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09-27-2004, 08:27 AM
Good morning gals!

Icky food eating weekend. I went and bought me a bd cake early and we had it yesterday so I could be back on track this morning. We just ate out a lot and lots of junk. Happens from time to time though I shouldn't let it.

Gloria: So sorry for your losses. Though the dr was probably more than ready to go at 94. So many times, they have little or no family left by that time with spouses, children and even grandchildren passing away before them. I think St Bernard's are such a beautiful dog. I had a aquaintance that worked with me at the law firm who had 2 at the same time. She had one and her husband had one when they met. She said her back yard always looked like a golf course from them tearing it up.

Jean: Sounds like hubby is working hard with the farming. Glad the mil's cabin situation is not too bad. I know people have got to be sick of all the rain and stuff. We still have about 3 weeks of hurricane season left.

I need to get in gear for the morning and get my walk in and chores done and I am cleaning today.

have a great day


09-27-2004, 07:04 PM
Good Afternoon!
It is clouding over and looks like we might get some rain. DH is out helping on the farm so I am home alone until it rains or gets dark, whichever comes first.

I tore my desk apart looking for the gang drawings when I got to school this morning. I was pretty sure I wouldn't find them but wanted to double check. Next I went to visit the assistant principal and told him my story. Both boys involved have a long history of gang affiliation but of course denied knowing anything about the drawings I had supposedly taken. Finally the one said he drew a ribbon, not a crown. We ended up in the office together and I repeated some of the remarks he made in class and the fact that the other aide was a witness. He finally quit trying to cover his tracks and both ended up in in-school suspension for 3 days. If I would have had the drawings, the one would have been sent away. When they did a locker search, the other student had a whole book bag full of gang related stuff. It does make for an interesting day.

"Gma" -- I know what you mean about a bad eating weekend . . . most of mine seem to end up that way even though I have good intentions. I need to go for a walk this evening too. :yes: I would love to have time in the morning but it just doesn't work when I leave for school at 7:15.

I need to do some laundry and think about something for supper.

Hope you all have a nice evening and a terrific Tuesday.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-28-2004, 06:28 AM
Morning ladies!

Jean: Boy, kids have big kahunas these days, don't they? Don't even try to tell the truth even when they know they are going to be caught in a lie. These kids have two reasons for gangs, pressure from other kids and money. If you live poor and someone shows you a way to make $$ you are likely to jump on it if you are a kid. They want to belong so bad that these gangs become their families when their families don't provide what they need. What horrifies me most is their lack of respect for authority and adults in general. Guess I shouldn't be given the times now. Even kids with parents at home seem to be such brats these days. Suspending these kids only makes them happy! I think they should pass school regs where these kids have to attend jail, walk through morgues, and for their punishment, help with janitorial issues like cleaning bathrooms at the school, the nastier the better! Even a stone hearted killer doesn't like seeing babies wrapped in plastic in a morgue!

We had my birthday dinner last night even though today is my birthday. I want to get back on track so decided I should "fling" a day early. Weekends are the worst for me, probably because Jack is home all day and I try to make sure he gets good stuff to eat. Most of the time, I am the one hungry!

Everybody have a good day today!

Faye :)

09-28-2004, 10:07 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It was another beautiful day in my neighborhood although it was a bit nippy this morning at 47 degrees! It seems like the leaves have really turned colors the last couple of days and there are more on the ground each afternoon when I get home. DH is farming again tonight so I am home alone.

"Gma" -- Happy Birthday!I tried to get the birthday cake but nothing happens when I click on the smilies . . . I wonder if it is broken. :( I hope your day was a special one and may you enjoy many, many more! :cheer: The custodian once told me that having the juveniles "help" was more work for them because: 1) the custodians had to redo most of what the kids were supposed to do because they did a half-a** job, and 2) they couldn't leave the kids alone because they would steal anything they could get their hands on. The problem with special ed. students is that they are exempt from the expulsion rule unless they would bring a weapon to school. We have to provide services for them even if they are in jail -- they can stay in school until they are 21 which is another bone of contention! The majority of the parents have no control whatsoever so that makes it even harder. I don't know what the answer is but I'm so glad my kids are out of school!

Guess I will go read the paper and check out the TV since I can run the remote all by myself! :lol: Have a wonderful Wednesday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-29-2004, 08:23 AM
Morning ladies!

Jean: Sounds like your school board needs to make some changes as your spec ed doesn't seem to be children with dyslexia, mental ****** etc but kids who have been in so much trouble and missed so much school that now they can't read etc. Usually with kids with real problems like the above love having help to get them on track but sounds like you just babysit thugs all day.

My birthday was quiet though we have some kind of plumbing leak and can't find the source so that is causing major concerns. We just can't seem to get a break lately. Something just always keeps happening!

Everyone have a great day today!


09-29-2004, 06:57 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's another beautiful day in my neighborhood! DH is off farming and I have bell choir practice tonight.

"Gma" -- Most of the students I talk about are in the BD program and I don't work directly with them unless they happen to be in a modified class that I go into. One tested positive for drugs today and the police hauled him off but not without him raising quite a ruckus first. We could hear him up and down the hallways throughout the school. He was on probation so will be sent away for a long time now. These students are all smart enough to be in regular classes except that their behavior choices keep them in the special ed. program. Unfortunately, it is the government who runs the education system and the school board has to carry out the mandates. The BD numbers are really minute when you consider there are 650+ students in the school. I'm sorry to hear about your leak and hope you find it sooner rather than later. We had a spot on the ceiling where our addition connects to the old house. DH tried to convince me that it had always been there and we just haven't noticed it. NOT! He painted over it and so far it hasn't come back.

Guess I will go find something for supper and read the papers. Hope you all have a relaxing evening and a terrific Thursday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-30-2004, 08:31 AM
Morning ladies!

We haven't found the leak yet and of course I am stressing about it. Plumbers are so incredibly expensive to use. They charged us $150 to replace one little stem in a faucet a few weeks ago (Jack couldn't get the stem out so we had to call a plumber. Come to find out, Lowes sold him the wrong size thing a ma jig to get it out with)

I went with dd yesterday for manicures and pedicures and that was fun. The lady told me how often I should come in and what to do between times to help with my rough heels and tough areas. We had the soup and salad lunch at Olive Garden and had a blast. I came home to a load of bd presents in the mail from my sisters, which was nice.

Jean: I guess what upsets me most about ALL school systems in this day and age is that the system and the teachers are expected to raise your kids for you and if they have no structure at home, it is a total waste of time. Parents don't think that a teacher, if they only have one class, may have on the small end 20 students. Now what parent has 20 kids they have to raise? It is certainly not an easy solution other than pulling the plug on assistance so these women quit spitting out kids they have no intention of taking care of.

I need to go downstairs and unload the whole pantry so we can move it. The rug is damp from whatever is causing the problem.


09-30-2004, 07:33 PM
Good Afternoon!
It's been another beautiful day in my neighborhood but I think that is about to change with a wind advisory for tomorrow, rain, and cooler temperatures on the way tonight.

We are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for Des Moines. We are going with another couple, will shop the mall(s), go out to eat, and then go to the Gaither concert at night. I'm not sure what Saturday will bring but we plan to be back home that night. I think the grandkids are coming on Sunday so that will take care of my weekend!

"Gma" -- The principal has called a meeting of all special ed. teachers and aides, ESL teachers and aides, alternative school teacher, and the alternative study hall teachers and aides. Of the 650+ students, 40% are on the deficiency list and 50% of them are freshmen special ed. and ESL students. Our school is on the "watch" list and he is having a real fit about the ITED grades. I'm anxious to hear his solution for trying to make a kid do work when he absolutely refuses to do anything! We are already overloaded from absorbing the marijuana teacher's students so there are 10 to 15 students in a special ed. study hall when there should only be 4 to 8. He wants to pull all ESL and special ed. students out of regular study halls; I don't know where he thinks he will put them or who is available to work with them. It will be an interesting meeting for sure. I sure hope you find your leak! What fun stuff did you get from your sisters? I'm glad you had a nice lunch -- I love the Olive Garden :T and get to go once a year when we are in MN.

I need to make a run to the ATM machine. I spaced it off on my way home from school. DH is farming and they are trying to get done before the rain hits. Hope you all have a great Friday and a relaxing weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-01-2004, 08:28 AM
Morning gals!

Jean: Hope you have loads of fun on your trip this weekend. Spend some money for me! :lol: The school board and the administrators always seem to have "ideas" and no way to implement them except dump dump dump!

We are pretty sure the leak is not ours but something with the neighbor. Jack went over yesterday afternoon to talk to them, but only little kids were in the house and had no idea where or when the adults would be back. I guess I will have to make a stab at it this morning. I am wondering if maybe her washer hose is sludged up and or the drain and it is backing up and coming right in to our bathroom. It smells though, so it might be the toilet, UGH (I have to clean it up) Our reasoning is this. It stays dry for long periods than whoosh soaked floor. If it was a leaking pipe, say under the floor or in the wall it would be continuous water in some form or other and we should see wall damage, which there is none. It is only in one small area, the toilet is not the problem, the water to the fridge isn't the problem, nor is anything connected with the kitchen sink, ie disposal, dishwasher whatever. It also isn't my washer and it is only on the floor so it isn't coming from upstairs.

Guess we are going to grill out tonight. Our temps are still mid 80's but supposed to dip next week to low 70's which is really nice and comfortable for here.

Everyone have a great weekend!


10-01-2004, 06:09 PM

When I miss a day then you know I can't get connected here ~ so here I am today! I showed a loss of 2.2 yesterday at weigh in and that is a leg up on my 15 pound goal to lose by the end of this year. Got the car fixed ~ one of the air guages and that is good to get done. The guy said we could just put a piece of tape over the warning like most folks do and it wouldn't hurt anything. However, since that warning light can mean up to over a hundred things may be wrong if something else happened we wouldn't know it. So we will get it fixed whatever it is when that light comes on. Got a K&N air filter on it now and it sure runs better. They are spendy and worth every penny. I am so happy! I went to the dentist yesterday for my yearly checkup and don't have anything to work on. However, when the appointment got made the gal that does the cleaning was booked up so I didn't expect to get them cleaned. However, in came a cancellation while I was being x-rayed and it was to follow right after they were through checking me. So I got them cleaned. I like having them done every 6 months and the soonest I can get in next is the end of May! Hope someone cancels meantime and I can get in sooner. This gal that does the cleaning is THE BEST. In high demand here in this little burg.

FAYE sure hope you can get your water woes fixed soon. That loose water can sure play havoc on a persons property. Bet it is coming from your neighbors stuff. Let us know.

JEAN those are the kind of kids I love working with. I counseled them for years and know their little tricks. Wish I lived closer and I would get together with your principal and do some volunteer work. Sounds like your school is in grave danger of losing Govt. money this go-round. A band aid won't fix what is going on there.

Have a wonderful evening folks on this first day of ROCTOBER.

10-02-2004, 06:53 AM
Hello gals!

Jean: Hope you are having fun on your little trip!

Maggie: We DID find out it is not our plumbing, thank goodness. Our neighbor was out of town, but her cousin was staying there and said that their washer leaks "a little bit." I said, more than a little bit because it was all coming into our bathroom and flooded the floor. She said she would tell her cousin when she got back today. I told her it was probably either just a hose with a hole in it, stopped up with lint and stuff or the drain pipe was stopped up with lint. I also told her the water has loosened our linoleum so that she would know it needs fixing immediately. I was so relieved it isn't in a wall or under the floor that I wasn't even mad with her casual attitude about it.

Oh and I have decided to use Dr Phil's program and see if I can stick to it and stay consistent. I bought his one book because it had a great food/calorie and fat listing but read some of it today and find that I am going to try it and see what happens.

My sweet baby boy called today and said, "Nonny I would like you to go to lunch with me. Will you go with me to lunch?" Now you know I said NO! We had a lot of fun. I can't wait until I sit for him on Tues.

When we were in Vegas, Jack bought this M and M dispenser at the M and M store there. It is the plain and peanut m and m sitting on a couch like Siskel and Ebert voting for movies, and when you push plain's thumb down, m and m's come out into a popcorn container. We don't keep candy in it because he hasn't been to our house in months and we know we would eat the stuff. Well, he came back to my house to play after lunch and was so sad there was no candy so I promised him we would walk to the store on Tues (we have a 7-11 type store half a block away) and I would get m and m's to put in the machine. That boy is only a LITTLE spoiled. He was jumping on his mom and got into trouble so he came over and hopped on me. His mom said, "Thomas, I mean anybody not just me. Don't jump on them." He looked at her and said, "But mommy, Nonny doesn't mind if I jump on her, she likes it!" That child is barely 4 and told me today they had to take their dog to the veteranarian. How many kids that age know what a veteranarian is let alone how to say it? He is one sharp kid and keeps me on my toes!

Have a great weekend all!


10-02-2004, 03:49 PM

It is a beautiful Saturday in the neighborhood and not going to be tooooo hot today. I love this time of the year. The colors are so beautiful that nature shows us. Our "top down" dirves are so enjoyable. LIFE IS GOOD

FAYE so glad that you did find out what was causing your flood. Now to get the damage all dried out and repaired. Your neighbor will be sad when she finds out that it was her equipment that cause the damage. Hope she doesn't balk at making things back to exact. You have the sweetist little grand son. I am so happy for you.

Everyone have a lovely aftenoon and weekend. ROCK ON

10-02-2004, 09:42 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
We are home and I am so tired! :yawn: The concert was good but we think we didn't enjoy it as much as the first one we went to . . . maybe because some of the 'old' performers are no longer living and others have moved on to something else. It was a 4 hour concert so we were eating our supper/breakfast at 2AM! That is way too late for this old gal! :( I was a bit bummed that we didn't do any shopping because the gal who went along with us is extremely heavy and walking bothers her knees/legs. I didn't want to leave her sitting on a bench with the guys so I didn't shop either. We did go to the new mall and had a piece of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory! :T

"Gma" -- I'm glad that you found the source of your water problem and only hope the neighbor will pay for the damages. :yes: I'm sure you enjoy spending time with T! Ian likes the mini M & Ms that come in the plastic tube. So far he can't get them open but likes to shake them to hear them rattle.

Maggie -- It was a beautiful fall day here also. It was 31 degrees when we got up this morning and a jacket still felt good this afternoon. Our leaves are brilliant colors around the lake -- a pretty picture! Our school district is always looking for volunteers so come on over! :cp:

Have any of you clicked on the [More] by the Smilie list and gotten nothing? The ones I use I know but I was going to use the birthday cake and couldn't get the rest of them to come up.

I'm going to unpack and head for bed early tonight. Have a nice Sunday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-03-2004, 07:58 AM
Morning ladies!

Jean: Sorry you didn't get to shop. Yes, Gaither's group is shrinking big time because so many have passed just in the last couple years like, JD Sumner, James Blackwood, Jake Hess and several others. I don't really care much for contemporary Christian music and like the old groups. When I was a little girl, my mom would take us to these Saturday night huge singsperations they would have. I remember going to one where the original Blackwood brothers performed I JD signed my Bible. As for the smilies, I use the extended ones all the time because of my thread and we do points where you get smilies for different pts and though it is slow loading, never had a problem.

The bathroom stayed dry all yesterday so I am hoping that means the lady that lives there took it to heart when she was told about the leak and maybe got it fixed. I really figure it was something fairly simple and not expensive like a hose or a clog.

Jack and I have been working on our vacation for next year. Sure wish the prices for tickets would drop. I got coach tickets for us for $262 apiece this year and the flight next year at the cheapest is $384. I know fuel is part of it, but sheesh over a $100 more! :lol: We are going to be gone almost 2 weeks this time and we are both just as excited as we can be.

I am feeling icky today (intestinal stuff) so am going to go. Have a great Sunday!


10-03-2004, 10:16 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
Beth and Maddy just left and I need to pick up the kitchen and put another load of laundry in . . . after I visit with all of you!

It has been another nice day today. I was surprised at how dark it is at 7 AM -- last night I turned off the TV alarm and actually slept in for once. My 2 AM morning finally caught up with me. I know I'll be ready for bed early tonight too.

"Gma" -- When I click on the Smilies[More] it pops to the top of the page and never loads. I wonder why . . . I used to use them all the time. Where are you going on vacation? MIL's ticket back to AZ was almost $400 . . . it would have been $700 if she would have gone a day earlier which, I suppose, was considered part of the Labor Day weekend. Someone once told me that if you keep checking the internet, there are 24 hour "windows" where the prices really drop because the planes are not full. I've never tried it because whenever we have flown, we've been on a time schedule to get there and back. I hope your neighbor got the leak fixed! :yes:

I need to keep moving! This is post #14 so you know what that means! I hope you all have a marvelous Monday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!