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10-03-2003, 06:38 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It is Friday and I am ready for the weekend! :dancer: I don't know if it is the weather or what, but the kids were sure off the wall today!

"Gma" -- Congratulations on winning the poetry contest! I like your poem and I'm sure it will have so much meaning for Jack. What a nice birthday present!

Have a relaxing weekend, Flowers! I thought we might be doing some furniture shopping but DH is out in the fields so I'm not sure what our schedule will be.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-05-2003, 06:39 PM
It's a beautiful day in my corner of the world . . . 82 degrees and no wind! We have been invaded by those pesky little beetles that look like lady bugs. They bite!!

I have laundry going and am off to read the Sunday paper.

Have a nice "rest of the day!"

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-06-2003, 12:27 PM
Sorry I didn't get in here yesterday. I am all wrapped up in the Cubs playoff!

I have been slacking for several months now and gained several lbs after coming back from Chicago. It is time to give myself a good talking to and get serious. I want to be in a small dress for my son's wedding and look spectacular and can't do that when I am being lazy. That is all it is with me is laziness!

I am back on track and am really going to work hard to stay that way. I start my menus on Saturday so that should help a 100%.

All you ladies have a great day today. Gotta go clean and do some more glider workout!


10-06-2003, 06:33 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's another beautiful day in my neighborhood -- 84 degrees and no wind! The leaves are beginning to fall and that makes me think of the end of daylight savings time and winter being just around the corner. :(

"Gma" -- It's nice to see you! With Maggie gone and I'm not sure where Gloria has disappeared to, it's pretty quiet in the flower patch. I have my roast on the stove; :T DH has practice tonight and won't be home until later. I'm not sure if we will eat it tonight or save it for sandwiches tomorrow night. I, too, am back on track as far as eating goes but I need to get back to regular walking. There are just never enough hours in the day!

Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-07-2003, 02:43 PM
We are having some beautifully warm weather here, near 80 everyday. I found it to be quite humid this morning when I walked. On top of that, I got lost in the neighborhood and had to backtrack a lot etc. The neighborhood streets obviously do not interconnect here and I somehow missed the street I wanted. I found myself feeling like one of my Psychology experiments in college!

The Cubs play their first game of the playoff tonight against the Florida Marlins. Hope Zambrano the pitcher does better than his last two times out. Jack wears the divison championship t-shirt we bought for him while in Chicago. NO WASHING until the series is over so it is getting a little rank! :lol:

I am back on the right page for me weight loss wise so I am happy about that. In fact, I need to get downstairs and eat some lunch so TTFN!


10-07-2003, 08:47 PM
Now you all must sit down. I don't want anyone to fall over. I am still alive and well. It has been rather busy here with all the baby sitting and computer problems and just our social life ;) That last one is just a laugh. We did have the 100th Anniversary Celebration of our church last Saturday and they had a dinner-dance after the 4PM Mass. Our new Bishop came to say the Mass and it was nice to get to see him in person. He is a very humble man.

DD#1, the widow, has been busy with her new job as a mortgage broker. With the low mortgage rates late she has been going day and night. We have been helping with her 10yr old....picking up at school and sitting when she has had to work nites.

I have to apologize for not posting more often...I get on and read but then something or someone interrupts and I don't post. Glad to see your all doing well. MAGGIE is off on vacation and I hope she really enjoys the trip.

JEAN: Your weather sounds delightful. I haven't made a roast is so long I think I have forgotten how.:?: I did make a batch of Chicken Marsalla and put it in the freezer for Sunday when we get together with DH's ex-secretary. We will be out most of the day with them and the Chicken will be ready to place in the oven when we get home. In 45 min Dinner will be on the table as I will make the rice while it is in the oven and the salad will be ready in the refrig.

FAYE: Oh, the Cubs! That's that other League.:) We have been watching the Red Sox and although they have won the first series they now face the NY Yankees and the 'Curse of the Bambino". One can only watch and, possibly, say wait till next year or I can't believe they did it.

You are on the right track with your meal planning and I know you can lose that dress size.

It has been a long day....shopping at Bedford and putting it all away really gets to me so...
Gloria in MA will say good night and I hope I will be on again before long.

10-07-2003, 11:01 PM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It was another 80+ degree day and I had a family of robins at the bird bath when I got home from school. They must be on their way south although with this weather, they might be a bit confused! :lol:

"Gma" -- I was a little bummed at weigh in tonight as I only showed a pound loss. I will take it though and try to do better next week. My body is very attached to the extra baggage it is carrying around! Does Jack stand his shirt in the corner when he takes it off? ;) I hope your team wins!

Gloria -- I was so glad to see your post! I thought maybe you were traveling and somehow I missed when you left. Don't be a stranger even if you just say "hi," we'll know you are still with us. It sounds like you have been busy! The roast turned out very tasty. :T I ate quite a few raw carrots, last night, while I was waiting for DH to get home. I paid dearly for it all night long. I think maybe I got a total of 3 hours of sleep off and on. I did that one other time many years ago and believe me, it will be many years before I do it again. I can eat them in salads or cooked but not by the handfuls which is way beyond my limit.

I need to figure out what I am going to wear to school tomorrow. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Jean -- :dancer: in Iowa!

10-11-2003, 11:13 PM
Good Evening!
Just thought I'd bring up the thread again.

We spent most of the day with the kids and grandkids. Amanda had a Pampered Chef party and the guys put a dishwasher in for Beth while we were at the party.

Tomorrow is bell choir at the first service which means I have to be there at 7:30. Then it will be home to do laundry and do some sorting for the church rummage sale later in the week.

Maggie -- :hb: Hope you've had a wonderful trip and are home safe and sound soon!

I need to iron church clothes so better get moving. Have an enjoyable day tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-12-2003, 10:55 AM
Jean: I really like Pampered Chef stuff. I have a bunch of it. They have some nifty "gadgets" and one of my favorites are the corn cob holders because you can stick them in the corn before cooking in water and they cool in like 10 sec or something when taken out and you don't have to fool with hot corn to get the picks in.

We took Thomas to see Good Dog yesterday afternoon and had a great time. He is sooo ornery for his parents and was wonderful with us. Wonder why that is considering we spoil him rotten! From the annals of "dumb grandma stories" I bought him a present Friday night of a Halloween coloring book with stickers, a strip of other Halloween stickers and a box of washable markers to take to the restaurant (Jack's birthday dinner) to keep him busy and THEY DID! I thought I was being a smarty pants and bought him markers that "puff up" as they dry. NEVER LOOKED AT THE EXAMPLE! The darn stuff was PAINT not really markers though it did SAY markers. He was squirting paint everywhere trying to get it out of the tubes. It's a wonder everyone in the restaurant didn't go home polka dotted! What a mess and of course HE LOVED THEM! We had to hide them in Jack's gift bag when his food came so he didn't take them home. I dumped them in the trash as soon as I got home and will buy him some good old fashioned crayola markers!:lol:

Well our Cubbies only have one more game to win and they will be in the world series. I am like a big kid upstairs jumping up and down on the bed at the end of the games!

You ladies all have a wonderful Lord's Day. Ring those bells, Jean!


10-12-2003, 03:57 PM
Good Afternoon!
It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood! The sun is shining brightly with just a slight breeze to send a few more leaves to the ground.

"Gma" -- The bells went well this morning considering that the flutist didn't show up to practice with us! She is "one of those" very talented musicians who just plays along and never the same way twice. I find myself listening to her and then will lose my place. Since I played quite a bit of the melody, I made myself focus on the bells and not her. We also practiced a piece that we are playing next month which required getting out some different bells; that made us all a little nervous since we don't usually do that on the morning that we play. Like I said, it went well and since we were the very first thing, it was nice to sit and relax through the rest of the service. I had to :lol: at your marker story! I would probably have done the same thing, I'm sure. There are so many new and different things since our kids were little -- I am anticipating the fun of exploring with the grandchildren. We are shopping for a "horse" for Ian's birthday; his dad got one for his second Christmas when he was just about Ian's size. They used to call them Wonder Horses -- sort of like a rocking horse with springs instead of rockers. Miss Madaline should be a bit more interested in toys by the time Christmas gets here. I think a doll is in order for her. ;) I did some Christmas shopping for DD and DIL at the PC party yesterday. DD signed up to host one in November so I know I will be going to another one. The dealer is Ian's babysitter so I think I can get most anything I'd want without having to go to a party. I bought the can opener at the last party I went to and I love it. I didn't know about the corn holders -- that sounds like a great idea.

My dryer is buzzing so I need to go fold towels and put in the next load. Hope you have a nice "rest of the day!"

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

10-14-2003, 01:22 AM
:yawn: Just peeking in to say "good night!" It is raining and a cool 49 degrees in my corner of the world tonight.

Hope all is well with you all. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-14-2003, 09:53 AM
Jean: You know, I think I have a lot more fun buying Thomas little bits here and there than I do at Christmas. He gets so much stuff between his aunt, his uncle, his other grandparents, us and his parents, that he is overwhelmed. We are getting him dvds, an easel, leggos and a children's art set for Christmas this year. Maybe I will take one of his granddad's white shirts and make him a "smock" too so he has something to cover his clothes when he creates!

I did not do as well yesterday as I would have hoped. I got really hungry last evening and ate past my allowable amount, so I need to adjust when I eat, I think to make it come out ok.

Well, I need to get up and going.


10-14-2003, 02:18 PM

I'M BACK and so happy to be home once again. I was so disappointed in NM ~ it has changed so much since I first fell into love with it. The small towns are getting smaller with many boarded up buildings. Pitiful, actually. And dirty ~ oh so dirty now :(~ so much trash ~ come on folks don't litter. It was so nice to get back to clean AZ :cool: on the way back to also clean CA. Home, home again with laundry to do. Cowboy is out washing my car which ran beautifully all trip long. We had many top down days cruisin' around seeing the sights. We had planned on visiting the Grand Canyon on the way out but alas, the much needed rains came. We can get back there easily enough for it isn't that far from here. The gas prices were much better "out there" and we are now back to the higher prices. But really all things do even out - back there the Pepsi's were much much more in price than here. And the Wal-Mart prices are higher back there than here. Regular every day things are much higher there than here. So we pay more in gas but less in necessities and food.

Have a lovely day everyone.

10-14-2003, 06:41 PM
JEAN those beatles that look like lady bugs may be lady bugs because when lady bugs swarm they bite.

10-14-2003, 06:49 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's a cool and sunny day here in Iowa. It was an "ok" day at school with two of our yahoos back in in-school suspension for skipping Saturday school. They are both so far behind they will never catch up. We still jump through the hoops and do the paper work even though the students are not doing any of the assigned homework.

"Gma" -- I'm with you on the Christmas giving! I'd rather "give" all year 'round and go light at Christmas! I forget, CRS, are you doing your own eating plan or do you go to WW? I'm not doing as well with the new program -- I still like the old WW 123 plan the best but threw those books away a long time ago. :(

Maggie -- Our Wal Mart prices run higher than in Sioux City, Spencer, and Fort Dodge. I suppose they figure that the other stores are far enough away that no one local will know. If we ask for the lower price at the check out, they will call a manager to check; we always get the lower price but that is such a hassle to go through. I've taken Target, KMart, and Shopko ads to get their sale prices and WM will just give them to me without any questions. We are losing our Penneys store after Christmas and that makes me :mad: and :( ! Glad you are home! :D

I have WW in a few minutes so better get my stuff together. Have a nice evening and a Wonderful Wednesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-14-2003, 07:26 PM
Jean: I am doing my own plan. What I did was take 1800 cal and 410 fat cal, then got recipes for dinner meals. I then made a menu for each day (I currently have 20 days worth but would like a full months worth they just take so long to do) and started with the recipe and worked out. For example, tonight I had a recipe from here called peppered pork chops, I had 2 servings to subtracted that from my allowable amount, added a baked pot with 2 tbls of low fat margarine, 1/3 c canned corn, a health smart ice cream bar. I subtract as I go along the cal and fat, then from dinner I work on breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and an evening snack. It took me an hour to do about 3 days worth so I haven't sat down to work on more. So far, I have liked the two recipes I got from here. Tomorrow night is baked potato soup with a dinner roll and jello I think? Most of the recipes were from here, but my sister sent me a few WW ones and I have several cookbooks with some good ones in it.

Well, I need to go. Take care!