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03-18-2005, 08:49 AM
Welcome to the Jaded Ladies! :)

We are a friendly group that provides support, not just in weight loss, but in all of our daily happenings. Please feel free to join us.

03-18-2005, 09:00 AM
Good morning & TGIF!!!

Ellen - the recipe sounds totally decadent, so I'm sure my family will love it, lol. How're the kitties today? Better, I hope. You'll make a good grandma when your time comes. A grandma needs a good imagination and a big, caring heart and you've got both of those.

Cristi - I'll be gone before you get back. I know you and DD are going to have a great time!

Katy - hope you and yours have a good vacation, too. How many times will the kiddos say "Are we there yet"? Lol. Makenzie, the twin's, favorite thing to say in the car is "Where are we?" 50 times. Too funny!!

Marti - I miss you!! Hope you're having the time of your life, though.

Good morning also to Angie, Susan, Kathy, Katiecat, Mindee, Sue, Pam, Anita, Terri and anyone else reading this!

Need to run more errands today. Never an end to it! Then, as I mentioned, Mackenzie's coming over to help make mini muffins. She'll eat more than she saves to take home, I betcha, lol. They will have apples in them, so is it ok to tell her mom that she's eating healthy stuff?


03-18-2005, 12:28 PM
Good morning...
Just popping in...I am spending the day packing and running errands. My daughter and I will make some apple-oatmeal cookies for the trip. She loves to "make recipes"... and she's a good helper!

My son has discovered the Broadway cast recording of "The Lion King", so between that and his Quantum Pad Leap Frog.....he should be set for the trip.

My scale said I was down another 2 lbs today. It's pretty typical for me...I go weeks and months in a plateau, then just drop 5 or so pounds pretty fast....then I'll go back to months of maintaining. Maybe this time its different. At any rate, I've been experiencing lots of fluctuations lately, so I 'm not changing my tracker 'til I get back and see if it "took" ;)

Keep my seat warm, gals.... "see" you when I get back

03-18-2005, 02:51 PM
Good Afternoon:
Friday already!! Yay! Wow i am jealous of all of you who are on vacation or going... i havent had a vacation since i was a kid with my parents!! At least 10 years!!
WEll i havent lost any weight, but, i tried on a pair of pants 2 weeks ago.. i could get them on but they dug into my sides and hurt.. So i had a doctors appointment today and i tried them on again and they fit!! I could even stick a couple fingers, between the pants and me!!! I am so excited and i felt so good!! :cb:

Well just wanted to say to everyone have a GREAT week-end!!!! and if i get busy this week-end i will be back monday!!!! ttfn xxoo :grouphug:

03-18-2005, 05:57 PM
Good Afternoon -

Congrats Katie!! Super on the weight loss.....

You really think mini candy bars and weight gain go hand in hand Ellen???? Does it help if I say I don't even like chocolate - it is kind of an automatic thing - just start shoving those mini's in my mouth - lol

REALLY do need to get a handle on it though - or I will be sprouting another handle..... " I am a little tea cup, short and sprout - here is my handle , here is my sprout" ????? Spout??? I forget- what is my point??


hmm, yes. I am exhausted......

I am not sure what Gaby and her father did on their visit Jane. She came home chatty and happy. We sat and talked about Beethoven, I asked about church and wanted to know if he took her. She didn't understand though. That was the extent of my questioning. She was fine - though just because she is happy with him I want her safe as well. Our problems over the last 3 years have come from his drug use & instability. What I have seen though is he loves his children in his own way.

Coming from someone that is not an expert - I see a lot of selfishness on his part in his parenting. Because where it should be all about the child he makes it all about Mike.

That just stands out in my mind because when she was crying in his truck last Saturday - instead of soothing her he talks to me about his self esteem book.

He is taking her this weekend because last weekend was a make up one. Because I refused to let him take her that Saturday ( after that Fridays hearing- 2 weeks ago) - so I offered a make up.

This is her regular visitation time. He will pick her up at 7 pm. I asked about April - wanting to make sure I had her the 23rd and he said yes. I said good because I wanted to take her to a concert.

He said "is that really a good thing?"

I said "It is the Wiggles Mike, a childrens thing, she loves them."

He brushed it off and started telling me that while I get Easter this year ( it is my birthdau weekend and it is my weekend in general) he would get the next holiday.

blah - blah.....

anyway, best get......

Tea Rose
03-18-2005, 06:55 PM


It was such a pretty day today , until you went outside brrrrrr, but springs coming just around the corner,I'm hoping anyways, although some of you are already enjoying flowers and such aren't you. I'm tired today, had a hard time getting to sleep, think I was still awake at 4 . Bri and Amelie are still very sick, antibiotics don't seem to be taking hold yet, so I am worried,one is to old one is to young,.

Hi Jane I think you will like that recipe, I can't make it to often because I love them so much:lol: Thanks for the nice words, I hope I have the same experiences you do ,with your Grandchildren.

Hi Susan
Nah I was just kidding about the candy bars and weight gain,I really have no idea what the reasons behind this complex physiological situation we find our selves in ,( did you get that) :lol: I do know it has something to do with hand to mouth activities, but I thought that was exercise didn't you ;) :lol: I think thats I'm a little teapot short and stout isn't it, which brings me to your point, we aren't getting any thinner:lol: I have only one request ,LET ME SLAP HIM :lol: I hope you have a great weekend :D

Hi Tlprocks
Congratuations on getting your pants on, its always best to wear something to the doctors office,:lol:
1st Poem
When your pants are tight and hurt
Its always best to wear a skirt
But if the skirt ,is also tight
Its time to switch to Jello Light

There's your first poem , you may or may not get used to my humor ;) :lol:
Have a great weekend , glad to have you here

Hi Katy
Your leaving to, when will you be back, I hope you have a wonderful trip, Why is everyone leaving just when I get back :?: :lol:

Hi Pam
Where are you,??? how are you doing ???, I hope everything is fine, I am so happy to hear the little kitty is doing so well with you, she must be so happy to have room to run, and windows to veiw the outside world ,How that car running,I'm still waiting for you to pick me up so we can go for icecream :lol:

Hi to Everyone Else
I hope you have great plans for the weekend, I will check back later to see if anyone else pops in, must go feed my family, I got a lot of kids :lol:

03-18-2005, 07:07 PM
complex physiological situation???

Wow, and I thought I was just getting fat. I didn't know it was a physiological thingie going on. Very impressed with myself......wait, let me go get a mini!!


I LOVE the kitties Ellen! I don't know how you do that but looks so cute.

I don't think I am getting enough exercise and I have money now to go through the drive thru's and order hamburgers and go to the Express ( it serves gourmet Chinese ala fast food style......pssst - you didn't know I could speak another language didja?? Ala adios.....haha

anywho.......popping peanuts and chedder crackers.......too many trips to the vending machine???

yikes........the boss, best get!

Tea Rose
03-18-2005, 07:22 PM ,thats what I said, in a round about way:lol: BRB I need a twinkie :lol: Janes gonna kick our butts you know, I will race you to to the weight loss finish line, get ready , get your tracker up , and lets go, :ink: vs :moo: :lol:

03-18-2005, 08:24 PM
I so love your little purple ( violet?) shoe Ellen. Very dainty.......I can just see you clomping in those to the Twinkie box - lol

woooo hooo......omg- I feel like I am drunk- so goofy.

Think Jane will be scolding us??

Am I the cow or the pig??

waaaa..... :bb: racing would take too much energy, movement, ala motavation.

Do you think we can do it?? You want some pizza and think about it??? :jeno: bout some bugers , :burger: :mcd: :hungry: ...... or if we really wanna throw caution to the wind , how about some cheese....??? :cheese:


anyway, best get!

Have to go meet Doug and he'll hand over HRH Gabrielle and I will get her ready to spend another lovely weekend with her Papa......

Moo Later!! :moo:

or if I am the Pig...... Oink Later !!!! :ink:

Tea Rose
03-18-2005, 09:42 PM put down the chocolate, I am watching you

03-19-2005, 12:18 AM
Good Evening everyone!

I'm home....arrived here around 4:00. Long drive! Had so much fun. But I will tell you all more about it tomorrow since right now, I'm just too pooped! I need to catch up on all the post I missed!

I will be back tomorrow!!


Tea Rose
03-19-2005, 01:27 AM home Marti, wow time flys , it seems like you just left, I am looking forward to hearing all about your trip, Its good to have you back safe and sound, so happy you had a wonderful Anniversary

Tea Rose
03-19-2005, 01:41 AM

03-19-2005, 01:43 AM
lol. You are so funny Ellen, thanks!!!

I agree. Seems like Marti just left and she is back already??? Time flies when you are eating chocolate. lol

anyway, tipsy on one lo cal , lo carb beer. I am such a sad case. I can't even get drunk properly - lol.

Going to lock up the complex and stagger back across the parking lot. Maybe I will get hit by a car?? They would all be parked ---> just my luck , huh?? lol

anywho. Father of the Year picked up Gaby tonight with 2 mowers in the back of his pick up. He is a Landscape Contractor.....*roll eyes* Just pay your taxes, & child all you can a tea pot for pete sakes! lol

Gaby is sooooooooo sweet. I picked her up in a playground parking lot. She of course says "play"......but she settled in and we drove through one of the prettiest sections of Portland. Vista Drive........beautiful homes......
We came home and made her dinner,packed her bag and watched Beethoven and danced.
Her father came at 6:53 pm and we met him at the front door to the building. he just took her bag and Gaby went with him. I said "Bye, Gaby.....I love you." She was half way down the stairs and she stopped and ran back and hugged me. She is so sweet.

Miss her but will try and catch up on some sleep and spend time with the other girls.

Chat later!

03-19-2005, 01:47 AM

Good Night Miss Piggy! lol.....dang, I am a pretty cow.......thanks :)

Tea Rose
03-19-2005, 02:26 AM
Good Night you gorgeous cow :lol:

03-19-2005, 08:25 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Marti!! - so glad you're back. You were missed! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!

Cristi - hope you're having fun on your vacation!

Katy - have a good time!!

Terri - YAY for your NSV!! Btw, you might want to add your name in your signature. Just a thought.

Susan - yep, Gaby's safety is most important. But I am glad she had a good time and wants to go back, 'cause it would break everyone's heart to think he took her kicking and screaming. What are you and the older girls gonna do this weekend?

Ellen - how're the kitties? Better, I hope. Shouldn't the antibiotics start kicking in now?

I've got a lot to do today. Cleaning, laundry, letting the hem out on some new dress pants. It's going to be colder in Chicago than I thought it would be, so I have to re-do my packing list. I wanted to take new spring clothes, but better stick with sweaters, etc.


da fat n da furious
03-19-2005, 11:38 AM
Good morning ladies,
Hi ya Marti glad to see you back! details girl....

Jane, I always say Im eating healthy when Im chowing down on carrot cake...same as apple muffins right?

Ellen, I love reading your are just too funny. Hope your two babies get better soon.

Susan, yikes lo cal lo alcohol beer and chocolates,,,you arereally too wild for us...
Id gladly hold him down while Ellen smacks him ...Ellen are we talking one smack or smacking till hes unconcious?

Hey Katy,,,congrats on your loss.
You too Anita! love when you can slip into a pair of old tight jeans and find them comfy instead of tight.

Well I should get going, I have about 20 ish fairies coming over today to do hair and makeup....
Making an angel cloud cake...its easy and well Im running out of time,,, I make confetti squares alot Ellen, which I believe is what your recipe is..mmmm I think Ill make that too for tonight,,,artichoke dip, spinache dip, and cocktail weinies...possibly a punch...with alcohol....hmmm no better not, nothing worse then a house full of drunk fairies.
better start cleaning...

03-19-2005, 12:10 PM
Good Morning -

Lo Cal/Lo Carb beer Angie, pretty good. I didn't tell you about the small bag of sour cream chips. I do have a wild history - haha.

So, jealous of you entertaining 20 ish fairies in your house. I had some munchkins here last week. lol..........

ok, need to go get some coffee. .......

Morning Jane. I know you are right :) I think he can show a lot of love for his children in his own way. It is amazing how Gaby knows him even though he has seen her on and off. I guess I just don't want her hurt because there will be a weekend that he won't make it because he is doing drugs or just won't have the money for gas.
I am "assuming" there.
I just know from past and what he has done with his other daughter. He is fighting for this now but I have no faith he will be there 3 months from now.

Four scores and seven chocolates, don't know where I am going with this..........really need to give it to God. Making myself sick trying to protect Gaby. My mom said she is God's child, I guess I should trust him to take care of Gaby.........better said, I seem to get side tracked on that all the time.

...........anyway, where is my chocolate??? :)

Ok, weighed in at 151.5.

Going to drag out my calendar and mark that down. Having a calendar always has helped me before with motivation. Also, will promise myself that I will drink water and take a a short blank- lol

What else??? I guess set a the end of March to be below 150.

I didn't know you were going to Chicago Jane?? How long will you be there? You aren't going to the Oprah show are you?? She is soooooooo pretty - love her clothes.

Would love to hear about your trip Mati!!! :)

Hi to everyone. I am working til this evening. Going to a play at my church tonight with the girls.

Going to fill up my first 20 oz. water bottle. Maybe cut my hair??? It is kind of long- shaggy........makes me feel icky now.


going to get some coffee...........ignore what I am writing, not awake!

Chat later

Tea Rose
03-19-2005, 01:43 PM Morning Ladies

Hi Jane
As far as I know He's a great big teddy bear loves children and adores his Grandchildren , He loves to cook and He's in the football Hall Of Fame DD is not officially engaged, but the plans are progressing quickly , DD is already looking at dresses and has picked one she would like to have will be fun , but I will be so nervous. Amelie seems just a little better, but Bri is very sick I am very worried about her,may have to get her into the vet, again just to be safe , she is 17 years old , and she doesn't seem to be responding the way the others did.Its sounds like you have a busy busy day, when are you and Katie leaving, you are going to have so much fun together.Have a great day

Hi Angie smackem till he's unconsious :lol: did you see where Susan asked me if I wanted Pizza or Bugars, I like pizza , but I'm really not big on how bout you. I think she has an interesting appetite don't you :lol: Wow a housefull of fairy's, will be busy, mmmm all those treats sound so good, so you call the peanut butter squares confetti squares , I never did have a name for them, my Auntie made them for me when my DS was born ,she stayed with me for a week ,and she made me all kinds of treats,she is a sweetie. Anyways have a great day , keep the alcohol handy , you may need it later :lol:

Hi Miss Susan
Your looking mighty fine today, :lol: I have a lot of opinions on the subject of Mike , but I will keep them to myself, since I haven't had my coffee yet, :lol: Its one thing to trust people who are trustworthy , but trusting someone with his past and most likely present, with a little girl is another story,She may be God's child , but someone down here has to protect her .I pray her father straightens up for everyones sake,especially for his children, and I am sure he does love Gaby in his own way, but thats not enough of a guarentee,when her life is in his hands, and thats my breif and censored opinion :lol: Now lets get back to the low carb beer, sour cream chips and chocolate, there must be something interesting going on inside your tummy today,a rummbling of sorts maybe. Yay you set a goal , put your tracker up there , and lets get cracken ,you and me against the fat. Now were you getting your hair cut , or cutting it yourself, ??? Have fun with the girls tonight . Now I am going to get my coffee

Hi Marti
I guess your still resting up from your vacation , :lol: that sounds funny,waiting to hear all about your wonderful time.

Hi Everyone Else
I hope your all having a great day , I need my coffee now , but I will check in later to see who's popped in,.

03-19-2005, 02:06 PM
Morning Ellen,

I would do a tracker but I don't know how. '''''''''''''151.5''''''''''''''----->>>>>>140"""""""""""""".......there , how is that??? lol

hmmm, see. I agree with you about Mike. It is comforting to know Gaby isn't upset about leaving with him. She is a child though. Give her candy, spend a brief time at the park and she is going to be happy.

Basically she is a happy child, very funny, loving,trusting and a sweetie.Our most vulnerable population.........

No, I see no good in her father. Sad to say, he is her father after all. Don't think the court knows didly poop about children and what is best for them. Have a relationship with both parents at all cost is their stand. Send em off with a ding bat who has a history of being ..........a ding bat.

To keep from going stir crazy though I look for the bright side and bite my nails til I have her safely in my arms again.

I went to Goodwill and got a book - stood out on the shelf. My quiet heart?? Something like to have peace in a stressful world.

Bought some candy for the office candy jar. Going to fill that up and head back home.

I can't cut behind me Ellen - talented though that I Might go tomorrow and get it cut.

Thanks!!! :) Love your little pictures!!!!!

Chat later!

Tea Rose
03-19-2005, 05:48 PM
Susan I just tried to send something to your email address but it failed PM me address ,if you want of course,
Susan if you want to make a tracker, just click on my tracker, or katy's they are different sourses, and it will take you to the tracker site , just follow the instructions , its easy, so get one up there girly , I'm waiting'm a little bloated today :lol:

03-19-2005, 07:03 PM

K- I sent it Ellen. I did change my 39 to a 40 a while back , maybe that is why a failure?

Anyway- took a rest, saw the girls and am back to clean my place. Just had to email my boss.........this building is sooooooooooo crazy right now.

anyway, best get :)

03-19-2005, 07:18 PM
Thanks Ellen!

It is really a maintaining ticker because I have been up and down between 140 to 160 since Gaby was born.

anyway, makes me feel better.......

Tea Rose
03-19-2005, 07:58 PM
Holy you have lost 94 lbs thats amazing, congratulations, I have been up 30 and now 35 lbs only for the last few years when my life kind of hit rock bottom, and its been so difficult to get out of this hole I'm in, but I will, wow I am so proud of you,well your doing better than I am , looks like you will win this race :lol:
Angie one quick question was that carrot cake with or without cream cheese frosting :lol:

03-20-2005, 12:47 AM
I know Ellen..... but I lost that from Sept 98 to Feb 2000. I went from 245 to 135.

After Gaby was born in Feb 2002 I was 160 and stayed there for a year. I lost again back down to 139 and am back up to least it is within 10 pounds.....have to get it back down.

Drank 20 oz's of carried that bottle around all day, took forever.

going to read - chat later.

03-20-2005, 09:24 AM
Good Palm Sunday Morning, ladies,

Just wanted to pop in and say hello to everyone. I'm the only one going to church today. Neal waited up on Katie last night and they are both still asleep. But the Easter Cantata is today, and I don't want to miss that.

Neal and I are taking the 2 littlest DGDs for ice cream later today. We've never had those 2 out together, lol. This ought to be fun.

I'll try to get back later. Have a great day!!

03-20-2005, 11:15 AM
Morning -

I remembered I forgot to turn the phones on at the office and had to run over just now. Thought I would take the chance to say hello before the busy week starts up again.......

Gaby will be back at 7 pm tonight. miss her. I rearranged the living room furniture last night and caught up on laundry - mom bought Gaby an area rug so I might go get that today for when Gaby gets home.

LOVED reading about your vacation Marti!! You and James look like a sweet couple. I am glad you arrived back safe & sound :)

I don't think we have an Easter Cantata at my church Jane...... they have been performing The Passion Play , this is the last day to see it. I might take the girls - we were suppose to go last night but everyone was too tired from the slumber party. calls :) . My only goal today is to drink 40 oz's of water and go for a walk. Wish me luck, can't believe how I have gotten out of habit.

chat later and I wish you all a good day!

Tea Rose
03-20-2005, 01:18 PM PALM SUNDAY
Hi Everyone
Just wanted to pop in for a minute to wish everyone a wonderful day, My oldest kitty isn't doing very well today, I am worried about her, first thing tomorrow I am taking to the vet , the antibiotics are not working for her. I have to go now and give her some medication and put cream in her eyes, I will check back in a while

03-20-2005, 02:14 PM
Morning ladies--

Just wanted to quickly drop in and say hello. So much to still catch up on.

A BIG welcome to Terri!!

I'll pop in later on after I get some stuff done today.


03-20-2005, 04:51 PM
Sorry if I am on here too much! Feel so lost without Gaby.

Thinking I need a hobby or need to learn how to be an adult and meet with other...*gulp*.... adults for or some sort of social time......ekkkkk.

Been forever since I did that. Though I do have co workers , just not the same. We do have a singles group at church but never have tried joining that.....

Sorry about your kitty Ellen, you are such a good mother to it. Many HUGS, I know how hard it is to see an animal suffer. Hope the kitty is feeling better :)

I went to church and looked around Goodwill. Looking for a table and actually found one that I liked! Good price and everything - only problem is I don't have a way to get it home and up a flight of stairs. So why am I even looking??? I need to figure out that little problem first.....anyway, craving

So get!!

Tea Rose
03-20-2005, 05:20 PM
Hi Everyone
Wow its a gloomy day here today, looks like rain or snow, who knows ,ah I just turned on the weather channel its calling for rain /snow showers so I was right on both counts:lol: I guess its not ready to give it up to spring yet, Jane~ that sounds like fun I wanna go for ice cream to , Pam and Susan were supposed to go for ice cream with me , but neither showed up, :?: :lol: I bet you have a great time, I hope your wearing your running shoes, :lol: Marti~Your trip sounded so wonderful , thankyou for sharing the pictures with us, I am so happy you had such a great time, the veiws were beautiful, Congratulations again one your Wedding Anniversary Susan~Your never here to much, Sorry your missing little Gaby, she will be home soon((((HUGS))))Come have coffee with me I lack adult company, would we be considered adult company :lol: hmmm , so what, come anyways we can have fun, unless its the opposite sex's company your looking for , then I can't help you there :lol: Thankyou for your kind words about my kitties, its been tough for many months now,started with Snookie back in November and its been going steady with one thing or another,between them being sick and me , its been really depressing. :( Anyways on a brighter note how about Doug , can't he help you ,with the transporting of the table and chairs? Whats so weird ?me , are you talking about me again, :lol: you funny girl,I hope you have a great afternoon , and chin up sweetie , little Gaby will be home before you can wiggle your whistle, I don't know , don't ask :lol:

I have a question is Tlprocks :aka: Terri so many people I don't know, enlighten me please, where did all the other new gals go, did I scare them away, I even wrote Tlprocks a poem and she's not been seen or heard of since , please come back, I'm Harmless, right girls........ I said right girls :lol:
Well I searched around in here and I don't see anyone else to say howdy do to, but I will say it anyways,
Howdy do Girls where ever you may be , I do hope your all having a wonderful day, with family and friends , human , or otherwise, ie: cats ,dogs, books, music, work :eek: Sure as a chicken lays eggs I will return, SORRY Please come home , I miss you :(

03-20-2005, 09:40 PM
I know, I am missing Cristi too.

Thanks Cristi for the Easter card!!! You are soooooo on top of things :) I give on ever getting cards out on time again. lol. I just sent Rocky his St Paddys card.

Thanks Ellen. :) 90 minutes Gabster comes home!!!! woooo hooooo......get the band warmed up to play......omg- I should hire the Wiggles - she would be thrilled. lol

I love when she gets in the tub and goes on her tummy. Her lil tush in the air is a sight to behold- sooooo cute. Love her so......waaaaaa 86 more minutes now, not that I am noticing :)

ummm, yes. Doug would have helped. I had the cell ready to call him but realized I didn't even have the money on I think I really just like to look - lol. Though I did see a cute round glass table that I might ask Doug to go with tomorrow.

I would love to sit and have some coffee with you......and we can dab medicine in your kitties eyes so they get better.......and you can even help me bring home a table to my apt. !!! omg - I will let you carry it up the stairs in those cute little purple boots you have - lol.....

Love ya Ellen - you are a sweetie.

k- best get to the store. Rocky has been busy with baseball and making trips to the dump. He needs to be getting Gabsters bedroom ready and trust me.......he will need a couple trips to clear her room. - lol.

chat later .

03-20-2005, 10:10 PM
Hi ladies! I have been lurking for awhile on your thread, I am "jaded" for sure!!! I used to hang out in the LC thread...and have been gone for awhile. I would love to join you...

Tea Rose
03-20-2005, 10:47 PM Susan
Is little miss yet you don't mind I got her a dog, :lol: How much fun would that be if we could have coffee together, and I'd be happy to carry your for you, anything for you :) I wish you lived nearby,if you move away how will I talk to you :( I hope Gaby is home now and her cute little tush is in the bath. Auntie Ellen, you to. Luv ya to Susie Q , I couldn't resist, some of us are more Jaded than others, :lol: Glad to have you join us , if I may say so myself we are a nice bunch of gals ,so Welome

03-20-2005, 10:53 PM
Hello Ladies!!

Hi Rachel! You are more than welcome to join us! I hope you come often and we get to know more about you.

Ellen--I just love your cliparts! are you getting them on here? Are you using some kind of shrink thing to put them on the page? I would love to change my advatar to something else besides my face....but I have such a time w/sizing it.

Susan--So sorry that you're missing Gaby. I just got off the phone w/Jhanai...we spent half an hour just talking away. Oh how I would love to rearrange my furniture! But the way our surround sound speakers are....James says it would be to much work to rearrange. Hmmm....may have to tackle the bedroom.

Jane--Hope you're having a wonderful time w/the girls. Did they rake the garden area like you wanted or did they protest? When is your Chicago trip? Don't forget to take photos. I try and take more than I did. James and I were terrible w/the camera! I had three camera's w/me on our trip and I didn't take one photo using the non digital camera! :( Learned my lesson!

Katy--I hope you have a fun time on Vacation. I didn't realize you were taking off too! Must be in the air...instead of Spring Cleaning we are all doing Spring Vacationing!

Cristi--Have a marvelous time in AR and I hope you share some photos w/us when you get back. I sure wish I took time though. I'll chat more w/ya once you get back home! Have a FANTASTIC time!

Terri--What a great NSV to have!! Getting into jeans is one of my most favorite thing to happen. I hate to buy anything larger than I need....of coarse, there are times that it is just a MUST!! As for the vacation...sounds like it's time for you to have one! I haven't gone on a vacation since I was a kid either....and going on one as an adult...such a great experience! Although, I shudder as I look at my fat middle in the photos of me!

Angie--I want to come over and have you make me up as a fairy!! Just sounds like so much fun. Vacation was fun. So much to take in and so little time! Next year we want more days. We found other hotels that would be closer to where we want to hang out. Sure wish I could go back next week and start over!! :D

Katie--What in the world were doing on the computer while at Disneyland??? I saw a computer in the lobby and could get some time.....but was just too busy! I bet you're having a blast! Happy Anniversary to you and hubby!!

Mindee--How is the baby coming along? Don't worry about showing more this time. That was the same as it was w/Jhanai. When I was pregnant w/her brother....nobody knew I was pregnant until I was 8mos along. (I didn't share the news w/anyone either) W/Jhanai...I was only 2mos along when I started getting asked when I was due and then got the shocked look on their face when I told them I had 7mos to go! Every baby is different.

Anita-- How are you and Joycelyn doing? If you ever get a chance, I sure would like to see some photos of your little one...that's if you're comfortable w/sharing.

And a big hello to anyone I may have missed!

Since I've been back...I have not left the house! Wanted to rest my legs since they were so sore! It was like I worked them out nonstop for days!! I'm able to walk normally now but my calfs still ache when I touch them. They're like rocks! :D Will be getting on that gazelle to keep them strong. I'm hoping that next year....I won't have that darn spare tire hanging on me! And my hair!! I knew I should have gotten a hair cut before I left! Oh well.

Interesting thing we seen from our hotel balcony (we were on the 14th floor) I was commenting to James about the traffic and how fast everyone drives. I heard some sirens (which we heard everyday all day it seems while we were there) and so I went out to see just to see....and what do you know? A police chase was under way! It was so bizarre to see. This car was hauling butt down all these streets and about 8 police cars from every direction was following them! Never thought I would see something like that.

For anyone who is wanting to visit San aware of the roads. They are steep. If you plan on saving yourself some stress from the traffic and want exercise, just be prepared for steep roads. And find out the info for bus service! :)

Ok....James is making dinner and so I'm off to browse a bit before I go eat.

Have a lovely night!

Tea Rose
03-20-2005, 11:13 PM Marti I hope I have the right little puppy you have, something special for everyone, I save them in my pictures and load them onto photo bucket and scan the image tag and load it on here, I have been deliberately been picking the small cliparts and graphics , so I don't cause any loading problems, , I hope I don't drive you girls nuts, I just love doing this, it just brightens up the posts. I am happy your home safe and sound and you had a wonderful time, now get some sleep:lol: Mindee how are you feelingI see Brandon is growing ,I hope all is well with you and your family,come and say hello and let us know how everything is, Ok.

03-21-2005, 01:07 AM
Hello everyone… are you all doing?

Sorry I haven’t been on here in the past couple of days. Brandon caught a slight cold, so I have been dealing with trying to get him to fall asleep and stay asleep. Plus, deal with his cough, sneezes and runny nose.

Oh, we also weighed Brandon. Well, technically I had Tommy jump on first, and then I handed him Brandon. Brandon is roughly 25lbs, and roughly 29 or 29 ˝ inches long! I jumped on the scale, and to my surprise, at 9 weeks preggo, I weigh as much now, as I did when I found out I was preggo with Brandon! Go me!

Sorry for this being a fly by, but I am sleepy!

03-21-2005, 09:50 AM
Good morning, ladies,

Cristi - you are missed, but I just know you and Carrie are having a great time!

Susan - you'll have to do what my sister (who lives alone in an upstairs apt) does. When she buys something too big, she takes it apart to get it upstairs, lol. For example, she bought a computer table/desk, and took the legs off to get it up. So did you and Gaby have a nice reunion?

Marti - no place like home, right? Hope your legs are resting nicely. Thanks again for sharing the pics. They are just great!! I don't want to be bothered with taking my camera since Katie is taking hers. Hopefully, we'll get some good shots.

Rachel - I'm tall, too, (5' 9") and used to be in HR eons ago, and Gone With the Wind is my favorite drama. Welcome to the Jaded Ladies!! Is LC low carb? Hope to see you here everyday sharing with us. :)

Ellen - did you end up with much snow? Remember how much you and I wanted snow in November, lol?

Mindee - hope the little guy is better, and over his cold.

The cantata yesterday was so realistic, I had tears streaming down my face during the crucifixion part. Since I went by myself, I sat with this older lady (she's 83) I'd never met before and we visited before the service began. When the really touching part of the program was going on, I reached over and held her hand, and she held on tight. It was just too sweet to describe properly.

Didn't get Easter cards out this year, but you all know I wish you a blessed one anyway. I've got so much to do before we leave tomorrow, but will try to be back before we go. If not, well, I'll be back Saturday.

Love ya! Mean It!!

03-21-2005, 09:56 AM

Ellen, i didnt go anywhere, and i did like your poem :encore:, but my weekend was busy so i didnt have time to get on here.

Susan, i know how you feel about letting your little one go, i have that same problem with my oldest.. He goes to his dads every second week-end, and has been since he was a year old.. i hate it.. especiallly when they are too young to tell you what goes on. Now my son is 6 but every time he comes home he is moody and doesnt listen. I have talked to his father a million times but that doesnt seem to get me anywhere. Plus he has paid his support only once this year!! (and it isnt exactly a large amount). I just dont know anymore..........

Marti, Welcome back thank you for the welcome!!!

Everyone else hope you had a great week-end!!, i am just finishing my morning coffee :coffee:, enjoyed reading!LOL. ttfn

03-21-2005, 10:32 AM
Ok just a quick post,,, Marti I was looking at the pics of your vacation!! Great pictures!! Being from Northern Ontario.. I see cows all day, but i am obsessed with the USA.. my dream is to travel through all the states in a camper or something like that. The pics from your room are sooo neat!! so clear!!.. Okok well i am off time to get doing something.. ttfn have a good day everyone!!

03-21-2005, 12:03 PM
:wave: :wave: :wave: :comp: :coffee2: HELLO EVERYONE. I know,shame on me for not being around lately. I had to blues for a while due to sister's death and dealing with things left behind. Though I haven't returned entirely to bad eating habits I haven't worked at dieting ether. I'm still managing to walk the mile and a half almost everyday so all is not lost. I've been sorting though things my sister had stored here. These are things she clung to and refused to get rid of. She insisted they were valuable and she just HAD to keep them. What is so sad is that it's box after box of junk a thrift store wouldn't even want. I think much of it comes from her dumbster diving days. It's so pathetic that she had so little of any real value that she clung to junk so she could have something. It brakes my heart.

CRISTI, Thank you for the sympathy card. It was so sweet and thoughtful.

ELLEN, Thank you for keeping in touch and listening, your such a dear friend.

Wow, lots of sigs I haven't seen before. Hello. Glad to meet you.


Tea Rose
03-21-2005, 01:16 PM]HAPPY 1STS DAY OF SPRING 2005 spring is finally here, although it sure doesn't look like it , oh well its only a matter of time now, and I'll be complaining about that to, :lol:
Hi Jane true I almost forgot how much we wanted the snow back in November, :lol: I guess its just been a long winter for me,for all kinds of reasons.Anyway its time to try and think positive,and see if I can get that shoe moving in the right direction

Hi Pam Happy to see you here, I missed you,I know you are having a rough time,with your sister's passing and having to tie up all the loose ends,its not an easy thing to have to do (((HUGS)I am thinking of you as always , hows Pandora doing now. Theres a lot of new people ,I know , you will have to catch up with the news, do you still talk to Doreen, hows she doing, with the wedding, let us know.I hope you have a nice day

Hi Terri-Lee how are you doing today glad you liked the poem , so your in northern Ontario, I'm in Southern Ontario, your about the closest person to me and your still far away :lol: Hope your weekend was good

Good Morning to everyone Else hope your having a good day, I must go and dispense kittie medications and find me some coffee,but I will be back sure as the snow melts in spring.

03-21-2005, 02:55 PM
Hello everyone--

Today I have to go back to work.....whaaaaa!!! :cry: Oh well, I'll be able to have more time off for the summer to spend w/Jhanai. Her BD is the first day of summer so she'll be out of school by then and we plan on taking her to OMSI or somewhere else that she's been wanting to go.

Ellen--The clipart of the dog is so cute. Just like our dogs except it's a longhair! So cute! I'm going to have to try and do that myself.....may have to experiment with it over the weekend. Your art really brightens the pages! I love them!

Mindee--Hope your little one starts to feeling better. Little ones are so hard to comfort when you just don't know what they want.

Jane--So Katie is taking the pictures eh? Well make sure she does better than I did!! I told James that I would like a smaller camera...more pocket size! Of coarse...there is nothing wrong w/the camera we have. So I don't see us spending money on something we already have. How long will you be gone? What are your plans while you're there? I was in Chicago once, years ago when I was traveling to Illinois to visit my ex's mother. We only hung around the bus station (since we traveled by bus....what a nightmare) so I didn't get to go sight see or anything! So I'm looking forward to hearing about it when you get back.

Terri--I would love to retire someday and travel too! I keep telling James that we need to save for a trip to Spain! A friend of ours is going to school there and he's debating on living there permanantly to teach English. He wrote to tell us that we are more than welcome to stay w/him if we ever decided to travel. That would be an experience of a lifetime! He has seen so many historical places...and I envy him. MAYBE someday we could go.

Pam--Sorry that you're feeling down about your sister. It is totally understandable. James mother was the same thing w/stuff. Most of her stuff is not worth anything. It's the stuff she kept from when her mother passed that was worth anything.

Good morning to everyone else. Not much on my agenda before I leave for work. I would like to go back to bed if anything! Feeling a little tired. But can't do that! I have to wait for my weekend.

Ok...better get stuff done. You all take care!

Tea Rose
03-21-2005, 06:27 PM
YESTERDAY WAS THE 1ST DAY OF SPRING DANG IT ANYWAYS :lol: Iam a day late as usual, Oh well its officially spring even so :lol:
OK I am completely confused, the calender says yesterday, but others are saying today which I have always known it to be.

03-21-2005, 08:14 PM
brrrrr, it is soooooo cold in this dang office! My legs and arms are so cold. I am so uncomfortable, waaaa, waaaaa.......

I love your flapping in the breeze flowers Ellen, so cheery- made me smile , thanks.

Welcome scooby :) I am sure you will enjoy it here among us Jaded Ladies. Though I don't think any of us are jaded in the typical sense, we just like to pretend - lol.

Wow, Mindee little Brandon is growing waaaaaay to fast. I use to weigh Gaby the same way - how funny. Now she will get on the scale by herself. Gaby weighs 43 pounds - little chunk. I swear I think she can wear some siz 6's.

HUSG Pam. I am sure it hasn't been a easy time for you. VERY happy to see you pop in and say hello. You have been missed :)

Welcome again Terri. Thanks. Gaby does have an older sister that talks - lol. She will be back in April (( she went to Mexico for 2 months with her mother & 2 half brothers))- so that will either ease my doubts that she is being taken care of or make my fears become more real - lol

Gaby came home!!!! YAY.....

I went to Freddies and bought some groceries last night. I got home at 6:23 and looked out the window and saw Mike was already parking his truck down below. I ran down and grabbed & hugged her - sooooooooo thrilled to see her..........alive,.......ok , that is dramatic - lol.....anyway, I said "You are early???" He said yes he was , traffic was light.

Now my point here is time he is late and another he is early by a half hour. The court order says 15 minutes in front of and 15 minutes behind the hour. This is probably anal but if I let it go by now he will just start showing up whenever.

Do you think I should make a point of it or just let it go??? Do you think I am anal??

psssst , you have anal clip art?? lol

Anywho.......grabbed little Gaby's hand and started walking away. He said " I will see you in 2 weeks ( ya, over my anal butt you will.......naw - didn't say that , though I wanted too. ))

Gaby was messy and smelly. So, I gave her a bath right off the bat. Her socks were filthy and I noticed he never changed them because the 2 other pairs were still balled up like I had sent them.

Yuck.......can you imagine the germs??? lol - I can.....sheesh....

Also, she was wearing her pants that have a red trim with a pink flower shirt. THIS sent me in a foaming at the mouth teether and I called my mother right away.......ugh - she isn't EVEN matching!!

Making fun of it now but it annoys me. I send her clean and presentable - he can send her back the same. He also has yet to open the new tooth brush I have sent both times.

Good News though Child Support will send a letter today asking DMV to suspend his drivers license because he has never responded after he failed to comply with his agreement of $50 a month.

Also, she will look into contempt of court charges being filed because he has lied about working. He stood in front of the court at our last hearing telling the judge he was going to be a landscaper.....and he shows up with mowers in his trunk...ding bat.

Thank you for the bithday card Jane :) that was sweet of ya :)

Anyway, best get busy!! Drank 60 oz's of water so far today!! YAY...

03-21-2005, 08:59 PM

you are so funny :)

I just want a round kitchen table and Mike to drop this silly court thing for my birthday. Cake, ballons,cards and a marching band would of course be acceptable!! lol.

Naw, going to be 41 on Friday,can't believe it.I am so

k- going to put a load of laundry in and clean all those smelly clothes of HRH Gabrielle and get her ready to go to the beach for a few days with Doug and the girls.

Tea Rose
03-21-2005, 09:34 PM
Hey where did my post go

03-21-2005, 10:14 PM
poof, it is gone Ellen. :mag: :mag:

It was very funny, very informative. I know......I read it .

Ellen gave us all her bank account numbers...........and said "Go spend Jaded Ladies in celebration of Susan's 41st Birthday.We will have cake,ballons and The Wiggles performing."........

hmmm, I don't know where it went Ellen :(

I had one of those weight watcher dinner, 3 points, whatever that means.

anyway, have to hurry and get the clothes in the dryer.

03-21-2005, 11:34 PM
Hi Ladies

Is it Monday already? This weekend has been :crazy: for me. First off, I have been dealing with a sick baby who has done nothing but screech since Thursday afternoon. (when she was awake that is) She is teething now and naturally I thought this was this issue. By Friday she was running a slight fever, and had the poops (TMI SORRY). I try the tempra, I try the ambesol. Nothing seems to help. Being a first time mommy I am like :dunno: She won't eat. and won't even take her bottle. The only thing I could get her to drink was mostly water.

Yesterday, my mum came over and after describing Joycelyn's symptoms, thought that perhaps she also had a touch of Gastro. Anyway, poor little love had a really rought go of it. Me too, at one pount I was crying right along with her.

Saturday I had my Partylite candle party, and got $200.00 in credit (YAY for me!) AND my hubby bought me a brand new microwave. It's bigger and faster, and I love it. (Personally I think that perhaps he's trying to help me out when I go back to work, so I can cook his dinner faster LOL)

Anyway, Joycelyn seems to have turned a corner so I am able to type without a Whiny and Clingly darling angel stuck to me. Poor Love. :(

One bright spot. I got my new pedometer on Friday, and after finally figuring out how it works, started to clock my steps per day. My initial goal is 10,000 steps a day. Since I started am constantly on the go I was interested to see how many I could do without any extra walking. (Meaning the daily dog walks.) I was surprised that I only logged about 2800 steps per day.

So Today, I decided that I would make an extra effort, and...... I logged
11, 658 steps today. Or roughly the equivalent of 13 miles. I also burned 437 calories.

Ellen You didn't scare me away. Yet. :devil: LOL BTW-- I am in Southern Ontario too. Whereabouts are you located, maybe we're neighbours!

Marti I just read it was your 1st year anniversary! CONGRATS!! P.S. I would love to share some pictures of Joycelyn. In fact I have some from her Baptism 3 weeks ago. Is there anyway I can post them here?

Welcome Scooby 2

Jane Thanks for the advice the other day on the weight loss. I have read Dr. Phil's book and am trying work through the seven keys. Hence the reason for my more sensible approach to the task at hand.

Anyway, TTFN I want to catch some winks in case my darling angel needs me later tonight. I also want to try and get an early morning workout in. I know that I need to set aside this time for myself, but sometimes, I would really just set aside the time for myself with my pillow. (But that ain't workin for me so......HI HO HI HO It's off to bed I go.
Hi to everyone else.

GLYSDI (God loves you so do I)


03-22-2005, 01:06 AM
HI HO HI HO Anita...hope you got some rest. Little ones can take a toll on you when they are ill. Bless them, they don't know what to do any more than we know how to help them. My DD had ear infections and I remember rocking her while we both cried. Now she is going to be 40 this year. Egads.

Marti, I envy you the trip. I would recommend that you schedule a trip to Alcatraz next time. You often have to book these early though. They leave from Pier 39 which I love! The ferry over is neat and the tour itself is really great. (if you like that kind of thing) I plan to go into the city next time I visit my DD out there. She and I want to do an over night in SF, so let me know what hotels you like...reasonable ones...most seemed way expensive. Was there once during Chinese New year and that was an experience..parades and all.

Jane, Have fun in Chicago. Would you believe I am this close and have not gone sight seeing to "the windy city?" Have been through there going other places, but not just for fun. Looking forward to your pictures.

Cristi and Katy...Hope you both have fun filled vacations also. We want details and pictures.

Ellen, I hope your kitties recover quickly. Seems like someone has been sick at your house for a long time now. YOU all..get better now!!

Pam, So sad about your sister and you trying to clean up her possessions. I am just glad I don't have to take care of my brother's things. I am still having a hard time believing he is gone. I lost my Dad and brother within the last 8 months. It is a tough thing...Just one day at a time is all we can do.

Terri..good to have you here. You are going through what my DD is with the "ex" and the child visitation. Her son is almost 5 and a very happy boy. When he comes home from his father's he is moody and mis-behaves. Then the "ex" tells her that they have to work together on stopping his acting up. Well, okay, but he doesn't act up for her. He is very well behaved. It is so hard isn't it?

Susan, Feeling the same sympathy for you. Makes my heart hurt when I hear about Gaby having to go. I know my DGS cries sometimes and doesn't want to go with his Dad....DD is upset all the time and then she calls me and we both cry. The courts just SUCK ! I do enjoy reading about your life..and two crack me up. I need the humor, believe me.

Mindee, Hope your little guy starts feeling better so you can both get sleep. You need your rest. :) Good luck on keeping the weight down and being happy and healthy.

Okay...I know I am missing lots of you JL's and I am sorry. Hi and Happy Spring to you all.

Today is my DS's 25th Birthday. He is wayyyy out in CA and I miss having him here. Talked to him Fri. and today. Such a sweetie and a hard worker. Almost has 2 years of law school under his belt. woo hoo... We talked today about ways for him to expand his business while still keeping his grades up.

We just found out that we are not going to be able to build the condo as we had planned which really messes things up. Now I guess we are back to looking for a lot to build a house on. It is just very disappointing.

Visited BIL at the hospital today. He gets released Thurs. to a re-hab facility until he is strong enough to go home. Hope he can soon walk on his own.

My DGS (15) came and stayed two days with us. He is so happy to be here from CA and to have family around him again. DD in CA is missing him and planning to come here in May or June. I wish all the family could be here at one time this summer...will have to work on that.

The great news is that Mom is moving back up here from FL and will be within 10 minutes of me. I am really turning cartwheels over that one. (Yeah, like that will happen with this 56 year old fat body)

Okay, I am done flapping my jaws here. Have a good week all JL's!

03-22-2005, 01:39 AM
PLEASE HIPPY HOP :sman: :sman: :sman: :sman: (suppose to be bunnies) over to CHIT CHAT #119