Support Groups - Current members - Jaded Lady definition

01-28-2005, 06:09 PM
Hi current members of the Jaded Ladies,

Do we even NEED a definition? I thought we did, since denwoman asked, and there are over 1200 hits on the thread, but maybe we don't. Or maybe a one-line description could be inserted in the bio thread? What do you think?

If so, we all, as members, should get to say what we think of, when we think of our friends/members here. The name Jaded Ladies is special, and it makes me very, very sad to even think of changing it, but the reference to a gem is no longer relevant. So if it's ok, we could drop that reference.

Which words do you think describe us? Which ones do you want included? Friendly? Compassionate? Fun-loving? What else?? Or what instead of? We are for sure jaded with "dieting", lol, and want to focus on health.

Since this is personal among the few of us, I am closing this thread and will accept PMs only regarding this.

Think about it and PM me your ideas soon, okay? To be fair, I'll include the adjectives that are mentioned by the majority of the group as a whole.