100 lb. Club - Weekly Journal Buddy Thread--Dec 26-Jan 2, 2006!

12-26-2005, 02:45 PM
Wow, it's pretty scary for me to be the one starting this thread!

For our new members that don't know, this thread is where we share what we ate for the day & also log our exercise & water, if we choose to. You can do this any way you want, ie whatever is most helpful to you. Sarah, for instance, likes to plan out her day ahead of time & then edit her message to show what was eaten or what she just didn't feel hungry for. I like to write it down as I eat it, to keep track since certain things are easy to forget, especially if I WANT to forget them. :o

It's also a good thread to get recipe or food ideas from, as well as to ask the other members, "What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right?"--everyone is always glad to help. :)

You can do one message every day, or several days in one message. That's up to you. Welcome & please feel free to join in!

2 slices sara lee whole grain white bread
2 tablespoons skippy smooth
1 banana
1 cup milk

2 liters water sandi please erase this thread!!!