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12-01-2005, 01:18 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! The snow started with a few flakes here and there this afternoon. All the kids were hoping for an early dismissal . . . in their dreams. But tonight it is snowing in earnest and if the wind comes up during the night, we may just have a late start tomorrow. I like those because then we can count it as a day of school but yet have the luxury of not having to drive to school before the roads are clear. We had bell choir practice tonight at 5 instead of 7 so that was nice. I could come home and stay home; Bob even offered to take me since he wanted to check his messages at the office.

'Gma' -- You are wise and lucky to have most of your shopping done! I would gladly wrap if we lived just a tad bit closer! ;) As of 8:30 this morning, none of the 'accused' dancers were going to be allowed to even go and watch the others perform at state. One parent is the assistant principal at the middle school and another parent is an elementary principal! Both are known for being in the local social partying group and frequently leave for the weekend. Their kids are on their own and home alone. Another girl has a softball scholarship on the line; my thoughts are that maybe she should have thought about that before attending the party. In Iowa, if you are underage and where alcohol is available, you will be charged with possession whether you test positive or not. I feel bad for the coach and the 'good' kids on the squad.

Gail -- I hope your office temperature settled down for you! :yes: Can you open windows? I hate being too hot or too cold. Our heating system dates back to 1962 when the school was built; there have been two additions since then. Some of the rooms are cold no matter what while others are too warm and have windows open some of the time. :rolleyes: I know there is a huge mark up in prices from when I worked in retail. The hospital gift shop doubles the price on the invoice but no one minds since it helps the hospital by buying extra needed equipment and supplies.

Not much else is newsy from my corner of the world. Have a terrific Thursday . . . December 1st . . . where has 2005 disappeared to?

Jean -- :snowball: in Iowa!

12-01-2005, 09:21 AM
Good morning gals! It is not as chilly as it was yesterday. I was cold all day and even put a log in the fireplace, which we rarely use (to point out that fact, Jack opened the flew and a dead bird fell into the fireplace EUWWWW!) but it was nice and cosy and I hurt so bad in my joints yesterday that it was comforting for me.

Ok, Maggie, it is Thursday, better get in here and check up!
Gloria, hope the mouse was good to you!

Gail: I like to shop, but I hate the huge Christmas crowds. Everyone seems to get so rude. I remember as a kid going to downtown South Bend, when it had big department stores, movie theaters etc and just loving it. We had a fish market where you could smell the fish when you drove by, a Planters peanut store, which I always wanted to go into and get goodies, but my parents couldn't afford it. We had a S S Kresges, which eventually became Kmart and it was like the Woolworths, Ben Franklin type store. That was always fun, because you could spend your allowance in there easily and come out with cheap goodies like pop beads, remember them? They had a luncheonette and we used to get grilled cheese sandwiches there. We also had a store called Inwoods, which always smelled like fresh dirt. I guess because they sold a lot of plants and flowers. Gosh all that takes me back. Our big store was Robertson's which is like the Goldsmith's, LS Ayres, Macy's of today. We got to go and sit on Santa's lap every year and go through "winter wonderland." It was one of those old stores with the "doorbell" sounds to indicate different things and it was the first place I ever rode on an escalator! They had a tea room and the only time I ever got to go there was on a home economics field trip in 7th grade. I felt so grown up. Now all the kids of today have are malls and what kind of memories do you have with those?

Jean: It is pretty pathetic that school administrators don't even keep their own home in order. The rich kids here get into trouble all the time and of course, depending on who you are, get off. Remember the story several months ago about the girl who shoplifted like $2000 in clothes and her mom worked for the mayor and they changed the police report? She never was charged as far as I know, but the cops involved got suspended for it and it had come from the mayor!

Well, I need some breakfast and I have cleaning to do upstairs and need to get to it, I guess.

Have a good day, gals!


12-01-2005, 05:36 PM
It's still hot in the office. We now have a fan going. It's just circulating hot air though. One positive thing about it though is I'm drinking a lot of water.

Faye, I don't shop like I used to. It seemed that I was always at the mall. Now I go about once every two weeks. And when I do go I'm not there long. I made a list of the rest of the Christmas shopping and I've discovered I don't really have that much to buy. Oh golly...the first escalator I rode on was at the "big" Sears store in downtown Norfolk (VA) when I was a little girl. That was a big deal. Stores of my childhood was Roses which we called the "dime store" because you could go in there and buy a lot of stuff on a kid's 50 cents weekly allowance. I would go in there while my Mom was at the grocery store next door. For clothes we shopped at Smith & Welton and through the Sears and JC Penney catalogues. I remember when the first mall was built in Virginia Beach and THAT was a really big deal! :lol:

Jean, I was just thinking that myself--where has the year gone to?!

Okay Maggie....where are you?!

12-02-2005, 12:00 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! We had another 2 hour late start today because of the snow last night. Right after school I went to the hospital gift shop to work until 7. It was fairly busy so the time went fast. I got stuck by the register . . . . it was a 'special' 10% off everything day. Do you think I could convince the other worker how to figure the total times .90 to get the discounted total? I'm not a math whiz but that's sure faster than multiplying by 10% and then subtracting that amount from the total. Must be me! It was a challenging day to say the least. Tomorrow the school is full of subs and I have to work with 3 of them . . . 3:27 can't come soon enough! Tomorrow night we are working at Santa's Castle, Saturday morning I'm back at the gift shop, and in the afternoon we head to Jason's to babysit Ian and Zowie. Sunday I have to be at church at 7:30 for bells. Sunday afternoon is MY time!

'Gma' -- Well, I think something fishy is going on in our police department! Because of an "incompetent" officer's investigation, all charges against the dance squad girls have been dropped. There was another incident this summer where a rather prominent community leader was arrested for drunk driving and the charges were later dropped. Right afterwards our city administrator was fired because of a difference of opinion but no one seems to know 'with whom.' :rolleyes:

Gail -- I am not a good shopper! I hate wandering through stores trying to decide what to buy someone for a gift. We are seriously thinking of giving the kids money this year. My mom used to let me ride the escalator when I was a little girl and she would shop knowing where she could find me. :lol: My favorite store was the Woolworth 5 & 10 cent store in Mpls.!

It's time for bed! I am tired, tired, tired, and a little be crabby!

Have a fantastic Friday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

Joyce in CO
12-02-2005, 03:27 PM
Hi Ladies -

I would like to join you all - again. I have been lurking for awhile trying to get myself straightened out. ;) My scales go up and down as the emotions go. It has gone up too much. Haven't gained my weight all back yet. So I need to get busy. I have restarted back at WW and managed to maintain over Thanksgiving.

You all have been reminising about all the old stores. Wow, that brought back memories. Mine, of course, involves food. When I was little and we visited grandparents in Michigan, Grandpa and I would walk to the Ben Franklin's 5-10. He would give me a quarter. Then we would walk to Saunder's ice cream store. I know it was really good but I mostly remember the walks with grandpa.

I don't have internet at home right now. Supposed to get it next weekthen I can visit more often. So I try to come visit from work. Boss is keeping me very busy these days.

And I need to get. I have to have this illustration done when boss gets back from work.

I hope you all don't mind me joining in.

12-03-2005, 12:20 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! We got some more snow this afternoon/evening . . . enough that they cancelled the games and activities around town. It is supposed to be the same tomorrow I guess. Bob's Christmas party (that we weren't going to anyway) got cancelled for tomorrow tonight because of the weather prediction. We were supposed to work at Santa's Castle tonight but it was closed which was ok with me. We did make a run to WM and ate a sandwich at the DQ.

Joyce -- How nice to see your post tonight! Of course you are welcome to join in! :cb: I think you are wise to rejoin WW again. I feel weighing in each week at least holds me somewhat accountable and I do watch what I eat more carefully. I hate to journal so do that sporadically. :o We have a real dud for a leader so I don't stay for the meetings. A few years ago we had a really dynamite gal and she was so motivational . . . . she did her best to help/cheer you up if you gained and was the first to celebrate when you lost. I miss her! Another childhood memory is the soda fountain . . . my favorite was cherry coke. Yum! :T

I don't know much else so think I will head off to bed. Have a great weekend!

Jean -- :snowball: in Iowa!

12-03-2005, 09:09 AM
Good Saturday morning to everyone. No snow here, thank goodness, but we did get some rain last night. Enough to gunk up all the leaves on the deck so I have to wait to clean them all out again. Geez, I feel so bad about that! :lol:

Joyce: Nice to see you here. I am not working my program at all right now, but I still come here every day and visit with these ladies. It is fun, enjoyable and keeps you up. You should do it even if you aren't working on your weight loss. They can inspire you to stay at it.

Gail: Are you talking about Lynnhaven mall or was there one before that in Va Beach? We were stationed there when we married in 1972 and I don't remember a mall at that time being there, but we didn't have two pennies to rub together so we wouldn't have frequented it anyway. I finished my dd's roll brim hat and I am posting the baby hat I made to go with the blanket I am knitting for my dh's friend at work. I am 3/4 way done with dd's scarf then the Christmas projects are finished.

Does anyone remember Robert Halls? My mom used to get our Easter outfits there every year. I grew up in a town of 1600 people and we had a dime store where you could get all kinds of stuff because a lot of people didn't like going to the "city." We also had a grocery store my great uncle owned with penny candy galore. I still remember all the yummy gumballs you could buy back then. I liked the sour tasting yellow and red blotched ones and they had these aqua colored ones that were rolled in sugar that sure did taste good.

I am including the baby hat I just finished for my husband's friend at work. I am part way done on another blanket. The brim of the hat is the color of the blanket. I can't wait to be knitting stuff like this for my own grandbaby again. I did this in a couple hours and I don't know if Gail feels this way, but I don't much care for knitting with tiny needles. Makes your hands hurt too much! :lol:

You ladies have a great day today and stay dry and warm!

Jean: Have fun with the grandkiddies!


12-04-2005, 01:47 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! It is brrrry cold here tonight! The wind chill, only there is no wind tonight, is 0. We got just a dusting of snow today so we are set until Monday when it's supposed to blow and snow again. This stuff is getting old fast! I did my stint at the gift shop and then headed to Sioux City. We stopped at Target and ran into a couple that he used to be Bob's district manager. They moved away several years ago and now he has moved back to being an agent. Of course Target didn't have the card table and chairs again nor the book that I wanted for Beth. We stopped at her house to drop off the things she forgot last weekend when she was home. Babysitting went fine. Grandpa and Ian played out in the snow; I'm not sure who will sleep better tonight but I do know who will be stiffer in the morning! :lol: Miss Zowie is a catnapper so we rocked through a few of those.

'Gma' -- The hat looks so cute, and it looks like it will be cuddly warm! You did good! ;) I've never heard of Robert Hall's. I do remember penny candy and it was right at child level! I guess there weren't so many sticky fingers back in those days!

I am heading off to bed since I have to be at church by 7:30 for bell practice.

Have a relaxing Sunday!

Jean -- :snowball: in Iowa!

12-04-2005, 11:05 AM
Good Morning!

We are back! Actually got back on Thursday about 1PM but I had picked up a bug Wednesday and was definitly not up to par. It was a 24 stomach bug and took its toll of my energy. Then I started laundry and am still at it. Tried to look at my emails and found something wrong with the computer. I could not stay on line. If I unplugged my modem and then replugged it I could get on line for maybe a couple of minutes but couldn't go from front page to any other site. Called the Service Provider and they sent someone over on Fri. AM and he told me it could be my computer or my modem. Modems are cheaper....bought a new one and as was suggested called the SP before installing and ran into a glick but this time on their end. Bottom line was this AM all is well.

We had a wonderful trip. The weather held beautifully everywhere we went. First stop was in Newark, DE...I think that's somewhere near you I right? Then on to Fayetville, NC; then to Savannah where we stopped for lunch at Paula Dean's The Lady & Son's Restaurant....mmmgood! Last stop was Disney and the Government Hotel on the property was incredible. Picked up DH's scooter and was off and running. Met up with DS & extended family and didn't stop for 5 days. The kids were such fun to watch as they interacted with the Disney sights and Characters. Then it was time to leave for Raleigh but first a second stop in Savannah. Did a little walking around but that was curtained because of DH's knee. Did get to Paula's a second time and we also went out to Tybee Island to her brother's place...Uncle Bubba's. Both were great and I enjoyed the Southern food. At Uncle Bubba's we had Charbroiled Oysters with Parmesan die for.

Raleigh and Thanksgiving was all that Thanksgiving should be. The kids were great and that Catalina was so funny. For a while she would go from room to room saying in a very serious voice. "That's a shame!" Don't know what that was about but at almost 4 maybe she didn't either.

Left there on Monday and stopped overnight at Annapolis and then 2 days in Mohegan Sun. No I didn't lose more than I planned. Did have fun watching the people and they had entertainment in the 'mall' section that included Carolers and Jugglers, etc.

Now we are back and it is SNOWING! I want to be in the South! :)

I haven't had much time to read the posts but hope all of you had a great Holiday and a great Sunday.

Gloria in MA....back the the washer, dryer.

12-04-2005, 11:39 AM
Good morning ladies! It is 41 and cloudy right now, but it was like 70 last evening! The house was colder than outside!

Gloria: Oooh, I am so jealous, Paula's! I watch her show on the food network all the time. She is a true southern gal. Uncle Bubba's is a partnership with her brother, Bubba I guess. They were making oyster stuff this last week on one of her shows. Sounds like you had a great time! It is always good to get back home even when you are anxious at the other end for time to go fast so you can go to wherever you are going.

Jean: I had fun with the hat and bought an extra skein of the white so I think I will make a pair of booties to match the hat and blanket. The yarn is too expensive just to lay around and I don't want to make a trip out to Michael's just to get a refund for one skein. Maybe Robert Hall's was an Indiana store, who knows? I just know there were all over Indiana when I was growing up. Strictly clothing for the whole family and nothing else. I imagine groceries, even if they could afford to sell penny candy for a penny, would go belly up with all the kids thieving these days. I would have no more thought of stealing something than the man in the moon. Course, I would probably have gotten beaten half to death for doing it if I did! :lol: I had a high school teacher, who was an elderly man, tell me I was the most honest student he had ever known. Somehow, I don't think I carried that absolute honesty into adult hood!

Well, gals, it is off to the dreaded commissary this morning. Have a great day.


12-04-2005, 04:41 PM
Happy Sunday, Flowers! I'm taking a break from laundry and looking for a specific picture that needs a 3 1/2 x 5" frame. I found the frame at Target yesterday and now I don't know where I stashed the picture. GRRRR! It's cold again today but the sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue. We played bells this morning and had the organ along with a flute playing with us. We must have sounded extra good because we got a round of applause. :lol: At the very end we played "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and everyone waited to listen rather than walking out. I'm done until next year! Some are playing on Christmas Day but I will have a houseful of people so am not.

Gloria -- Welcome home! We missed you! It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation with lots of fun memories. :cp:

'Gma' -- I stole a pack of gum one time because my mother told me "no." I was so dumb I opened it in the car! She turned the car around and made me go back into the store and tell the cashier that I had stolen it. I was in tears and felt so guilty. I couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 at the time, but I never ever thought of taking anything else. :no:

Not much else is newsy. Bob is putting the outside lights up and I have a kitchen to pick up.

Have a nice "rest of the day" and a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :snowball: in Iowa!

12-05-2005, 11:23 AM
Happy Monday!

I'm really perky this morning--I've been guzzlin'...drinkin'...sippin' I all morning long. My favorite coffee in the whole wide world: Dunkin Donut Toasted Almond coffee. Just love it! We have two boxes of Jo in the backroom. I'm probably going to be bouncin' off the walls soon. :dizzy:

Joyceeeee! Nice to see you here! Bless your heart--I've rejoined (we won't count how many times) WW on December 1. Oh yeah...we're gonna get through the holidays with a nice maintain or hopefully with some lost pounds. I'm doing the core program and so far I'm doing pretty good. Getting away from the frozen entrees and all that processed food has really helped me. I feel like I have so much energy...but that might be from the coffee I'm drinkin' this morning. ;)

Welcome home Gloria! :) YES! Newark, Delaware! I work in Newark, Delaware--at the university. :D Oh had so much fun! :D I love DisneyWorld. I'm echoing Faye--I loooove Paula Dean's cooking show. I just lover her very very southern accent. So much fun you had!

Jean, we're gonna get some snow this afternoon and into the night. Do you hear the dread in my post? 5-8 inches. I am so not ready for this! Hubby has the snow blower/thrower/whatever the heck you call it, out and gassed up. I don't mind it snowing if I can stay home but I really hate driving in it. And I have a dental appointment (my last visit for the bridge--I get the real thing today!) at 4:15pm...right at the start of rush hour traffic mixed in with snow.

Faye, I'm not talking about Lynnhaven Mall...although that is great mall; however, the first indoor shopping mall in Virginia Beach was Pembroke Mall, at the corner of Virginia Beach Blvd. and Indenpendence Blvd. When that mall opened THAT was a very big deal. There were strip shopping center of course but not an indoor shopping mall! Oh yeah...I remember Robert Hall's! But gosh that was a very very very long time ago! ;) I'm still knitting on Heather's shawl. I'm almost half way done. Then I have to knit two squares for the pockets. I'm really loving this pattern. It's a rectangular shaw. I want to knit a shawl for myself. OH! Oh! Get this! My darling sweet husband ASKED me if I would knit him a scarf! Now this comes after me listening to him tease me about my knitting the first year I started knitting--he has changed his tune now! I told him to "get in line"! :lol: I have requests for knitting items from others. :lol: And I'm a slow knitter.

Okay...gotta go but hopefully I can get back in here.

12-05-2005, 01:17 PM
Morning gals! Hope you are all doing well whether with snow or without! None here, thank God, I would freak!

Gail: Good grief, I forgot about Pembroke Mall. Actually, it WAS the mall we went to when we first got married. See, it has been a very very long time and the old brain just ain't what it used to be! :lol: I remember picking up a hitchhiker in front of the mall one time, a guy that I thought was a woman until he got into the car, then I freaked that my dh would kill me if he ever found out. Thirty three years later, I still have never told him! :lol: Luckily, it was still the days when it was relatively safe, and the guy was very very nice, actually.

I am hurriedly reknitting T's hat. Kelly was here yesterday and said she thinks his head is too big so I had to change to a different pattern and am redoing it. Luckily, the yarn is not very expensive, actually quit cheap and I can knit pretty fast if I am doing something simple. I have it about halfway done and should finish up this evening after I go and get some more yarn to finish it up.

I spent Sunday wrapping dratted presents and am still not finished. I have about 4 packages still coming through the mail or UPS that are Christmas presents to wrap. I have to get some tissue paper for my gift bags and rewrap one of the gifts because it tore right out of the bag (I think my dh did it putting it in the closet for me) It is these magnetic toys sort of like Legos or tinker toys type thing and they are heavy so were probably just too heavy for the bag.

I made the yummiest augratin potatoes and a baked ham yesterday for dinner. I couldn't find anything I liked so I made up my own recipe for the potatoes and they turned out fabo. Of course, they aren't exactly lowfat, but a treat once in awhile is ok. You could use margarine and the lowfat velveeta to cut calories though. Unfortunately, Jack made himself a lunch of potatoes and ham for today and picked up the container that had ALL potatoes in it and took it to work so he is having potatoes for lunch I guess! lol They only have half an hour for lunch so they can't go anywhere and get back in time as they are out in the middle of nowhere. I called him to warn him about it and he just chuckled. He loved the potatoes though so hope he enjoys a lunch filled with them! :lol:

Boy the commissary trip was awful. First I had to drive way out of the way because of construction closing on the interstate over the weekend that had traffic at a standstill, then I started checking out and the guy decides to tell me the system is down and they can only take checks or cash and all I have is my bank card so I make them stand and wait while I go and get money out of the ATM (thank goodness there is one in the commissary as there was quite a line of disgruntled customers doing the same thing as I) then he didn't tell the baggers I wanted plastic and they put everything in paper, which is so much harder to carry in. All in all, not a good trip at all.

Well, gals, going to get some lunch and fold my load of clothes and get them put away.

talk at ya later


12-05-2005, 04:31 PM
I hate to brag but......not very often could I say that I have all my Christmas shopping and wrapping done at this early date....I did it this year because we bought most everything at Disney.

Told everyone that this was to be a light present year what with the trip and all and everyone is getting ONE gift. Usually I end up with 2 or 3 for each of the 9 GKs. The only thing I need to get is candy for the little cellophane bags that I include with the kids gifts. As we are going to the Commissary on Thursday....that dreaded commisary, Faye...:) this will be a big trip ... we probably won't get back until after Christmas maybe just before DH has his knee surgery on Jan. 6.

GAIL: How come you didn't hear me yell out the window as we went by. I thought you might be nearby as there were signs for the University. Was looking out our hotel window at I95 Northbound on Sunday night about 4 PM and it was backed up solid for a long while. Glad I was all snug in our room.

Jean: The bell concert must have been very nice especially with the flute etc backing up your beautiful music. As for misplacing that photo....stop looking and it will pop least that works for me most of the time. Just a little senior moment.

Joyce: Welcome back. The more the merrier! As for old stores I'l bet except for Robert Hall non of the east coast stores would be familiar to you mid western or southern folk. We had Anderson Little which was similar to Robert Hall but did carry ladies clothing. Jordan Marsh was another department store that changed to Macy's and now has bought out my old favorite and alma mater....Filene's. Worked there for 8 years many moons ago.

We went to the Gardiner's Guild Decorated House yesterday and it was beautiful. However, too fancy for my taste. The sun room had a Tropical Isle theme and they had a couple of copper monkeys that the decorators had placed Santa hats on. The Master Bedroom was beautiful and one of the decorators had loaned them her fur coat....light mink and it was placed on the bed and ornaments strewn about. Lovely. The owners were an older man about 70 and a young wife about 45. No kids but 2 dogs. Can you spell trophy wife. that catty of me> :o

Gloria in MA....on that note I will leave you and get on to my next chore.....think I will throw the dice to see which one I will do.

Joyce in CO
12-05-2005, 04:38 PM
Good Afternoon

::yawning:: We had horrible winds last night. It would have been a hurricane if it was by the ocean. 90 mph winds in my little part of town. I small airplane blew over at a nearby airport. A truck blew over down south of here. The temperature is about 32 so the wind chill is not nice. It snowed Friday night so that snow is blowing and causing slick roads and white outs. But I am snug and warm in my office. ::yawning::

I had a good weekend. Didn't do anything special. Just cleaned house. Knitted. Laundry.

And tonight, we are going to my mom and dad's. My niece (in the Navy, ship stationed in Japan) brought herself home as a surprise to the family. I guess she didn't tell her mom and stepdad and just arrived at home. Tonight she is meeting her dad at my mom's. He doesn't know she will be there. Should be fun.

I hope we get our internet hooked up tomorrow then I can visit more when I am home. :dizzy: Haven't had the computer on in a few weeks. I wonder if I can remember how. LOL

I better get back to work. Boss is going on a trip tomorrow so I need to get these graphs, etc, ready. :dizzy:

12-05-2005, 07:31 PM
Good Afternoon/Evening, Flowers! It is cold (6 degrees), cloudy, and gloomy in my corner of the world this afternoon. The weatherman just said that snow is heading our way and it will be below 0 tonight. :( Bob is at church for practice and won't be home until later. Our local stores are having a "Miracle on Lake Avenue" tonight . . . there is a parade and the stores will have live entertainment plus refreshments. There is a chili supper at the Elks Club but my stomach isn't sure it wants chili tonight. I've been fighting a scratchy throat, which is gone for the most part, but now my nose is running. I may opt to just stay home and cover up with a blanket!

Our VCR, or TV, both of which are OLD, are playing tricks on us. He pitched the VCR and hooked up another one which won't record while hooked up to the digital cable box. Bob was supposed to call the cable company today so I will be curious to find out what they had to say. I'm not in the mood to shop for TVs right now and I'm not sure you can buy a VCR without a DVD player, which we already have. It seems like there is always something to fix or buy new. *sigh*

Gail -- If we get snow, I will send it on to you! :snowball: We had such a nice WARM fall, that this weather is a shock for sure. Bob keeps offering to show me how to run the snowblower . . . . I don't thinnnnnnnk so! :no:

'Gma' -- I need to get busy and wrap what gifts I have. I'm famous for buying stuff and then forgetting what I bought and where I stashed it. :( I'm getting real close to giving the kids gift certificates . . . I'm just not in the mood to shop.

Gloria -- Lucky you to have your shopping done! I did find the picture and now I'm looking for my Christmas stamps that Bob bought some time ago. I hope I find them soon or else I'll be adding an extra stamp to them after the first of the year. :( They are not in any of the logical places I would put them so I hope I run across them when I'm looking for something else. Someday I will get myself organized! :cb: I can't imagine living in a fancy house with all of the fancy decorating. I still have the kids high school graduation pictures hanging on the wall, just because I like them!

Joyce -- You will enjoy having your computer hooked up at home again. I don't have time to get online at school plus most of the sites I would visit are blocked. :mad: The students can't get information on breast cancer, birth control, or STDs, for health class, without the media center's ok. There is something wrong with that picture but the computer coordinator wants to be in control!

Hope you all have had a good day! Stay warm and have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

12-06-2005, 07:13 AM
Good chilly morning girls! I am sure it is colder where you are, but I feel like I am freezing to death!

Jean: I heard recently on tv that Walmart is completely doing away with any VCR's as they are not considered obsolete. Better hurry and find yourself one before you can't get one anymore. I wish they would get technology going to record on DVD's. Well, did you brave the cold and go out and hunker down and stay warm last night? Sounds like town would have been fun, but not alone. I think I would have hunkered! :lol:

Gail: Thanks so much for your kntting help. I got my round needles but they didn't have any of the yarn I need so I have to keep the car and trek across town this morning...GROAN! :mad:

Gloria: I guess if I ever have more gchildren I will have to spread the wealth a little more, but I do stay on a budget. Each adult I spend $100 and Thomas $200 and that is it, though I didn't count in their scarves as gift money so went over on everyone this year. Ummm, did I say I stick to my budget? :^: We are going down to the casino on Friday and staying Friday through Sunday night and coming home Monday. My dd, sil and Thomas are coming down early on Saturday to go swimming in the indoor pool, play games, have dinner at the buffet again then open gifts. With the haul I bought this year, I will need two carts to get the stuff up to the room! :lol: I also had to buy my sister a bday present as her bday is the day after Christmas and a card for bil as his birthday is the day before! I only buy bday gifts for my two sisters and get the couple something for their anniversary.

Joyce: I bet your sibling was thrilled to see her dd. We never had to be stationed overseas thank goodness, but visits home were few and far between because of the expense even here in the states.

Well I hear Jack so I have to get going to take him to work


12-06-2005, 01:40 PM
Good afternoon! :)

We got a little snow last night. Not much. Maybe 2 inches. Enough to cover the grass but the roads are okay--just wet and a little slushy in spots...which will turn to ice tonight.

I'm taking off from work this afternoon to go to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. I'll be home before dark. I'm a little leery of driving at night right now ever since we hit that deer. I'm sure we are on THEIR hit list! ;) But truly it's because I know the roads will be slick after dark.

Gloria, did you stay in a hotel in Newark?! Gosh, the next time you think you might be doing that (if that is what y'all did), I'll email you my phone number--I'd love to meet you! Both north and south bound lanes at this particular area of I95 can get a little backed up at times.

Joyce, I was watching the news this morning before going to work and I saw scenes in Colorado of high winds of hurricane force. All that snow and that windy. Scary. I thought of you. What a wonderful surprise about your niece coming home and surprising everyone! Especially this time of the year. :)

Faye, you picked up a hitchhiker...I'm sitting here reading this with my mouth open. You have to be care of FEMALE hitchhikers too! But you know that NOW. Pembroke Mall brings back memories. Do you remember Independence Blvd.? My father-in-law lives in a neighborhood off of Independence Blvd. about 3-4 miles from the mall. My parents live in the south-end of the resort area at the Beach. I graduated from First Colonial High School and hubby graduated from Bayside High School.

Well, I need to get a few things done before I leave work...

12-06-2005, 11:19 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It is -1 degree, but it was a sunny day, in my corner of the world. I am ready for spring! We were so spoiled with such a nice fall and now this deep freeze. It was another typical day at school and life goes on.

I really do need to get my 'Christmas' started one of these days!

'Gma' -- Bob did find a cheap VCR at WM but it wouldn't work; the picture was snowy and you could barely understand what they were talking about. I've seen DVD recorders but they are a bit pricey yet . . . kind of like VCRs when they first came out. I think we spent close to $400 :eek: for our first VCR and now they are $29.99! We ended up staying home last night . . . I fell asleep in the recliner. :o It was too cold to stand around outside anyhow!

Gail -- Do you have to take vacation time when you take an afternoon off from work or are you just able to take the time w/o pay? I'll bet the mall isn't as busy in the afternoon as it is after the 5:00 workers descend on the place. :dizzy: The older I get the more I dislike shopping of any kind! :yes:

I went to WW tonight and lost a 1/2 #. . . .I'll take it since it is better than a gain any day! :D Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :snowfight: in Iowa!

12-07-2005, 10:02 AM
Good morning gals! I am kntting like a fiend to get a scarf done for Thomas. When I blocked the one I made, it thinned out so much that I decided to do another one with round needles, which I had never worked with before.

Gail: First off the hitchhiker was 33 years ago, so it wasn't so iffy then, and of course I know Independence BLVD. When we lived there the second time, we lived in an apartment complex right off the blvd. We then moved into base housing, that was 1980-84 and that was out General Booth highway. My kids went to North Landing to elementary school, which was clear out in Black something or other. I can't remember what it was called. Man, the brain is going. Jack was stationed for awhile at NAS Oceana then aboard the USS Kennedy in Norfolk. I worked for 4 years at the OB/GYN clinic at Nas Oceana with the Red Cross and worked at Lynnhaven Elementary for awhile too. We were stationed in VA Beach twice. I really liked it there but money was always a problem with us. Thanks for the tips on the knitting. I have about 40 rows done on the round needles. I had to jerry rig the needles as they were too long so I cut the plastic then spliced it back together again with strapping tape! :lol:

Well gals, I have to get back to that knitting and I have floors to mop today so better get to it all


12-07-2005, 11:14 AM
Faye, glad to be of help with the knitting. You need some shorter circs! Isn't that yarn dragging over the mended spot? It's great "talking" with someone that knows my hometown. I know of all those places you speak of. :)

Jean, yesterday was taken as vacation time but I have a great boss who let's us close up the office early on Fridays. We're supposed to get hit with some snow tomorrow night and into Friday. Friday is the first day of final exams so it will have to snow a lot in order for the university to close but I'm sure my boss will let us close up the office earlier than usual. :)

Hubby has jury duty today. Which means he will be home tonight for dinner. This is a treat! We may decorate--drag out the tree and stuff.

Joyce in CO
12-07-2005, 12:39 PM
Good Morning Y'all :gift2:

Brrrr, is it ever cold.... -6 when I came to work this morning. It is now all the way up to 0. ;) At least we didn't get much snow. The wind storm we had was fierce. There was a semi that got blown over on the highway about 2 miles from our house. :eek:

You gals and all your knitting have got me itching to get my scarf done so I can work on something brand new. I need a bright new afghan for me and my recliner. :) I think that is next.

I hope to get our internet at home hooked up tonight. Then I can get in here more often, I hope. Then I can sit and "chat".

I sure wish "they" (the personnel people) would hurry up and let us know if there are going to offer the "buyouts". Dh (41 yrs in) and I (36 yrs in) are eligible to retire. We just keep putting it off. But if they want to buy us out of here, fine with me. I'll go!!!!