Lighten Up! - What makes you laugh?! Funny stories...

01-18-2014, 08:58 PM
I thought I'd post about a few chuckles that seem to have brightened my day and made me smile, maybe they will make you laugh too!

Story 1: When I was in my teens, my Mom, my brother and I were shopping for a new family car and we went to a few different dealerships. The Toyota salesman was new at his job and he was so happy that my Mom decided to buy the car from her that he was literally doing a little dance, hugging all of us and he was so surprised that he made his first sale, it was hilarious! He came in the next day on his day off wearing very casual clothes, unlike what he was wearing when we first went there and his boss gave him a stern talk, and then he offered us free hotdogs, they were having some event. It was very funny and makes me smile to this day.

Story 2: I went to an all girls school and the seniors were always known to have an upper hand versus the underclassmen, which I was at that point. I was living at school, it was a boarding school and the seniors went on a panty raid! My Mom had sent me these bright red panties for Valentine's Day and they were a bit risque, so they discovered them in my drawer and hung mine and others undies up in the dining hall! I was so mortified! I supposedly made The Top Ten, I was so embarrassed. Then my math teacher and I were having breakfast and I told him how embarrassed I was, he said, "don't worry, they're not yours" and I said "but they are mine, I'm so embarrassed." He couldn't stop laughing!

Story 3: We had a cute little dog, Barger who was a Keeshond and I could tell tons of stories about him but my favorites were when he would climb on the dining room table! He left paw marks/scratches on the table and he knew how to open the refrigerator which he did repeatedly! He ate a whole roast, and tons of food! Smart dog! When we took him to The Blessing of The Animals at a local church, he sat in the front seat, me in the back- LOL and he barked once when he wanted to go home even though the minister was speaking.

Well, I hope that these stories have cheered others up, I need to laugh sometimes!

What are your favorite stories that would make others laugh?

Laughter is the best medicine!