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01-14-2004, 01:38 AM
Well...I got this idea from reading one of the motivating success stories that was posted by Jenaya. Check out the story here...so you know where I am coming from....

Anyways, while shopping at Walmart tonight, I found the cutest pair of infant red shoes...As I remembered the story...and thought I would buy the pair of shoes for myself as a motivation tool!!! (it was only 7 bucks) I also bought some glitter, and when I got home, I covered the shoes with the glitter.

Being a mom of two boys, my DH was a bit perplexed. So, this is what I said to him: These shoes are going to be a source of inspiration and motivation in a couple of ways. These little red shoes represents 1) Dorothy's shoes (aka...Gina's Shoes)...that my weight loss journey is not going to be as easy as three clicks of my heels. 2) I am trying to look at all my previous failed attempts at weight loss like a BABY (thus the baby shoes) learning how to "walk." Baby steps!!!! This is not going to happen in one week, one month, one year. When the baby takes his first steps and falls....we wipe off their diaper, and encourage them to try, try again. We don't say "Sorry, since you fell flat out on your behind, don't bother getting up and trying again, you'll never do it." (Thank God for late "walkers"!!!! ) 3) I can read all the success stories that I want, but since this is "MY SUCCESS STORY" not until I walk in "my" shoes, and "walk the walk" and not just talk the talk...I need to OWN this journey. LOL

"I pass by the rainbow that represents my journey, enjoying every step of the way. Someday soon, I will be over the rainbow, and, just as Dorothy said to Toto as she admired the beauty of Oz: “Toto, I think we’re over the rainbow!” Dreams can come true, you see. I dare to dream! " -The Incredible shrinking woman.

You probably guessed by now, that I am a a very VISUAL learner. I know this may be extreme....but in order for me to accomplish goals, I really need to "see" them. I know this weight loss journey is different, because I can "see" it happening.

I am curious to know what everyone else does to motivate themselves and how do you know that this is the year?

01-14-2004, 06:47 AM
What a cool idea!
I am not very good at motivating or rewarding myself.
I do alot of self talk in my head. Thank god other people can't hear it!

01-14-2004, 10:18 AM
I have done 2 things.

I bought in a size XL the coral turtleneck sweater that I always dream about wearing when I am "thin". I have hung it on my bedroom door with my size 11 jeans from back when I was thin. Every time I walk by, it reminds me of what I am striving for. (DH says he feels like he's at the gap!)

I created a weight thermometer in Excel and at the bottom is the date I started (Jan 1, 2004) and it goes all the way up to 155 lbs (my goal loss) and for every lb I lose, I highlight it on my thermometer. I have taped all the sheets together and hung it next to my mirror in the bedroom.

01-15-2004, 11:13 AM
Any one else do anything "VISUAL" to motivate them????? :s: