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01-11-2004, 07:06 PM
I found a body ball today at KMart for 8.99 and have been in the mood to get one to try out different exercises. Has anyone else used one of these? I am going to try and do some exercises on it this evening as my daughters are dying to exercise on their play balls along side me :)

I have seen some people work on them at the gym doing sit ups, squats against the wall, , push ups, you name it. What are your favorite exercises with it?:?:

01-13-2004, 01:38 PM
Hey Jolee - I got one of these on sale at Sears the first week of January. I've been using mine to do the things you mentioned, but also to do my strength training on it with handweights. I do lateral flys and chest presses while laying against it with my upper back. I also work my triceps the same way. I think I really like it bec you use so many other muscles while trying to balance yourself and lift the weights.


Suzanne 3FC
01-13-2004, 11:52 PM
I have one, but I only use it for crunches. Mine didn't come with a video, and I lost the litle brochure that described exercises. However, I only bought it for the crunches anyway. The ACE Fitness website recommended it as one of the top 3 ways to tighten abs. They demonstrate 8 ways to use the ball at http://www.acefitness.org/getfit/abstudy_eightmore.cfm

01-14-2004, 04:41 PM
Thanks so much for the suggestions! Going to try some of them out tonight :) Can't wait! (and my daughters are going to join me with their playballs....lol)

01-15-2004, 05:21 PM
There's also a whole series of pilates moves you can do with the body balls. :)

01-15-2004, 06:45 PM
Hi. There is a section in Fitness magazine (Feb issue) showing a couple of move to do on the ball, Circle Crunches and Alternating Incline Dumbell Press. I am going to buy a ball just so I can do the presses...seems like you could do so much more with that than just a regular ol' bench.

01-16-2004, 04:44 PM
Boy did I feel the muscles last night after working out on the ball the day before! My abs were definitely letting me know that they were there! I am going to do some more workouts tonight. Any idea where I can find out the pilates moves with them? Liking these ball workouts (and my girls love them too!)