Support Groups - TW Weekly Food Journal (11/17 thru 11/27)

11-17-2005, 10:02 AM

Here we go - how about posting your daily food journal here ... I'm starting mine today ... I need to be more accountable of what goes into my mouth - hopefully this will help me get myself back OP (lo-carb for me). Anyone care to join me? I will go from Monday thru Sunday each week .

Feel free to post, regardless of what plan you are on. If you try a new recipe and would like to share with us, it can be posted here also or better yet - on our TW Healthy Recipes thread.

Love, CJ

Holiday Challenge: (

11-17-2005, 10:09 AM
OK - here I go ... I am doing low-carb - or trying to anyway:

Thursday, Nov 17

2 coffees/blk
2 slices cheddar cheese

LOL - that's all so far .... going to a Xmas dinner tonite so I'll try to be as good as I can .. but ..... I will post everything I eat or drink!!!!

1 slice sugar-free wheat bread w/2 tbsp peanut butter
1 cup peppermint tea/plain

Those donuts setting on the counter sure looked tempting but ... I resisted them totally!!!!! I'm so over them now!

I'll be back later for this ... warning: it may not look pretty! LOL

Just got home from our wonderful holiday dinner and I told you this was not going to be pretty ... but here goes anyway!

When we got to our destination we had our pictures taken by a professional photographer - hope they turned out - they will be mailed to us. Then off to our table ....

1 glass wine and about 3 crackers
leaf salad with nuts/oil & vinegar dressing/ and 1/2 pear on top (yummy)
small serving of green beans w/almonds
1/2 sweet potato w/butter
1/2 pork shank (oh gosh was that every delicious)!
1 small serving apple crisp w/ice cream (I ate the apples and ice cream - left the crisp)
1 cup coffee

WATER: 48 oz

And that's all folks ....