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03-12-2014, 08:28 PM
I've been on my journey for almost 2 months now and have lost almost 30 lbs...I couldn't be happier!

I just recently started doing the different Turbo Jam work outs and was wondering if there was anybody out there that has a little more experience with them than I do? I'm not following any type of Beachbody diets or anything like that, I'm eating clean, no dairy, no gluten, no excess or processed sugar. I'm still early on in my journey and even though I may only do 30-45 minutes of any given Turbo Jam video I do, I am sweating like a pig LOL...Is this Turbo Jam stuff really all it's cracked up to be? I'm working out doing TJ and other exercises 3-4 times a week right now, my right knee is killing me some days but I still push through.

Any advice or tips is much appreciated!

03-21-2014, 01:36 PM
I did turbo jam for about a month or so as a beginner. It was great, high intensity, cardio, weight resistance due to my own body weight. Keep doing your 30-45 minutes a day, and eventually you'll be able to throw in some different HIIT which should help blast your goals!

03-21-2014, 07:56 PM
ictangel Thanks so much for the advice! It's really doing a lot for me from what I can tell so far....I'm sweatin like a pig so that's a plus! I've already been thinkin about some other HIIT to look into once I feel like I've mastered TJ.

04-01-2014, 06:06 PM
I did it for a few months and lost quite a bit of wait about 6 years ago. I didn't keep it up so I am starting over. But I notice anytime I use it consistently I see changes, its the only BB program I really like. Stick with it, its so much fun you will almost forget you are exercising.

04-03-2014, 09:39 AM
Thanks fitluv. Exercising has always been one of those things that I haven't really liked doing. I am slowly turning to love it, even if it can be hard..that's all part of the progress! And I am seeing results so that is always a plus!! I don't have a gym membership but doing turbo jam and lifting weights at home has really helped and I'm actually seeing more results doing that than I ever had in a gym. Maybe I just was doing it all wrong lol