was going to N.O.! :lol:
"Like they cared!" What fun, to have it to look forward to.

saarao Good luck finding those med records! What a drag! These last days must be pretty hectic! getting all the last minute things done...how good of dear old dad to provide the credit card!
That will make you both feel safer.

Thank you ALL, for the Anniv congrats. It really was a special day, and I know that I am truly blessed to have had such a long-lasting marriage. He is out catching a fish in the Pacific somewhere today. :D

gotta get with this room, clearing space for dgd to 'play'.!

have a great OP day!

07-18-2001, 03:59 PM
We are on page two so I will start a new thread. Come on over!! ;)