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05-19-2001, 03:49 PM
Hello and welcome to the Thin Group! We are a great group of ladies (but men are welcome if there are any who care to join us) who have one thing in common. We are all working together toward our goal of being healthier in our daily lifestyles and to lose weight in 2000. There are all different ages and backgrounds here and we all have different ways of losing our weight. We all love to have fun and laugh, but we also give a lot of support, encouragement and motivation for one another. Please feel free to post with us - just jump right in and believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms. The more the merrier!

Please feel free to check out our website and learn more about us at:

Sassy Sharon :love:

05-19-2001, 03:53 PM
OK I know we were only on 26 but hey close enough and you know that sneaky CJ is lurking around to start this thread. I have a loooooong posting for you's and I get done and ready to post and I notice that Miss CJ has just posted so I say to myself "Sure she is going back outside like she is going to take her bath and before you know it she starts the next thread" HA HA So what the heck here you go what the heck I beat her to the punch for once now I have to go back to #51 and make sure I do things right and get to # 29 so sue me. LOL I know I am a BIG BRAT but you love me anyways guys. Sassy Sharon :)

05-19-2001, 04:10 PM
Hey guys,
How goes everyone's weekend so far? Mine is busy busy busy. We are having an invasion of my husbands family from Michigan this Memorial Day weekend. I call it the Scobel Invasion. There are 12 more people coming to stay with us. Ken's Mom, 2 of his brothers , both their wives and they have 2 kids each and his sister, her husband and their son. They will all be here this Friday till Monday and I one of them has to bring their pop up camper as otherwise they will be sleeping outside on the deck. LOL So we have been working to get things done for company. So it is Spring Cleaning time and we have been doing windows, restaining the deck, some painting besides the other Spring Cleaning things we all do as well. I also planted lots of flowers in containers and pots on the front porch and the deck in the back. Looks nice if I do so myself. Anways, what better excuse for Spring Cleaning than a whole house full of company. So we are gonna have a houseful this weekend. Plus his one sister now lives her so she will be over with her newly married daughter and new hubby. So man oh man what a lot of fun. LOL No fortunatly I really love my inlaws and get along so well with them. We tend to laugh alot and act all crazy when we get together but what else is new. I do that all the time when I am with people I love. :love:

On the Weight Loss dept, I have still been doing well. I had another loss this past Monday night of another 2.6 lbs :o so I have only to lose another .2 or two tenths of a pound and that will be all the weight I put on between Florida and going to Michigan for the trial of my brothers murderer. So I am happy that I am almost there, so now just onward and downward. I am still doing great in the exercise dept, almost where I was before the gain and in the water dept I do pretty well, not quite there all the time but I am working hard on it. Trying to make good food choices especially when we go out to eat. Had chinese last night and they had moo go gai pan and it was healthy. Just chicken breast pieces with broccolli, water chestnuts, pea pods, carrots, onions and mushrooms and in a natural juice, not that brown gravy kind they usually have. Only ate a little with some rice and didn't have the egg roll just some won ton soup so I felt like I did well and stayed on program. I took most of it home for the boys to fight over and eat. LOL

wildflower:Welcome to our great group Laura. Soooooo glad you have decided to join up with us. You won't be dissapointed for a moment. This group is so wonderful and will help you along your journey. You have a great headstart with your 35 lb loss and congratulations to you for that. You must be really proud of yourself. We will be a cheap source of support for you and visa versa with you in our midst. You will love coming here when you need support or just some company.

Sherry:Man you sure a "Cleaning Fool" Lately arn't you. How wonderful of you to surprise your parents and clean their house for them. What a wonderful daughter to do that while they were out of town. I knew you were special :angel: and right there that proved I am right. Yes I too know how tired you must be cause I sure am tired from all this Spring Cleaning too. Hey why don't you jump in your car and come over and we will have a cleaning party. LOL We can even have a couple of shots of my favorite "Buttershots" before we start. Hey if we do that we may never start cause we will be laughing too darn hard. Ha Ha HA HA HA HA

CJ:Hope your time with your kids and daughter in law went well. Got you email and am glad that you are alright, but just been busy and that is all. Post when you have a few. We were both planting flowers probally at the same time. I know you enjoy that as much as I do. I love gardening and always have. Glad you got my update and things are finally going down for me.

Sandi-Hope your garage sale paid off for you. Thanks for the support, yes I really do have a hard time when I got out to eat or on vacation. But I have been doing well lately. Like that that at chinese last night and when we went to Outback Steakhouse for Mothers Day I stuck to plan really well and even gave up the great mashed potatoes I love and had steamed veggies, and it paid off Monday with another loss. You are doing well too with your exercising. If you are sweating than you are losing I always say. And you even ran around playing softball on Mothers Day with the kids and grandkids good for you. That's the way to stay in shape. :cool:

Carolyn/CH:I know you will be sooo happy when school is finally out for the summer. I'll bet the kids will be happy too. So glad that your WW program is going great too. Don't worry about Mothers Day if you went off a bit. It only comes once a year and you might as well enjoy it, you can always cut back on something else when you want to. Here is a big hug for you!
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((CAROLYN)))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))

angel-eyes:Oh boy today is your big day with your girlfriends. I just know they will notice all your weight loss of 35 lbs. How could they not notice? That is such a great weight loss angel. Good for you planning what you will have that is safe. My hats are off to you girl. You will be in the onsies really soon I know it.

Trish:Way to go wha hoo 12 lbs gone for you. How wonderful. Glad your DIL shower went so well and congratulations on your daughter graduating from college and with a Masters Degree is such a wonderful accomplishment. All that hard work paid off for you. How proud you must be of all your kids. Have a great time in Ireland you are so lucky to be going there.

Chrissy-Hey sis in law. You all ready for Ellie's graudation party? I got her announcement the other day, can't believe your Ellie and my Alan will be graduating soon. They are our babies and it feels so funny to have the last of my four almost out of school. What ever are we gonna do with outselves Chrissy? We will find something won't we? Tell her happy graduation tomorrow and her Aunt Sharon loves her.

Jello:SOOOOOO how was the lingerie party anyways? Did you buy something pretty? Hey you have to show off your new figure somehow right? Hope you had fun. So glad you are going to your nieces graduation, they will be so surprised when you show up at their doorstep. I have done that before, like with Chrissy and my Dad for the sentencing. LOL Yes that is a great idea MK had for your graduating niece. I did the same thing when my daughter Kelly went off to Indiana University 6 years ago. I got a big laundry basket and filled it with many things she would need for the dorm. Dish rags, dish clothes, dish soap, brillo, some great colorful plastic dishes, bowls and cups and anything else I could put in there. She absolutely loved it and used it all the time. I even got her a plastic pail cause there was not sink in her room, she had to go to the main bathroom down the hall and wash her dishes. The pail came in handy she said to carry her dirty dishes to be washed.

Sam:Hey there, glad you posted and let us know how you and Charlotte are both doing. Sorry about the mastisis, you poor thing. Hope you are healing now. Can't wait to see the photos of you and Charlotte.

ginabob-I am so happy that your lunch with your ex went so well. And that you can still be friends cause sometimes if it is important to you and you can accomplish it than it works for both of you's. I know it must be wierd one minute you are a couple than the next just friends but if both of you feel the same way than that is great and elimates the bad feels that some couples go thru when they break up.

Mary Kay-Sorry your day was so hard at work between running your butt off, cleaning everything, the heat and the fussy kids it must have really stressed you out big time. Hope you went home and soaked in a nice hot tub and light a candle and had a glass of wine while you were at it. LOL That is what I would have done to relieve the stress. How did your inspection go? Hope you passed with flying colors.

Gail-Hey girlie, how are you doing? Hope things are going well for you, miss you. Come on and post with us when you can. Love ya Gail

Well guys, time to go and I think I will hit the gym now just to help me out today and tomorrow cause Monday I have my WW meeting and I am trying so to be good so I need all the help I can get. When I work out than I really tend to stay on track cause who the heck wants to work out like that and blow it all if I go off program. :devil:

Take care guys!

Love ya, Sharon :wave:

05-21-2001, 12:34 AM
Hello Ya'll.....:wave:

No....I didn't disappear again! :lol: I've just been so busy getting things ready for my son Chris' graduation.He graduates this Tuesday night.I can't believe that it's time! Where does the time go???? I bought a new outfit to wear and looks pretty good all but my fat showing on the sides!:(

You make me laugh so hard! I'm wondering when you & CJ will start a new thread at the same time!! It's coming...I just know it!!:lol:

Don't have time to post to everyone but will as soon as my house gets back to normal here! We're having a "dinner party" at a resturant after the graduation that I had to plan for too. Just so much to do! :)

Luv ya'll...
Sherry (Sher-Bear):cool:

05-21-2001, 03:04 AM

Hello Ladies!

I hope you are all doing well. Yes, I am still alive ... Sorry for not posting, but, I haven't had much time. Work has been crazy, I just got a new puppy (Lola) and my two younger sisters have graduated from college. One graduated from Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles and the other graduates from California State University at Sonoma this week. I don't think I have a free weekend until the middle of June. :dizzy: I just checked my e-mail address and had 180 e-mails!!:eek: Oh well.

On the weight loss front, I don't even know what that is! With all the parties I've attending, I feel like a beached whale! I'm going "shopping" for a gym this week. I need to do more than my daily(weekday) 40 minute walk. I looking for the Pilates classes and there is one up the street from my house but, it closes early and sometimes, I'm just tired after work. I can't workout there in the morning because it opens at 6AM (I take the 6:18AM train to get to work)...the other gymn I'm looking into opens at 5AM but, it costs a lot more than the other. Wish me luck girls!

Well ladies, I've got to run and get some sleep (it's 11PM) :yawn: God knows I need all the beauty sleep I can get!!

Sorry for not addressing any of you individually! I'll try to post again sometime in the next week!

I miss all of you!


05-21-2001, 09:37 AM
Good morning and happy Monday. (Who said that?) Well, it's finally raining here and supposed to rain pretty much all week. I know we really need it and all but it's still depressing. So gray and cold. Where's spring???

What's not depressing is that I weighed in on Sat. with a 2.8 lb. loss!!! :) :) :) I must admit that I've been the WW poster child this past week! Gallons of water, walking or biking every evening, keeping track of all the points, etc. At the lingerie party, there was a table full of cheese and dips and lots of booze but I had only a diet Pepsi and 4 pretzels and moved away from the table. I did buy a nice long silky nightgown in pale peach with spaghetti straps. Really pretty but some of that stuff was so strange (garters and leather, etc.) and it was all expensive!! :( We all had some laughs and fun anyway.

Rich had to work on Sunday so I spent a good part of the day cleaning and moving some furniture, etc. Lots of exercise anyway. But I also fell off the program big time. We had chinese food on Sat. night and I had fat-free hotdogs with lots of sauerkraut on Sunday. Too much sodium!!! I'll have to drink a couple gallons of water these next few days to undo all that.

My mom called me last night to ask if I was going out to Ohio for the graduation and got mad when I said that I just couldn't go, couldn't take the time off from work, etc. She said she talked to my brother and he said he hadn't heard from me in a while. ;) Good boy! Can't wait until he tells them he has to run out real quick to run an errand, sneaks off to the airport and comes back to the house with me in tow. I even asked mom if she and dad could take my present for my niece out with them since I "couldn't go", etc. Meanwhile I've got my plane tickets already and am planning with Rich to get to the airport on time, etc. Can't wait.

Well, I'm either going to have to learn how to type faster or how to stop rambling on. Time to get to work now. Hope you all have a great day.

Much love, Jo.

05-21-2001, 12:44 PM
Jello....good for you for deciding to go to your brothers are a little scheamer....(sp?) your mother is going to be thrilled beyond belief when she sees you!! haha, hope you can keep it a secret...

On the more personal side....mainly me....(lol) my dinner with my girlfriends went okay. Yup, just OKAY, and you got one realized I had lost weight. One friend towards the end of the evening thought I had done my hair differently...and "oh, I guess you have lost a little weight...." so I really didn't bother to tell them that I had lost 35 lbs...(that is more than my 3yr old now weighs..BTW)...and just let it be.
The night was another personal victory though...I ordered well, drank the jug of water, and left some of my main course. At dessert time, I made another good choice of a sorbet rather than the usual cheesecake, tiramisu all in all I was rather pleased about MY SUCCESS..But I was dissappointed that no one noticed my loss, new outfit....or my little boost of self confidence. We are planning another getoghter at the end of July....a pool party. So we'll just see how "wow-ish" I can get to actually get up the nerve to wear my bathing suit!!! That is going to be MY NEXT CHALLENGE

05-22-2001, 06:02 AM
hi friends.

Can't sleep, so I thought I would post.

My grandma died last week, and we (chad and I) made the trip to Kansas for the funeral. I'm glad she is not suffering anymore. She did not like to be dependent on people, and she was so ready to die. If I could only be ready to let her go. I feel as if I lost not only my grandma, but my mother, and my best friend. I was closer to her than I have been to my mom the last decade. It's so hard to believe I just can't pick up the phone and talk to her. Or I will never get a little note or card in the mail saying "thinking of you." Or have someone to remind me how much I need to pray, and read my Bible. I also wish Hannah could of gotten to know her better. Nan was so proud of her two great-grandbaby's, (my nephew, Phillip is the other) and she always loved to get pictures or videos of them, or to get calls telling her "guess what Hannah did.." or "Phillip said..."

This has been such a hard month. My birthday was this month. I kind of went through a "feel sorry for me" period. This was the first birthday my grandma hasn't been able to call me, or send me a card. Same for our anniversary (my b-day was the 6th, anniv. the 8th. She passed away on the 14th).

Chad did surprise my with a dinner at Ryan's with a few friends (he's never able to keep a secret from me). I got a gift certificate to a clothing store from my in-laws to buy very much needed clothes (most of my clothes are sweat pants and t-shirts--stained from formula, and baby food). Unfortunatly, it turned into buying clothes for the funeral.

We finally had Hannah evaluated at St. Vincents (might still have to have one done at Riley Childrens hosp) to rule out or confirm autism.

She has been diagnosed as autistic, though she is "borderline." The pediatric spec. described her as right on that fine line btwn "normal" and autistic. She is very hopeful that if we cont. with her therapy (speech, develepmental, and occupational), she should be fine. The dr. described the way Hannah could possibly be as a "normal" person, just maybe a few quirks that just aren't normal. For example, she had a patient who was a math/science wiz, but couldn't understand jokes. Kinda thought about them to hard. Maybe she might be one to take slang sayings, etc. too literal. The dr. used the character "data" from Star Trek as an example (hopefully y'all know who I'm talking about). He was very intelligent, but didn't understand jokes, or humor, and couldn't understand sayings like "it's raining cats and dogs."

This dr. feels Hannah shouldn't have any problems responding to the therapy (I see a few changes since starting them), and by the time she's in school, should be mainstreamed into regular classes.

The dr. did suggest getting Hannah into a pre-school. Doesn't necessarily need to be a special-needs pre-school. She would like to see Hannah in one that takes regular kids, too. she did suggest the teachers be trained to handles autistic kids, though.

Now the fun begins. Trying to find a pre-school that will take a child under two (most around here require two, and some require potty trained), and one we can afford. I hope to find someplace to work while she is in pre-school so we can afford it.

As strange as it sounds, I'm atually relieved to finally have a diagnosis for her. I knew something just wasn't right, but getting people to listen turned out a little harder than I thought. Her pediatrician was great at listening, but was sure there wasn't anything going on with her. Even getting Chad to notice was hard. Once we got her into First Steps, and therapy, they suggested the eval. and set it up. Now we can take care of her problem, learn how to work with her, and help her to have a good life.

Well, I guess that's all for now. Thanks for listening.


05-22-2001, 02:10 PM
Hi Everyone! :D

Don't faint or anything, but here I am finally posting again. I'm sorry for being so long between posts, but I've been having a difficult time lately and really had not much to contribute. Just read the posts from the past few days this morning and got caught up a little. It's nice to know you guys are always here.

Well, I have grown back into the largest clothes in my closet. The past few months I have floundered around and really not stuck much to any plan. I have tried healthy eating and that has got me a few extra pounds. For some reason, when I let loose of any restrictions, I go hog wild. It is supposed to work the reverse, but for me, it is just leeway to rationalize eating whatever I want. I hate how I look and mostly how I feel. This morning I hope, will be a turning point and I will begin anew today. I don't want to have to buy new biggie size clothes. Going shopping with my daughter for a few maternity clothes for her, tomorrow. I am the one who looks like I need them. :cry:

So, I can spend more time feeling sorry for myself, or I can get off my butt and get back to work and lose these extra pounds. I know they will come off if I can get a grip on this appetite of mine. We did a lot of yard work over the weekend, so hopefully that helped. I got tired quickly though with the extra weight. I can sure feel it. Makes me wish I had tried much harder to stay on track.

We welcomed our newlyweds home yesterday. They are tanned and very happy after their beautiful wedding and honeymoon in Jamaica. We saw all the pictures and videos and it was a really emotional time. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. Feel sorry for my son because he had to go back to work this morning. It was a long weekend for us here in Canada, so they did squeeze out an extra day. Always difficult coming back to reality after a dream vacation like that. So now we have a new daughter-in-law. Our family is taking a growing spurt.

Sorry this is a me post, but I am doing this post offline and don't have the thread available to scan. I thought if I did it in my word processor, I could keep the phone line free most of the day. My son- in-law, the airline pilot, is on call and Carolyn has an appointment this afternoon, so that puts Nana on call as well. I just love being able to have Cambree to myself every once in awhile. She is getting to be such a big girl. They sure don't stay babies very long.

Congratulations to everyone who has graduates in their family. I guess this is the time of year all that is in full swing. Pretty big deal for all those young people.

With the warm weather, I know we are all extra busy right now. I will try to post more often and get myself back in the groove. Take care everyone. Love, G:) :wave:

05-22-2001, 07:13 PM
Hello Everybody, I don't know what to do. Unpack all my summer clothes or just keep the winter ones out. This weather here is really funny. One day in the 80's the next in the 50's. Think I will just hold off on the summer stuff.
The garage sale went well. We (between 3 of us) made about $700.00. I think I made $193.00 and it was all stuff I would have tossed. Except for a patio set I sold for $50.00.
My brother from Dallas came in Friday and we had a fun time all weekend. Had to go to White Castle Hamburger place as they do not have them in Texas. He even took some home on the plane. I am sure he stunk up the whole plane.
I am working lots of extra hours since a gal left. I will work them until they hire someone which I hope is soon.I have said it before but I give anyone who holds a full time job and is still able to cook clean and wash clothes all the time credit. It is not easy.

Sherry..........Tonight is your son's bog night. I am sure it went well and I am sure the tears flowed from you.:cry:

Sylvia....What kind of puppy did you get? Good luck on finding the right gym.

Sharon....GREAT job on the weight loss. Soon you will be back where you were before all the trips. Keep on working hard at it.

Angeleyes.....When that "friend" said "oh I guess you did lose a little weight" I would have said no I didn't. I lost a lot. 35 pounds!!!!!! As long as you know what you are doing is a success that is what matters. Wait til they see you in July!!!!!

Jo.....I can just seee the expression on your moms face when you show up. Oh how happy you are going to make her.:D

Kim....I am very sorry to hear about your grandma passing. The very best to you and Chad and Hannah with her problem. It may not be an easy road, but you will face it and handle it well I am sure.

Gail.....Read your signatiure....It is so true. You just get right back on track young lady!!!That is an order. Only you can do it Gail. (Don't mean to sound mean) :nono:
Glad the newlyweds had such a great wedding.

Trish....Have a wonderful trip to Ireland. Why did you choose to go there? Do you have relatives there?

Wildflower....WELCOME to you. Come and post often.

Chrissy....I know you are in Fla. Now but in case you are near a computer.......Are you relaxing and enjoying the trip like I siad? LOL

Sam.......Can't wait to see the pictures of the baby.

To everyone else I may have missed.........good luck to you all in staying on program. Love to all.....Sandi :wave:

05-23-2001, 09:41 AM
Happy Hump Day. This has been another one of those weeks that seem to last a month. Shouldn't it be Friday by now?? Maybe it's just the long weekend looming in the distance. Rich and I are going to spend it planting the garden and working around the house. We've turned down several invitations to picnics and cook-outs but this is the perfect opportunity to get some stuff done.

Gail, I'm so glad to see you back!! The only thing I can say about the situation you're in now is that I'm sure we've all been there. I know I have. Wish I had some great words of wisdom for you but I don't. :( Just that old cliche: Hang in there! And come here often. I always find that talking to my friends here helps.

Sandi, I know what you mean about the weather. I've been planning to pack up the winter stuff and get out the summer clothes for weeks but the temperatures won't cooperate. Today I'm in a sweater and turtleneck underneath it. Last week I was wearing light blouses and T-shirts. Just wish Mother Nature would decide already.

Kim, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. And I'll be sending only good thoughts to you and Hannah. There was a woman here at work who had twins about 5 years ago and one of them was diagnosed as autistic but she was mildly autistic and does very well in school, etc. I wish you luck in finding a good teacher for Hannah.

Sam, where are the photos!?!? Would love to see little Charlotte. And you too. ;)

Angel-Eyes, I've had that happen too when you think everyone will notice and say something and then no one does. Maybe they did notice but just didn't want to mention it or something. You should have just thrown it into the conversation maybe. "Hm, well, this dessert on the menu looks really good but since I've JUST LOST 35 POUNDS, I guess I'd better not blow it now...." or "Oh these pants are GETTING SO LOOSE ON ME, I'm afraid they'll fall down..." Or what usually works for me: "Hey stupid!!" *SMACK* "Don't I look FANTASTIC!?!?!?!" :lol:

Well, I left work early on Monday with a fierce headache but felt better yesterday and am feeling fine today. Don't know what was up with that though. Sometimes I get headaches that last for days and then just go away. Don't know if I should be really worried or if it's just stress or what. Hmmm??? But anyway, I admit I used it as an excuse on Monday to not exercise or get anything done. Back into the swing yesterday and already working on the second bottle of water this morning. I think I can, I think I can....

Time to work. Have a good one all!
Much love, Jo.

05-23-2001, 10:44 AM
Hi, I am new to this site and you girls sound like you have alot of fun and encouraging words. I need to loose a few, (I guess that is why we are all here), and I was hoping for some encouraging and funny people to do that with. I currently weigh 160 and would like to weigh 130-140. Any help you are willing to offer would be happily accepted.

05-23-2001, 12:36 PM
Hi everyone ... I know I have not been around much lately but have just been busy doing things outside and have been trying to not be in front of the computer so much! As much as I love it, it IS addicting! Especially since I have 3 websites to keep updated, and have joined a couple of webring memberships on my CJ"s Place website that has been keeping me busy too ... but I keep my eye on you gals every day, even tho I have not been posting much. Sorry, will definately do something about that soon!

Sassy:I have to tell you that you really went overboard this time on starting the new thread! YOU ARE THE BIGGEST BRATTIEST BRAT!!!!! You didn' even finish the old one first! Now, you know, I at least finish the last thread before I scoot into the new one ... AND, you know that if I was around you would have really had a run for your money! Remember, the one time -I beat you by 1 minute! Remember? One minute! Are you all set for your company for Memorial Day? WE are going up to the cabin for the whole week! I plan on starting my veggie garden up there Im even going to plant my pumpkins that papa gave me. Glad to hear you are doing so well with your weight I am still struggling to get my 10 lbs! Im soooooo close . And it certainly is not for lack of trying that I dont have it yet! I got my bike out yesterday and went for 10 miles! In one hour! I will probably go again in a little while today too. Riding a bike is so much more fun when you have to go alone I have a friend that walks with me but when we cant get together, I will do the bike. Miss talking to you well have to connect soon. BRAT! Love you anyways! 

Sherry:Well, how was your sons graduation ?? It was last nite, right? Hope it all went well .. now you can rest a bit, now that all the excitement is over. Well, about Sharon and I starting a new thread at the same time: it really did happen once but I beat her by 1 minute! That was soooooo funny

Sam:I thought you were going to email me pics of you and the baby! Im waiting to see we all want to see your little one! Hope you are feeling better now. Send the pictures!

Sylvia:I see you are busy busy busy with graduations too. Well, just have fun and post back with us when you can.

Jello:Have a great time in Ohio at the graduation. Boy, your parents are sure in for a surprise! Thats really neat my daughter in Kansas has pulled that on me several times!

Angel-eyes:Keep up the good work girl and you will be in a bathing suit sooner than you realize. Glad you had a nice dinner with your girlfriends, and it sounds like you did very well.

Kim:So sorry about your grandma I know you miss her, but she is not in any more pain & suffering now, and she will always be watching over you and your family. Happy belated birthday sorry we missed it. Sorry to hear about Hannah, but youre right, she will probably be just fine with therapy. And its good you found out early. Remember Kim, God does not give you more than he thinks you can handle. Youll be just fine.

Gail:So glad to see you post! Miss you when you dont. Gail, some day, it will just hit you about losing wt Its hard to explain I dont know why or when, but one day you will just know that that is the beginning and you will just do it! Like Sharon always says, you have to WANT to lose more than anything else in your life. What helped me is when I decided to join WW because I knew I was never going to do it on my own .. I knew I needed someone to account to for my weigh-ins. It is coming off very sloooooooow for me, but my mind is set, and I am not going to quit until .. You will do it too Gail one of these days you will just say enough Im ready! Keep posting with us Gail we miss you when you are gone. Glad to hear everything went well with your son and daughter-in-law. My daughter in Kansas is getting remarried in November She is so happy and our future son-in-law is so wonderful I think they will be very happy!

Sandi:I know what you mean about the summer/winter clothes. This week for us is winter clothes! Im packing for north never know for sure how it is going to be up there, so just have to take a little of both.

CarbFreak: WELCOME to our group. Post often and tell us about yourself what is your first name? You will love this group!

Well, ladies, time to get moving here. I promise I wont stay away so long next time. If you want to take a peek at my other website, the address is:

Love, CJ

05-23-2001, 02:28 PM
Hi guys,
Just thought I would wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day now cause I won't probally be around to post this weekend cause of all the company we will have at our house. I had posted the last time with 12 more houseguests coming and now there will be 14 coming cause my daughter in the Air Force, Tracy will be coming from Fort Walton Beach, Florida with her boyfriend Brett as well. But thank goodness 2 of the families, 2 of Ken's brothers and their wives and they have 2 children each, have decided to stay at the local Holiday Inn cause their kids just love their indoor pool so that is a good thing since we now have 2 more with my daughter and boyfriend coming too. So now there will only be just my mother in law and Ken's one sister, husband and teenage son. But we will still have a houseful cause everyone will be over here during the day and on Sunday we will be having a cookout as the relatives will be going home on Memorial Day. My daughter Tracy has decided she will stay till the 31st, that is the day after her birthday May 30th and her sister's birthday, Kelly, is the day before May 29th so we can celebrate together. Her boyfriend is from Springfield, Ohio, only a couple of hours from here so they are planning to surprise his parents and go there for a few days. They are both taking a weeks leave. Than they are also coming back on leave for a couple of weeks, split between Brett and our family over the 4th of July again. So it will be nice to see Tracy quite a bit this summer.

On the weight front I did good this past Monday and lost another 1.2 lbs so I have lost like 32 pounds so far and I am working on getting where I was before. I have to get to 10 more pounds off to be there. I will do it. This weekend may be a problem cause we are eating out on Friday night at this crab buffet place that the Scobels love to go to when they visit from Michigan. Than the next day they want to go to Texas Roadhouse where my son works cause they love the steaks there. Also I don't have my WW meeting on Memorial Day which my regular day falls on that Monday so may be 2 weeks off so I have to be careful. I will try my best!

carbfreak-WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME to our fabulous group. We will surely be of help to you in your quest to lose your weight. So glad you picked us to be a part of your life. You will get there and we will help each other all get there. Good luck to you, post often and let us know how you are doing. Good or bad, we are here for you. :smug:

CJ-Hey you little BRAT back to you. HA HA HA Yes I figured you were lurking around somewhere. If I had known you were REALLY outside I could have taken my good old time. LOL Have a goodtime at the cabin, as you always do. Good for you riding those 10 miles. Don't give up on getting that 10 lb ribbon, you are so close. Yes I am getting there getting ready for all the company. Still busy busy doing lots of things around here. I miss you too and promise we will connect when all this crazyness around our house is gone, which will be after Memorial Day. :D

Jello-Hi ya Jo. Glad those darn headaches are gone. Yikes those are not fun to have. I used to have them from time to time a many years ago and used to just have to lock myself in my room and shut out the world. Maybe they were stress related as it was when the kids were little and there were times I was pretty stressed. Have fun in your garden planting, I know you will.

Sandi-Great job on all you made on your garage sale. That should have bought a whole lot of White Castle when your brother came for a visit. LOL Gosh you sure have been working lots haven't you? Remember to take time out for yourself too.

Gail-How wonderful that you are back with us. I am soooo excited about it. You are gonna get back on the wagon I just know it. I can hear it in your words when you posted. Just remember to take things from moment to moment and you will be successful. I got your great email and it just made my day. One back at you soon I promise. I will try to be a good little diet buddy and help you along like we used to do and send some support and motivation your way. Glad Tim and Layla are back and are so happy. I wish I would have been there with your guys seeing that video. I would have been crying right along with you's. :)

KimV-Hi there Kim. Thanks so much for posting and letting us know how you are faring. I am so sorry to hear about Grandma's passing. But I know that she had a wonderful life and had so much love from all of you's, that she died happy from all your love. I know you are glad that you finally know what is going with Hannah as well. I think the worst part is not knowing. I know she will do fine in life with parents like you and Chad. Keep on talking to us, we care and give Hannah a big hug from me. Here you go!

angel-I am very proud of you for how well you did at that dinner. I think they must be blind not to notice your 35 lb weight, but personally you have the satisfaction of knowing you have lost those 35 lbs and your clothes are getting smaller and smaller so you are the big winner!

Sylvia-Man your are one busy lady as well. All these college graduations and a new puppy as well. What kind of puppy did you get? A he or a she? What color is it? What did you name he/she? I love puppies, they are so cute. Good luck in finding your gym.

Sherry-How did your son's graduation go? I will be going through that a week from Saturday myself with my son's graduation. I am sure you were the proud Mom last night. Let us know how it went. Love you Sher-Bear!

Chrissy-Hey are you having a great time at Disney World? I know you are but more than you I know that my nieces Emily and Ellen are having the time of their lives. I called and the girls friend, Kristen answered. I guess your house still is in one piece. LOL Miss you and love you much!

Well better get to work now. There is crazyness here in Indiana. There is the the qualifying for the Indianapolis 500 so lots of crazy race fans are even staying here in Columbus cause they can't all stay in Indy so they branch out at the hotels here. Crazy race fans! LOL

OK guys talk to you later, if I don't get to post till after Memorial Day than.............................................. .............


Love ya, Sharon :cool:

05-23-2001, 09:50 PM

Just stopping in to wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day weekend. I'm leaving tomorrow evening for a ten day trip to Ireland with my husband. My ancestors on my father's side were from Donegal, Ireland, but I don't know if I have any relatives living there now. We're going to fly into Dublin, rent a car, and travel around on our own. We have reservations at a few castles and manor houses.

I'm happy to say I've lost another 2 lbs. for a total of 14. Let's hope I don't gain a lot of it back on my trip!

Hope everyone has a good weekend. See you in a couple of weeks.


05-24-2001, 10:49 AM
Hey everyone. Sorry I don't have time to post much today but I wanted to pop my head in and say howdy. We've got some software guys coming in to help us set up something new on our system. I am betting that I am going to be working hard pretty late into the night. Oh well. . . I could use the OT!! :)
I did read through everyone's post and am glad to see that everyone is doing well. Not much else to report here. The scales haven't moved down past the 20 lb mark in two weeks but I am trying not to focus on that. I just need to get a little more consistent and then I know the little red line will start going down again.


05-24-2001, 01:22 PM
Hi Everyone! Can't believe it's Thursday already. This has been a pretty fast week. With it being our long weekend this past weekend, makes for a short week. :)

First, a big welcome to CarbFreak. If your name is any indication, carbs are your downfall, right? Mine too. I've had a really bad time lately, but things are coming together for me and I am getting back on program. You are in the right place for lots of support and encouragement. Don't think I could get along without this wonderful group for very long. Post often and tell us a little about yourself and by all means, make yourself at home. :D

Sharon, thank you so much for your encouraging email. Just to know others care means a great deal. This is a lifelong battle and someone who hasn't been there could never understand the way we all do for each other. Thanks for being such a great friend. :angel:

Thanks, Jo. Glad you missed me. :D Have fun this weekend. Your family will be so happy to see you. What a nice surprise.

Sandi, I appreciate your words of wisdom and know you are right. Funny how we have these mental blocks or stumbling blocks, I maybe should say. I know what I have to do, just haven't been able to do it. I have to get tough on myself again. That is the only thing that works for me. Thank you too for caring.

CJ, I'll bet when you get back from your cottage, you will be ready to get your 10 lb. ribbon. You sure have worked hard for that. Coping with the slowness of the weight loss is so difficult. You must have found the secret. Great going for you!

KimV, I'm sorry that you are having such a tough time. I understand how you must miss your Grandma. I lost my Mom last August and it is still so difficult. But time takes care of those things. I talk to her a lot and believe she hears me. She was in so much pain, it was a blessing that she didn't linger too long. It is so hard to lose loved ones. So happy that Hannah has been diagnosed - that is half the battle right there. You will be able to do what is right for her now.

Chrissy - Lucky you at Disneyworld. Hope it is a great vacation for you.

Trish, your trip sounds great. Congratulations on your weight loss. Good for you!

Sherry, Ginabob, Sylvia, MaryK, Angel, Dreamer, Judy, CH, Joanna, Regency, and everyone (no matter how I try, I always miss a few of you) :o, hope you are all doing well. Have a great day and if I don't get back here, those of you in the U.S. have a terrific Memorial Day long weekend. Love to all of you. G :)

05-25-2001, 12:24 PM
Hi All! Sorry, didn't mean to scare you all away. :D

I guess you all must be busy getting a head start on the long weekend. Hope you all have terrific weather and lots of fun.

Just wanted to thank you for being here. I seem to be back into the swing of things and dropped 2 lbs. just since yesterday. Carb control! I'll be doing WW, so will be joining many of you on the WW plan as of yesterday. I know it is just water weight, but an encouragement nonetheless. Every once in awhile, I need a good dose of reality - like my largest clothes fitting again. :rolleyes: Well, hopefully, these few extra pounds will roll off as quickly as they rolled on and I will be on my way once again.

Carbfreak, where are you? Are you following any specific plan? Would like to hear from you - maybe we can help each other along a little. We used to have a Food Journal thread where we posted our food intake for each day. I like to post mine in the evening. Perhaps I should start one again for anyone who would care to join me. Please feel free to post there also. All participation is helpful.

Those of us who will be around this weekend, let's check in once in awhile and lend some support to whoever may need it. Could I be talking about Yours Truly? :s:

Take care everyone and have a safe and happy weekend. Love, G :) :wave:

05-25-2001, 12:25 PM
Just wanted to pop in and wish you all a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend! Did I make my Memorial Day challenge??? I don't even know. But I'm not going to worry about it. I am hoping for a good weigh-in tomorrow morning. I deserve it! I've been good! :smug: Of course I say that as I finish the last of my Jelly Belly jelly beans here. But I only ate 7 (half a point on the WW plan) and I ate them slowly (took me half an hour). You should have seen me taking tiny little bites out of each jelly bean, one by one....

Anyway, hope you all have a great holiday! It's supposed to be gray and rainy here all weekend long but maybe I'll be out slopping around in the mud trying to get things planted. Could get interesting. :D

Have to go. Love to you all!

P.S. Gail, love your salad image!! :lol:

05-26-2001, 04:47 AM
Hi everyone -
I just found this site yesterday, and emailed CJ - she told me to post, so here I am!
I seem to be able to relate to everyone - I am trying to keep to about 1200cals a day. I am 5'8", and weight 172 - would like to get to 150lbs - that's about as slim as I have been for a long time.
I am currently taking Prozac, and it seems to keep me on a more or less even keel, but still I am battling bulimia.
It seems to me that if I eat, then the more I want to eat. There are some days when I could eat anything, some days are easier. If I have a few good days, I am always just waiting for a bad one to come along when I EAT!
I am hoping that by having to tell you all how I have been doing each week (or day?!) I can keep myself honest.
thanks for your honesty

05-26-2001, 11:24 AM
Good Morning Ladies.....I am so high..its a wonder I'm not hitting my head on the ceiling!!!...I DID IT!!!
Stepped on the scales this morning...and lo and behold--******I'M IN ONE-DERLAND*******, JUST......AND it's been a big struggle....the constant up/down of the same 3 lbs. is with sincere thanks and gratitude that I say THANK all those who stuck with me and offered encouragement when I was stuck. ~~~momof2boys,deb,fullhouse,ruth,cj. gail,sassy,momof2girls,suze5,suzi,TCW,chocolatelov er~~~...and many more...YAHOOOOOOOO.

Gail....hope you are okay...just heard there is a volcano eruption warning near your area....coming from the states....keep your fingers crossed!!!

FeelingBlue....nice to meet you. Hope to see you post often. I really enjoy the boards and usually 'chat' most nights. See you around.

For the rest of you.....(yanks)...Enjoy your Memorial Weekend!! Drive safe and stay on plan.

05-26-2001, 06:16 PM
Hello Ladies, Am enjoying this long week-end by working myself silly working at home. There's something wrong with this picture!!! But it does feel good getting some of this junk done.

I read this post up until Kim posted and I had to stop and address her, I will be back for you all later.

Kim---I am really sorry about your grandmother but like CJ said at least she is at peace now. The hard part is healing you. It will be hard for you but take peace in the fact you had her for so many years and you have all those beautiful memories of her. You can tell Hannah all of those stories someday.
Why I really wanted to address you is about Hannah. My only sister has one son and he is autistic. Like Hannah he is borderline also. Nicholas will be 5 in September. He has been in preschool in the public schools for one year now. He has been in speech and therapy for 2 years and made a lot of progress. I want to recommend a book for you. It is Unraveling the Mystery of Autism by Karyn Seroussi. It is the best book I have read on the subject and may give you some insight into autism. My sister is a special education teacher and I tell her all the time, God knew who to give Nicholas too. E-mail me at if you want to talk or share information. I would be glad to talk to you at any time. Nicholas is a very special person in my life. He is a lot like "Rainman", he can memorize anything he hears, especially if it's put to music. He is most crazy about VeggieTales videos and has them all memorized.
Keep up informed of Hannah's progress. We have a local group of parents of autictic children that have been a great help. Maybe you have one too.

For everyone else I'll be back. (that's a threat)

05-26-2001, 08:07 PM

Gosh it feels good to be back with my old buddies once again. Thank you, Thank you for being here.

Jo, I have visions of you mucking around in the garden. :lol: Hope you have a great weekend.

Welcome to Feeling Blue. We've all been where you are at sometime and believe me, no one can understand the way we can. Our weight struggles are all pretty similar. It is a matter of beating down that monster within and taking charge. Takes a lot of mental strength to get the ball rolling, but it gets a bit easier with each good day. Post often and someone will be around to pick up on your post. This is such a great group.

AngelEyes, yes, I heard the volcano warning too. We have a pretty good view of Mount Baker in Washington, right from our kitchen window and I can't see any steam or anything. Hope it doesn't blow - it is so beautiful. I remember when Mt. St. Helene's blew. It got pretty messy for awhile. But lucky for us Westerners, most of it blew East. :p Do you remember that? Congratulations for crashing that plateau. They can be so frustrating and the cause for a lot of us giving up. Persistence has really paid off for you. Hope I can absorb some of your determination.

Ch/Carolyn - great that you are here again. Sorry though that you are working your way through your long weekend. It does feel good to get rid of junk though, doesn't it?

Well, I have only been back onplan for 3 days, but dropped 4 lbs already. I had better stay off that scale now because for sure it will start going up and down and I get so angry when it does that. Guess I will weigh in weekly and hope for the best.

We were out all day today doing a few errands. We picked out the tiles for the backsplash in the kitchen. It is mainly white with a really nice set of herb tiles for the focal point. Should brighten things up a bit. Ken is off work the week after next for a week, so are all ready to start tiling then. How exciting, eh? Ha Hah

It has been so hot here this week. Record breaking temperatures midweek and still pretty warm. The A/C is sure getting a workout.

Hope all of you are enjoying the long weekend. I was just thinking of you Sharon with your houseful. Have a great time. Talk to you later. Love, G :)

05-26-2001, 08:53 PM
Hi Everyone,
Do you remember a year ago when someone broke into our home by kicking the door in? Well lo and behold they tried it to our next door neighbor on Thursday. Luckily she was upstairs and heard them after they rang the bell and she didn't answer immediately (she was in the bathroom) they started to kick the door in. She did get a license # and a description of the car so that may help. Gosh I thought I lived in a nice safe area. One never knows.
Hubby and I went to lunch today at The Olive Garden. I did enjoy the salad but ate so much of that I couldn't make a dent in my meal. But somehow I managed to get a piece of Raspberry white chocolate cheesecake down. Go figure!!!! I ordered some Parmesan crusted chicken which was good but tasted salty to me.
Tonight we are going to our daughters to babysit while they go out. So I have to prepeare myself for Rugrat Uno and Go Fish which they both love to play.
Have to work on Memorail Day but plan on going to a cookout after work. That is if the weather is any good. It is very cool here and rainy and has been for the past 3 days.

Carbfreak....Welcome to the group. There will always be someone here that can help you in one way or another. So post often.

C.J.....I have to admit I hadn't been to the goecities website for a long time. But went there the other day. You have done wonders as usual. I will go to the angelfire one too. I can see how they keep you busy.

Sharon....Hope you are having good weather there with all your company. Have a fun time. Good job on your 1.2#loss. You will soon be where you want to be.

Feelingblue....Welcome to you also. Be sure to come here everyday and at least read the posts even if you don't post. Sometimes something intended for someone else can also help another.

Angeleyes......CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS to you. What a wonderful feeling for you. You worked hard and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!

CH.....I think your post to KimV was so very nice. I am sure your little Nicholas is a very "special" person to lots of people.

Gail....Well there you go!!!!!!!! 4 # already. I am proud of you Gail and now feel better because I felt like I hollered at you in the last post. Maybe you just needed a little kick start. LOL How nice to have such a beautiful site out your kitchen window as a mountain. Your new tiles for the kitchen sound so pretty. With your artistic talents I am sure you know just what would look good. Have you been painting any lately?

Chrissy.....What happened? Did Mickey kidnap you? Thought you would be home by now. Hope you had a GREAT time. Miss you.

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day all. Love to all....Sandi

05-26-2001, 11:30 PM
Good morning everyone
well it's morning to me, because I'm on the other side of the world! Hope you are all having a good Memorial Weekend.
It's a lovely day here, blue skies and calm seas, and I'm just about to take my dog (Cocker Spaniel) out for a walk.
I had a goooood day yesterday, ie stayed eating healthly foods in reasonable quantities, plenty of water, and today when I jumped on the scales I had gone down 2lbs from yesterday. but the best thing was I didn't binge, and I wasn't sick.
So Thank You ladies for helping me keep on the path.....I am grateful to you all!

ps can someone tell me how I can put smilies in my messages (or other pictures, without copying yours'?)

05-27-2001, 03:19 PM
Good Morning! :D

Hi Feeling Blue. I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better. You'll have to change your name to Feeling Better. :) I think we were feeling blue around about the same time. Mine is passing too and I feel like I am coming alive again. Isn't it amazing how much control we let food take over our lives? And yet while I am really low, it doesn't occur to me how powerful food can be. My mind works in mysterious ways for sure. :spin:

As for your question about the Smilies - go down to the bottom of the page and you will see a little section that says Smilies are on. Click on Smilies and it will take you to the page that gives you all the information. Also the avatars beneath our names can be changed by clicking on your profile at the top of the page. Hope that helps some.

I also hope that you will continue to post, even when you are feeling better. There are so many ups and downs in this journey that it helps to have others to talk to about it. The good things and the bad as well. We all need each other's support. So stick with us and we will get there. Here's a big hug for you. (((((Feeling Blue))))) By the way, where do you live? I live on the West Coast of Canada in British Columbia, just a block from the U.S. border. Very nice here - the ocean not far away and mountains very close. We have people from all over the world posting on this website.

Sandi, so nice to hear from you. Thank you for your good advice. I needed to hear that. Tough love is exactly the thing sometimes. Yes, I have been working on some art lately. That is another thing that I float in and out of. Commitment is not my strong point. I was out earlier this morning taking some photos. My elderly neighbour passed away in March and his old lawn chair is still out under his big old willow tree. I thought I would one day like to do a piece on Ted's Chair and wanted some photos before it got moved. If you can believe it, his grandaughter took an old pot bellied stove out of his workshop and put a bucket of flowers on it. Talk about made to order. Also, my huge red poppies are in full bloom and the wind blew them apart last year before I had a chance to get any good shots of them. Along with my irisis blooming and the chives going crazy, I managed to shoot a whole roll of film. It is a pretty nice day, so hope they turn out and give me some good reference material for those damp days of winter.

Gosh that is awful to hear about your neighbour. I don't think it matters where you live anymore. These things happen everywhere. Good for you on doing well at the Olive Garden. You do so wonderfully at maintaining your weight. You must be a very disciplined person. Did you have fun playing Rugrats Uno and Go Fish? Funny, I just bought some Go Fish cards for Cambree. She is a bit young, but loves to match them up. We are into playdough now. A little messy, but lots of fun.

Carolyn, where did you go? Hope you didn't get lost in all the junk that you are cleaning up this weekend. How is the WW going? It seems like ages since I read your posts. I started a food thread again. I did it for myself mostly, but if anyone would like to join me there, would love to have you. I notice on other groups that some people post their own food journals separately and that is fine too. I like to chat a little there too, so if you want to talk I'm over there too.

Ken has gone for the day to a carving show in Vancouver, so I am on my own today. When I finish up here I can do whatever I want - no housework today - just a me day. Those are okay every once in awhile.

Take care everyone and enjoy the remainder of your holiday. Talk to you soon. Love, G :)

05-28-2001, 01:42 AM
Hi there! :angel:

Gail - thank you very much for the message - it was there this morning when I checked my mail, and it was such a nice surprise.

I had another good day yesterday - just a little too much wine (!) when I had supper with some friends, ;) but ate healthy and drank a lot of water too!

It sounds like you had a good day yesterday - I have always loved poppies - a long time ago I saw a painting in England when I was visiting my mother, that was poppies at the side of a cornfield. I just wish that I had bought it then, have never seen another one like it since!

I am living in Hong Kong, and have been here so long it doesn't feel exotic anymore.

I had better get on and do some work - nice to know that you are all out there. I wish you all a happy day
Feeling better

PS thanks for the explanation about smilies - I think I've got the hang of it now!

05-28-2001, 09:20 AM
Good Morning ladies...and thanks for all the well-wishes for me entering "one-derland"...a great day for sure!!

Haven't really time to read and post individual messages but will later....I had a great weekend, action packed with lots to do...nice change really from just doing regular stuff around the house. Did all that stuff too, mind you...but also went out several times, shopped ( for me!!) and had fun with some girlfriends. Wt wise....stayed on plan and I'm still in "one-derland"....hoping to workout tonight. Have a great day everyone.....take care

05-28-2001, 12:06 PM
Well, since this will be post #28, I don't want to do a long post until we start a new thread.

For the newcomers here, when we get to 29 posts, we begin a new thread, so move along with us to the #53 thread. Will see you there. G :)

05-28-2001, 12:07 PM
#29, so on to the new thread. :D