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09-22-2004, 04:15 PM
Jean: Guess it would be pretty hypocritical for the school system to let a teacher who was found with MJ teach students they are trying to keep from using the stuff! :lol:

Had a great time with dd again. We shopped, she bought me a cute T-shirt from Old Navy (whoohoo it fit!!!!!) and a book I have been wanting to read (she and her hubby make oodles and oodles of money so she just likes to treat me so who am I to disappoint her? ) We had lunch at the wrap place again and talked and talked and made a date to have a girl pamper day at the salon next week and since my bday is Tues we are all going to the movies Friday night (dh and I get to take T and they will go to something else) and they are taking me out to dinner for my birthday wherever I want to go.To have a relationship back with her is beyond happiness for me.

Not much excitement here. It is cool in the mornings but works its way up to mid 80's by afternoon so I try and get all my walking done around 7 am or so. Don't like walking on the busy street because of the noise and exhaust but do like the cool weather.

We miss you Mags and wish you could get back in here. Gloria and Bubs hope all is going well with you two as well.

Have a great day ladies


09-22-2004, 10:48 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It's a nice evening here in my corner of the world. I had bell choir practice tonight and tomorrow should be Friday. :yes: I hate that they changed church night from Thursday to Wednesday; we talked about keeping our practice on Thursday but it never came about. It was a pretty quiet day at school so that was nice.

"Gma" -- I'm glad that you enjoyed your lunch with your daughter and that your relationship is on the mend. It sounds like you will have a fun birthday celebration!

Gloria -- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY today! I hope you and your hubby did something fun to celebrate. :dancer:

Not much else is newsy from my corner of the world. I hope you all have a terrific Thursday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-23-2004, 07:18 AM
Morning ladies!

Gloria: Happy Anniversary to you belated! Hope you had a great day!

Jean: I haven't heard you mention bell practice in awhile or even performing. Do you only do it fall and winter months?

Well, today is fix the car day so that will be fun sitting in a shop for 2 hours. I have to take Fortune to the vet tomorrow and get his shots, but it is only a block from here so we will just hoof it.

We are supposed to get rain tomorrow and Saturday and though it mucks up my walking we sure can use it. I can always just drive over to the mall and walk like I used to I guess. Course, Fortune can't go with! :lol: I have been taking him out with me about 3 times a week and now he thinks I should take him everyday.

Well, Jack is up so I have to scoot so I can take him to work this morning. I am supposed to be at the car place at 7:30


09-23-2004, 10:21 AM
Good Morning Magnolia!

Thank you Jean & Faye, for the Anniversary greetings. #47, It doesn't seem possible that this much time has gone by. We had a delightful day! DH took me to one of my favorite restaurants for lunch. LeCalypso is a very French restaurant on the beach at Nantasket Beach which is about 20 miles from us. When I say right on the beach I really mean above the is on a cliff and they have a terrace behind the restaurant with umbrella tables. Yesterday was about 80 deg. and the ocean was just beautiful as we sat and ate and enjoyed the view. DH had a steak but I had a Seafood Scampi dish and it was delicious and not as rich as I expected...a good thing. We also shared our favorite dish of escargos (sp?) They were done in the French style with plenty of garlic and slices of toasted French bread to dip in the juices. Ummm Good!!! Last nite all the kids call and that was also a good thing.

Faye: So nice to hear that you and DD are doing so well now. It will mean that you get to see T more often which I am sure you do enjoy

Jean: Hope the weather cools just enough so you can "enjoy" school without roasting. You noticed I put quotes on enjoy...I meant enjoy as much as the kids will let you.

Gloria in MA....DH just got back from his walking the neighbor's dog and we now have to deliver a friends car back to her house. She has been away and asked if we could keep her car in our garage as she doesn't have a garage and didn't want to leave the car out in the open for 2 weeks with no one home. Life must get back to normal today and we will go food shopping after the car delivery.

09-23-2004, 08:15 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It's a nice sunny afternoon in my neighborhood. We had some rain this morning -- actually it poured for about an hour. I stopped for coffee after school; another aide needed to vent so I listened. I guess my life really is pretty calm and I like it like that. It sure looks and feels like fall today.

"Gma" -- Our bell choir only plays October through April, second Sunday of the month. DH's group sings September through May, the third Sunday of the month. Our director asked if we would like to put on about an hour's worth of Chrismas music in December. I really don't want the extra practices and no one else said much of anything so I don't know if we will or not. We've played for weddings and some have gone to "big" multiple choir ringing get-togethers out of town. I never have done that because it's usually when we've been on vacation in June or had a wedding conflict. Hope your car is fixed for good this time! I often wish I had a dog to walk -- our neighbor's dog will follow us sometimes but always goes into peoples' yard to chase squirrels and rabbits. :rolleyes:

Gloria -- It's nice to see you today! Your anniversary lunch site sounds beautiful! I'm glad you had a nice day! We only had a couple days that were miserably hot and humid since school has started. This has been the strangest summer for weather. Makes me worried about what our winter is going to be like. :shrug:

I need to fix something for supper. Nothing sounds good since I munched on pop corn while lending my ear. I hope you all have a relaxing evening. Tomorrow is Friday! YES!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-24-2004, 09:22 AM
Morning ladies!

Gloria: Sounds like you had a great time, though I don't do "garden pest" appetizers! :lol: All I think about is the Lucy episode where she was in France and couldn't speak the language and ended up with escargo and used the snail tongs on her nose! :lol: :lol: :lol: Love that Lucy! Our anniversary is Nov 18 and I don't know what we well do this year. We usually go out for our bd, which are Sept 28 and Oct 10 but decided to combine them and just go with dd and sil and T so we weren't eating out all the time. We have a family of Italians here named Grisanti and all the brothers have different restaurants and BollaPasta is our favorite so maybe we will go there. We bought an expensive digital camera to share for our 2 bd and our anniversary and I think I am getting a wedding band for Christmas as my set burned up 15 years ago in a car fire and being in the Navy could not afford to replace them. I found a gorgeous diamond and sapphire one on Overstock that would look better on my hand than anyone elses! :lol:

Jean: I have a little yorkie but that boy can drag me around if he wants to. (I am enclosing his pic) He loves going for walks and he never barks etc so he is perfect to take out. He does LOVE people though so I have to restrain him from going up to people and trying to get them to pet him. I know as much as I like dogs, I wouldn't want a stranger's dog coming up to me, you never know whether it bites or not.

As usual, nothing I ever do is simple! Went to get the car fixed and the dopey receptionist had not ordered the part! :?: so I had an extra half hour wait for a parts store to open up before then even started on the car. Sat there about 2 hours and it was all fixed etc and I even got a $40 price break on the part for my trouble (this is the same place I had the body work done). I drove off, went to the post office and to the library drop and my engine light came back on so there I go back to the shop. Well, not only was the valve bad, so was the sensor attached to it and that they didn't know about so the general manager (the one Jack went off on when we didn't get our car back on time when the body was repaired) was so sweet and had the mechanic give me the part at cost and NO LABOR! Now, if I would have gone to the dealership it would have cost me about $800 for the two parts and labor and they did the whole thing for less than $200! Now I can drive and the engine light not drive me totally bonkers!

Have a good day girls. I need to get out before the rain gets going much


09-24-2004, 03:36 PM

I can't believe I got in this morning. I do try every day and this is great! We have been busy and that is good. Life is good! I really don't know what to type. In a bit I am going to make brunch when Cowboy gets back from visiting an old gentleman in the hospital. We have some of those delicious black seedless grapes that would look nice on the plate.

Monday we go for an all paid trip to Monterey for a work shop on battered folks. We do volunteer work and these training sessions are always interesting. (Especially when everything is paid for.)

GLORIA WOW ~ 47 years! That is a happening for sure. I congratulate you and your husband. Your lovely meal sounds yummy except for the snails. I just couldn't! Nope ~ just absolutely positively couldn't. I don't care how much corn meal those little suckers have to crawl through before they go through your lips ~ I just culdn't. Maybe I should adopt that attitude to other things that are red light foods for me. Hummm that might work.

JEAN when do you and your husband plan to retire? Will you be doing any traveling? What kind of a dog do you want? I want an Old English Sheepdog. I love those things. I can just see one sitting in the back seat all seat belted in with the top down as we cruise with the top down. Those are quite spendy. That must be why I don't have one.

FAYE your car woe's sure make me shudder. It isn't just our infastructure that is crumbling. Our engine light came on and stayed on in a van we had in the past. But it had been in a ditch in a blizzard for a few days all frozen and when they thawed it out that light never went out again. Just burned brightly under that piece of black electricians tape. Not a thing wrong with the engine but that light just stayed on. Your little pooch is so adoreable! I bet you have fun with him. Right now Turn is my puppy ~ sits at my feet. Follows me around the house. Plays fetch. Gets out of my chair when I say "scoot." Gets off the dining room table when I say "get."

Well Magnolias, I will be back when I can. No one can yet figure why I can't come here every day. A cyber Mystery.

09-24-2004, 07:04 PM
Happy Friday, Flowers!
I am ready for the weekend! It got warmer today, than was predicted, and those teeny tiny black bugs are all over everything! I wouldn't mind except they bite and that stings.

I am frazzled! I had to sub this afternoon and took away some gang drawings from a gang wannabe. We are supposed to turn them in to the office and they deal with it from there. I put them under the calendar pad on my desk and when I went to get them they were nowhere to be found. I know I paperclipped them together with a post-it note but don't know what I did with them from there. I was helping a girl with algebra and there was another aide in the room -- neither of us saw the culprit get out of his desk so I will have to do some more searching on Monday. I hate it when I lay something down and then can't find it! Another kid was also sitting nearby and he could have taken them but I don't think he got up from his desk either.

MIL was on the caller ID, when I got home, so I tried to catch up with DH at the office and on his cell. He is most likely out on the farm or else hauling his tractor to be worked on. . .anyhow, he is nowhere to be found. I did find out from his secretary that his mother's summer neighbor called to say the water is over the dock. Like MIL can do anything from AZ except worry. I don't know why the busybody didn't call or email us. There is still quite a bit of beach and a little bit of yard before it will be at the front door of the cabin. They were flooded out in '93 so I suppose she is a bit paranoid about the furniture and carpet getting wet again. It was a mess to clean up, that's for sure. We are planning on going up on Sunday to take out the dock, boat, hoist, drain the water, and put the outside things in the shed. We bring her car back here to store it for the winter.

"Gma" -- Your dog is so cute! I know you have said his name, but tell me again please . . . CRS has set in! I know your cat is Butterscotch! :D I'm glad your car is finally fixed but what a hassle for you to go through to get the job done! Your birthday is in October, right? It seems that I remember you, Maggie, and I are all close together. The ring sounds like a wonderful gift!

Maggie -- It is so good to see you here! :cheer: I don't look for DH to retire for another 7 or 8 years at the least. He can pretty much coast now because he put in many, many long hours and days when he first started in the business in 1981. I'm not so sure about me -- I keep saying when it isn't fun any more, then it's time to go. A few of the teachers, that I am close to, will be retiring within the next 5 years so I am kind of thinking that will be my goal. The district pays for my health and life insurance and that is a big plus to hang in there. I doubt that I will ever talk fast enough to have a dog. DH says he is not scooping up dog poop in the yard. I'm not so sure that we will replace cats when these 3 are gone; but then again maybe with just one. ;) If we didn't have to have a cat sitter to feed Leonard, it wouldn't be a problem to leave them alone for a weekend now.

I don't know much else that is newsy and it is time to think about supper. I ate at Kreative Kitchen this noon (the students in the foods class prepares a whole meal -- pork loin, twice baked potato, baked celery/almonds/cheese, muffins, and a frozen chocolate dessert :T ) so I'm not even hungry. I am looking forward to having tomorrow at home! Have a relaxing weekend!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

09-24-2004, 07:22 PM

I can't believe I got in here twice in one day! Skinney Cow has some great things out now that are points friendly ~ have you tried the Strawberry Shortcake frozen yummy dessert? 2 POINTS and delicious.

FAYE we went to Oakhurst which is down the mountian somewhat and on the way back the "check engine" light came on. Will had just taken it in this morning to get the oil changed so we stopped in at the same place. The man looked everything under the Mustang's hood and said there were no hoses disconected which sometimes causes that. So he disconnected the cable to the computer and let it reset itself and the light went out. He did say it could have been caused by a sensor going bad so we will have it replaced at 50,000 miles when we get the trannie fluid changed.

JEAN it was probably one of the kids that snaked those drawings out from under that desk pad. They are so quick. You are dealing with some of the juvenile delinquent population and nothing surprises me at what they can do having worked with them for so many years. I think we will hit the road again in a year or so. I am older than you so have a head start on being "retired." Your MIL has to have something to worry about getting flooded ~ after all she is in AZ where the water doesn't rise.

09-25-2004, 10:35 AM
Morning Ladies!

Jean: My dog is named Fortune. Jack named him because he said that is what he would cost us! :lol: As for pooper scooping, our dog won't poo except next to something, like a fence or bushes, etc. How that came about is when we brought him home, we lived in a fenced apartment complex and we would take him out and walk him along the fence to go. It is just a learned behavior for him. We just had a gang related killing here of a 14 yr old boy. They beat him to death in a boy's school bathroom (it was his initiation into the gang.)

Maggie: Great to hear from you finally. Hope you got my e-mail regarding not getting your e-mails. Ok, as for the car here are some things to know about the check engine light. As long as the engine is sound, it is not dangerous. It is usually a sensor that is going out. Ours would come on and go off and on and off and could stay off for weeks then come back on. Secondly, it won't damage the car but IF you find that it is kind of chugging like it isn't getting enough gas or won't stay started on it's own, have them check that egr valve because that is probaby the source.

I got up this morning after doping myself last night. My blood pressure seemed low to me and I had a little dizziness, shaking and overall feeling weird but not in pain. I took my bp several times from noon on and developed a headache. I slept for 10 hours and feel groggy but much better. I am going to speak to the dr about my bp meds as that may be the source or it could be hormonal as I am near the part of my cycle where I seem to have a long of issues.

Everyone have a great weekend!


09-25-2004, 01:49 PM
Happy Saturday, Flowers!
It was a nippy 50 degrees in my corner of the world this morning. The sun is shining brightly, the sky is a beautiful blue, and there is NO wind today.

I've been gone and back home again; there was a crib advertised on a garage sale and I thought maybe it might still be there. No luck though and the lady said it was a piece of junk needing repairs so guess I'm not out anything. She had the cutest little dog and he finally decided I was ok after she held him and I let him sniff my hands. I had on clean jeans so I don't know if he could smell the cats on my shoes or what. For as little as he was, he sure could growl. :lol: DH left at 7 AM to meet Jason at the lake so I was up and dressed early for a Saturday.

Maggie -- I hope you continue to have good luck getting into the SM site. I miss your posts when you aren't around. I like being at home so I know I would enjoy working part time; unfortunately those jobs are far and few between in this 'burg.' I refuse to work at Wal Mart of McDonald's although some day I may have to. :(

"Gma" -- Do you use a regular bp cuff or a wrist type cuff to check your bp? We have a wrist one and it works fine for DH. I took it to the doctor's office on my last visit and it runs about 20 pts low on me. He thought it was because of how it reads my veins. :dizzy:

I need to get the vacuum out and suck up the fur hunks. Have a nice day today!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-26-2004, 07:32 AM
Morning ladies!

Jean: Thanks for the info on the bp monitor. It is a wrist type and like you, it works correctly for dh. One of my problems at the dr office is getting them to use their largest cuff. Now you would think they would have brains enough to do that seeing how big my arm is, but.......The dr, at my last appt finally took it with the largest cuff they have and it was better. I am all better now. My sweet little doggie never growls or barks at people. He only does it in a couple areas, when the cat ambushes him and jumps on him and bites him trying to get him to play or when we don't let him do what he wants, ie not playing fetch with him. He will pick his stuffed baby (his elephant) up and drop it at your feet and if you don't throw it he barks just once. He has never continually barked, just a yip here and there. He is the perfect pet.

Hope all have a blessed Sunday


09-26-2004, 01:46 PM
Good Morning!
The sun is shining brightly and it's a nice 71 degrees in my neighborhood as I type. It has been a lazy morning at our house. DH didn't get home until last evening and is so sore he can barely move today. For some reason I was really tired last night; I went to bed before 10:00 and slept until 7:30 this morning when Leonard decided breakfast was really running late according to his tummy. I've read the Sunday papers and watered my plants so far today. DH just left for the farm to haul beans, I think.

I have Elvis playing on the CD player and I need to declutter around here.

We are going to a Gaither concert next Friday night, will stay overnight, and shop the new "big/fancy" mall in Des Moines so I want to keep ahead of the laundry and piles this week. We're going with another couple so I'm looking forward to getting away.

Not much else is newsy from my corner of the world. I wish I could get my 'poop in a group' and keep it there! Someday I will do just that . . . someday.

Have a nice day doing whatever you are doing today.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

09-26-2004, 02:54 PM
A beautiful Sunday afternoon here in the North East! We have a stretch of great days and cool nites. Think it is about to change by Tuesday as "Jeanne" should be showing herself with some rain.

Another two funerals this week. 1st was DH's cousin 53, from breast cancer. She had them removed more than 5 years ago and was given a clean bill of health and just recently had a flair up and the meds did not work! Today we will be going to a wake and funeral tomorrow for a AF buddy of DH's He was the Doctor for the National Guard group the DH was in when he was sent to France in '61. This Dr. had been in the service in WWII, Korea, Vietnam then NG with DH. He was 94 and for a time he was our doctor, a wonderful man.

Jean: Hope MIL place did not get flooded. Just watched a piece on the TV about the Iowa State Fair. It looks like a great time. Local State Fair is really small time in comparison.

Faye: Your pooch is adorable. He is the size that I wanted when we first thought about getting a dog. However, we ended up with a St. Bernard. Actually over the years we had 3! I had made a request that I would not accept any dog that didn't fit in a shoe box. DH brought home the dog in a shoe box but the next day he was bigger than the box. :D
Only thing good was they were outside dogs and we did have the fenced in yard to hold them and the kids did love them. When the kids were small they took turns riding him.

Maggie: Hope you can get back in on a regular basis. We miss your emails.

Gloria in Ma.....must start getting dressed for the wake....enjoy your Sunday everyone!

09-26-2004, 11:21 PM
Just peeking in to say "good night!" I see that this is #14 post so you know what that means. ;)

Gloria -- The water was level with the dock and the wood had been wet for awhile so that made the sections even heavier to lift out. Fortunately there were some extra men next door and they helped get the boat hoist out. The water was unusually cold but it never warmed up during the summer so I guess that should have been expected. DH had waders on but the water was too deep so he finally just took them off. I'm sorry to hear about the death in your family and that of your friend. The Iowa State Fair is a pretty big deal to alot of people. When I was a kid we always went to the Minnesota State Fair so the Iowa one seems kind of little in comparison. Our daughter danced in a competition when she was in high school and won a chance to compete at the fair. It was hotter than he** that day and we could hardly wait to get done and out of there. She never wanted to go back! :lol: This year, with the cooler weather, they set a record for attendance. Some people bring their campers/tents/ motorhomes and camp out the whole time; it's like reunion time for alot of them.

Well, I need to pick up the kitchen and put a load of towels in the dryer. Have a marvelous Monday, Flowers!

Jean -- :yawn: from Iowa!