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05-10-2004, 01:27 PM
WELCOME to the Jaded Ladies! :)

This is a very warm and friendly group of ladies who talk about everything. Who also provide daily support in our everyday lives, as well as our walk towards a healthier lifestyle.

We would love for you to join us. :)

05-10-2004, 01:40 PM
Marti~sending ((((((hugs)))))) your way and well wishes for the day. I know how hard funerals are, just know you are in my thoughts. :grouphug:

Jana~have fun planning the party! :) Glad you ladies had a wonderful Mother's Day and the guys did all the work. THANKS for the card, that is a cute one! :thanks:

Katie~glad you too had a nice Mother's Day. So how long are you going to be in Montana?? Have a safe and fun trip and enjoy your visit with your mom.

Angie~glad you too had a wonderful Mother's Day. Have you heard anything yet about the show?

Well, it is a gloomy day here today in the midwest. :rain: We are supposed to get quite a bit of rain the next few days, we'll see. Nothing much going on, doing some straightening up and a little bit of cleaning. Will finally catch up on some reading today. Checked out three books at the library last week and they are due next Monday so I need to get them finished. One is the Atkins program-hate the word diet-not sure I will try it, but wanted to see what it is all about. My cousin lost 30 pounds following it and she liked it, so we will see. WW works for me if I just follow it! So not sure why I would want to try something else. I just want to see results fast and think if one thing isn't fast enough then something else will be. Yeah, yeah, I know it won't be and I need to be patient and lose slowly. Just need to get that in my brain. Okay, starting to babble.

Have a great day! :)

05-10-2004, 03:31 PM
It is just starting to cloud up here after a sunny morning. I spent it in the dentist chair. ugh... Now I have my usual "after the cleaning" headache.

Wonderful day yesterday as it was also my daughter's birthday and we all went out to eat. Both youngun's in CA called and wished me a happy day, even though they had sent cards. I, in turn called my mom.

Sounds like everyone had a nice day, and keeping busy today.

Marti..I have been thinking of you today. I hope the letter from your grandma helped ease some of the pain of her passing.

Christi...Is there a book or info on WW that I can find without going to meetings? I am having a terrible time right now with the diet. Perhaps I need something new and structured.


05-10-2004, 08:19 PM
Hello ladies--

Well today services for grandma was beautiful. Not a dry eye in the church. Saw some family that I haven't seen in YEARS......and I always find it sad that it's this type a thing that brings them home. But at least they paid their respect. My grandparents had chosen the cemetary that is just up the hill from their home. When we were up there, we were able to see their yard. Perfect resting place.

I am far behind in the school thing. Has been the last thing on my mind. And my diet (if I ever was on one) has been thrown out the window also!! I can't believe all the desserts and sweets that we bring to gatherings to help us cope. (does it really) Well of coarse I had to try it ALL out.

So starting tomorrow, I'm back to watching what I eat. Try to get some exercise and try to get caught back up to with all the homework I've accumulated.

I want to thank you all for thinking of me and my family during this time. It has meant so much to me. I told my family about you all and how you are like my family...even though we haven't met. (but someday we shall!)

I just wanted to pop in for a little bit and let you all know that I will be back tomorrow for my posting. Missed you all.


05-10-2004, 08:44 PM

Many warm thoughts for you and your family Marti. I didn't say it earlier but what a lovely gift from your grandma in the note she left. I think I would probably put it in a picture frame and hang it on the wall.

I went and saw my grandmother yesterday. She is 93 and frail. I have never been close with her, though I was named after her. I always felt she favored the males in the family. I also grew up heavy and I heard a lot of "what a pretty face you have Susan, too bad you can't lose some weight- "
Anyway- took my girls there and sat in her living room.We had a pleasant visit.
It is my grandfather that died in 1977 that I miss. I remember he would sit in his chair and give us peppermints- always so nice to me.
What a

Yes, it is a sweet flower pot from Rebecca- Jana :) I got a #1 Mom Brochure from Rachel- she drew 3 girls and she wrote " notice the smiles"....I thought it was sweet of them- means a lot.

I didn't make Breakfast Club ( hey............I have a 2 year old!!! :) I did sign up for a Dinner for 8 thing that the church is doing. You meet at a home and have a small dinner (duh- with 8 so that is coming up.

Curious what a Strike Party is too Angie.

Katie- I feel for your son being deployed in Sept.I am glad you had a nice Mothers Day-

Cristi- We are having a gloomy day here in Portland also -rain on and off- smart me wore open toe shoes :) Oh yor new signature!! :)

Better get back to work! YAY- Having a great day! My work hours are back to 10PM- don't like that much but that is ok-
Get my own office space next week- get the supervisors computer and supplies.Didn't see the MM- though I am sure he is somewhere
I did see the painter- darn if he is married- he is really dreamy *sigh*
Sound like a school girl.
Speaking of which- Rebecca stayed home sick from school.Hope she is feeling better- should call her........ get!!

05-10-2004, 09:04 PM
We missed you! Glad the funeral went well...I was thinking good thoughts for you...

Hope everyone had a great mother's day. Mine went pretty well. As I mentioned over in 21 day challenge, I'd been wrassling with a migraine and DH gave me the gift of peace and quiet so I could take a nap. It helped immensely. My family gave me a print of the painting I liked from the Rau collection at the Portland Art Museum. Very appropriate as it's a Mary Cassatt painting of a mother and her child. (I posted a link to it a few days back) My son (age 7) gave me a bunch of homemade coupons to be redeemed for things like "washing dishes", "car wash", "kisses", etc. Very cute! I redeemed the "kisses" coupon immediately :D

Susan - I managed to catch the plant sale after church on Sun. Did you make it? I ended up with some basil, tomatoes, some flowering perennial my son liked (can't remember the name, cranesbill or something like that). I had to chuckle. They had bags of grape hyacinth bulbs, which grows like a weed in my yard. Every year I yank out more and more. It's one of those plants that looks nice in everyone else's yard, but in mine it looks like a weed. Certainly wouldn't PAY for more!

Jana - Your Mother's day sounds awesome! Once upon a time we used to all get together and let the men cook for us, but people have started going different directions so the tradition kind of pooped out.

Sue - I know you were asking Christi, but I thought I'd mention that WW does have an online program, if you can't go to meetings. I've checked it out, but I decided to work on this on my own til my birthday and if I just can't get it together, I may look into a paid program. Don't know yet what i'm going to do. I kind of feel like you do, that I may need more structure.

Christi - I'm right there with you on the "D" word. I try to say "healthy habits" or "eating healthy" especially now that I have two kids who watch me and are picking up on everything that I focus on. I don't want them to grow up with a mom who thought of eating in terms of diet and deprivation, which is what I did. Hey - DH's aunt lost 50 lbs on Atkins, so there's another success story for ya. Certainly makes one curious, doesn't it?

Oh - this is getting long! Hope everyone is off to a good week. My weigh-in today was another no-change :( But, you know, I'm feeling ok about it - it wasn't a gain.

05-10-2004, 10:17 PM
Hi RosieKate

My ex bought a maple tree for a $1......I didn't make it though. I did drive through the parking lot at 7pm that night :)
Gabrielle akways wants to play in the playground .
Thinking it isn't opened to the public though?? Gab fusses so much- pretty neat things to play with in that fenced in area :)

Do you ever go to Vermont Hills Coffee?? Really, the BEST coffee I have tasted-- wish they could be on my side of town.
Very cute what your 7 year old son made for you - the coupon book and all.....

Hi Sue!! Came back because didn't mean to over look you :) Glad you had a good Mothers Day :)

Better go...........TTFN :)

05-11-2004, 12:35 AM
Evening ladies--

I was sitting here alone missing James (he's on night shift this week) and I thought why not stop in and say hello? :)

I went over my homework and I have to say....I had no idea what I needed to do so I'm just going to have to get back into school and go from there. I'm not too worried about it.

Sounds like everyone had a great Mothers Day. I didn't do too much. I did take Jhanai to my grandparents and we spent most of the morning over there. We have a lot of family in town so it was nice to visit. Jhanai made me a beautiful Mothers Day card. Crafty thing. She made it in school. I saw the same technique on a scrapbooking show and I told her that I might use that idea for one of my pages if I ever get back to doing it! I also got a call from my son. I wasn't home at the time so I only got a message on the machine, but that was nice.

I got a call from his mother the day my grandma passed away. She was planning on coming down over the weekend to see her.....I felt bad telling her that she had gone. And of coarse she felt terrible that she called so late. I asked her how tall he was and what he looked like and her answer surprised me!! He is 5'10, 165lbs. and very stocky boy.(muscles she says)....hmmm....well he didn't get that from me and he definately didn't get that from his dad! (I even told that to Thom :D ) He sounded more built like James!! They plan on visiting us soon. That will be a very nice visit and I'm looking forward to it.

So does anyone want to come over and mow my lawn?? It's so tall it's getting crazy!! (I almost lost both dogs this morning in it!) Now why can't my hair grow that fast?! :lol: I need to get out there and do some landscaping. I also need to weed some area's that are also getting neglected. My whole house is in a shambles...I'm in the middle of laundry right now! My grandpa plans on giving me some Dahlia starts to plant around the favorite from their yard! Always loved getting pictures of Jhanai in their flower gardens!

Well looky me.....I'm gone a few days and when I get back....I'm not stop yappin!! Look out girls!

Time to throw the laundry in the dryer and put in the next load.

You all have a good night.


05-11-2004, 01:34 AM
Good evening ladies.

I haven't been able to get on the computer for a few days so I will catch up later. Just wanted to give Marti a great big hug. Actually it is a big group hug that includes Jhanai and James also.

And say hi to everyone else. I will try and pop back in tomorrow.



05-11-2004, 09:31 AM
Good morning ladies,

Katie - hope you had a good time with your mom and a safe trip. I don't understand how they can send more troops to Iraq but don't get me started... I also remember Monday Monday and used to sing Lundy Lundy because the boy I had eyes for had that last name, lol. I was 14 or so, lol.

Schumley Susan - welcome!! Hope you'll jump in here and tell us what's going on for you today.

Cristi - when I go to the library I try and find an author who has lots of books in print. That way, if I like the first one, there are more to feed the need, lol.

Suetalks - glad you had a nice Mother's Day.

Marti - how sweet that your son left a message. Hope you get to see him soon. Don't worry about the food ... there's a good reason they call it comfort food, right?

Susan - the church dinner sounds so nice! The church you go to seems to do a lot of Fellowship, which is great! Hope Rebecca is feeling better today.

RosieKate - hope you are over the migraine and gla you had a good Mother's Day.

Kathy - hi, glad you popped in.

Hi to the others...

Today I am going to organize my closet better. I've got to get another shoe shelf and get rid of some things I'm just not gonna ever wear. Seems like I just did that! The good thing is, I am constantly taking things out that are too big now. YAY! Did I tell you my sister Mary Lou joined WW? It is nice to have someone to call and talk points with, lol.


05-11-2004, 09:39 AM
Just in case I don't get back before tomorrow morning, I wanted to say....

Happy 45th Birthday, Cristi!!
:gift::cp::balloons::cp::gift::cp: :balloons::cp: :gift:

You're catchin' up with me, missy! Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

05-11-2004, 11:35 PM
Boy....are we all a bunch of busy ladies....only one post?

I felt like I had such a long day today!! Going back to school without having had much sleep all week is hard. But I suppose I'll survive. Tomorrow ought to be the toughy day....accounting is a class that if you miss a day, you're behind,,,,and I've missed three. Hmmmm....will I have to audit this one too? (I don't think so....I'll struggle and get through it)

Just came back from my grandpa's.....told him that he's going to get sick of seeing me pop in everyday....he just shook his head and said "Naw...I don't think that will ever happen" Sweet. And of coarse, I got the stubble rub on the cheek before I left!! (ouch!) :)

Well ladies, my post is going to be short...I have this throbbing headache that isn't going away. I need to post on the challenge and then take some asprin and tackle more homework.....(so that's where the headache is coming from!)

You all have a good night!


05-12-2004, 12:17 AM
Just a quick hello. I just did some sewing today and cleaned the kitchen. How can a house with just 2 adults get so messy? We went to watch a tee ball game....our neighbors 5 year old was playing. He comes over here and "visits" with my hubby in the garage. I had forgotten how precious those first games are. We stopped for dinner at a local diner and I did ok. Not much going on here for the rest of the week.
Just hope I can get my walks in and eat right.


05-12-2004, 12:22 AM
:hb: :gift: Happy Birthday Cristi!!!![/:balloons: :gift: :hb:

Wishing you a wonderful birthday! :)

Just popping in. I had a good day, though it has been a long one. I think I finally went to sleep last night at 1am and Gabster woke me up at 7am,,,,,,so wanted to sleep in!!

Rebecca leaves tomorrow for an overnighter at her school. She packed herself and is all set to go.....miss her already.

I guess that is it - not much going on.

Oh-Jana. Yes, the church I attend is very social. Members have to get involved though because it is a big church. I still don't know that many people after 1 year.Cross fingers that the dinner thing is enjoyable.....

ok- out of here!!!

Your grandpa sounds like a sweety , Marti :)

05-12-2004, 01:50 AM
Hi Ladies~

Sorry I am too pooped to do individuals but please know that I was and am thinking of you all. I have been so busy today and tomorrow won't be any better. DH is taking off work and we have a full schedule. I will be sure and post individuals Thursday.

THANKS Jana and Susan for the birthday wishes! Jana :ssh: you're not supposed to tell my age!!! ;) Just kidding, I don't have a problem with it at all. But ya know, it was kind of weird seeing the big 45-I forgot how old I was! :lol: :lol: And yeppers, I am catching up with you Jana.

Okay, ladies it is late and I need to hit the hay. Take care and everyone have a HAPPY HUMP DAY tomorrow. :wave:

05-12-2004, 10:09 AM
Hi Ladies,

Marti - good luck :crossed: in accounting class today. It's nice you're there for your grandpa, and I bet he's thinking the same thing.

Sue - I just love watching little kids play sports. It's just so cute and I can't wait til my grandkids are on a field somewhere, lol. Aren't you just loving this Indiana weather?

Susan - hope you get some rest, hon. Rebecca seems so grown up - she'll be back before you know it. When is the church dinner?

Cristi - I hope you're having a great birthday and that you and DH have lots of fun.

Well, you guys are going to think that all I do is go out for lunch, but I'm going again today. The church secretary where I used to go is moving to Florida - she and her fam bought a hotel on Daytona Beach - so another friend and I are taking her out for a farewell lunch. We're going to the same place I usually go, and so staying OP won't be a problem. Speaking of which, I've been doing real good with that, and the water, too.

Have a good one!


05-12-2004, 10:54 AM
:hb: :gift: :balloons: Happy Birthday Cristi!!!! :hb: :gift: :balloons:


I'll check in later....

05-12-2004, 12:26 PM
Happy Hump Day, everyone!

Christi - Happy Birthday - a little late, I know. Was peeking at your picture yesterday and you don't look 45. I thought you looked younger than that. Have a great day for yourself....

Susan - I used to drop in on Vermont Hills when it was a few doors down and called Jitters, at least I think it's the same group. They had great coffee and the most comfy chairs. I would take James there for ice cream after his haircuts at Robin's. Please excuse this blatant example of parental bribery, but DS used to be the WORST when it came to haircuts, so I just did what I had to do ;)

Jana - Have a great day, enjoy your lunch with your friends.

Marti- Having just recovered from a three day migraine, let me say, take it easy on yourself! you've had a rough week and it takes a toll. I know you have to jump right back in, so just don't forget to drink lots of water and try to take a nap.

Sue, and anyone else I may have forgotten, have a great day!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I went to a new board member's workshop yesterday, which was a pleasant way to spend a morning. I'm going to be on the board of Leigh's co-op preschool in the fall, and they want me to dive right in now! I was feeling a little rebellious at first (I mean, shouldn't she actually BE in school before I start working on this?) but I realized I will have a better experience if I just approach it with the best attitude I can. As long as I can get a sitter for her, these meetings are pretty social and it's fun to get to know people before the school year starts and we have to get down to business. Can't believe my baby is going to be in preschool :dizzy:


05-12-2004, 04:19 PM
Good Afternoon-

Heading for work but wanted to say hello!!

I never have heard of Jitters, Rosiekate.......before my time??? I have been in the area only 3ish years. I use to live at Shadow Hills apt. for awhile.Anyway,VHC is the best!!! It is a cruel world though that I have to drive 6 miles just to wake

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRISTI!!! YAY........hope you are having a super day and pampering yourself!!!!

Oh- the first dinner is the 11th of June. I will need to take that evening off - cause it is a Friday.

Woke up at 6am and out the door at 7 to get my coffee and pick Rebecca up for school. Course her father wanted to go and of course Rebecca wanted to go in his new I felt like the 3rd wheel.......and a tired one at that.
Took her to her class , which is an outside mobile thing and gave her a hug good bye.Went home and cleaned,cleaned ,cleaned......trying to get the 2nd bedroom set up for Gabrielle. Told Mia the tabby she was going to have to move out and find another place to it has been her room.

K- best get to work!!

HI to everyone :)

05-12-2004, 09:58 PM
Checking in......(sound like a teenager trying to extend my curfew!!) :D

Jana--How did your luncheon go? Nothing wrong with having lunches out with friends. It's nice to get together.....and since you're doing a wonderful job at staying OP going out doesn't seem like a problem at all! BTW....Congratulations on the lbs lost!! I knew you'd do it. I have a Great Aunt and an Great Uncle from Iowa...(my grandpa's brother and sister) who are on WW. My Uncle has lost almost 70lbs. I almost didn't recognize him when he came over!! He looks great.

Cristi--Hope you're out having a wonderful birthday!!! Enjoy every minute of it!!

RosieKate--Time sure flies doesn't it?? Only seems like yesterday that I was chasing Jhanai down off the roof when she was two!! And now she's almost can't believe it! She's still my baby though!

Susan--How is the weather up there? We've been having rain but today is actually sunny. Love the sun. And I love the smell of fresh cut grass....which all my neighbors were out doing! I'm going to look the slob on the street until the weekend when James and I can get the lawnmower!! I really need to buy one soon!!

Had a little visit with my grandpa. He was letting me know that I can add to his garden this year if I wanted too.....I just have no idea what I would want to plant. So I figured I would just help him tend to his once he gets it all in. I thought it was too late, but apparently it's not. I need to get some dahlia's planted soon too. Make this house look more presentable. The only flowers I have besides the dying rose bush are the beautiful flowers Jana sent!

Went to my accounting class and I behind. I'm hoping to catch up but it's going to be difficult! We have a test monday that I am soooooo not ready for. But I have all the rest of the week and this weekend to study. (ick)

Ok ladies....I best get my booty to work. (homework) Get myself caught up before I'm doomed to failure....can't have that.

You all have a good night.


05-12-2004, 10:21 PM
Best of luck in catching up in the accounting class Marti. You are a very brave soul to even take it!!

The weather is nice today, suppose to be even better tomorrow.My boss was out again today, wonder what is going on with him? Medical appt. maybe? I asked our secretery and she didn't know either.

Great news is she is one foot out the door!! YAY- maybe I can come in over the weekend and put some of my stuff out.Can't wait to go to Office Max....Office Depot?? Whatever it is called and get me some cute trays and office supplies. I am suppose to get the supervisors but I want nice things.

I did manage to get some Happy Bunny stuff and she left a picture that I liked. I think it was the one on the Cosby show- it pictures a graduation,African American students?? I liked it........anyway-

I guess that is it.


da fat n da furious
05-12-2004, 11:12 PM

05-12-2004, 11:30 PM
Sorry to be so late with the HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRISTI.....hope it was a good day for you. Wish I was 45!!!


da fat n da furious
05-13-2004, 12:48 AM
Hey everyone,

Marti glad to know the service went well. Your Grandpa must be happy to have you so close by.

I didn't get a call from the tv show, should of by now so I would have to say I wasn't picked...ya Im disappointed. Kinda mad at myself for wishing too much for it. Had a good cry and now Im ready to move on. Well actually I was in a mood from last night, my mom called she really doesn't have a clue sometimes about what Im talking about,,,I told her again about the show,, I also told her how my cousin said I should of told the directors about my childhood, that alone would bring ratings and ya know what my mom said? Ya you should of told them about the hungry years,,,about how hard she struggled to make ends meat and such. I was grinding my teath by then cause what a bunch of hig wash. Her rememberence of my childhood is totally different from mine. I shouldn't let it bother me but it does. I had my usual bad nightmare, I toss and turn, don't sleep. So today had the makings of a very emotional day.
Cleansing breath...ahhhhhhh ok better now.
night all

05-13-2004, 01:10 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRISTI, I hope that you have a wonderful day.

ANGIE A great big hug to you and hope that you feel better. Now I will make sure that I don't watch the show. Their loss.

Hi to everyone else. Hope everyone had a great day and a super day for tomorrow.


05-13-2004, 09:35 AM
Good morning chickies,

RosieKate - I think it's really cool that you are on the board at the preschool. That is an important position, and you will have power in change which can only be a good thing.

Susan - so Gaby's getting her own room, huh? Does she have any certain color or theme? How fun to personalize your office. I had a wall plaque that I took with me from office to office back in my working days, and it said "Smile.... it increases your face value". And of course, pics of my fam.

Marti - lunch with my friends was fun, but kinda sad. I know I'll probably never see her again, because we aren't close enough that she would come over when she's in town, maybe just a phone call. Thanks for your kind words about my weight loss. I am happy about it, too, but can't let myself think how much I still have left to lose or I get down about that. Are you the one who said to share pics of the garden? Lots of things are growing now, so I just wondered. You wouldn't believe the watermelon field...

Angie - oh hon, I was so hoping the show people would be smart enough to pick you. Just keep in mind that there's a good reason you didn't get it, you just don't know what that is yet. But God has something else in mind for you...

Sue and Kathy - hiya!

Also hi to Cristi, Shanna, Katie Rita, Kat, Kayecee and anyone else I may have forgotten.

Gotta tackle Mount Washmore today and get this house cleaned up! I wish I had a housekeeper, lol. It is rainy here in Indiana, but we need it, so that's all good. Cristi - did you have tornados in your area yesterday?? Neal said he thought you might have.



05-13-2004, 02:04 PM
Good Day Ladies~

THANK-YOU ladies for all the birthday wishes! :thanks:

~we didn't have any where we are but had lots going on around us last night. I hate this weather, it's scary to me, more scary than earthquakes. We had some really bad thunderstorms with hail in our area and I think they said 5 inches of rain, but the tornado's went around us. I sure won't have to water the yard for days! Glad you had a nice lunch with your friend.

[B]RosieKate~you are too kind and :thanks: I don't feel 45, what ever 45 is supposed to feel like. Of course my DD is always saying I can thank my mother because she doesn't look her age, and as much as I hate to admit it, I do look like my mother. Funny, because my younger sister looked like her when she was younger and now I do, and I see my mother in my cousin also-weird. I need to add some recent photo's, maybe after I get these rolls of film developed after Saturday. I remember when Carrie (DD) started pre-school...loooooong time ago, she's 20 but still my baby, heck they are all still my babies. Yes, they do grow fast.

Marti~you will get caught up with your accounting. How much longer is school? This is my sons last week. His last final was today and he will be graduating this Saturday-getting his Associates in Accounting! I am glad you are close to your grandpa. I do hope he is doing okay, give him hugs from me.

Angie~sorry you didn't get on the show. I have to agree with Jana. I always believe there is a reason for the things that happen or don't happen in our lives-I sometimes never know the reason but truly believe there is something else to come along. :grouphug:

Susan~how fun to be decorating your own office and a room for Gabrielle.

Shanna~thank you for the pretty BD card you made. Hope you are doing fine and liking your new job better.

Katie~hope you are enjoying your visit with your mom in Montana.

Hi Kathy & Sue:wave:

I must say that yesterday was the BEST Birthday/Anniversary ever!!! Well, the second best-the first best was when we married 5 years ago. Our plans got off to a shaky start yesterday but eventually we got out the door. Vince had to go into work for an hour because apparetnly a lot of guys are taking some of their paid time off and the bosses are having a cow. So he would not to get into trouble he had to go into work for 1 hour-ridiculous. He had only 7 vacation hours left over. Was going to go to Exploration Place (hands on Science musuem) but time got away from us and had to scratch that off the list. Went to get my anklet fixed-I broke it last year and forgot about it, then we went to see Man on Fire w/Denzel Washington-good movie, kind of long but good. We played in the arcade for a while since we got there too early. Had an early dinner at Red Lobster and came home had cake and champagne and too many gifts. I will post a picture once I get the film developed-had the kids take lots. Hopefully they aimed right! :lol: Anyway, it was nice. Even though I did get a cake for DS saturday I don't think I want anymore-too much junk in one week. Needless to say I haven't been OP and may not even weigh in Saturday-right! I can't not weigh in-I have to see the damage so I can get my booty in gear. I WILL be back OP Sunday. Okay, this is turning into a novel-too long but I feel like I have been gone for a long time. Anywho...

Have a GREAT day ladies! :flow1:

05-13-2004, 11:23 PM
Just checking in real quick before the thunderstorms hit again! Our yard is a swimming pool from last night, so is everyone else's! :yikes: And it is not over yet! That is the bad thing about Kansas-it doesn't just rain a little and stop-we get a lot of rain in a short amount of time and everything floods.

Surprised to see no one has posted since I posted earlier today. Well, I hope everyone had a good day. I will see ya tomorrow sometime. Have a busy day scheduled. Didn't get in my grocery shopping so have to do that, going to the tanning salon, pick up the cake and balloons for DS Saturday, and a couple other errands. Going to try and be home by noon, not likely but going to give it a good try. Anyway, aloha-hello & good-bye. :wave:

05-14-2004, 12:48 AM

Real quick tonight.....I'm swamped in Accounting Homework....when will this end?! 3 more weeks!! Or is it 4? Either way, it's almost over and I don't have a clue!! :D

Hope everyone had a great day.....Hate hearing about your weather Cristi...I'll be thinking of you....just make sure you post when you can so we know you're ok. (BTW.....I had card for you and I didn't get it mailed out until sorry that it's late! It's been sitting on the counter this whole time!!)

Alright, off I go. I will yap more tomorrow.


05-14-2004, 09:58 AM

Wow, only 2 posters since I was here last...

Cristi - look for an email from me - I made reservations at Evansville and got a real good deal on a King Suite so we will have a place to chat. So glad your birthday/anniversary was a lot of fun. I just love Denzel Washington. He is such a good actor and a hottie, too. My birthday and anniversary is back to back too, as we have talked about before. Please post a new picture asap. Glad the tornados spared you!

Marti - dang girl, your school meets a long time! You must have started later than VU did. Neal has a few office hours today, then he is done, but finals were over last week.

Gotta run errands today. It has been rainy and we need it, but I hope it stops for awhile. Everything is so green it almost looks fake, lol.

I have been OP all week, so say a prayer that I will have a good loss in the morning.


05-14-2004, 11:26 AM

Jana--School started the last week of September. So that is why we go until June. Not so bad since I feel we get extended sun time!

I'm so glad it's friday!! This has been one long week for me. I stayed up until 11:00 just doing my accounting and still didn't quite finish it. I will have to get in early to compare notes with other people!

I hope I pass with at least a C!!!! (and I was hoping for the B)

I took a makeup test in Math. It was really frustrating. I had 55mins. to do it and that wasn't the problem. Our instrutor had shown us to solve these with the calculator.....(because these are long decimal numbers dividing into one or two numbers.... 62/.34343565 ) and it would have taken me FOREVER to finish, plus, I rely on that calculator!! :D Anyway, I get to the front desk of the Math Resource room and pick up my test, the guy up front reads the little note from the instrutor and tells me no notes, books or calculator!! What?! So I'm freaking out thinking that I'm not going to finish this. I go to the room and try to do it. And I read the little note myself, it said No. calculator NOT no calculator. Plus through out the test it says use calculator to finish problem.......I take it back up front and show this to the man and he says he'll call and confirm and to just go back in and do what I can.......well I did what I can and sat there for 20mins!! I go back out and he said that he didn't get a hold of her and that to go ahead and use the calculator!! I finished it in 10mins. What a pain. I even double checked what I had done and had to correct it all!!! (not good doing it in my head I guess!) I have no idea how many I missed because by that time I was mad at the man....(shouldn't have been but I was) and I was in a hurry! I had 20mins left and a class to get to!! I'll get my results today.

Whew.....long winded explaination of my day!

Need to finish getting ready for school. I will talk with you later girls!!


05-14-2004, 02:31 PM
Good Morning :)

You had a good birthday Cristi?? I agree on the sweets, stay away from them and eat some healthy stuff instead. Of course it was your birthday but not all

Ummmm, sorry!!!! I think I am full of tooooooo much coffee.......... yikes.

TGIF! YAY- though I have to work the weekend. Hope it is a quiet one.

Best of luck on your grade in school, Marti!!!!

Jana- ...........a Wiggles theme of course!!


Naw- umm. What I did with the older girls is just buy bedding that will last through the years. They really liked Barney at the time but couldn't see them liking a purple dinosaur forever. So,what I did was buy flower bedding - still have everything. I should toss them though, worn out now.
Just want to make it a room that she can grow up in - at least for the next 5 years.

On the run. Rebecca came home exhausted from her overnight school thing- she stayed home today because the teacher said they could...........grrrrrrr- they came home at noon yesterday- not happy with Becky for not going and resting- no excuse for not being in school!!!!!


Ok- out of here!!! TTFN :)

05-14-2004, 03:03 PM
Hello, Just having my normal day here. Being Friday doesn't enter into anything when you are retired and have no kids at home. :) I got up and lazed over my coffee and newspaper like always. Had a late breakfast with hubby when he could tear himself away from his wood shop. He is working on a barrister bookcase in walnut for our son who is in law school. He always gets up very early, has his coffee and works for awhile before he wants food. After cleaning up the kitchen I started laundry then went for the walk. Sat down to cool off with a glass of iced tea after the walk and watched the news at noon. Now, more laundry going and just popped in here to see how everyone is doing. Sorry if I don't do individual notes. Hope you all have a wonderful week-end.

suetalks...might be back later.

05-15-2004, 09:28 AM
Good morning ladies,

Marti - hope you did okay on the test yesterday after everything that happened!

Susan - got your pics and they are so cute!!! Thank you for them. Loved the dress at Penney's, by the way. Mary feels the exact same way about doing characters for the girls' bedroom. They just did a playroom and will soom be re-doing the bedroom, and she says kids change which character is their favorite too often to pick just one.

Sue - I always wanted a barrister's bookcase! There's just something about the way the books look behind the drop-down door, or something. It's been raining for about 3 days here in southern Indiana. Are you getting it too?

Cristi - when my b/d and anniversary get here, I won't be losing anything that week, I can already tell you that, so don't let it bother you. I dieted once through them and got resentful and then gained the next week, lol. Speaking of which...

It's weigh-in day, and I'm down 1 3/4 more... YAY!! Gotta go change my signature.


05-15-2004, 10:42 AM
A very good Saturday morning ladies~

Thought I would get in here early since we have a busy day today. Surprised to see not too many have posted since yesterday. Where is everyone? Well, wherever you are I hope you all had a great day and have a great day today.

Jana~WTG on your loss! You are doing so good, I am proud of you. :bravo: Sounds like you guys got our weather, only it didn't rain for days just poured for one and drizzled the next day. It will probably be a couple more days before it dries up.

Susan~thanks for the photo's-they are so good! Love the one with you and the girls. When do your girls get out of school? Or do you guys have year round schools there? They had year round in CA and I loved it because the kids weren't home for almost 3 months in the summer time, and you still got all the little vacations plus the time in between so it was good. We don't have year round here. They have talked about it some but I don't think the parents here want to try something new.

Marti~hope you did fine on the test. And don't worry about the card-you have had A LOT on your plate and that is the last thing you need to worry yourself about girly. How is your grandpa holding up?

Hi Sue~:wave: and everyone else-Katie, Kathy, Kat, RosieKate, Angie, Kayecee, Shanna, Rita and I swear I am forgetting someone. :wave: :wave:

All this talk and worrying about gaining this week and guess what??? I lost a pound!!! Go figure. I swear when I try really hard to lose sometimes it seems it just won't come off and this week I did not try and lost a pound. Maybe I should do this every week? Ummm, no don't think so. I actually didn't do so bad, I just thought with cake on Sunday, eating out on Wed. and more cake that I did horribly. Getting back OP tomorrow, have 2 months to get in some kind of shape before Indiana. Well, I am already in some kind of shape! :lol: Okay, being silly this morning. :p :dizzy: I think I got up too early for a Saturday. DS ceremony isn't till 1 pm but he has to be there at noon and it is about a 45 minute drive so....I think I am excited for him. Anywho, take care ladies and have a wonderful day/weekend. See ya later :wave:

05-15-2004, 01:09 PM
:wave: Hi Everyone!
I've been MIA as I've been battling a cold, sniff. I've been able to stay on track with my food diary challenge and stay within my goals, so I feel pretty good about that. We'll see what the scale says on Monday :crossed:

Marti - hang in there with school, you are doing a great job trying to stay on top of things while there is alot going on in your life. June is not that far away! Have you decided what to plant in Gpa's yard? I love dahlias, but haven't put them in my yard, yet. I have some lovely peonies about to bloom and my iris are all in bloom. Given where you live, iris would be a great choice. They take a season or two to get settled in their new home, but then they take off! Herbs are good,too. I've been working in the yard alot the last couple of days - mostly setting up the vegetables. Can you tell I love to garden?

Jana and Christi Way to go, gals! All your hard work is paying off...keep it up!

Susan how's the room decorating going? I did my kids' room in a kind of tropical theme - no characters. So far it has been tweaked very little and has lasted for 7 years. I remember being absolutely overwhelmed by all the junk a person can get for a kid's room and it was all stuff that would appeal to them maybe a couple of years before their tastes move on. So I stuck with simple, yet fun. Paint is cheap!

To everyone else...have a great weekend

05-15-2004, 04:21 PM
HI! Everyone hopeing everything is going well for everyone and you are enjoying your weekend my computer has been down so have a lot of catching up to do just wanted to say HI! Rita

05-15-2004, 05:05 PM
Afternoon :)

Wonderful to see you posting Rita!! :)

YAY- for Cristi & Jana!!!! I am back up to 146- argh........that is ok. I mean what am I going to do?? Go eat a pizza and figure what I can do to do better?? lol
Wadder- is the only thing missing. I haven't been drinking as much because of the job. I can't be going to the restroom every 30 minutes, they probably would strat thinking I was sniffing something- *roll eyes*
I will have to figure something out.

I did buy the cutest blouse at Goodwill yesterday though- pink with tiny flowers on the front- reminds me of a Japanese style.

Ahhhh- the pictures. I only sent to a few because I didn't have everyones emails. If you wanna see my babies just let me know and I will email your way.

Whatelse?? Oh- the bedroom RosieKate- I am STILL cleaning it. I mopped this morning and still have some of Rachels stuff to haul to the garbage can.I will probably have to wait til my first full paycheck anyway to seriously start.

I have been getting child support checks the last month ----this after 6-7-8 months without receiving anything.Found out from his mother yesterday that he is on unemployment- so the State of Oregon is doing it for him. Just when I thought he was being responsible.....:)

I guess that is it. I did make it to Vermont Hills Coffee for a morning bagel with cream cheese- HAD to ahve it after months with going without! TAsted good- now I need to get serious again!

Sorry about the show Angie :) I meant to say that earlier.


05-16-2004, 12:21 AM
What's up ladies???? :D

I must say today was such a nice day, except for a little bit of wind. Went to sons ceremony, took lots of pictures. Then went to a late lunch/early dinner, came home for cake and gift opening. I never thought I would say it but I am burnt out on cake-don't want anymore for a looooooong time! Which is good because the next big day is not until July. It was so nice I thought after the cake I would go outside and wash my mini-van, even though it wasn't too dirty. Don't have to wash it once a week like I did when we were on the gravel/dirt road which is nice. Also did a little bit of weeding. It was just too nice :sunny: to stay indoors.

Hi Rita~glad to see ya checking in. Hope you got your computer problem fixed. Be careful, there are some viruses going around. We got the sasser virus and man was it a pain.

RosieKate~sorry to hear about having a cold, hope you are feeling better soon. :goodluck: with your WI on Monday. Keeping my fingers :crossed: that the scales are good to ya. :goodscale

Susan~sorry to hear about the gain. You've done so well with your weight loss, I know you will get that off by next WI. Oooooo, pizza :jeno: sounds yummy! :T :T I had a late lunch/dinner and am kind of hungry right now. But I won't eat, it is too late-I'll be going to bed in an hour or so-depends on if anything is on or not.

Well, thought I would check in kind of quick and see how everyone's day went. I'll be back tomorrow sometime. Not much planned, just Mass. Take care ladies. :)

PS~I almost forgot to thank you so much Marti for the cute birthday card I received today! :thanks: Also, Katie, thank you for the e-card, that was really cute-made me laugh because my sister does that. She will be singing a song that she doesn't know the words to and sings like the first few words and then just starts to mumble the rest-too funny. Anyway, THANKS ladies! :grouphug:

05-16-2004, 02:13 AM
Late night ladies--

Today James & I got up early....then took off to Albany which is almost an hour away....went to look at a car. Wasn't what we had in mind and then went to a neighboring town. Went to a tattoo shop where an old friend (the one who did mine) was. I hadn't seen him in almost 7yrs. His daughter was there and I was amazed at how big she has gotten!! I remembered when she and Jhanai were babies up until they were three and always played together.

Then we came back to town and looked at lawn mowers....I'm in desperate need of one. Can't keep borrowing the rider from my grandpa,,,,,a pain to load it into the truck!

So it's been a long day! Doesn't seem like we did too much....but we were on the go it seems. Tomorrow if the weather permits, going to clean up our yard!! Maybe plant some flowers in my barrels I have.

I just wanted to check in today.....I will do individuals tomorrow. Right now, I'm in need of the bed!! :D You all have a good night!


PS....your welcome Cristi...glad you got it!!

05-16-2004, 01:36 PM
Good Morning-

Just wanted to say hello. I weighed and now the scale says 145- YAY. My goal is to be 144 next- WI- just take it a pound a week. Besides I feel pretty good where I am at.
Also, working this weekend , so don't have much time. I need to get some reports written up before I go get Gaby from my mothers ( who babysat her last night - in case I got a night call to go out- which.............I didn't - YAY ...:))
Going to spend the day with their older girls. I have Rebecca's mother days flower pot on my desk now- Becky picked out navy blue marbles to put in the pot- which hold up the flowers.

OK- You all have a super day!!!


05-16-2004, 02:43 PM
Morning ladies,

Cristi - Yay for the 1# down!! :cp: And to lose anything at all during a birthday/anniversary week is awesome!! If you are comfortable posting pics of DS in his graduation gown, we'd love to see him.

RosieKate - yay to you also for staying op while sick. Good luck with weigh in tomorrow.

Hi Rita!

Susan - well at least you are getting some child support whether it was willing or not on ex's part. It all spends the same, lol. Sweetie, are you sure you need to lose anymore weight? You are looking very thin in your pics! You'd think I'm your mom, the way I nag you, lol. Sorry about that, but I can't help it! Hope you got the reports done and you have a good day with the girls.

Marti - sounds like you've got a busy weekend. Have fun!

Bad news today. My sister who lives in Illinois (Sara) had her grandson (my great nephew) get killed in a car accident early this morning. He was driving, and speeding and hit a tree and was thrown from the car (no seatbelt). He was 19. They are not sure if alcohol was a factor or not. So I will be going to a funeral late in the week - they have to wait for a cousin to get home from Korea or Kuwait or somewhere. He was a good-looking kid who had charm coming out of every pore, but didn't seem to know it, you know what I mean? Just charismatic without any ego in the way. Too sad..... I wasn't really all that close to him, though, because we hardly got to see the family.

I've got on a new top today that's been hanging in my closet just waiting for enough pounds to go away... what a feeling!


05-16-2004, 03:28 PM
Hiya ladies :wave:

Jana~(((((HUGS))))) to you and your family. My heart goes out to you all. So sorry to hear of your great nephew. It really kills me to hear about young kids dying-they never really had a chance to live. It's just so sad. Many thoughts and prayers with you all. And once I get the film developed I will definitely share some photo's with you all. Vince took a bunch-he had the camera and I had the movie camera. WTG on the top. I have a top waiting for me to get into-I'm hoping to by July. ;)

Marti~enjoy the outdoors today, that is weather permitting.

Susan~WTG on the pound! Do you weigh everyday? The flower pot sounds cute! :flow1:

Not much going on with me today. Went to Mass this morning and need to do some laundry, that's about it. Just going to be lazy today. I feel like I have been on the run all week and just want to relax, read the newspaper and watch Lifetime all day! :lol:

Have a good Sunday all! :wave:

05-16-2004, 07:40 PM

I was on this morning, but James has been hogging the computer and it seems when I get on, he needs it!! So I'm going to take advantage right now while he's on the phone and do some yappin.

Got our yard mowed. Borrowed my grandpa's to get it down to ankle height!! :D After we returned it we stopped at Sears and bought a push mower!! Hurray!! I can keep up with it now! I pulled weeds up front and the side of the house, then I pulled some more out back along the fence. I'm tired and smelly!

Susan--I'm going to agree with Jana....from the photos you look at a perfect weight. But I understand wanting to be where YOU want to be. How about just trying to tone what you have instead of looking for weight loss? You'll notice a lot of thinning with toned muscles and not much weightloss.....(make sense?) Thanks for sending pictures....always nice to see updates!!

Jana--I'm so sorry about your nephew (great nephew?) How sad that is to have such a young person go! I worry about when Jhanai will be at the age to want to start driving!! I'll have to tell her she can go get her license the same age I did......28!!! (long story with that) My thoughts go out to your family!

Cristi--I'm coming over to plop myself on your couch and joining you on the lazy day! Plus I can keep you company! Got any popcorn??

RosieKate--Hope you start feeling better. Cristi and I need some company on her couch...have a girls chattering session! (goes for all you girls) Drink lots of fluids and get as much rest as you can!

Rita--Glad you popped in! I hope you don't have the virus that was going around! It was a pain I heard. Luckily we didn't get it on our computer!

Hi to all the rest of you girls.

I have a test tomorrow in accounting. Not feeling very confident about it. But all I can do is study and see what happens. I ended up with a high B in Math. Only because I forgot to add some titles to the answers!! Silly me.....

Well girls, I'm tuckered out....time to take a shower and rest.

chat with you all tomorrow.


05-16-2004, 07:41 PM
HI! everyone hope you all had a great Sundaythe weather in Ohiohas been better ytoday cloudy but at least no rainso it was a lazy day for meand I enjoyed it did plant some seedsfor flowers just hope they will come up as I dont have a green thumb as for my weight I am climbing up again of courseI havent really been watchingwhat I have been eating but starting tomorrowI am going to start over once againso wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well everyonehave a great Sunday!!!!!!! Rita

05-17-2004, 02:05 AM
Hi ladies...

Just got home today, and our cat is very glad to see us. She isn't usually very affectionate, but Tim and I laid down on the bed because we were so tired, and she jumped up and walked all over us, butting her head into our chins and hands and purring and kneading us with her paws. She is sometimes like that first thing in the morning, but this was unusually demonstrative for her, and kinda sweet. Nice to know we were missed so much.

As for Mom's house...all I can say is, "wow!" :eek: My sister, my husband, and I spent three days sorting and filing and purging bills and tax records and expired catalogs and magazines and Medicaid paperwork and Social Security paperwork and mortgage info and Lord only knows what else. We shredded, and filled up huge garbage bags full of paper, and filled up two huge filing boxes from Walmart with files full of important papers and unimportant papers that my mother couldn't bear to part with. She had disconnect notices from two utilities and invoices for books and magazines that weren't paid for -- called everybody and everything's paid now, and her checkbook is balanced (hasn't been for at least 6 months, thank goodness she had plenty in there to pay everything). We found the missing Medicaid documentation for my Grandma, and brought it down to the Medicaid office -- hopefully that's all they needed to backdate the payments. I washed dishes and scrubbed counters and cupboards, and left knowing there were a million things still to do but I have to be at work tomorrow. Wish I had two weeks. At least. I feel like we did the best we could, but it was really only immediate damage control, and I wish she lived within driving distance so we could go there at least once a month to check on things and try to keep on top of it. Ah, I wish I may, I wish I might...wishing won't make it so. She'd never agree to move. I tell you, though -- it made me vow to come home and get my own files in order. I feel like throwing away at least 50% of everything I own.

The coolest thing happened when we were there. They live in a fairly populated suburb of town, and were were sitting at the kitchen table and my sister said, "Oh look, a deer just ran down the street!" We went out and there were about 10-12 female antelope followed by a buck. He herded them all down to a grassy area 2 blocks away, and after they grazed, he herded them all back up the street. We watched him do this about 3 times a day. Tim got some great pictures.

OK, it's late, just wanted to check in with you and let you know I'm back. Congrats to everyone who has lost or maintained :bravo: Cristi, glad you had such a nice birthday :hat: Angie, I'm sorry you didn't get the show, but it's totally their loss. I agree with Jana, God has other, better plans for you :)

And Jana, I'm very sorry to hear about your great-nephew. So young, that's a terrible shame. My son's best friend -- great kid, good grades, works and goes to college, doesn't do drugs or drink -- but he drives way too fast. They joke about it, but I always tell them to slow down, to be careful, not that they listen to me. They are 18 and think they are invincible. I worry a lot when they go places together, but they are technically "adults" and all I can do is pray for their safety.

05-17-2004, 08:41 AM
Good morning ladies,

Thank you all for the kind words of condolence. I really, really appreciate them.

Cristi - glad you had such a relaxing day. Sometimes we just need that! I bet you'll be wearing the new top in Evansville. I am hoping to lose about 10 -12 more pounds by then myself.

Marti - good luck with the accounting test today. YAY for the B in math! :cp: Glad you got your own mower. Sounds like your yard is really shaping up.

Rita - what kind of flower seeds did you plant?

KatieCat - welcome home! You were missed! Your mom's accumulation of papers and such sounds just like Neal's mom. When we first moved out here to be close to her, we went through her stuff like that a little at a time, and it was a huge, huge job. We also had to go through her refrigerator and throw out bad food, and through her clothes, etc. She had Alzheimer's though, and it was a challenge! The deer sure are pretty, aren't they? Neal hollered at me the other day to look out the window, and there was an animal, way at the other end of the field that we couldn't name. It looked and walked like a hyena! It must have been part dog, but it was sure weird.

Hi to the others.

My son and Gina are taking Macy to Riley Hospital early tomorrow to see a specialist for her chronic bronchitis. I'll be watching Mackenzie overnight tonight so they don't have to worry with her, and I'm looking forward to that. She'll be picking strawberries and lettuce, I'm sure, lol.

I have a hair appointment later today for a trim, and I sure do need it!



05-17-2004, 09:51 AM
Good morning everyone well the sun is out and to day I am going to start once again and get my self motivatedgoing to walk like a baby baby steps lol but it is a start Jana got some 4 oclocks seeds also had some zinma seeds from last year my soil isnt the greatest and these are supposed to be easy to grow so we will see so everyone have a great day and enjoy the weather if you are having a nice monday Rita

05-17-2004, 12:55 PM
Yikes! I felt pretty good about being OP all week, but, sadly, again no change on WI this a.m. Need to tweak the plan. Thanks to all the great produce I've been getting, my fruit and vegetable consumption is way up. I think I need to work on drinking more water and getting more exercise in. I didn't exercise as much last week due to the cold I've been battling. One of my mini goals was to be at 190 by 6/15, my birthday, then I would re-evaluate my plan. I'm going to hang in there, but I'm considering a three month trial of Weight Watchers online. If anyone has experience with that I'd love opinions on it. I was in TOPS for several years prior to getting pregnant with Leigh and had some success. Now, though, getting away for meetings and rallys and whatnot is just going to be too difficult, so I'm considering the online route.

Christi and Jana - sounds like you both have a birthday/anniversary back to back? well, add me to the club! My birthday is 6/15, anniversary is 6/16. 14 years ago, I graduated from college, turned 25 and got married all in the same week! I tend to like to get all the big events out of the way at once. Guess that's why both my kids have birthdays right next to major holidays. Why have a little stress when you can have alot :dizzy:

Marti - crossing my fingers for you on your test today - go get 'em girl! That push mower is going to mean some great exercise for you, and the grass cuttings are good for your lawn, too.

Susan- Would love to see pictures. That way if I run into you at Maplewood I'll know who you are! I'll try to PM you....

Rita & Katiecat - have great day - along with anyone else I may have missed.

05-17-2004, 01:29 PM
:coffee: It is a beautiful day here. I have been out and about the neighborhood since 8 a.m. Really is great to get the walk out of the way so early. Now I am attacking dust bunnies and laundry. Hopefully I will have times to read today and make a trip to the library.
Marti- I know you did well on the test today. Whew! I wouldn't push mow our is way too large. But it is good exercise.
Rita and RosieK- All the yard work sounds like just that, work. But it will pay off in beautiful blooms. Our ground here won't seem to grow much, but I just keep plugging away at flower beds.
Katiecat- Sounds like quite a job with your Mom's papers. I fear I will be doing the same before long. My mother is 76 and lives in FL with her sister. She won't hear of moving here where I can keep things in order. They get stubborn, huh? (sometimes I wonder if I am getting it back because of my stubborness towards her as a kid.. :devil: )
Jana- So sorry for your grief. It is extra sad when a young one dies.
Cristi- Hope your relaxing day gave you a new vim and vigor for today.

Good luck to everyone who is fighting the battle to stay OP. I know I am doing better finally...but the scales don't reflect it. Yesterday we went to eat and I actually did the right thing! Then hubby looked at me across the table and said "I can tell you are losing weight, it always shows in your face..You look great." :D heck with the scales. He is NOT one to give a compliment often. lol Makes it easier today to do the right thing!

suetalks...........on and on.... :lol:

05-17-2004, 03:47 PM
Monday, da da da........

Ok, I sang along!!

Just got home from school. Only a few more weeks and I'm done. I'm not going back in the fall, only because I will have no money coming in from me if I did.....never a good thing. I may stop at the hotel that is just down the road from me, they had a front desk position available....would be great to be only walking distance from home!!

My legs are SCREAMING with pain!! I did so much squatting yesterday and boy do I feel it today! I even have some raking to do today. I saved it so I had more to do today. I want to keep myself moving.

Jana--Can I come with you to get a trim? My hair is in need of it. Plus, I plan on coloring it soon. I've got many layers of gray peeking out and I'm not ready for time to camoflauge!! :lol:

Rita--Good luck to you on you staying OP....I'm sure you'll do fine. Raining in Ohio? We have clouds....and lots of them, but having seen the rain yet. I'm hoping not to....still have yard work to do.

Katie--So sorry to hear of all the filing you had to do!! James and I still have to go through his mothers storage...been over a year. I believe most of it will just be thrown away, what's the point of keeping anything when it's already been in hiding for a year? :dizzy:

RosieKate--Don't worry about the WI.....being sick really throws you off. Just concentrate on getting better and then I'm sure you'll see a loss. I didn't WI on Saturday, TOM was full on that day and I was not in the mood to look!!

Sue--Our push mower is I won't be working too hard when I use it! But it sure is nice to finally own one!! Now, to figure out how to get grass growing and not weeds!! :D

Hello to everyone else.

James is going to be gone all week. Be home the weekend then gone for another week. I'm not used to not seeing him in a day!! I miss his face and his smile and ......everything about him!!

I have errands to run today. I need to pay some bills and go to Wal-mart...nothing like running out of toilet paper!! :o Plus, I plan on stopping at the hotel to get an application. Hmmmm....let's see, what else.....well I'm sure you don't want all the details of my life!!

Hope you all are having a great Monday!

Chat with you later

05-17-2004, 10:56 PM

Glad you had a safe trip Katie. Your kitty sounds sweet- mine is always waaaaay too affectionate- probably should get her a companion to keep her company.

Very sorry about your nephew- Jana.

I am super tired- really just wanted to say hello. Got the PM - Katy :)- sent the pic's are their way.

I drank 80oz's of wadder today- feel good about that.

I hope to start a 12 week program through the Y. Suppose to be smaller setting for learning about weight training and such-
I agree, Marti. I need that , maybe that is all it will take. Need to tone and stop feeling soooooo flabby.

Ya- Jana,,,,,child support $$$$ spends the same- lol-. I don't know what to do with Gabrielle's father. I wish I had someone to share her with but he is not a good person to have around.

So, pray that God will bring someone into her life to fill that role.

My boss is applying for another position within the same place of
He wants it, so hope he hears good news.
It might be nice to start out fresh with a new person anyway.

k- pooped.....

Hey to everyone!!!!

05-18-2004, 12:39 AM