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05-03-2004, 03:38 PM
Welcome to a thread devoted to those who have the ultimate job of taking care of their family. Here you will find wonderful women raising a family and trying to find time to take care of themselves and their weight too. So if you are a SAHM jump right in and say hello and to all you who have been here before I look forward to a new day with you!!

05-03-2004, 03:41 PM
Spryng- Could you possibly have gallstones? The pain you are describing sounds like how I felt after I had a gallbladder attack. Just maybe something you might wanna check into I'm concerned for you is all. Now if that pain gets worse you better call that ambulance and get ur butt to the hospy before my fat butt comes down there and drags you to the ER myself lol jk ;) :grouphug:

Julie - I love living here it is so beautiful and peaceful (well mostly) we do live in one of the bigger cities in the state, its not huge by any means but the valley (which consists of several smaller towns) has about 35000 people. The schools are good, the crime rate is relatively low and the cost of living isnt too bad. For instance we just bought a 3 bedroom home with 1900+ sf livable space on a corner lot fenced backyard for 110,000. thats just to give you an idea of the economy around here lol. I find that I am loving South Beach diet I feel like I'm eating sooo much food but on the first day I came in at 927 calories for the day and yesterday was 1093 calories and I feel stuffed and totally satisfied but it could also be my medication doing its job. lol
Ok I need to go straighten up my kitchen I will talk to you guys later!!

Hope everyone else is doing well!!
I brought my last post on the old thread to the new thread lol every time I'm done someone sneaks in on me lol. ;)

05-03-2004, 03:45 PM
Just a quick note. Spryng, let us know how you're feeling. I know what you mean about in-law's, kind of. If it were do or die situation I'd have so many of them here now, they wouldn't hesitate. But just basic babysitting, they are always busy or they forget and make other plans or whatever. Like I said if it were serious I could count on them but otherwise it's like their life is more important or something. For instance, I was talking to MIL on Friday just talking, telling her that my next two weekends were so busy and I was hoping dh was gonna be there to help me, she said I can't this weekend, but let me know about next weekend. Two days later she was making plans with some of her other family to go to the casinos next weekend. Two days after telling me she was available, luckily I made other plans. I just can't count on them always. My dh told me I needed to get back to the doc to have my cholesterol rechecked but I don't know when to go. I don't have a sitter during the day. Although his g-ma and my MIL work in a home office, they are like never there and always busy even though it may not concern "work". I'm jabbering.

Michelle, two cups of coffee huh??? I'm good after 3 cups and not the least bit jittery. I remember those 2 cup days though, it tends to become more and more cups all the time and the coffee tends to become stronger and stronger, it's funny how that happens.

Cindi, glad you're not worried about me anymore, I told y'all I'd be okay.

I have done my basic routines, but I can't be up on my foot much. It hurts and everytime I am it starts to bleed. I was wearing socks and shoes this morning and noticed it was white and puffy because it wasn't getting any air. I'm doing little things, so I can sit and let it breathe some too.

Anyway, I'll check in later. TTYL

05-03-2004, 06:57 PM
Hello again!
Crystal, I am feeling better after my nap. Thank you all so much for checking in on me. It brought tears to my eyes knowing you all actually care :) I just feel sore now but I'm walking better and getting up doesn't kill me as much. So I think I will be fine. I'm not going to tan tonight though so I can rest.
Michelle, I don't know anything about gallstones. Does the pain go away on it's own or does it get worse? Because mine is getting better as the day goes on. And I do promise to go to the ER if the pain gets worse, lol. You won't need to drag me there but the company would be nice!! :) And about the potty training, I did that with my daughter too. I tried 3-4 times before she was actually ready. The day she was ready she did it on her own without coaching and didn't have many accidents from then on. I truly believe that if you try too early all you do is train yourself and stress yourself out.
Julie, I made the shepherds pie low in fat by using Boca Crumbles instead of ground beef and fat free cheese... came out to 6 pts for 1/4 of the pie so it will be alot of food for me! lol. I like when it works out that way. It smells really good so I can't wait to try it.
Well, don't have much planned for this evening. Watching The Swan and that is about it. What are you all watching tonight or doing tonight? I know Geri will be having fun celebrating with her little boy! TOM will hit me this upcoming weekend and I'm starting to feel PMSey on top of it all and hungry! I want sugar!!!! LOL. But I'm winning that battle. Well, guess I'll check in later!

05-03-2004, 10:02 PM
Geri - You have such a great attitude. Enjoy your ds 3 birthday. I told dh that I wanted a bike for mothers day, so that I can take JW to the park this summer. I think I am going to have more fun this summer than he is. Prayers go out to you and your family.

Cindi - Way to go with the lunges and abs. I think I will do some tonight. I read this article and I am an all or nothing exerciser. If I can't get at least 45 min in, I don't think it is worth it. Every step counts. I would go with the dr scale, since that is where you got the first weigh in. With LA, since it is 3 times a week, I will just take there weigh in.

Penny - Now what are the carbs on that recipe. Aren't you doing South Beach? LOL I had 1/2 of potato as my carb for dinner. I am so hungry right now. Trying not to think of it.

Crystal - So sorry about the belt buckle. I can't wait until I am back to wearing belts again. Haven't wore one since the baby.

Michelle - How long with the dr let you take Meridia? Does your ins cover it? it is so nice to have a good cost of living. Charleston is unreal to live in. Houses here are $110 a square ft.

Sarah - I am Melinda, mom to John Wesley, 8 months. I am still nursing. 3 weeks, be careful and give your body sometime to recover from the preg. The weight will come off. We are here for support. Dh is bad about eating junk, but he needs to lose weight too. I figure if I do not have it in the house he can not eat it.

Hello to anyone I missed.


05-03-2004, 10:39 PM
Spryng, How was the pie? Feeling any better?

Crystal, Take it easy on that foot! Flylady would be saying I told ya so!! You need those shoes on!!

Melinda, I try to do at least 100 crunches a day and the other toning stuff, too. I don't always get a chunk to do cardio, so I have to do something. Of course I WANT to go with the Dr. scale, it was the better weight!I am wondering if mine is 5 off, so I am going to try to find a way to test it. The next time I have an unopened bag of sugar, I'll be sure! LOL!!

Michelle, I am not on any diet meds, I take Synthroid and the meds for diabetes. I have taken Adipex before and I always lose, but end up gaining again. I think they all make me jittery and I will go DAYS with very little sleep. When I do sleep, it's just dozing, no good sleep at all. I don't know if meridia is the same.

Welcome Sarah, you found a great place to jump in. I am Cindi, mom to 7, and I have lost 18 pounds or so with the encouragement of these ladies over the past 5 weeks or so. Stick around, you will love it!

I had a grilled burger, but we didn't have enough I didn't get mine! YAY! I did so good, I was SOOOOOO hungry and I didn't get anything at the store to "hold me over" like I use to. I think I am finally GETTING IT! I hope to have a week with no slips, haven't had one lately. I made salad today with real lettuce instead of the bagged stuff, it was so much better!! I had forgotten how good the old fashioned stuff was!

Geri, I hope your day went as well as you hoped for the birthday boy, all things considered!

Check back before bed, if all goes well.

Love you ladies!!

05-03-2004, 10:42 PM
Wouldn't it be cool if we could reward our efforts with a gathering one day???

I think that would be the ultimate reward and would work twice as hard to make it happen.

I don't know how practical that would ever be for any of us, but it was a WONDERFUL thought!

05-03-2004, 10:52 PM
Geri I hope your son had a great b-day. They grow so so fast :(. I sometimes wish mine were newborn again just to smell them and that sweet breath of theirs :).

Michelle I did here that the cost of living is pretty good there. And I heard the bbq from shows on Food TV is really good. I love bbq sauced chicken, ribs and all that good stuff. I really never felt hungry on the SB diet either. If you ever have any questions about it, just ask.

Spyrng I hope your shepards pie turned out and the kids liked it. I never tried those crumbles. Are they soy? Husband has a really hard time eating anything made with soy. I will try and talk him into it. Tonight we had mexican lasanga. It was great. Now with gallstones I think you get pain that goes to your back or upper shoulder? Atleast that is what my mom said once when I was telling her I had a terrible stomach ache. Maybe try finding out some information on them on the internet. I know its hard to worry about your health and money at the same time. Take care.

05-03-2004, 10:59 PM
Hello ladies,

Spryng, so glad you're feeling better.

Cindi, I vote for meeting in Hawaii...or the Bahamas...or Fl or somewhere warm! :lol: Actually, it would be great someday.

Melinda has Dh given up on SB? How's his butt? :p I like the bike idea. I can't wait until it warms up for good here. The wind has been coming off of the lake and it has been chilly! It was 32 this morning. :(

Crystal..hope that foot heals soon or that may be a dr visit for you! At least then you could have that cholesterol checked :D I'll have a chat with Dh if you'ld like :devil: ;) I'm so very lucky that my Mom is near (and moving even closer). She's almost always available to help me out.

Michelle...are the salaries comperable to the cost of living? $110,000 seems low for that size house. :D But then again in the last 2-3 years our housing prices have shot through the roof! I bought my 1st house for $85k in 1996 and sold it in 2003 for almost $130k...ofcourse we had to pay much more for this one but we also got 1/2 acre. I would love to visit Montana someday too.

Sarah, welcome I'm Geri mom to Will who's 3 today and Tony who'll be 1 in a few weeks. I had an awful day yesterday...but today was wonderful. Will rode his new bike and we had a nice simple dinner with both grandmas. I've been married for almost 4 years (on the 13th) and I'm the old lady of the group at 40. :D

Hi Ginny...can't wait till you're back full time.

Dh started his 4 day week of 3rd shift tonight so I get the whole bed to myself :D ;) Of course I'll miss him...but it's only for 4 nights so I can pretend it's a vacation!! I think it's supposed to be warmer tomorrow so we'll try to be outside and quiet so he can sleep. I told him to wear ear plugs 'cause the boys are rarely quiet for long. If they are they're into something :devil: :devil: He's doing a wonderful job on the deck. After he gets the framing up then he calls the inspector and then can put on the decking boards and rails. It's looking great so far. We can't stain it until next year so it's going to look like green treated lumber this year but that's OK. Then we'll start on the other 100+ projects we need to do :lol:

Well, that's about it for now. I got the 4 mile walk in this morning and then ate a couple of the cupcakes that Will made. Tomorrow I'll haul out the vac and find all the jimmies that Will got all over. He had a good time though. I can't believe he's 3!!! He was pretty good most of the day too.

Goodnight...I'll talk to you tomorrow. Hi to all else out there.

05-03-2004, 11:19 PM
Alright I'm checking in one last time tonight.

Spryng, I've had my gallbladder taken out. The pain does go away on it's own. My pain was low in my abdomen and at one point was so bad I threw up. That time I did go to the ER and was waiting and waiting and waiting and after several hours just like that the pain stopped. So I went home before I was seen to. Finally after one or two more attacks, I had it checked and that was it. Had it removed.

Cindi, just so you'll know. I wasn't wearing my shoes because it was 930 at night. I was in pj's. And your idea about meeting one day is wonderful. I had thought of that myself too. You never know.

Melinda, don't worry it wasn't my belt. It was dh's.

Geri, my mom lives close, but she still works 5 days a week. So does my MIL. My mom says she's retiring in 4 more years when she turns 55 and she'll be around alot more. Can't wait for that.

Okay girls. As for me, I'm doing better today. Got my routines done but not much more than that. I had to let my foot rest and get some air and had errands to run in town. I've eaten well today and had lots of water but maybe not ENOUGH. Didn't get to exercise, I was up getting things done until just a bit ago and with my foot I couldn't do much walking. I have my bookfair this weekend and I will lose some more weight by then even if it's only 1 or 2 lbs. Well girls, I guess that wraps it up for me. I hope the rest of you have a good one. TTYL

05-03-2004, 11:29 PM
You know, once I had on my lace up shoes with my PJs, maybe you should consider that! :lol: I was taking the kids to school and didn't have to get out! I was quite comfy, but less than attractive!!!! I might have combed my hair, but I doubt it. Just a glimpse of my Pre Flying days!! Scary!!

I also had to do that when I broke my toes to protect them from further injury! That was when I realized what a great idea those shoes are, I broke them on a rug that I left rolled in the hallway for waaay too long!! :o

We should think about some of the embarrassing things we did pre Flylady and post them for a good laugh! We could all use one most of the time!

Gotta run, be back sometime!!

Hugs and Kisses!

05-03-2004, 11:33 PM
Hi everyone!!

Sarah - I do live in Kalispell lol I wonder if I know any of your relatives.

Spryng - Gall pain comes and goes I've had attacks where they start and I immediately drop to my knees and then I"m perfectly fine 15 minutes later. If you get the pain after eating a heavy fatty meal it could cause an attack although I'm sure that you aren't eating a lot of fat :)

Melinda - Well I do know that some people use meridia to maintain weight too and I think I can take the meridia til I get to my healthy weight from what I understand.

Cindi - I take synthroid too 50 mcg a day, good to know there is another thyroid patient here :) Meridia hasn't made me jittery at all yet although I was jittery today but I think it was the 2 cups of coffee I drank, I just started having some coffee in the morning so my body isnt used to the caffeine shock.

Julie - the cost of living here is pretty good no really outrageous prices on anything but land lol and even thats not too bad.

Geri - The Salaries are comparable to the cost of living for the most part. It is soo beautiful here you should come for a visit I'll take you on a tour :D I'm so glad you had a wonderful day with Will you really deserved a good day!!

I agree with Cindi I think we should some time have a SAHM's long weekend getaway!! It may not be realistic for us but it really is fun to think about :)

Ok girls I need to go eat some supper I'll post again in a lil bit .

Love to all

05-04-2004, 01:06 AM
Wow! Alot of posts since I checked in last. Let me try to address everyone...

Michelle, I did some research on gallbladder attacks and it didn't fit the pain I was having. My pain was very low (I swear it was my ovaries) and I had sooo much pressure inside my *you know what* so I know it had to do with my reproductive system. I read up on ruptured cysts and it concerned me because sometimes the fluid can be blood and it can be fatal. But you won't know until you get checked out. Well I called my SIL to see if she would sit with the kids tomorrow so I could run to the hospital and it was one excuse after another and she made me feel like such a burden, etc so I told her not to worry about it that I was fine and hung up. I do feel better tonight so maybe it's just fine. That site said the majority of the time you feel pain until the body can absorb the fluid that came out of the cyst, so maybe that is what I am feeling. And no, I didn't eat a fatty meal, quite the opposite so that couldn't have triggered anything.
Cindi, I would love to hear about everyone's emabarassing moments!! great idea! I don't really have any... not any I can think of tonight. I did fall into the tub yesterday when I was cleaning out my linen closet. It wasn't embarassing, just painful, lol.
Crystal, I hope your foot feels better tomorrow. I never wear shoes inside so flylady would be dissapointed in me, but I'm an old country girl and shoes don't fit with me inside the house.
Geri, do you normally sleep alone on vacation?? ;) Enjoy that big bed to yourself!! I know I do. The first night Dh comes home I have a hard time sleeping because I'm so used to being in the middle of the bed and sprawled out. But I do like to have him home. Maybe we should get a bigger bed, lol.
Julie, yes those crumbles are soy. in something like that pie you can't taste a difference. I use them in everything from tacos to hamburger helpers. I have nothing against the real meat but if it will save me a pt or two I will go for it, lol. I'm stingy with my points. And the shepherds pie came out ok. I think next time I'll use the brown gravy instead of the cream of mushroom soup. Tanner loved it though but the other two picked out what they liked and left alot on their plates.

Well I enjoyed The Swan tonight. Did anyone else see it? I thought the blonde was such a whiner. If I was flown there and given all those surgeries for free along with a personal trainer, etc I would have nothing negative to say. I'm glad she didn't make it into the pageant because her attitude sucked. But I did think she was prettier than the other one.
Well, I am so hoping tomorrow I wake up and feel like me again. The pain is almost completely gone tonight. Just a little sore when I get up and start moving but then it quickly fades so that is progress!! I did eat a couple chocolates tonight to curb my sweet tooth (blame TOM!! LOL) but all within my plan. I know my WI this friday won't be accurate anyway so I'm not worried about it. (not that I am going off plan or anything because I'm not) well... I need to get in bed. TTYL!

05-04-2004, 01:24 AM
I will address everyone personally tomorrow but I say HOW RUDE !!!!!!!!! to spryngs sil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wish I could come help you! I would! HUGS TO YOU!

Just wanted to tell ya michelle and I are chating if you wanna go to the chatroom!

05-04-2004, 08:30 AM
:coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

Morning gals. Not too many posts since my last one, lets see if I can do this from memory...

Sarah, yes I've lived in Texas my entire life. Here in Terrell since I was in 1st grade. In fact, I only live about 5 minutes or so from the house I grew up in. I do love Texas, I've always wanted to go somewhere else though. No where particularly just somewhere. But I think most people feel like that at some point. I would pick up and move any time, but I have my family here and I know that I wouldn't be happy if I really did move. I'm Texas at heart, what can I say. The only complaint is the weather. My son has asthma and the weather changes is what effects most of the time. We can be at 50 one day the next is 80. That's the only complaint. I sure hope you like it here. We're only about 30 minutes from each other. Maybe one day we can meet up and have lunch or something. I'd love to have a new friend. I don't have many.

Spryng, please let us know how you're feeling today and don't spare our feelings, you tell us exactly how you feel. And yes, that was awful of your SIL. Does she have any kids? Does your dh realize that's how she is? I feel like I can't complain at all about my family. I have a sitter almost anytime I need one, but I just feel guilty when I do get one if it's not for anything serious. Hope you had a good night.

Geri, well now you have a 3 year old. You can't use that excuse, "He's 2!!!" I don't know about you but I use that excuse alot about Ally and she's fixing to be 3. Hope your uncle and mom are doing better, what ever that may mean.

Michelle, have you had your gallbladder removed? If you have those attacks even sometimes, you should. Since having mine removed I do not have a single problem. Now my sister had hers removed and still has to be careful around anything too spicy.

Cindi, I would have to think really hard about anything embarrasing before flylady. Not that there isn't anything, but I probably tried too hard to forget them that I did forget them.

I hope I didn't miss anyone. Hi to Ginny, Penny, Julie, Ricci and anyone else I missed.

As for me, I slept soso. My foot is much better. Just alittle sore, but with shoes on I think I'll be fine. Not that I like to complain and I normally don't, I have a toothache that keeps leading to a headache. I don't go to the dentists unless I can't eat the pain is so bad and it's not. I'll just keep taking the aspirin and it will go away sooner or later. I may have some more errands to run in town today. I sure hope not, but I think I'll have to go to Walmart at some point. Otherwise, I'm gonna catch up on some of that flylady stuff. Well, I hope you girls have a great day. TTYL

05-04-2004, 10:43 AM
Good morning all!!
And it really is a beautiful morning here today. It's going to be 80 degrees!!! I love days like this when I don't need to have my air or heat on and can open some windows and enjoy the breeze. Now if Dh was home he'd want the air on because he is really hot natured, but I'm not. It would have to get over 90 for me to get hot enough to want the air on.

Crystal, thank you so much for checking in on me today. I am feeling really good actually (honestly) I'm walking normally, just a little soreness left but I think I survived this one, lol. Ok, I know... not funny. But I feel almost myself this morning and I slept great last night. Yes my SIL does have two kids, one that is in school and the other is almost 2. And yes, Dh knows they are like that. Sometimes he gives the benefit of the doubt, like yesterday. He was really concerned about me and talked me into calling her to see if she could help me and when he found out what she said and did he was so angry and wanted to chew her out. But I told him it was pointless... they are who they are and they've always been like that towards me. The only person I really like in DH's family is his dad and his cousin Teresa. But I couldn't call her because she is working like crazy right now putting in mandatory overtime. So I was stuck. But that is ok... I do feel better today so I'm not going to dwell on it any further. So glad your foot is better today! My front porch is so small that I finished it yesterday, so what do I do now? I don't have an entryway and no seperate dining room (I have an eat-in kitchen) so does that mean I get the rest of the week off?? (from the zone anyway?) I'm thinking about getting a head start on my kitchen which is next weeks zone. What do you all think?
Penny thank you so much for your sympathy about my SIL. It was rude of her. Sorry I missed the late night chat, I was fast alseep at 11:30 last night. Maybe we can start up the 2 pm chat again?

Well I am debating on what to do today. I need a few groceries but I really don't want to go anywhere today. But then again I guess I'll have to. Maybe it would feel good to get out of the house. I wonder what comes out on video today? I would like to see a good movie.
Ok, gonna get off here and get around. TTYL!

05-04-2004, 11:10 AM
Good Morning Girls!!

Crystal - Yes I had my gallbladder removed, my attacks were so bad that when I went to the er the docs just came running cuz they couldnt be sure that it was chest pain. I still get attacks even after my gallbladder was removed but they don't last long and not nearly as bad as the ones when I was trying to pass stones. I had an endoscopy done (put a long scope down your throat) and they looked to see if I had any stones floating around but they didnt see any and they said that it could be a possibility to have the duct clipped and they may stop all together. Well, on another note, I'm glad your foot is feeling better!!

Spryng - 80 degrees?? You lucky duck!! Although it is very beautiful today too well so far any way the sun is shining and birds a chirpin' lol. I'm glad that you are feeling better, and I cant believe how your sil treated you. I suppose I'm very fortunate because if my in laws lived close they would be here in a heartbeat if I needed them for anything at all. I had 6 surgeries in the last 7 months and my mother in law tried to be here for all of them, but she doesnt like to drive in the winter time and I can't blame her so she didnt make it. But one time when i had a surgery and she really wanted to be here to help out she was crying cuz she just couldnt make it, she's hard as nails on the outside but just so sweet!

Everyone else, good morning to you!!!
I gotta go Teagan is crying she wants momma to hold her.

05-04-2004, 11:38 AM
HI Ladies!

Glad you are feeling better :) No you can't take the rest of the week off! You can come help me with mine.... :lol:

I bet your foot will be sore for a while. I know that hurts! Have fun running errands. Been there done that yesterday!

I just wanted to say how happy I am for you! You are doing so awesome! That weight is going to start flying off!

Things are going really great for me today :) Hunter lost his first front tooth yesterday evening! I was so upset b/c I am not ready for him to grow up! Sniff Sniff!

Hope everyone has a great day! Off to get some cleaning done!

05-04-2004, 11:41 AM
Just a quick good morning. Dh is upstairs with the kids..he only worked til about 2:30am so he's going to work on the deck til he gets tired and will take a nap. He let me come work out first. :) SWEETIE

So I have to get going! Will mow today when Mom gets here. Crystal...thanks for the good wishes. Guess my Uncle was more alert yesterday and could hear people but the pain meds are keeping him quite groggy. It's just a matter of time..hopefully quickly!

OK, talk to you all later!!

05-04-2004, 12:30 PM
Ah, the continuing saga of me versus the computer......think the computer is winning.
Spryng- glad you are feeling better!!!!!
To everyone else.......hope your day is going well. Sorry not to get personal, I have been online for an hour trying to leave a post- all are booted off.......grrrrrrrrrrrrr...... :mad: and I am out of time.
Remember ladies- drink your water- so important with warmer weather coming upon most of us (except here in NY where it was 30 degrees last nite.)
Have a great day.

05-04-2004, 12:57 PM
I went to LA today, I down a pound. I will only report the loss once a week, I think going 3 times a week is too much. My body weight fluctuates too much. I told them that I had been hungry and they up my plan since I am still nursing. It will be much easier to live by. I did a Yoga class at the gym. It was pretty intense. I feel like I got a good workout but I did not really sweat. It is on T/Th at 800am. I was 10 min. late today.

Spryng - I am with you on the air. I love the heat. I ride in the car with windows down when JW is not in the car. Dh freezes me out at night, I use a down comforter. Glad to here you are feeling better.

Penny - Does the tooth fairy come to your house? What is the going rate now adays? I would get a quarter.

Ginny - You are right about the water, it can make or break you in the summer. Good to see you posting more often.

05-04-2004, 01:13 PM

Good morning ladies! The weather here (as Crystal can confirm) is beautiful. I am dreading the summer though, everyone tells me it gets VERY VERY hot here. To me hot is 80 degrees. It feels like it's been summer since March!! :cool:

Michelle, I know that Kalispell is pretty small, so if you know ANYONE in town w/the last name of Brass, I am related to them. I can't wait to get up there and visit my relatives there, and swim in Flathead Lake.... (ughhh, I miss the NW)

Crystal, Terrell is only 30 minutes away! Wow, we're practicly neighbors. Is Terrell near Rowlett? I have no friends if you ever want to meet for coffee or lunch, that would be fun! I get pretty lonely here, not knowing anyone here except my family. TX is pretty cool. It's nice to live somewhere, where I'm not surrounded by a bunch of tree-hugging, flag burning, hippies. LOL. People here are SO nice. I can't get over that...Sorry about your foot, I hope it feels better soon.

Spryng, Sorry to hear about your pain. :( And since I'm new here, can you tell me what SIL is?? I'm not on the computer much, so I'm not familiar w/popular abreviations.

Is there any good weight loss program working VERY well for any of you that is VERY cheap and easy? What do you ladies do that really works for you. I am personally getting burnt out on writing every little detail of what I eat, feel, and do to work out. I feel obsessed or something...although I am w/losing weight...hahahaa Talk to you ladies later!! Must go endulge in my morning crutch... (coffee :coffee: )

Sarah :flow2:

05-04-2004, 01:41 PM
sounds like you will be a busy bee cutting the grass :) whats the temp there?

Sry the computer monster is giving you a hard time! grrrrr......

Congrats congrats on the weight loss! :cheer: I finally decided to get Andrew off the boobie for good. He is almost 11 months old. I think it is time. He hasn't nursed since 5 30am on yesterday on one side. The tooth fairy brought 4 dollars.

I live in your neighboring state. :) Louisiana. I do South Beach but I think it is just what you feel comfortable with!

Have a great day everyone!
I am off to pick up some stuff for hubby for work :( grrrr...... But hey it puts bread on the table! LOL

Have a great one! I know I am!
And I feel so good about myself :)

05-04-2004, 01:54 PM
Penny!!! You are doing awesome!! Keep it up girl remember WI is coming up on Sunday!! Thanks for keeping me in line ;)

Sarah- I agree that you should pick a plan that you feel comfortable with and feel that you can stick to for LIFE most of us are making lifestyle changes not just dieting. I too am on the south beach diet (I buddy up with penny to keep eachother in check) I started on atkins then my doc switched me to SB and I love it so far.

Melinda - WTG on the 1 lb loss!! keep it up!

Ginny - Sorry your computer is still acting up! Give it a good swift kick in the hard drive ;) Hope all is well on your end.

Geri - I'm so glad your hubby let you get your work out in that was very sweet of him! WTG on the exercise you inspire me to work out more :) I didn't work out yesterday but I'm gonna try for 3 miles today.

Ok guys I'm going to go get my walk in and then get back to cleaning the house.
Love to you all!!

05-04-2004, 01:55 PM
PS Penny's tooth fairy must be rich lmao!!

05-04-2004, 02:06 PM
I was thinking the same thing about Penny's tooth fairy. Since we're in neighboring states do you think your tooth fairy would come this far? LOL!!!

Sarah, just wait until July and August. Anything between 95 and 105 is normal. Be prepared. It's not all bad though. I live about 20 or 25 minutes from Rowlett. Don't ever go there though. I'm about 20 minutes from Rockwall which is where I really like to go. Don't go there very much either, but I love Rockwall. We really do need to meet sometime. With your newborn we'll have to wait awhile. Maybe this summer when Kyle is bigger and can tolerate the heat more. Even though I've lived here my whole life, I don't have any friends. My sister lives about an hour away and has 7 kids so she isn't free very often. My other good friend lives over an hour away so I don't see her like ever. I have another friend, we're not really close, our dh's are best friends, but she works and goes to school and only has one kid and has other friends too, so we don't really ever get together. That's it for me. I didn't stay in touch with anyone from high school or anything. Anyway, we'll make some plans sometime.

You girls have a good day.

05-04-2004, 02:44 PM
Penny & Michelle, Is the South Beach a pretty easy one to follow, or does it have LOTS of dietary restrictions. I've tried slimfast, but I only follow it a week or two before I get bored. Weight Watchers would be fun, but I trying to save $$ since I am now a SAHM. The journaling thing works, I am just tired of it....I should just stick it outthough, because it has worked for me this far.

Crystal, My hubby actually works in Rowlett now, but is being transferred to Plano...which is nice since Rowlett is 50 miles roundtrip. I think it would be fun to get together this summer w/our kids.

Well, I must go now and take my big booty and my baby on a walk around the neighborhood before it gets too hot.

Later ladies!! Sarah :dancer:

05-04-2004, 02:54 PM
Sarah - I think that South Beach is Very easy to follow, but some may disagree with me, I'm very dedicated to getting back in shape and I want nothing to stand in my way and I hold that power and I just recently realized that! So basically weight loss is a mind set you gotta tell yourself that this is what you really want and you are going to make it happen. One thing that got me motivated were my children, I told myself one day that I want to be here to see my kids graduate to see them get married to see my grandchildren and that wasn't going to happen if I didnt make a lifestyle change lose the weight! I've been "dieting" for 4 weeks now and I feel so much better than I did, I'm happier, I have more energy, and I'm getting healthy. :)

Crystal - we should ask penny if her toothfairy takes road trips lol I know I never got no 4 bucks when My teeth fell out lol maybe a dollar.

Well guys I got my 2 mile walk in and I sat down to rest afterwards and I felt my leg muscles twitching all over it was a great feeling!! I've got 32 oz of water down I didnt have breakfast I wasnt hungry but I'm gonna have 1/2 c. ff cottage cheese and 10 cucumber slices and a glass of tomato juice for lunch. I set a mini goal last night to be at least 200 lbs by august first but I'm definately going to try and beat that :)

Well I better go eat something so I dont lose my energy.
Love to all

05-04-2004, 05:05 PM
Sarah, you seem alot like me. You like your sugar. I do too and I can't follow ANY plan. I've tried Atkins, I read through South Beach, tried Weight Watchers. You name it. I'll tell you what works for me...counting calories. I'm able to eat whatever I want. The main thing you have to watch for is portion sizes. I'm a snacker too. I could snack all day and not eat any meals. I had to work on that. First I changed to sugar free snacks, and fruit. Now I don't snack too badly and when I do it's much much better for me. This is what works for me becuase EVERYTHING has it's calorie content on it and all you do is write it down and keep count. You can have up to about 1800 calories a day and still lose weight. I try to target 1500 everyday. I've been doing this for a month now and it's a part of my life, it's not a big deal to count. Spryng got me into keeping a diary of everything I eat and that's what I do. I collect low cal, low fat and healthy cook books and I love to cook and try new recipes. So I'll sit down once a week and work up a menu and make my grocery list. That's another secret, make a menu and go with it. Take this for instance: My menu from yesterday:
B- 3 bisuits with low fat gravy
L- chicken sandwich with cheese and baked chips
D- 2 grilled chicken thighs and sauteed squash and zucchini
during the day I snacked on 3 sugar free cookies and at night I enjoyed a Weight Watchers ice cream cone. I drank mostly water on top of my 3 cups of coffee in the morning and sometimes I'll enjoy a diet dr. pepper. I almost topped 1500 calories yesterday but not quite. Not a bad day of eating, huh?
I'm just sharing this with you to give you an idea and suggestion. All the other diets are too restrictive for me. Anyway, hopes this helps.

05-04-2004, 05:21 PM
Crystal - What is that menu website again? e-menus. I have not been able to get it to come out. I need to learn how to shop better. We are at the grocery store every other day, but with all the fresh fruits and veggies we eat it is almost necessary.


05-04-2004, 05:25 PM
Ok Ok Ladies!

NO Our toothfairy doesn't make road trips! LOL! Hunter teacher asked the same thing about the four dollars! Well I usually put money in the kids savings every month.

And everytime they get any money for birthdays xmas etc, I take half the money and put it in there savings accounts and they get to spend half! So he will only get to spend $2.00 and the tooth fairy still looks good :) :) :)


I think South Beach is a great plan. It elimates all the bad carbs and reincoporates the good ones! The first two weeks are hard but once you see that scale drop it gets you movitated to keep it up! I have gotten sidetracked a couple times but am back on strong!

I used to count calories too and loved it! My dad counts fat grams, nothing goes in his mouth over 3g fat. I think counting calories is great :)

I don't think it matters which plan you follow as long as you are happy with yourself and with the plan you choose :) HTH ! :)

Have a great evening!

What's for supper???

05-04-2004, 05:29 PM
Hi Melinda,
Sorry we posted around the same time!

How are things going with your mom keeping JW? Is she spoiling him? :)

05-04-2004, 06:44 PM
Melinda, that website is Hope you enjoy.

05-04-2004, 07:33 PM
Hi All!

My server has been down since this morning and I just called them and got it up and running again so I am WAY behind. But I skimmed through the posts are you ladies have had an active afternoon!! I loved all the toothfairy talk and all that :)

Sarah, I think you asked about a diet that is cheap but works. Well I do weight watchers but I do it for free since I was given all my materials. But I agree with whoever it was that mentioned calorie counting. I think it was Crystal? Just give your self so many cals a day and then write it down, everything you eat. Make better choices and smaller portions and you'll do just fine. I did that a few years ago and it got me to my goal weight then. But I am a WW girl and always will be.

Well I think I overdid it this morning. I went out and rented some movies (the kids are enjoying that new peter pan movie right now) went to walmart and the grocery store and I was hurting by the time I got home. I'm better now but I learned my lesson... no more excursions until I'm 100% healed.
I'm sorry I can't get personal with everyone right now. I'm behind on my routines for today so while the kids are occupied I'm going to get some stuff done. Don't want to ruin my progress with flylady! :) TTYL!

05-04-2004, 07:56 PM
Crystal, we are alike. The journal keeping thing works for me, it just sucks...but I've been doing it for only a week. I bet by this week sometime it will get easier and simply become routine. Have you tried the Healthy Choice creamcicle pops? They come in orange cream and raspberry cream...both VERY good.

I should just keep that sugarfree stuff handy for weak moments. My hubby (a bakery manager) brings home (very good, yet very bad) things, so if I get tempted with cheesecake, tiramisu, or chocolate ring cake... I could get my fix of sugar...w/out feeling deprived.

You ladies have some excellent insight into what works for you all and how to stay motivated. The past year has been huge for me....I've moved 2200 some miles from home, I've quit smoking...(VERY difficult habit to break) and I've had a baby! Like you Michelle, having my son Kyle has made me more careful in how I take care of myself....I want to experience playing w/him w/out getting too tired or by embarrassed because of my size. I want to pass to him healthy habits. And I want to see him graduate, marry, and have my granbabies. I can't do that very well or at all if I stay the way I am or get bigger.

Talk to you guys later!! Sarah

05-04-2004, 08:14 PM
Crazy day here. But a good one so far!

Sarah, I just do portion control. I am really following Dr Phil's plan more than any. I make good choices and I am increasing my veggies and fruits. I don't eat sweets much, and I don't have seconds anymore. But if I REALLY want something, I just have it in moderation. I don't do well with restrictions! I have lost 18 pounds in 5 weeks just by limiting the bad stuff and making better choices. Oh, I added lots of water too! You will find what works for you. I heard a man on the radio today telling us to stop paying for weight loss plans and miracles and just stop eating so much, LOL! So that's really what I am doing. It works so far!!

Michelle, I take a whopping 250 mcg of Synthroid!!

Spryng, I have been out of the loop as long as you today and it was no fun. I was just too busy to post a post that made any sense! LOL!!

Food was on target, still need to exercise today though. Maybe while Idol is on. I hope it's good this week!

Check back in soon!!

05-04-2004, 09:28 PM
Cindi - OMG!! thats a huge dose of synth lol I don't really have an endocrinologist yet to help get my levels where they need to be the doctor that prescribes my synth is my gynecologist lol and the endo that I'm going to see only comes to my town once a month. So hopefully soon we'll get them figured out she thinks I need a higher dose since I still get really tired. I can't wait to see idol tonight either, I'm sure it will be great!

Well I'm gonna go have some supper.

05-04-2004, 11:13 PM
starting a new thread see everyone there.

05-04-2004, 11:17 PM
okay girls not getting personal. I have a MAJOR toothache and I don't take these well. I HATE the dentist, but this pain has got me to tears tonight. I've been popping aspirin all day and it only helps alittle while. I don't know if I've got dental insurance and if I don't, there is NO way I can afford the dentist bill so I don't know what I'm gonna do. I'm going to lay down and hopefully fall asleep and not feel the pain. I'll check in tomorrow.