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da fat n da furious
08-11-2005, 12:25 AM
WELCOME to the Jaded Ladies site!

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da fat n da furious
08-11-2005, 01:02 AM
I would have to say that was a first for me in a few months ...getting a new thread started...

Cristi...just giving you a big HUG!
Jane,,,,I think you should open the blinds,,,turn on some rock and you an Neil dance around night. With all the lights on. Jane, I really don't think your being a bad friend,,,you got hurt from the dog pulling. You need to heal, and seriously what are the chances of this dog doing it again and again you getting hurt even worse? nuff said.

Marti, hope you and your Sweety are enjoying your time together....*wink

Welcome Karla, I have a 12 lb BIG Jack Russel,,,she doesn't realize she is small.

I just went chopping, bought some pink jeans...on sale. Becky (who works at Penninton's still gets 50% off regular price) is going to pick up these brown cords,,,they have some funky design on the bum...not that I want to emfisize (sp) my butt, there cute.
Tomorrow I am finally getting rid of my grey...*sigh of relief.
Have to say,,,my foot has been really sore lately,,,worried about Disneyland and all the walking.

well i should get off to bed

08-11-2005, 02:38 AM
Wow!!! You're going to disneyland?? How awesome!!! When are you going and for how long?? I just went last month from July 14 thru the 19th and had a great time!!!
My daughters Jack was the runt of the litter...he is full grown and only weighs about 8 1/2 He is so darling!!! He is such a lover and yet he is so fierce
Have a wonderful night Ladies!!! And Jane I think da fat n da furious is right and I was wrong...go ahead and open up the blinds!! You just might make someones :D

08-11-2005, 08:00 AM
Hello ladies--

Popped in for a minute....must go get some sleep. So I will be back around noon.


08-11-2005, 11:15 AM
Good morning ladies...

Arrrgh, my house is a mess! Wish I could take two days off -- make that two WEEKS -- and just clean and organize. Marti, come help me!!! You could be my cheerleader :cheer: or my coach :coach: Hopefully I can get something done on Saturday -- Sunday we are supposed to go to the Renaissance Faire, and that will be a long drive.

Angie, hope your foot is better in time for Disneyland! We wore a pedometer and were shocked to find that we were walking 11-15 miles per day. I know it might seem extreme, but if your foot is really bad still, you might consider bringing a dr's note and using a wheelchair, since you'll have all those big strapping guys to push you :wl: :strong: The upside is that with a dr's note, I think guest services will still give you a pass to get the front of lines...but at the very least, make sure you have comfy, comfy, shoes. And avoid standing in lines as much as possible by using the Fast Passes.

Ellen (((hugs))) :grouphug: If you're feeling blue, c'mon in here. You know we're here for you :) I know it's hard when kids head out on their own. I only have the 14 year old left now...although the 19 year old wanders in from time to time to eat or play video games :lol:

Cristi, thank you so much for the card you sent. And hang in there, kiddo. Erik warned me when he was in basic not to send any "flowery" stationery -- because the drill sergeant would make a big deal of it, and open it and read it in front of everybody. He also told me not to send any goodies, because the officers would eat them in front of everyone. So when he was feeling really low, I told him I'd make some sawdust cookies and ex-lax brownies for the drill sergeant :drill: to share with his buddies :devil: :joker: But, I only told him that on the one phone call he got to make to us -- I wouldn't dream of putting something so incriminating in writing!!! :rofl: Especially if he might have his mail read...

Jane, hey, running around naked gets my vote! Unfortunately, this is what I would look like right now: :dance: So, woe betide anyone who peeks through my blinds! As for the dogwalking, can't do it if you got hurt. It's nice to do a friend a favor, but not if you are risking getting hurt again. So don't feel bad, I'm sure she'll understand.

Karla, new babies are so exciting! Bet your daughter will love having the extra help with the baby while her husband is away. Will this be your first grandchild?

Who was the new fellow Disney-nut??? Karla? Judy? :lol: There are a few of us here who just LOVE Disneyland (or Disneyworld -- I haven't been there yet, but definitely will someday). We usually make a trip once a year -- we live in Northern CA. We were hoping to take my 14 year old this Spring Break, but since we are going to Ireland in September, we might have to push that to summer. Guess we'll see what our budget looks like.

My friends at work gave me a beautiful sympathy card, and some little gifts...a CD of Irish music, a gift card to Starbucks, and a pretty orchid plant for my desk. My job is hard and stressful, but my co-workers are really the greatest.

The weirdest thing happened yesterday. I answered the phone at work (that's my job, I do customer service in a call center), and I said, "Thank you for calling, my name is can I help you?" Linda was my sister's name. Strange, huh? :?:

Hi to everyone else Sue, Susan (where are ya, girl?), Mindee, Anita, Beth, holy cow I sound like Miss Mary Ann from Romper Room! I think I need to write a list of all our names so I can do roll call...

08-11-2005, 05:24 PM
Good afternoon ladies~

Still not feeling so great but I know eventually it will pass. I will always miss Josh but I know he has to live his own life and do what he feels he has to do. Anyway, to answer everyone... I took him down yesterday morning at 7 a.m. and just couldn't say a word to him. I hugged him and my mouth wouldn't work. He said "I'm leavin'." and went in the place and I know because he didn't want to see me cry which I did almost the whole way there. I was trying hard not to, (to be strong for him) but I just couldn't help it, just wouldn't stop-the same with today. Geez, where do all the tears come from? I hated seeing him go but know I will see him soon-doesn't help. So, from there (Wichita) they were taking a shuttle to KC and he was off to Fort Benning, Georgia sometime today. They said when he gets there the guys will have a chance to call home so I am sitting here waiting. Pretty sure if will be later this evening though. He has about 18 weeks of training, basic and then special because he joined the Airborne (Army). Then he will be home for 14 days before getting his orders. And luckily he is going to work with the SGT. here to recruit so the 14 days home will not come off his time which if I remember correctly they get 28 days of leave?? That's about all I know right now. I did end up talking to him though. I went to Wal-Mart to try and do my grocery shopping before going hom and he called needing his Dr.s name and address, so I got to say what I didn't when I dropped him off.

THANKS ladies for the well wishes and hugs-it really means A LOT! :thanks:

Jane~I think I will leave the running around naked to you and Neal! With this bod, there will be none of that. Hey, maybe I should change my ticker to reflect my highest weight. I think I did that before and then changed it to what I started at when I joined WW and seemed stuck at forever-maybe it will motivate me. :dunno: About not walking the dog anymore...I totally think your friend does understand and doesn't want to see you get hurt again. Next time it could be worse and she wouldn't want that. So don't fret and feel like you quit because you helped her out a lot by walking it as long as you have and I know she appreciates it and you. You are right...Josh will get tons of letters and cards!

Karla~DS just joined the Army Airborne for 4 years! It's just hard for me to let them go, even though I know he will be back. I think if he was just moving out it wouldn't be as bad but him joining the Army kills me. Bet you are excited about your DD moving in and looking forward to having a grandbaby! I know I would be.

Ellen~we can be down in the dumps emotionally together! :grouphug: Seeing the kids leave is the pits, and I never dreamed it would be this hard! But they have to go, as hard as it is on us we have to let them go. And you won't be alone, you have us sweetie! We are here for you! :grouphug: We just have to find things to get involved in and stay busy.

Marti~well, I have to say that you telling us about the cigarette is a very big NSV for you! You didn't have to tell us and you did! :bravo: We are not perfect and will make mistakes once in a while but you are doing an awesome job! And Angie said it best!

Judy~dogs are like people, very smart. Our little Ernie dog always senses when things are going on and it is going to kill him that Josh is gone. Josh is his fav of the family (I'm second) and he everyday about 4 if the door is open he goes close to it and sits and watches for him. He knows his and DH's green trucks and goes crazy when he sees them go by the door. He is at the door waiting for them to come in. He gets sad when Josh isn't around. Also, I feed him everyday between 5 & 6 and he is up and waiting for it. Of course he is terrified of thunderstorms too!

Anita~WTG on the loss! :bravo: You are doing great with the weight loss! I haven't weighed in two weeks-will try to remember tomorrow to do it. Things have been stressful around here for me. I don't think I have ever known a child that doesn't like car rides until your little Joycelyn. My kids loved them and I even knew a lady that had to take her baby for a ride to get her to sleep. Maybe she will out grow it.

Katie~know what ya mean about 3 days not being enough time. Who came up with that one? I know when DH#1 was killed I had people over for the weekend. It happened on a Friday morning and some stayed the weekend and come Monday it was life as usual. I remember thinking it's not fair. The sun shouldn't be shining and life shouldn't continue for everyone, unfortunately that's the way it is. That is kind of strange that you answered as your sis. You were probably just thinking of her and her name came out, which is understandable. Thank you for the heads up, although I would never write Josh on flowery stationary or send him mushy cards-the kid would kill me! LOL He is totally not into all that and I am afraid if I write more than twice a week he will get tired of it. He more into the silly cards but nothing too mushy and no stickers and such like I put all over everything when I write people! LOL He is definitely a manly man. I definitely don't want the guys teasing him. Never thought about anyone reading his letters, so wrong, or eating goodies if I send some. Thanks for letting me know.

Angie~you be careful on that foot when you go to Disneyland! I definitely would take Katie's advice about the wheelchair-I was going to suggest the same but she beat me to it! :lol: And I can't believe you have grey girly! You are too young!

Beth~hope you are feeling better and had a fantastic first day of school! Can't believe it is getting ready to start already!

Hi to everyone else, Mindee, Katy, Sue, Susan, Terri-Lee and anyone I may have missed! :wave: Hope all is well with you all.

Didn't get much done today, unless crying counts! :lol: Not sure why it won't stop. Like DD said, "He will be back." and I know this but the tears just keep flowing. Geez, what am I going to do when DD moves out? It's going to kill me. Anyway, been trying to stay busy to keep my mind off things and my house is very clean! Maybe this is what I needed to motivate me to get off my booty and get things done. We are going to surprise Josh when he gets home with a makeover in his room. Going to dress it up a little and repaint. He painted it green when we moved in and I am going to leave a big stripe of it. But it will be painted a cream color with a horizontal strip that will be green, navy and white. Get some new bedding and rearrange the room-he will be surprised and I think he will like it. We'll see...anyway. Nothing much going on other than that.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day, what's left of it! :wave:

08-11-2005, 05:58 PM

Don't even know where I left off????

HUGS to Katie and Cristi! Thinking of you both.

I am settled in my new home now for 2 weeks. I love it! It is so much bigger and the area is a slower pace.

I continue to work part time at my other job until that position is filled. It was denied for me to work part time here/ part time there. So, it makes for a full day, though I get off earlier, so that is great!

I was encouraged to apply for a site manager position, so I did. Interviewed yesterday, still waiting on word either way. Again, I did this last year with a negative result. Everyone seemed to say go for it and was very supportive.So, I hope that is a good sign.

It would mean moving again ( no more on site living!!!!) and a bigger salary ($18 per hour!). So, we wait.

Rocky came and went. It was a very stressful visit. I was getting ready to move, court and starting a new job. He picked the worse time. Also, Kris was on his worst behavior. Before we even left the airport he said "I'm not coming back here". He wanted to go back to SF and stay with his aunt. He warmed up though when he got to go fishing & fishing & fishing.
We spent almost NO time together alone to talk. It was miserable. Gaby liked Rocky though and bonded well.
Kris constantly picked on her and she cried on and on.

Court??? woooo hoooo. I won! Mike should have went with what I was offering. Now he hasn't seen Gaby since June 17th when he twisted my arm. He needs to set up visitation through Safety Matters to see Gaby. He can see her at his fathers but his dad has to agree & send a letter to the court. He will not be able to take her back to the coast til a custody evaluation is completed. I also get a phone call where I can talk with Gaby. He also will only get here from Sat am to Sun pm, he lost time.
I also get the 30 day notice if I want to move.

So,pooh on him. I have not heard a word since the court hearing. I doubt I ever will.

Gaby goes to her first dental appt in the morning. She is so sweet.

The other girls are spending more time with me and that seems to make them happier.

So, it has been going ok. I am 154 this morning................ugh.

best get! Have missed you all!!

08-11-2005, 06:37 PM
Hello girls--

Just another fly by since I've been running late. Plus I've been browsing and posting.

Update on me and those pesky cigarettes.

I have TRULY come to realize I can't do this w/out the aid of the patch. I thought I was fine when I had gone a few days w/out one, and then I don't know what, but I smoke.

This is difficult for me. I feel like such a failure coming here and posting how well I'm doing and then turn around and say...."I'm weak!" But I do feel proud that I'm only smoking a couple cigarettes rather than the whole darn pack! But still frustrating.

I believe a lot of it is because I'm sad w/out my family home w/me. I get lonely. Seeing James every now and then and Jhanai every weekend......maybe that's just an excuse I don't know. But I do know I want to quit, just don't know how "ready" I really am.

I found this post from a gal who is dealing w/the same issues so I replied back saying that I would join her in trying to get through this. I hope it helps.

So sorry girls if I sound like a pitiful creature!!

I need to get ready for work so I better get going. I will do personals later after work!

Hugs to all!

08-12-2005, 01:01 AM
Hi ladies...

It's late, so this will be a quick one.

Darn it, I am really hoping to see my ticker move down this week. It's been two weeks since we started WW, and haven't had an official weigh in yet, since we had to leave the state last week. Gotta wait 'til Saturday morning.

Cristi, my heart goes out to you. Erik signed up for 6 years active and 2 years reserve. I hated that he went in the military, still hate that it was for so long, and he has decided he hates it too, but he's stuck for now. But I can say it really has helped him grow up a lot, be more independent...and I know it won't be forever. (((hugs)))

Susan, glad you won in court, and sorry your visit with Rocky was so disappointing. How old is his son? It's strange, it almost sounds like Nana and Kris are both trying their darndest to make it as hard as possible for him to have a relationship. And of course they love his first wife, she will always be a part of them, and Rocky obviously loved her too...but it's not right to try to keep him from having any happiness or companionship for the rest of his life. *sigh*

Marti -- keep your chin up, kiddo! You can do this. Don't know if this will work for you, but keep it in the mind if the patch isn't effective for you. Tim got a box of the Nicorette gum. Said the taste wasn't good, but it was extremely effective. Instead of chewing a million pieces a day (the directions said to use as many pieces as the number of cigs you normally smoked), he waited until he was craving a cig so bad he couldn't take it, and then used a piece of the gum. Said it gave him immediate relief every time, and he didn't even have to finish the whole box of gum. He hasn't smoked in like...5 years now.

OK, hiya to everyone else, I gotta hit the sack...


08-12-2005, 03:34 AM
Hiya ladies, :wave:

Angie - thank you so much for starting a new thread. I went ahead and put the Weight Loss part in the title, to help keep us on our toes, lol. Pink jeans - oh how cute!! I love pink, and all shades of it. I too think you oughta think about getting a wheelchair for Disney. And yes, you'll get to go straight to the front of the lines with it. I'm afraid you'll hurt yourself even worse without one, and we can't have that!

Karla - how exciting that the new baby will soon be here. Does he have a name yet? You aren't going to spoil him, are you, lol. My mantra was since I was gonna get the blame anyway, I might as well spoil my grandkids. And I guess you see my grandma's motto in my signature, lol. Btw, we exchange cards once in awhile, and if you want, PM me your address, ok, and I'll PM you mine back. If you aren't comfortable with that, though, I totally understand.

Ellen - good to see you! Hey, if you're laughing, my job here is done, lol. :D

Katiecat - oh how poignant that you answered the phone with your sister's name. You must have been thinking of her very strongly. So funny about the cookies, lol. Served tham right. Good luck with weigh in tomorrow.

Cristi - (((HUGS))) to you, Cristi!!! Ok, 18 weeks will put Josh home for Christmas, right? I know this because Neal will be retiring in 17 weeks, and that's the 12th of Dec. Hope he gets to have some of those Georgia peaches right off the trees. My XDH was in the 101st Airborne out of Ft. Campbell, KY. The Airborne guys are a brave bunch. Yep, I think you sure should change your ticker to reflex the correct weight loss to date!

Susan - YAY for your new home, hon!!! Send me your new address, ok? And I'm very excited with your win in custody. Finally things are going well for you. Good luck on the site manager job. Sorry you and Rocky didn't get more time together, and that his son was such a snot to Gaby! Did Rocky see how his son was behaving, or did he turn a blind eye to him?

Marti - hey, friend, that's what we're here for, ok? I could have Never quit smoking w/o the patch. So don't feel bad. We're only human, hon.

My computer is wanting to update something, and wants to turn off, so I am going to post this much, then come back and add some stuff.....

Ok I'm back. Thank you all for the advice about the dog. Made me feel better with my decision to bail out.

News flash: Mary and I are swapping house again. :dizzy: Now that Neal is retiring, he really wants to fix up the old home place. Mary and Dale do not. So they are going to buy this place from us, and we're going to take over the other house. It needs some Major renovation, and I just hope we're up to it, lol. We'll hire lots of it done, but we can do quite a bit ourselves. It needs new windows, new siding, new drywall, a bathroom renovation, new kitchen cabinets, yada, yada, yada. The place is huge, so although we'll be living in it during all the work, we'll have plenty of room to move around it. Katie is so excited, and so is Neal. I'm just trying to focus on how nice it will be when it's finished. Yikes, am I too old for all this??

It's almost 4 in the morning here. No wonder I can't sleep, lol.

See you tomorrow.

08-12-2005, 11:09 AM
Good morning,
Yesterday was a busy day. Curves and a meeting in the morning. At noon I got two of our granddaughters and brought them home for the afternoon. Kaitlyn is 6 and Meghan is 2. Kaitlyn enjoys playing with the dolls, dressing and undressing them. Meghan is just busy. When my son came after he was done work, we all went in the pool. It was cooler than the last time we went in but we had fun anyway. Hubby got home shortly after they left. He was disappointed to have missed them.

Dusty (the dog) is a black lab. She probably spends as much time here as she does at home. She is often here when our daughter goes away or just because Kathryn doesn't want her to be lonely. :) Our own dog (Mollie) is an 11-month old border collie. She is a character. When we got her at 6 weeks, she was just a bit bigger than the cat. We have a picture of the two of them meeting. They are real buddies even though Mollie is now much bigger. When Mollie comes inside, she always looks for the cat. This particular cat is not afraid of dogs at all so she rubs up against Mollie to say 'hi'. That's my animal story for the day. :)


08-12-2005, 01:35 PM
Good Friday morning ladies!

Judy~so cute how animals (our babies) are. And hey, Jane has a Molly too! I envy you ladies with grandbabies-one day I will have some. Love the names Kaitlyn and Meghan, so cute!

Marti~don't be so hard on yourself. We are only human and we make mistakes and don't ever say you are a failure! :nono: I do the same with the weight loss but I know deep down eventually I will do it and get this weight off as you will quit smoking. So keep your head up and just keep going missy. I'm sorry you are feeling lonely with James not there and only seeing Jhanai on the weekend. :grouphug: hang in there.

Jane~I know you and Neal can fix up the house, you're not too old to do it. And I know the end results will be BEAUTIFUL! It will be like a brand new house but more special because Neal grew up in it! Yes, if all goes as planned Josh will be home for Christmas-will miss Thanksgiving but I would rather him be here for Christmas. And to top it off we will get a weeks vacation when he graduates! Rather than go for just a couple of days I told V since I have never been to Georgia I am going to make a week of it. Of course, I'm not sure what there will be to do in the winter time! I've already sent off for some travel brochures so we can kinda plan something. I think I will add the highest weight to my ticker-ya talked me into it! LOL

Susan~I am sorry that you didn't get personal time with Rocky and that Kris was being a little bugger. I'm wondering too, if he (Rocky) just sat back and did nothing while Kris was acting that way towards little Gaby. Well, I am glad you are moved and settled. Keeping my fingers crossed that you get the new job-$18 a hour would be great! :crossed: I figured Mike would eventually go away which is sad for Gaby, in a way. Maybe one day he will grow up and really try to be a father to her.

Katie~I think this will make Josh more independent also. I honestly think he needs this but I just worry. Such a big worry wart-wish I could just turn it off-it stresses me out so bad. How old is Erik? Sending good vibes for your WI tomorrow. :goodvibes:

Well, hi to everyone else :wave:

Not much on the agenda for today. I went to Lowes early this morning and bought a lamp-not right though so will have to take it back and exchange it. I knew I should have gotten the bigger one. Did a bit of rearranging last night in the living room. Had only the one end table and brought the other up from the basement but didn't have a lamp for it. I am trying to declutter the living room. Of course I am trying to keep busy also. Haven't heard from Josh yet which is killing me. I know he made it there because I don't have a bad feeling, just feeling bad, if that makes sense. Anyway, have a couple of loads of laundry to do, straighten a bit, run and get some milk and gets some cards ready to mail. I did weigh in today finally and am kind of sad to say I gained 2 pounds! :yikes: Actually, I kind of expected it. Not usually a stress eater but this week has been the pits! But I did get a call about an hour ago for an interview Monday, so keeping my fingers crossed about that. :crossed: It's just at Petco but right now I will just about take anything to keep me busy. I have applied at soooo many jobs it crazy. That's about all I have for now. Think I will run and get milk and take that lamp back to Lowes. Was going to have V do it when he gets home but I am going crazy sitting here! :crazy:

Take care ladies and have a fantastic Friday! :sunny:

08-12-2005, 09:32 PM
Welcome Judy!

I am the rude one that only talks about herself! lol I feel that way - sheesh.

wow on you "trading homes" Jane. I would love to have that opportunity, I will live through you and Neal :)

Rocky knows what a pill Kris is - everyone knows. I asked "how does he treat Nana?" Oh, Rocky said the same way as Kris treats him and everyone else.

UNACCEPTABLE to me. I am sorry his mother died when he was 23 days old. Sorry,sorry,sorry. I don't blame Kris though. I blame Nana & Rocky - they have let him run loose and it makes me sick. I don't want any part of it. I don't fancy myself turning this child around. I already have a full plate.

Rocky didn't let Kris get away with treating HRH Gaby horrible. He tried to correct Kris - just made for a stressful time. Sheesh,......10 days of trying to make Kris happy. What a pain.

On the last night he was here they came in at 10pm - from fishing and shopping. I was mad because he spent his last evening .,!

He brought out a Clifford book though and gave it to Gaby. I thought that was nice and decided to give him a break.

Until Kris said " you can't look at that now" - he tried to take it away from her. I said "leave her alone Kris."

I told Rocky I wasn't going to put up with it anymore. I was tired of hearing Gaby cry.

So, he talked with him and the last day Kris was almost human......;0)

anyway, thirsty! Rach turns 14 on Sunday!!!! wooooo hooooo.

better get!

08-13-2005, 02:17 AM
Hi Jaded Ladies!!! I hope this finds you all happy and healthy!!! And on the beach of course!!!
I had a busy last couple of days, so I havent' had a chance to post!!
My daughter is 36 weeks and 1 day preggers! She started having braxton Hicks, diarehha and large amounts of mucus discharge yesterday.
This morning it was she called her dr. office and when they called back they said she needed to go to the hospital to be checked. My daughter kept saying "I'm not in labor Mom...maybe its pre labor, but that's all."
I told her she needed to get checked just in case!!
Well we went to the hospital and shee is 1 cm. dilated and 70% effaced!!
The nurse who examined her thinks Connor will be here between 2 days and 2 weeks from now!! I am so excited!! She is not actually due until Sept. 8th, and when my daughter asked the nurse if she could go until then, the nurse gave a resounding "NO"!!!
So it is preparation time, and my daughter is of course nesting!!!
I hope all of you had a wonderful day!! Tomorrow I hope I will have time to catch up and see how everyone is doing!!!
Happy friday and hope yours was good!!! :D

08-13-2005, 09:01 AM
Good morning, oh Jaded ones, :D

Judy - like Cristi says, I have a Molly, too. I'll use her photo with a Santa hat on as my avatar when it's closer to Christmas. I've been having fun with my DGDs, too. Aren't they just so much fun? Here's who I have: my DD Mary has twins - Makenzie and Madison, who are 3, and Caylin who is 22 months. My son is engaged to Gina who has Makenzie, 6 and Macy, 2 1/2. I have a stepDGS in Mississippi but we very seldom get to see him.

Cristi - don't fret about the 2 pounds. It will come back off in good time. Georgia has some gorgeous antebellum plantation homes that I would love to tour. We've driven through Georgia, but have never visited. Always wanted to, though, and it's on our list of places to go someday. There's a nice airport in Atlanta. Good luck with the interview! Petco would be a great place for you to work, knowing how much you love animals. You'd spend your entire check on cool stuff for Ernie, right? lol

Susan - well, at least Rocky tried to make Kris behave. Kris is probably very jealous of you, and especially of Gaby. He might be worried that the 2 of you could replace him in his Dad's heart. Kids get funny ideas! Sounds like he needs a swift kick in the rear, though, lol. So what are your and Rocky's plans now?

Karla - how exciting that Connor is almost here! I remember nesting, and watching Mary nest, also. Things have to be just so for the mama to feel comfortable bringing the baby home, right? Will you be in the delivery room? Mary had the twins in the OR, and no-one but her DH was allowed. Then, when she had Caylin, Neal, Katie and I kept the twins occupied in the waiting area until the baby was here and cleaned off a bit.

Hi to the others. :wave:

Just thinking about all the things I have to do to move makes me tired. I swore I'd never move again, and now here we go, lol. Mary and I are going to swap all the kitchen things a week or so before the actual move date, which is Labor Day Saturday. I've arranged for a couple of my great-nephews to come move the really heavy stuff. That will save Neal's back and my sanity. What's left of it, lol.

I haven't been to the Y since I hurt my knee, and the food hasn't been too great either. Somebody Stop Me!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!

08-13-2005, 01:21 PM
Hi Jane, I can't wait to see Mollys picture!!! I bet it is adorable!!!! You are so right about everything being just and Rachel is moving in with me as her hubby is going to be going to boot camp and training in Oct. or now possibly November!!! So not only is she nesting, but I am trying to compact everything I own into 1/2 the space I normally :D
Cristi I am envious!!! I would love to work at a pet store!! I love bringing my Samantha into the store...only problem is she KNOWS everyone and every animal is there to see HER!! lol and can't understand why some of them do not want to be friends with

I hope you are all having a wonderful day!! I am off to do some more re-arranging lol!!! I think this is a task that may never be completely finished :o .

08-13-2005, 01:53 PM
Hello girls---

Sorry I haven't been able to get on for a few days. I've been so busy getting my room ready at school and putting in a few extra nights at the restaurant that I've just been wiped out and gone straight to my DS#2- Tanner -- has been having to leave the house at 3:00 am to go to the dairy. Last night he had to get up at 1:30 and go over, came home at 2:30 and had to go back over at 6:00. He always tries to be very quiet but I still hear all the goings ons...

Gosh so much has been going on with you girls the past few days---

Karla--welcome to the group. These are the sweetest gals and such wonderful support. I have been so grateful to have come across them and so blessed with their friendships...I think you'll really like it here.

Jane---I don't envy you the moving. I've been in the same old house for 22 years. When and if I leave, they'll probably just need to bring in some bull dozers. My parents moved off the farm into town this past year---I thought we'd never get them moved but it did give mom and chance to really clean some accumulated stuff, get rid of things she no longer needed and get some new things for their new house. It sounds like such a great house that you'll be moving into....lots of room for all those grandkids!! I hope your knee is getting better!! Be careful not to reinjure while moving.

Christi---I read your post and cried all the way through :( :( ....lots of hugs for you!!! Kids leaving is just so hard on us moms. I think it's really hard because once they leave it's like they're really grown and as parents we move into another phase of their lives. They will always be our children but its just different and that change was very hard for me. I don't know if that really makes much sense....I just know that was one of the hardest emotional times for me was when one of my kids moved out to be on their own. I'm sorry you're hurting....your in my thoughts....and I'll keep Josh in my prayers.

Ellen Your clip art is too cute... :D Hope you're feeling well and getting some sleep.

Well ladies to everyone else---hello and I hope you are doing well. I've got to go back over to school today and finish a few more things before my little darlings come in on Monday. I'm going to have 2 sets of twins :dizzy: in Kindergarten---that'll be interesting!

Love to all ---

08-13-2005, 02:33 PM
Good afternoon ladies!

Thought I would get on really quick before Vince needs me again. We are doing Josh's room today-seems V is in more of a hurry than I am. Figured we would do it in the next few months, not this soon. Oh well, now I am getting excited about it and hoping it turns out like I plan. That dark green has to go! It basically will be a painted border, nothing fancy, just a little different and brighter. The green was nice but so dark. He always kept his door closed but since he is gone I have kept it open. I really don't like closed doors except for the closets of course. I always like the rest of the doors open.

Beth~thank you! :thanks: I totally agree with you...and not only are they going through a new phase of their lives but so are we. It's just weird one being gone and will be even weirder when the other two leave. Although, Jason, DS#1 has decided to go to school full-time (thank god!) and get a part-time job just to pay his way. So that means he won't be moving out as planned in Sept. of course he is hardly ever home anyway. Two sets of twins should be very interesting and fun! I remember being in the sixth grade with two sets of twins, Mary & Sheri and Gay & Kay. Teacher never had a problem and even though they were identical, you could tell them apart. But you have the little ones so it should be fun.

Karla~I think Petco would be the perfect job for me! That or Hallmark! That is cute about your Smanatha. We can't take our Ernie in the store, he is not a people dog but I love it when others bring theirs in-I forget why I went to the store! :lol: Also, enjoy watching the pets get groomed-how they stand there so still. I am excited for you and your DD! A new baby in the house is such a joy!

Jane~I too don't envy you moving, but at least it is just right next door. I think that makes it a lot easier-if moving is ever easy. It should be interesting though with you moving into one house and Mary moving into yours. Try not to get too stressed. And yes, you don't want to reinjure your knee so a break from the Y is a good thing right now. You'll get there soon enough. And about the food not being so great...just keep remembering how far you have come and all the GREAT clothes you get to wear and how you don't want to go back to where you were. You can do it, I know you can! Just stay focused. Ernie has so many toys right now it is ridiculous. He doesn't need any and hardly plays with them but when his BD and Christmas comes around we feel we have to get him a little something so it adds to the pile. He does like the squeaky toys.

Susan~I'm truly sorry that your visit with Rocky wasn't as great as it should have been. It really is too bad that Nana and Rocky have let Kris go as he has. I have to agree with Jane though...a lot of it is probably jealousy. He is probably so afraid of change and of losing his dad even though he wouldn't. Kids see things so much different and instead of embracing a new mom and sis he probably sees you all as a threat. But I do think that Rocky should put his foot down and do something if he ever wants a's never too late. An early :hb: :hat: :gift: :dance: :woo: HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY to Rachel! :woo: :dance: :gift: :hat: :hb: Hope you guys have a great time tomorrow.

We finally got some much needed rain! :rain: :rain: It is supposed to rain the whole weekend which is good. It has been so hot and humid I am sick of it. So nice and cool today. I won't have to water the lawn for at least a week! :cp: Sometimes it can be a real pain. Anyway...I should get going ladies and go see what V is up to, awful quiet up there.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Take care and have a GREAT weekend ladies! :wave:

08-14-2005, 12:36 AM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Karla - just a thought - you might want to add your name in your signature to help everyone keep it straight. You'll have a challenge fitting everything into the space, but I have faith that you'll "git r done", lol. My Molly came from the dog pound. I used to be on the board of directors there, and went with a friend to look at the dogs, since she wanted one. Even though I already had 2 at home, I fell for Molly as soon as I saw her. I went back the next day and got her, and she's my good buddy. She's even going to Florida with Neal and me next Feb., lol.

Beth - no, I'm not looking forward to the moving process. :no: But the good news is, I won't have to do any actual carrying. Just packing. And since I am not a packrat at all, it won't be TOO bad. Just bad enough, lol. I always love seeing grade school rooms. They have a smell to them that I like. :) My twin DGDs are starting preschool on the 23rd. It's just Tues and Thurs mornings, but it will do them good to interact with other kids. Sorry your sleep has been getting interupted. I know how frustrating that can be.

Cristi - I don't like closed doors either, Cristi. For one thing, it seems like the air doesn't circulate well, plus it just doesn't look right. I've done lots better with the food today. I truly pray to God to never, ever regain the weight I lost. I am dedicated to that. We got some rain this evening, finally, but I think it was too late to help the soybeans and the late corn. The grass and flowers will sure love it, though. I think a good rain is just better somehow than hose water, don't you? Will Josh be surprised to see his room is different?

Marti - hope all is well with you. Pop in when you can, ok?

Susan - A very happy birthday to Rachel!!!!

My sister Mary Lou and her SO came over for a visit tonight, and we all had a good time. She copied down some of my recipes, and we got to talking about mom and all of the good food she cooked while we were growing up. Probably why we both have weight issues now, lol. Anyway, we had fun tonight.

Have a good Sunday tomorrow!

08-14-2005, 01:17 AM
Here's a photo of the house we'll be renovating. It was taken after an ice storm last Dec. 27th. We'll be replacing the old windows, shutters, siding and roof, of course. And everything inside, too, lol.

08-14-2005, 03:35 AM
Hello ladies! :wave: And happy Saturday to you...

Went to our second official WW meeting today -- we missed last Saturday since we were out of town. So in two weeks (drumroll please) I lost 6.9 lbs :goodscale :D and Tim lost 8.8! I am proud of him. I think we did pretty good, considering how awful last week was, and having to travel and our schedules being totally messed up. And I know the first couple of weeks are usually the biggest losses with it slowing down to 1-2 lbs a week, but it was a nice jumpstart, I think. We went to Applebee's tonight for dinner, he had the WW Mesquite Chicken Salad, and I had the Teriyaki Steak skewers, both yummy :T They only make steak or shrimp skewers -- the shrimp ones are a lot lower points, but we don't eat shellfish. I wish they did chicken skewers, too, for a lower point alternative...I think I'll try emailing them through their website and suggest it.

Cristi, Erik's basic training was the hardest for me, because he only got to call once, and he wrote a couple of miserable letters saying he thought he made a big mistake. But you've gotta understand, he never really was the military type to begin with. He's an artist, a bit of a loner, not focused or driven, he never talked about wanting to be in the military when he was growing up. I think he just decided to go in because he couldn't decide what else he wanted to do with his life -- he was out of school, but lived in a small town with his dad, and didn't have a car or a job, and was having a hard time getting one without the other. But, thankfully, basic only lasts a few weeks. And he's learned to adapt, to make the best of it, he won't be in forever, and I hope he takes advantage of the GI Bill and goes to college when he gets out. I love him dearly, and just want him to be happy in life, whatever he ends up doing. And yep, Petco or Hallmark would be perfect for you. I worked in a pet store when I was in high school -- loved all the puppies and kittens, and even the birds...

Jane, the house is beautiful! I know it will be tons of work, but it will be wonderful when you are done with it. And, I hope you understood I didn't actually make exlax brownies or sawdust cookies, I just told Erik I should so he would laugh and feel better :lol:

Susan, tell Rachel Happy Birthday! :hb: :gift: :woo:

Beth, TWO sets of twins??? Oh boy, that will be fun :dizzy: Boys, girls, one of each? I would think that teaching kindergarten would be exhausting, but rewarding because kids are excited and like school at that age. Noah will be in ninth grade this year, and was excited that he is taking...GERMAN...of all things!

Judy, it sounds like you really like Curves. I liked the concept a lot, but couldn't fit the hours into my schedule -- also, I wanted to be able to work out with my husband, since we don't seem to see each other enough. So we just joined California Family Fitness, but haven't been able to go yet, since last week was so chaotic. But they are open really early and really late, so that will be out best chance to actually make use of the membership. And they have an indoor swimming pool and a rock climbing wall, so if Noah likes it, we will add him to our membership, since he is here every weekend. I have to go easy until the physical therapist gives me the ok on my knee and my arm (I am so falling apart!), but they said a treadmill, recumbent bike, or swimming should be ok for now. :tread: :ebike:

Karla, I don't remember reading...will Connor be your first grandchild? Sounds like he could arrive any day! It's good that he will be born a little while before his dad goes to bootcamp so they can get to know each other first.

Ok, it's getting late, and we are going to the Renaissance Faire tomorrow. No idea what the points are on the food there, but we'll be doing tons of walking and will just try to make good choices and watch portions -- maybe share a couple of things. I'm so glad Tim is doing WW with me. Much, much easier than going it alone, since we can support and encourage each other along the way. And if I get all excited because I find a great low point snack, he doesn't look at me like I'm a nut :lol:

Lifesavers right now:
snack sized bags of microwave kettle corn 2 pts
Dreyers lowfat orange and cream bars 2 pts
Skinny Cow chocolate and peanutbutter icecream sandwiches 3 pts
ice cold watermelon and fresh pineapple 1 pt per serving

OK, off to bed...

da fat n da furious
08-14-2005, 03:36 AM
Hi Jane, think of the fun of moving,,,clearing out some junk....and then being able to pick and choose new stuff...yay we love to shop! ok I love to shop...

Cristi, good to have plans to take your mind a BIT off of Josh. I couldn't work at the pet stores,,,Id be wanting to take home the puppies..I still go to Petland and press my nose up against the window and talk baby talk to the babies in there. If someone acctually was watching me,,,would be face be red!

Marti, to beat yourself up over this,,,so a few steps back,,,but I still think theres some steps forward cause you have cut down soooo much. Your still ahead!

Susan,,,thats sad about what a bratty kid Kris is. Life will be hard on him if anything happens to Nana and Rocky. Fingers crossed that you get that other job! and YAY for the court sad as this is,,,I agree chances of Mike being a dad to Gabby will be slim,,,he will probably fad from her life.

Beth,,,my husband used to be a dairy man,,,delivering milk to the stores. Now that hes a bread man its worse,,,hes up at 1:30 -3 am each day. So I may go to bed at 11,,,and then Im most of the time woken a couple of hours later. There are times when the weather is bad I just lay there worrying.

Judy, I still remember going to see the new batch of puppies...knowing we were getting to pick one out. (I was worse then any child) but it was Monte who picked her out, She was sitting there all by herself watching her sibs misbehaving. She cocked her head to the side and Monte's heart was stolen..She couldn't of weighed more then 3 lbs. He named her too,,,I couldn't remember her name,,,knew it was a candy and kept calling her Snickers. Which if I ever get another dog will call it Snickers.

Karla, how exciting...lil Conner will be here in no time. And the joy he will bring to your family will be boundless.

Went and got my hair cut and colored. I like to call this the sunset color...many shades of reds and coppers.
Monte and I went and saw a play tonight,,,Eating Raol. It was an adult show for eyebrows raised a few times. Im no prude but...OMG. My friend/boss Shawna and I went and saw the movie Wedding Crashers..hilarous. Laughed so much,,,I do have a twisted sense of humour,,,and am still gaga over Will Ferrel.
I just finished reading Kirstie Alley's book How to Lose your *** and Regain your Life. and all I can say is,,wow does she ever have a TWisted mind. and she swears alot.
Monte and I have decided to go to Banff tomorrow,,,relax in the springs. Tanner will come with us,,,even if we have to drag him from bed. Im thinking the springs will be good for my foot.
Im still working the reception desk along with my other job,,,Im doing full time hours,,,and thinking this may go on for awhile. Shes not doing any better,,,shes had alot of nerve damage in her stomach and lower intestine. Im thinking of refreshing my excel and word and possibly finding a full time job as a receptionist.Ive been enjoying the work.

well not much else,,,,going to head to bed,,,night ladies have a good Sunday.

08-14-2005, 03:44 AM
Not much time to post as I'm as tired as I can be.....had a hard time difficult time focusing on the freeway on our way home. Jhanai & I went to my sisters and we all went to the Scandavian Festival. It was HOT!

But it was still fun. Nothing huge or anything, people mainly go there for the FOOD!! Today was Norwegion Day.

Ok....gotta get off and get to bed.


Jhanai says "Goodnight Ladies" too!! :smug:

08-14-2005, 09:00 PM
hello ladies.......

Cristi~ How are you feeling? Feeling any better?

Angi~ When you are guys going to Disney? My parents and their kids are going I think over Thanksgiving time.

Jane~ That house is aboslutely beautiful!!!!

Judy~ Welcome to the group!

Any one I missed, I am sorry but know that I am thinking of you all.

Ellen~ It is so good to see/hear from you!

I hate to cut this short, but Brandon needs a bath. He was outside playing in the gravel. Oh yeah......and he is walking now!!!! So my mom was right when she said that he would start walking in time for the baby to be born.

08-14-2005, 11:24 PM
Hi ladies,

Katiecat - YAY for your great loss!!!!! and a big congrats to Tim, too. Lol, I thought that you really did make those cookies! :dizzy: So I'm glad to hear it was just a joke, lol. Hope you and Tim had fun at the rennaissance fair today.

Angie - yep, I love to shop too, and have already been looking at borders, cabinets, countertops, etc. Your hair sounds very "Angie" and love to see it. The more I know about Kirsty Ally the less I like her. I saw her on Oprah, and can you believe she had a makeover done on her kitchen and was a real you-know-what will the guys doing the work. They told how demanding she was, and she sat there and kind of laughed about it! I'm not surprised she's such a potty mouth, lol.

Marti - the festival site looks like a lot a fun. Glad you had a good visit with Jhanai and your sister.

Mindee - glad to hear Brandon is walking! Let the games begin, lol.

Thank you for the kind words about the house. It is really in bad shape, though, and it's going to take a whole lot of work to make it what it should be. Neal and I are going to do as much of the work ourselves as we can but we'll be hiring out some of the stuff like plumbing, window replacing, etc.

Terry and his family brought BBQ pork chops for Sunday dinner. I rounded out the meal, and it was good to have them here.

Hope you've had a good day. Talk to you tomorrow. :)

08-15-2005, 01:38 AM
Hi all you wonderful Jaded Ladies!!! I have missed you while Rachel is keeping me nesting to prepare for Connor!!! She is having a LOT of braxton hicks...or is possibly in early labor now...we're not sure yet...but boy oh boy is she Yes Connor is my first grandchild!! I am already twitterpated and he isn't even "here" yet...

Jane: I have to weigh in the morning and will try to update and change my signature then to reflect my name vs shortiemetoo!
I love love love the house!! It is so beautiful and I can just imagine what it will be like when all of your hard work is finished!!! Thank you so very much for sharing the picture with all of us!!! I am so very happy Molly got such a great home with you!! She is definately a lucky ducky dog!!!

Woo Hoo Katiecat!!! Congratulations on your big loss!!! You did GREAT!!! And so did your hubby!! I love the WW menu at Applebees! It is so yummy!
Good idea about suggesting the chicken skewers!!!!

Hi tommysgirl! I hope Brandon enjoyed his bath!! What a cutie pie!!

Marti I hope you sleep well!!!

Hi da fat n da furious! I wish you would post a pic of your new hair color! I am trying to decide what to do with mine and it sounds so pretty!!! Bye the way, if it isn't food or baby stuff I hate to shop!!! Isn't that awful!!??

I hope you all have great days tomorrow...if Rachel does not go into labor I will be here!!!!
Good luck to all that weigh in tomorrow!!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you...and myself as well!! :D ;)
Nighty nite for now!!!

08-15-2005, 01:40 PM
A very good Monday morning ladies!

What a weekend...I feel like it was wasted and slept A LOT-too much! I think it's this gloomy weather. While I appreciate(d) the rain it made/makes me sleepy. Didn't get Josh's room done either, well we actually did. The color I picked, which by the way was not what I wanted. It is too white! I am definitely not a white person anymore-have to have color on the walls. So V is getting a different color and we will repaint tonight. :crossed: that this one will be the right one. For the most part the stripes turned out good and I really like it. Just have to do a little bit of touch up on that because the tape didn't stick very well-it didn't run but the line is not perfect. The stripe is about 6 inches wide with two navy stripes, a white stripe and then the original green he had on the wall. So the white?? stripe will match the rest of the color on the wall, the green and navy-the curtains and comforter. That's what we did over the weekend, that and hung some new lights on the ceiling fans in the kitchen and living room. Next is our kitchen & dining room. We are finally going to do the corian counter tops, get new appliances, do the wood flooring, a french door to replace the slider and plantation shutters.

Jane~we are do-it-yourselfers also. We love to do home repair and such and luckily V does electrical and plumbing so that has saved us lots of moola! The house is so pretty and you are going to have such fun fixing it up! It gets frustrating sometimes but it is all worth it in the end. Anyway, Josh will definitely be surprised with the new room-pretty sure he wll like it but he probably won't care one way or the other since he won't be spending much time there anyway. I just thought it would be nice to freshen it up for when he is here.

Katie~WTG on you and DH loss (WI)!! :bravo: Josh really isn't the military type either which surprised the heck out of me when he told me he joined. The kid does not take orders well but when he goes after something he puts his all into it and I think this will be good for him.

Angie~oh, I was wanting to see Wedding Crashers. I am such a big fan of Vince Vaughn-think he is soooo cute! So glad to know it is good. I think sometime this week DD and I will go see The Bad News Bears first though. I think Billy Bob is perfect for that role. Would love to see a pic of your new do, bet it looks GREAT!

Marti~the scandinavian festival sounds like fun! I am surprised they don't have one here. V is Norwegian and that would be awesome to go to. There is a small town here called Lindsborg that has a big Christmas festival and lots of scandinavian shops which is cool.

Hi Mindee, & Karla! :wave:

Trying to get caught up with my laundry today and the interview is at 1 p.m. Not as excited today as I was Friday but I think whatever job I get will do me good right now. Just need to get used to Josh being gone and try to not think about him 24/7 and working will definitely do that. Oh, but then I have to come home :( Anyway, gotta run ladies. I need to leave about 12:30 and I haven't taken a shower yet! So...

Take care and have a wonderful day! :sunny:

08-15-2005, 02:46 PM
:( Hi everyone!

How is everyone doing? I miss you guys. I have been so busy at work, and chasing after a toddler at night, that I hardly ever get a chance to post and catch up with everyone.

I am noticing a couple of new faces, and would like to say WELCOME to Karla and Beth. Although, I may have already said hello to Beth, but I can't remember.

That's the other thing, my memory is terrible since the arrival of the kidlet, so please forgive me.

We had a great weekend. Jerry and I went to the trailer sans Joycelyn and our beloved furbaby Nikki. We had an "Adults Only" weekend if you KWIM. And we had a FAB time. I really tried to stay on program, but I did have a couple of slips but nothing too detrimental I am thinking, plus I wasn't too good with the water this weekend, and drank diet pop instead.

It was our annual MEXICAN DAY at the trailer so it was reallly hard, especially with all that yummy melted cheese around. I made sure that I had a big salad at dinner and just added my taco meat (chicken in my case) and my cheese to that. Then I stuffed a pita with some more salad. It was quite yummy.

Anyway, I must run. The phones are ringin.


08-15-2005, 02:48 PM
I do like Curves. I like the fact that I am working out with other women. I tried a gym and didn't like being an over 50 (at the time) year old overweight woman in the same place as the men. I didn't go as frequently as I should. It was a total waste of money. So, even though I have to travel 15 minutes (rather than go to the gym which is only 5 minutes away, I am more consistent and I don't dread going. I would probably feel different if my husband had belonged to the gym with me. Who knows, when I am in better shape, I may decide to go back to a gym.

I wouldn't be looking forward to moving either. We have been in this house for 28 years. I know there is 'stuff' here that should be gone but as long as we are in this house, the 'stuff' is safe. :) Actually a year ago we were considering a move to another province, but, for now, we have decided to stay here.


08-15-2005, 05:11 PM
Hi ladies!

I'm back again for a few minutes.

Anita~glad you and hubby had a nice weekend.

Judy~that's the way I would go if I were to join anything. Except I am too worried about others watching me work out that I haven't joined. The lady where I go to tan has a curves like place she just opened about 1 1/2 years ago and would give me a discount but I just cant bring myself to work in a circle of women. Now if I could hide in the back...:lol: I may force myself to do it one day.

Jane~a big THANK YOU for the card! That was sweet of you. :thanks:

Not sure the interview went well. The guy was rushed and kind of cocky. I think I am just too old and fat for them! Which is fine, I definitely am not upset over it. If he calls, he calls, if not, oh well. There is something out there for me and I will just keep looking. Anyway, just wanted to check in for a few minutes before Jeopardy and say Hi and thank you!

Have a good one ladies! :wave:

08-15-2005, 05:11 PM
Jane~ Are you guys going to be moving into that house when it is all done? That really is a nice house.

Karla~ I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Mindee, and I am married to Tommy. I will be 23 on Wednesday, and Tommy is 28. We have one son, Brandon, who will be 16 months on the 23rd and another son on the way. I was on here right after I had Brandon to figure out ways to get rid of the baby weight. I was doing great, hit a plateau and then got pregnant again. LOL But I ended up weighing less after then when I was pregnant with Brandon. As of right now, I weigh as much as I did when I found out I was pregnant with Brandon, which is an awesome feeling!

Sorry to type and run, but we have to run and get some more milk.

08-15-2005, 07:10 PM
Hi gals!

Long time no post from this chickie - so sorry...we have been sooo busy with the house

I do try to read what everyone is seeing alll the new folks here...such a great group. I have new photos up at my yahoo photo page, so y'all can see what I was going on and on about with regards to the house

we are leaving town this weekend for some camping...before then the trusses come and the guys are going to put them up...more busy-ness

Scales said 172 this a.m. yippee! I am going to change that darn ticker :D

Cristi - good luck on the job - you sure have great attitude about it. Your DS is in my prayers as I always include those who are serving in the military...such a tough job..really takes a special kind of person

Jane - now we know how you are going to spend Neal's retirement,lol! That house will be fun to work on - you can see how beautiful it could be again by the picture

Susan - Sorry the visit with Rocky wasn't that great - but your new home does sound great...things are looking up ( well, maybe not in Kris' point of view :p)

Marti -I know you will succeed at giving up cigs...if you need patches, get the's ok to seek out help if you need it.

Hi to everyone else, especially the new gals...can't remember all your names yet...

08-15-2005, 10:12 PM
Good evening, ladies,

Karla - any word about Rachel??? Hope you can announce a new grandbaby when you pop in next.

Cristi - you're welcome for the card. I hoped it would brighten your day. :) Like we always say, if you're meant to get the job, you will. And if not, you won't. Not too sure I'd like to work for a cocky boss anyway.

Anita - you're gonna be in that leather coat before you know it! Maybe even before it's cold enough to wear it.

Judy - you don't have any trouble with your knees at Curves? Seems like several women I know have mentioned it recently. So glad you like it there. It's the kind of place I would really like, I know, since I'm a talker and will talk to people I don't know without any hesitation. I enjoy the company of others, but like solitude, too. At the Y, nobody really cares about the others' size, etc. I was surprised to find that out, since years ago, it was mainly the buff who went there.

Mindee - we'll be living there WHILE the renovation is being done. That's because Mary and Dale are going to buy our present home, and so we're exchanging houses Labor Day weekend. The good part is, since the place is so big, we can close off each part as it's being fixed.

Katy - you're one busy lady! I'll have to check out your site. Have fun camping this weekend.

I started packing today. Got the playroom pretty much done. Also got my ironing done. No, I didn't pack it, I ironed it, lol. :lol:

We have so many tomatoes that I've been eating them like crazy. 0 points! :D Need to make some more 0 point soup, too.

Buh-bye, chickies :wave:

08-15-2005, 11:48 PM
Hi girls---just wanted to pop in right quick and say hey!

Jane--I've always loved 2 story houses---I know your house will be great!! I'm anxious to see more pictures.

Katy ---I looked at your pictures and enjoyed them so much...what all are ya'll doing to the house? Looks like they're really coming along.

Cristi--Wow--Ya'll really got after redoing the room!! All that would have taken me forever. I'm great at starting a project. I just have a lot of trouble ever getting it completely finished-- :D

School went great today. I didn't have any criers :( this morning. (moms or kiddos) That always makes it pretty stressful for everyone when someone doesn't want their mommy to leave. And it's really stressful when mommy doesn't want to leave. I've been so busy with school this last week I haven't paid much attention to what I'm eating and when I'm really tired I'm bad to just grab anything that's fast. My goal tomorrow is too stay on plan and stop and drink water throughout the day. I've been walking a couple of miles a day at school so I'm trying to keep that up. If we walk 50 miles a semester at school, the school gives us a free personal day off. Since it's just a small elementary school with only 7 teachers, we all try to get our walking in at I'm on my way with that!

I am reading everyone's posts even though I haven't really had time to respond to everyone. I hope all are doing well....

Love to all~~~

08-16-2005, 12:13 AM
Hello everyone!! No new baby yet...but I'm hoping it will be soon!! Rachel has an appt we will see what is happening then!
Meanwhile she is nesting and keeping me super duper busy!!
I had to stop and say "hi" and tell you that I will post soon!!!
(((((((hugs everyone)))))))))))

da fat n da furious
08-16-2005, 12:24 AM
Karla, I can just imagine how busy Rachel has you! I had Monte on the table cleaning the light fixture to the point of obsession. Well keep us posted!

Katy have a great time camping....

Anita, just thinking about the huge salad with chicken makes me crave mexican,,,even though I had it last night.

Cristi,,,paint Joshes room fatigue style... kidding,,,so what color did you go with? Well you never know about the job,,,he may have acted rushed cause he already figured you had the job...never know.

Jane,,,personally I would raither move into a house and fix it up then into a new house,,,have done both and enjoyed the older homes more.

Beth,,,I was one of them mom's with Brandon,,,cried all the way home! With Tanner well his nickname was velcro baby...for good reason, Took 2 months of him crying and clinging to me before he would stay in the school and not try to sneak home...we lived across the street for the school.

Banff was wonderful! the springs were so nice and hot,,,my foot felt great. We shopped and bought a painted war horse at the christmas store. Monte loved it. I got my favorite soap,,,from Mountain Soap,,,it smells like licorise. Well need to get to bed...this working full time is killing me.

08-16-2005, 12:54 AM
Psst......Only have a minute, if that! Jhanai is hogging the computer! :lol:

But I will be back later to catch up. Promise!

08-16-2005, 10:38 AM
Good morning, ladies *yawn*

Tim just headed off to work, and I am up way too early. I usually start work at 8:45 (next week I will change to 8:30), but today I have physical therapy for my knee at 8am. Then as soon as I get to work I have physical therapy for my arm, sheesh. Which means they use ultrasound on it for 10 minutes (never notice any difference), rub it really hard until it hurts worse, then try (again) to talk me into using cortisone, or some other steroid flavor of the day -- but I'm just not comfortable with that. I sense they are starting to get annoyed with me.

I talked to Tim, and I think he's taken as many community college classes as he can toward his degree -- he may have enough credits now for an AA. That means he needs to transfer to a university, and probably cut down to part time work *gulp* and start taking out student loans. Scary, but we'll just have to modify our budget a bit -- a lot. I wish there was more time stretched out in front of us -- I'm 41 and he's 36.

Katy, loved the progress pics of your remodel -- what will you be using the extra room for?

Angie, the only time I've ever heard of Banff before is in a car racing video game we had for the SuperNintendo :lol: Banff was one of the racetracks. Glad the hotsprings made your foot feel better. How much longer until your Disney trip? Your new hair color sounds wonderful, and like it suits your personality.

Karla, keep us posted on the baby! Bet you can hardly wait to meet him...

Anita, way to go resisting all that cheese! :cp: I miss cheese, but have learned to make do with much smaller servings and will often buy the lower fat varieties now -- but haven't been able to find a fat free kind I really like. Potlucks are tough, huh? My team at work has a potluck once a month to celebrate the birthdays for that month, and I've always made the cake. :chef: I wasn't going to do it anymore, but the birthday this month is for my good friend, so I'll make one last cake. :hb: In September, it's my birthday, so I wouldn't have to make one anyway! :lol: And at least this month it's a make-your-own sandwich theme, so as long as there is bread and turkey and lettuce, I should be able to stay OP. Just gotta resist that cheese!!!

Mindee, so Brandon has graduated from "rugbug" to "curtain jerker"...oh boy! Once their little eyes are higher off the ground they seem to find so many new things to explore -- it's a whole new world... The good side is, you don't have to carry them as often, which is nice when they start getting heavy and you have another baby in your arms, too :)

Beth, good luck with your new class. Sounds like the next few weeks will be very busy while everyone gets settled in.

Cristi, good luck to you too, on the job. Where did you interview? And I agree with Jane -- if this is the right one you'll get it; if not, then something better is in store for you :) Just reading about your home projects exhausts me -- you sound like one of those home makeover shows! Sounds like it will be beautiful when you get all of that done.

Judy, my biggest workout challenge has been time. Tim works 5:30-2:00, I work 8:45-6:45 (will be 8:30-6:30 starting next week). I have every other Friday off, but spend it running errands, grocery shopping, appointments, and trying to catch up. I get home at 7:15, make dinner, we eat, and by then Tim is exhausted and ready for bed. And my 14 year old son is here every weekend, so I didn't want to take away from my time with him. That's why we picked a family membership gym, so he can come along. I used to worry a lot about what I look like working out, too, but I've gotten to the point that I just don't really care anymore. I'm middle-aged, I'm overweight, and I'm trying to do something to improve my health. If other people feel the need to stare at me and make judgements, oh well, they can kiss my butt -- heaven knows, there's plenty of it, hard to miss!!! :lol:

Jhanai, we miss your mom...let her back on the computer for awhile, ok?

OK, gotta shower, finish my coffee, and head off to the salt mines. Hello to everyone else...have a great day, ladies!

08-16-2005, 03:02 PM
Good afternoon ladies!

Katie~you made me laugh! :lol: I told V that I really need to quit watching HGTV! What is Tim going for in school? Took DS#1 almost 4 years to get his Associates and now is working on his Bachelors. So glad he decided to go full-time and get a part-time job to get it done. He did a semester last year and quit because he got tired of his job. It interferred with school. And then he turned around and did it again. So now he is going to focus on school. :crossed: May be a pain in the beginning on your budget but in the long run it will be better. Tim will have the degree and better pay. I'm leary of the cortisone also. The first time I had it it worked and the second time a couple of years later it made my arm worse. New doc doesn't want to give it to me since it didn't work last time but wants me to experiment with different drugs 'til we find the right one. Ummm, no thank you. I tried something last month and it did nothing for me. Tried Vioxx a couple of years ago and did nothing for me so I am going to just stick with Ibuprofin for a 3 or 4 days a week. I only take it when it is really bad. I also tried physical therapy-didn't help. While that little electrical thingy was on it it was fine but once it was off it was hurting again. Just something I guess I will have to deal with.

Angie~I actually thought about the camoflauge/fatigue, for about two seconds! LOL Ended up going with a taupe and still not pleased with the color-still too light for my taste. But it is staying. I am going to do some touch up today and then V has another navy stripe to do and then we can get the room put back together. I think once everything is up it will look fine. Just couldn't really find the color I had in mind. Glad you guys had a nice time at Banff. So how many more days 'til Disneyland?

Jane~are you getting excited about moving? That's good that you guys can close off whatever room you will work on. How long do you think it will take you to do all the renovations? I just want to hurry up and finish with ours so we can sit back and enjoy the house. I thought V was kidding when he said it would take 10 years to finish everything! :yikes: It's 1 1/2 years into it now. But we are almost done. I think the kitchen is the biggest thing, actually the yard was.

Katy~thank you for sharing the pics with us. They are moving right along with your renovations, looks like anyway. I think the last time you mentioned anything they were getting ready to pour the concrete. It's looking good. I was getting ready to post some of ours but I had a couple more to add and for some reason I am having problems uploading them to yahoo. Tried three times and nothing. I will figure it out soon or either start over and put them all on photo bucket. Loved the family pics also-the kids are getting big, especially little Leigh. Love the one of her in her red coat! So cute! WTG on getting down to 170! :bravo: Hope you guys have a nice time camping.

Beth~I remember the kids first day of school. Jason, DS#1 thought he was so grown up. I was walking him up to the classroom and was going to walk him to the door and he stopped and looked at me. Gave ma a look like what are you doing lady, you can go now. LOL I laugh about it now but I almost cried back then. The second one is definitely better, not so bad. But when Josh started, oh man there was a screamer! The kid literally held on to his mothers leg and would not let go. So the teacher let her go in to the class and get him settled and sit with him for about the first two weeks. Finally she had to take the kid off the moms leg and told her to just go. Took a while but he came around. I felt bad for the little guy.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Again, a pretty laid back day today. Just going to do some touch up in the room. Was up early and got the house straightened but do need to vacuum still. I bought the book Walk Away The Pounds to see what it is about. Have a couple of her videos and really like them-just need to get into the habit of doing them. I don't understand why I can't get motivated to exercise. The food is going so so, and not even getting any water down. Which I think it will get better once the newness of Josh being gone goes away. I know it won't go away completely but right now I feel so stressed and worried. Geez, I wish I wasn't such a worry wart! I am getting a plan in place and am putting a time frame to it and a certain amount of weight to lose in that time frame. So we will see what happens. Anyway...

:cb: :flow2: :dance: Take care ladies and have a wonderful day! :dance: :flow2: :cb:

08-16-2005, 06:30 PM
Hi everyone!!
Sorry, as this will be short and I am so far behind in messages to everyone!
Rachel is a HARD!
Now she has me walking and walking and walking...which is good...but sheesh!
lol :D
Went to the dr. office...the dr. was at a we sit down and wait... and wait some more...finally they ask if she wants to see the nurse practitioner instead! She said yes...
Well....she is now 95% effaced....still only 1 cm. dilated....but is measuring big!!! Prior to the exam Rachel told her what happend, about going to the hospital on thursday...she said "1st babies are always on their due date or wont have him until at least Sept. 8."
After the exam she said "Wow...your cervix is very soft...and you are 95% effaced...You are only 1 cm. dilated but your cervix is moving forward!!"
Then after measuring she said "I expect that you will start dilating soon!"
So now we are back at square one...Rachel is having almost continuous (every 5 min. or less) braxton hicks...and we have absolutely no idea when Connors' birthday will be! lol
Rachel is hoping now for the 25th as that is her hubbys birthday!!!
I hope you all have a great day...maybe after Rachel goes home later I will be able to get back here and read up on how everyone is doing!!!!

08-16-2005, 07:45 PM
Karla~ Good luck with the new baby. I wish for a fast and quick delivery. Any hope for the 17th still??

Jane~ That is awesome about the house.

Katy~ Have a great time camping!!

Marti~ Have fun with Jhanai!

Katiecat~ Yeah he is now a "curatin jerker." He loves the fact that he is just tall enough when he stands on something to see on the counter. The only time he gets carried is coming into my mom's house/going out to the trailer, or when we get out of the car in a parking lot.

08-16-2005, 07:51 PM
Just popping in!

Will catch up later when I have more time.

I was offered the site manager job today from the housing director!! Starts at the 18.22 ( up to $25) and I get to live off site after 14 years!!!!! woooo hooooo.....

soooooooooooo happy!! :)

08-16-2005, 09:10 PM
Hello ladies. Just a pop in since I am getting ready to walk. I did 2 miles this morning and hope to do 2 more. DH and I plan to start another "non-diet" eating program tomorrow. I went and got lots of fruit and veggies. I told him this was how I lost 7 pounds and I was ready to buckle down again. It is so much easier if he co-operates and doesn't expect me to do any down home southern cooking. I fixed him a small amount of fried potatoes tonight and told him that was it for awhile. I hurried and put onions in them since I won't eat them that way. LOL..
Will be back to do some more gabbing in a little while.

08-16-2005, 10:40 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Beth - wow, that's really cool that your school will let you have a free day for walking. Glad you didn't have any criers today. My son went to preschool, and I cried in the car after I dropped him off there the 1st day. Then I cried in the car when each DD went to kindergarten. Now, next week, Mary's twins start preschool. I KNOW she's going to cry. They are 3 and have little backpacks and everything.

Karla - all 3 of my kids were born a few days before their due dates, so I wouldn't go by what the NP said. Keep us posted, ok? Conner has a lot of new Aunties here just waiting for his arrival.

Angie - yeah, the house has a lot of charm. And mucho problems, too. Glad you foot is better and that the Banff trip was lots of fun. When do you start practicing for Evita?

Marti - when does Jhanai start school? Most of them around here started today, but the college starts Monday. Neal has only 16 1/2 weeks left to teach.

Katiecat - hope your knee PT went ok. While Tim is going part-time at work, can you use some of the student loan $$ to live on? Usually they are pretty generous. I agree with Cristi that he's smart to get his education out of the way now. About the cheese - I just usually allow for it and eat the real thing. Sometimes it's good to savor the real deal, only eat less. Sounds like you're doing fine with the lowfat, though.

Cristi - I haven't even thought about how long it will take to get the house done. I know we'll be at the mercy of contractors for part of it, so it's hard to tell. Glad you're getting your weight loss plans in place! That's half the battle, friend.

Mindee - thanks :)

Susan - there you are! Congrats about the job, toots!! Things are going your way finally, aren't they?

Sue - yay for you sticking with what works. The older we get the better we know our bodies, don't you think so? Btw, how's your mom?

Spent the day in Evansville with Maggie today. She was getting a cataract off her eye. This is her 2nd one, so she's relieved now that they're both done. Have to admit that while she was in surgery I popped over to the Hallmark House and picked up a gift for Mary. It's a sage/seafoam green watering can with lavendar (the plant) spilling out of it. So sweet! At some point during the move, she's gonna get all frazzled, and that's when I'll give it to her. I know that will make her feel better.

Gonna surf for a bit... see you later. :cool:

08-16-2005, 11:27 PM
Thanks Jane :)

I have my one friend that mailed me this gri gri bag.She said carry it with me for good luck. , I have since the court thing with Mike.

Just thrilled and the director of public housing was so nice. She said they would make sure my medical continued with no breaks. Since I was going to stop it because of going part time.

blah- tired. omg! I get $$$$$$ now!


da fat n da furious
08-17-2005, 12:54 AM
Wahoo Susan! Im so happy for you,,,,life is certainly looking alot more brighter eh? now if only we can work on Chris and Nana....hmmmm
So you moving soon?

Jane,,,,My mom had to get one of them surgeries...she felt a whole lot better once it was done. Im hoping that is one thing I won't have the same as her,,,so far everything else...varicus veins,,,pufy eyelids...*sigh oh ya I have white hair,,,something she has yet to have.
Gawd Jane, Im going to be crying thinking of the lil twins off to scool..lil backpacks,,,oh how cute! Brandon had a dinosaur backpack.....I dropped him off that day all nicely pressed,,,went to get him 3 hours later,,,his shirt was missing buttons and he had a huge scrape across his nose to had knots in it,,,go figure on that. He looked rough,,,he was asleep before we had left the poor kid had to wake him since I was 8 months pregnant with Tanner.

Christi,,,I bet once you have everything back in place it will look great,,,are you getting new covers (window and bed) too?

Katy,,,I had a cortisone shot in my shoulder,,,2 years ago,,,had to. I was in agony. And it was the best thing,,,but that was me taking a chance,,,,cause like you I never felt cortisone was a good thing but I was beyong pain.

Sue,,,there are many spices you can add to foods to make it taste like your cheating. And plan to use it when Im doing WW....was going to do SureSlim but did enough research to know that the Calgary branches aren't as good at helping their clients out. Not going to dish out a few hundred to deal with that. Heck the way Im feeling Im going to need 24/7 care. So my friend Becky has asked me (begged) to join WW with her,,,shes done well and Im just right now a lost soul when it comes to eating. So she leaves for holidays Friday and I leave the following Saturday,,,once Im home we join. I need to lose alot for the surgery in Janurary.

Christi you watching the teen awards? BEP (black eyed peas) are in it...I like Gwen S. and may buy her cd. Monte likes her music too,,,I just love her style...I can oh so be her!
11 more days!!!
While Im on holidays,,,my boss and good friend Shawna,,she and I have done alot of plays together,,,we hang out alot. Tanner calls her auntie,,, shes leaving for a year for Australia,, I can't even think about her gone from work that I get all emotional. Im so not wanting to work there anymore,,,that means 3 of my favorite people have left. Im thinking of getting my upgrading in word and excel and finding another job.
Im do all this once Im back from holidays.

08-17-2005, 01:02 AM
Whew! I did get in another 2 miles. It was pretty humid, but it always feels good to get it done.

Jane- You are right, what has worked before should work again. I just always get side-tracked. Seems like 7 or 8 pounds is all I can lose before I swerve off the track. Mom is doing well. She is moving the arm little by little and trying to do some therapy on her own. The Dr. said she could try that for 4 weeks and if it is going well she won't have to go to P.T.

Susan- Congrats on the new job. Do you have to move by a certain time, or can you stay where you are for awhile? Yes, $$$$ is a good thing. :)

Mindee- Now Brandon can "help" with his new brother by going to get a diaper or picking up a toy and bringing it to baby. Will make him feel so big! He is so cute!

Karla- Hello and welcome. How exciting to be expecting a new baby boy! I know you won't spoil him...right? (not much)

Beth- Welcome to you also. How much fun you must have with all the little ones. Plus lots of work I am sure!! My DS went to school from age 3 on and I don't think he or I ever cried. I think when he got on the bus for the first time going to kindergarten I got the lump in my throat. Up until then I had delivered him to his room and picked him up, so it didn't seem like such a big step as actually letting him leave the house on that big bus.

Cristi- I don't think I sent you a (((hug))) yet for what you are going through. My DS didn't go into the military, but I know I missed him when he left and moved West. I had already gone through it with DS#2 when she moved to CA and didn't like it one bit. But, it does get easier and then you will be so proud of him too. Think positive!

Katy- Have fun camping. I used to love doing that. Looks like your construction is coming along nicely. Good job on the weight loss!!

Katiecat- I don't know if you told what was wrong with your arm, but I do hope you get some relief. I also think it is great that Tim is going to get to finish his schooling. It will be worth all the hard work you are both putting into it.

Angie- Good luck with WW. I have been thinking of doing it also. I will have to experiment with spices more. I too need 24/7 care but for now I will have to count on DH for some support.

All the rest of the J.L's- Hello, hope you are having a good week!

My DD#2 and her family were in town for 4 days. They left this morning which made for a bummer of a day for me. I just kept busy. Got everything cleaned and the laundry done.

Things might be happening soon with our new house. I am keeping my fingers crossed for some great news..will fill you in IF it happens.

08-17-2005, 08:32 AM
Oh Ladies--

So sorry that I didn't pop back in after I said I would. And I even promised! :o We ended up watching a movie, and half way through we were tired so we went to bed. James was out of town so she slept w/me. She is SUCH a bed hog! :lol:

It's getting late here(or early) it's a little after 4:30 so I think I'll head off to bed. I will chat w/you all when I get up this afternoon. It's been a fun & busy weekend!

Until then ladies..........

08-17-2005, 01:43 PM
Hey Ladies,

How is everyone this fine day. I am feeling pretty good, today is DH and my 4th wedding anniversary. Nothing special planned, because we were away last weekend and celebrated then if you KWIM?

I'm back on track with the program, my little indiscretions didn't really effect my weight ( i gained 2 oz) but since then it is gone and I am now down a total of 25 pounds.

I got a some sad news also. It seems my brother's best friend tragically died in a carr accident this past weekend in Belleville Ontario. What makes it even more tragic is that his death could have been prevented had he only been wearing his seatbelt. He leaves behind a two year old son (my brother's godson actually) :(

Katiecat-- I know what you mean about the cheese. I really miss it too. Right now I am eatinga tuna melt with skim milk cheese. Not quite the same but at least there's low fat cheese.

Susan-- Congrats on the job. It seems like things are certainly looking up for you.

Jane-- WOW, that house looks beautiful. I love the picture. I am sure that with some TLC it will be ship shape in no time.

Marti-- How is it going being tobacco free?

Hello to everyone else, Angie, Karla, Sue, Ellen, Cristi, Mindee, et all.

BTW Where is Terri? Hello!!


08-17-2005, 04:01 PM
Hello again ladies--

Oh lets see how I can catch up a bit!

Anita--Congratulations on the the weightloss!! You're doing a fabulous job!! So proud of you! And a Happy Anniversary to you!!

Sue--Fabulous job on the two miles. It's starting to cool off a little around here so I may just start walking outside again! I've been wanting to for the past month or so but I can't when it's too hot. And working nights makes it hard to find a time. (yeah....excuses!)

Angie--I think buddying up w/someone helps motivate more. I have three different people at work who want to workout w/me, but they workout at the wrong times! (we don't work the same shift!) Hopefully I'll get a routine at work to where I can workout w/someone! Hope you have fun on vacation! or the holiday as you call it. (can I go?)

Susan--Hurray!!! So glad everything is going in your favor!! I knew it would, it just took time! My grandma had said to me once "Our time and gods time are different, we want things good to happen now, he waits until we're ready" I feel I'm always ready :lol: but that saying is always in my head.

Jane--Jhanai starts school a day or two after Labor Day. She's ready too. She can't wait to see her friends. She needs to go register the week! Neals 16wks are going to fly by so fast!! And then it's suntan lotions and cabana boys and girls for the two of you! :D

Cristi--You gotta let me know the book "Walk away the pounds" since I want to star walking soon I wonder if that will inspire me even more to walk! I really need a walking buddy!!

Katy--I love the photos of the remodeling!! How about you and your hubby find a plot for me and James and just build me a house from scratch? :lol:

Karla--I just have this feeling that you'll be on here soon announcing the birth of your grandson!! And just so you know, we're big on pictures!!! :D

Katie--I am absolutely thrilled that you're having success on WW!!! Both you and your hubby should be holding your heads up high!! Congratulations to both of you on your weight loss!!!!

Mindee-- :woo: Happy Birthday :woo: girl!! I hope your family is spoiling you right now!

Hello to anyone I have missed!! I need to figure out what is going on w/my brother and going to the fair w/Jhanai......I will check in later!

08-17-2005, 04:03 PM
Don't post here.....we've hit 50!

Meet ya at "weightloss and chit chat # 141!!"