Exercise! - Limited weight room, and a recent ex working it?! Oh jeez!

03-10-2014, 01:12 PM
Okay, so I'm trying to lose weight while at Job Corps, and it's hard enough with the greasy food (even the vegetarian stuff is greasy!). But when you throw in our weight room, which looks like it was designed with the already-fit, lifting-over-two-hundred-pounds-a-day bodybuilder, AND a recent ex who just happens to work said scary weight room, I'm at a total loss for gettin in that exercise...

It's still pretty cold here, so walking around outside is almost worthless (who wants to be cold and miserable while trying to lose weight?!) and our gym(think school gyms...) always has the nice assortment of skinny, lanky boys sweating their butts off playing basketball (a game of which, I have been known to hurt myself trying to play. >.<) Playing pool in our mail rec area is always a nice idea (and helps me get better at actually HITTING the stupid cue ball, instead of totally missing it.), when there's one open.

Does anyone have any ideas? We've got a tredmill in my dorm, but I always feel so self-conscience on that thing....

Tips? Tricks? Maybe some ideas of what I can do? Help please!!!!

I've managed to maintain a ripe 240lbs, but I still have almost 100 pounds to lose before reaching my goal! And I know that just cutting down on my calorie intake isn't going to burn off that extra flubbiness.......

03-10-2014, 01:25 PM
At some point you need to let go and forget about self consciousness and just do it. Be it in the weight room, gym whatever.

BELIEVE ME I know this is easier said than done.

It took everything in me to just put my head down and go to the pool every day and move around, even when I was so heavy I couldn't do actual laps like all the ripped guys in there. The gym is also in the pool complex and is glass walled, so everyone walking by can see you. I took a yoga class and the girl next to me was a professional dancer. I was 400 pounds and barely able to bend.

Nobody is judging you but yourself. Most people are wrapped up in their own workouts, and even if they do register that you're there, usually they only think "good for her". So just go for it!

If you really can't make any of those options work, Youtube some workouts you can do at home or in your room.