Weight Loss Support - Hump O' The Week, Three-day Challenge

09-16-2003, 11:11 AM
HEAR YE! HEAR YE! HEAR YE!!!!! :encore: :cb: :encore: :cb: :s:

Elbertine Pep, Ambassador o' Fitness, Empire o' Fit Folk, Imperial Fitness Spa, South Empire, be declaring a ONE TIME ONLY, EXTREME THREE-DAY HEALTH, FITNESS, AND/OR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT RELATED CHALLENGE for anyone in the vicinity for TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, AKA 'The Hump o' The Week.' She hath caused a stone tablet to be set up in the village square for any and all who happen to be passing to inscribe a THREE-DAY PERSONAL CHALLENGE FOR THEMSELVES related to one or more of the three areas (e.g. health, fitness and/or weight management). She exhorts all who enter to come back during the three days and report their successes or failures.

When asked the purpose of doing this THREE DAY CHALLENGE, Ambassador Pep muttered something about Empress Amarantha being bored and wanting to get past the 'hump o' the week with her diet plan intact!!!!'

That is all! Inscribe yur challenge if ya wanna! Be there or be square! Don't scurry away, stay un play!



09-16-2003, 11:19 AM
Well, YOWZA, back at ya, Elbertine!!! As scribe to her Imperialness, the Empress Amarantha, Land o' Fit Folk, South Empire, I, formerly know as Pirate Bill, but now gainfully employed as Imperial Scribe, have been sent to inscribe the Feckless Amarantha's personal challenge on this here slate, shiver me timbers!

I, Amarantha, being of sound mind and on Day 4 of my Krispy Kreme NOT Challenge on the End o' Daylight Savings thread, do hearby declare that during the Extreme Hump o' Week Challenge (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), I will eat only my FOOD POINTS AND ACTIVITY POINTS on my new WW plan and WILL NOT USE ANY OF MY REMAINING FLEXPOINTS FOR THE WEEK!!!! :encore:


09-16-2003, 01:17 PM
I, Cerise Ignats O'Pootie-Pie, being of chubby body and reasonably sane mind, do hereby declare that for this Extreme Hump O' th' Week challenge, I will count my calories, whatever the cost to my mental health, and keep them under 1700! Through discouragement and cravings for fried food, piles of dirty dishes (that make me want to graze) and jars of popcorn waiting to be fulfilled as to their purpose, I will prevail!

09-16-2003, 03:16 PM
Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!!! :queen: Cerise o' Soccer fame hath passed by the Village Square when Amarantha be not looking and inscribed on the Mystical Slate o' the Weekly Hump with a noble challenge!!! Huzzah! Huzzah!!! Amarantha be pumped now!!!

:queen: Cerise, we WILL prevail and come Friday, we'll be in the PINK O' PLAN PERFECTION!!!!

It be a bit hard for me to stick to this plan without Flexpoints, but I'm gonna make it to the FRIDAY!!!

Winners o' this challenge, be there only :queen: Amarantha and :queen: Cerise, if nobody else inscribes herein, will receive a virtual 3-day all-expense paid vacation to the Imperial Fitness Spa, which features soccer practice, lectures by Pirate Bill on finding employment as a scribe after a lifetime of ne'er-do-welling on the high seas, and towel services by The Imperial Towel Boy!


09-16-2003, 06:50 PM
I need a Spa!

I really need towel boy services! :s:

I need a new job!!!!! Scribe sounds good...mayhap the pirate can train me....fits right in there with my sword...the might of the pen and the sword....

I could like soccer...I think....

Let us see...next 2 days...walk 2x, drink at least a litre of H2O/day, no eating after 7....the usual....


09-16-2003, 06:51 PM
Ramon is my towel-boy.

09-16-2003, 09:47 PM
Ok, you can bring your own towel boy!!! :)


09-16-2003, 09:52 PM
Sis, boom, bah!!! :blah: Amarantha hath eaten ALL her food points and ALL her activity points and hath only six hours to go to: :encore:


Thanks for doing this with me, Soccer :queen: Cerise!!! You can be a scribe if ya wanna! We'll fire Bill!


09-16-2003, 09:56 PM


09-17-2003, 01:00 AM
Hmmm. I discovered a loophole, remembering that I had given approximately six maple brown sugar mini wheats to Old Dog when I was snacking on these earlier. You get 24 of these for three points, BTW! Anyhow, I just ate the six mini wheats and am still alive on this challenge!!! Huzzah!

:encore: :cb: :sumo: :encore: :cb: :sumo:

09-17-2003, 03:16 AM
Well, sorry to do a monologue, but I have 48 minutes until my eating day turns over and I'll be on DAY 2 of this challenge!!! Wowza!

Was feeling all strung out, legs hurt, head hurting, everything hurting, did some yoga poses from my "yoga deck" (cards with yoga poses on them) ... just a few, but feel so much better, centered and physically more real. Slowly, I am feeling the benefits of just the tiniest bit of yoga practice over time.

And, anyway, 20 minutes of yoga is one activity point. It's a win-win situation. I'm not using the point, though!

Cerise, please come back in the a.m.

And, anyone else who wants to inscribe a mini challenge on the Slate o' Good Intentions Until Friday!!! :wave:


09-17-2003, 09:06 AM
One hump-type day under my belt (how does one say that without expending inuendoes all over the place?!?)

Empress I'm lovin' the spa! And that towel boy :s: Gotta keep my eyes front and foreward off that Ramon and Cerise though :D

Scribe lessons not be goin' well...can't find the dratted pirate...is off on the high seas by chance?

Off to hump 2 now....Oh boy....2 what you may ask? See second paragraph! :s:


09-17-2003, 11:27 AM
Yowza!!! :encore: It's Day 2 o' the Hump o' the Week Challenge!!! Wowza!!! Amarantha be on track!!!! Elbertine Pep be checkin' on that new Towel Boy Ramon and Cerise, at least that's where she SAYS she is!!!! Yeppers, that H word be a bit dicey, methinks!!!!! If Elbertine ever does this challenge again, we need to discuss a better choice o' grammatickness!!!!

Be Pirate Bill missing? Hmmmm. So be EP! Hmmm.

:encore: :encore: :encore: :encore: :encore:

09-17-2003, 11:34 AM
:drill: walk accomplished! :drill:

:drill:Onto the water and the no food after 7pm land :drill:

Over and Out!:drill:

Ceara :sumo:

And there is an idiot woman on Dr. Phil...she needs to get a life not live her kids'!!!!!!!!

Yo-Yo Dee
09-17-2003, 11:58 AM
Right well I missed yesterday (Tuesday) BUT today I've stuck to food plan :drill:

Had dog out :drill:

Intend to go to gym later on this evening (I will come back and tell you)

Will do this until Friday evening when the evil bottle person takes over and drives me insane! BUT NOT THIS WEEKEND oh no I'm not falling for that anymore.

So to recap I shall stick only to food plan, go to gym, and take dog out again every night for 30 minutes.


09-17-2003, 03:51 PM
Yowza, yowza, yowza!!! :queen: Yo-Yo Dee o' the Beautiful Land Across the Sea (from Arizona, anyway) hath wandered by the Village Square and we find an inscription on the Hump O' Week Day Challenge Slate from said stalwart majesty!!! Yowza! Welcome fair :queen: Dee!!! Looks like ya gotta great plan there!!!!

:queen: Cerise, glad thou be enjoyin' the Imperial Spa ... don't know where that dratted pirate be off to ... shall send him in for scribing lessons anon!!! Hath received a good report from :drill: Elbertine Pep that thou hath reported mighty accomplishments this a.m.!!!! Wowza!

Elberta K. Crone, the spa's 100-year-old, amazingly beautiful and fit if slightly geriatic spa chef hath vouchsafed a recipe this a.m. (e.g, I got this idea from my non-geriatic, in fact, quite young, trainer at the gym, tried and it's delicious) ... Amarantha hath always enjoyed an English muffin (or crumpet, Dee?) with butter spray, TABLESPOON o' sugar and cinnamon, especially now that Krispy Kreme and Amarantha hath broken up for good. But Elberta hath said so much sugar should not be eaten without protein, so she hath topped said cinnamon muffin creation with a tablespoon or two o' lowfat cottage cheese. Better than a danish. Thanks be to Elberta for that recipe!!! Yowza!!!

Cerise, you must be watching the Dr. Phill show with the woman who weighs and measures all her kids' food and cries all the time? If so, I agree, she needs to get a life! :)

Amarantha be working tonight. Have a really good control over points because of this challenge!!! Need potassium ... :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb: :cb:

09-18-2003, 08:22 AM

CEARA reporting in! :drill:

Have successfully completed all Day Two Hump Objectives! :drill:

Am off to start on Day Three Humping Activities! :drill:

Out! :drill:

Ceara :sumo:

09-18-2003, 09:15 AM
YOWZA, YOWZA, YOWZA!!! CEARA, THE :queen: -ly SWORD BEARER BEITH UP AND ATTUM FOR DAY THREE, having successfully completed DAY 2 ACTIVITIES!!!! Huzzah!!!! Excellent work, O' Sword Bearer!!! Huzzah!!!

It has come to EP's attention that she neglected to officially welcome Sword Bearer to this challenge when the magikal inskription first appeareth with Ceara's name on the Slate o' the Hump o' the Week in the Village Square, Land o' Fit Folk, South Empire.

This was, of course, because EP is oft remiss and fog-brained, and in part because, of course, THE SWORD BEARER KNOWETH SHE BE ALWAYS WELCOMED AUTOMATICALLY TO ANY ENTERPRISE (as the Land hath need of Sword Bearers!!!)!!! Huzzah!!!

Amarantha be off to gym. Hoping for a productive Day 3 on all fronts!!!

Huzzah!!!! :sumo:

09-18-2003, 01:02 PM
Good day, Madam! And you, suh, good DAY!!

No, Cerise Ignats O'Pootie-Pie hath not fallen of the face of the earth. She hath spent days in contemplation and hath returned to Hump Days (on the last day, alas) to reconfigure her outlook.

She hath spent the last 2 days (and, forsooth, 4 days before that) in abject grovelling and mental agony for her total failure to keep her calories under 1700, nay, even to log her food choices and just COUNT them, one-by-one! She hath eaten everything in sight, and the landscape lieth bleak before her.

But stay, stay, good gentlefolk. All is not lost. Failure and mental agony is far better, indeed, than sitting on one's hindquarters and not striving at all. She sees this Hump Days challenge as a chance to make a goal and utterly fail at keeping it, thus learning something (what, she as yet knoweth not) about herself. And, to be fair, she visited Gold's Gym last eventime and got quite jazzed indeed about the programs there and is now contemplating taking a rival privateer for the gold required for membership.

There. My failure is now spun into a tribute to the journey, complete with lots of "-eths".

09-18-2003, 04:37 PM
Ah, fair :queen: Cerise, thou soundeth as if thou hast had a dietary journey of self-discovery and returned refreshed and ready to do battle with Sir Gold the Gym!!!! Methinks, thou shouldst call this challenge a moral victory and please accept a free pass to the Imperial Fitness Spa and a scribing lesson by Pirate Bill, if that rapscallion can be found, since he's sailed off to some exotic port-a-call or other and we haven't heard a word from him.

Please feel free to bring thy own Towel Boy!

Methinks Amarantha's challenge hath been successful, although she be not perky today and doesn't know why! But she's moody, for an empress, and we don't question her too closely.

Amarantha hath been thinking of holding a THREE DAY FITNESS FIESTA at the spa this weekend. All participants in this challenge are invited to attend, and so is anyone else who wandereth by. Pirate Bill, if he can be found, will post details tonight or tomorrow in the Village Square and pass flyers in the Town o' Fantastically Fit Folk and Folkettes. Room, board and Towel Boy service will be free at the spa for all Fiesta participants.

If no one attends the Fiesta, Amarantha, will party all by herself!!! :hb:

~ Signed, Elbertine Pep, personal trainer to the rich, famous and fab

09-18-2003, 04:43 PM
Cerise Ignats O'Pootie-Pie is with thee for the Fitness Fiesta, Dear Empress.

And she marvels that even though Her Yowza-ness is a bit down this day, she still manages to encourage her minions!

09-18-2003, 05:13 PM
Thou be never a minion, o' :queen: o' the Soccer Field!!! Thanks for being up for the Fiesta idea ... yowza!!!!

09-18-2003, 07:02 PM
I'm in!!!!!!!!!

:spin: :hat: :balloons: :gossip:

:encore: :encore: :encore: :encore:



09-18-2003, 07:09 PM
God, Ceara's wordy, ain't she?

09-18-2003, 09:49 PM


Ok, dokey, it be Pirate Bill here, back from the high seas, and I be reporting that Amarantha hath claimed victory in this here Hump o' the Week Challenge and her Flexpoints remain intact. She hath a few more hours but enough points to last, so ...

HUZZAH, and a free weekend pass to :queen: Cerise (and her Towel Boy) to the Imperial Fitness Spa for her efforts in this challenge!!! :cp: :cheers: HUZZAH!

And, a hearty HUZZAH, not to mention a free weekend pass to the IFS (she may also bring a Towel Boy or even one of those fantastic Canine Companions she raises) to :queen: Ceara the Sword Bearer for her success, focus, diligence and adherence to her Hump o' the Week Challenge goals!!! HUZZAH!!!

And, a HUZZAH (plus free weekend pass to IFS for herself and any Towel Boy, pet, companion or general factotum she wisheth) goes out to :queen: YoYo-Dee from across the sea for her participation in the Hump o' the Week Challenge. YoYo-Dee, please feeleth free to chime in with thy report her or on the SPA FITNESS FIESTA (or something like that) thread!!! Yowza!!!!

I'm posting it now and likely going to bed to read!!!

It's TIME FOR A FIESTA!!!! We have lots of 'em where I live!!! :s:

09-18-2003, 11:15 PM
I thought I was pretty succinct!

Anyway....I had a meeting and a 19 years old needing the computer...b-r-e-a-t-h-i-n-g down my neck....

Just finishing up the last of the water...glub and then I have fulfilled all my requirements for Humping :s: Actually added a 1/4 mile onto my walk this am!!!

Fiesta......here I come!!!!

Ceara ( is this better Cerise dahhhling?)