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07-11-2014, 01:56 PM
I know this is a really general question, but hear me out.

I often come across a couple of interlocking ideas that exist in the medical community that fall under the umbrella: diets don't work.

I read an article in the New York Times a few days ago about obesity in pregnancy and the Dr. said that most women don't become obese by eating too much or eating the wrong things...

I also just saw this video, done by a bariatric surgeon. His point is slightly different-- he says that people don't become obese by eating too much. They become obese by eating the wrong kind of food...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U40tKCxHHtc#t=1148

So, I'm just really curious about this. In my own case, I can definitely say that I became obese because I ate too much and too much of the wrong things. At first, I gained weight because I ate large quantities of sweets, and after a while, I kept gaining because I ate all the time and also, large quantities of high calorie foods. That being said, I was a pretty serious binge eater all the way through my teens and twenties, but due to exercise, and I guess a pretty good metabolism, I never got obese until after my first pregnancy at age 30. Before that I hovered between the high normal end of BMI and the low overweight end of BMI. I can also say that even with rigidly counting calories and running 4 miles a day and consuming consistently between 800 and 900 calories, I was unable, at age 51 to drop my weight below 186, which is in the overweight range for BMI, so obviously my metabolism has changed.

Now, since hanging around 3FC, I've noticed that we really are all different. Some of us not only are struggling to lose weight, but we also have serious "food issues". Others seem to have pretty normal eating habits, but maybe just too much concentration on stuff like fast food...

So, I'm just wondering. Do you think you got fat while eating normally, or do you think you got fat because you eat a lot more than your skinny peers?

(and on that note, I know that there are these mythical people who eat whatever they want and never gain weight, and maybe that's true, but my impression has always been that the skinny people who order cheeseburgers and large fries at every meal usually don't actually eat as much as we think-- they don't finish their food, or they skip lots of meals... etc. Also, not sure any of this pertains as much to guys.)

07-11-2014, 02:13 PM
A lot of trauma in my childhood led me to hoarding food and binge eating in elementary school and beyond. Never really dealing with that trauma kept me in that same cycle (100 lb gain, 100 lb loss, repeat). Starting over in 2012 with therapy, a great support network, and a healthy lifestyle plan has helped me to almost reach my goal now, with binge eating episodes greatly, greatly reduced. So yes - eating too much, and eating completely unhealthy foods, led to my obesity!

07-11-2014, 02:32 PM
I don't know.... I was never a normal weight. I was born premature and only weighed 5 pounds, and I think that was the last time I was ever normal or under weight. I was a chunky baby, and a bigger than average kid in early elementary school, and was 100 pounds by third grade. I had pretty severe allergies (still do) and preferred to sit inside with a book instead of running around outside playing (still do) and as I got older, the reading and snacking habit continued... I was hovering right around 200 pounds when I graduated high school.

I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early 20s, and that was shortly after I had moved to a new location and had just started a new job with weird hours. I ate a LOT of fast food, all the way up to 300 pounds by my mid 20s.

I don't think I was ever consciously craving junk food... It was just a lot of easy fast food because it was late when I got off work and didn't feel like cooking, and days off, I didn't want to do anything out of my apartment because I'm a bit of an introvert and my job required me to be much more social than I'm comfortable with. Also, I didn't really know how to cook for myself, so when it wasn't fast food, it was freezer food. I was a microwave aficionado.

A lot of times when I was just sitting around relaxing, eating was something to do with my hands. Can I blame my lack of a hobby as the thing that made me fat? For me, it was copious amounts of high calorie junk food and a lot of time being still (because I am a big fan of being still).

07-11-2014, 03:37 PM
When I was a kid, my parents were always feeding me and would actually brag about how much I could eat, even as they scolded me for not being thin and athletic. I lost weight after high school because I had control of my own portions and meals when I moved to college.

I gained weight back in 2012 because I donated eggs. The hormones and such I had to take pretty much simulated pregnancy, and I gained about 15 lbs. without a baby to show for it (but also fewer stretch marks at least). That's what I've been working to shed right now, the 15-20 the hormone treatments packed onto me.

07-11-2014, 05:05 PM
Growing up I was very very skinny and ate just about anything and everything. I was also very active and played all sorts of sports for fun. I did not start gaining weight until I became an adult and became a lot less active. I remember when I was younger, doing things like running for no reason other than just feeling like running. Realizing that my life is so very much different now, I have had to pay more attention to what I eat and my activity levels.

07-12-2014, 01:12 PM
I honestly can't remember a time when I wasn't fat, my earliest memory is of my father singing "I don't want her, you can have her she's too fat for me" I ate because I liked food, because it medicated me, because in my out of control home it was the one thing I had control of. It is a cycle and now that I'm old and sick (55 with diabetes) I've had to take a different kind of control.

07-12-2014, 01:47 PM
I had my first child at 17. Before that I was always thin. And I ate whatever I wanted. The day I found out I was pregnant I was 118lbs. During my pregnancy I went up to 189lbs. I was a bit if a wild kid obviously and I exchanged nights out with friends for cross stitch and snacks.

Withing 3 months of giving birth I gained another 10lbs. I ate more and moved less. I was always home and always eating. Lonely and depressed I would wake with my daughter every 3-4 hours at night and we would both eat. Marriage, and three more children later the gaining continued.

Take out! So much take out. And exercise non existent. In my mid twenties I started eating better and walking everyday. I lost 100+ lbs. Now in my 30s I'm trying to loose it again. I put back on 75lbs by eating the same crap as before in similar quantities and stopped exercising regularly.

So in short pregnancy, wrong food, too much food, and being sedentary made me fat.

07-12-2014, 03:38 PM
Lotsakids I love your signature, treating your body well is progressing.

07-12-2014, 08:46 PM
I just ate the wrong things, gained a little every year (say 5lbs) and woke up 2 decades later 100lbs overweight. It was a slow progression for me.

07-12-2014, 09:08 PM
I ate too much of the wrong things and when I was calorie counting I ate too much of the good things. I just like to eat. I enjoy eating. I love the way food taste. It's an addiction to me. If I could eat all day long I probably would. There is no other reason that I am fat other than that.

07-12-2014, 09:10 PM
I have had body image issues as long as I can remember. I've always had a curvy body. My family is Cuban and well endowed. My body image issues come mostly from years of being belittled and criticized by my narcissistic plastic surgeon father. When I was in HS and weighed 135 he told me no one would love me unless I lost 40 lbs because I was fat. He also told me often that my appearance embarrassed him (I look back at pictures of myself from back then, and I was perfect, not fat!) I gained weight toward the end of college when I was incredibly stressed and my dad was particularly agressive toward me. Because of a dramatic and crazy family story, I ended up back home with a broken spine. I was bedridden for a month, and havent built back my back muscles properly. I lost weight before I got married while my husband was in Afghanistan but did nutrisystem to do it. I lost 30 lbs (gained from stress eating and bad food choices) but gained it all back and then some over the past two years. My downfalls seem to be stress eating, rewarding myself with delicious food, eating out of boredom instead of for fuel, and not being aware of how much I'm putting in my body. General emotional baggage fuels the fire. We are all different, but for me I need to adjust my head and mental state to be truly successful!

07-12-2014, 09:22 PM
It was easy to do.

07-15-2014, 12:07 PM
I like to say I got the worst of both parents LOL:

My dad eats like a starving wolverine BUT hikes and bikes and chops wood and isn't fat

My mom hates exercise, stays inside, but eats tiny portions of food.

Lucky me ate like a linebacker and never moved a muscle LOL

I didn't get obese til I moved out @ 20ish and lived on my own a few years. I didn't have the stabilizing influence of home-cooked meals and limits, so I went crazy. I had the spoiled brat mentality, whatever I wanted I should have, right? I'm awesome, I 'deserved' it!!

Once I worked on THAT bit of nonsense I was able to finally get things under control and lose it.

Of course it took 20 years, but better late than never ;)

07-17-2014, 07:16 AM
I blame my weight gain on a number of factors:

holidays with all you can eat buffets
lack of exercise
too many takeaways
giving up smoking

And all of that happened in a six month period and took me from about 11 stone 7 up to 15 stone 3.

Though I have never always been fat just from this point in 2006 until I did something about it in 2013.

07-19-2014, 09:44 AM
1. Lots of work stress: nervous energy resulted in drinking coffee with croissants, muffins, other starchy foods that are display at cafes; eating on the run; lattes with sweet flavouring!
2. Reduced activity level during my 50's! Active up till then, and then stopped doing fitness classes etc. Husband is not very active either now.
3. Boredom and being home alone: now that I don't work, it is easy to go to the fridge out of boredom! More easily tempted with junk food available at home, hence I am tossing it all out now! Stocking up the fridge with fruit and veggies, no fruit juices, only milk and water!
4. Eating out more: salt can play havoc as well as sugar on weight gain, hence trying to eat more healthy food like salads with protein when eating out.
5. Feeling down: as one ages, one sees your body changing. Need to see that ageing is alright and one can be at a healthy weight by seeing others at older ages being healthy weight. Role models are important to keep going.

07-19-2014, 10:15 AM
I eat more now then I ever did...a lot more. I got heavy by eating all the wrong things. I ate all sugary, carbs, fried, processed, gooey, just plain crap food. My husband would always say I didn't eat enough to weigh so much. But, if you add up the calorie count of the crap I ate, you'd see why. I never, and I mean never, ate vegetables. And only ate fruit if it was in a pie. And all processed meat. Now I'll eat a salad big enough to feed a family and it only has 400 calories or less. And it'll have lots of different fresh veggies and a lean meat in it. Sometimes I'll just eat a huge plate of steamed veggies for dinner, yum!
I recently went back home for a week for a wedding and people freaked out about the big quantities of food I ate. They didn't see how I could eat so much and weigh so little. It's all about the calories. Tried to explain it, but most just got a glazed-over look in their eyes or they'd exclaim they'd never give up eating the 'good' foods. *sigh*

07-19-2014, 11:00 AM
I got fat because I love food. According to my parents, I wasn't a picky baby who didn't like this or that. I liked all food as long as I got it fast and could go back to sucking my thumb pretty fast. I think that idea carried over to my childhood where I liked food a lot but also are it really fast. I have one older brother who was super skinny and we ate the same meals except I ate mine so fast that I didn't get a chance to realize I was full and was on a second helping wayyy before my brother had finished his first.

Secondary school didn't help either. I went to a strict all-girl school where you were more or less punished for being a slow eater and/or not finishing your school (yes even in Africa we get guilted about the "starving children in Africa who would love our food"): whomever on the table finished eating last had to clear the lunch table and wipe it down afterwards so we all shoveled our food down. I think this is one of the main reasons I was fat: eating too much food, too fast.

For me, I was obese even living at home eating wholesome, good food. We rarely to never had fast food, we only drank soda on special occasions like birthdays, practically everything we are was homemade from fresh ingredients and would be considered "whole food" if a little carb-heavy (we eat more carb than protein here unlike on America where y'all say "Meat and Potatoes," here that focus on meat as the main component of the dish would be weird and excessive and instead it would be "Rice and Chicken." However, note that the local diet was intended for active men and women who worked the farms or hunted or fished or travelled miles with babies on their backs to search for water. It wasn't intended for a young girl who went everywhere by car or bus, and sat in her room curled up reading a book or dreaming or chatting on the phone with friends. Reason #2 I got fat.

Some of my high school happened in boarding school in Europe and I lost weight there mostly because 1.) I didn't really understand the food, 2.) Second helpings were seen as uncool, 3.) None of my friends ate much so there was that peer pressure since we lived in a pretty isolated boarding school campus, there wasn't much opportunity to eat or hoard non-school food. I lost weight but was maybe still on the overweight-obese cusp because sometimes I would eat off my friends' plates. College was my first time in charge of my own eating and it was a disaster! I gained the freshman 30 and then followed it up with the Sophomore 50. I had moved to America and it was like all of my favourite things just combined and I would eat so fast and so much I would feel sick. I think I'm an emotional eater- so if I was happy, sad, stressed, homesick, afraid, upset, whatever emotion I would eat. Sophomore year was particularly difficult for me emotionally- this the 50 lbs.

Eating for me is also social. This is another reason why I'm fat. Reason number 4 or 5 now I think. I like food, and I like to hang out with people who also like food. I don't like to work out with people or necessarily of out on walks or go shopping with friends. Those are things I like to do myself. I don't really like bars or the club and I'm not one to linger over drinks. All my best social memories involve elaborate meals either at a nice restaurant or at a kitchen table with friends gossiping and laughing. This means that most times when I'm hanging out with friends, delicious food (usually in vast quantities) will be involved. This doesn't mean my friends are overweight or obese also, they're not. I watch them and they seem to have a control I don't that let's them stop when they feel full whereas my own control is broken. I may feel full, I may recognize I feel full, I may even consciously tell myself to stop and yet I don't.

So yeah basically, for me those are the reasons why I'm fat. Thanks for the topic ubergirl. I was on a long vacation across America in May and June and I've gained a lot of weight. I think this has been a useful exercise to identify where I'm going wrong to get back on the wagon.

07-19-2014, 01:58 PM
I watch them and they seem to have a control I don't that let's them stop when they feel full whereas my own control is broken. I may feel full, I may recognize I feel full, I may even consciously tell myself to stop and yet I don't.

YES! Where do I sign up for this? Learning to throw away food was probably my single most helpful lesson the first time I lost large quantities of weight because I lack that control. I would feel bloated and sick, yet reach for the next cookie in the box until every cookie was gone. I have never stopped doing it. When I am on plan, I just avoid ever having a box of cookies in my hand. But if the cookies (or whatever) are introduced into my environment, and I am feeling the very typical desire to consume all of them, I throw them away if at all possible. (People at work don't look kindly to me throwing away the entire box of donuts in the breakroom, but if it's past 5:00 and I'm the only one still there, I have still been known to do it.) I just acknowledge that they will be wasted either way. I also occasionally will really crave something, and won't be able to find it in a very small portion size. So, I will buy a candy bar, for example, with the full knowledge that I will only be eating a bite or two before throwing it away. I often wish I was able to store it for another craving occasion, but I know that if I have it, I will eventually eat it. And by eventually, I mean within the next hour or two. :o

07-19-2014, 02:13 PM
my why is in my introductions thread... I might talk more about that later :)

(please copy and paste, cannot post links yet ^^)


07-19-2014, 02:27 PM
I ate all sugary, carbs, fried, processed, gooey, just plain crap food. My husband would always say I didn't eat enough to weigh so much. But, if you add up the calorie count of the crap I ate, you'd see why. I never, and I mean never, ate vegetables.

This!^ just a few weeks ago I printed out my food diary for my husband that had the calorie count at the end of it. He looked at it and said..."This is all you ate today?" And I said "Yep, but look at the calories." I'd had a very light lunch and breakfast and two slices of lasagna and I was at my calorie limit for the day. With only water to drink. Seriously.

I am coming to the realization that most of my diets have failed because of restriction issues. I figured I'd eat what I want and just restrict portion sizes. Which works for some people but not for me. I think back on my food intake for a given day on the "portioning" diet and feel cheated and so would say what another glass of high fructose fruit juice going to matter. It does matter. If I had just one salad a day I thought I was getting enough veggies. And maybe I was vitamin wise but filling my tummy wise --- no. Even at two salads a day I feel restricted even though I am not because I still don't look at salads or veggies or fruit as "yummy" or "delicious" and just as a "have to do this" measure. I really have to change my relationship with food.

07-19-2014, 02:43 PM
Actually, there is a big love of food in me. I am the child of 2 cooks, so it might be genetic.
but "love of food" doent equal "overweight". I have been a foodie all my life but went overweight only during the last years. the reasons are explained in my introduction.
I still love food, but I re-learn the ways of loving it like back then, and I re-learn my level of activity from back then.

there are some intersting differences between me back then and me recently. some mentioned it already:
throwing out food: I wouldnt do that anymore. Before I had no bad feelings throwing out stuff I disliked and never buying it again. being a foodie ment for me to reach for stuff I really liked and not feeling bad throwing stuff away. being sick, having cancer and all that schmonz started me thinking too much about people that have a bad life and cant afford foods and all that spiral that ended up with me "yesterday"
I also would not stop eating. I would have a plate, if it was full I would eat it all. even if my stomach hurt from all the food. I havent been like that before either. Id not load my plate and I would not eat it all if I was full. being a tiny cute woman I always found someone to finish that plate for me if I ever overloaded
I think most of my weight is for psychological reasons though. being LONELY I turned to food to help me cope with my crisises. As I said I have been a foodie all my life. I love recipies, I love freelance cooking, I love all tastes, I love composing with food. In my medieval club I even became known for cooking good feasts (where before I was known for being a good swordfighter, but due to health I had to stop doing that... so I turned to the next thing I knew best: food). Thge absurd thing: If I was to cook a feast I was taking in about 1000 calories in total during 3 days preparing all the courses. I tasted spoonfuls of the food I prepared and that was all. I ate way less preparing these than the ones that ate them took in.
But there was experimenting at home. Not only on medieval, also on asian and japanese kitchen... that would lead too far...
but the food I prepared gradually went from lean and naturally tasty to more carby, more fatty stuff. Id prepare someting for 6 people and eat it in 2 sessions.
when I was worried about something I would open my fridge and see if I can find answers there. and they WERE there! All the food I could cook to distract me from worries!
Loading the plate with them!
Eating a 3 peoples worth of them in one go...
shopping for all the good stuff and cooking it!
I would have made a very awesome and healthy cook for a family of 4-6, but not for a single woman....
Eating the other 3 peoples worth of it in another go cause I had cooked someone else in between and didnt want my yummy experiments to go bad and I didnt want to throw anything away....
For a foodie like me all these tastes were awesome! I was never a junk food girl, never a processed food girl. I cooked and tasted my own curious way to the weight I am now.

the last about 50 pounds I gained were simply purpose. I was told I might die, so I tasted every food I wanted to and could get - always the slogan "before I die" (other people like me might have other slogans but it boils down to one thing: cooking for 6 aint good for a single!)

I didnt die. It is time to take my foodie qualities, all that experimental bone I have, tame them and use them for my own good. and I think I can :)

Foodies do not have to be overweight. And a love of food does not mean you have to overeat it.

07-21-2014, 10:23 PM
Sugar and carbs are like drugs for me. I've battled depression since I went through puberty. I inherited a lot of hormonal imbalance issues. Sugar makes me feel better. It's short lived, but it was a coping mechanism I learned from my Mom who also battled depression. When I had my hysterectomy and quit smoking in 2005, well.....over 100lbs later, I've still not learned a better way of coping with stress.

07-24-2014, 10:37 PM
A curse. Someone put a curse on me. That's the only explanation.

07-28-2014, 09:17 AM
I misuse food. I use it for emotional purposes (bored, upset, angry, sad)

I've noticed with my step son over the past four years that I've known him that even as a small child he would eat until he's satisfied and then...be satisfied.
Even if his dad would suggest ice cream after dinner, he would say no. He doesn't like feeling full and uncomfortable.

Also he never rewards himself with food. If he wants a snack he takes a banana or an apple. He has a really simple relationship with food. He eats until he's full, he has treats when he's allowed but he doesn't go crazy.

07-28-2014, 12:00 PM
I weighed 145-150 for most of my life, so I am now about 40-50 pounds "overweight." I got like this in my 30's for a number of reasons - stress of starting a business and being in an unsatisfactory relationship, eating to cope with uncomfortable feelings of those things, anxiety which made me loathe to leave the house (or leave the chair I would plop myself in to lose myself in internet message boards all evening, getting up only to eat, so I could have the comfort of interacting with strangers instead of with the people in my life.)

My insides are so much different now, and so is my life, but since I'm in my 40's getting the weight off is very very difficult - the amount I need to eat to lose it is far less than when I had 10 pounds to lose in my 20's. I mostly focus on fitness now, and eating like a "normal" person without worrying about the scale too much.

07-28-2014, 07:06 PM
There is no secret, no blame erasing complexity in my case.

I was raised to eat large portions, and not allowed to play organized sports. This put me 10 or 20lbs over ideal weight at high school graduation.

I managed to stay only 10-20lbs overweight until I met my husband. I was 160 for a long time. Then, takeout combined with overly large portions, soda, cocktails, slacking off gym visits and 2 pregnancies all put about 10lbs on me each. I wound up at a high of 215.

I don't doubt that a certain percentage of obese women have contributing circumstances that are close to impossible to address alone. But different experts have different views - the only one that no one makes money off of is the simplest, that we probably ate even just 10 or 20% too much for years, got used to looking at our peers gaining the same weight, and lead lives that are perfectly livable fat and sedentary.

07-28-2014, 07:32 PM
I got fat eating junk food and not working out. I don't know if I ate more volume than the average skinny girl, but I know I ate tons more calories. One meal at McDonalds or Qdoba is an entire day's worth of calories.

07-29-2014, 02:19 AM
I started to get fat because I learned to cook and loved to bake. I ate with my kids, lots of cakes and pies, mashed taters and gravy. Well, also throw a bunch of pregnancies and losses in there and that is where my first 50 pounds or so came from.

After that I had emotional stress and started to binge. The binge eating shot me from 200ish to 280 in a few years. And I was binge eating all the worst possible foods: pizza rolls, candy bars, McDonalds.

But what is most interesting to me is after I dropped over 100 pounds I have gained a lot of it back. And I did not get fat, this time, by binge eating, or by baking (I stopped both). I also did not get fat this time eating fast food, brownies, and junk every day (I stopped fast food and brownies and tried to limit the junk). I got fat this time around by eating too much for my slowed metabolism... and by having thyroid disease. It made no sense to me to NOT be losing on 1300-1400 calories a day, and even when I cut back to 1000 I was losing 2 pounds a month.

Got the thyroid addressed and the weight has started to come off.

So, I think sometimes if you look at your intake, I mean truly look and study, measure and count, and it doesn't 'add up' (literally), then it may be time to talk to your Dr. My TSH was normal but my other thyroid numbers were not.

08-01-2014, 06:27 PM
I think part of my weight gain, in my 40's was biological(mid age spread)
I think part of my weight gain was chemical (cheap menstrual regulation prescriptions)
I think part of my weight gain was emotional. I seemed to gain the most during the year where I lost a lot of friends, heard a lot of bad news about old friends, and experienced trauma-like being run over by a car, and being out in the dark for way too long before 911 finally responded. That was only after the man who hit me let me borrow his cell so I could re-dial myself 911.
Then I was so badly bruised on my toes that by the time I got home from ER,I thought I was going to lose them.I had gone to a trauma ctr which failed to even scan me for a full diagnostic eval of my injuries.They ignored the bruised ribs,jaw that was thrust up so quickly before knocking out my teeth that I thought my head was going to be decapitated via my brittle bones being slammed to the street that I hit so hard. And lastly, my teeth were shifted and jarred as well, but that too was ignored.
I think an attorney paid them to,"Do as little as possible." Bauhaus style I suppose??? I felt so patronized that I think I felt really small, and Insignificant from that day on in the ER.
Then I got hired for a job that I loved doing until my manager began emotionally scrutinizing petty little issues, that got me very frustrated. She even told me that the only reason she hired me was because of a mutual friend that she also knew. Well, after that my feelings for her went down hill. I never looked at her the same. She even smoked in front of the minors there, and ate non stop at her big desk.
So, I guess I had a poor role model who I was really not too thrilled with.She was the manager over me,("A closet Dominatrix--and I, her, "Kept Fem").. Also the shift that I worked messed up my circadian cycle. This too led to other problems like disordered eating both via frustration over being,"Hen Pecked" constantly, and from the mucked up sleep cycle.
When I was awake I didn't feel hungry for "Normal" meals, and when I was supposed to be dormant and resting, I found a bad habit with food developing.
I began to acclimate myself with eating a few hours into a sleep cycle. Then when I later tried sleeping the traditional 10-6 sleep hours, I would end up awakening in the middle of my sleep, and binge eating. Now,a lot of disordered eating habits continue to haunt me. As this bad habit still haunts me intermittently at times, especially while under stress, or emotional duress...
Then I finally said NO and stepped down from my role and decided I just didn't feel comfortable knowing I was hired overtly via cronYism and nepotism.
I admit that I may not have graduated from 1 of the top universities, but I am a local and that's OK with me. I enjoyed the colleges which I attended here in my local community.
I am also a 1st generation college graduate, and I worked my way through college. I began working while attending school as soon as I was of legal age to do so(16.0yrs of age), and I have no regrets either.
I very much enjoyed the challenge of attending H.S. while working, and trying to balance everything. Like I said, it was a ,"Challenge" but I lived to talk about it?
Earning a college degree meant something to me. I had no mentors in our family, my parents graduated from,"The School of Hard Knox!"
:angel::coffee::joker::angel::coffee::joker::chef: :chef::chef::dancer::dancer::dancer:
I never received any special parental guidance when it came to school. I was motivated by sheer example. I worked hard so I would have choices as a young lady in society, and in the career whirled. My mother worked hard as a home maker, and dad for a local cemetery.
He grew up on a farm in Europe so he loved his job as a Greens Keeper-Mausoleum Weekend Security(which I got to help out with every Sunday as a tweenager, and I loved that place too.).
I may not have been one of the hand picked, fresh choices, from a Top 10 College. However; I thought, initially that I was hired because I had worked hard in school. I had graduated with a 3.9 GPA from graduate school, and had also worked in a variety of vocationally related jobs.
I was extra disappointed to hear this unprofessional truth from an "Authority Figure" sitting right in front of me stuffing her face and gloating over how I really got my job there. I think she really wanted to replace me with someone who had taken some time off for illness; however I would have appreciated the truth before I was hired.......
I was bored and blue following the loss of my F/T job that I had dedicated myself to totally. And, if it hadn't been for all the negatives that I had just mentioned, I never would have quit either. But, I felt that in order to keep face, I had to run like a white rabbit, and never return.
Then later I reddux.....And that was what I did after. I had time to recover. I swam and joined a gym, and lost 65 lbs. But now I am just trying to lose at least 20 for I regained some weight over the last couple of years dealing with the stress(again stress) of my parents illnesses. But I am trying to recover and to, "Go On." Like Celine Dion in The Titanic...(Lovely Movie).:genie::swim::coffee::jig::wave::joker::

08-01-2014, 08:35 PM
My weight gain was a mixed bag. I was a very healthy weight until I was 28, at which point despite still leading a very active life and eating a healthy diet I began to put on 10 lbs a year. My doctor told me to join Weight Watchers. 9 years, and 90 lbs, later a new doctor discovered I had Hashimotos Thyroiditis. Of course, at that point with an extra 90 lbs, I'm not moving as much as I used to. So I gained weight due to a thyroid imbalance, but even after getting treatment it's really, really hard to lose weight. And I'm in my 40's now, so I also don't lose weight as easy as I did in my 20's. Diet is really important now...not only do I have to reduce calories, but also need to keep my carbs low.

08-01-2014, 10:29 PM
I've been fat since I was a kid. Its been a combination of eating too much and the wrong food. Even while eating the right things I can manage to eat too much and gain wait. In fact, I've been guilty of doing just that over the past 10 months. In that time I managed to slowly put back on 40 of the the 155 pounds that I had lost the year before. I have taken 10 of those 40 pounds off again and I'm on my way to taking of the rest.

One of my biggest problems is late night eating. That is when I can do a lot of damage. When I get that under control, my weight loss is very successful.

08-02-2014, 04:51 AM
Well, it started when I got with my ex-ex boyfriend. He was a butcher and came home with all these prime choice steaks all the time. We started eating steak alllll the time and cooked them all different ways. Steak with mashed potatoes and corn was our favorite but we also liked rice and beans, and other starchy food. We ate this stuff everyday in large quantities. I was 115 when we met. I ballooned up to over 200....probably around 235.

I lost a lot of the weight when I got with my kids dad because we didn't eat as much. But then 2 pregnancies later took a toll.
Again I lost some of the weight from breast feeding.
Then, it just started with eating out of boredom, not being active, eating huge portions, finishing everything on my plate even after being full or eating more just Cruz it was tasty.
So, I can say my weight gain was due to lack of exercise, over eating g/binge eating, and portion control. (Plus eating all the wrong foods....tons of carbs, starchy foods, greasy foods, fatty foods....etc)

08-02-2014, 03:34 PM
Hello Sea Lady, I see that your stats are similiar to mine, and goals in weight loss too. Our height and weight goals I mean are similiar.

I enjoy these computer web site boards too. I have found myself, this summer, using the sites for the 1st time ever.

It's interesting, I sit down with my tall glass of ice water, and get so absorbed in these sites.

I do the 40Something, The Goal for the Day, and The Why I gained options here on this web site.

I think that drinking water as I'm blogging really helps me not to take in too many empty calories. However, I do have to look at the clock to remind myself to eat too.

Licorice is my weakness though, and my cavities account for that too I suppose. But, it's like chewing gum to me, and I definately don't drink caloric beverages while at a desk.

How is your diet going. I reduced from the 208 to 205 , once over PMS for this month...


08-03-2014, 07:49 AM
Personally I think it has a lot to do with general happiness for me. I ballooned while at boarding school the first 2 years. after that the last 3 I basically stayed the same but got taller so I looked better. Then from the age of 11 I changed schools and became unhappy again so got bigger. got bullied got bigger.

I lost a lot when imoved out of home and got my own job and felt a bit of pride in myself. Then when I went to college I gained a lot again. graduated into the recession no job got bigger.

Moved to a new town got a temp job badly paid long drive. massive money troubles got bigger. then I got a new job much better pay closer to home no money worries started to pay off the debts and I got slimmer. I ended up dropping 70lbs in around 6 months.

I recently moved jobs again. much better paid but a lot further to travel and my weight has gone up again by a lot. its not been help by general fitness taking a dent due to injury.

When things go well I get slim when they are bad I comfort eat.

08-03-2014, 10:12 AM
My family was all overweight, especially my mother. As a kid, I was active enough not to gain weight, but when I went out on my own I had to fight to stay thin. I usually ate breakfast and lunch because daytime was when I was most active and needed the calories. I ate just a snack at dinnertime, because my evenings were sedentary. That worked for years, even after marrying and raising a family. I cooked dinner, then sat down and read the paper while they ate. Fast Fwd to when my kids moved out on their own. DH didn't want to eat alone, so I started eating dinner, without changing breakfast and lunch. I was adding 800-1000 calories per day! I gained so fast. I knew it was happening, but skipping dinner was no longer an option but it was the only way to control my weight. I try cutting back on portions and it works for a while, but then I gain back whatever I lost.

On the other hand, DH is thin and eats whatever he wants. He does not eat large portions and NEVER finishes everything on his plate. Snacks on lots of baked goods, but never gains.

08-04-2014, 05:09 PM
Do you think you got fat while eating normally, or do you think you got fat because you eat a lot more than your skinny peers?

I feel I was "chubby" from about age 4 on and I became overweight in third grade, so I guess around 9. I've spoken with my mom about this because I am one of 7 kids and the only one with a significant weight problem - and she doesn't remember me eating more than my siblings. My Dad is now obese and after menopause, my Mom gained some weight too, one brother is probably 20 pounds overweight and all 5 of my sisters are healthy weights. Growing up we did not eat too much at meal times - mainly due to the family budget... there was one piece of meat for instance per person, one roll, etc. We ate no processed foods, pop, candy, but were actually allowed to pick out one sugary sweet on Saturdays at the local country store... that started my love of Butterfingers! What I do remember over-eating on was homemade whole wheat bread! My Mom made fresh bread almost daily and I clearly remember eating 3 pieces as an after-school snack. My siblings probably ate 1? So, aside from probably being genetically predisposed to being at the upper end of the growth charts, I guess bread did me in! To this day I do notice that I seem particularly sensitive to bread. When I cut wheat out of my diet I lose more quickly and my stomach gets flatter.
When I got my own car as a teenager and a part time job, I became addicted to fast-foods. Something I had not be exposed to as a child. I would eat in my car, alone, and that was the beginning of my history of bingeing. I was around 190 when I graduated from high-school and just continued up until around age 26 when I went on a medically supervised liquid diet and lost over 110 pounds. Over the past 15 years, I've yo-yoed and ultimately ended up weighing more than ever. I told my doctor in June that I hadn't been hungry in a good year or so. She asked if my appetite had changed and I couldn't remember being hungry! I just love to eat. I love good food. I don't like fast food anymore. I love to prepare meals form my family and I love to bake. I eat when I'm happy, eat when I'm sad. (I see this tendency passed on to my youngest daughter and that makes me sad!) I guess that means I'm an emotional eater. Learning moderation.

08-04-2014, 05:56 PM
(I see this tendency passed on to my youngest daughter and that makes me sad!)

My oldest daughter (9) is overweight and I know that part of it is bad eating habits that she learned from my wife and I, and habits that we have allowed her to develop. Makes me sad too. I would hate to see her be overweight going forward, like I was when I was her age.

08-04-2014, 06:18 PM
Food is delicious. I compare food to drugs for people who are bigger. Its hard to give a drug addict only a "little" bit of drugs every day and still expect them to quit.

08-04-2014, 09:16 PM
... learned a better way of coping with stress. Hi there!!! I'm back and it's nice to see you again!

My oldest daughter (9) is overweight and I know that part of it is bad eating habits that she learned from my wife and I, and habits that we have allowed her to develop. Makes me sad too. I would hate to see her be overweight going forward, like I was when I was her age.Does your daughter know she is overweight? I don't think my 9 year old does. I think she's 95% for her age/height (she's tall too) and she's a really confident little thing. I've never heard anything from her that she's teased or feels insecure about it. I work 2 days a week outside of the home, so this summer we have all be focusing on making healthier choices here at home... the kitchen "closes" after breakfast and stays that way until lunch... we've started reading labels together. I cannot say that she is excited about it, but she is a science-lover and so the numbers and calorie in vs. calorie out thing interests her and she is more interested in exercise. My 10 year old isn't concerned about food and is naturally a veggie/fruit lover and can leave sugar and bread alone. I hate to think I've passed my demons on to my youngest one, but all I can do is set a good example now and encourage her.

08-04-2014, 09:29 PM
Hi there!!! I'm back and it's nice to see you again!

Does your daughter know she is overweight? I don't think my 9 year old does. I think she's 95% for her age/height (she's tall too) and she's a really confident little thing. I've never heard anything from her that she's teased or feels insecure about it. I work 2 days a week outside of the home, so this summer we have all be focusing on making healthier choices here at home... the kitchen "closes" after breakfast and stays that way until lunch... we've started reading labels together. I cannot say that she is excited about it, but she is a science-lover and so the numbers and calorie in vs. calorie out thing interests her and she is more interested in exercise. My 10 year old isn't concerned about food and is naturally a veggie/fruit lover and can leave sugar and bread alone. I hate to think I've passed my demons on to my youngest one, but all I can do is set a good example now and encourage her.

I don't think she would have except that at her last checkup the doctor was alarmed about how much weight she had gained in the past year and she wanted her to change her diet and eating habits. A lot of those habits she learned from us. She acknowledged what she needed to do, and she made an effort at first. But the follow through has been hard. The other hard thing is that my wife and I often give the kids quick meals that aren't the most healthy. We developed a bad habit of making them food that they wanted to eat, rather than just make healthy food and give them no choice but to eat it. So, I feel bad that much of this has been our own fault. Its hard now to try to reverse that course, but we have to. I was telling my wife just yesterday that we have to start making meals more healthy and just give the kids no other alternative... and to take away the option of eating processed food snacks between meals.

08-08-2014, 10:25 PM
I am happy to say that by the end of this afternoon, my weight had dropped 5 lbs since yesterday morning.

I suppose I overdid the H2O drinking bit. I drank a lot of H2O in the past few days, and got back to my M-F workout after taking a few days off from Exhaustion. As I had mentioned earlier, I was getting so tired that by the end of my workout period at the gym I would almost fall off of the stairmaster .

So I took a few days off and only walked round the block about 8 times instead. Then afterwards I felt rested so I drank tons of water to survive our heat wave, but then the next day I had retained 5 Lbs on the scale.

Then today I finally wasn't constipated and had enough roughage in my diet recently that I finally had a few productive bowel movements. Now thank goodness my tummy is not quite as distended from bloating and constipation and I dropped 5 Lbs.

I must go now, I'm Late for the gym and in quite a hurry to keep up my pace of mind. I love the feeling of sweating after a great gym workout. Then at night I make a smoothy and it is like a reward for making myself work out at the gym.

Gotta Go, Bye folks....

Marina Brasil
08-12-2014, 11:29 PM
My mum is skinny, she's always had that model body and loved exercising. She wanted to raise me without many sweets and salty food so whe never ever had chocolate or candy in the house. I have a theory that the absolut absense of junk food in the house led me to never have to deal with eating those kind of food in a reasonable amount so whenever i got my hands on it i would eat it all. Whe never had a box of chocolate so i didn't learn that, faced with a lot of sweets, i could eat one or two and leave the rest to the next day and so on. I developed a sweets fetish and at puberty i started overeating. I had a lot more acces to sweets due to my having an allowance by the age of 10 or 11 and it was by that time that my weight and food issues began. I'd buy lots of candy and eat it on the bus back from school or i'd get ice cream and eat it in the afternoon while mum was running errands. It was a sad, lonely and embarrassing habit that turned into BED when i was a teen. I certanly ate more than i should and i ate a lot of unhealthy food. I never liked meat, so i used to avoid it and when i was 14 i finally became a vegetarian, and that helped a little because i began eating a bit healthier. I've been gaining and subsequently losing weight since i was 14 and i know for sure that i both ate too much and ate food that was not healthy at all.

08-12-2014, 11:40 PM
Quite simply because i love food, have an enormous appetite and did not want to do any portion control or diet restriction.
SO GLAD i have managed now to discipline myself in that area knowing that if i don't i can kiss my goals goodbye

09-07-2014, 06:44 PM
Hi there!!! I'm back and it's nice to see you again!

It's so nice to see you again, too!!

09-09-2014, 10:09 AM
Hm , a number of things really..

- come from a portuguese family, eat a lot & then some etc
- had a few issues with men when I was young & also a non existant father
- a lot of depression & anxiety over the years, and im agoraphobic, so next to no movment inside & binging episodes
- been off & on meds , im sure didnt help
- have pcos

09-09-2014, 10:48 AM
Not sure when I became overweight exactly, but I remember hitting 200 lbs at age 11. I had a very stressful childhood and I ate to comfort myself. Adulthood wasn't any less stressful but I had gotten up to over 400 pounds. I got myself under control and lost over 150 pounds. But after my son was diagnosed with severe autism I started eating even more. Then my daughter died and I ballooned up to nearly 300lbs last year. I've had to learn that I can't eat my feelings. That I need to find better, healthier, ways to get through the stress.