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02-04-2004, 09:27 AM
I keep going back and forth in here because I keep expecting someone to make a Wednesday thread. Not here yet, so I'm going to be brave and give it a shot.

Stepped on the scale this morning and it says I'm down 2 pounds---but it wasn't on my official weight day so I'm not counting it. I'm hoping MORE drops off between now and Saturday. Early dismissal for my girls today. Plus I've got to drop the cookie order form off after work. Then I really should go through the GS book and figure something out for Thursday. :lol: Got sidetracked last night and never touched the book. Once again the weather decided seeing how it's not snowing out it's going to be COLD!!! Spring can't come fast enough! I'm itching to be able to open my windows and smell fresh air! And I can't wait for it to get a tad warmer so I can throw the dog into the river and give her a bath. She's starting to smell a little "ripe". I imagine one of these days I'll break down and wash her in the shower. Anyone have any clue how hard it is to wash an 80 pound dog that doesn't like showers (but loves the river)?? :dizzy:

Well, you all have a great day :)

02-04-2004, 09:51 AM
Hey Brenda CONGRATS on the two down (but not counting lol).

Good Morning Everyone,

Just popping in to say hello, hope everyone is doing good and happy.



02-04-2004, 09:52 AM
Congrats on the weight loss Brenda!
Man, everyone must be sleeping in this morning. I'm on top of the world today because I had a great experience last night. I always stop by my friend Brenda's after class at night (which is where I work out) and I had actually changed yesterday before going to my class because I had a skirt on and it's not practical for me to wear a skirt to class with all of the things we end up doing. Well, I was pretty excited because I was wearing this pair of jeans that had previously been too tight on me and this little t-shirt that I haven't been able to wear in a year...... My ex was at Brenda's last night and boy did he look me over!!! He even commented that I looked really good. heheheheh Oh, and did I mention his date canceled on him???? I'm evil, I know.
I'm down 2 more lbs and I'm feeling great! Now, all I have to do is get this darned workbook done for class by next Saturday. Only 22 more chapters to go!!! ACK!

02-04-2004, 10:22 AM
Morning to all!

Brenda: Just because it's not "official" doesn't mean it doesn't feel GREAT! Keep thinking Spring -- My sister lives in Delafield (are you near there?) and she keeps sending me daily e-mails with the latest temp/wind chill. I, in turn, tell her how cold it is here in Tucson - it was only 50 yesterday! :p

Leenie: Morning to you, too! Check in later...

Shimma: Heck -- 1/2 of my incentive this time around is grounded in revenge (not ex, but MIL)! Feels good, huh? :lol:

I'd better get running, because I just realized I haven't a clue what I'm doing today and left my lesson plan book at home. OOOOPPPPPSSSSS! Later...

02-04-2004, 10:59 AM
Good morning.

Ok, first a any of you take calcium +D and does it by any chance give you wicked heartburn? I am dyin here! :mad:

Last night I was going to make chili. I was so excited. When I got home I started browning the onion and the beef and then went into the cabinet to find the chili powder. THERE WAS NONE! I had to use Chipotle seasoning. :fr: and then when I went to the fridge to get the beef broth...THERE WAS NONE! so I had to use beer :mad: and because I used the beer I had to add some tomato sauce which of course along with the beer meant the carb count was climbing! and to top it off I had to use some corn starch to thicken it. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
Needless to say I won't be eating the leftovers of that concoction. I added some kidney beans to it and told my husband to help himself or throw it out!

My day at work just started off with a bang...I had a customer tell me that she didn't like my attitude and wanted to work with someone else.....Very long story but this person is dumn as dirt and I admit I am a little tired of having to explain everything over and over again. This isn't rocket science!
I hate when this happens...I get mad at them and ME! I should have :tape:
Oh well, I hope the other installer can deal with her. Good luck!

Shimma: Revenge is sweet. Congrats on the jeans. :cp:

lady_adnerb: 2 pounds is 2 pounds! Count it no matter when it happens :cp:
I used to have a lab mix and she was about 65-70 pounds. She would hop in the tub for me so that I could give her a bath. I would fill up the tub, call her name and she would walk towards me looking like she was going to the gas chamber :lol: but she would hop in and let me shampoo her. If you have one of the shower heads that comes off you can rinse them that way.

Spedmom and Leenie: :wave:

02-04-2004, 11:33 AM
Brenda... You are really doing great..I can't wait to see your before and after pictures...

Shimma.... I lol.. To fun..

Paula... Good morning back..

Jane... I have had that happen, the not having the things I needed to make a meal.. When you have worked all day, and just want to put your feet up seems to be the times that happens.. I feel bad for you with the heart burn. I know my Dr. told me take 2 tums a day.. I don't think she knows the carb count.. ha ha

To all... Hope your having a great day.

02-04-2004, 12:33 PM
Hey there!

Karen - OMG, your puppy is adorable!

TG - evil Baja Fresh!!! I'm like you. I think I had a serious allergy to that stuff all along and never knew it. On the plus side, it makes it easy to stay on plan! Are you working over there on Jenkins and Cedar Hills?

Froufy - You're so busy! I still miss having you around during the day!

Brenda - I'm dying for spring, too! I feel like I'm living in a pit! The good news is that my dogs are sink washable and they're too small to do anything about it :s:

Shimma - ohhhhhhhh I hear you about the ex! I haven't run into any ex's but I have run into some people that didn't like me and it felt so good!!!

Leenie - :wave:

Spedmom - good luck having class without a plan. Extra recess? ;)

Jane - OMG that chili turned out super high carb! Good for you for just passing it to the hubby!

Sha - :wave:

So I took my car in again yesterday. This time I went to a different shop owned by the same company. They told me that the inside of my tire was shredded and couldn't be fixed. Since that meant I had to buy at least 2 new tires (got to stay balanced!), I checked the other two and realized they were on their way out anyway so I ended up buying all new tires last night - ugh! On top of that, my alignment is out so I'm paying to get that fixed on Friday. - double ugh! If things keep breaking, I'll never be able to save up enough for my eye surgery!

On the plus side, the crummy tax hike that our state government tried forcing on us for the 3rd time got shot down yet again. Yippee!!! That just saved me a couple hundred bucks that I don't have. :clap:

I'm so anxious for spring! I keep pulling my bicycle out of storage and just sitting on it. My house is trashed and I have no motivation to clean it because it's too cold and dark so who cares? I'm wearing a very "spring" shirt today (long, floofy sleeves and very sheer material) in hopes of inspiring it to get here a little sooner.

Well, better get some work done! Have a great day!

02-04-2004, 02:59 PM
Karen: Cute, cute puppy!

Brenda: Congrats on the two-pounds loss! :cb:

Leenie: Hi!

Shimma: Sweet revenge! I'd love to run into an ex -- especially when I hit my goal. What a beautiful feeling that would be! :s:

Spedmom: Hope your "un-planned" day goes well.

Jane: I don't blame you for getting frustrated with that customer!

Star: Glad you're getting your tire situation sorted out.

It is so beautiful today -- in the 70s and sunny. (Not to rub that in the faces of those stuck in cold, wintery places...) So, I took the lazy dog out for a long walk over lunch. She seemed to think it was too hot and we walked too far. She was huffing and puffing and had to lay down. At least that isn't me anyore! :D

"The Bachelorette" is on tonight, so I hope to get more Equator Trek miles then. I'll be gliding away...

Hope everyone has a great day!

Take care,

02-04-2004, 03:28 PM
Star was great to see you post. I always know if I have a guestion you will do your best to answer.. Thanks for being there..

Jina... that is so cute. I can just see your dog huffing and puffing. thanks for the smile.

02-04-2004, 03:32 PM
Sha: I missed you the first time around -- sorry. :o: Hope you're having a great day! :D

02-04-2004, 03:54 PM
:wave: Hi Leenie
Shimma:Congrats on the revenge and the loss of 2 pounds
Spedmom: How's it going w/out the lesson plan? Did you go home to get it?
Jane: I take extra calcium but it doesn't give me heartburn. I can't help with that one-sorry. Don't you just "love" people that expect you to kiss their tushies and then YOU turn out to be the bad guy?
Sha::wave: This whole site has been great at getting answers! I've learned a lot from everyone here
Star: Hope your tire situation is all taken care of now that you're getting new ones. I have to buy a bike but even THAT I'd be looking forward to if Spring would just get here. :lol:

jdoggmartin you're lucky--when I put the dog on a leash SHE takes ME for a walk. Makes for a very brisk walk so no lazy way to do that for me. :lol:

I ended up turning the fan on at work today. Got sick of turning the stupid heat down. My boss (one of them) always turns it up and then it's like 84 degrees in there. NEXT time she does that I'm opening the window! She complains because she's cold. She wears lightweight long sleeved shirts while I wear t-shirts. There's NO way I could wear long sleeved shirts. I'd die!! Other than that the day went good. Handed the cookie order form in so one less thing to do. Realised the cookies come in about a month from now :( Hoping I either gobble them all down so they're gone in one sitting or I can refrain from eating them at ALL :lol: Guess which one's going to happen :s:

02-04-2004, 04:28 PM
Hi Everyone

lady- I know exactly what you mean about those cookies. My youngest DD managed sells them and to be nice I bought 10 packages. EEK.. that was before Atkins.. and with my latest cookie experience this is going to be the biggest challenge yet when they arrive.

star- count your blessings :lol: when it all happened to me.. I ended up having them tell me "oh by the way your brakes are bad too" .. got to love when you go to fix a little thing and it ends up costing you a life savings

shimma - YOU GO GIRL!

jane - I hope things are picking up for you a bit, bad days are no good for ya ;)

This morning I jumped on the scale since it's my official weigh in day and I'm down 2 more pounds. Very excited about that. I feared it wasnt going to show anything diffrent. I've read up about the stalling and such so I'm expecting it, I just don't want to see it :lol:
Other then that my day at work stunk.. boss felt it necessary to look over my shoulder constantly and that just bugs me. And the rest of my day has been drink water.. pee.. drink water.. pee.. pee.. pee.. GEEEESH! One large tummy.. one small bladder!

02-04-2004, 04:31 PM
Brenda... You are so right. everyone has been so helpful...

Jina... Don't worry about it at all. Hope your haveing a great day as well..

02-04-2004, 04:35 PM
Trazzie,... Thanks for the laugh.. To funny.. Been there done that..

02-04-2004, 04:39 PM
Oh crap! I had forgotten about those 2 boxes of cookies I ordered. Good thing I had forgotten to go back and double it like my sister had wanted. Oh man, I don't even know what to do with them! I'll just have to give them away or something. If I eat one of those Caramel DeLites then I will eat ALL of them. no nonononononooooooo

Well, I've been working on my workbook for class ALL day and I've only gotten 3 chapters done! ARGH! 21 more chapters to go by next Saturday.

Hello to everyone!!!
Sped- I hope your day went well, I know how my life is without my lesson plans....
Trazzie- I know how you feel, the restroom and I have a very personal relationship.
Star- I can't wait to get my bike out of storage either. I'm thinking of doing the ride for Diabetes again this year which means I'll be putting some serious miles on my bike this summer in preparation.... woo hoo!

02-04-2004, 04:55 PM
Total and complete happiness! Not only is my least favorite co-worker leaving for good on Friday, but I also found out that she's planning on being a phone sex operator :lol: If you saw her, you'd understand....

Even better - DH just informed me that when he goes to the bar tomorrow to pick up his paycheck, he's telling them that this weekend will be his last working there. He's more interested in spending time with ME! So so so happy!


02-04-2004, 05:16 PM
Congrats on BOTH good news Star!!!! Next you can get to work on him quitting smoking and then making babies ;) lol

02-04-2004, 05:24 PM
Star - after the last 2 days you had with your car.. you deserve a day like this! :):):) Do you have the most perfect hubby or what? What an awesome man to do that for you! :)

Ok.. I have to vent now. this is totally off topic but i am going to explode.

My hubby is a very proud miata owner! He has been part of a miata club since it started in 2002 (ClubMiata Northwest for those of you in WA or Oregon that may have heard of it) He is a very active charter member!

Well, I wont go into details.. but... after hundreds of hours he has put in for them and worked on their cars.. he is the group tech guy... they have ROYALLY screwed him over. (It has been going on for months... but today was the last straw) Not only that, when I posted on the forum a note to say thank you to a board member who resigned for family reasons.. not only was I censored... but booted from the boards. I was told that the club didnt need to know a board member resigned!

I am so mad I could spit! Booted because I was thanking a person for being so committed to a club? UGHHHHHHH. Needless to say, I vented my spleen to them and then told them where they could put controling attitudes! :o :o

Ok... I am feeling better now. SOrry.. but didnt know where else to get it out. I dont think my 5 year olkd needed to hear mom yell! :)

02-04-2004, 05:33 PM
Star: GREAT news!!! I'm so happy for you! :D

Karen: Sorry to hear about that mess. Who knew you could get into trouble for thanking someone? That's ridiculous!

02-04-2004, 05:49 PM
karen--sorry to hear about the trouble. That doesn't make sense that they would boot you for trying to be nice. Maybe they're ashamed that THEY didn't think of it first!

Hi jdoggmartin :)

02-04-2004, 06:00 PM
I'm off for the night......

Star: great news. Now you get to spend more time together :o and what about Mr. he still around?

Karen: I'm sorry about the trouble. I'm with jdoggmartin...who knew you could get into trouble with a thank you.

To everyone else: BEWARE OF THE GIRL SELLING COOKIES! I didn't even order any this year because I knew what would happen. If I had a box I would eat the box no matter what plan I was on.

Have a great night all.
Talk to you tomorrow.

02-04-2004, 06:08 PM
lol. Hard to 'beware the girl selling cookies' when it's my own daughters!! I got bamboozled by both of them.

02-04-2004, 06:24 PM
Aw, Karen! That's totally crappy! Baby, you just go ahead and vent whenever you want, as much as you want, about whatever you want. We're all here for you! :grouphug:

As for that girl selling cookies, maybe buy some boxes and then give them to the homeless. How often do they get girlscout cookies. And never fear, the way things are going it's conceivable that they'll have low carb versions next year ;)

Kim in NJ
02-04-2004, 07:00 PM
Karen - what's that all about???? In some strange way it's humorous - although I'm sure you don't see that side of it now. Time to switch to a different club....does he like Harely's??? :D

I'm with Brenda - the cooking selling girl is mine and I was amazed at how well she did this year. She is 7 and she was fiesty about selling the most. (I don't think she realizes that some kids parents can take the sheets to work and sell brother in law does that at the mall he works at - just hangs it by the time clock and sold 250 this year!)...

Anyway, Emily sold 167 boxes - WOW! She called everyone we knew and was a real salesperson. So funny! I dread having to sort through them - but I love Star's idea of donating. We ordered about 8 - but 3 are Emily's alone - she loves a certain kind for snack at school.

02-04-2004, 11:42 PM
good evening ladies...stopping in to say HI!!

STAR!!! I went toSubway today and got my atkins wrap with extra meat and all the veggies and you are right girl!!! It really filled me up! Yes, Comcast is in the Techtronic (sp) campus over behind Jenkins and Cedar yes that is the evil Baja Fresh!! That Subway right there is crazy too, they didn't really like me beefin up the wrap.

Tomorrow I have to go to the corp. comcast office on Nimbus and we spend the whole day with the VP's. Whooopie.....guess what???? They are buying us BAJA FRESH for lunch!!! ROFL!!

Hope all of you are having a great night!!