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07-28-2003, 02:21 PM
I have started researching WLS and I've done quite a bit of research. I've even found a doctor in my area with a wonderful reputation. What questions should I ask?? What types of food can you no longer eat? What types of lifestyle changes must be made? TIA.

07-28-2003, 04:08 PM
Hi, I've never posted to the boards before, but have just had GBS 8 weeks ago. I would recommend that you make sure the doctor you choose has a support group to help you before and after surgery. The support and encouragement is incredible. The surgeon that I have has a wonderful program that you see a nutritionist before and after surgery and your required to go to 8 post op nutrition classes as well as support group sessions. It sounds like a lot but I love going. Make sure you ask about the type of incision your going to have. My surgeon only does the open surgery but will be starting the Laproscopy in September, I didn't want to wait. Ask about his success rate. As awful as it is you'll want to know how many people he's lost. It's awful but it does happen. As far as food that you can't eat anymore, being 8 weeks post op there is a lot that you can' t have, but having gone through all of this there's more that I don't want to eat then I can't eat. My nutritionist said that for the first 4 months post op we're only supposed to have 400 calories a day and no more then 9 grams of fat per day. I know my friends and cousins who have had this surgery didn't have to follow those rules but that's what our group recommends. It's hard to follow that but since I'm really not hungry I dont' have to hard a time. Lifestyle changes there have been a lot. I'm now able to fit into my chair at work without my hips protruding out from under the arms of the chair, I was able to ride on a roller coaster last night at Six Flaggs. I can walk up the stairs at work and still breath when I get to the top of them. I can walk across the parking lot and not be a big puddle when I finally reach my car. I'm ready to go shopping and know that I'm in a size and a half smaller then I was 8 weeks ago. I'm having a wonderful time listening to the complements about how wonderful I'm looking these days. There have been a lot of lifestyle changes, and I can't wait for the ones to come. If I had to I'd do the surgery over again in a second. It's been the best thing I've ever done for myself.

07-28-2003, 05:59 PM
I would ask about his/her complication rate. How many leaks ect. I would ask how many deaths, even if you know see if they tell the truth.

If you have access to the nurse's at the hospital he does surgery at talk to them, also look for a non surgeon specific support group in your area, they can be a wealth of info.

This is a lifestyle change so you need to be prepared for that, you will be having to make the correct food choices most of the time!!!

Wow Chris only 400 cals a day??? I went back in my fitday journal and could not find one day that I was under 600 cals. Maybe in the beginning when I was on liquids but I did not keep track of it back then.

You said that your nutrisionalist said this, have you talked to your surgeon to see how he/she feels about this? One milk based protein drink is about 200 cals, that would be half of your food for the day.


07-29-2003, 04:56 PM
Hi Hazel, I did talk to my surgeon about what the nutritionist said and he was fine with it. I only use water in my protein shake because I'm still not to good with milk. I'm drinking Designer Whey and 1 scoop only has 90 calories. I've found the only way to force it down is to use my ice shaver and make it like a snow cone. Have you found a good shake yet? So far finding a good protein shake is my biggest quest. My biggest meal of the day is lunch and that's been a lean cousine and I don't usually finish that. Dinner time I'm not usually hungry so I'll just have a bite or two of yogurt or cottage cheese. I have to be honest I haven't kept my food journal but really have to start.

07-29-2003, 05:01 PM
Chris, I love the Apple Nectar protein drink. You mix it wilth water and it is great. I also can't do milk! Have not been able to since about 3 weeks post-op!

I have not kept up with my food everyday but a couple of times a week I go and punch in my info into fitday and see how I am doing!


07-30-2003, 01:31 PM
Thanks Hazel, Who makes the Apple Nectar Protein? I'm willing to try anything to get this protein down. I was drinking the Designer Whey and then found their Detour Bars. I thought I'd found a great solution until I read the carb, sugar and fat content and then realized that that's all I would be able to eat for 2 days! They're good but not that good! Is Fitday the site that you punch in your surgery date and it tells you how much weight you should have lost?

07-30-2003, 11:13 PM
Thanks everyone for your imput! I welcome any and all advice!!!!