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05-29-2005, 11:18 PM
remember that oh-so-ill baby we all prayed for last year? the one who was born at 26 weeks and endured open heart surgery - and was in Yale's PICU for 26 weeks???

his parents had a big first birthday bash today - with about 75 people. he is PERFECT. and before we sang the official bday song, his mom made a speech, in which she thanked everyone, including those people she didn't know who prayed and prayed and endured with them.

so i'm passing along her THANK YOU to all of you...

and the birthday boy is CUTE. <pics when i get them, of course!> big brown eyes, active, responsive, on schedule for his full-term birthdate [so he's a wee bit behind, but no big deal]. Auntie Jiff managed to steal him away from his doting grandmother for some snuggle time... we were happy!!!!!

his big brothers dote on him. and they looked very very handsome, all dressed up in nice sweaters and khakis. guess how long they stayed clean??? minutes, of course.

a wonderful day. wonderful people. lovely party. and thank you all for your help...

05-30-2005, 08:51 AM

GO Aidan !!!!!!!!!!!

:hb: :hb: :gift: :balloons: :hb: :hb:

05-31-2005, 11:14 AM

What a wonderful milestone!

My premie is 15 now, and those early years are a distant memory. It took him several years to catch up, even to his "corrected age". Every milestone is huge for these little guys. Tell your friends to try to really enjoy him. We had a hard time seeing past all the medical appointments, developmental delays and various health emergencies, and simply enjoying Devin as a baby and toddler. Not that we didn't adore him, but these things can seem overwhelming.

He is 15 now, and will soon begin learning to drive. He is in high school. When they are so young and sick, you simply can't imagine that day, but it does come. It really does.

Yayyyyyyyyy for Aidan and his family.