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03-07-2004, 11:47 PM
AHA - here I am and I have tricked you all!!! it is really Sunday night and I thought I would get ahead of the game and start us off for the week (seeing as I am having so much trouble keeping up and visiting regularly).

I am busy, busy, busy at home and at work....and trying not to get too stressed out! Have a new "team mate" starting tomorrow - actually I am her supervisor - what a joke that is! :lol: .... I guess I'm supposed to motivate her and keep her busy!.......poor thing! :D I understand she has a strong background in some of the projects going on so I hope she will be a good contributor to the office! (while a few other people are leaving soon - lots of turnover - bad sign! :devil: )

Also doing lots of research regarding possible spring break trip - like next week!.....looks like Mexico - but we can't decide - in the meantime the trip will either sell out ( :( ) or the price will decrease as we get closer to departure ( :D )....

Starting to look for clothes in my cupboards/drawers and most fun is finding stuff that did not used to fit - which I may now possibly wear on my holidays (even dug out some SHORTS!)....just can't find my black capris (damm!!!)

Eating has been off kilter most of the weekend despite a not bad week (it was the movie popcorn that started it all.....need I say more? :devil: :devil: ) and today was a total write off. I am still hovering between 35-40 lbs gone...and desperate to lose at least a few more before travelling south! (we'll talk about my eating plan for that later!).

Trying to keep my head above water as I try to locate everyone's sandals and sunscreen.

Hope everyone is rested and relaxed from their weekend and ready to take on a new week!

Happy (almost) Monday! :smug:


03-08-2004, 01:26 AM
:wave: Hi Everyone! I am not "official" yet, but I sure can't wait. Just wanted to wish everyone a great week! :)

03-08-2004, 08:26 AM
Morning all. Had a decent weekend and made a really good eggplant lasagna for dinner yesterday. UMMM then packaged up the rest for lunches though only 3 left as kids and dh ate it as well LOL.
Back is still kinky but way better.
We have snow flurries on the ground after the last 2 weeks of spring weather uggg. March break starts friday I was hoping it would dry up a bit to take the kids out for some hikes or something. NO luck.
Better go gotta wake up ds and make lunches for kids

03-08-2004, 08:35 AM
Well I don't know how I managed to do it but my eating yesterday was great and I managed to ward off the munchies. Still have work to do on the Saturday issue tho., but now it's Monday and it will all fall back into place.
I didn't get any "exercise" in yesterday, however I did scrub house from top to bottom. I can assure you that was a workout in itself. Sadly I wake up this morning and it looks like I havent touched the place in weeks :lol: Guess the kids have a surprise coming if they want to go outside to play after school today.
Well I'm off, another day another dollar.. You all have a great Monday (oxy-moron I know) but try to at least ;)

Tummy Girl
03-08-2004, 09:14 AM
Happy Monday All :p (it is an oxy moron trazzie)

Trazzie - oh cleaning the house geez, when I finish it still looks like a tornado when through the place too. It's a never ending battle, kinda feels like losing weight ;)

Jjcj - glad the back is on the mend, the snow does seem to be sticking around this year for sure, I for one was looking forward to getting outside to start walking again, but it seems it may be a month at least until the runners won't fill up with water. I'm sure the cabin fever for the kids would be a hundred times worse.

Cinny - Do you know when your start date is going to be? We're all rooting for you.

Froufy - the sneaky princess you are :devil:, and mexico, you lucky lady, is there going to be a sexy bathing suit in the future? And definitely enjoy getting that pasty canadian body a tan! At work, I'm having that turnover problem too, maybe I sure stop firing them then.

Fabulous weekend, got a chance to try pilates out too which was very cool. I highly recommend it for some variety in the workout. I did end up with some deep muscle stiffness but I don't usually work those ones so no wonder. And I don't think I've breathed so much in my whole life.

Have a great day.

03-08-2004, 09:17 AM
Froufy: :wave: Hope you enjoy your trip and the fees go down for you! Sounds like a LOT of fun. I'd love to go on holiday this summer. Not sure if we are yet or not.

Cinnymamma: No worries. I posted and read a lot before joining Atkins also. It's amazing what advice you pick up from these ladies. But you'd also be amazed at the questions you have when you finally DO start!!!

jjcj: you must have weather like mine. We had snow yesterday and today we're supposed to be in the 40's. I'm hoping spring is FINALLY coming!! Glad your back is feeling better!

Trazzie: Don't you just hate cleaning only to have it messed up in a blink of an eye? I don't clean anymore. I discovered the house doesn't get dirtier that way :lol: I bought a sign for my front door that says "My house was clean yesterday....sorry you missed it." I do plan on doing a sweep of the house and either tossing or rearranging things. If Spring would get here I could wash the windows and air the house out. That I think is what I'm really looking forward to. Not doing windows--airing the place out :lol:

WOOHOO for me. I've managed to stay OP for 2 days now. I think lately that's a record! And I stepped on the scale and it was down a pound. But I've seen that before, so I'm not getting excited until Saturday (OMG, it's HOW many days away?? :dizzy: ) when I weigh myself officially. IF it's still off I'll celebrate then. I've got my eye on swimsuits and don't really want to buy one until I get rid of the belly--but might anyway just as an incentive. I'm going to try and work in some exercise this week. Dang week's going to be hectic again and I don't know how you all get workouts in (I'm not a morning person so that's out of the question). Maybe if I dance while cleaning house :lol:

Hope you all have a great day!

03-08-2004, 09:19 AM
Tummy you snuck in on me. Was it the regular Windsor pilates? I heard that pilates was good for toning but the DVD I have of it I can't get past the first 2 minutes. I need something that stretches for the beginners and THEN does more moves.
Advice would be helpful and appreciated :)

03-08-2004, 09:36 AM
Oh, my aching head :tired: I think I had too much wine yesterday. This will make for a loooooooooooooong day.

Weighed myself this morning. Hanging in there at 159 even after the weekend. I tried the Thin Ice on Friday night. That stuff is good and with only 1 gram I am a very happy girl. Can't drink much of it though :D
I want to be down another 2 this week. Will have to work my big old butt off to do that. I have been walking 2 miles around our condo complex. Feels so good to be out and moving. Snowing a little today so it looks like I will be doing a video tonight.

I went shopping this weekend and STILL can't seem to fit into a lot of 12's....ggggrrrrrrr. Yet the three pairs of slacks that I bought a month ago that are 12's are getting baggy! I bought another pair of size 12 jeans but they are relaxed fit and when I try on a regular style in a 12 I can't get them over my :censored:
I want to be able to walk into ANY store and grab a 12 and have it fit. I know it will happen and maybe with the walking the fat will shift and that should help.

Trazzie: Yeah for keeping the munchies at bay this weekend. I have a hard time on Saturdays also. Breakfast and lunch are fine it is dinner that is hard.

jjcj: wish I liked eggplant...that sounds good. We are having snow showers today too.

Cinnymamma: :wave: Welcome to our little place in the sun.

Froufy: Wow, you night owl you. My closet is down to bare bones....I am notorious for throwing clothes out. I only keep what I wear and that's it. I do have one pair of jeans that I hung on to.....hope they fit soon. I was just telling my husband yesterday that my capris and skirts from last summer may be too big :D and I will have to take them in. What a nice thought.

Well, off to wake up some how....have a great day everyone.

03-08-2004, 09:56 AM
Good Morning Ladies :coffee:

Cinny I think your doing it the smart way, learning before your jump in :bravo:

Had a wonderful weekend but this snow is icky. I'm just glad it isn't sticking to the roads :D

I'll be back later to catch up on all the posts... boss is here tody :( PHOOIE !!!!


03-08-2004, 10:04 AM
Morning All!
Well, I had a fabulous weekend.... mainly because I didn't have class!! Wooo Hoo! I can't even begin to tell you how much more energy I have just because I had a full 2 days to myself. I was even helpful again. I have some friends fixing up their basement and I was down there with them either helping watch the kids or helping paint or put in carpet or whatever! I had a great time. The bf is on spring break this week and it's my last week of class. I wish my class could have ended last week so I could spend some more time with him. He has a big interview this morning and I'm so nervous for him!!! Please say a quick little prayer for him!
Froufy: Good to hear from you, even if you were sneaky and did it Sunday night!! :P I sure do wish I was going to Mexico... but the bf and I are saving up some money for a summer trip.
Cinny: Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you! This place offers TONS of support and good information! I find this "diet" of mine so much fun just because of this forum (yes yes girls, I know it's a WOL but it started as a diet so :P)
jjcj: I hope your back is 100% soon! My sis has back problems and I know how much it hurts her. You have my sympathies.
Trazzie: :wave:
Tummy: :wave:
Lady: Way to go for staying on plan for 2 days! Right now I think the only thing carrying me in my weight loss is the fact that I recently started birth control pills - I seem to be losing weight when I really shouldn't be because I've been sooooo BAD lately. I always knew my hormones were screwed up! So, this week I'm going to pledge to stay on plan ALL WEEK (even the weekend) so congrats for the 2 days... cause I haven't been able to be that good!
jane: Congrats on the 159... now change your signature and celebrate!!! I have no doubt you'll make your NYC goal! You go girl!

03-08-2004, 10:11 AM
Morning ladies,
I am on my way to work but dropped by to finish my food log from yesterday and say HI and I will check in when I get home this afternoon!!! Have a great day!!!


03-08-2004, 02:45 PM
Afternoon all!

Froufy: Good luck w/the new trainee! That is always a joy (lol)! And have fun on Spring Break! Kudos to you for fitting into your clothes!

Randi: Welcome :D

Trazzie: Yeah to you! Weekend munchies are so hard to resist! Yeah to you for cleaning the house too. Boo to the kids for tearing it up! They do that. I think it is in the contract or something. They are required to give us as much trouble as they can.

Tummy: I have the Winsor Pilates dvd. It is pretty good! Her diet plan is even low carb. Keep posting and let me know how it works out for you.

Lady: Yeah for you!!! Keep up the good work! The Winsor Pilates dvd series comes with three dvd's. The first one is very basic, the second one is a 20 minute one, and the third one lookes like suicide! I tried that one once, and was not a very happy camper!

JJCJ: Your lasagne sounds great! I love eggplant! I hope your back gets better.

Shimma: I will say a prayer for your bf! Enjoy your time to yourself! Relax and have fun!

Jane: Don't beat yourself up. It will come off when it is ready. You may want to step up your cardio. (I personally hate cardio, but it really takes the pounds off).

So far, Monday has been pretty good for me. Busy busy busy at work, but that makes the day fly by! My kitchen celing is allegedly being fixed by my landlord as we speak, but I will believe it when I see it!

If I missed anyone, Please forgive me! I hope everyone has an extremely blessed and thinner day!

03-08-2004, 06:14 PM
I have a new little tasty thing I'm posting on the recipes, be sure to watch out for it! I went to my mothers house today and she told me to try one.. they are these little frozen snacks that taste like Andes Candies! OMG so GOOD! *drool* and they have less then 1g in each one! These are a big bonus come chocolate craving, sweet craving, icecream craving TOM time!

Cat - I hope your ceiling is back in working order by the time you get home, but if your landlord fixes things like mine does I wouldnt spend any more time in the kitchen then possible :lol:

Theo - :wave: hope you have a nice day

Shimma - It sounds like you had a lovely weekend, it's always nice to get some time to relax. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your bf, hope all goes well.

Leenie :wave: Snow is back here too.. wish it would just go away!

Jane - I went out Friday and asked everywhere we went if they had Thin Ice.. nada.. I was quite dissapointed. At least I can find it in the store, I'll have to try it sometime. Hope your head is feeling better.

Lady - I also thought about buying a new swimsuit to hang on my closet door for inspiration. I've never went out and actually purchased something that I didn't fit into at the time, maybe it will give me the added ambition I need to move my butt. Gratz on staying OP! I knew you could do it!

Tummy - I bought a pilates tape on sale not to long ago, I havent had the courage to put it in yet. Bravo to you for actually getting yours to the tv and giving it a shot. Maybe when I hit onderland and can actually touch my toes again I'll go all out with it :lol:

Jjcj - I've never actually tried eggplant but have been wanting too. Your lasagna sounds delish! You have a recipe posted anywhere?

Cinny - :wave:

Froufy - Nice to hear from you again. Mexico sounds like a blast. I've never been there but always wanted to take a vacation and check the place out. Looks like I'm headed to Norway first tho. My DH wants to go home to visit mom and dad. To shame I wont be able to say a word to them when I finally get to meet them (they don't know english) :lol: I'm sure it will be great either way.

Tummy Girl
03-08-2004, 06:37 PM
Just had to stop in and say I finally got over myself and I'm having my first fruit in 8 months. It is after all about the little things. Even though I'm already up to 35gm of carbs a day I was scared to go to fruitville. So i'm starting with strawberries today and we'll see how that goes, I'm just so excited, I love these darn things. It's a small victory, starting to come out of the strict low carb shell and still be losing! Happy day ladies.


03-08-2004, 06:57 PM

You have worked your butt off on this diet (literally!) You enjoy those berries, and eat one for me too! :D

Genghis Cohen
03-08-2004, 07:37 PM
Hello to all. There is no way to describe how much I hate Mondays, and this one is certainly living up to that. Been working non-stop all day, with just enough time left over to royally screw up a presentation in class and have a fight with one of my best friends and accidently offend a professor who a I greatly respect, who in turn sent me a nasty e-mail that made me want to cry. Fortunatly I feel the week has no where to go but up once I finish the lab I have to turn in tomorrow.

Tummy Girl- Good luck witht the strawberries! What a delicious way to re-incorporate carbs into your diet.

Jane- What are these Thin Ice things? I've never heard of them, but I'd like to think that my diet won't go to **** in a handbasket once I stop induction and begin drinking again.

Froufy- I'm getting ready to go to Florida on Thursday and I've been going through my summer clothes to see what fits too. It's been surprisingly enjoyable. I hope your vactation is as enjoyable as the preparation.

Everyone Else- Best Monday wishes, have a lovely evening!