100 lb. Club - How to look 10 pounds lighter in an instant! (Warning: Smilie Overdose!)

06-24-2005, 06:33 PM
Yes, really! :yes:

Ladies only, I'm afraid. I'm fairly certain this won't have the same effect on the blokes! :rofl:

:listen: Get yourself properly measured and buy a new bra!!

I finally braced myself to go and get correctly fitted for one, and what an incredible difference! I swear it's taken at least 10 pounds off me! :twirly: Can you tell I'm pleased? :D It's really highlighted that I have a waist!

I'm not exaggerating when I say it was mentally traumatic for me :stress: and it's taken me a good hour to recover now I'm home again, but the lady in the shop was fantastic. She put me at ease and didn't seem to mind my freaky behaviour so I just lobbed out my girls and she measured and fitted me! :o

I've known for a long time that I was wearing completely the wrong sized bra, but there was no way I was going to allow anyone close enough to sort me out properly. :eek: It was easier to grab one from the department store. :rolleyes:

I promised myself that when I reached my first mini goal, I would make myself go and now I have! I'm so proud of myself--no false modesty for me! :p

And get this: the bra chose me rather than the other way around. I tried half a dozen and this one is just the bees knees. It's so pretty yet it has fantastic support; I ran up and down stairs five times and nothing budged! I can barely feel I'm wearing it.

This is just the best reward I could've given myself (well, hubby bought it for me really, :gift: the darling) for shifting some pounds. I'm really on a high. :spin: Some people baulk at the idea of spending $100 (CDN) on a good bra, but doing that has made my $9.99 shirt look like it cost ten times what it did. I've gone from bag lady to smart/casual with just a change of underwear.

I only bought one (and I immediately chucked all my old ones out) so I'll have to wash it out each night, but given that I intend to shrink a lot more, it would have been a waste of money to buy another. Apart from anything else, how would I have justified it to hubby? ;)

I can honestly say I'll never go back to an ill-fitting bra again.

Please forgive me for going on so long. :o I'm just so excited. I want to strut about in front of the mirror admiring my new shape! :dancer:

06-24-2005, 08:01 PM
OK, curious minds want to know. What was the wrong size you were wearing and what's the right size? I saw the Oprah show on bra sizes and was amazed at how far off some of the sizes were.

06-24-2005, 08:44 PM
Wait for it....

I was wearing a 42DD/44DD and my shiny new one is a 36H!! :o Truth be told, it was that episode of Oprah that gave me the final push.

06-24-2005, 09:51 PM
Wow, that is a serious inspration to get fitted right! I was just shopping today and realized that my bra doesn't really fit that great (I'm kinda swimming in it!). It's just so expensive to keep getting new stuff until I *really* need it. But man, I'm going to do that sometime post-goal. I'm glad it was such a positive experience!

Keep on struttin' your stuff, girl! ;)

06-25-2005, 12:59 AM
If you cannot find a good shop that will measure you here is how to do it (you really should have someone else measure so you can keep your arms down at your sides).

Measure around your rib cage right below your bust line - this number is the band size.

Then measure around the largest part of your breast (usually somewhere along the nipple line). Subtract your first measurement from this to get your cup size:

1" - A cup
2" - B cup
3" - C cup
4" - D cup
5" - DD or E cup
6" - DDD or F cup
7" - G cup
8" - H cup

Remember that your band should be at the same level in the back as the front & not pulled way up!

And unfortunately, underwire almost always gives better shape & support. :mad:

Sorry - thought I'd add my two cents as I've worked in two plus size lingerie stores!!!

Good luck with the girls!!! ;)

06-25-2005, 01:43 AM
Thanks for that lifeguard...I never knew that's how you did it...:)

06-25-2005, 02:44 AM
You're right, Jennifer, it can get rather expensive. :( I justified it to myself in a couple of ways:

I rarely buy new clothes. Including the $100 I spent on the bra, I've spent exactly $100 on clothes in the last year!
Being the Queen of Cheap, I always work out value for money on the cost per use. E.g., if I wear this every day for 3 months, that's just over a buck a day. Compare that to the Blunderbra :rolleyes: I bought 3 years ago for $25 that I've worn less than half a dozen times--4+ bucks an outing.

Lifeguard: That's useful information you've provided there. There are many places that tell us (wrongly) to add 4 or 5" to the rib cage measurement to get the band size! No wonder so many women end up with something that doesn't fit. :mad:

I would also like to add though that some manufacturers use DD, DDD, and then go on to E, F, etc.... This is the case with the German bra I bought. It all gets a little sketchy after cup size D which can be confusing if you're unaware which system the maker uses. :?:
For example, standard US cup size H is equivalent to size FF in some English bras, size G in some (but not all!) Goddess bras, GG in Lane Bryant, and F in Miss Mary of Sweden and Felina. Phew!

I really did my homework before buying my bra and this confusion is one reason why I'll never attempt an order over the Internet. :stars:

06-25-2005, 12:33 PM
"lobbed out my girls" :rofl:

That's hilarious!

I'm glad you found a good one that fits well - I bet that would really change your perspective! I really need a new one - UGH - I hate bra shopping! :(

Lifeguard - Thanks for the great tips!

06-25-2005, 02:33 PM
I used to work in a store that sold bra's, and everytime I saw a woman with the wrong bra on, I made it my mission to get them into a better fitting bra. It's amazing what the right bra will do for you!! I have the perfect bra for my body, I never feel like I'm wearing it... which is important!

Thank Goodness for Oprah! I hope everyone gets a perfect fitting bra, it makes SUCH a huge difference!


Amanda Panda
06-25-2005, 02:47 PM
I did the exact same thing and bought a decent bra a month or so ago - the difference is amazing! It makes my stomach look so much flatter!

A word to the wise about bra measuring - the only way to guarantee a good fitting bra is to try loads on - that wierd bra measuring calculation is by no means accurate - I did it and came up with 48A (me an A cup, I don't think so!!!) - I went to two different shops and was measured by 3 different people and they all came back with different results. In the end I just tried loads on, and FYI I am a 44DD. That calcualtion is apparantly only accurate for about one third of women.

I don't know if you have 'which?' magazine in the US - they do consumer testing. They sent 'secret shoppers' out to find the best shop for bra measuring and in the end they said they couldn't recommend any of them (I did alot of research before I bought my new bra!) - each person got at least 4 different sizes quoted! Some of this is to do with the outdated measuring system, and some of it down to bad staff training.

Anyway - sorry to rant, but I got really down about this whole measuring issue when I was looking for a decent bra. At the end of the day, trying them on is the only way to find a decent fit - but when you do find the perfect bra, it really does make a huge difference to your shape!

Love Amanda x

06-27-2005, 08:34 AM
I actually bought some new bras just recently. I also just had to go buy some new underwear since mine was horrilbe streched out and way too large. Anyway, you're totally right about it making you look thinner, it pulls my gals up and off my stomach and give me a smaller waist.

By the way, I'm totally in love with the new IPEX bras by Victoria's Secret. They have alot of support and are "shaping" too, which means they hold everything in. A few more pounds and I am going to throw all of my other bras out!

Great Topic! :)

06-27-2005, 01:03 PM
Because of my size, I've never looked at anything other than "supremely practical" bras, although to be fair, this one is very pretty. I don't want to shrink too much on top, but it'll be great if one day I can check out those sexy cute undies that skinny minnies can wear. :D

I just reread my first post in this thread and I certainly didn't mean to imply that you have to spend a lot of money to get a decent bra. Far from it; the one I got was by no means the cheapest (it just fit me the best--typical!). This speciality shop had them starting from around $20 (Canadian! :p ). And I got excellent service before the lady knew how much I was prepared to spend. :)

08-01-2005, 03:27 PM
What used to be my best fitting bra is now strapped in to its smallest limits on its sliders, notches and hooks. My girls are swimming in the cups...Cups which are now almost up to my shoulders, LOL! I've got to get measured and find a good bra. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction!

08-01-2005, 04:13 PM
Ladies only, I'm afraid. I'm fairly certain this won't have the same effect on the blokes! :rofl:

Oh, I am going to prove you wrong.. just you wait and see darn it! :s:

08-01-2005, 10:50 PM
:rofl: :rofl: I can really, really, relate to this.

you know, my bras used to be so bad that my mom would beg me to go out and buy new ones. it's worth the "embarrassment." my boobs, although they're huge, look so much smaller and less saggy (WHY OH WHY DO I HAVE TO SAG AT 21??)

Thanks for the laugh. :lol:

08-02-2005, 01:13 AM
Because of ---- ummmmm, GRAVITY? The bigger they are, the harder they fall, sadly. :( Try having 6 pounds of -- yes, saggy -- boobs removed in a breast reduction at 19, only to find at 41 that you're ready to do it all over again.....and for the same reasons!! :eek:

Boobs are just a wacky business altogether. :dizzy:

That said, I too am going to have to look into this "bra that fits" concept. You girls may be on to something here!

08-13-2005, 05:22 PM
Are good quality underwire bras more comfortable than the cheap-but-pretty ones from Marshall's?? I know I need to get some new bras - mine are completely worn out and hopefully will soon (!!) be way too big. I've bought a few pairs of underwires before, but I've always hated them because after wearing them MAYBE twice, the wires start poking me and I end up pulling them out, which pretty much defeats the whole purpose. (How was that for a run-on sentence? Mrs. Kinsey (9th grade English) would be so disgusted.. LOL!)

~ Marylyn

08-13-2005, 11:27 PM
when i buy bras at lane bryant i ALWAYS have the wires coming out and poking me! i love their bras (and its actually time to go get more :fr: ) but i get so aggravated that this happens.

i think i may be wearing the wrong size.

08-14-2005, 12:55 AM
This bra I got is very comfortable--nothing digging in anywhere. I've no idea whether that's because of the quality or simply because it's the right size though. I'd always steered well clear of under-wired bras in the past, but I really need the extra support. :o

And if you're reading, Nash? I expect to see some evidence! ;) :devil:

08-14-2005, 01:10 AM
Hi everyone. I'm sure i'm wearing the wrong size bra. I usually just buy them at lasenza, cause it's cheap. where can i go to get fitted properly for a bra. I'm in ontario canada. are there any specific stores that offer this? just curious. i'm pretty close to toronto so if anyone knows of stores there, or better yet, in the KW area, that would be great.


08-14-2005, 02:51 AM
Ali, what brand is yours?

Man, I called Fashion Bug today, just to see if they had anyone who did bra fittings. The girl who answered sounded very young, and very put off. She said, "Uhhhhhh, we don't really have people who do that, I mean, we have a tape measure and know how to to it, uhhhh...." Obviously not where I want to go. Guess maybe a visit to Victoria's Secret or Lane Bryant?

08-14-2005, 02:09 PM
My DD got measured at Victoria's Secret and it was pretty lame. They just threw a tape measure around her, shirt and all. Maybe that was just that particular Victoria's Secret, however.

I saw some pictures of myself this weekend, and my first thought was, oh, man, do I need a new bra. The sag factor was noticeable. :( On the plus side, my legs looked great. I kept staring at them, thinking, wow, are those really my legs? Cool! :lol:

08-14-2005, 05:20 PM
Ali, what brand is yours?Mine's a Felina. The company is German and the shop I got it from imports from there, but apparently there is an arm in the U.S. too.

Man, I called Fashion Bug today, just to see if they had anyone who did bra fittings. The girl who answered sounded very young, and very put off. She said, "Uhhhhhh, we don't really have people who do that, I mean, we have a tape measure and know how to to it, uhhhh...." Obviously not where I want to go.:rolleyes: Typical! Just get Howie to measure you using Lifeguard's instructions above, and take the two measurements (bust and ribcage) along with you. Then try on as many as you can until you find the one for you--if you're anything like I am, you'll know straightaway which one feels just right. Good luck. :)

08-14-2005, 07:09 PM
Nordstrom's is where I go when I need measuring. I've only had good experiences there, and the saleswomen are so knowledgeable and patient.

Wacoal makes wonderful underwires that are comfy. They usually run around $50 - 60. Also, my girls look good in Donna Karan!

08-15-2005, 12:39 AM
i'm starting to hate bras. if it wasn't for the fact that i'd beat myself to death if i went without i would go without all the time.

08-15-2005, 03:34 AM
It was seeing pictures Howie took of me that spurred my impromptu call to Fashion Bug. I took one look at that camera's LCD and said "Oh, jeez, I have GOT to get a new bra!". This was my best-fitting one, mind you. The girls looked like lost grapefruit, sort of bunched together mid-way to my waist. I definitely don't wear a 46DD anymore!! Oh, it was an ugly business. :o

08-15-2005, 04:26 AM
I've been properly measured, but I haven't seen my size anywhere except for the internet, and they're so expensive!
Someone complained about Victoria's Secret service being a bit shoddy, but the one I went to where I live was quite efficient. Unfortunately, I carry most of my weight on my bottom half, and my top half is really small. I measured 29.5 inches right below my bustline! That surprised me, and disappointed me, because the only places that carry a 30C have them priced at about 60 or 80 dollars, and I am a poor college student.

08-15-2005, 07:01 PM
Try them at several stores and find the brands/models that fit you well, then shop eBay and other online sources...Maybe you'll find a deal! I'm probably going to do that myself once I figure out my size.

08-16-2005, 02:43 AM
if it wasn't for the fact that i'd beat myself to death if i went without i would go without all the time.

<snort> :lol: Good one!

08-16-2005, 03:39 AM
Oprah had some plus-sized models on during one of those "what not to wear" segments. The bras were supposed to be excellent for active women, but they were pricey. Anyone remember what brand they were?