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12-01-2013, 06:58 AM
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The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with ou plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

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12-01-2013, 06:59 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eleventh day on plan, CREDIT moi. Happy little streak going here. We had turkey for dinner; we had turkey for lunch - both same as the day before. (I'm sticking with cereal for breakfast, LOL.) The leftover food is fine eating - tasty and on-plan. The leftover goodies are calling my name, however, and need to find a new home. One guest left a box of top-shelf fudge as a hostess gift; I couldn't find anyone to take it home. Today I'll bring it to fellowship hour where folks of a wide range of ages will consume just about anything.

Not much exercise. At the supermarket I walked past a HUGE display of Christmas candy, already marked with sale prices. The good news is that it didn't look tempting. It was all stuff I've seen in prior years and will see again next year.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yep, it's tricky when our excursions weave into our eating schedule.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – That's a huge wad of steps for the day. Ouch for the scale jiggle out of onederland with Kudos for recognizing that sugar is a trigger for you.

Pam (pamaga) – Good guideline this, "nutrient rich, calorie poor." Kudos for being aware of the needs of your own body.

maryann - Ouch for having to witness family drama. Kudos for celebrating a new day.

nationalparker – Boy, do I need this, "Stress is not an excuse to eat." Thanks. Kudos for visiting your own freezer for a pizza of known calories.

Readers - day 8 Create Time and Energy

what are you thinking?
Connie had an unspoken rule, I have to be the best mother possible. Therefore, she didn't reduce such nonessential activities as picking up her youngsters at school (when they could have taken the bus), taking them to every after-school activity they requested, and spending most of her free time doing things with them.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 105.

12-01-2013, 11:16 AM
Well, I have to admit that last night wasn't the lightest - dinner (at home) of leftovers didn't include anything green as green bits in the stuffing don't count. I took one small serving of what I wanted, but could have cut the options down and not reheated everything. DH was trying to tempt me with a half slice of apple pie, but I stood firm. Another late night of job work until 2 a.m. ... up this morning to ensure that there are no issues with the data... waiting for the all-clear.

So my last night wasn't the lightest night, so I'm not adding in a point for yesterday, but will honestly say that five of the last six days I've done well except for that blip meal of too many simple carbs. There should be a warning in my mind: if it goes down easy...beware :)

Mom is still in hospital and looks like she may be released tomorrow. Keeping fingers crossed that she doesn't pick up an infection while there, but that she's released when things are stable, not too soon, thus necessitating a return admittance - I think those are demoralizing.

Goals today are smart breakfasts and lunches and if we go out to dinner tonight for a belated dinner date put off from last week, to eat half my portion and bring the remainder home, eat slowly, and to not go there ravenous.

Bill - thank you for remembering the December new thread. I forgot and went to the old one. MAJOR kudos for 11 days on plan and counting. Through the minefield of holiday food and leftovers and gifts. Wise and generous idea to bring the quality fudge with you to the fellowship.

Was watching the scale make it's minute descents from 172.0 ... 171.8 ... 171.6... but after last night, I think it's wise if I take a break this morning. (She says...)

Enjoy the last of the Thanksgiving weekend, U.S. posters! :)

12-01-2013, 11:43 AM
My 100%OP Day makes my streak count = 6.

Building a streak of 100%OP days has been an interesting experiment. I lost most of my weight on 80% and 90% days -- that has some advantages of flexibility and reduced perfectionism. But I'm learning, now, that I can shape my day around my food if I'm determined to do it. That's going to be a useful skill for me going forward.

In other news, I met my exercise goal for November while increasing my streak to 134 days of exercise in a row.

WI: +0.4 kg, Exercise: +55 1400/1400 minutes for November, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

12-01-2013, 12:47 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Credit walk this morning and OP yesterday. Big Credit for moving the ticker down for the first of the month. 2.2 pounds left to goal - because 149.8 counts :) That gives me three weeks to lose two pounds ( and that does not sound easy knowing how slowly I lose weight)

DH was very helpful and comforting yesterday which I appreciate. The three of us are going out to the ranch to take our annual Xmas card picture. DS will be on his very own tractor. DH said it was the smallest Tenco they make. Whether or not that is still ok for an 11yo remains to be seen. But I am keeping silent. Our family has always maintain the agreement that I am in charge of education and DH is in charge of motorized vehicles.

Pamatga: I agree completely with you. Cravings arise from an insufficient or incorrect diet. For me, I have discovered foods I am sensitive which cause cravings. I have added some supplements and taken out some foods and it has made a big difference.

Seadwaters: I have eliminated dairy for over three months and it has made a big difference. I use coconut milk, and it is yummy in a smoothie as well.

nationalparker: 2 a.m. work nights is not easy. I don't know how you do it.

gardenerjoy and BBE: Congrats on your streaks. Impressive.

12-01-2013, 01:04 PM
Welcome December, the final month of 2013!:coffee: :lol:

The only thing that I did yesterday that I "overdid" was watching holiday movies. Three in one sitting. I finally had to "prepare" for today the last half hour of "It's A Wonderful Life".

Day 14: Plan for Tomorrow: Today ends the two weeks of "prep" work before actually culling all of the BDS skills to apply to both my food plan and workout program. As I have said I did a jump start when ForMyGirls "challenged" the group in seeing how long of a streak we all can go. It appears that all of these seasoned "coaches" can "go the distance". I don't know about anyone else but I am feeling the internal pressure of having to do this in a perfect way so I am also fighting that tendency as well. However, I have had 6 consecutive days of being OP with my meal plan as well as working out. I like to do either yoga or Pilates on Sunday for my arthritis. Hatha yoga is recommended for arthritis and I have returned to that after decades of not. I feel so much better afterwards when I do.

As for "planning for tomorrow", I have been logging my food daily for 324 days this past year. Five and a half months of that time I sent my food plan to a food sponsor. That was an added pressure since I felt like I had to explain every nuance of what I ate. It was always more about me than her but again that perfectionist tendency :devil: seems to rear its ugly head and I have to "let go" often enough until it disappears.

gardenerjoy I just noticed that in your photo you are "all green": your tomatoes, your sweater and your bush behind you. TG you have red hair or you just might "disappear". :D I am :p with envy on the size of your produce. I too am a gardener but I battled squirrels all summer for my tomatoes. I am part of a community of organic gardeners and we all were saying that we don't mind the squirrels taking a tomato here and there but don't eat two bites and then leave it on the ground to rot. Doesn't their mother squirrels tell them this when they are growing up?;)

BBE I too have had lots of leftover turkey, cold in sandwiches, along with a glass of skim milk and an apple. This year we bought a half-bushel ( 20 lbs) from an apple orchard in Blue Ridge, GA, which is near the base of the Appalachian mountains, right on the border of TN, GA and SC. Wow, the best apples that I have eaten in ages. I think we are going to take a drive and get more. We are almost finished with 20 lbs and we haven't even had them three weeks.

I did remember that you start a new thread every month. That is a great idea, especially if the group is active. I remember wondering where everyone went last time around. This time I remembered! :carrot:

BTW, great job on your streak. :cp: You are the longest in the group thus far. I am sure passing on fine chocolates has a great deal to do with that. Great job in exercising the most important muscle in our respective bodies: the resistance muscle.:strong:

nationalparker I totally agree with you on "if it goes down too easy, beware!" Isn't it interesting that most of the "former offenders" are just that? No coincidence, I am sure.

I am sorry to hear about your Mom. You and your family are in my thoughts and heart. :hug: Let's hope Mom's healing can "stick" and she doesn't have to return. I have always believed the speediest healing happens while at home and surrounded by our own familiar surroundings.

Take care all, Pam :comp:

P.S. ForMyGirls, my OP streak for both my workouts and food plan is now at 12 points for this past week and counting.

12-01-2013, 03:48 PM
Hope everyone is well this fine Sunday afternoon. I wanted to get here to do personals but just can't fit that in today.

Thanks for the encouragement. I am now on Day 4 on plan which feels good. I am not giving up. Ever.


12-02-2013, 03:41 AM
Dear Coaches

Thanks Maryann - coconut milk is great and a really good fat. I am going to avoid it as a drink for a bit as it is too calory dense for me at the moment I think. I need to reduce energy in for a bit! Happy to have it in a meal or a soup but a bit scary everyday in a shake. Great work BillBE to be 11 straight days on plan and to pass up fudge. Great streak gardenerjoy - one I want to copy. Ceejay - great work 4 days on plan - must feel good

Today was an on plan day. I took my lunch and ate only that, and had the apple I had packed for a snack. I didn't walk as much today - lots of meetings so the usual Monday. But I made my 5000 steps which is good. Only 2 flights of stairs though. The scales were a little kinder today

Checked in 3 days in a row - credit
-1.4 lb (today) (goodbye takeaway food) / -1.4 from tracker
3.46 / 3
Had a plan and followed it - no sweets, no wheat, no sneaky carbs
Packed lunch for tomorrow
Logged food

12-02-2013, 06:39 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – 12 day streak on plan, CREDIT moi. Boy, that feels good. When I was first losing weight, this happened all the time. It's beginning to feel right again. We took most of the fudge to a dance class DW and I are taking in preparation for an upcoming family event where there'll be dancing. With video cameras everywhere, there's always the fear that someone will conjure the notion that someone dancing poorly would make a good YouTube contribution. Reminds me that the whole family used to like to watch 'Candid Camera' back in its day. Avoided snacking at fellowship hour, at the dance, and in the evening when stuff in the house is calling. DW kept some of the fudge for herself - wish she hadn't - but it sits marked with her name just as clearly as if with a large black marker. Both lunch and dinner were made from leftover turkey for the third straight day. It's a badge of honor since DW and I are at odds about the size of turkey to buy. I think 20 pounds is the proper size; she bought a 13 pounder. We have ample leftovers with that; she insists that it'll spoil before it gets consumed.

Exercise was a pair of walks, CREDIT moi. It wasn't exactly raining, but wasn't exactly not, either. Walked without an umbrella (that was in my pocket) but had to hang my coat, hat, and gloves to dry when we got home.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Congrats on meeting your November exercise goal as well as for that exercise streak of 134 days.

CeeJay - Yay for the uplifting, "I am not giving up. Ever."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Great line, "Had a plan and followed it - no sweets, no wheat, no sneaky carbs." Even with only two flights of stairs you still passed your walking goal of 5000 steps.

Pam (pamaga) – Really good point that it's worth fighting the tendency to be perfect. As Joy (gardenerjoy) noted, she lost her weight at 80-90%. I need the streak right now to break some bad habits that have built up and because it serves my contrarian mind to be rigorous doing the eating season when it's easy to add a few pounds. Jealous of your late fall apples.

maryann - I want my own tractor for Christmas. Doesn't matter that our city yard is measured as a few hundred square feet. Or that I don't know how to drive a tractor. Congrats on that ticker down.

nationalparker – Here's hoping that your mom gets released in good shape. Ouch for the super late night work (from home, I presume). Watching the scale in detail can be deadly, particularly since water weight and GI track are much larger than the short term changes in muscle, fat, and tissue.

Readers - day 8 Create Time and Energy

what are you thinking?
John also had a rule: I have to keep my home in perfect order. Since his wife was busy with other things (and just didn't care as much as he did about how their house looked), much of the household chores fell to him. It wasn't until John relaxed his standards that he finally created enough time and energy to devote to dieting.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 105.

12-02-2013, 06:59 AM
Hello coaches,

A collective total of 41 points today. Go team.

My personal contribution is back to zero after not having achieved all my "health and Wellbeing" activities today and yesterday. Oh well. I am giving myself credit for staying 100% OP on food these days even when the other stuff didn't happen. I have had a couple of nights where I didn't meet my bedtime goal too - which is always the thing that holds all the rest together so I will be getting to sleep on time tonight no matter what!

Interesting comments from Pam and Joy about perfectionism - i hope my challenge hasn't caused trouble for others! For me it has really helped - so thanks to those who are participating - and I am looking forward to having a point on the board again tomorrow :-) and if it is causing strife for any who are participating there is absolutely no obligwtin to keep going!

And thanks Pam for:
"part of developing your resistance muscle is also trying to put "pleasing others" in its rightful place. The Golden Rule is you can't give away what you don't have to give"

12-02-2013, 10:35 AM
My 100%OP Day makes my streak count = 7. I'm finding this very helpful and interesting, ForMyGirls. Thanks! The thing about a streak is that you can always start over again. I broke two of my streaks over the weekend, but they are happily back up to 1 right now and I'll start building from there.

WI: -0.2 kg, Exercise: +45 45/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

12-02-2013, 01:21 PM
I had an on-plan day yesterday, so back at it for me - count +1 on my side. Struggled to not snack and had eaten a very light lunch, anticipating a larger dinner, but we went another route - so it was on track and ate 60% of it and left the rest for tomorrow's lunch, I hope. Forgot it in the fridge today when I was prepping my lunch (very light, hopefully not TOO light). Dinner will be out and I plan to enjoy all of the salad and half of the entree. I think DH will take the remainder in for his dinner tomorrow night, as he heads into working nights now.

Testing continues on my mom; hopefully they can identify what the issue is. Perhaps a skeletal crew there over the holiday weekend meant less speed on results? I don't know but am keeping fingers crossed that they can figure this out and her pain dissipates.

Anticipate checking in with credits from smart eating tonight. Indulgent - a bit, but not supremely so. Won't see DH for a week after tonight. I leave him with reminders for all of the basics. Be sure to snuggle the cats. Be sure to fill all pets' water bowls. And food bowls. And...and...and I'm sure he's thinking he married a dingbat.

12-02-2013, 01:24 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Happy for a beautiful, sunny day. Sad that we have no rain here. It is very troubling to DH.Yesterday I marked a milestone: the first time time I have driven a tractor. if DS was going to do it, I would do it, as well. OP yesterday even though my salad after a movie was larger than hoped.

Credit step class today and a food plan. I want to be really disciplined for the next three days because Wednesday evening I am taking a girl's trip to Disneyland to celebrate my 50th bday. I want to enjoy every minute without worrying about my deadline date on the 20th. I have been mulling over options. The first was to take my small blender with me for smoothies. When I called the airport to see if I can take it as carryon, I received a rather nebulous answer. DH who was listening suggested I didn't call it the "Magic Bullet" :)

So now I am going to the health food store today took look at protein supplement options. I know I can't take liquid. But I really want to replace at least one meal with a smoothie/shake and one meal with nitrate free jerky, fruit and nuts. One meal at a restaurant is all I can safely do. i know that from experience. Well I have a few days to plan.

BBE: Thoughts of you as DS and I cracked pecans at the barn. I will be dry roasting them today for my trip.

Wave to all.

12-02-2013, 01:45 PM
Totally lost it during the holiday weekend but I am back on track today. Just said oh well and make a plan for today.

Fast day today. Will have healthy 500 calorie meal for lunch.

Reading response cards. Helps so much.

Hope you are all having a good day.

12-02-2013, 02:08 PM
Day Fifteen-Monitor Your Eating: Now, in the pink book, this is the point where Dr. Beck feels that all of the prep days leading up to this day allows you to start your food plan and exercise program along with the skills she has shared thus far. Well, since I wanted to have an "OP" Thanksgiving, I jumped the gun and started last Monday along with counting my points.

As I shared yesterday, I have been logging every day this past year. It is a habit that I began in June 2010 and although I have ceased doing it for as long as six months at a time, I always return to it. I save all of them on a zip drive. What I am going to do with them, I have no idea, but I have them. My initial rationale is different than Dr. Beck's. I am a recovering food addict and one hallmark character defect of mine is denial and lying to myself about "what, when and how much I eat" so in order to work on that particular defect of mine I log every single bite that I eat. I measure everything. I always and only measure one single serving. I want my stomach, eyes and mouth to know what a single serving of any and everything is.

I put it on a "normal" dinner plate (this goes against conventional weight loss wisdom- large vs small plates) because my rationale is that not every place I will eat at will have the option of a smaller plate and short of bringing my own, I feel that it is absolutely necessary that I know visually what food looks on a regular sized plate. This is immensely helpful in restaurant or social gatherings.

This may sound extreme to many of you but it is something that has allowed me to go from 301.8 lbs to my present weight and although I have had a rocky six months prior to rejoining this group, I continued monitoring my food even though I wasn't on plan the majority of the time. If it went into my mouth, it got noted on my daily meal plan. If I had a binge, every bit of it got logged. I was not going to put my head in the sand and ignore what was going on. I liken it to watching someone you love suffering and you feel helpless to ease their pain. I have learned also to love "that person" (me) and although I was suffering emotionally I never lost my love and respect for "that person" (me).:hug:

So, I want to say that I am grateful and at peace that I have picked back up consciously this BDS. I did not realize that I had been practicing some of the skills. I feel lead to be here. I am grateful that I listened to that small inner voice to admit that there "is a better way" and here it is. :cp:

Do I get tired of doing some of this stuff? Yes, I do! Will I stop? No, not if I can help it. I realize that each and every one of us has a different personal history with food so some of this may resonant and some may not. For me, this is not just a number on the scale but I was food-oriented for half of my adult life so I have a lot of underlying issues that come to surface once I am not eating to cover them up.

My life is still the same struggles that I have been going through the past six months but I am working both my OA program as well as using the BDS to move through them until they get straightened out. That is the difference between today and back then.:D

CeeJay Good Job on being OP for four days. :bravo: You can do it!

seadwaters Great Job on getting your personal goal of 5000 steps in. :running:

BBE I took dance during my childhood and youth. I miss dancing but with the need of two new knees on the horizon my only outlet is vicariously watching DWTS. I applaud you taking dancing lessons. I have held this over my DH that once I get my new knees, he is coming along. He is afraid of making a spectacle of himself as a non-dancer but he does watch DWTS with me. I love him for that.:love:

Joy(gardenerjoy): Congrats on making your November exercise goal.:woops:

ForMyGirls: I only shared about my struggles with perfectionism because that is one character defect that I have been working on for some time. My DH is the same way so you can only imagine our household at times. Lots of discussions on how to do things from time to time. Thank you, Joy, for sharing what works for you. I agree that our bodies can sometimes be strange creatures where what we think works doesn't and what does work, we didn't think would.

I will continue to be a part of this streak challenge because it also does double-duty in forcing me to do what I can over and over again; it is building on daily successes "one meal at a time and one day at a time" which is clearly on my own personal radar.

I can add one more point to my first seven days so my weekly count for Monday-Sunday is 7 pts for food plan and 6 pts for working out. 13 pts for Week 1. Although I had regained a couple of pounds the week prior to that; I managed to lose overall 4.2 lbs. :goodscale since last Monday when I began actively staying OP as well as working out.

Granted, this is water weight but what is even nicer is that I feel like I am personally back "on track". My "fat head" is under my thumb. That makes it a winning week for me! No yo-yo up and downs now that I am actively practicing BDS.

Hope everyone else who is reading or checking in has a great day as well.

Take care, Pam :comp:

12-02-2013, 05:59 PM
Good Evening, Coaches,

We all aim to read our Cards. Do you Coaches read them just when things are quiet, when you have time, when you're not under stress? If so, then how do you respond, or react, to a sudden challenge? For instance, suppose - without warning - you're offered, or find yourselves looking at, a favourite delicacy. Do you reach for your pack, shuffle through it, find the appropriate card and recite it, like a charm to ward off evil? And, if so, does that work? Or do you have a different tactic? Do you perhaps pick from a memorised list of slogans? "NO CHOICE" would be an obvious one, but do you have any others?

:congrat: to all you North Americans who survived Thanksgiving. Hope you get some R&R in time for Christmas!


12-03-2013, 05:54 AM
Good evening coaches

I almost didn't log on. I turned off the computer to get away from work and have to log in on my iPad. I have logged on 4 days straight -credit moi.

From tomorrow I will post in the morning because I think it will suit my lifestyle better.

Mike B - I use the cards to note important aspects of my program and approach. By reading my RC etc I am planting the seeds for desirable behaviour so that when I am confronted by a tricky situation I can call to mind a useful response - without having to drag out the actual cards. It will be interesting to see what others say to your question!

I am currently trying to abide by a fairly extreme version of my diet plan to entrench the behaviours again. I was reasonably successful today but found myself having a teaspoon of coconut sugar after dinner! Otherwise on plan.

Checked in 3 days in a row - credit
+.02(today) / -1.2 from tracker
Planned food and ate 90% according to plan
Planned but didn't pack lunch for tomorrow. Am having a canteen lunch that I have planned for. Hamburger plus salad, no bun. Apple
Logged food for today and plan for tomorrow

12-03-2013, 06:56 AM
Hello coaches,

I am back on the score board today. Giving myself lots of credit for doing my exercise even though it was 9pm before I was able to! I so couldn't face posting a zero streak AGAIN tonight.

Team total today is 42! I wonder if we'll crack 50 this week?

Maryann - I loved your driving a tractor milestone. Worth putting down as a "thing to do before 50" I reckon :-)

Pam - what you said about the "being on track" being important so resonated. While the number on the scale matters the reward of it is so transitory. The bit in this process where I get real contentment is when I know I am "in the zone".

MikeB - I try to read my cards every morning (it is one if the 'exercise and Wellbeing' tasks required to be OP for the day. Like Seadwaters - I don't physically pull out the cards when faced with tricky situations - but daily reminders of my responses means they pop into my brain more easily. Sometimes they do pop in as the words on the cards but more often it is something pretty generic (but crucial) like "this matters" or "you're worth it".

I have a work function tomorrow evening that requires "frocking up" - which is a rare occurrence in my life. Was nice this evening to pull out the few fancy clothes I have and discover I had options, rather than just one that fitted. My girls had fun helping me decide which one to wear (though I declined their recommendation to wear the red shoes (which they were right, look great, but are crippling)).

12-03-2013, 07:27 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – 13 day streak on plan, CREDIT moi. Also completed four straight days of left over turkey for both lunch and dinner! That was fun. I do love leftover turkey. Finished off about five containers from last Thursday; the fridge begins to look normal again. Afternoon and evening were the difficult times when I heard the cry for snacks. It was telling that the cry wasn't for a specific, small snack, but rather for my hand in DW's jar of tree nuts - the whole hand.

Exercise was a pair of walks, CREDIT moi, as well as a walk to the library to return David and Goliath ( As I expected, I was annoyed with his redundant writing style as well as his know-it-all style. Perhaps I should take pleasure that his book reminded me that many people grow from adversity.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for seamlessly starting streaks over again.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Kudos for trying different diet plans to find what you need. Neat that you can make eating out work, "Am having a canteen lunch that I have planned for."

Pam (pamaga) – Thanks for the thoughts about plate size - interesting that one goal is to learn what moderate portions look like on the plates we'll face outside our own homes.

maryann - LOL at don't "call it the "Magic Bullet"" at the airport - although it seems appropriate to take your Magic Bullet to the Magic Kingdom. Drooling at the thought of a pan of fresh dry roasted pecans. (Noting to myself that I'm not drooling for a moderate serving, but for a pan, LOL.)

nationalparker – Kudos for "ate 60% of it and left the rest" - stopping can be hard. Hope your mom's tests are going well.

ForMyGirls - Thanks for doing this collective streak thing. Perfectionism is a problem for me, also; particularly the point when I fall off the perfect path and then have to sheepishly step back on. Beck speaks eloquently about getting back on track; we call all read that if we get skunked by falling off our streaks. Hope you made it to sleep on time last night.

MikeB - It works for me to read my ARC's in the morning. When challenges arise, I have to work from memory. "NO CHOICE," and "Not About Me," are my weapons of choice.

LoseToAll - Back on track are, indeed, the magic words of success.

Readers - day 8 Create Time and Energy

what are you thinking?
If you, too, have set unreasonable rules for yourself, you might find it difficult to make changes. Ask yourself, Do I truly have control over my schedule? Am I over burdened with responsibilities? Do I feel as if my life is just too complicated? Don't decide that changes are impossible, though, until you've consulted with you diet coach. While your best shot at weight loss is to do the Beck Diet Solution program as suggested, you and your coach might decide that it's better for you to incorporate the steps more gradually.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 105.

12-03-2013, 11:00 AM
My 100%OP Day makes my streak count = 8.

I wrote a Christmas treat on my plan for today, so we'll see how that goes.

I have an event tonight, but I'm going to pretend they aren't serving food. I love that I go to these things for something other than the food, now. That used to be the main event for me.

There's a big exciting, but currently under wraps, thing going on in my life right now. Credit for not eating over it. And for getting the work done when I tell people I'll do it.

WI: +0.15 kg, Exercise: +45 90/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

MikeB: I read my cards every day and, over time, they have sunk into my brain so they come up at the odd moments I need them. It helps, too, to read how other people use these slogans in our group. Sometimes I'll have a moment that reminds me of what someone else experienced here and I'll remember that they said NO CHOICE or Hunger is Not an Emergency or That's Not About Me.

12-03-2013, 11:15 AM
Hi Coaches!

I continue to read here daily, and most important, I continue to work my Beck program and stay as close as I can to OP. Not much advance planning these days, but I make it a priority to have our home stocked with healthy foods which makes the decision making process easier. I weigh everyday and stay within my maintenance range. credit. I continue to focus on Veganbefore6 and have noticed it has really curtailed unplanned snacking at work. I havent had a bite of any of the holiday goodies being brought in because I really "think" those items through. Yay!

I am enjoying following the progress of our "streakers" here. Credit to all.

12-03-2013, 02:50 PM
Good morning coaches

This is a quick check in to switch posting to the mornings where I can report on the day before and plan for the day.

Credit for being back on the scoreboard FormyGirls. I will be pleased when I want to "frock up" again. That is a great streak that both GardenerJoy and BillBE have going. I need to keep focus and maintain consistency to get up a head of steam. Not sure I am aiming for a turkey streak though. That might send me to the nut jar as well.

Checked in 4 days in a row
-.4(today) / -1.8 from tracker
4.4/3 (same as last night);
Planned food and ate 90% according to plan
Having a canteen lunch that I have planned for. Hamburger plus salad, no bun. Apple

12-03-2013, 04:24 PM
hi there, does anybody remember me?
I pop in and read your posts from time to time.
enjoying seeing some of you putting perfect OP days together.
I wanna do it too!!
can I join you?

p.s. just dusted off my pink book and I'm re-reading it.

12-03-2013, 04:37 PM
Day 16: Prevent Unplanned Eating: I see that Dr. Beck's food plan has a model of writing out your food plan first and then at the end of the day checking off the foods that you didn't eat and then adding in the foods that you did eat.

I don't do my food plan that way. Like many of us, I am a creature of habit so I pretty well know ahead of time what I will eat for most meals. However, when I depart from that to a certain extent is when I dine out. The way that I have learned to handle that is to frequent the same restaurants so I know their menus really well and I know exactly what I will eat prior to ordering. However, yesterday broke my streak. :( I had my food plan already configured and I went to a restaurant we have frequented for ten years.

Since we were eating between lunch and dinner menus, what I had pre-planned was not available for another hour so I had to make a change in my meal on the spot. It caused me to go over in my calories for the day. The primary reason being how the food was served and not having pre-configured the calories in them. I have been thinking today how I might have handled that differently since this BDS is also about problem-solving.

MikeB I do not physically read my ARC cards (from 18 months or so ago) simply because I have them memorized. I did reread them recently and nothing has changed in both my reasons for losing weight, the problems that I still encounter that are probably unique to me and how to go about losing the extra weight as well as maintaining that weight loss. I am sure that many here would echo that. I am "home alone" all day so I know enough to stay out of the kitchen unless it is meal or snack time. I have to create structure into my life because it is a blank page. I am semi-retired, which I love, but it does bring its own particular challenges.

Like many others here, I have a couple of chosen phrases as my "mantras" that I use. "No deep fried, no bread or rolls and no unplanned dessert items." is the one I use the most when scanning a menu. I now need to add, "no sauces or cheese." as well. Or I was thinking that maybe the four Bs " Baked, Broiled and Bare Bones." That should help make the food choices easy to make when in a pinch. So, this is (like so many things in life) a "work in progress".

My strategy is keeping myself on a "short lease". It is boring and sounds lackluster--no magic bullets here I am afraid. I once read a quote about war but I think it also applies to the "battle of the bulge" : "Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom." I have accepted that this is something that I will do until my dying breathe although I may skip logging my food plan the day before my last day...we'll see..:D

So, ForMyGirls, I am back to square one with one point. I did do my free weight workouts while watching "Santa Clause" with Tim Allen last night.
I love to exercise, even sore muscles, and I got DH to join me since he too is now experiencing arthritis in his left knee. It is an occupational hazard I am sure.

All, great job on keeping on task, no matter what that might be.

Take care, Pam :comp:

P.S. :welcome3: Lulu. I too have returned after a long while. It now feels like home. Great group of Beck enthusiasts here. I too am re-reading the pink book. I am about 2 weeks in.

12-03-2013, 10:30 PM
Hey LuLu - good to see your smiling face back here! Darn, I sure would have liked to be able to say I stuck with it and am close to my goal :) But still plugging away...

LONG workday today for me. Rushed home, scarfed down some leftovers from last night (did good at dinner, eating more than a third but less than half of my entree ... but in all honesty, it was LARGE) ... still have more leftovers remaining from the dinner, so will leave those for DH. Packing and doing laundry and worrying about my trip. Tomorrow looks fine but they're saying it's dicey getting out on Thursday due to the winter storm. I'm a big one on not borrowing worry, but boy oh boy I want to get home to my family in Florida. Mom was discharged yesterday evening and sounded okay when we spoke for a few minutes, then she got sick all of a sudden.

Flight is at 6 a.m., so alarm is set for 3:30 a.m. to get rolling and to the airport by 5, so just a brief note here.

+1 for me - stuck to my plan of leaving much of my entree last night - and today it's been a no-snacking day!

12-03-2013, 10:38 PM
Good Evening, Coaches.

Well I proved two Beck principles this week. The first is that it DOES take tremendous amounts of time to eat healthy. I searched and searched the health food store to find my breakfasts and second meals for my trip to Disneyland. I literally bought an item, took it outside and tried it to decide if it was tolerable. I am hear to tell you, lots of "health" foods are yucky! Finally I found a terrific, airport friendly alternative to my usual breakfast: a travel pack of Justin's almond butter on top of a Kind bar - 10 grams of protein, fiber and tasty. Second meals will be nitrate free beef jerky, dark chocolate and homemade roasted pecans. It took me another hour to put everything in individual servings and then group in ziplocks. But it is done. Now I can relax and know two meals are already committed everyday. I can enjoy a fresh fruit snack and a restaurant meal everyday, as well.

Second Beck principle:The more you exercise your resistance muscle, the stronger it gets. I was desperate for sweets to take the edge off at work. But I resisted for hours. usually a craving will dissipate. Not this one. Five minutes before I left, I told myself "Well now you are leaving, you can take some with you." Good gravy. I did not and I can say I was OP today. No way would that have happened three months ago. I couldn't put two sweet-free days together.

Mike: I have my advantage cards typed in my reminder ap on my phone. They pop up everyday.
Pamatga: I like your other definition of Magic Bullet and agree there are none to be found with me and food.
LuLu: Of course we remember you. Welcome back.
Lexxiss: Huge credit for staying away from the ample holiday offerings being brought in.
BBE: Now, I find leftover turkey dry. What is your secret?
Formygirls: I bought a new "frocking" item and it is in my lowest size ever - fabulous silvery pants. Quite exciting.

12-04-2013, 07:55 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – 14 day streak on my eating plan, CREDIT moi. First day without leftover turkey since Thanksgiving. I miss it already. DW told me that Whole Foods had a sale on turkey parts, "Do you want any?" Of course not, for now. But I don't regret those four days of lunch and dinner of turkey. I only regret that we ran out of her homemade cranberry sauce - an uncooked variety made with an old hand grinder with whole oranges.

Did gym, CREDIT moi, including the exercise class with the Zumba instructor who tones it down for us non-Zumbanians. Can't believe that I don't tire of working out to 'Y-M-C-A' in the background; she makes the hand motions part of the movement.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Neat idea to "pretend they aren't serving food" - can't wait to hear how that goes.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – This planning thing seems to make a difference, per your, "I really "think" those items through."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Kudos for four days in a row checking in as well as beating your steps goal of 5000 steps. Love reading, "Hamburger plus salad, no bun. Apple" after reading that as your published plan from the day before.

Pam (pamaga) – Thanks for "Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom" applied to our eating plan. LOL at "may skip logging my food plan the day before my last day" while wondering how you're going to manage to figure out when it's that day.

maryann - Just an amazing Sabotaging Thought after a day of sanity, "Well now you are leaving, you can take some with you." Blows my mind. Kudos for seeing through it. What a superb job of panning and constructing meals that will make your Disneyland trip an eating-plan success. [The secret is to grow fond of dry turkey, LOL.]

nationalparker – Waving toward your plane on its way to Florida. Glad to hear that your mom was discharged - hope that's the beginning of recovery. Kudos for leaving more than half of your entree.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Of course you can join in. We particularly welcome your re-reading the Pink Book since we all benefit from fresh perspectives.

Readers - day 8 Create Time and Energy

what are you thinking?
Here are some other common sabotaging thoughts and helpful responses. If any are similar to your own thoughts, make Response Cards to help you.

Sabotaging Thought: I'm a spontaneous person. I don't like to schedule my time.
Helpful Response: To lose weight, I have to give up some spontaneity. I wish I didn't have to, but that's the way it is - at least for now. Until I've developed a routine, I can't rely on spontaneous shopping and spontaneous food preparation. But that doesn't mean that I can't be spontaneous in other ways.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 105.

12-04-2013, 11:16 AM
My 100%OP Day streak count is back to 0. :( I probably should have known that we would go out to eat after the event no matter what I wrote on my plan. Lesson learned.

The event was our member night at the Missouri Botanical Garden annual Christmas show. New this year, they have lights out in the garden. So pretending there was no food was easy. I was out walking and playing with my camera, far away from the food.

WI: -0.4 kg, Exercise: +65 155/1400 minutes for December, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome back, LuLu01801!

12-04-2013, 12:58 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome back!!
I read chapter 1, The Key To Success.
and I took the following notes from that chapter:

A slip is a temporary mistake, not a sign to give up.

Expect rough patches, plan for them, and persevere.

Challenges will gradually diminish until eating differently is just a way of life.

I can learn how to talk back to my sabotaging thoughts convincingly.

A cheat can be just a little unplanned eating that can be no big deal at all.​

To use appropriate eating behaviors consistently and permanently, ya gotta change your thinking.

Prepare for challenging moments and have "helpful thoughts" prepared ahead of time, written down, of thoughts I can think to myself when the challenge is here.

These are the things that jumped out at me as useful to have handy.
I hope they help you too!!


12-04-2013, 02:14 PM
Day 17: End Overeating As I said earlier that some of these days were going to be easier than others. The past three days in the pink book says it all about my whole reason for being here. For me, eating mindfully and slowly is easy. However, how I define "overeating" has changed quite a bit over the past several years, which makes me wonder if this is one area that I am going to have to tweak right up to my end goal weight as well as into maintenance. I am beginning to think so. So, I definitely like Dr. Beck's definitions at the time being because they can be taken into account the physical sensation of being full vs. a specific amount of calories. However, it really does mean being in touch constantly with your stomach, your appetite and your desire to continue to eating beyond the feeling of fullness. This is definitely about self-awareness in a way that many major diet plans do not even scratch the surface on.

I had a major meltdown yesterday regarding one of the darkest clouds that has been hanging over my life for the past six months and I had the most frightening realization that it may take longer than I had previously thought before it moves on. I was angry, scared and confused. Up until I rejoined this group, I had allowed this 'set of circumstances' derail me with my food plan. I love to exercise, in spite of my RA, and I kept that up for the majority of that time but my food plan was so hit and miss. I was really feeling demoralized when I arrived here. I had not lost a pound since mid-June although I also had not gained more than 2-3 lbs. either. Credit moi for that.

However, with this 'a-ha' moment last night, I realized that I am going to be in for the fight of my life regarding both my ability to hold it together and continue to lose weight as I both need and want to. So, I have also come to the acute realization that I need this BDS more than ever. :book2: I am exactly where I need to be. No doubt about it!

I credit myself for making a much better choice for dinner last night and doing my cardio later. So, ForMGirls, I now have 2 points since I had to re-start over this past Monday.

maryann You said it so well about how to both exercise your resistance muscle as well as the importance in doing so. I also belong to a couple other online weight loss support threads/groups and, time and time again, I keep coming back to those who "fail to plan, plan to fail." We can not allow ourselves to be like innocent sheep going to slaughter simply because we did not understand the significance of this concept. Those people who have successfully lost weight and kept it off know this deep in their bones.

Joy(gardenerjoy): Your night at the Botanical Gardens sounds just lovely. I so agree with what you said about just pretending the food doesn't exist. It is using "denial" in a positive way. I have done the same thing when faced with such insurmountable odds in my life that I thought I would never be able to overcome them. I call it putting "blinders on" (like how horses wear) and keeping my objective always in mind, looking forward, not back nor sideways.

Debbie R (lexxiss): It all starts in our mind; both the defeat as well as the success. Think. Believe. Act. You got it down. Good job!:yay:

Cheryl(seadwaters): Great Job on the stepping :running: as well as 4 days of OP.

lulu Thanks for all of the insights. I agree with BBE that all of you are both my peers as well as my teachers. :welcome: back again. I was here about two years ago, tried other things, learned some things, and ready to really push to my end goal weight: maintenance by Thanksgiving Day 2014.

Take care all, Pam :comp:

12-04-2013, 04:04 PM
I typed this up last night but it didn't send so trying again ...

Hello coaches,

36 points on the board for us all tonight. Yay to us all.

It was touch and go for me today but I squeaked it in for an OP day. Had intended to have 2 of my weekly indulgences available tonight so that I could have a glass of wine and dessert at the function tonight but the plan was scuttled by last night's gelato expedition with the kids. Spent the drive there tonight debating inside my head as to whether I could edit my plan to increase my "indulgences" and thereby be OP???? Because I really didn't want to report in with zero tonight. Fortunately I was greeted on arrival by a drinks tray with orange juice at which point Joy's "alcohol OR dessert" strategy surfaced and I remembered how much more I like dessert than wine. So very pleased with myself for having a booze free night and being OP.

Also very stoked that tonight that I won an award for my work:-) Even more stoked that it comes with a small amount of cash attached. At any other time it would be the recognition that mattered most but it has been a very difficult year financially so it is huge relief to know that my little people won't have to wonder why Santa suddenly got so stingy!

Lulu - lovely to meet you and delighted to have you join in the streaking. My elder daughter's in utero name was Lulu so seeing your name brought a special smile to my face :-)

12-04-2013, 04:45 PM
am I missing something?
what is all this mention of earning points?
do we have a point system in place for our streaking?

12-04-2013, 05:24 PM
Checking in from Tulsa, OK. Work is done for the day, and folks here have been really urging me to try to fly out tonight before the ice tomorrow, but I cannot rig up a flight to get out to Florida, via ANYWHERE, apparently. So ... I will keep my fingers crossed and get the rental car gassed up, returned and to the airport early tomorrow morning for a mid-morning flight. I'll be the silly person who shows up HOURS before her flight because I'm nervous about driving on icy roads. :) I am trusting that my good karma will hold out and I'll get home to my folks tomorrow.

I'm struggling about feeling that I deserve something indulgent tonight for dinner. That's been my thought this afternoon ... WHY do I think this way? I've counted up my calories today (lunch with the people I had to meet with was Mexican - left part of it, which was hard). If I go light tonight, I'm STILL on track. But it has to be pretty light :) I will have enough difficulty remaining within my calorie goals while at home. Food is all around, and I seek out what isn't. A slice of American cheese? Sure. ... Hmm... what's this? Oh, I'll try that. My mantra will be, "I'm here to help THEM, not help myself."

I weighed this morning and was up but feel confident that my choices had been wise with limited snacking, just the restaurant meal that was split into three, and I'm sure was sodium-filled.

Thanks, Lulu, for those "takeaways" ... I needed to see them today. I've put them on a computer sticky note to read when I log on. The points are for every day that we are OP (whatever we each decide is OP - some are +1 for eating OP and +1 for activity ... others are 90% or more OP is +1, etc. - whatever works for you) ...

Bill - You've been the mad streaker - good job! Our leftover turkey will probably now spoil because I forgot to freeze it and DH is prepping his own meals, none of which will include the turkey, but rather Trader Joe's frozen meals while I'm gone. I teased him to not buy several at once, because everyone who saw the cart would think I didn't make him good meals.

PamAtGa - I have thoroughly enjoyed your review of each chapter - I've not had the time to pull my book out and commit to reading each chapter, so your check-ins have been invaluable.

12-04-2013, 10:33 PM
Checking in a little later than morning - but 5 days in a row!

My food yesterday was on plan - and my food logging showed I was 89 calories over - good enough. My exercise also reached the goals set. So a good day. Today is shaping up as on plan but more of that in the morning

Welcome LuLu - I will leave it to ForMyGirls to explain the streak challenge - her great idea. Essentially it is about trying to achieve a streak of successes in one or several goals without being overwhelmed by perfectionism. Great job maryann in preparing for travel - I would do well to be as thorough. Had to smile at BillBE lip and hand synching to Y-M-C-A - that would be one good workout. Great 14day streak. Commiserations Gardenerjoy - I am sure your 100% streak served the purpose of realigning your plan. Christmas lights and snow sound so exotic to us Australians. Hang in there Pam (pamatga) - seems you have all the tools you need for that fight of your life. Ouch that you can't trust your usual restaurant not to provide your usual menu. Congratulations ForMyGirls, for the award AND passing up the wine to celebrate it with. Major kudos. Hope the trip home goes well nationalparker.

Checked in 5 days in a row
-.4 lb again (today) / -2.2 lb from tracker (in onederland again :) )
4.3/3 (same as last night);
Planned food and ate according to plan

12-05-2013, 06:19 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – 15 day streak of on-plan eating, CREDIT moi. I am so grateful for this streak diversion. It helped me last night as I spent two hours with friends around a table laden with eight (I counted them) different snack foods and six beverages. I chose to take nothing - not a thing - partially feeling smug that I could report my streak unbroken. I didn't even take the bubbly water since I wasn't thirsty and was happy without servicing my desire to constantly put something in my mouth.

Exercise was two walks, CREDIT moi. I dressed warmly for the bitter cold; it wasn't cold so I overheated. When I think of myself as outdoors, I wear the kind of layers that are easily shed into my backpack. When I think of myself in the city, the layers aren't as easily shed. Oh Well.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – You always make the Missouri Botanical Garden sound fun. Kudos for enjoying it sufficiently to ignore the food - I gotta remember that.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Congrats on "in onederland again." Kudos for on plan with both food and exercise.

Pam (pamatga) – Sending supportive thoughts as you face the reality of "one of the darkest clouds" with Kudos for recognizing that your eating plan must also continue as you face it.

nationalparker – Waving toward Tulsa, OK hoping that you're on an airplane out of there. Love your mantra, "I'm here to help THEM, not help myself." Super Kudos for recognizing that you're making wise choices rather than worrying about scale jitter.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Thanks for the notes. Today I'm struck by the big obvious, "ya gotta change your thinking." Need to remember that it doesn't seem obvious when I want to waddle about my old ruts. Yep, ForMyGirls is maestro of this streak business. I'm using it to help counter a recent excursion into off-plan snacks.

ForMyGirls - Congrats for that award for your work. A little cash always seems to increase the credibility of the recognition. Kudos for making the choice between wine and dessert.

Readers - day 8 Create Time and Energy

what are you thinking?
Here are some other common sabotaging thoughts and helpful responses. If any are similar to your own thoughts, make Response Cards to help you.

Sabotaging Thought: I don't have the time to do the steps in this program.
Helpful Response: It might be more accurate to say that I'm not willing to make the time. If I had to get a blood transfusion every day to keep myself alive, obviously I'd find the time. While being overweight isn't necessarily life threatening, I still need to make a serious commitment if I want to diet successfully. I need to look at my Advantages Response Card again and judge whether I really want to lose weight.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 105.

12-05-2013, 07:08 AM
Hello coaches,

I am not sure whether pavlova is known outside Australia - but for those who do know of it I think you will be as proud of me as I am proud of myself for saying "actually I'll just have some fruit salad" and my work Xmas party today. I did eat past full at dinner tonigt which means sadly I am back to zero even after declining wine and one of the world's top 5 desserts. But hey - 6 months ago I would have had all 3! Plus it is kinda cool that being past full feels uncomfortable now and not just normal.

Another credit also for getting my morning walk even though I "really didn't want to" and despite that our heat wave suddenly turned freezing and it would have been very easy to say I'm too cold.

Despite my transgressions out group tally remains wonderfully high - 38. Go team. Looking forward to helping it climb some more tomorrow.

Lulu - the others have done some good explaining - but just to add my two cents worth - the deal is if you want to be in the streaking then you pick a habit you want to create - it is really up to you what you set and how much wriggle room you want in it. Then when you post you let us know how many days in a row you have achieved your goal. I then add up everyone's points to see what our total points are. The theory is we're each working individually so stay on track but at the same time contributing to a collaborative goal. Does that make sense yet? I think the tentative plan is to keep it going till early January. Speaking for myself I think it will be good to have this extra incentive to get me through the constant stream of 'events' that is the Christmas season.

12-05-2013, 11:13 AM
My 100%OP Day streak count is up to 1.

It was a weird day, though. I didn't write my plan until mid-morning, which happened to be after a big disappointment. So, I wrote an unusual lunch and snack on my plan, treats. It worked in that it compartmentalized things so it didn't trigger binges or cravings. But, at the end of the day, I decided I would have been better off with a long walk and my normal food. Good to know.

WI: +0.65 kg, Exercise: +45 200/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

12-05-2013, 01:14 PM
Before I make a comment about this day I am "working"; I wanted to share with all of you why I started doing this in the first place. First of all, believe or not, even though I still remember many of you from my stint before a couple of years ago, I felt somewhat tongue-tied just jumping back in the dialogues mid-stream so for me, it just started as the proverbial "ice breaker". After I hit the last day (which I think is Day 41) then I will just post which skill I am working on at that time and how I am doing with it; although, by the looks of it already it might be a handful I will be juggling.

Day 18: Change Your Definition of Full: I was just thinking about this last night and this morning. In the distant past, I have joined many different weight loss programs, some costing in the thousands with no guaranteed results either. The one thing that strikes me as I am re-reading this book is how so many of those programs hand you their plan (usually one size fits all too) and then the expectation is that you will lose weight on that, showing up once a week for a weigh in.

Now, I am speaking from my experiences in a decade or so ago so things may have changed but I do not recall anyone ever giving me the tools (and that is what BDS does) to deal with the different kinds of situations that I might find myself in. I remember asking this once while following a nationally known weight loss program (that advertises on t.v. all the time with famous celebrities) and the contact person just told me "do as we tell you to do". I did but it did not guarantee that the weight that I did lose would not return, which it did.

Repeated banging your head against a wall is very demoralizing and I have done my share of that. It reminds me of the definition of insanity, " doing the same thing over but expecting different results." Well, the day the "insanity stops" is the day you start to do things differently. If I can pinpoint one specific thing that I like about this book and what Dr. Beck outlines is that if you want "different results" (which, of course, we all do) then we need to do things differently. Then, she sets about showing what that is.

The first time that I read this book I was taken aback by how direct and almost blunt Dr. Beck "comes across" but since reading other books on the same subject, I now really appreciate her "no nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is" directives. Many of these other books are even on the best sellers list; however, they hem and haw and try to obscure some of the truths that are self-evident in this book. I think they are just plain afraid of telling people that the primary and only function that food should have in our lives is to fuel our body to perform at its best. It reminds me of a couple of lines from the movie "A Few Good Men": "I just want the truth" whereas the other character says, "You can't handle the truth." Well, Dr. Beck believes we can and we must.

I want to say that I have tried to incorporate these principles in diet groups that I have lead. I have not had the success that I had thought I would but I think that conversation says it best. It takes a certain level of wanting to face the truth about ourselves that many people that I have come to know, some very well, do not want to face about themselves. They would rather remain "where they are at". Period. I respect that although knowing that some of them are risking their health and that they are good friends makes it tough for me to watch. Still, one thing I learned in my 18 years of working the 12 Steps; we are all at different points in the same journey, some of which we may see on the other shore and can only "wish them well" once we "cross over". When this happens, I am always saddened by it initially but I have learned to let go their "recovery" to embrace my own.

I have come to a crossing where I am willing to give this program my absolute best. I will admit that when I read it before I didn't work the entire program as Dr. Beck lays out so I had "partial success". She addresses this early on and reminds people to not skip around using a hit or miss approach. I didn't listen then but I am now. It is also at this time, and it has been a long time in coming unfortunately, that I also want to face another equally persistent and troubling "addiction"; one that I also practiced "half-measures". I am really being tested and tried right now. However, I plan to use this BDS to navigate my way through so I do lose weight while I am dealing with the other "addiction". I can't wait to lose the weight and then deal with the other. The stress of not doing something is worse than dealing with it. Dr. Beck talks about the stress of debating on whether to give in vs not giving in and this is no different.

I will skip personals today since this has already gotten longer than I had planned. The past several days in her book are the key areas that I know I need to work on. This day in particular. However, I am here to say that it is doable and I have done it on more than one occasion.

ForMyGirls: I can add another point for working out: 3 thus far since Monday when I started over. My food plan has been healthy but I am still going over on calories so for me that means "off plan". It hasn't impacted my weight because I am working out. However, today I have decided that I am going to have to eliminate some food items from my meal plan "moving forward". Like others here, what "on plan" means for me does evolve over time. I adjust it when it is no longer meeting the objective that is at hand; which also changes from time to time. Now is that time.

Take care all, Pam :comp:

12-05-2013, 01:57 PM
Came across this, which seemed to fit me:

"If you’ve labeled yourself as a food addict, I suggest you retire this psychologically toxic concept from your mind. You’re a seeker of well-being who is still mastering the learning curve of moderation."


12-05-2013, 03:25 PM
Happy Thursday everybody!!
It's good to be back.
I read my ARCs this morning and hope to every morning.
Food is on track, feels good.
I'm doing damage control before the christmas damage!! :)
For today, I feel good, I feel on track and it's good to connect with you Becksters.

I'm so excited!!
Tonight is opening night at the high school for my son's play (he's a senior).
he's in A Streetcar Named Desire and he's playing Stanley.
they have been working hard on this for quite a while now and I'm anxious to see it tonight, proud mama that I am!!!!

nationalparker, Why do you feel like you “deserve something indulgent tonight”? It sounds like you are just craving. One of my ARC says “Craving. . . When I am craving, my mind is focused on getting food, not on getting thinner. That’s why I have to cement the reasons in my mind by reading my list every day”. Maybe you need to get out those cards and really sit with them and focus hard on your goals and visualize giving in and how you will feel and how much further you will be away from your goals.

seadwaters, Good job with reaching your goals!!! Question . . . what is “KM” in your stats?

Bill, 15 days straight of OP!!! WOW!!! And you had nothing to eat at that food laden table? You sure mean business!!! You are very motivating.

ForMyGirls, Good to see you giving yourself credit even though you are “back to zero”. I find it difficult to give myself credit unless I’m perfect and I want to change that about myself. Thanks for clarifying the challenge and point earnings. So I should pick one thing I want to focus on? Only one thing? And then each day that I do that one thing, I earn a point?

gardenerjoy, Congrats on 1 perfect 100% day!!!! Yeah, it usually turns out that a day of normal food is much more satisfying than a day of treats. I have an ARC that says “Satisfying Hunger . . . I will NEVER satisfy my hunger by eating junk food that provides no nutrition, so cut it out!!!” I'm sorta yelling at myself in this card!!! haha

pamatga, Years ago I was in OA myself. I lost 100 lbs there and have been gone for 10 years and have kept it off. I went to one meeting recently just to revisit it. Not quite sure I belong but it’s a wonderful fellowship.

mike, I would love to believe that I will master moderation. I always say I don’t have a moderate bone in my body. I’m either 100% or 0%. Even though I’ve been maintaining a normal size body for quite some time now, I’m always battling and it’s exhausting. I’m hoping to change my thinking with Beck Solutions so that I can have more peace.

have a great day, my friends.
I'll check in tomorrow!!

12-05-2013, 09:29 PM
Later than I planned to check in again today. And a quick one at that

MikeB - I like the idea of being a "seeker of well-being who is still mastering the learning curve of moderation" - think it will be a lifelong journey

Checked in 6 days in a row
-.4 lb again (today) / -2.6 lb from tracker
5625/5000 (just squeaked in);
KM (kilometres :) )
100% on plan

12-06-2013, 01:17 AM
Super brief was 100% within calorie range,
and that was the travel day plan. Took on stress I didn't need to .. and felt I needed to eat more to quell stress, clearly disordered thinking... worrying about travel/icy conditions for me and DH in two diff states, my folks, my work, etc...enough.

Now I'm exhausted but plan to check in on the trip each day. How do our Canadian friends get thru icy winters!? 80 degree s here at home in Florida. Sweet.

12-06-2013, 07:15 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – 16 days in a row of snacks as planned (or less), CREDIT moi. Dinner was dahl (lentil soup) - particularly welcome when it feels cold outside. One option for straying from my plan was to add uncounted tortilla chips with it; I didn't add any. My evening snack was a California Navel Orange - usually a favorite. This one was tasteless. Nevertheless I ate the whole thing. When I'm enlightened, I'll stop eating something that isn't satisfying.

Exercise was installing our new washer and dryer. CREDIT moi for doing what had to be done. The washer is the new 'High Efficiency' type with the odd feature that you don't specify how much water to use. IT decides. The answer is always "very little." Through the top loading glass lid you watch as the basin wobbles about - there's no agitator to tangle sheets into knots. Special High Efficiency low suds detergent is required that also doesn't gunk up the water level sensors.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Ouch for disappointment; Kudos for using planning to prevent food from being your response.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Kudos for 100% on plan as well as keeping your steps above goal.

Pam (pamatga) – Thanks for the reminder that it's the Beck tools that help us stay the course rather than the specifics of the diet.

nationalparker – Kudos for staying within calories despite all the stress stacked up during travel.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Wow, A Streetcar Named Desire is pretty adult themed Tennessee Williams for high school. Hope your Stanley did well over the range of loving and lust. Kudos for "damage control before the christmas damage."

ForMyGirls - Once here on 3FC I attributed the dessert, Pavlova (, to the Aussies; I was politely corrected by a New Zealander who posted that the Kiwi's invented it. For those who wish to stay on plan, I recommend that you don't click on that food porn link. Super Kudos for turning down that special dessert.

MikeB - Love the notion that I'm a "seeker of well-being."

Readers - day 8 Create Time and Energy

..Once I accept the fact that dieting takes
time and energy and I change my schedule
. . . .accordingly, dieting will be easier.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 105.

12-06-2013, 07:35 AM
Ok. I am back on the board. Was a day with plenty of challenges - morning tea with a friend with scones on the table. (I had None- credit). Run around day which meant at shops in early afternoon without having yet had lunch (came home for quick healthy option rather than grabbing fast food - credit) and an evening meal out and chose very healthy. (Credit again)

As a team we're on 35. So far my longest personal streak is 6. I really want to beat that now!

Lulu - hope the opening night went well. In terms of whether to pick one thing or many it is really up to you. If there is one thing that you struggle with that you think is particularly important then that might be a good thing. For me what I have been needing is to stop the creep where I gradually shift the line of what is OK (ie: I work out what I need to do and then when I do most of it I say "don't give yourself grief for not being perfect - and then suddenly the goal is doing 80% - and then when I only do most of that 80% I say "don't give yourself grief for not being perfect ..." So for me to keep up my streak requires being 100% OP - which means eating within my diet and doing all the exercise and Wellbeing tasks that are scheduled for that day (ie: stretches, meditation, walking, strength exercises taking multivitamins, going to bed on time etc - different tasks on different days but whatever is due to be done that day needs to be done)

Having said all that about not letting the 'creep' come in I am adjusting the rules and letting myself have a bedtime extension tonight. We took the kids to the lighting of the Christmas tree (which in Oz has to happen at 8.30pm because it is approaching the longest day of the year!) so they are only just in bed and I need some chill out time or else I will be a very grumpy mummy when little people appear in the morning!

12-06-2013, 10:46 AM
My 100%OP Day streak count is now 2.

Today I have a Plan A and a Plan B. Plan A includes two events at the Art Museum. Plan B is in case the weather keeps us in the house.

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +30 230/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses:

BillBlueEyes: thanks for braving the oranges. I don't buy my first orange of the season until you say they're good.

12-06-2013, 11:00 AM
Tis the season for Clementines . . . DELISH!!!

12-06-2013, 01:56 PM
Checking in to say that I'm SO NOT on track today and need to reset my thinking and thought, I'll come clean here. I can resurrect the day today but will have to restart my streak tomorrow ... Indulged with regular chips at lunch ... I don't mind including one serving of chips (a legit serving) once a week or every other week ... this made the second serving this week, so a deal- breaker. Then grazed on a mini milky way bar and four candy corn that were certainly not on plan. I'm starting the holiday baking for my folks, and have the toll house cookies baking. I did two for myself without nuts and have the rest with pecans, which I don't like. I ate both already!! I was aiming for one tonight and one tomorrow night - they're not large, but STILL I'm showing no restraint.

Dinner tonight is already set with me bringing home food for my dad to try from a Thai place - definitely a step out of his comfort zone but I said they have good chicken fried rice and he really does like that and never gets it. He's never EVER had a weight problem (and for 30 years of his navy career, never ate breakfast or lunch, just dinner and grazed at night) before they called it anything fancy!

Committing to restarting now and drinking my water and holding on until dinner... I'm going to start putting my streak at my bottom of my notes so I can actually SEE it :)

Humph = at 0

12-06-2013, 03:09 PM
Day 19: Stop Fooling Yourself: This only needs a few words said since the title says it all to me. Denial. Self-awareness. Honesty with oneself and others. Bending the rules to fit the occasion or circumstance rather than standing your ground no matter what the occasion or circumstance is. Just to name a few that are key in any kind of "recovery". Period.

On the flip side of this is: coming "clean" about my intentions, my efforts, my track record, my history, whatever that is "elementary" in both losing weight and keeping it off.

This past year I went through a period where I was "fooling myself". It started out as a white lie and then it grew. I also had to chuck a long-held self-image of myself as "doing no wrong" " Ms. Near-Perfect", etc. I had an initial success and then I panicked. I didn't know if I could keep it up so I started bending the rules a little. I would have a late night snack but then add it to my next day's food plan. The problem became chronic and I found that in order to stay within my calorie range I had to go longer periods of time with no food and then that would mess with my blood sugar.

Then, since I was reporting to others on a weekly basis I had to have a Sunday of practically no food so I could come in "under the wire" and show some kind of weight loss. The leader, well-intentioned, started offering "awards" which initially I was winning honestly but then later I was doing so much dancing in place that I hated to even accept them since they were achieved by ill-gotten gains. The tension and stress of keeping up this charade lasted six months until a disagreement with another co-leader lead to an online brawl. I got sucked into it but I felt ashamed of how low I had taken myself. The one thing that I pride myself on is integrity and, quite honestly, I had none at that point.

So, after a very tense and exhausting night, I decided to clear the decks. I cut the poison out before it killed me. After the dust settled and I felt my center of calm return, I decided to take stock of things and start fresh.

So, I am being honest when I say that I don't have "perfect" on plan days more than one week at a time and if I do it is like Hailey's Comet. So, this day is probably the most pivotal day of any of them in this book. I have to be real, I have to be honest, I have to allow myself to be "less than perfect" because if I don't then all of that above starts to creep back into my psyche and then into my actions.

I have been at this for nearly 30 years. I have tried every diet on this planet and then some. The obesity was the tip of the iceberg so I had to dig deeper and work on some internal stuff until I could really give this weight loss all of the attention that it both deserves and I need to give it. I believe I have finally come to that place. I am grateful that I have lost much of my "fat head". I do think that there are many hours and even days that I honestly live these Beck principles without even thinking about them. However, I need more consistency and that is where I am at now. So, for me being real and honest with first myself and then others is absolutely the cornerstone of my weight loss from here on out. End of story!:book2:

nationalparker: Failure is giving up entirely. Credit to you for not throwing in the towel. Safe thoughts "traveling" your way. I too love the Southern milder winters. Ten years ago on the day we left MN it was -16 below with a 40 mph wind on our backs. We followed the snow plow out onto the interstate and never looked back. I miss some things about the Midwest but the bitter cold weather is not one of them.;)

gardenerjoy: we have a busy weekend with a Christmas party tonight with live music and attending the Atlanta Brass Symphony orchestra; rain or shine, RA flare-ups or not. Tickets were pricey. ;) Be safe and stay warm.:hug:

ForMyGirls: I hear you loud and clear about the creep because I struggle with that as well. As I said the other day, there are times when foods that I could handle before, I have to have a moratorium on now. It just is what it is.

BBE Super Credit for your long streak of being OP. I too love dahl and I make it often. this past year I have ventured into Indian cuisine and I have found that curry is now a staple of a lot of my dishes. Orange sounds wonderful. Fruit is my all-time favorite so I relish it now that I only allow myself 2 servings per day. Glad you got your washer/dryer up and running. Peace has been restored I am sure not to mention clean socks and underwear to boot!:D

Lulu: Congrats on the 100 lbs weight loss and keeping it off. As Dr. Beck says in her pink book, maintaining will now be easier. I hope that it will be for you as well.

I agree with you totally on junk food. In fact the times that my DH and I have some junk food, we both look at each other and say "so now what will we fix to eat when we get home?" Since most of junk food these days is made in a chemist lab, I call it "faux food". and I don't think I am that far off. I feel so grateful that now my body asks for real whole food and I do my best to provide that to it. It is the least that I can do for my "best friend".

"Break a leg" for your son and fellow cast members. Love the movie. I credit the drama director for going with something other than "Sound of Music" or other well-worn "stock" musicals.

MikeB: thanks for the quote. As a recovering food addict, I find that although it may seem toxic to some I embrace it as my reality. By admitting I had a problem with food, I began to change my life for the better. It was May 5, 1995 but it has been a journey of self-discovery and a complete healing of both my soul and spirit. :cp:

Things are good today after a rocky three days of feeling very angry. :devil:

As my therapist once said, "Feel the feelings." I did and even better I didn't eat over them. Major credit for that. Business as usual.

Take care, Pam :comp:

12-06-2013, 06:55 PM
I'm a little tight on time but wanted to check in anyway.
I had a great day, I'm feeling really good.
for me, today is Day 2, perfectly OP!! yay me!!!

heading out shortly for round two of Streetcar Named Desire.
wow, did those kids do an amazing job last night . . . proud mama!
then I look forward to coming home and getting in my jammies after a long week and just chill.
or as my kids would say "chillax"!!!

tomorrow morning I have an appointment with my personal trainer at 7:30 and I'm ready to work hard, as my spirits are up which helps with energy and enthusiasm.
then I have a couple of other appointments.
I plan to get all the Christmas decorations out and chip away at setting those up over the weekend.

I'm grateful today for the spirit to start over in my Beck journey.
hopefully this time I don't poop out before I finish.
I hope to stay engaged and committed, with all of you.
I don't have a lot of weight to lose but I need healthy boundaries around my food and I need to plan my days.

have a great night and I'll check in tomorrow!!

12-06-2013, 10:47 PM
Hi Coaches!

Short, but better than none...It has been 12 hours since I left home this morning at -17. I'm still weighing, I'm still making every effort to eat OP, however no planning ahead of time. I'm making healthy choices and got in another day of veganbefore6. Bought a pineapple at WF instead of goodies. Picked a healthy restaurant this afternoon for late lunch with DD. Credit. The project is made more difficult with all the cold but I keep pushing forward. Today was a huge shop at HDepot so my helpers can get some stuff done while I return to my real job.
Spontaneous exercise was hauling a 50# pipe thawer into a tenants to thaw his hot water. A remarkable machine, it took 45 seconds. It was very empowering. BBE, have you ever seen one? Perhaps another item for your large garage??

Ok. I brought a book home and it's imperative that I take some time for me, if even just a few pages before I fall asleep.

12-07-2013, 12:50 AM
Hello all!

It's been a very long time since I've posted here. At the beginning of fall my life got out of control. I work full time at a non-profit and I have a second part time job on top of that. Then I started attending school full time. I also have two wonderful dogs I take care of all the time and a 6 year old I help take care of sometimes. I remember the day I read a line in my Beck book that said "It becomes as natural as brushing your teeth!" and then I realized that some days I am so busy and stressed that I don't even remember to do that!

Finals week is drawing to a close, all of my grad school applications are in for now. I have two more finals on Monday and so far I'm carrying As in all my classes. Once the semester ends, I'm recommitting to myself and my weight loss journey. Because I deserve it.

I was almost most successful when I was posting here so I'm back! If you'll have me.

Today is Day 1. I've written out my ARC, new and fresh, in a beautiful new journal. I am going to commit to reading it at 9am and 3pm every day, and I'm going to try and read it before I eat next time.

Tomorrow I will check back with Day 2! Love and support to all of you.

12-07-2013, 02:55 AM
Checking in for Friday - late (very) as usual

BillBE 16 days in a row of snack control is major credit. And no tortilla chips with lentils seems heroic somehow; ForMyGirls - credit for no scones indeed - and all the other examples of flexing that resistance muscle; Gardenerjoy - hope plan A or B did the job - a good approach to contingencies I will have to consider. Last night didn't work out so well for me; Nationalparker - thanks for being a role model for coming clean - I have the need to do a bit of that today; Pam (pamatga) - we have a theme going - and I like what you have to say about it: Coming clean, at least with ourselves to stop fooling ourselves; LuLu - yay for perfectly on plan! So good and your enthusiasm is catching. Hope you get to chill out on your weekend a bit and enjoy Christmas rituals; Lexxiss - busy as usual - hope you get some quality YOU time. I am so jealous that you USians have WH - you wouldn't believe; Veganasaurusrex - WELCOME - it is good to see you back and on track. I wish you well

I got a bit lost last night and had mashed potato with dinner which definitely wasn't on plan. I didn't let it derail me and had my planned food otherwise. I met my other goals yesterday for walking so that was good. Sometime soon I would like to increase my steps to the usual 10,000 but don't feel ready to face failure yet - in the new year

Checked in 7 days in a row
+.4 lb (today) / -2.2 lb from tracker
not totally on plan - dinner changed because I hadn't thought it through well enough :(

12-07-2013, 07:09 AM
Hello coaches,

OP today- just. One of those worn down by life days today which could very easily have resulted in a lot of calories but it didn't so I am pleased for it. I did my entire week's quota of sugar today (today being day 1 of the week) so if I has taking a hard line I would say today wasn't really in the spirit of OP - but technically it wasn't off program and I really need to not be on zero tonight so I'm taking the technicality :-)

Realised today that I am a bit worn down by not having weight loss for 4 weeks. while intellectually I can say to have maintained through a period of very tedious work stuff that usually requires chocolate bribes to keep me going, plus celebrating my 40th is good there is a bunch of barely contained panic that maybe this is it and I'm actually not going to lose anymore. Every weight loss journey I have had before has involved losing about 10kg and then stopping. So suddenly I am scared that this is history repeating itself. Perhaps the question to ask myself is "what stops me?" I maybe I need to refresh my ARC - was it Beth recently who said about the fact that many of the initial reasons have been met so now there needs to be an adjustment to focus on the things that more weightloss will achieve.

Just realised I haven't reported our group score: 37.

12-07-2013, 09:11 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – 17 days eating on plan, CREDIT moi. I'm loving this streak business. Last night I had the half pear that DW served as dessert and I count as my evening snack. I knew that she had also just cut up a fresh pineapple. In recent months, I'd have served myself some pineapple chunks after the pear. The obvious Sabotaging Thought, They're both fruit - it's like a fruit salad for your snack. Last night my Helpful Response was simply, That would break my streak. Not my idea of an enlightened response, but right now I'll take what works to get my Resistance Muscle back in shape.

Exercise was a walk to the library, CREDIT moi. My turn finally came for the story of Elizabeth Smart, My Story ( Looking forward to experiencing how she so openly speaks of the kind of awfulness that most others never say out loud.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Two plans sounds like a good idea.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Nope, I'd never heard of a Pipe-thawing machine ( - now, as you suspected, I need one, LOL. Frozen pipes scare me since they can burst with HUGE consequences. Kudos for being fit to lug a 50# machine.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Smart thinking to choose goals that you can meet; there's no rush - we're in this for life. 8660 steps was a good day.

Pam (pamatga) – Juggling denial and blood-sugar monitoring at the same time is a challenge. Kudos for charging forth.

nationalparker – Good Grief! 30 years without breakfast or lunch. Can't imagine it. Kudos for searching for a plan for your Florida visit.

Jo (veganasaurusrex) – Yay for day 1 - there are a few new folks also starting the Pink book anew so you'll have company. Kudos for getting on top of all that stuff in your life. Wishing you success in your applications to grad school.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – You've earned "proud mama!" Kudos for allowing yourself. LOL, Yep, Clementines are the proper citrus fruit right now.

ForMyGirls - Leaving scones on the table is Kudos worthy. I love being reminded that you're approaching the longest day of the year as I'm approaching the shortest. An extra Kudos for making adjustments to avoid "grumpy mummy." Kudos for facing the discouragement of a scale that doesn't easily provide happiness.

Readers - day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

Although many people attempt to lose weight through dieting alone, research clearly supports that your long-term success depends on also getting regular exercise. Results from the National Weight Control Registry - a study of thousands of participants who have lost more than 30 pounds and maintained that weight loss for at least a year - show that nearly 90 percent of dieters who lose weight and keep it off do so with a combination of diet and exercise; only 10 percent use diet alone, and 1 percent rely only on exercise.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 107.

12-07-2013, 04:11 PM
Good morning everyone! I woke up this morning and read my ARC. I need to keep on track and read it again this afternoon! It seems so silly to be tracking my progress towards such small little things when other people are able to accomplish so much more.

I think one of the reasons that I have such an aversion to such simple things like reading my ARC is I'm scared that if I follow the program, really do what it says, that I'm still going to fail and then I'll be someone who failed instead of someone who didn't try.

Today is Day 2, choosing 2 diets. I've decided that I'm going to try Weight Watchers this time. Part of my job today is to research WW more and try to figure out what it will entail and how I'll have to change my life. This has always been my backup diet. I guess that I need a new backup now. I can't really imagine what that would be. I think that it would have to be some type of carb restriction program like the Atkins diet but I have no idea how I'd make that vegan - I guess I need to explore that more. But right now I'm focusing on trying Weight Watchers and seeing if it works.

BillBlueEyes Congratulations on 17 days! That's wonderful. Also thank you as always for the warm welcome back.

seadwaters Very nice to meet you! Thanks for your warm words. Thanks also for the excellent example of coming clean. Tied to my fear of failure is a fear of being imperfect and letting other people see my imperfections. In so many other aspects of my life I'm the one in charge, the responsible one, the one who picks up other people's slack. It's so hard to confront this issue in which I have so consistently failed. However you never get anywhere without being honest - thanks for being a great role model of that.

12-07-2013, 04:23 PM
My 100%OP Day streak count is back down to 0. And now I remember why I never had many 100% days -- when DH wants something (and it's a healthy choice), I'm not willing to say we can't have it just because I happened to write down something different on the plan. So, Plan C was what happened, which I count as a 90%OP day.

Exercise was shoveling snow. Credit for being attentive so that nothing hurts today.

Today's challenge is supper out before going to a stage play. This is our family Christmas celebration with my brother, his partner, and her daughter. I've already picked out my food from the on-line menu. It's a Mexican restaurant so I've already decided how many tortilla chips I'll eat, too. The desire for a 100%OP day will help me stick to my plan.

WI: +0.15 in kg, Exercise: +85 315/1400 minutes for December, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome back, veganasaurusrex!

ForMyGirls: refreshing your ARC is a great idea -- I did that several times. I also got stuck several times. If it went on too long and I got bored with the whole thing, I tried a new plan. Generally, the new plan wasn't any better than the old one and, often, not all that different. But it always helped me refocus and stay interested. The difference between this time and all the previous times was that I found a way to keep myself interested. Posting here and reading about everyone else's journey was always helpful even when my own journey seemed to be stalled.

12-07-2013, 09:20 PM
hello again!!
I had just the most fabulous day today.
I'm OP and feeling great.
I started my day at my 7:30 appointment with my personal trainer and had a good workout.
then I had a nice long bubble bath (I read my ARCs in the tub!!).
then I had a couple other appointments in the morning.
I came home and colored my hair, glad to have that out of the way.
then I spent the afternoon with my wonderful daughter, Jillian (25yo).
we lugged out all the Christmas decorations and decked the halls, everything looks wonderful!!
then we went to the gym together for a little while, just did some cardio.
then we did a little cooking together.
we were very silly (she was in rare form lol).

so I got some good exercise in and had a very productive day.
I'm grateful to be back on track, back in the game.
thanks so much to all of you that are here in the same boat as me.
together we share this journey.

hey veganasaurus!!!
my old buddy!


12-07-2013, 10:14 PM
Hi Coaches

A fine and sunny Sunday here in the south. I am currently on plan today but yesterday unfortunately involved yet more to come clean about. I had someone come who I offered coffee to and then remembered I had biscuits I hadn't binned. So offered them some and instead of staring them down I ate two and used myself as waste disposal :( - the rest are in the bin and gone. It would be good to get to the point that I can coexist in the same physical space with food that is not on my plan

Checked in 8 days in a row - Credit!
+.4 lb (today) / -1.8 lb from tracker (grrr)
Slip up with biscuits and too generous with evening meal. Back to the drawing board

12-08-2013, 01:20 AM
This weekend has worn me out. I need to add more energy to my listing of WHY this is important to me. But in reality, 15-hour days of being on the go, on my feet and busy probably will always take it out of me. Feel like I did well today, not 100% perfect, but ordered grilled chicken salad at our family's local Italian restaurant at dinner, trying to resuscitate good choices on this trip. Honestly, it was NOT what I wanted at all, but figured I would still live without pizza. I knew if I ordered that, then I'd be eating it leftover on Sunday. Saved up a "cookie splurge" for tonight and thought I'd just skip it, and then decided to indulge. With only one cookie from being 100% and was on the go the whole day, I'm giving myself a B+ today and a +1 on my streak. Now to post a +2 tomorrow after traveling home on Sunday evening.

Told DH tonight we need to give moving to Orlando another thought - I love this warm (though unseasonal even for here with 83 today) weather over the frigid temps at home. LOVE the story, Pam, of heading south leaving those frigid temps. His company has production in orlando, and when we saw where it was this summer, we thought, Ugh, the traffic is horrid on the access routes he'd have. Now I'm conveniently forgetting that and thinking, Hmmm... let's check that out again :)

Streak = +1

12-08-2013, 06:44 AM
Hello coaches,

OP today and feeling contentedly OP (as opposed to hanging on by a thread) which is nice.

Team streak count is: 30!

Starting a new travel to work plan tomorrow which involves a combination of riding and public transport. I have tried riding to work the whole way in the past but it is 45 minutes each way which just uses up to much of the day, especially once messing about showers at work etc are factored in. Hoping this works OK as the parking at my workplace is having a massive (ie: 120%) price rise in January. I bought a fabulous new backpack with some money I was given for my birthday - helmet straps on the outside, easy access pocket for the iPad, separate bottom pocket for raincoat and change of shoes - what more could a girl want :-)

Some credits for the day - walking and stretching at the end of the day when it would have been easy to pike. Realising I needed a relaxing bath and taking it.

12-08-2013, 09:12 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – 18 days on my streak of sticking exactly to my snack plan, CREDIT moi. After we came home from the movie, Nebraska (, DW served the fresh pineapple from yesterday. Do I ever like fresh pineapple. The bigger CREDIT moi comes from shopping when I didn't buy seedless green grapes on sale for $.99/pound since I didn't need more snack fruit. I lusted after them in the store both because I love a bargain and because I love a BIG bowl of grapes. I am so proud of leaving them in the store - seems like the first defense against over-eating is not to buy the food in the first place. Nebraska was slow moving and powerful. A challenging movie for males with gray hair due to deep identification with the addle-brained father. Every direction the camera pointed showed flat, flat, flat. Hard to believe there's that much flat in one state.

Exercise was buying a Christmas tree, CREDIT moi. Not much exercise, but it sure was fun. We've bought our tree from the same guy for about 21 years (as remembered because the first one was purchased from a charity auction at my DS's middle school). So he made no money from us the first year and got 20 sales after that. We've watched his DS grow up each year helping him on the tree lot. Thanks to you Canadians who grow these and ship them down to us.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Ouch for shoveling snow. What didn't fall on you might be headed to us. Impressive idea to plan the exact count of tortilla chips at a Mexican restaurant - I've waffled and failed in front of that initial serving of chips and salsa yet never thought of the simple idea of planning a specific number.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Super neat goal to "coexist in the same physical space with food that is not on my plan."

nationalparker – Grilled chicken is a good choice; down there in the deep south you gotta fight off the fried foods. Every time I step foot in Florida I get jealous of the weather without snow shoveling and blizzards. Good luck on your flight home today.

Jo (veganasaurusrex) – Good luck with your diet choices. There's an active support group on 3FC for most diets. Kudos for accepting your own progress rather than comparing yourself to others.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Congrats for raising a DD who'll spend silly time with her mom. And Kudos for "back in the game."

ForMyGirls - Love the image of your "contentedly OP." Kudos for choosing a new backpack to support more bike riding rather than all the other ways to spend money.

Readers - day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits:

Exercise helps you stick with your diet. When you exercise, you say to yourself, I'm serious about losing weight and getting in shape ... I'm willing to make a commitment, even if I start off very small ... I'm determine to succeed, once and for all. Viewing exercise in this way can help you better commit to changing your eating, too, as this determination can carry over into your dieting efforts.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 107.

12-08-2013, 01:31 PM
My intention was to report yesterday but Saturdays is the only day that DH does not have a full schedule and, historically, it has been our day to "just talk". Six hours later I made a wonderful dinner then we settled in and watched some great classic movies.

Day 20: Get Back On Track. I don't think I ever used this phrase until I read this book the first time. Now, it is something that I have said too many times to remember and have shared that "same sentiment" with others that I have shared this weight loss journey with over the past two years. Now, I feel that I have two modes of weight loss" Being On Track or Getting Back On Track. " I just don't see any other options anymore. I love Dr. Beck's description of drawing an imaginary line since that just speaks volumes to me about setting limits and boundaries; something that I have had to do to achieve peace of mind and soul for the past 20 years. I get it!

Day 21: Weighing In. Well since this is my second tour of duty with the pink book and since I do not follow the good doctor's prescription of weighing only once a week (I weigh every morning), I will say no more except that I bought a much better (albeit more expensive) scale after "fooling myself" with a poor balance scales previously. Now, I can know within a fraction of 0.2 lbs. how well I am doing as well as how hydrated I am, my BMI and etc.

Day 22: Oh Well! My absolute favorite saying that I picked up from Dr. Beck's pink book and one that I use on just about everything under the sun. IMHO, "Oh Well" is cliff notes of the Serenity Prayer. Is life tough, is life disappointing, is life just not where you want it to be? "OH WELL!" :lol: In other words, who said it was always going to be "sunshine and lollipops"?

DH and I went to our church's Christmas party Friday night. It turned out so well for me in so many different ways that I was almost floating on the way home. Finally, after hanging onto many of the clothes that I bought in the past when I was "hoping" that I would one day be this size again (after a 20 years impasse) I wore a black sequined tank top with black crepe dress pants and silver glitter low pumps. I had a semi sheer black shawl to cover my shoulders since it was in the low 70s but lightly raining. I took one look in the mirror and said "This is why I work out!"

Knowing that this would the last large social function that we would see a lot of people whom we have known for the past ten years, for the first time in my life, my focus was all "Non Food!". I wanted to make sure that I said both hi and bye to as many people as I could. This took nearly an hour alone to do. I had already made a "parting is such sweet sorrow" speech about 3 weeks ago at our Friday night Bible study (of 30 loyal people) but this was to all who weren't present that night.

Once I sat down, I had a chance to visit with someone who has been so kind to me for so long "from a distance" and I just spent some Q-time getting to know more about her. Again, the focus was "People/Relationships" NOT Food.

Then, the big news of the night; I made sure that I followed my food plan while we ate. I got 1 TB of each food item. Fortunately, most people are requesting a much lighter fare when it comes to dinners so I don't run into a lot of foods that I can't eat. The exception being dessert but I really liked how they handled it. They set it out on the buffet table so if people wanted it then they could get it on their own. I also loved the fact that there were lots of hot coffee to go along with (one of my new strategies in keeping full) I had two bites of a chocolate cheesecake. I had 3 tall glasses of ice water. I actually came home feeling hungry but I was amazed that I handled the food situation so well.

Then, my attention turned to the live music. The live band was fantastic and everyone danced. Although I can't dance like I used to (RA) the highlight of the evening for me was slow dancing with my DH to a great cover of "Knocking on Heaven's Door" by Bob Dylan. I truly felt like Cinderella at the ball with her Prince Charming. A very memorable night for me. One that I haven't had in a very long time. I feel that I would rate this as an A+.

You know it is true what Dr. Beck says, "when you exercise your resistance muscle" it gets stronger. I also want to add it does wonders for a person's self-confidence too. Having handled both Thanksgiving and this Christmas party well has done wonders for my belief that I too am capable of handling former "slippery slopes". I am psyched to go the distance through the remainder of the holiday season. What makes this even "sweeter" is that all of this is my choice and my preference. Wow! I have come far this past year!

:welcome2: vegan..rex I don't know how a person who is vegan could be low carb except possibly by having primarily vegetables as their main source of foods then you can stay low carb that way. My DD has been a vegan for 20 years and when she told me she doesn't like vegetables, I thought what do you eat? I have since found out that not all who do not eat meat eat the same. It was quite a revelation for me.

BBE I used to eat fruit the way you do ---almost with abandonment. I love it that much. However, I have found that now I have to limit myself to no more than 2 servings, if that, simply because of how it impacts my blood sugar. I was drooling about the fresh pineapple and grapes. I never liked pineapple until I had fresh. It tastes so different than canned pineapple. So different. Now, I am slowly transferring that same love to vegetables. What helped me was participating in a "challenge" on another site to eat 7 servings of vegetables a day for a month. I really learned to appreciate vegetables in a whole new way that I hadn't before. Eating 4-5 servings a day now is really not "a big deal" anymore.

I love the idea of the "tradition" of going to the same person for a tree or for any "tradition". It has such a unity and flow to life that I cherish. It does make a person feel tender-hearted though when watching someone grow up before your eyes, if only seeing them once a year. Time flies, does it not?

Joy(gardenerjoy): I applaud :cp: your preplanned tortilla chips snack. I have done this with moderate success this past fall (see above with the dessert). I just feel that being "on plan" right now for me means "sampling" some former favorites. Some foods I can do this better than others. The ones that I can, I do and the ones that I still can't, I don't. That falls under "drawing a line". I think of it as Food 301; only for someone who has been at this a long time and has some of the other principles down pat. This also goes in sync with how Cheryl (seadwaters) has learned to co-exist with foods not on her plan. I honestly think that there are just some foods that I will never be able to eat like I would like. The list continues to grow but I am okay with that. I have a higher goal.

I have said this before and I do want to take the opportunity to say that you can come to Atlanta (at least) and not have anything deep-fried. Having lived here 10 years and counting, I live within 2 miles of the best vegetarian restaurant of Atlanta and one of the larger Whole Foods Market. Also, there are several organic food co-ops that sell food at weekly food markets; one of which I have been an active participant for the past three years. With an influx of Mid-Eastern as well as Indian peoples in recent years, we also have some great restaurants to choose from their respective regional cuisines. In fact, neither my DH nor I (and I was born in the South) like fried chicken and there are plenty of places that do not offer any of the kind of foods many people associate with the South.In fact, many of the Southern chefs now are akin to New York chefs in their shared passions. Yes, you probably can find some place that has something Andrew Zimmerman would eat but it is not the general populace any more. Healthy tasty regional food is the main course from what I have witnessed. As a foodie; this is a stereotype I feel compelled to dispel with great zeal.You can visit here and eat fresh, healthy (both good and good for you) foods every day of the year. Our tomatoes are even bright red in the dead of winter since we have multiple growing seasons. For example, right now, I am waiting to pick my snow peas and brussels sprouts from my winter garden. :soap: Okay, I am done now. (sorry).

Lulu great job on raising such loving children who love Mom.:hug:Major Credit there!

I've got a concert to get ready for. Have a great day everyone Pam :comp:

12-08-2013, 02:07 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Back from four days of Disneyland. All the preparation really paid off. I ate almost all the meals. There were a few special meals over the trip but the exercise balanced out the treats and now I can lower my ticker weight by a pound. I am two pounds away from my goal and have 12 days to lose it.

Today we go get a Xmas tree and I try to get back to routine. My anxiety is pretty high due to a big disappointment. The California Community College system did not accept my waiver application. I will not be teaching at the junior college in town unless I go back and get more UNDERGRADUATE coursework in English. My MFA is acceptable but I was not an English major and they won't take my work experience (an English Credential and 24 years of teaching) as equivalent. I feel shame that my application was denied. I feel lost. What to do next? DH is very supportive and says we will figure it out. Life is very confusing and painful sometimes.

12-08-2013, 04:13 PM
My 100%OP Day streak count is 1. I'm most pleased with following my plan at the restaurant, including the precise number of tortilla chips that I wrote on my plan. It made a kind of nice game for my brain, keeping track of conversation while keeping track of the number of chips I ate.

WI: -0.35 in kg, Exercise: +20 335/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: That sucks. Nothing to be ashamed of -- I would totally have tried the same thing, with your credentials, and fully expected to have it approved. What a disappointment that it wasn't. But it reflects badly on whoever is processing the waivers, not on you. They obviously have no imagination and no understanding of the experiences you've had.

12-08-2013, 10:50 PM
Hello everyone,

I am still here---just mostly in lurker mode. I have been so busy and barely able to keep up with reading let alone posting. Your posts help so much. Just knowing that it is possible to wrestle this monster into submission is comforting. Maybe I will be there someday. Some days I am eating healthy, exercising, reading cards, logging food and doing all the good things I know help me. Other days I am overeating and eating too much sugar/fat/salt. I am in a constant state of turmoil- when I am eating healthy I worry about when I am going to mess up and when I am eating badly I am unhappy and distressed. I am generally a pretty happy person and am so sick of this being the one thing in my life that is hurting me. How can I be competent in so many parts of my life but so unable to deal with food?

Sorry for that rant. I hope this does not sound too much like self-pity.

Plan for tomorrow:
eat planned healthy meals and snacks
ride exercise bike
read response and advantage cards
don't eat any sugar
log progress at Sparks

Take care everyone

12-09-2013, 06:22 AM
Pamatga - thank you for "IMHO, "Oh Well" is cliff notes of the Serenity Prayer"!

Maryann - so sorry to hear of your disappointment. What is it with bureaucracies and their inability to look a the big picture rather than which boxes are ticked??? I have a saying for times like this "when one door closes, another one opens". And invariably what is behind that other door is so much cooler than the one I was trying so damn hard not to let shut. Hope it pans out that way for you.

Ceejay - when I have been in the space it sounds like you are in I have found it has helped me to focus on credits and make myself find something I deserve credit for each day - looks to me like you deserve a heap of credit for staying committed to this weightloss and making the effort to read the posts even in such a busy and challenging time. You go girl!

4 points for me today as I was 100% OP plus some bonus exercise with the new travel plans. I so enjoyed my ride - I recently changed the handlebars on my bike to make it a more upright riding position (in the hope of avoiding back injuries) - it makes it feel like a very hippy trippie stop and smell the roses kinda ride. I was wearing a skirt today too which added to the feeling. Backpack worked a treat too :-) credit to me for stopping and smelling the roses :-)

12-09-2013, 07:50 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – This is so much fun - 19 days in a row on-plan for my snacks (and my meals - which aren't a problem for me), CREDIT moi. Sunday is always a challenge since I face a coffee hour where friends gab and share some homemade goodies. It's a challenge talking to someone with crumbs dribbling from their mouth and not joining in. But for me, having none is easier than moderation. In the past, I've scheduled one snack as my morning snack and that worked also; for now, I'll stick to none.

Exercise was a walk with DW, CREDIT moi. The who-done-it happened when I spotted a seed pod from a Locust Tree - but couldn't find a nearby Locust Tree. She finally spotted one a full block away. Maybe a kid picked it up and dropped it. Yay for mysteries.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Kudos for "keeping track of conversation while keeping track of the number of chips" - perhaps you've invented a new exercise to forestall Alzheimer's.

CeeJay - Ouch for the blunt reminder just how awful we feel when we don't meet our own expectations with regard to food. Kudos for facing that and making a plan for today.

Pam (pamatga) – Joining those who love, "IMHO, "Oh Well" is cliff notes of the Serenity Prayer." Super Kudos for handling the food situation with all those buffet desserts.

maryann - Ouch for the rigid response from bureaucrats. I would love to take an undergraduate course in The Canterbury Tales. Or William Faulkner. Reminds me that it's time to go read The Sound and the Fury again. Kudos for planning and executing your food for Disneyland.

ForMyGirls - LOL at, "very hippy trippie stop and smell the roses kinda ride" with Kudos for doing just that. Glad to hear that your new backpack serves you well.

Readers - day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits: . . .

Exercise might help control appetite.. Although study results are mixed, some physiologists believe that regular exercise helps to regulate the appetite control system.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 107.

12-09-2013, 11:39 AM
My 100%OP Day streak count is 2.

Today's tasks include a long list of errands. I have one planned treat and that will be that.

WI: -0.7 in kg, Exercise: +30 365/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

CeeJay: sounds like an excellent response card in there somewhere. Something like "I'm a happier person when I'm following my plan." Yep -- stealing that.

12-09-2013, 01:30 PM
Good morning, Coaches.

Thanks Everyone for the support on my disappointment. It really helps. OP yesterday. Just trying to get by today. I am facing another over-scheduled week. All of my energy needs to remain on what is important - the look on my son's face when he sees our new Christmas tree and a healthy eating plan. The rest can be minimum requirement (difficult for little old perfectionist me!)

Wave to all.

12-09-2013, 02:50 PM
Day 23: Counter the Unfairness Syndrome: I no longer feel this when it comes to food simply because life seems to be putting people in my path who are also at different junctions in relation to "food consumption and/or control of that" so I realize that what may seem "unfair" to me may seem like a "luxury" to other people. For example, there are diabetics that I know who need to take insulin if they even want to have a dessert. I have been dining with a friend who gives himself a shot before he had pumpkin pie. I am not at the point, and I pray to God, that I never am but it is a reality for him. Friday night; my DH and I were seated next to a couple whom actually ate less than we did. I do know that the man has had some serious health issues in the past although he seemed in good spirits Friday but his DW made sure that the amount of food he had on his plate was quite small so something tells me he has to watch his "diet" as well.

So, for this Day's message, I just "suck it up" and then say "Oh, well.." and move on.

maryann I am so sorry that you did not get the teaching position that you so deserved. Have you considered teaching at a private school? Private schools treat accreditation differently since they are privately funded (for one thing) and, secondly, IMHO, they have "common sense" something that the public school system seems to have "lost" along with people's pensions et al. I taught religion and history at a private school without a teaching degree simply because I do it well (and yes I will blow my horn on this one!) and the fact that my students came away better equipped in both subject areas.

Considering that there are so many flaws (too numerous to mention here) in the public school system, my "suggestion" is, if you are open to the idea, I would look into private schools. You have impressive credentials and if you love to teach (as I do) they will welcome you with open arms.:hug:

gardenerjoy I am at a point where I too am experimenting with allowed pre-planned snacks that seem off the radar from what I used to eat. If something is a "problem" (and we all know what that means) then it is taken off of my "acceptable" list until a future date (TBD by my mental and emotional state).

In one of the days in the pink book, Dr. Beck does make the suggestion that if you live with other people and they have their "favorites" then her suggestion is to mediate about the amount of certain foods permissible in "shared space" including the single serving size. One of the former junk foods that I just love (and IMO there is no substitute and I have tried them all) is Lay's Classic potato chips. I literally went a decade without having one and I still rarely have them because I just love them. However, they do sell them in single serving size and, on a rare occasion, I do have them.

Great Job on handling the situation with forethought and then ease.

BBE Major Kudos for the 19 day streak. I think you are unbeatable. You certainly are a master at the BDS I too like the idea of thinking outside the box when it comes to what is considered "exercise" or what I like to call "activity or movement". In my 30s and 40s I belonged to several fitness centers. My workout schedule included: dragging my huge gym bag to a fitness center then work out before going to my paid work all while using public transit and making bus changes! It worked for me then but I would rather fit in "movement" in other ways "these days". I will leave that "lifestyle" for the "younger set". After all of these years it is the simple "activities" that still resonate with me: walking, biking, hiking, swimming, yoga. :bike::running::swim::yoga:

ForMyGirls Great Job being OP for 4 days in a row!

CeeJay "Lurk away!":mag: I guess, "struggling with perfectionism" seems like a common theme in so many of the groups that I have belonged to but where was it written that we have to do "anything" perfect, let alone weight loss? Progress not perfectionism is my motto. I am rejoining an old group after the first of the year and I know that I will be reporting a higher weight than when I left there. I have been nervous about that because then there is all of that "explaining" to do but then I got to thinking it is only the first weight that you report that is the toughest :o:, right, so I will just "suck it in" and then say three times while clicking my heels, "Oh, well..." :rolleyes:

To put things in perspective, I had big plans for the past two years. First, I wanted to lose over 100 lbs by my 60th birthday. It was doable but I hadn't yet gotten down some of these skills and so I was all over the map.:?: However, when my birthday came, there was still a lot to celebrate: :balloons: 1) I was 20 lbs lighter and I had kept that off for close to a year. 2) I also had lost 35"+ inches all over my body and I was 4 sizes smaller! 3) I set some boundaries with a very toxic relationship twice and said in no uncertain terms that I will not allow someone, even someone I love more than life itself, to treat me like a dirty rag. I deserve better! 4)I assessed my good characteristics and I acknowledged them to myself.

I finally have stopped feeling guilty that I have chosen to be semi-retired at a time when we have taken some major hits financially. My concession that I have offered is to be a good and sound financial manager. My DH sees the value in that and trusts me even more. and finally 5) I have been able to face you and many others in my life by admitting who I am really am. In the process, I have discovered not only am I am not "half-bad", in some instances, I am even better than I once thought.

So, to sum up things, CeeJay, give yourself credit where credit is due. That is early on in the pink book and if you learn nothing else from BDS this is probably one of the more important ones. Practice the "Golden Rule" love yourself first and mean it. Once your cup is full and starts to run over, then you can love others but not before. You can't give what you don't have to give. Simple truth. Someone said (and I am sorry that I don't know who) that "Nothing good ever came out of self-hatred." I like to take that further and take a line from the movie "The Hurricane". Denzel Washington portrays a man wrongly accused of some crime and is in prison. He says:" Hate got me in here and love is going to set me free." I hated myself to 301.8 lbs. CeeJay, I am going to love myself to 140 lbs. Won't you join me?

If I missed anyone else, I am sorry. I am putting up the Christmas tree as well :tree: which includes vacuuming, rearranging major pieces of furniture to find space in our living room and then making dinner. It is a rainy, cold and dreary day. I think it is a "perfect" task to do on a day like this. Credit me for working out the old-fashioned way: housework. :lol:

Take care, Pam :comp:

P.S. My diabetic friend's approach to being able to eat pie is not uncommon but it is NOT endorsed by any registered dietician or the American Diabetes Assoc. It is a dangerous way of circumventing spikes in blood sugar since the results are quite unpredictable. I simply shared that to show that some people will take short cuts to get what they want.

12-09-2013, 06:12 PM
Hello, all! I'm so thankful to see many check-ins during this busy month. Was OP yesterday despite the traveling and thankful for short layovers to ensure less meandering the airport concourses looking at the decadent or nutritionally crummy options. Decided to eat a late lunch before my first flight and count it for lunch/dinner and then had a small snack at home much later. I did great; one of the few times I've said that on a travel day that I've traveled alone.

Good to see DH and the four pets. Right back to work this morning and taking a few minutes from it now to check in while files are processing. Ended up with a super light lunch because I ran out of time before a two-hour meeting, and now am going home RAVENOUS, which isn't wise. Nothing in the house (DH was working nights) so I might pull out the Panera choice. Was pleased to see the scale below ticker this morning by a pound, and you can bet your bippy (what show said that?) I'm moving my ticker. Weight lost on a trip is worth its weight in gold some months.

12-09-2013, 09:31 PM
nationalparker . . . I think it was that show Laugh In that said that!!!

hello everyone!!
I had another great day today.
feeling like a million bucks!!
I had a great day at work, OP, worked hard at the gym after work, and now I'm in bed relaxing, feels soooo good!!
I'm gonna keep it short because I'm fading, but will check in again in the morning.


12-09-2013, 10:26 PM
Awesome day today. On plan all day and I am not hungry. Read cards and kept under control. I was up 2 lbs this morning but I am doing a 5:2 fast today and I am hoping that I am back down tomorrow.

Hope you have a great day.

12-09-2013, 11:22 PM
Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Today was a better day than yesterday. Credit today for eating 80% on plan, weighing myself and checking in with my coaches!

ForMyGirls-thank you for the reminder to focus on credits. It does help. Good for you for a 100% on plan day and for bike riding in your skirt!

BillBlueEyes-your 19 days in a row is an inspiration! Like the thought about having none being easier than moderation.

gardenerjoy- hurray for a 100% on plan day. Stealing that thought back again and making a card "I'm a happier person when I'm following my plan."

maryann-wishing you strength in your busy week. Making healthy eating a priority is so important- reminds me of the Pink Book advice that dieting takes time and energy and we need to accept that.

pamatga- liked your perspective on the unfairness syndrome. And thanks for sharing about your accomplishments you thought about on your birthday. You are right- we have to look at what is positive about ourselves and in our lives.

nationalparker- credit for an OP day while traveling- that's hard to do. Coming home and seeing a pound gone is excellent!

LuLu- enjoy that great feeling, you earned it!

LoseToAll-happy for you for your successes today!

Take care!

12-10-2013, 03:00 AM
Good Tuesday afternoon coaches.

So much for checking in everyday and in the morning! Yesterday my weight was up again and this morning it was down a lot - that could be why I didn't check in yesterday and why I did today. I was a little miffed. But today I can change my tracker down which is lovely (I'm pretending I am in US and it is Monday :) ). I was at a workfest all day and I knew it would be challenging so I had decided that I would ignore all the carbs and most fruit. Morning tea was scones and jam and cream - I didn't go there so credit. There was also fruit but I decided I would wait till lunch. Fruit is a bit high in carbohydrates / sugars for this stage of my diet. Lunch was manageable - left the potato on the plate and had no sweetened drinks. Afternoon tea was the most wonderful looking chocolate brownies - I had one strawberry and feel very good about it. I survived hungry and craving and didn't die or anything. Credit. So thank you coaches for wisdom and opportunity.

Exercise today was getting to the workfest. I got off my bus (I usually drive and don't need public transport) and was going to catch a second bus to the venue. I decided walking would be good. Half way there I wondered why I had made such a questionable decision (it was 32 degrees C today) - but I made it! I made sure I got the bus back in the much hotter evening though but I am pleased with my post operative body's performance.

Maryann - I am sad for you regarding the job you wanted. But you have bounced back with resilience so credit. Not sure academia is a happy place to be but it has its advantages; BillBE - you continue to streak so credit with your snacking successes; Pam (pamatga) as usual you are full of good sense and experience; Gardenerjoy - like the idea of that response card - I am indeed happier when I am on plan; Credit LoseToAll for an on plan day - it is so annoying when the scales don't reflect our behaviour; CeeJay - I don't know why but I feel a kinship with you and your journey so it is nice when you are checking in - good or bad to report! So it was nice to see you today. Waving to all my other coaches who I may have missed out.

Checked in today and blew it yesterday - Credit!
-2 lb (today) / -3.4 lb from tracker - YAY
Great - totally on plan today (and yesterday) with lots of enticements

12-10-2013, 06:08 AM
OP today so I am adding 5 points to the team effort.

We're sitting on 42 today. This is the equal highest tally we've had so far. Can we break the record tomorrow????

Credit to me for riding again today even the weatherr was looking a bit foul in the morning. My brother has a saying "there is no such thing as bad weather - there is only bad clothing" - so I thought of him this morning and remembered that I have good waterproof gear stowed in my backpack. Turned out the weather was lovely in the end. Been working the last couple of days on a really fun creative project at work which has been good fun. And had a really productive helpful meeting with a colleague that should help me find my way in a more challenging task.

Yay to you National Parker for losing on a trip away!

Seadwaters I am very impressed by declining scones and brownies.

12-10-2013, 07:21 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Glorious success due to . . . wait for it . . . planning. Whodathunk? Went to a celebratory event from 3-5pm - perfectly timed between lunch and dinner so that it couldn't be substituted for either. Going to be lots of friends and lots of wine. Advertised to include duck breast crostini and potato latkes among the treats. Solution: I planned half a man-salad (a cuke and a red pepper) for lunch; planned a small cup of leftover cabbage soup for dinner with DW; planned no snacks; and planned to enjoy the event food but to avoid the potato latkes, cheeses, cookies, desserts, and caloric beverages. Then just did it, all of it, CREDIT moi, CREDIT moi. The event food included bacon wrapped scallops and wild mushroom with black truffle soup (tiny cup) which both conveniently fit in my rare-and-unusual category. After returning home from an evening event, I was so guiltless and un-stuffed that I actually thought about the fresh pineapple in the fridge but ignored it just to keep to the plan. Joyfully, the streak reaches 20.

Good walking in the rain, CREDIT moi, by the easy trick of wearing boots and using an umbrella. Can't walk fast with an umbrella, but the inch of snow and ice prevented walking fast anyway.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I borrowed your trick of focusing on the part of my celebratory event that didn't include food, namely the conversations with friends. Thanks for all your demonstrations that that's possible.

CeeJay - Sounds like a good day.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Great testimonial, "I survived hungry and craving and didn't die or anything" - so it can be done. Super Kudos for all those carbs left behind, particularly scones. (When you say, "and cream," what does that mean?)

Pam (pamatga) – Terse summary of the whole shebang, "suck it up" and then say "Oh, well.." and move on.

maryann - Yay for countering the perfectionist urges.

nationalparker – Congrats on that below ticker scale reading despite your travels. I thought of you when I read the news article about the guy who woke up from his in-flight nap to find himself alone in the dark, locked airplane at the gate. He had to call his girlfriend who called the airline to open up and release him. (The maintenance crew that was paid to sweep the plane has some explaining to do, LOL.)

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Yay for "feeling like a million bucks!!"

ForMyGirls - Kudos for standing down the Sabotaging Thought that weather is a reason not to ride your bike. I feel so sheepish getting in my car despite Gore-Tex hanging in my closet.

LoseToAll - Kudos for reaching the state where you can be "On plan all day and I am not hungry."

Readers - day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits: . . .

Exercise boosts mood and soothes stress. If you tend to eat in response to anxiety, frustration, and other negative emotions, exercise might provide a productive outlet.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 107.

12-10-2013, 10:51 AM
My 100%OP Day streak count is 3.

One of my original Advantages cards was "I want to wear clothes from J. Peterman." Along the way, I got distracted by a very helpful personal shopper at Nordstroms -- buying clothes in person (from a shop with tailoring services for women) worked better in my constantly changing size. But I've been at the same size for a couple of years now, so, I've just now completed that goal. Not only can I fit into clothes that J. Peterman sells, some of them are too big! I'm re-ordering a couple of things in a smaller size to see if that works better.

Today's challenge is a holiday open house. Last year, I got a club soda with lemon and that's it. I discovered that I socialize better if I'm focused on people, not food. So, I'm going to try that again. And, now, I can think about BillBlueEyes doing just that yesterday. We'll go out to eat after -- which also makes it a bit easier to skip food at the event.

WI: +0.3kg, Exercise: +50 415/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

pamatga: my best response for countering the unfairness syndrome came from one of the books, but apparently not Day 23. I don't compare myself to the mythical "everyone" (as in, everyone gets to eat lunch at Hardees), but instead I compare myself to "other successful dieters and maintainers" (as in, BillBlueEyes and Lexxiss don't go to Hardees, and I don't have any reason to go there either).

12-10-2013, 01:21 PM
good day to you all!!
I’m pluggin’ away, feeling good.
actually I have 10 perfect OP days together now but I didn’t come back to this forum until half way through that.
so I’ll say, for the record, that I have 5 OP days.
a challenge that I have coming up is a Christmas party on Saturday night.
it’s at a function hall with a live music, drinking, dancing, buffet.
the live music and dancing will be fun and healthy.
the buffet I’m going to pass on and I’ll eat a planned meal before I go (this will be a breeze because I don’t eat 95% of the stuff on these buffets because I’m a strict vegan).
I am going to work three glasses of merlot into my plan (WW, counting points) and will stop there.
unfortunately, I could drink wine all night long . . . I’m bad!!!
anyway, I look forward to the party and look forward to staying OP.
Sunday I’m invited to another party, a birthday party for my friend, more of an acquaintance, Jenn.
I imagine the food will be amazing as her wife is a gourmet cook.
but they are both very overweight and the food she makes is fat fat fat, carb carb carb.
and it’s all meat and cheese and cream sauces, which I don’t eat anyway as a vegan.
so maybe I’ll go, maybe not.
she isn’t a close friend so I don’t feel obligated.
and that would be another drinking alcohol occasion and I’m thinking once on the weekend may be enough to handle.
so I’m off to the gym again tonight, although I’ve gotta take is easy as I’ve done something to my left knee, it’s achey.
I’ll just stick to an upper body workout and for my cardio, I’ll do the elliptical instead of the treadmill for a no impact workout.
if anything hurts, I’ll stop . . . but I hate to miss my workouts.

ForMyGirls, good for you, getting on that bike!!! I hadn’t rode a bike for years and got on one briefly recently and it didn’t feel good, I was afraid!!
anyway, keep at it, great exercise!!
Thanks for keeping track of this point system you came up with, it’s movitivating!!

Bill, I can’t get over your OP streak!!! you mean business!! are you still maintaining your weight or are you trying to lose weight?
I’m wondering if your OP is a plan for weight reduction or maintenance.
great plan you had at the celebratory dinner and YOU STUCK TO IT!! impressive!!

gardenerjoy, good for you and your streak too!!
I’m a happier person when I’m following my plan too!!!
I agree with you that Bill is showing us how to socialize and stay OP.

maryann, focusing on what’s really important, sometimes easier said than done.
but we do have to stop and really think about that sometimes.

pamatga, great to read your point about the unfairness syndrome.
sucking it up sure seems easier than what a diabetic has to do, huh?

nationalparker, traveling and staying OP is impressive!! good for you!!
and losing weight too? WOW!!

LoseToAll, have you done 5:2 fasting before? I’ve never heard of it before.

CeeJay, you do deserve credit for working your plan, checking in and weighing in.
don’t forget to bury yourself in your ARCs . . . I find them good reminders, very useful.

seadwaters, WOW, good choices you made at the workfest. Lotsa credit!!

12-10-2013, 06:51 PM
Hello, all! Happy Human Rights Day! (Tomorrow is Mountain Day, Lexxiss, I'll let you gaze out at those for me and appreciate them...)

OP so far today, but I'm feeling so proud for stringing together a few days, that I know I'll be on track tonight. I am doing Christmas decor setup after dinner, and our Chinese takeout last night will be dinner again tonight. My choice (kung pao chicken) is sauteed chicken loaded with carrots and celery, not my choice for a veggie in anything but this. I get three meals out of one, but typically only eat one of them, leaving the others for DH. But not tonight - I haven't hit the market and don't want to get slowed down tonight with a run and then dishes.

Another stressful day of running from meeting to meeting at work, and no time to WORK. Added in my volunteering gig at the elementary school that's usually on Thursdays but I swapped to today because of another meeting on Thursday. On my way to the printer, I just thought, "Oh, I hope there's chocolate in the kitchen..." (People receive all sorts of gifts and many are left in the kitchen areas for general consumption. Some good, some terrible.) WHY do I still have that thought process? I'm stressed. Better snarf down some treat. Thankfully I wasn't tempted as there was no chocolate. But it made me pause to acknowledge that thought wouldn't work for me.

Streak = 3 (I have to go back and check this out - I thought 4 but now can't remember...) :-) but regardless, I'm gunning for ya, Bill :) 20, huh??? Majorly impressed and honestly envious. What's the most you've fluctuated once you've reached goal, if you don't mind answering.

Know I need, no, want to do personals, but they're probably going to have to wait until tomorrow evening.

Goal tonight - enjoy another reasonable portion of dinner, and I'm adding in some homemade popcorn on the stove for a snack later if we want to, while decorating the tree. I usually put up a few slender artificial ones, but being so late and being gone a bit over the holiday, has DH committed to only putting up one. So I've decided to go with just the rustic one. Each ornament is wooden, knitted, or cloth (mini mittens, sweaters, whittled Santas, stars) - something that would have been on a pioneer christmas tree - except the white lights. It's different and relaxing in a way...

Lulu - Sounds like you're already planning wisely for the weekend. Kudos to you for not letting "guilt" make social visits turn into calorie-filled temptations. I admire that.

ForMyGirls - I'm stealing your brother's line of "no bad weather, just bad clothes" for camping... but I will continue to count thunderstorms as bad weather since I'm a weenie and have been stuck in too many frightening storms :) But overall - that's PERFECT for my outdoor ventures.

12-10-2013, 08:32 PM
Hi Coaches!

I've been keeping up with your posts, and have been thinking of you all daily, even when I can't be here....working my food plan every single day. Every day hasn't been perfect but it's been "good enough". Good enough to be only 1.5 off my ticker which is my best holiday season, yet. Credit. That's the good news.

The other aspect of my life (the vacant rentals) doesn't bode so well. Work is slow and the weather has been absolutely miserable. I'm exhaused and DH and I have both been sick. I'm concerned about our other home, but don't have the time or energy to get over there this week. Oh, well.

I'm really grateful to be staying on track w/food and maintenance of my current weightloss. Lol, yes, gardenerjoy, I don't eat at Hardee's. And...I often use you all as good examples in my life, too!

MaryAnn, I've been think about you lots! My job right now is ideal and it took several years to find it. I received many rejections and yet none of them would have worked out with my current situation. I know you know it's believing what the programs teach us, "you're right where you're supposed to be".

nationalparker, I'll seek out a mountain view for you tomorrow!

CeeJay, thanks for checking in and for recognizing your credits!

LuLu, welcome back!

BBE, now I've got that earworm...RayStevensTheStreak!Lol and kudos!

Kudos to all the other streakers!

I'll be back when I can. Out of sight is not out of mind for me these days. I need to get up everymorning and formulate a plan for the day. When everything else seems daunting, I still enjoy getting dressed in attractive clothes that fit....walking up and down stairs...hauling 50# pipe thawers and tossing all those healthy veggies in the vitamix instead of driving to McD's.

Take care everyone!

12-10-2013, 10:14 PM
Hi everyone.

I'm struggling. Really struggling. Thanksgiving was challenging--and for the 4 day trip to Florida and the weekend party that followed I was just totally off plan.

A friend said he was going to leave some chocolate here when he left on Monday--I told him he could take it or he could dump it, but we wouldn't be eating it. So, credit for that.

I ran errands at lunch today and bought 3 frozen lunch meals to stick in the freezer at work (I haven't been to the grocery store in 2+ weeks since I've been traveling so much). I also bought two bananas and had one for my afternoon snack. At least lunches will be on track tomorrow. And it'll be my third on-plan breakfast in a row.

Time for me to start reading the pink book again--tonight, before bed, Day 1. Again. Again again.

Back on plan....

There were a few times these past two weeks where I wanted to ask for help and it just seemed so hard to get on-line to do it.

Edited to add: I can't find the pink book. But I found Beck Diet for Life (mine is white since it doesn't have a book cover). Reading that.

12-10-2013, 11:02 PM
The plan was to check in for the day before in the morning but I did yesterday in the evening so trying to recalibrate!

Yesterday continued to be good and I added more steps to my total for yesterday. This morning my weight was down again so that is motivating :).

ForMyGirls - you are doing so well persisting with the riding project -I can't imagine it would be easy to lug all the stuff to work that you would need on a bike and in public transport so major kudos. Glad you have a fun project to keep you interested. Bill (BE) - great planning for an event. A great inspiration. I like the rare-and-unusual category but might have to wait a bit - everything could fit that at the moment. Cream = milk fat. Should have written my temptation as scones with jam and cream. Very decadent - and british I think. GardenerJoy - I am inspired - I can't wait to wear even a few things that I am close to getting into. Credit and congratulations on satisfying a goal. LuLu - Good luck with the planning and the event - hope the dancing fueled by merlot doesn't make the knee worse :D; Nationalparker - congratulations on a string of successes. Habitual thoughts are sneaky and ever present to trip us up - glad there was no chocolate to upset your streak; Lexxiss - good to hear from you when it sounds like you are impressively busy but still able to plan, and stay on plan.

Checked in 2 times in a row
-0.4 lb (today) / -0.4 lb (total for week)
On plan yesterday and have a plan today

12-11-2013, 12:43 AM
Beth. Good you finally came here. We have all been where you are. I am diving back into the book again too. Holidays are so hard. I have been saved from a family party this Thursday because my DH has to work. Good for me not so good for him. I just hate making conversation and the food is the focus for me to try and avoid uncomfortable situations. The holidays will be over soon and you will be so glad that you got on track and stayed on even if it is to maintain.

I did another fast today and I am hungry but it is bearable. I feel like I am getting better at telling the difference between hunger and cravings. I think the cravings are harder than the hunger. I have to figure out how to handle the cravings better.

Up 3 lbs since Saturday because I let it go on Sunday and ate 3 very full meals. I can not do that any more. I have to stick to a plan. That is what happened on Sunday- no plan. But I am hoping to be down by Friday weigh in.

Hope you all have a good night.

12-11-2013, 06:50 AM
Well we didn't just break our record - we totally smashed it :-) 48 points!!! Woohoo!

6 of those are from me with another OP day. My lovely fella was (unusually) out tonight so I bought eggplant (which he detests) and then decided what to cook - and once the cookbooks are out there's no stopping me so I now have a fridge packed with leftover eggplant pasta sauce, baba ganouj and tabouli. Yum!

I have been out tonight watching my elder daughter in a circus performance. The highlight of the show was the adult beginners - a woman who I am guessing is in her 50's doing trapeze. Like wow - there really are no limits to what you can do in life I reckon!

Some credits - being OP :-) noticing that I had a handful of nuts on their way to my mouth while cooking and redirecting them to the bin.

BBE - I am intrigued to know the rules that go with your rare and unusual category?

Gardener joy - thanks for the detour to J Peterman. I am drooling over the skirts and dresses!

Beth - well done you for checking in. And well done for avoiding chocolate in the house too. And last but not least hooray for you for getting back on track!

12-11-2013, 07:29 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Stayed the path, CREDIT moi, for the 21st day. My evening event was from 6 to 7:30 pm and I had to leave home by 5:30. That's too early for me to have completed dinner and I wouldn't get home until after 8. My compromise was to have a half serving of leftover beans at 5:20 and to stop for a vegetarian combo plate at a favorite Greek restaurant on the walk home. It all worked out. Again I skipped the evening snack just to be sure.

Did gym, CREDIT moi, including the non-Zumba class with the Zumba instructor. I continue to dream about getting the courage to take the Zumba class itself. There are a few women with gray hairs but no men. I'd probably have to wear a burqa to feel comfortable, LOL. It's the day to up my monthly counters, CREDIT moi for hanging around. Due to questions, I reset those numbers under the Avatar. Since I lost my weight before I started 3FC and Beck, I've never used those to track and have ignored them since I set them when joining some six years ago. I've gained some from over-snacking starting with my home renovation a couple of years ago, so that I'm pushing my upper red line, as measured by pants too tight, and am now working those down by diligence in the snacking part of my plan.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Neat to have ease of buying clothes as an ARC - Kudos for getting there.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Ouch for the challenges of the renovations of the rentals. Love your positives, "attractive clothes that fit....walking up and down stairs...hauling 50# pipe thawers and tossing all those healthy veggies in the vitamix instead of driving to McD's."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Yay for more steps to keep the system pumping.

nationalparker – Thanks for the tip about Mountain Day. Are you climbing something today? Amazing Sabotaging Thought, "Oh, I hope there's chocolate in the kitchen..." - they just sneak in from everywhere.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Sending supportive thoughts for the struggling with Kudos for getting back on your horse. Special Kudos for "but we wouldn't be eating it" - chocolate that's not in the house is so much easier to ignore.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Yep, "if anything hurts, I’ll stop" - it's so easy to get compulsive about exercising. Kudos for sanity. Ouch for facing a gourmet cook who does "fat fat fat, carb carb carb."

LoseToAll - It does seem to be the secret, "I have to stick to a plan." Kudos for seeing that.

Readers - day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits: . . .

Exercise burns calories. During exercise, your muscles burn calories at a faster rate than usual to power your movement. You also continue to burn calories at a slightly faster rate after a workout as your body recovers and rebuilds your muscles.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 107.

12-11-2013, 08:53 AM
Morning time--and getting myself in the emotional/mental state to stay on plan today. I don't have a written plan--dinner is uncertain. <think think> Dinner is now known.

I've read the two new cards I made last night while starting the Green Book. I'm even going to try the eating plan as a basis for moving forward. I read the first 3 chapters, skipped ahead a little and calculated a caloric goal (higher than I've used in the past, but I haven't stuck with the 1200-1400 range so perhaps that's not a bad thing.)

I hope to move through the Success Skills fairly quickly--at least, I hope they're refreshers and reminders and re-motivators rather than fresh skills. I know I particularly do need to concentrate on eating more slowly again and savoring each bite.

There are 9 skills listed--and I do need reminders and re-work for each of them (except eating sitting down--at home--[at parties it's a big problem])

Thanks to everyone for being here.

12-11-2013, 09:49 AM
My 100%OP Day streak count is down to 0.

DH wasn't feeling well, so we didn't go to our event, so we didn't go out to supper. I think this is the 3rd time I broke my streak for DH's whim. Oh well. I'm happy that I ate things that I would have planned, had I known what we were doing. So, I'm rating my day 90%.

I think the reason that I never put together streaks of 100% days before was I let the fact that I allow DH to effect my plans to mean that any other thing could change my plan, too. This has been interesting to learn that those are, in fact, two separate issues. I can allow 90% days on DH's whims without allowing them on my own whims. I suspect that seemed unfair when I started but now it feels like a liberation.

I have a plan that I think will work for today.

WI: +0.15 kg, Exercise: +45 460/1400 minutes for December, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

bethfromDayton: glad to see you back here and taking healthy steps. I used the plan in the Green book for awhile. It was a little too effective for me, being the highest protein plan I'd tried to date. I was so used to low-fat dieting that I couldn't get myself to eat as much fat and protein as that plan allowed. So, I just didn't eat enough. I lost nine pounds in three weeks and turned into a big grump. I'd probably do better with it now, since I've gradually tilted my diet into the higher protein range.
Interesting that you don't sit down to eat at parties. I wonder what would happen if you did, if that was the only change you consciously made.

LoseToAll: for me, a lot of handling cravings was about figuring out the triggers. I almost never have food cravings any more. I still have cravings to overeat in general, which is usually about some unresolved issue in my to do list, so I'm getting better at identifying the root cause and finding a path toward acceptance or change.

12-11-2013, 10:42 AM
I stuck with my resolve from last night to enjoy one cookie while setting up the tree - instead of homemade this year for chocolate chip (DH's fave), I bought the preformed dough and bake to order with those. I've done that twice, each time sticking with my ONE cookie. This is working well; good plan on that. Stayed up way too late last night, getting to bed around 1:30 and then when alarm went off this morning, I decided to stay home and take a half vacation day. Enjoyed the sunrise over the snowy landscape - everything was lit with a pink/peach glow.

Ate a large breakfast and will go light at lunch, allowing myself more this evening when DH is working nights again. Will check in tonight to keep me on track today.

12-11-2013, 01:03 PM
Well, I am back! :coffee: I made a decision to not report yesterday because I needed the day time to work on our porch. Even so it was so cold that I had to go inside, get my coat and gloves on to finish up. ForMyGirls I too love that saying "No bad weather, just bad clothing." The only downside to that is always being prepared. :brr:

I had to give my notice to our community garden. We are moving in 2014 to another county so we can not participate in this garden. I do hope to hook up with another one when we move but still this was a sad day for me. I thanked the director for all of the leadership, great workshops (I have learned so much on non-chemical ways of treating unwanted bugs and visitors as well as small space gardening) and the great friendships as well. It also made me feel proud that our excess went to service our local food pantry. I don't know of many food banks that offer fresh organic produce for those they service. It is being "twice blessed", IMO.

Since I talked about dealing with disappointments with "Oh, well". I will focus on sabotaging thoughts. First of all: I have them! In fact, sometimes I don't even realize I have them until I am in the process of listening to them and then in the midst of acting on them; I realize that I am being "under attack" by a sabotaging thought! Is it possible that some of these are subliminal??

BBE I remember your statement about "rare and unusual" from my stint here before. I have since adopted that myself when faced with a huge and endless array of foods, usually unexpected. Why choose foods that you can make at home or have any time? However, the flip side of that is this "exception" has to be clearly defined so that your inner child doesn't get something just because it wants it. My "inner child" is a very strong-willed young lady and I have to be Mama to her once in awhile and say "No!", even if it means slapping her proverbial hands.

Great Job in not only realizing what the problem is (tight jeans) but also what the solution is (no more snacking). I think my "problem-solving" skills are really being put to the test with my weight loss efforts. This venture is definitely not for sissies. :lifter:

gardenerjoy: Major Credit to You for having a clearly defined goal (clothes from J. Peterman) and then using that to work towards your end goal. Since I have endured menopause for the past decade I decided that once I lost 50 lbs I would "treat" myself to some pjs that supposed the astronauts wear (I didn't even think that they would bother to change from their spacesuits but I guess they must). I paid $140 for pjs (GoodNighties) that have a cooling property in the fibers. Although that seems extreme for price, they actually feel noticeably cool to the touch and made my night sweats much more bearable.

I agree with you about "everyone": exactly who is "everyone" anyway? The one meal that I like at Hardee's is their breakfast. I have it once every 6-9 months. BTW, the guy who writes those books, "Eat This, Don't Eat That" says Hardee's is the worst fast food you can possibly eat in terms of unhealthy fats, sodium and sugar. I still like their biscuit and gravy though. :D--but once a year is good enough for me.

When I lose 100 lbs. I want to go to my favorite store and I plan on holding (along with the help of others) 100 lbs. in frozen turkeys while having a photo taken of me. I know that I will be a blubbery mess when the time comes but it is important to me that I do this. I have seen others do something similar and I want myself to really know how significant that day will be for me. That is my present incentive. BTW, I haven't seen 201 lbs. since summer of 1983. This is a big, big deal for me!

nationalparker Great Job on being OP while traveling. I haven't been able to travel much this past year but 2014 I do expect to so I am reading what you have wrote and taking notes for when the time comes for me. In the past I actually used one whole suitcase that I checked in to carry all of my spices, seasonings and foods that I need to cook while away from home. I also have two sources that have MRE (meals-ready-to-eat) as well as emergency hot cans that once opened automatically heat up on their own. "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail."

CeeJay a Major Credit for checking in while finding your way. My heart goes out to because I too am struggling to get back on track long enough to see my ticker go down. I have been at the same weight for 7 months and it is difficult to keep doing the "right things" when you don't see the changes on the scales that you want to see. Dr. Beck has a Day about when this happens but I think it is coming up. I am not there yet.

LoseToAll: Great Job on finding a balance between being hungry and living with it. I think that says it all.

Debbie R(lexxiss) You are a success story for BDS. No need to offer any explanation. You worked hard and earned every bit of your present success. Well done, my friend, well done! I hope you take time to enjoy all of your hard work. It is clearly paying off for you.

bethfromDayton Major Credit for returning. I am struggling myself since going through this book. I am probably taking it too literally and working one day for every calendar day and so it feels rushed since I am trying to get ready for Christmas and all of the necessary preparations involved. You are in my thoughts.:hug:

Cheryl(seadwaters): Keep on steppin'. :dancer:

I have already made a decision for my Christmas Day fare. We are going to have ham this year. I am going to allow myself two foods that I don't eat very often but they will be planned. I am going to have mixed nuts and chocolate fudge mint cookie wafers but I am only going to have 2 servings each between Christmas Day and New Year's Day. What isn't eaten by January 1st will be tossed. In the past year, I have been able to have dark chocolate in a single serving and not be tempted by eating more so it is on my plan but only occasionally.

I haven't read the green Beck book but I think I might buy that for a gift to myself this year. I have found that high protein/lower carb food plan works the best for me regarding cravings. I am convinced that carbs create cravings and not the other way around.

Take care all, Pam :comp:

12-11-2013, 03:23 PM
today makes 6 OP days in a row for me, YAY!!
feels really good to put days together as that is where results lie.
my weight is down, happy dance!!

I took it easy at the gym last night, only worked upper body and abs and did light cardio on the elliptical.
I should have iced my knee when I got home but I just hate ice on my skin.
I know I should do it anyway, but I didn’t.
oh well.

I’m grateful to be on this journey again and I’m hoping for better results.
not as much weight-wise but in the space between my ears . . . a dangerous neighborhood sometimes!!
peace is the ultimate goal, peace around food for once in my life.
the weight loss will naturally follow.

I made a terrific Asian salad for lunch today . . . shredded green and purple cabbages, scallions, red pepper, beansprouts, pea shoots, blanched broccoli and peapods.
then I made a homemade dressing with sesame oil, rice vinegar, soy sauce, minced fresh garlic and ginger and a bit of spicy garlic chili paste.

I look forward to tonight, my night off from the gym.
I’m just going to go home and put my jammies on, make myself my planned dinner, maybe take a hot bubble bath, read some of my pink book, and climb in bed and watch a little tube before getting a long night’s sleep.
sounds heavenly!!!

nationalparker, Congrats for stringing together a few days, NICE!!! Good job resisting the chocolate!! Oh my, you sound so busy . . . hopefully you can take some time for yourself to relax. Your pioneer tree sounds so warm and inviting. Yeah, I don’t let guilt run my life anymore, what a waste of time that is. About five years ago I really worked really really hard at virtually eliminating guilt and worry from my life, a much more peaceful place to be. Good for you, eating one cookie!!!

Lexxiss, Great news that you are having your best holiday season, ticker-wise!!! Hope you and DH are feeling better soon. Thanks for welcoming be back!!

bethFromDayton, Sorry to hear you are struggling. Just keep at it, keep in touch, and the motivation will find you. I’m re-reading the book too, just finished the introduction and reading Day 1 today, so we are pretty much on the same phase!!! I’m planning to use the first 14 days as a refresher too as I’ve been there done that and already have loads of really helpful ARCs, diets picked out, etc., just gotta cement those habits discussed the first two weeks, tough stuff. Hopefully we’re on this journey for real this time . . . for good!!!

seadwaters, I hear ya about the dancing and the bum knee. I thought of that last night and I was discouraged as I don’t think I will be able to dance. Either that, or after a couple glasses of wine, I’ll dance anyway and pay for it the next day. It will be hard not to dance as I love to dance and will be with a bunch of friends who love to dance too, and friends in the band. Oh well!!!! Hey, congrats of another weight loss yesterday morning, YAY!!!

LoseToAll, Looks like you, Beth and me are all at the same point in our journey . . . starting a new with Beck. We all know it’s great stuff, just gotta work it to make it work!! What kind of fast do you do? I occasionally but regularly fast too and enjoy it.

ForMyGirls, I just LOVE LOVE a night in the kitchen all by myself cooking and creating wonderful healthy foods. It’s my passion, my hobby. Good job putting those nuts down, WOW.

Bill, Good choice to get back at it and get those pants to fit better again!! You are amazing, all the perfect OP days you are putting together. I’m gonna do the same thing, right along with you. Fortunately for me, the cook that does the “fat fat fat, carb carb carb” prepares things that I don’t eat anyway (meat/fish/dairy, etc.) so it’s fine with me. Just not sure I want to spend my Sunday at that party. I like to carefully think about how I want to spend my time, as it is very precious.

gardenerjoy, Question . . . when you say you broke your streak due to your DH’s whim, does that mean you didn’t necessarily eat bad foods or heavier foods or more calories than you would have . . . you just ate different foods? If so, you should feel liberated and ok with it because you are still focused on your goal.

pamatga, I’m typically like you “taking it too literally and working one day for every calendar day” because I can be such a perfectionist. I’m doing it differently this time and just reading it when I read it. Sometimes instead of spending time with the book, I spend time with my ARCs and will do some writing on what comes in my head while reading them, sorta talking to myself on paper.

12-11-2013, 09:55 PM
Dear coaches

Yesterday was an on plan day with no real temptations except for some amazing cherries. I managed to avoid them. Very quick check in today. Rack up those streaks!

Checked in 3 times in a row
-1.0 lb (today) / -1.4 lb (total for week)
On plan yesterday and have a plan for tomorrow to eat at yet another work function as well as dinner out

12-11-2013, 10:54 PM
I didn't have a solid plan for dinner--and the resulting 'ate too much' happened--however, I only ate half of the meal I ordered (DH gets the leftovers for lunch), so credit for cutting my meal in half before even starting to eat.

Breakfast, lunch, and snack are planned for tomorrow. I have to stop at the grocery store tomorrow evening so I made a dinner plan, too. I'm not sure I'll be ready to shop for the whole weekend, but at least I have a plan in mind.

I recorded all my food today--I ate way more than I thought I was going to -- but I recorded it, so credit for that. I weighed this morning. I wrote a new advantages list. I read success skills 1 & 2 in the green book.

I am considering finding a daily phone-call level coach--It's not an easy thing to ask a friend to do, especially since many of my friends also have weight issues and I don't want to make anyone feel defensive.

Success skills:
1--Read advantages and response cards
2--Weighed. Will start recording the weights in MFP again tomorrow.
3--Ate everything sitting down. Was about 80% at desired slowness and savoring.
4--I gave myself credit

And I have a plan for tomorrow already entered in MFP.

I am not beating myself up for the struggling I'm doing now. Last year at this time, I weighed 230 lbs. This morning I weighed 186. Yes, that's more than the low of 177 I reached one brief shining morning--but it's a lot less than I weighed a year ago--my work and journeying this year has been successful and I have accomplished a lot.

I need to not let myself slide backwards any further and I need to start moving in the right direction--but I don't want to lose sight of how far I've come since I first posted here last January.

Personals again, soon...

12-11-2013, 11:43 PM
Hello, all! Good to see you again in here, Beth! I know you'll reset your thinking or whatever it is that many of us need to reset now and then, but DANG, 34 pounds lighter than last year is a superb accomplishment, and you have made wonderful health improvements along the way!

I knew I would be on errands for a few hours immediately after work, so I took a serving of cashews on the way home. It was smart and staved off the hunger for a while. Ate a small dinner at 9 p.m. Wondered how many calories I burn by shivering. It's freezing tonight (and I'll hush up, my Canada friends - I know this is nothing) - I just can't get warm. It's in the single digits and dropping to 3 tonight.

Streak = 5. I went back and looked and my last off track day was Friday. If I feel this much self-satisfaction after only five days... bring it on! :) I'm not sticking my head in the sand to pretend that I won't be enjoying a few unique treats over the next few weeks, but I've been cutting portions.

Evening is passing me by quickly, so I'm going to cut this short and still aiming for personals. Lulu - your evening plans sound heavenly tonight. Hope it was every bit as relaxing as it sounds.

Bill - I contine to be impressed - 8 years and 3 months being on track is amazing. I'm looking to starting a line like that of my own by the midpoint of the new year, give or take. Great plan for the dinner with the outing!

12-12-2013, 07:01 AM
Whoa- 53 points. We rock!

Sitting in 7 points personally tonight - broken my previous record :-)

Had a shift in plan today. Disappointing weighin again this morning - down from last week, but last week was the "up" week in the monthly cycle so down really means no movement. Which means my weight is exactly where it was a month ago. Which was not long after I did a diet change so I decided to review what I am doing, be stricter about measuring etc. in process of thinking that through I revisited my fitness pal and I think I will use that for a while. I like how it gives basic nutritional info too - realisation for the day was I have too much sugar - and today didn't even seem like a sugary day!

Some credits - killing two birds with one stone and making my morning walk a trip to the grocery store to get the things I forgot yesterday - which also meant it was slightly longer than regulation. Not having seconds of a very yummy dinner.

national Parker- thanks for "If I feel this much self-satisfaction after only five days... bring it on!" I do love the upward spiral :-)

Beth - what a great idea to organise a daily phonecall level coach to get you through this bit. You are doing a really great job of turning things around - your determination is so very apparent. And you are very wise to remember to give yourself credit and remember what you have achieved. Well done!

12-12-2013, 08:09 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – It's the season for too much food offered. Last night was a party for a non-profit that I support that stages a huge Christmas party to celebrate that it will need more money next year to keep going. I ate moderately, CREDIT moi, from seven tables of food and beverages. I avoided all cookies (including dark chocolate covered shortbread), desserts, liquid calories, cheeses, crackers, Italian pizza squares, Thai noodles, and Japanese Sushi. I even turned down a bite of the cookie that DW offered with, "These are really good." They were from a local specialty market and I could see the whole platter of them. From the abundant remainder, I ate more than a normal dinner, but within my party plan and so much less than I used to eat at this affair; I kept reminding myself that most of the food is food that I'll see again. For some reason, folks who can well afford fine restaurants choose to stuff themselves at this party each year. So I increment my no-extra-snacking streak to 22.

Exercise was a walk, CREDIT moi, to the library to get War of Art ( that I'd ordered many weeks ago when onebyone suggested it. I'm trying to write some stuff and find the blank sheet of paper staring at me.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Meal planning with a partner with free will is a challenge. I ducked that one; my dinner plan is to eat whatever DW prepares - she's a constant 120 pounds and a diligent nutritionist. That only works for those of us lucky enough to be the recipient of someone else's meal planning and execution. Kudos for juggling your own plans with your DH's.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Good Grief - cherries are so good. Kudos for avoiding them.

Pam (pamatga) – Yep, "rare and unusual" is easy to use as the excuse to wander. When I was over snacking, I found myself using it at Whole Foods for a cheese that I hadn't tried. WRONG - the cheese would be there next week and was only a minor variation of the other hundreds they sold. Kudos for already having your Christmas meal planned.

nationalparker – Yay for sunrise. Kudos for finding joy in it. Kudos for "a serving of cashews" from someone who doesn't do a bounded serving well.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Thanks for the demo that planning can be done quickly, "<think think> Dinner is now known." Yep, some parties don't have the concept of sitting down - I don't have a solution to that one. Kudos for realistically seeing yourself and giving yourself credit, "my work and journeying this year has been successful and I have accomplished a lot,"

Lulu (LuLu01801) – LOL at "the space between my ears . . . a dangerous neighborhood sometimes!!" Super Kudos for making a homemade dressing that makes you love your salad.

ForMyGirls - It's the little things that add up, like "Not having seconds of a very yummy dinner" - Kudos.

Readers - day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits: . . .

Exercise preserves muscle tissue. Usually, as you lose weight, you lose a combination of fat and muscle tissue. But exercise helps to preserve muscle tissue, so most of your weight loss comes from fat tissue.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 107.

12-12-2013, 10:43 AM
My 100%OP Day streak count is up to 1. Credit for the willingness to allow my lunch to be late when that was the only way to eat what I planned.

WI: +0.1 kg, Exercise: +45 505/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

LuLu1801: Yes, I count 100% OP as eating what I wrote down on my plan. A 90% day means I made an equivalent substitute. An 80% day means two equivalent substitutes. I lost most of my weight on 80% and 90% OP days, but I'm finding this attempt to string together 100% OP days has been helpful and educational.

bethfromDayton: good for you for recognizing how far you've come. I think the big secret to my success this time was catching those 5-10 pound rises in weight before they got any worse (they happened a few times on the way down, and once or twice a year since I got to this weight -- although I think I'm getting better and have some hope that I'll prevent that from happening in 2014). What helped me get back on track was exactly what you're doing.

12-12-2013, 12:56 PM
Good morning all! I'm doing a good job of reading my ARC at least once a day - just not always at the planned times. Goal for tomorrow is to read it at 9am and 3pm not just "in the morning and in the afternoon".

I've spent the last few days researching weight watchers. I think that this is going to be the route I take. My first diet will be WW online and my second if that doesn't work will be WW in person - I imagine I'll get extra support from that if just the online version doesn't work for me.

That brings today to Day 3- Eating Sitting Down. Oddly this has been one of the easier ones for me to adapt to every time I've worked on this journey. It feels odd to eat standing up now. However what I am prone to doing is eating in the car. It tends to be junk food like chips and it's always mindless and always unhealthy. Therefore I'm expanding it to mean sitting down somewhere NOT the car. I'm taking a page out of gardenerjoy's book and nixing that dreadful habit.

LuLu01801 I'm so glad to see you popping back in around the same time that I am! You're one of the main reasons I popped back in here. Do you mind if I send you an email later?

seadwaters Major success on vanquishing the cherries. Something I always struggle with is remembering that the POINT is to follow a plan. Adding extra healthy fruit defeats the point of following a set plan. Thanks for that good reminder.

bethFromDayton Excellent job giving yourself credit. Here's an extra helping from me.

ForMyGirls Congrats on the week OP! Excellent job!

12-12-2013, 01:17 PM
sure veganasaurus . . . email me.
do you have my gmail address?

12-12-2013, 02:35 PM
I am doing really good this week but I ate standing up taste testing dinner. I counted the calories and still was within my limit but still.... I have to stop it. I am going to visualize what I will do next time.

Fast day today. And I get out of the family party tonight because DH has to work. I was thinking that I would do better this year with the Beck solution helping. No bread, no dessert and I would just give up on the cashew/shrimp noodle salad. I always take a large serving and go for seconds. Not this year. I get to skip the angst.

Hope you are all having a great OP day.

12-12-2013, 03:12 PM
As I said a few weeks back once I hit Days 25: Countering Sabotaging Thoughts and then this Day 26: Recognizing Thinking Mistakes, I knew that this would be where I would need to spend the majority of my time and energy "working on" developing and eventually mastering these skills.

Although this is from Day 19: Stop Fooling Yourself. I do think that this is fertile ground for areas of "thinking mistakes" that I could work on from here until "forever":
*I'll eat this only this one time.
*I'll make up for it by eating less later.
*It won't matter.
*I paid for it.
*It'll go to waste.
*I'm celebrating.
*It's free.
*I really want it.
*It's a special occasion.
*I'm upset and I just don't care.
*I'm craving it, and I'll probably just eat it eventually anyway.

Those are my "biggies" that I need to work on. Again, I am beginning to see that the real secret to successfully losing any amount of extra weight is simply to get your mind in the right thinking and then just follow through on that until you have accomplished your goal. Nod to Lulu who also "gets this".

I had yet another opportunity of tackling this when eating out yesterday afternoon. As many of you are doing, DH and I were doing a lot of pre-holiday errands including grocery shopping. I have a firm policy that we do not grocery shop on an empty stomach nor without a list (that harkens to the impulsive side of me---if it looks good, I'll buy anything once!). So, I decided to test some of my rediscovered Beck skills eating out at favorite restaurant. I ate slowly and mindfully. I didn't over order simply based on "what looks good". I set my dinnerware down after 2-3 bites, took one sip of water and then picked up my fork again. I really looked at my food, enjoying it visually as well as taste-wise (Dr. Beck goes into this in the pink book about satisfying sight being equally important in knowing you have "enough" food). It was a resounding success!

ForMyGirls: You can add 6 points from me thus far for this past week.
I seem to have a pattern of 6 days OP and then 2 days off with 6 days OP. I hope that I can break this pattern but that is where I am at right now.

bethfromdayton: I would be willing to be a phone coach if you need a back up. I have been on both ends of this in the past. It is a great life line and it does work.

Major Credit for your renewed efforts to "get this down". You are doing great.

nationalparker Great Job with the continued streaking.

ForMyGirls: For every 4 grams of any kind of carbs, that equals 1 tsp. of sugar. I learned this piece of information this past summer. All of us eat a lot more sugar (how our body breaks down carbs into glucose) then we realize. Thought I would share that. Good job in realizing how insidious this can be even when we "think" we are eating relatively healthy.

BBE Although I can not say for certain that I have moved to an "alternate universe" when it comes to holiday food consumption, the scenario that you mentioned with food being the center of the event does not appeal to me at all any more. I am now diligently seeking non-food celebratory events at this time (or any time) of the year. I like this "new perspective" I have and I hope that it sticks. It will certainly make my "parallel universe" that much easier to live in.

Great Job on 22 days of continual streaking. Your pants should fit by the end of this month at this rate.

gardenerjoy: I agree with you 100% on setting the imaginary line at 5-10 lbs "going over your goal weight" with me it being 3-5 lbs at given time during my weight loss journey.

I have found keeping myself on a short lease works. Period. Also, to back that up anything that is too big on me is out the door. Alternately, anything that is a tad too tight I try on right before I plan to work out. It reminds me why I am working out. I want as much reinforcement as it takes to remind myself that this is not a whim or temporary. I fully and completely plan on being my end goal weight.

Great job joy in finding what works for you and then working it. You too are an "old timer" in this group and your lead is much appreciated. Thank you.

vegan..rex: Glad that you are seeing the value of sitting down. I can not stand longer than 20 minutes because of arthritis in my spine so I have to ask for a chair at any event or simply avoid those that can not accommodate me. I never thought that there would be "upsides" to being disabled but there is. This is one of them.

Well, take care all, including the " readers" and "lurkers". Love you all, Pam :hug:

12-12-2013, 03:56 PM
Another great day for me!!
I think I’m 7 days OP now.

I just did a little shopping on my lunch hour to reward myself for jobs well done.
I quit smoking on October 7th and I’m still 100% off them, that was a huge huge hurdle for me to get over, but I think I’m done with it . . . I hope.
I was trying to lighten up my alcohol consumption and haven’t had a drink since November 24.
so I’ve saved a lot of money not buying butts or booze so I decided to treat myself.
I bought myself these fabulous pajamas that I’ve had my eye on in Lord & Taylor and I splurged and got them!!
got myself a pair of silver hoop earrings too!!
I also got myself a knee brace for my bum knee, as recommended to do so by some friends.
hope it speeds along the healing . . . UGH!!!

tonight is gym night, working with my trainer, and again I will do only upper body and abs and give the lower body a rest to help the knee.
then I will look forward to my planned dinner which is a little homemade pizza with dough that I made.
for my dough, instead of using flour, I use cream of wheat . . . sooooooo delish!!
I’ll use 1 oz. of vegan cheese and pile on the sliced tomatoes and mushrooms, onions, peppers and bake it until it’s all crispy and melty . . . YUMMO!!
then I’ll climb in my new jammies and call it a night!!

life feels so good when you have your act together, huh?
it’s all about the boundaries and doing what you say you’re gonna do.
being a woman of my word . . . to myself.

seadwaters, Good job avoiding the cherries!! Although I understand the importance of sticking to plan, I have a hard time with the concept of not grabbing a couple of delicious nutritious cherries. I know the drill, that the cherries will soon turn into the chocolate or potato chips. But it still bugs me about this program. Just sayin’ . . .

Beth, Yes you sure have accomplished a lot and should feel good about that. I feel good about the fact that I used to be 241 pounds at my highest weight, but this last bit of weight is very important to me to get off. Together we can all do what we can’t do alone. Stick with it!! If you want a daily phone call coach, I would consider it. I would enjoy giving support . . . and getting it too!!

nationalparker, My evening was FABULOUS, thanks for mentioning it. Five day streak, YAY YOU!!!

ForMyGirls, Yes, we do ROCK!!! Good job on the walk and not having seconds (not always easy).

Bill, What a great job conducting yourself OP at that party. WOW!!! Don’t you just love that feeling when staying OP is a priority over everything and we wish that feeling would last forever? Enjoy it!!

gardenerjoy, Your 80/90/100 system seems like a good way to have a little flexibility and still feel good about it. I like it!!

veganasaurusrex, I can’t wait for it to feel odd to me to not eat standing up. I pick while I cook, I love doing that. This is a huge challenge for me. Lucky you for having it licked!!! I follow WW too, love it!!!

LoseToAll, I eat standing up without even a thought, it’s such habit. This will be a tough one for me, for sure. I think I need to put gum in my mouth while preparing food so I won’t pick. Does anybody else do this?

pamatga, I’m pretty much with you on all those “thinking mistakes”. I can justify anything because I’ll bring it to my attention that I’m 5’7”, a size 8, formerly a size 22, and then I’ll say “LuLu, why are you so hard on yourself?” Then I’ll have what I want and feel awful, up 5 pounds . . . a vicious cycle of mental angst. Getting these last few pounds off means just as much to me as when I needed to lose 100. Does anybody get that? I hope so.

12-12-2013, 07:43 PM
Checking in a bit early because I'm psyched having literally stared down the temptation of a second slice of cheese pizza at my desk this afternoon. Breakfast was OP but lunch was an office-wide recognition for a major project (not mine) and free pizza. I went to the buffet and chose two slices of cheese, feeling rather self-righteous when others were going for their seconds, or walking off with plates stacked high. Enjoyed one, and then thought, let me just check the calories on these. 290. OH. Hmm... Okay, one was all I needed. But then spent about two hours debating what to do with the other piece. I struggled HARD with tossing it out because of the family we've adopted for the holidays needing EVERYTHING from toilet paper to gas to get to chemo appts. So throwing it out was a real struggle. I did, around 4 p.m. ... BUT now wish I'd have just moved it to the kitchen because I honestly believe someone would have taken it and eaten it. This actually feels like a more credit-worthy decision than just a regular lunch on plan for me. All that because I ate only one slice. But Bill, I must confess that of all the food, your Italian pizza squares were the ones that would have called me.

Scale was 170.6 today. Slowly trending down... Anxious for the 169.x's.

12-12-2013, 11:06 PM
Hi everyone,

Today was a 100% OP day for me. I ate exactly what I planned to. I feel pretty darned good about that!

I've switched back to water for my afternoon drink, so credit for that as well.

I weighed this morning and am right at my ticker. DH and I were talking about it and realized that we've been pretty stable for the last few months--my weight has been 180-185 since August--a few drops below, a few blips above, but in that 5 lb range for about 4 months. (I guess it's a good thing that I let myself buy clothes in this size :-).

My plan for tomorrow is a bit uncertain--breakfast--fine. Snack--fine. I'll plan dinner when I'm done here--I bought some frozen meals tonight so that I'd have easy things to make when I come home tired from work--that's been an issue, and frozen OP foods are better than fresh things I end up not making. I bought enough produce to have fresh fruit and salad with each lunch and dinner, though.

Tomorrow's lunch is a carry-in at work, though. I'm bringing caesar salad. My plan is to have ONE plate of food. Just one. And that'll be my meal--no seconds and no sweets. I did buy chocolate for the white elephant gift exchange--but someone else will get it!

I ate slowly and sitting down today (lunch, snack, dinner), enjoying the eating. Breakfast, was on the run, in the car. I need to drag myself out of bed earlier so I can have a more leisurely breakfast.

I'm feel good about today--and confident I'll make good choices at the lunch carry-in.

LoseToAll: Credit for having a good week! I know that I sometimes have to taste dinner while making it--sloppy joes, spaghetti sauce--those require tasting. The best I've figured out is to concentrate on the tasting of it, and not allow any "eating"--just tasting. I'm also compulsive about using a fresh utensil for each taste, so that keeps it under control as well.

nationalparker: Congrats on a streak of 5. Major credit for realizing that a snack was necessary and using it to keep yourself from overeating or make 'hungry NOW' decisions! Awesome job on the pizza!

gardenerjoy: One in a row is an essential step to 2! Looks like your exercise plan for December is right on track! You're right about catching those 5-10 lb rises--it's encouraging to me to know that I'm tackling it--and knowing that forcing myself to weigh keeps me from putting my head in the sand.

pamatga: 6 days in a row OP is a good streak. Fooling myself is exactly what I've been doing--I found the pink book so perhaps Day 19 needs another read through for me! (I'll send you a private message about phone info)

Lexiss: I've been starting to dream about those oranges but I can't remember what they're called--how soon do you think it'll be before they start appearing in the stores?

BillBE: Fantastic 22 days of no extra snacking! Buffets are my downfall--I'll have to borrow the thought of "eating the way BillBE would".

ForMyGirls: I've started using MFP again, too--today is day 2 of entering everything I eat. I'm jealous of your walk to the grocery store. Even in warm weather, that'd be quite a hike for me--but it's freezing here!

LuLu: Every pound matters--we all have our 'gotta reach' points--it's amazing how much you've done, but that doesn't make your 'shorter to go' journey less important. I'll PM you phone info.

veganasaurusrex: Eating in the car is hard--credit for recognizing it's an issue for you. Even when it's the planned foods, I know I don't eat mindfully when driving.

BTW, for those who are on Yahoo! instant messenger, my yahoo! id is 'bethohio3'.

Take care, all.

12-13-2013, 04:32 AM
Hi Coaches
I had a day yesterday where I had to go to a work lunch and go out for dinner. For the lunch I had a plan and stuck to it - some protein with a salad. Dinner was at a Japanese restaurant and I stuck to gluten free, low carb options, but there is a lot of sodium I guess hence the weight gain today. I don't think sodium is bad but it is certainly a variable in the picture. I have a plan for Friday which I have logged. I have exercises ordered by the Physiotherapist that I am supposed to do daily so have added them to my progress log - I didn't do any of them yesterday :(

LuLu - healthy the cherries may be but they are really high in carbs and at the moment I am trying to stay under 20g a day to kick start. So as yummy as they were, I bought them before I decided to do this for 2 weeks so I took them to work for everyone. Yay to being a woman of your word and meeting your own standards. I am going to have my favourite salad tonight which is very like the one you mentioned - but I will have salmon with it - Yum; Beth - how is the phone coaching idea going? I often think having an ally would be helpful - someone you report in to and talk about the blocks and successes, the obsessive thoughts etc. But as you say difficult to find. Congrats on a 100% on plan day; Nationalparker - Yay for defeating the lure of pizza - I get a bit tense about throwing out food but as the book says - I am not a garbage disposal. But your quandry was a little more philosophical. You did best by yourself in the end; Pamatga- well done with eating out - I find it difficult to pass up opportunities for food when I am out so you are a great example; LoseToAll - I taste food as I cook - I have to if it is to turn out OK - but tasting isn't eating so not sure it is a problem; Veganasaurusrex - I like one of Michael Pollan's Food Rules- if it comes in through a car window it is not food. I find anything I can buy at a drive through probably isn't too good for me; BillBE - Kudos at avoiding party food - I find it so hard. Credit for listing what to avoid and having a practical plan. I need to work on that more; ForMyGirls - I like MyFitnessPal too - has lots of Australian foods and good breakdown for macronutrients. And I too am surprised by the amount of carbas and sugars in things. Yay for a 7 point streak

Checked in 4 times in a row; 198.4 - +1.2 lb (today) / -.2 lb (total for week); 7480/5000 steps; Physiotherapy exercises Not done; 5.0/3km; Food On plan yesterday but a lot of salt and sneaky sugar

12-13-2013, 06:22 AM
58! Woohoo!

My streak is 8 tonight. Had a busy day and didn't end up getting to my 'exercise/well-being tasks" till 8pm. So credit to me of doing them - my habitual behaviour would be to say "never mind, there's always tomorrow".

Gardener joy - thanks for your comments about the small gains you had on your way down, and during maintenance. It is really helpful to be reminded that perfection is not a requirement for success.

12-13-2013, 06:59 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Did gym including the non-Zumba group session, CREDIT moi. For the first time in quite a while the dumbbell rack needed my help; I restacked about ten dumbbells that were out of order by carefully choosing the ones I needed from their out of order place and returning them to their proper place. It does distract me from what I'm doing. I did suffer a quick wince when a guy picked up two 95 pound dumbbells for a simple exercise - I've picked up a single 95 pounder before on a sorting mission, but have never picked up a pair. Oh Well.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, including snacks, to make my streak 23. I was close to breaking it last night because I had the fresh pineapple for my evening snack yet the new Tangerines were calling. We have some Clementines in the fridge but they're only 'OK' - the Tangerines are killer good. However, I got distracted installing a new DVD player that's going to be either a Christmas present for me or for DW - we've been married so long that we tend to give each other presents that we want ourselves. I know that sounds awful, but it makes us both happy.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for 100% OP - you hold yourself to a strict standard there with the 10% penalty for equivalent substitutions.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Those sodium pounds are a bummer, but they feel so good as they melt away in a few days. BTDT. Both lunch and dinner in restaurants in the same day is a challenge.

Pam (pamatga) – Love your Sabotaging Thoughts, especially, "I'll make up for it by eating less later" - since I'm very familiar with that one. Kudos for the work that's taken you to your "parallel universe."

nationalparker – Yep, pizza is a huge draw; Kudos for stopping at only one slice with the second staring at you.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – "ONE plate of food-no seconds and no sweets" sounds like a great plan for a challenging company party. Yay for chocolates bought for someone else.

Jo (veganasaurusrex) – Kudos for attacking eating in the car - an optimum place for off-plan nibbling.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Super Kudos for buying jammies and earrings with your "butts or booze" monies. Cream of wheat in pizza dough is a new one for me.

LoseToAll - Skipping a party is one good way to "skip the angst." That cashew/shrimp noodle salad sounds hard to resist.

Readers - day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits: . . .

Exercise builds confidence. As you increase your fitness, you're likely to feel better about yourself and your abilities. Researchers at the University of Houston in Texas found that students who participated in a six-week weight-training program reported feeling more positive about their appearance, less anxious about their bodies, and more confident in their abilities than students who didn't exercise.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 107.

12-13-2013, 09:20 AM
Lurker here. I do read this thread on a regular basis and enjoy it.

Anyway, just wanted to say to Lulu, a tip for icing the knee. Get a bottle of plain ole cheap white/clear thick, sticky corn syrup. Freeze it in zip lock baggie. Double bag, it's a mess if it leaks in the freezer.:mad: But, it's cold, does not get solid, stays more like a moldable gel. You can make any size bag to fit whatever you need to chill. :D I use a washrag or dish towel on my skin and then add the ice. You don't want the ice to have direct contact with your skin.

I learned this trick from my twin boys high school football coach.:D

12-13-2013, 11:52 AM
Thanks for that advice, Janelle.
I will try that, for sure!!!

12-13-2013, 11:53 AM
My 100%OP Day streak count is up to 2.

Today is already not going according to plan, but I think the food will stay on plan. I went to the grocery store before breakfast -- turns out that's a great time to go to the store on the day of a winter storm prediction -- the shelves are full and the aisles are (relatively) empty.

We had an event to go to this morning, but we're skipping it. We'd likely get home before the wintry mix, but DH isn't feeling well so we're staying home. I wrote a Plan A & Plan B down in case we went out to lunch -- I'm going to keep that in place. It wouldn't be the first time we skipped an event and went out to lunch after, anyway.

WI: -0.15kg, Exercise: +50 555/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

nationalparker: woohoo on staring down that extra slice of pizza! You're awesome!

veganasaurusrex: cool for taking on "No eating in the car." That has worked wonders for me.

Welcome, shcirerf! Glad to have you! Feel free to de-lurk, any time.

For shciref and Lulu, I do something similar for icing injuries. Let's see if I can find the recipe...Here it is: Once I figured out that worked for me in the ziploc bag, I bought a reusable ice bag and filled it with the same formula. I've never had to fill it again -- just keep refreezing it. With the rubbing alcohol in it, it stays moldable instead of freezing solid. It also stays colder longer than other ice bags. I've had enough injuries and muscle pains, that I actually find the cold a comfort, now. I know it's going to reduce the pain and the length of time that I'll be dealing with this injury. My brain associates the cold with speedy healing. I also use a towel or a layer of clothing between the bag and my skin.

12-13-2013, 12:01 PM
Well, it's Day 4 and it's beautiful and chilly! Day 4 means it's also time to give myself credit which I am DREADFUL at. I fall into the trap of "I overate at that occasion so I may as well just keep going". I read my ARC twice yesterday and this morning today as scheduled. I haven't eaten in the car despite a few super inconvenient times (even just since yesterday!) that I wanted to. Last night was my partner's daughter's birthday party. I didn't go into it with a great plan but I stuck to just eating an appetizer because I realized I wasn't hungry for more food.

Credit is really tricky for me I think because I'm such a tangible rewards motivated person and it's nigh impossible for me to think of rewards that are reasonable and NOT food based. How do y'all reward yourselves as a way of giving credit?

LoseToAll Tasting while cooking is a big struggle for me and I remember it being a hindrance during my last big weight loss push. Not necessarily because of the calories but because I couldn't figure out how to deal with it. I think this time I'm going to decide there's a difference between tasting for flavors and "doneness" and between snacking on what I'm cooking and as long as it's the latter it's acceptable. But that seems like a wicked slippery slope. Looking forward to other's suggestions.

pamatga Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts that you struggle with because SO MANY of them represent what I struggle with on my journey. I really appreciate hearing that I'm not the only one.

LuLu01801 AMAZING on the smoking! Good on you lady! Email coming your way next.

nationalparker You've slayed the Pizza Monster! Excellent work. As someone who spends a lot of time working with families who are sponsored for the holidays (I spent last evening playing Santa and delivering gifts from amazing donors) I promise that all of them would have been very satisfied with your choice to do good for yourself as well as for them :)

bethFromDayton Yay on OP! Congrats!

seadwaters It's interesting to realize how many important functions sodium has in our body in terms of keeping us healthy and living. It's the major positive ion in our extracellular fluid that maintains the osmolarity of every single one of our cells - without it we couldn't live! (Someone just finished her anatomy and physiology final and is still excited about this stuff). I find that most interesting when juxtaposed with how problematic modern diets (like mine) have become when something so important is taken in such large quantities that it can be bad for us. But good on managing the restaurant beast!

BillBlueEyes Thanks for being such a wonderful role model. I admire you. I am so excited for the day when my food struggles are between tangerines and pineapple instead of between "a reasonable portion" and "eating everything I can get my hands on"

Thanks to everyone for advice on cooling things - I suffer from migranes so I'm always looking for better ways to get soothing cool on my forehead.

12-13-2013, 12:39 PM
I feel the need to rejoin this dear team, fellow Beckmates, if that is OK with all. I need to use CBT for its original purpose, which I can hardly believe myself. At a time that should be one of the happiest of my life, I find myself needing CBT and some communication with those who understand the methods of CBT. Where better to find that than here? I know it is the right solution for me. I hope it is OK with all of you; even though food is no longer my demon, I feel most comfortable here. It still amazes me that after 13 years of maintaining (and don't let my current ticker fool you; I spent the first 47 years of my life at a whopping 220#s) I have no fear of regaining the weight. None. It simply isn't going to happen. I have to tell you, the weight loss was more of a gift than anything else. I just got full. It's really weird, cuz I still do enjoy food, and window shop at parties, I just don't want that stuffed feeling.

Those of you who remember me know I am a lazy poster; I don't respond to each person every day, but try to offer a thought here or there if something rings a bell for me from someone's post. I am not a daily poster, either, and I so respect those of you who are so faithful. I am really pleased to see so many old friends from so many years ago. It really is remarkable. I have been looking at some of the other forums for people whose posts I enjoyed, especially the maintainers, and am sad to not be able to find them.

So, here goes:

Huge credit, moi. I gave myself a good swift kick in the pants, got fired up to join my Beckmates. Also credit for following my plan of clean eating, anti-inflamation eating. Just had a Clementine and an egg cooked in coconut oil. Have really been listening to my own advice about what is healthy eating and using food as intended, i.e. for nourishment. I am avoiding sugar for the poison that it is. My guru, Dr. Andrew Weil called it the biggest health problem in America. Wow.

BillBE your insertion today about exercise really spoke to me. Thanks for that.

Update for those who remember, BillBE and SilverBirch especially, I still have my raspberry eatin' dawg. I planted some blueberries this summer; I am thinking she needs an anti-oxidant boost. her reward for keeping the deer out of my yard and my hostas.

Stay warm, all.

12-13-2013, 02:58 PM
Day 27: Mastering the 7 Question Technique. I am also a recovering "living in my head" person (being over-analytical) so I am gingerly tip-toeing around this particular "technique" because if I over-analyze things it increases my anxiety which can trigger a mild panic attack which can paralyze me in doing just about anything. I do feel that it is important that we become conscious of our choices that we make in areas that we wish to improve on but following her 7 Question Technique would be opening up a Pandora's box for me at a time when I have spent years (decades) moving farther and farther away from OCD. I don't want to return back there and my "concern" is that I could or might if I did this.

However, my "calmer" version (at least to me it is) of this technique is I do a nightly "self-assessment" (Step 10) when I have added up all of the numbers for my food plan each day. I do it as objectively as I can. Just the facts, ma'am. I do my best to avoid judging myself or self-berating myself. I simply report what is the facts and then offer myself suggestions on what I could do better the next day.

I have saved all of my food plans for the past year. Since I have really struggled to not only stay on track but return to losing weight as I had done last spring, I decided just recently that I would revisit those and review some of those food plans to see what I was doing then as well as what problems that I was reporting to myself. It helped me to make some immediate changes in my food plan this past week.

As I have mentioned before that one of the former "addiction" behaviors that I have had was self-denial which then manifests itself as dishonesty both with myself and then with others that I report to. So, I had to change my ticker again. Right now, being honest has got to be paramount in this leg of my weight loss journey. I do think this is a temporary re-gain but even so I want to be honest about my struggles. I have been in the danger zones a couple of times earlier in this week, which I think is somewhat of a backlash of having such a good day last Friday night; which Dr. Beck discusses: the feeling that you made it through something tough so then you relax up a little. Ouch! I did Sunday and Monday. Too many calories and too much sodium. :?:

I have had to put some foods on "suspension" for an indefinite period. Pizza is the #1 offender for me for several reasons. Yes, I do have some excellent recipes for "healthy" pizza that I have made in the past but it just simply is a "trouble" area that I need to avoid.

Again, I weigh myself every day and record that as well so Day 28 I just skimmed through.

I credit myself for two nights in a row feeling like I wanted to eat something (the hunger was very mild -like a 1 or 2) but I didn't simply because I wanted to see if I could NOT do it instead of just doing it. Exercising my resistance muscle was relatively easy in both cases but still credit anyway.

Lulu Good Job on identifying your limits and deciding to tackle them. I have always said that I have a tri-core addiction: unhealthy relationships (abusive ones), compulsive spending and compulsive overeating.It always gets back to setting boundaries. Just when I think I am "done with one" it rears its ugly head :devil:and presents me with a set of new issues to resolve.

bethfromdayton: It sounds like you are really doing well. I think you just need to give yourself more credit and believe in yourself, IMHO, but then don't we all?;)

seadwaters: I admire how you handled yourself at the Asian restaurant. I used to allow myself meals at Asian restaurants and actually did well but then again that "just this once or this is a special occasion" started to creep back in so I stopped going to one of my favorite ones. Ironically, when I finally did decide to take the plunge again after an 8 month absence I discovered the restaurant had closed. I immediately assumed it was my fault: "if only I had gone more..." How silly of me! Still, that is the second Asian restaurant that I used to frequent to close in the past few years. I think the Universe might be trying to tell me something.;)

ForMyGirls: I am back to 3 points. It seems my longest streak thus far has been 6 OP days for both exercising and my food plan. Hopefully, that will change now that I have booted some former offenders to the curb. I give myself credit though for getting back on track asap.

BBE Great Job on your 23 day streak.

Janelle(shcirerf) aka regular lurker: Great Job on maintaining your weight loss for 2 years. Thanks for the tips on icing.

vegan...rex: Good Job on avoiding the temptations at the party. It is always hard when others eat differently to find something at all. I always remember my daughter (a vegan for 20+ years) who used to eat one thing sometimes at family gatherings decades ago (this was when she was 8 years old!) until she was old enough to bring her own food. She is very principled and strong willed but all in good things.

maryblu :welcome2: back! Yes, CBT can be used for anything really. We have the book "Mind Over Mood" which follows this principles that my DH used for depression. I hear, love and understand your sense of peace and freedom; having experienced that myself in other areas of my life. Nothing like it in the world!

Well, tomorrow we have another live musical concert that we are going to attend. I just wish it weren't going to be pouring down rain the whole day and night. Yes, it's not snow like the rest of the country but it sucks to be dodging puddles in the dark.:rain: Last year, I got double pneumonia from such an event attendance. :mad:

Take care, Pam :comp:

12-13-2013, 04:06 PM
hello all my beck friends!
today makes 7 OP days in a row for me and I’m feeling groovy!!
last night was gym night, I had the trainer go easy on me . . . just a kick butt upper body workout.
I did the elliptical last night too but didn’t go fiercely like I usually do.
I woke up this morning and the knee felt good, but as I was walking during my commute to work, I could feel it buggin’ out again . . . even with the brace.
I don’t mean to keep complaining about this as the pain is minimal, but it’s just disruptive and it’s pissin’ me off!!
it’s gonna be soooooooooooooo hard not to dance tomorrow night at the big x-mas party, bumma.

I’m meeting a friend for a glass of wine tonight and looking forward to it.
he mentioned “getting apps” while we were there, but I replied “I will likely be all set with food but I’m really looking forward to a glass of wine”.
he replied “ok, I will eat before”.
I want to eat when I get home as I have it all planned that I’m making the delish tofu and kale scramble that is sooo yummy!!
I don’t want to eat stupid appetizers at a bar anymore.

nationalparker, Nice job with the pizza showdown . . . YOU WON!!! You’re so close to the 160s you can taste it!!! It will be exciting to watch you hit that milestone.

beth, Congrats on the 100% OP day YAY YOU!!! Credit for keeping weight stable all this time, a major feat. By the way, I don’t know how to PM nor where to find it on here.

seadwaters, I hear ya about the carbs in fruit, but I still have all I want as I know it’s not fruit making me or keeping me fat. But I understand your goal and good for you for sticking with it. I guess there is some spontaneous eating that I feel is ok, as long as it’s fresh fruit or veggies (I follow WW plan where all fruit and veggies are free, zero points. But to combine WW with Beck plan, I do understand it should all be planned out, I’m not there yet but following the WW plan 100%).

ForMyGirls, 8 days in a row for you, YAY!!! So awesome to hear you didn’t blow off what you said you would do, even when it was 8:00 at night, major credit!!

Bill, You are on a roll!!! 23 days OP, going to the gym, credit galore. Your gift-giving arrangement with your wife sounds precious, it works for both of you so it works!!

shcirerf, Thanks again for the ice pack tip!! Appreciate it!!

gardenerjoy, We’ve got a storm coming here in Boston too. I have a fun x-mas party to go to tomorrow night and hoping the roads are ok to go, I was looking so forward to it. Thanks for your tip on the icepack as well, great idea!!

vegan, Got your email, hopefully I’ll get back to you tonight.

maryblu, Welcome back!! I don’t remember you but look forward to getting to know you. What is the original purpose of CBT that you are needing? I’m not clear on that. I love Dr. Weil, have several of his books, and love his roasted butternut squash soup recipe, it’s the BEST!!

pamatga, I have a tri-core addiction too . . . food, booze and butts. My relationships are healthy and I’m a frugal soul . . . for me, it’s all about the substances!! God bless me!! Enjoy the concert!!

12-13-2013, 05:14 PM
Good Afternoon, Coaches.

I have been waiting for a quiet moment to check in because this is an important post. At Christmas, however, there is no quiet moment so here goes:

:dizzy: I have reached goal :dizzy:

After over three years of posting here and a lifetime of being overweight (including twice over 200 pounds), I can say I am a size of which I have dreamed. My advantage cards have come true. I weigh under 150 before I turn 50 in one week. I am a healthy wife and mother. I have found peace with food. More importantly, I feel free from the processed food addiction that has held my body hostage for years. I feel comfortable in my own skin. I have a beautiful new haircut and celebrated the big bday by becoming a redhead. I have donated the double digit work pants for single digits. I am not going back.

I could not have achieved this, I know, without posting here regularly. Thank you.

12-13-2013, 05:55 PM
:yay:congratulations Maryann:yay:

What a rock star you are!

12-13-2013, 06:05 PM
maryann: woohoo! Your post made me smile and cry at the same time. Love it. I'm so happy for you!

12-13-2013, 06:09 PM
Veganasaurex - rewards wise I buy myself something small I am coveting (but really don't need so otherwise couldn't justify spending money on) each time I reach a 5kg mini goal. So far I've gotten a hatstand (which looks cool, but really hats can live in cupboards just fine), a holder for the front wheel of my bike when it is on an indoor trainer (sitting it on top of an old phone book did the job just as well but was pretty ugly) and a new wallet (old one was fine, but not nearly as pretty and much bulkier, which bugged me). I so know what you mean about the challenge of finding non food rewards. Another thought I had was cut flowers.

Pamatga - your comments about being over analytical really struck a chord. I was initially a bit hesitant about Beck because I had previously encountered CBT when seeking treatment for post-natal depression and found that it didn't work for me because it bought into my over analytical mind. (A natural tendency compounded by being professionally trained to look at situations from every possible angle and anticipate every possible disaster!) What worked for me in treating depression was mindfulness and acceptance and commitment therapy. Despite my initial concerns CBT is working well for me in this context - though I think mindfulness is actually playing a big part in how I am doing it. If you haven't yet encountered mindfulness you might find it helpful - given your comments about being a very analytical person. UPDATE: and now I have read the rest of your post and it occurs to me that you practice mindfulness exceptionally well already!

12-13-2013, 06:13 PM
ForMyGirls. What do you mean by mindfulness???

12-13-2013, 06:40 PM
Hey LoseToAll,

I will put a couple of web links for more info because how I describe mindfulness will probably not do it justice. It is pretty huge in the psychology world at the moment so you will probably come across heaps of info if you google mindfulness.

But for my take on it - it is about living in the moment - noticing and accepting what you are feeling, thinking and experiencing and accepting that, rather than struggling and arguing with it. So as an example I might notice that I am thinking "I really want that chocolate" and instead of saying "well you can't have it - but I really want it - but you can't have it" (and on and on in an endless loop) I just say "oh - there's that wanting chocolate feeling again". It is amazing how it disempowers thoughts and feelings to just acknowledge them.

I use it in lots of other spaces in my life too. In a work context there have been times when I have gotten through anxiety or feelings of overwhelm by stopping and noticing and saying to myself "oh - apparently I'm scared I won't be able to do this". I use it as a parent too - it helps me think about what my kids need from me because I can acknowledge my own feelings about a situation rather than just reacting to them - eg: if they are behaving badly in a public space I can notice that I am feeling embarrassed and then think about why they are behaving like that and talk to them rationally rather than just getting angry.

I should emphasise I am very far from perfect on all these fronts - but using mindfulness means I react in a constructive way to challenging situations far more often than I used to.

One of my "exercise and Wellbeing" tasks is a 10 minute mindfulness meditation 4 times a week. Ideally I would do it everyday, and sometimes do longer than 10 minutes but I've accepted that 4 times a week every week is better than a goal of everyday that doesn't get met! It is pretty much a guarantee that I start to go pear shaped if I haven't done any for 3 or 4 weeks.

So - the links -
- one is to "The Happiness Trap" - a book about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy which is how I found my way into mindfulness;
- the second is to a Jon Kabat-Zinn website - he is one of the main proponents I know of and his guided meditations are my favourites

12-13-2013, 06:59 PM
Sorry for so many posts - apparently I am in the mood to hang out with you all this morning :-)

Lulu - to PM in here - near the top left of the screen is a purple button that says "user CP". Click that and it brings up a menu. In the menu is a heading "private messages" under which are some options like "create new message" "view messages" etc. hope that helps :-)

I have been thinking a bit in the last few days about the "substitutes" and pre-planning part of the Beck program. I was a little surprised by some comments about it being not part of the program to make substitutions - because I hadn't come away from reading the book feeling like that was the deal. So I found myself thinking "Am I doing it wrong?"

At the beginning I was planning exactly what To eat everyday the night before, which I found really helpful for getting me used to what was appropriate - but I really didn't like the rigidity it created in my life so I have shifted to a more generalised plan of knowing broadly what I should be eating each day and then tracking it to make sure I am on track.

So it has been going round my head a bit for the last few days about whether this is OK. The latest bit of thinking is that what I am aiming for is normal eating behaviour - to create food habits and a relationship with food that is rational. (Or to put it in the words of Beck - to learn how to think like a thin person). And when I think about the behaviour of thin people I know - it doesn't look to me like they only ever eat something they planned ahead of time. It looks to me like they partake of unexpected food - they just make good choices and do it in moderation.

What do you all think? Can you be spontaneous with food and still lose weight / maintain weight loss? Or is sticking to a detailed plan an essential part of thinking like a thin person?

12-13-2013, 08:30 PM
Words really fail at a time like this, Maryann. I am so happy for you. What an achievement..all of it..not just getting to goal, but the food addiction and finding peace with food. I am just SO HAPPY for you.

12-13-2013, 09:42 PM
WOW Maryann!! What a powerful post!! I am so happy for you for accomplishing what you set out to do. You sound so peaceful and free. You are an inspiration.

12-13-2013, 09:59 PM
There is a difference between INTEREST and COMMITMENT.
When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient.
When you're COMMITTED to something, you accept no EXCUSES, only RESULTS!!
Don't talk about it, be about it!!.

12-13-2013, 10:19 PM
Wow - so much has been happening! I had to go back a page to see who had posted after I had

Vegan...Rex - I'm not great on crediting myself but when I post here and see I am maintaining behaviours and goals and plans it forces me to realise I am progressing. And I can see you are too - so Credit you. Maryblu - love to see you back under any circumstances and always enjoy your posts. I too am eating anti-inflammatory and anti-autoimmune and low sugar so it is nice there is someone else on a similar plan; Lulu - yay for 7 days OP - enjoy the party - great planning for the bar; ForMyGirls - great to see you pop up a few times today - you are in a good place

:sunny: Congratulations Maryann :congrat: - it was wonderful to read that and I can feel/picture the satisfaction in you. WOW

Checked in 5 times in a row; 199.6 - +1.4 lb (today) / +1 lb (total for week); 8520/5000 steps; Physiotherapy exercises - Not done again yesterday; 5.7/3km; Food - On plan with no major problems - looked back over it when I saw the weight gain again but no reason so just keep plugging away

12-13-2013, 10:39 PM
This rates a post all to itself - GREAT JOB, Maryann. You are a major inspiration to me on this site... for your acceptance that it will not drop off quickly, plugging away, and slowly and steadily working toward your goal. I admire you.


And join you in your celebration!


12-13-2013, 10:43 PM
maryann, I'm so happy for you!!!! You are so amazing and have worked so hard to reach your goal--while encouraging others at the same time.

What a wonderful accomplishment!


12-13-2013, 11:12 PM
Hi everyone,

I held myself to one plate of food and no desserts for our carry-in today. When I entered everything in MFP, it came to about 1100 calories. That is not a typo--and my plate wasn't even that full compared to many of my co-workers. I should have stopped eating rather than finish my plate, though--I ate a bit too much.

I ended up skipping my afternoon snack (I wasn't hungry at my normal snack time--that's the difference between a 400 calorie and a 1100 calorie lunch, I guess!)

I lightened my dinner, partly in compensation and partly because one heavy meal a day is really sufficient. DH finished before I did and left the table. I realized I was done, but couldn't manage to get myself to stand up and throw it away. I called DH back to the table to take my plate away!

I give myself credit for keeping myself to one plate (caloric or not!), and for recording everything I ate!

I weighed this morning and am a pound below ticker.

I did a good job of eating slowly today and savoring my food--credit for that!

I have to write down my plan for tomorrow, but I do have one--for everything but dinner. Tomorrow is my company holiday party and I don't know what I'll have. I'll concentrate on salad and veggies and limit sauces.

seadwaters: Isn't it incredibly powerful to track progress and successes--especially if you really can give yourself credit for them? I found it a hard habit to get into, but my time with traditional CBT in other areas taught me how important it is to recognize what I've accomplished--and to feel good about that.

ForMyGirls: It's interesting what people mean by "100% OP" and I think it really does vary for people. I consider substitutions within parameters to be OP. So, if I swap out a fruit for another, or we go out to eat and I choose what I'd have planned if I'd known I was going to that restaurant, I still feel I'm doing well. I rebel against rigidity so I need to feel that my planning is a structure to support me rather than a fence to control me.

I think you're right that thin people do partake of unexpected food--with "good choices and do it in moderation". For some people sticking with every detail of a detailed plan is essential--but I don't think that's the only successful approach. At the end of the green book, Dr Beck goes more into a lifelong eating approach--which for most of us, won't include written daily detailed plans.

I'm going to look into the mindfulness links--thanks for sharing them.

LuLu01801: How great that you told your friend you'd be all set--and that he was fine with it--credit for knowing what you need!

pamatga: Thanks for sharing your struggle to be honest with yourself and us about where you are right now. I found it a powerful statement about how easy it is to be in denial--and give you credit for your honest with us--I know it makes me want to be as honest as possible in response. Credit for exercising your resistence muscle!!!

maryblu: Hello! I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

veganasaurusrex: I don't think credit has to equal rewards. I don't give myself many "rewards" because I generally totally let myself have whatever I want--that makes a tangible physical reward difficult. I treat the success itself as the reward, most of the time--the inner pleased feeling of knowing I'd accomplished something. Big credit for not eating in the car (possible reward? get the car detailed inside)

gardenerjoy: Credit for day 2 OP! (We're waiting for your wintery mix now--we always get our weather 12-24 hours after you do.

BillBE: Yay for 23 days! I love the idea of giving each other presents that you want yourself--and the inside joke of that! (DH and I exchanged iPads this year--I got an iPad Air and he got an iPad Mini) Since we don't really observe any winter holidays, we're all ready enjoying our new iToys.

Take care, all.

12-13-2013, 11:25 PM
Hello, all! The snow is falling pretty soundly now. When I log off after checking in tonight, I'm going to sit in the bedroom with the blinds up and the lights out and enjoy holiday music, watching it fall over the yard/garden. That will count as my relaxation for the day.

Day has been not planned, but still on track. I'm most proud of those days.

In response to your open question, ForMyGirls, I believe that I am truly building my success when I choose healthfully and nutritiously without having it detailed out in front of me. When I get sidetracked, though, I need to plan what I'm going to eat to get myself hauled back on the path. I know I sure don't want to have 25 years of preplanned meals in my future, but I also know that without a calorie range in my mind each day, I will allow that to creep up. I count some of my planning the marketing lists that include the healthy meals I'm planning for the week.

Challenges today: at work - croissants before an event, Donut Friday, cupcakes as part of a celebration, leftovers of all of those surrounding us all afternoon ... marketing tonight - took more than two hours to get through the store and just buying groceries. (For some reason that eludes me, they were stocking shelves at 5 p.m. on a night with snow expected so you have all the "I need milk and bread" crowd, as well). Ate lunch out with two older male friends, one retired and one retiring ... enjoyed their company and saved half my regular-size entree for dinner.
Despite the challenges or things I perceived as challenges, I stayed on track!!
Seadwaters - Credits for checking in here! What challenges do you face this weekend?

Streak = 7 for the first time in recent memory.
This coming week, I'm planning to add 15 minutes of private relaxation daily to clear stress.

12-14-2013, 01:26 AM
Thanks for that advice, Janelle.
I will try that, for sure!!!

You're welcome!:hug:

12-14-2013, 01:28 AM
Santa saw fit to bring me an early present!

Granddaughter Emerson Paige!

6 lbs, 8 ozs.! Arrived about 6:30 pm!

12-14-2013, 04:11 AM
Maryann - I'm just delighted for you. :hug:


12-14-2013, 04:46 AM
60 points tonight team. Hooray.

My personal streak is 9 now. Had a day of being grumpy so giving myself lots if credit for being OP despite the grumps. The streak really helps for motivation :-)

Thanks Beth and National Parker for your thoughts on flexibility and planning.

12-14-2013, 08:13 AM
:welcome: janelle (shcirerf) :welcome:

And, despite your five years here, in case you've never gotten one of these: :wel3fc:

And a super welcome to:
Emerson Paige!

12-14-2013, 08:19 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Had to dress warmly to walk (CREDIT moi) to the library - the chill before the snow is real. I wanted to return an Express book due on Monday since the threatened snow might preclude walking early next week. We're preparing to cancel two different events on Sunday. The big disappointment will be cancelling the Christmas Bird Count that happens every year to do a census of the birds. But birds make themselves scarce when it's actively snowing.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, to extend the streak to 24. The only challenge was evening snack. I had both the fresh pineapple and the new killer-good Tangerines in mind, when DW reminded me that I also had California Navel Oranges as well as Clementines - both taking up room in the fridge and both only mediocre. As I was pondering how to do justice to all four and still stay on track I got busy. And then it was bedtime. I'd simply forgotten to have any of the four - but I've given myself credit anyway. So, on plan with no snacks for the day. I can live with that.

maryblu – You are always welcome, as is your "raspberry eatin' dawg." Cracks me up that you've planted blue berries for her as an anti-oxidant. Love the notion, "window shop at parties."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I've never met anyone who went to the grocery store before breakfast. Did you have a problem walking past the smell of baking bread?

silverbirch – Waving back. Hope you're not experiencing the wicked snow we're getting on this side of the Atlantic.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Kudos for "Checked in 5 times in a row."

Pam (pamatga) – The 7 Question Technique didn't make it to the Green Book - so don't consider it a loss to skip it. I diligently worked it only once and didn't become a fan. Yep, Ouch for the hit from relaxing a little. Thanks for bringing up the feeling of dishonesty that comes from certain eating habits.

maryann - Hosanna, Hallelujah, and Kudos for :dizzy: I have reached goal :dizzy:
Just love, "I am not going back."

nationalparker – Love the notion of watching the snow in the dark. Kudos for an on track day.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Ouch for 1100 calories in a single plate - it's so easy to get caught by surprise. Love the twin iPads.

Jo (veganasaurusrex) – I hate the Sabotaging Thought, "I overate at that occasion so I may as well just keep going" - BTDT. Kudos for sticking to an appetizer at the birthday party. For rewards, I've used new tools and books that I might not have otherwise purchased. LOL at "eating everything I can get my hands on."

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Ouch for the continuing knee issue. Kudos for charging forth anyway. Neat move to avoid food when meeting with a friend.

ForMyGirls - Neat list of non-food rewards. I like that they weren't necessary items. Thanks for the discussion of mindfulness. RE: Planning and tracking. At the end of the Pink Book, Beck discusses generalized planning for maintenance - that's what I do. I'm on plan if I stay within my general plan for the day. I've messed up with that about snacks, but it's worked well for me with meals.

janelle (shcirerf) - Love the sticky corn syrup ice pack notion - I'll save that one. Glad you've dropped in. By-the-by, the New York Times panned the movie Nebraska and the Boston Globe gave it four stars. DW and I both liked it. How is it received locally?

Readers - day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits: . . .

Exercise makes you feel better physically. The more you move, the more you feel like moving. Regular exercise strengthens your lungs, heart, and other muscles, with the result that your daily activities (such as carrying bags of groceries or doing housework) feel less taxing. Because exercise can improve sleep, you might find that you have more energy as well.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 107.

12-14-2013, 10:39 AM
maryann!!! :hug:

So happy for you!!! What an achievement and the best birthday present ever I am sure.

Your post was beautiful- can feel your happiness in your words.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Enjoy every minute!!!!

12-14-2013, 11:05 AM
My 100%OP Day streak count is up to 3.

My day didn't go as planned, but my eating followed Plan A, 100%. Today should be much more straight forward. If we leave the house at all, it will be to shovel snow. I know exactly what's available to eat and exactly what to write on my food plan.

WI: -0.35 kg, Exercise: +30 585/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Great to see you back here, maryblu!

ForMyGirls: I think everyone is different in what is helpful in terms of planning and what isn't. For me, writing down the plan ahead of time is what made all the difference. Most of the time, I'm quite happy if I match that plan at an 80-90% level, so allowing for some variation from it -- I even consider 70% a passing grade, but I don't want too many days like that because I start gaining weight. I suppose that can sound rigid, but, then, I hardly measure anything -- so I'm loose in other areas. I find a pre-written plan means that I make many fewer decisions about food during the day and, thus, think about food much less frequently. That's why pre-planning feels like such a gift to me and not a burden at all.

Welcome to your granddaughter, shcierf!

BillBlueEyes: it's actively snowing here and I haven't seen any birds this morning. The squirrels seem to be playful, though.
DH put French bread on my pre-breakfast shopping list yesterday. I was shocked when I picked it up and it was warm! I had to remind myself of my rule, "I only eat baguettes in France."

veganasaurusrex: I go back and forth on rewards. I've taken myself to a movie in a theater. I got massages for bigger rewards. For a long time, I bought an exercise video each month that I met my exercise goal, until I deemed my collection was large enough. I've also, sometimes, just kept a running list of things that appealed to me (book titles, accessories I spotted in catalogs) and then chose something off that list when I'd earned a reward.
Right now, keeping track of my streaks on a piece of paper seems to be all the reward I need. I've also, sometimes, done a variation where I rewarded myself with a sticker on a grid sheet for tasks completed -- just like teachers do with second graders!

12-14-2013, 11:55 AM
Hi Joy! Thanks for welcoming me on another thread. I have the book "The Complete Beck Diet For Life," and I worked it through. I found it quite helpful. I have subscribed to this thread, so hello to all of you other beautiful people as well! Jumping right in, I went a little bit off plan yesterday, when I had to wait for to go order in a restaurant, and the manager offered me a chocolate cupcake as recompense. I said "yes," when I should have said NO CHOICE. Oh well. :)

12-14-2013, 12:37 PM
Perhaps. A word about the 7 question method. I honestly don't have my pink book anymore..gave it to a friend, so only have the green one, but I am a fan of the 7 questions. As I am sure many of you know, it is a technique used in quality control for problem solving, often in manufacturing as a tool for process improvement, but we used it in our organization as well. There is an issue that has been plaguing me for 4 and a half years. It is not healthy for me to be dwelling on it; of course when I ask my psychologist, he just asks me what I think, but I am wondering if I could work through the 7 questions and find the answer. It is certainly worth a try, as I can't seem to shake this very useless, destructive obsession. I don't expect it to be a quick process; it has been a long 4 and a 1/2 years, and the feelings run deep. Hmmmm. There is some good stuff going on here. Thanks, Beckmates.

12-14-2013, 12:56 PM
Snowy morning here - coming down since last night ... there is a flock of Canada geese in the cornfield next to me - several hundred of them are moving around. I love it - looks almost like an optical illusion with their necks and what remains of the harvested feed corn all standing up yet only half of them moving. Smaller flocks of birds have stopped over behind my gardens and I can see them flitting about. I always feel compelled to put a large tray of seed out, but need to wait until the snow stops. I should have done it yesterday. A hawk has been scouting the area out and I just don't want to observe the moment he catches his dinner. So I come and go, enjoying nature. THIS is what I would miss if we moved, unless it was further out the country. The silence of the morning is so peaceful.

I can tell today will be a challenge, foodwise, though. Weighed up 0.6 but know that it's cycle-related and am okay with that - because the week has gone so well, I'm keeping fingers crossed that work slacks will continue to fit looser.

12-14-2013, 01:24 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Thanks for all the congrats. What I have learned about a willingness to share the journey is this: The pain and fear I endure in my struggle to remain honest and present on this blog is far outweighed by the companionship and strength I receive in my successes.

And now for my new life maintaining. I am a fledging in the middle of Christmas food craziness; I am compiling this morning a small list of your rules that are my favorites.

BBE Eat only if it is rare or unusual.
Beth No sweets at work. (Boy, will I need this next week.)
Gardenerjoy Eat baquettes only in France. (I'm extending it to any white bread.)
ForMyGirls Mindfulness
Lexxiss A vitamix smoothie everyday (if not two) to keep me healthy through the season.

I think vegansaurus was talking about rewards. I am cleaning the house tomorrow afternoon so I can use my Monday holiday to skip joyfully to the mall and buy the black boots I promised myself if I saw 149 on the scale. WHEEE!!!

12-14-2013, 01:40 PM
Day 29: Resist Food Pushers I do not have this problem in my life although I have had it in the past. Once again, it is more about that other person than it is about you. I have observed that those people who are conflicted about their own relationship with food, their own self-image and that whole ball of wax are the ones most likely to be "food pushers". I experienced this last year at our annual church's Christmas party. A male social acquaintance whose wife has serious health issues as a result of obesity "took it upon himself" to get up from our shared table and bring back a multiple selection of desserts and then set them down in front of me. I did not ask him to do this and I was quite surprised. Even then, it was more than I would have "planned" for so I asked my DH to have some of the selection. Both of us took 1 small piece and left the rest of the plate in front of us. This same male acquaintance was visibly angry by our response and then I realized that there was a lot more going on than just him being "thoughtful".

I do NOT like to leave food (especially food that I didn't choose myself) for someone to toss in the garbage. I personally just feel that is wasteful, no matter what Dr. Beck says. Besides, on a practical level, that is the primary reason restaurants et al give for charging more for food. Yes, they actually do both measure and weigh garbage before putting it in the incinerator and add it as a business expense (not loss!). I work with the homeless and they struggle to eat everyday. I feel food is something that is a blessing (not a right or a given--ask someone who is foraging through garbage cans) and to those of us who have much, we need to respect that asking or having more is a privilege and not an automatic right. :soap: (off my soapbox now)

Now, fast forward to 2014. My younger sister, Paula, and our Dad is going to come for an "open-ended" visit. Both eat 2 out of 3 meals a day away from home. In fact, the only orange juice my Dad will drink has to be from McDonald's. Yes, I have asked Paula if he would drink what we buy. No, he will not, is what she said! :nono:

Both my DH and I do not eat out a lot and when we do we choose our restaurants carefully. He sees this as much of a problem as I do. My biggest fear is that I will be "stuck" with two food pushers "indefinitely" on my turf. Of course, I want them to come and visit but I am already thinking ahead and trying to create a plan that will work. They are going to drive here but since my sister has never been here before she won't know where all of her favorite "haunts" are so I am thinking they will "expect" me to chauffeur them around to those eateries. :mad: If anyone here has any kind of suggestions of how they would handle this potentially loaded situation, I am wide open to hearing it.

On a side note:

I journaled awhile yesterday and then shared it with my DH about why I think that I am "stuck". It dawned on me that for the longest time (about 10 years between 1983-1993 I was this weight) and then my weight started to climb up in the late 1990s to 260s with my highest weight being just over 300 lbs in 2009. I have been obese for so long that, quite honestly, I don't know of anything else but once I got to this weight range, it was the one that I felt the most comfortable in. Plus, I was so thrilled to get down to the 240s again after 20 years of being "somewhere else", that I think I "forgot" I can set my sights even higher (or lower in the case of weight loss). I don't have to "settle" for this interim weight, no matter how comfortable it feels.

I started this past year wanting to lose weight but deep down inside I didn't believe that I could. I felt that other people could but not me. Even here I watch the rest of you and I think they are "different", they are "special". They know something that I don't. The rational part of me knows that most of you know as much as I do and some know more but we all know that once we find what works for us, the one truth that is universal is that you have to work it to make it work. If I eat less calories than I did, I lose weight. If I work out and sweat, I burn more calories and I lose weight. Beck Diet Skills are the tools that keep all of that "moving forward". No mystery. However, just like the food plan and the work outs, it only works when you work it.

There was so much that you all have shared that I would love to comment on but then this is going to get super super long.

So, I will run through a couple of the "highlights":

mindfulness-yes, I also do it. I liked what you had to say ForMyGirls---all of it.

Janelle: :congrats: on the new grand daughter.

lulu I once heard that we are only given what we can handle. I want a second opinion.:D

maryann: I knew you would do it but I will admit the tension I felt was palatable. GREAT JOB! :bravo:

BBE: Great Job on your continued streaking.

beth: Great Job on good choices you made. Yes, 1100 calories doesn't seem like a lot depending on the types of foods chosen. I am always amazed when this happens to me. I wait until I am really hungry before I eat again. Usually, the weight regain will drop off in a few days once you are back on plan.

Jo (vegan...rex): my rewards vary according to where I am. I agree with joy that being OP can be the greatest reward of all.

Valkyrie1: :welcome2: I know someone else by that username. Small world.

maryblu: thanks for the insights.

silverbirch: glad to see you post. I remember you from way back when.

And, to all of those who read or lurk or do both, "hey, y'all" ;).

Take care all, Pam :comp:

P.S. I got to move my ticker down again. When I work it, it works. :D

12-14-2013, 05:44 PM
just a quick check in to acknowledge how grateful I am for the motivation I've seemed to have grasped onto, following my plan and having all of you to share it with.
I'm holding on to this precious gift for as long as it's suppose to be mine.
I'm having such great, both relaxing and productive, day.
I was at the grocery store at 6:45 waiting for the doors to open, wanted to get there before it became a zoo!!!
got all my things and headed to the gym for my 7:30 appointment, had a great workout for an hour.
the knee is feeling a bit better but I still kept my workout to upper body and abs.
my abs were on fire, OMG!!!
I came home and took a nice long bubble bath and read my ARCs and did a little writing, which I find therapeutic, acknowledging that I am only in remission from my crazy behaviors around food/drink and not to kid myself that I've arrived anywhere safe and permanent.
what I am doing now may not feel like hard work because I'm in the zone, but I'm fooling myself if I think this is "it"!!!
anyway, I've been doing a little cooking and food prep, which is relaxing and enjoyable for me . . . it's like my hobby, my craft.
I'm hanging with my 25yo daughter, we've lit a fire in the wood stove and sipping coffee.
we shared some tofu/kale scramble that I made and a little soy chocolate icecream as a treat, figured that right into my plan, YUM!!
I think I might take little rest before I head out to the x-mas party.
it's snowing but I'm going anyway.

I'm so enjoying this glorious day, hanging with my girl, enjoying the fire, enjoying my successful OP streak (8 days), looking forward to getting dressed and feeling fabulous in my skinny jeans and riding boots, and feeling the freedom from compulsion at the moment . . . YAY!!
I've also figured in three glasses of merlot for tonight into my plan and I'm looking forward to a little buzz and live music and dancing (I'm gonna try to dance with this knee, just take it easy).
I'll be sure to leave plenty of time for drinking water at the end of the night for my safe drive home.

life is good.
thank you all for being here and sharing yourselves.
it's SOOOOOOOO helpful to me.
and I hope I am helpful to you.


12-14-2013, 08:32 PM
Oh, dear Beckmates, I am finding so much wisdom and insight here, I am really puzzled about why I ever let myself get away from this, our wonderful group.

Pamatga thanks for such insight on leftover food in restaurants. I did not know that was the business model, and agree with you, that with so many people hungry in our world, there is something seriously wrong with our approach to food as a society.

As for your thoughts that gaining control of your health and eating habits and ultimate weight loss was something that eluded you--that others could do it, but you couldn't, I can so relate. I don't think for the most part that any of us ever chose to be obese, or think we can control/change our situation, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. We do have control, we do have a choice, and when just "dieting" alone fails, the Beck Diet Solutions for Life give us a tool, a model, for success. I have yet to find an Achilles Heal in the armor she gives us. CBT is such a powerful tool if we just practice it until it is second nature. Not saying it is easy, just powerful.

Lulu01810 am so pleased for you in the success of your day, and *sigh, a bit envious of your motivation to exercise.

What strikes me most is how many of my Beckmates cite the support of our buddies/coaches as critical to success.

12-14-2013, 09:02 PM
Streak = 8. I'm starting with that because I'm hanging on by a thread - long busy day today but plenty of things to snack on at home, and counted everything I munched. Made DH beef stew for dinner and since I don't eat beef, I treated myself to baked potato soup (homemade with 1% milk and lighter cheese and much less than years before). I was satisfied with one bowl, though I wanted more.

If not for this streak business :) I'd have gone back for more just to have more. And, for that, I thank you, ForMyGirls.

I got out and shoveled snow for about 45 minutes and hope that knocked a few calories off. Aiming for a trail walk tomorrow, along with biscotti baking.

Others may well be familiar with this quotation from William Channing, who died nearly 130 years ago ... it resonates with me and has become part of my December journaling thoughts and I thought I'd share it here in case anyone else was new to it:

To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not, rich; to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart; to study hard; to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never; in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common--this is my symphony.


12-14-2013, 09:10 PM
Hello all,

I am having a good Saturday OP. Down a pound this morning. I just want to keep it off this weekend. Working on my ARC and I want to really nail them down to what is most important to me. There are so many reasons that they are lost in a buzz. So I am really narrowing them down to my strongest to help me stay focused.

Pam I feel the same way you do about me not being the one to get it. Others have it working for them and I am not on the list for success. I have never felt success when working on my weight, even when I was small. I was always thinking how fat I was. This is different this time. Beck thinking and this 5:2 diet has helped so much. I already have a different outlook on my goals and what I want out of this journey.

I am working the program it has to start working for me.

12-14-2013, 09:45 PM
Well, Beckmates, this morning I promised to apply and report back on my use of the 7 questions(from the original Beck Pink Book) as a problem solving tool for me regarding a 4 and a half year-long obsession that has been plaguing me and has been truly toxic for me. I promised to work through and report back.. I had no sooner shut off my computer than the answer hit me smack between the ears. I did not apply the 7 questions; the answer just became so clear to me. Not very flattering, in fact so down right humiliating to realize that I could have been so stupid for so long; I am going to share the answer, as humiliating as it is. The answer is: Bitterness. Of all the worthless, self-defeating, stupid, stupid emotions to let have a grip on me for so long, the answer is bitterness. I had buried my emotions under "still have feelings for" and other similar sentiments along with an obsession of tracking/cataloging another's flaws rather than face the fact that I was very, very BITTER. We all know what a stupid waste of time and energy that emotion is. As my psychologist once so eloquently said (about another matter) "bitterness is like ingesting rat poison expecting the rat to die". It felt pretty good for a while this morning for me to finally recognize what was really going on with my emotions. Can't tell you I am "over it", but certainly recognizing the emotion for what it really is--that is a pretty big break through for me.

Enough about me...Beck's 7 Questions is a unique problem solving tool..the questions are specific for us and our struggle to gain control over our eating behaviour and our methodology. They differ from the 7 questions used in quality control, but the concept is the same. I have been so submersed for so long in quality issues, they all kinda run together..there is the book "Question within the Question", and I am thinking perhaps the 7 questions originated with Deming, the original quality guru. No matter, just wanted to clarify and bring us to the important point:

I think the power of Beck's 7 questions is that if before you just grab a particular morsel of food and bolt it down, after you drill down with 7 questions, the impulse to gobble some tasty treat up is pretty much dead...I think it is pretty brilliant, after all. One of the very most important truths I learned from Beck was that there is no such thing as "impulse eating". I can't remember the exact wording, but it was something like, "the act of eating is always preceded by a thought." Putting something to eat in your mouth is not a completely reflex action over which you have no control as when something comes toward you eye and you blink, nor is it like your knee is rapped and your lower leg jerks. You don't just automatically eat something. However brief, there always is a thought first. The brilliance of the 7 questions to me is, it buys you time--A LOT of time..if you are tempted to eat something off plan, not healthy, purely an impulsiv-Pavlov's-dog-because -it -is -there, because-it-is-a-party-kinda-thing----- by the time you have gone through the 7 questions, you have forgotten what is was you thought was so irresistible you just had no power to resist it. Bloody brilliant, I say. (for what MHO is worth; keep in mind I'm the one who has been nurturing a bitterness emotion for four and a half years!)

12-14-2013, 11:25 PM
Hi all,

I ate about what I expected at the holiday party--which means I ate more than a dieting amount, but what I intended to.

I exercised Beck response thoughts keeping me from getting more appetizers--waited for dinner. Didn't get a second piece of cheesecake (thought about it). Talked myself out of another piece of bread.

Weight down 0.2 this morning (even after yesterday's carry-in).

I have a plan for tomorrow--it includes one piece of pizza (meeting my son for lunch) along with a side salad, which I'll eat first, so that I'll feel satisfied after having just one piece of UNO's pizza. The rest of the day is planned and looks quite do-able.

Planning makes such a huge difference for me--even if I do walk a line between feeling it's restrictive and feeling it's empowering.

Take care all!

12-15-2013, 01:21 AM

I have had a thoughtful day. So much has happened on the list and it has made me stop and reflect. My life is full of distractions - less than many people but I manage to take them far more seriously than they deserve - work, chores, every day realities. I went back to my 'old' ARCs and notes that I had stored in an iPhone app and synchronised with my computer. It is depressing to see that they are all still relevant and I haven't really shifted. Sure I lost weight - from 235 to around 200 - but I didn't shift.

Seeing Maryann reach goal, and Maryblu pop back while maintaining, and (Gardener)Joy counting her cornchips, and of course BillBE who is still exercising his resistance muscle, impressed on me that I wasn't really invested in this and never was - not in the way that creates a permanent change like the one that says 'I'm not going back'. The amount of change and vigilance and commitment is significant and that is scary but I guess one bite at a time it is obviously achievable

When I packed up my house to move to smaller accommodation to avoid the commute to work I packed up all my 3 Beck books and am not sure where they are - I am not going to re-buy them but have found some brief Beck resources that will be useful and read Bill's notes everyday. Its also good that some are in the early stages so I get to vicariously experience it

Checked in 6 times in a row; Weigh in 199.6 - no change for day / +1 lb (total for week); Physiotherapy exercises - Half done yesterday; Exercise Cleaning the house; 9480/5000 steps; 6.39/3 km; Food - On plan

12-15-2013, 06:39 AM
Hi Coaches!

The details of daily living are still one big crazy. Without all the boring details, all I can say is that dieting/maintaining must continue to be a priority. I heard here again (thx LuLu) No Excuses. Everyday is a maze of choices surrounding food and it's often aggravating and difficult. Reminded of the alternative, I switch my thinking and make better choices. Weight remains stable. credit.

Holidays are coming and I keep reminding myself of balance. We put up the tree even though all I want is for the project to be finished. I've done some shopping and have shipped gifts to family. We'll fit in a trip over the hill next week to DH's important holiday party with his TBI group. I'll keep working on the project the best I can. I'll continue to eat healthy and will find space for a few holiday treats. Life can be OK without holiday and stress induced eating.

MaryAnn, congrats at meeting your goal. I am a year or two behind you but am headed in your direction. Your selfless sharing of your journey has made a world of difference to me. Thanks for all you share.

Beth, SumoMandarins...I think it may be mid-February before we see them.

Thanks, everyone else, for all your sharing. It means alot. I read everyday and take all of you with me when I step out in the world every day. Honestly, I don't know how I am going to accomplish what needs to be accomplished right now. All I know is that it will happen if I take steps to move forward every day. My gift to myself will be to be at my same weight when I finish. Then I will move forward with some of my other goals. Credit.

12-15-2013, 07:06 AM
Wow - what a big thinking weekend we have all been having! And spectacularly at the same time as facing so many of our demons we have also been increasing our streaks. 67 points!!!!

My personal streak is at 10. I remember being at 6 and thinking one more day and I'll break my record and today I find myself thinking "how did I get to 10"????

It has been another day of grumpiness for me but thanks to a wise and loving partner who said "you know - I'm not sure weeding is what you need to be doing today" I opted for a day of sloth (after completing my exercise for the day) and self-indulgence (but not of the calorific type).

That, plus reading everyone's big thinking has shifted something inside my head about other challenges I face in my life. Not sure how it will fall out yet but it feels like greater clarity / a new way of dealing with it is almost within reach. Amazing how I never remember when I am in the grumps that this is where I end up and that the grumps are actually a good and useful thing.

Credits - I didn't eat on top of the grumps. I realised I was full so stopped eating dinner, even though there was some of my measured out serve left.

Welcome Valkyrie1!

Lulu - thanks for "only in remission from my crazy behaviors around food/drink"

National Parker - hooray to you for making it through on a "hanging on by a thread" day. Loved the Channing quote

Maryblu - thanks for being so brave in sharing the discovery of your bitterness. It was very powerful to read. I hope that naming it will help you start to let it go.

12-15-2013, 07:18 AM
:welcome: Valkyrie1 :welcome:

And, in honor of your first week here, :wel3fc:

How did you discover the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this Beck thread on 3 Fat Chicks?

12-15-2013, 07:23 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Exercise was limited to waddling about an electronics store trying to figure out how to buy components needed to play all DVD's (except 3D). Seems that each component now includes Wi-Fi connection to parts of the Internet. Each connection is a separate 'App' - more can't be added. For those of us who think that's confusing, there's a single box that is essentially a computer that lets you browse the whole Web like you do at your desk. A new thing is a 'Sound Bar' for speakers with a wireless link to a large sub-woofer that sits on the floor. The kids selling stuff wonder why anyone would want an FM radio antenna when they can get iHeartRadio over the Internet. I've got some catching up to do.

Streak increments to 25 days of snacks on plan or below, CREDIT moi. Big deal was to pass through Trader Joe's and refuse their FREE sample of something with cheese. Seems silly to be so excited about refusing a small sample, but it's an attitude adjustment for me to get back into eating only what's planned. Trader Joe's was mobbed; every checkout line was about eight long; I left without buying anything. Dinner was a quick trip to our local Thai fast food place. We arrived with two Glad containers in my backpack so that we each brought home half of our dinner. It's in the fridge for my lunch today. Made a green salad when I got home since Thai isn't a very salady cuisine. Evening snack was the Tangerines I forgot to eat last night.

maryblu – Thanks for the supportive thoughts about using the Seven Questions Technique - I'll have to revisit those. Your diligence and honesty searching for the source of your obsession are stunning. I salute you; Kudos. Love the affirmation that those of us striving to use the Beck strategies are on the right track, "Bloody brilliant, I say."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Good Grief! You held a warm baguette in your hand and remembered, "I only eat baguettes in France." I'm impressed. Super Kudos.

CeeJay - Hope all is going well with you.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Kudos for acknowledging, "The amount of change and vigilance and commitment is significant" - even when the overwhelms attack that it's not enough, you can recognize what you're doing. Kudos.

Pam (pamatga) – Yep, "thoughtful" people do bring their issues to our food. Kudos for seeing that you weren't obligated to make him happy. Good luck planning for the visit from your dad and sister.

maryann - Yay for the joy anticipating your reward of black boots.

nationalparker – So neat how you take pleasure enjoying the nature about you. Canada Geese aren't a favorite around here. Love the WILLIAM HENRY CHANNING quote - thanks.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Always encouraging, "what I intended to." Thanks for nailing it with, "a line between feeling it's restrictive and feeling it's empowering."

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Yay for motivation with Kudos for being aware enough to be grateful for it. Love the happy image of you strutting out in your "skinny jeans and riding boots." Congrats for figuring out that early shopping was 6:45 instead of the 8:00 when I went; your prediction was right - it was a zoo.

LoseToAll - Smart idea to work on your ARC's to figure out what matter to you.

Valkyrie1 - A free cupcake is a tough one to turn down. Kudos for being aware.

Readers - day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

Exercise has many diet- and non-diet-related benefits: . . .

Exercise improves your health and helps prevent disease. Studies have found a correlation between regular exercise and a reduced risk for heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 108.

12-15-2013, 10:04 AM
My 100%OP Day streak count is up to 4.

Exercise yesterday was shoveling snow. The driveway isn't quite clear, so that will be today's exercise as well. We don't need to go anywhere, but it will be nice to have the job done.

WI: +0.1kg, Exercise: +80 665/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome, Valkyrie1! Great to have you here!

maryblu: that was some powerful effect the 7 Questions had for you, bringing an answer before you even asked them. Thanks for the background about their use in quality control -- I didn't know that. I'm going to revisit that technique as I'm thinking about new year goals that are going to have to deal with a disappointing end, professionally, to this year.

BillBlueEyes: still not seeing birds, but eight squirrels flitted around the oak tree in the back yard this morning. I guess they're digging for acorns in the snow? I'm not sure why the acorns are more attractive under snow than they were last week laying on the ground.

12-15-2013, 01:06 PM
Hi Coaches, and thanks so much for accepting a new person into your group!

Pamagata: I have been lurking for quite a while, and I have never seen a post from another Valkyrie. When I tried to register, however, Valkyrie was taken, so I had to go with "Valkyrie1." I hope the other Valkyrie is an intelligent, compassionate soul, and that there are no cases of mistaken identity, haha.

Nationalparker: I love your posts and descriptions of nature

I have a party today at a restaurant. I am proud of myself because I called the host and asked what will be served. Now I can make a plan, and will not have an excuse to cheat. Credit to me!

12-15-2013, 02:41 PM
Well, * trying to stay with my clean- eating-anti-inflammation-food-as-nourishment-not-entertainment strategy, I experimented with Tahini in my oatmeal rather than peanut butter as per Dr. Oz. Dosed it with a good amount of cinnamon and thought it would be edible. Not so much. Choked about half of it down. New to Tahini, but I adore sesame seeds so thought I would love it. *sigh. Organic Tahini in not cheap. Anyone know of a good way to endure the stuff?

Welcome, Valkrie 1. I hope you get as much out of this site as I do. The insights here are amazing. Reinforces my (biased) opinion that Beckies are really smart!

Am gonna have to stop indulging myself is posting right now, it's back to decluttering. Alas, an endless task.

12-15-2013, 03:18 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Rocky emotional morning. I am beginning to think this is inevitable after the siege of over scheduling I have been surviving. Credit to DH and (begrudgingly) myself for working through it to the point that we are all now quietly sitting by the fire or heaters working on relaxing little tasks. I wish it did not take a big scene to find peace through exhaustion but maybe that is a requirement. In my morning meditation I reaffirm, "I am no longer running the show. God is."

So yesterday's two holiday events were healthy food choices but not exactly what I had planned. Then, at the last minute, I ate a homemade sugar cookie. "Oh well." I add it to the other imperfections I am working hard to let go. Today I have a plan. Exercise will be Pilates. Like ForMyGals partner, DH said "I don't think you are suppose to be cleaning today." So he wrote in the dust on our tv "Do Not Clean" and expects to still see the writing when he gets back from the Sacramento Kings game. I will try to let the cleaning go as well.

nationalparker: The quote is copied on a sticky note. Thanks.

Maryblu: I use tahini for delish hummus.

BBE: California Oranges are not at their best until January or Feb. in my experience. We have about ten trees.

12-15-2013, 04:48 PM
Morning coaches

I am disgruntled that still my weight is unchanging or going up. I keep revisiting my plan and my food and checking out the food log to see if I did anything off plan - but no real reason so I just have to tough it out. Will rethink plan after the holiday season if no further improvements. I will move my eating into an 8 hour window between 11.30 am and 7.30 pm to see if that makes a difference. Having said all that yesterday wasn't quite on plan. I was organising my work lunch box and found three Macadamia nuts left in my snack box which I promptly gobbled without thinking - not on plan and standing up. Room for improvement

Maryann - good luck with letting go - always a challenge but extreme kudos for recognising the desire to hold on;
Maryblu - Tahini with yoghurt and garlic and lemon is a great dressing or dip and goes well with lamb. You had me going back to revise the 7 Question method - and yes it is powerful thanks;
Welcome Valkyrie1 - great to see a new member;
GardenerJoy - great streak going and WOW for not eating hot baguette!
BillBlueEyes - thanks for the reminder that restaurant food can be enjoyed twice when you prepare for it. Kudos on avoiding the Trader Joe pitfalls
ForMyGirls - hope the grumps transformed into a new plan of action. Kudos for a streak of 10 sneaking up on you;
Debbie (Lexxiss) - great for maintaining "maintaining" as a priority in the midst of some severe aggravations. it is that dedication to purpose that I need to put into action more.

Not sure how I will manage food today. There is an 'event' at work at 2.30 which is part of our project to integrate indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing into our work practice. I think all of the food fits into the "rare and unusual category" as it is all Australian native food and bush tucker (sorry this is too long but it can't be paraphrased :)).
•Wild Barramundi fillet, aniseed, myrtle & artichoke roulade
•Marinated Kangaroo carpaccio and bush tomato relish on baby rocket and wood oven baked bread
•Crocodile, braised leek and corn nori parcel tempura, pandanus leaf dipping sauce
•Baked Cheese fruit and goat fetta tartlet, Roma tomato and Native River mint salsa
•Seared Hervey Bay scallop served on warrigal green, Basil and pea puree
•Miniature wild finger lime tartlet, Qld tropical fruit slivers
•Macadamia & orange almond meal cake covered in lemon Myrtle creamed frosting
I think it might be difficult to stick to anything like my usual plan - so I will plan to: have a light and late breakfast/lunch at 11.30 am; not overeat; avoid the foods with bread or carbs; have a light evening meal; enjoy and appreciate the rare and unusual (not sure I could try the totally unusual like crocodile and kangaroo but who knows - a bit freaked really)

Checked in 7 times in a row; Weigh in 199.6 - no change for day / +1 lb (total for week); Physiotherapy exercises - Half done yesterday; Exercise Not a lot - sitting about contemplating; 5620/5000 steps; 3.8/3 km; Food - macadamia ambush

12-15-2013, 05:57 PM
hi everyone!!
I'm still plugging away, today is day 10 of my OP streak . . . YAY!!!
I had a ball last night dancing, my knee cooperated and it feels ok.
I'm having a pajama day today and loving every minute of it!!!
I have Monday and Tuesday off this week and I'm so excited about that.
I'm gonna get my act together for Christmas and have a productive day tomorrow.
but first I'll be at the gym and get a good workout under my belt.

I enjoy so much reading all your posts and find it very motivating and inspiring.
I want to do personals but it will have to wait.

In my quiet time today, I thought "being just good enough is not good enough anymore".
I'm shooting for fabulous!!!

I hope you are all having a beautiful Sunday!!

12-15-2013, 06:57 PM
Hi everyone,

Just checking in to say I am doing great- back down to 285 and planning on hitting my next goal of 281 as soon as possible. But I know it will take as long as it takes and no use getting ahead of myself. Excited for that because then I will be a short step to the next goal- out of the 280's. After yo-yoing so much, I just want to see that 279 badly!!!

Love reading all the discussion here and appreciate all of you who take the time to share your life. Here are some of your thoughts that have hit me lately:

- "I didn't go there so credit"- seadwaters
- "Glorious success due to...wait for it...planning"- BillBlueEyes
- "BillBlueEyes and Lexxiss don't go to Hardees, and I don't have any reason to go there either"- gardenerjoy. (I have never seen a Hardees in Canada but I am getting your drift. :))
- "I need to get up every morning and formulate a plan for the day"-Lexxiss
- "he could take it or he could dump it, but we wouldn't be eating it" bethFromDayton :D
- "peace is the ultimate goal, peace around food for once in my life" LuLu01801
- "I have reached goal"-maryann--:):):):)
- "We do have control, we do have a choice..." maryblu

Also loving the discussion on mindfulness- thanks for the links ForMyGirls

Take care everyone.

12-15-2013, 07:23 PM
Day 30: Stay in control when dining out: I have improved a lot in this area from the last tour of duty I did with BDS two years ago. The main thing that I have learned about any of these problem areas is that it does get better the more often you practice it. I liken it to learning how to drive a car. Eventually, it becomes automatic.

Day 31: Decide about Drinking: Now, I realize that Dr. Beck is referring to alcohol but since I rarely drink alcohol and when I do I take two sips and then pass it to my DH (it aggravates my hot flashes right now) that I had to widen the net for this day and include caloric beverages, which I do have trouble with IF I indulge. I just love the taste of regular Coca-Cola. When I want to "splurge" this is the beverage of choice. Fruit juices come in as a distant second. In fact, if I have any fantasies about foods that I "hope" that I will be able to have "on occasion" regular Coca-Cola is top of the list. Whether that will happen or not will, of course, depend on how my blood glucose is doing at my end goal weight.

lulu: glad you had a great time at your party last night. Glad to hear that you are in a "happy place". It feels good, doesn't it? Best wishes for your knee and its continual "cooperation".

nationalparker: Great Job on streak 8! TY for the quote. I have read it before and I also do my best to put it into practice.

losetoall: Well, the good thing about "feelings" is that they are NOT facts! So, even though I/we may not feel like a success sometimes, the fact that we are "showing up" (half the battle IMO) is noteworthy. As a good friend reminded me not long ago "Fake it until you make it!" :D

bethfromdayton: Great Job on being OP especially with pizza (my Kryptonite:devil:). Again, it bears repeating since I often say it aloud to myself. "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail." You are "right on".

seadwaters: Well, I have had the opposite experience than you. I had a comment that says it all: (from a priest whom I have known when I was my heaviest and he has watched me over the past 4 1/2 years): "You are the skinniest fat person I know." He knows that this is a spiritual quest that I have been on for nearly 2 decades. It used to really bother me that I was watching other people lose weight while I was being as faithful to my 12 Steps as I could be until I realized what was missing: I could not take Step 3.

I could work wonders with all of the rest of them but I just could not "let go" the tight control that I had over not only my weight "issue" but also the other areas of my life. I realized this a couple of years ago. What was at the core of my inability to take the necessary step I needed to take was that I lacked trust. I did not trust God, barely trust other people and I certainly didn't trust myself. So, I have been working that one Step diligently ever since. The best that I can say is that I trust more today than I did yesterday. This is a daily ongoing "work in progress".

I am also a recovering "control-aholic" which probably explains why I don't even like pain killers (including alcohol): I want to be in full control of all of my senses at all time. Yes, I am the proverbial wet blanket and I used to be so uptight emotionally, I once had my ex-husband's male friend say, "... never met a more nice frigid ***** in his life." :lol: Well, I have come a long way since those days but I still have to constantly "let go" over and over.

lexxiss: Love back at you. Glad to see you pop in from time to time. Love your gift of "being the same weight". It is the gift that keeps on giving. ;)

ForMyGirls: One of the first things that I noticed when I stopped eating to cover my feelings is how grumpy I was some days. However, what I am grateful for is how many people I know socially tell me how upbeat I am, how I always have a smile in spite of the chronic physical pain I live with and in general what a pleasant a person I am. The neat thing about "feeling feelings" (thanks to my therapist from decades ago with that phrase) is that they pass on once you feel them. This too shall pass.

BBE There are some things that I do remember about you from before and one of those was your reporting about all of the free samples in the stores you visit and how you are dodging them like you are in "open fire". I must be shopping on the wrong days of the week because I rarely encounter this. :lol: Great Job on the continued streaking. You win the prize! Hope those jeans are a little looser.

gardenerjoy: As a person who is also dealing with a couple of personal disappointments of my own at this time from this past year; I hope you can move beyond it and perhaps the 7 Question Technique will work for you. I wish you the best in that and please do report back to us how it worked for you.

valkyrie1: :welcome2: Glad to have you join Beck Diet Solution discussion group. I hope the party went well today. Credit indeed for planning ahead. You are doing great!

maryblu: Thank you for your thoughtful reflection on the 7 Question Technique. I don't like hummus so I have no hints on how to "like" it. Sorry.:?:

I had a really good day yesterday and so far today. I am presently sitting with hunger. I have become quite a coffee drinker of late since I am working on shrinking my stomach back to where it needs to be.

I am being a little bit of stickler on what constitutes being "on plan" for myself at the present time so I will pass on reporting that, ForMyGirls.
Staying within my calorie range has been good but trying to stick to 3 meals and 2 snacks is darn near impossible for me. I can handle one snack but it keeps meaning I have to shrink my meals to less calories to eat every 3 hours. However, practice will make "perfect" ...someday.

Take care, Pam :comp:

12-15-2013, 08:01 PM
Thanks, Maryann and Seadwaters, for tips on using Tahini. SO and I get a 1/2 lamb locally raised as needed, and we are all about garlic and lemon, so especially hopeful about that with Tahini and Taziki sauce, and this sounds pretty close. Am thinking the hummus thing could work, too. Just not willing to try the oatmeal idea again.

12-15-2013, 08:01 PM
Well, interesting. Checking in that I think I need to go back to 0 on my streak. I WANT to say that I was on track, but have had 1,500 calories today and had planned to go lighter because yesterday was another higher- calorie day. I enjoyed one piece of biscotti that I'm baking, and have bypassed DH's chocolate chip cookies. Midway through the baking for this evening and will enjoy hot tea while the holiday movies provide the backdrop. I honestly think if I count this day as on track even though it's not that far from my plan, I will look for reasons to keep believing myself on track, even when I'm truly not. This would have been an "on plan" day earlier this week, but I wanted to go lighter today. Phooey. I will have trouble this holiday season, but honesty with myself has to be a basis for it.

Challenge tomorrow is our work holiday party from 3-5. I will plan around that and goal is to report back with an OP day.

12-15-2013, 10:32 PM
OP today. Checking in quickly. Made sugar cookies and I had one. Didn't taste as good as they used to and if I spend my calories on something, I want it to be on something I want to savor. Like chocolate berries from Costco. Yummy. 20 of them is 120 calories and they are dark chocolate, which I love.

Fast day tomorrow. I have a dinner on Thursday that I am nervous about since that is a fast day. I may have to switch it to Friday. Which messes with my weigh day. My goal is 225 by the 20th. That would be 5 lbs this month which is a miracle for me. I am taking it 5 lbs at a time.

Pam thanks for the uplift. Fake it until I make it will be on a card.

I don't want to be just enough anymore either. I want to be fabulous too.

Have a great night.

12-16-2013, 12:16 AM
Hi all,

Today was an OP day. We went to UNO's (DH, DD, and I went south and DS came north so we could meet in the middle). I ate what I intended--and "gave" my leftover pizza to DD--it was a "one-time" treat.

I'm finding myself hungry right now and have been for the last hour or so, but I'm going to go to bed--I'll be fine until morning. I'm usually not that hungry when it's not a regularly scheduled eating time, but I usually have a light lunch and a heavier dinner and swapped those out today to fit into DS's schedule.

I've not been planning a week at a time with the required accompanying grocery trip. But, tonight is Sunday night and I have typed up the week's meal plan and updated the on-line grocery app with the grocery list. Tomorrow's dinner is defrosting. Tomorrow's lunch and snack are packed. This is the behavior that I was doing when successfully losing weight.

Streak--I've decided to join the streak group, if that's okay,--and my streak right now is 5 -- 5 days of recording everything I eat in MFP. I've decided to count that rather than count days OP, because for me, those sort of go together--it's hard to keep going off plan when the numbers are staring me in the face! (Who in our Beck group is on MFP?)

maryblu: I admire your honesty with yourself and us. Recognition is the first step towards solution--you've done amazing things for yourself in coming to an understanding of what's going on for you.

Take care, all!

Added after midnight: when I realized my body was starting to get the shakes (that whole blood sugar stuff I try to ignore but really can't), I went ahead and had a snack of about 180 calories. I feel much better. (And I recorded it) (and I'm still under calories for the day)
(and now it's way past bedtime)

12-16-2013, 06:50 AM
Maryblu - I use tahini in baba ganouj (eggplant dip). Yummy. Here is a link to a recipe.ée

National Parker - yay to you for being so honest with yourself about being OP - and well done for being so close to OP as well. Look forward to seeing you out some rungs back on the board tomorrow :-)

Beth - lovely to have you with us streakers! You sound like you are really getting back into the zone. Well done.

Team Total of 66 tonight.

My personal streak is 11 :-) Today felt like OP was normal life - which was exciting. A good balanced day - managed to get a good 3 hours of work in on a task that required lots of concentration and then used the time when my brain was tired to deal with a bunch of admin tasks and tick lots of things off the to do list.

12-16-2013, 07:15 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Super on plan food day to make the streak 26 days, CREDIT moi. Coffee hour spread displayed some 12 separate items, all choice. I had only a cup of coffee, as planned. The dark chocolate covered shortbread cookies were the most appealing. Specialty Norwegian sweet breads were right behind. Cheeses and dried fruits were just commodities. Lunch was the planned leftover Thai dinner from the night before. It was just as good as the first time. Yummy Tangerines were my after dinner snack; the other two snacks were skipped.

Exercise was an hour or so of shoveling wet snow and then my normal walk on icy sidewalks, CREDIT moi. Anything not shoveled is now frozen solid to the ground. Shoveling includes a path back to the compost bin so that we can keep hauling stuff out all winter.

maryblu – I join the crowd that uses Tahini to make hummus. Unfortunately, my homemade hummus is not even as good as the commercial brands and seriously inferior to that dipped from the vats at the Armenian grocery store. (Isn't half a lamb a whole lot of lamb?)

Joy (gardenerjoy) – LOL that the acorns are more attractive under snow. We still have red berries on one bush for any birds looking for food. Don't think they'll last long.

CeeJay - So good to hear, "I am doing great."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Kudos for recognizing "I just have to tough it out." My mind boggles at the list of native Australian foods - none of which I've tasted. I'm upping my Australia trip on my Bucket List.

Pam (pamatga) – Neat analogy that learning to eat in restaurants is like learning to drive a car. Kudos for substituting Coca-Cola for alcohol in your Decide about Drinking strategy.

maryann - Love that your DH wrote "Do Not Clean" in the dust - creative mind, that.

nationalparker – Admiring the thought, "honesty with myself has to be a basis for it." Good luck planning for your party today.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – You're winning anytime you can write, "I ate what I intended." Welcome to the streakers.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Yay for the knee dancing away. Gotta love, "I'm shooting for fabulous!!!"

LoseToAll - I recognize this business of, "Didn't taste as good as they used to." My fantasy about certain foods doesn't match their reality.

Valkyrie1 - Super Kudos for making that call so you could plan for your party - hope it went well. Yep, the person with the Avatar Valkyrie (without the '1') hasn't posted yet - so you won't be confused.

Readers - day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

did you know?
The Centers for Disease Control report that only 17.5 percent of dieters combine dieting with exercise. No wonder it's so difficult for most people to lose weight, much less keep it off.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 108.

12-16-2013, 10:54 AM
My 100%OP Day streak count is up to 5.

I passed the midway point in my exercise goal, midway through the month. That's always a good sign.

WI: -0.1 kg, Exercise: +50 715/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

seadwaters: what an exciting event with very rare foods, indeed!

12-16-2013, 01:44 PM
Good morning, coaches. BBE, to answer your questions from before (which I only just now read), I found out about 3FC and Dr. Beck from a 3FC member named Jenn. She is also a member of Dukaners website. I lost my weight with the Dukan way of eating in conjunction with Dr. Beck's techniques. When I found Dr. Beck I felt like I was finally being given weapons to fight this war against weight that I have been fighting for so long. Jenn lives in Australia. She does Dukan and Beck also, and we support each other. I lurked 3FC for a while, and found your thread. I was duly impressed.

My party went quite well. I was glad I had called ahead. I ate salmon, asparagus, carrots, flatbread, iced tea, and two small desserts. I had lost weight this morning. I bounce around within a two pound range all week, so I am pleased with that.

12-16-2013, 02:40 PM
Day 32: Prepare for Travel: I have read this day but since traveling is not part of my daily eating issues like some here who travel for their job, I will pass making any significant comments on this. However, DH and I are discussing a trip next summer to Ireland and England so when that time comes I will return to this part of the book and reread it.

Day 33: Eliminate Emotional Eating: I think that some of the sabotaging thoughts or what they commonly call: "stinkin' thinkin" can morph into this if not careful; especially "I just don't care right now.". Usually the thought behind that statement is " I am disappointed, angry, feeling defeated, etc." and so why should I continue with this when I am feeling otherwise. This one is HUGE for me and has probably kept me coming back and back to the same place for years.

Earlier this month, I had to face that we would not be ready "financially" to make our big move which both of us are excited and so ready to do. I had to put it off to spring (we are thinking) so I was angry for three days. I knew that I didn't want to before the holidays but I did want to in January. I will admit there was a night of "I don't care" eating of the wrong kinds of foods which caused to change my ticker upwards :mad::(

So, this is where the real nitty gritty work begins for me if I truly will meet my goal of being in maintenance around Thanksgiving-early December 2014. I have made goals in the past and I did not make them and the reasons were because I was sloppy in how I applied these Beckisms. Someone else here posted something similar a while back, sorry I don't remember who, so I can echo how demoralizing I felt and how angry I was at myself.

I am proud of myself that I am putting blinders on this holiday season and only focusing on everything about the season that is NON-FOOD. I have some ambitious weight loss goals between now and New Year's Day. I do not know if I will meet them and I am too afraid to state them here in case I don't but suffice to say I will do my best to apply these BDS and see what happens from there.

Credit for myself for this new "tradition" that I am starting NOW for this holiday season we are passing through. Also, yesterday I "sat with my hunger" (Day 12) and although I really wanted a second single serving of dark chocolate while I was decorating the tree (yes, it has taken me nearly three days since I want every angle covered "just so") but I DID NOT! So, I have really been working that Ol' resistance muscle to the point where it feels fatigued.

I lost 0.2 lbs. from what my ticker weight says but I am going to wait until I have lost a complete pound before I change it again. That will be a "new rule" and one that will give me an added incentive to keep pushing through the next couple of weeks.

I won't do personals since I know that my posts get ungodly long. I am more than 2/3 rds of the way through the original Beck book so then I can just be more cryptic about how things are going with me.

I will rejoin the streakers when I finish this book and can focus less on "getting" each days's message and more on what I am actually doing to work specific principles because I am sure that what OP for me then will be different than what it has been. I think it will be more about applying her principles in my daily eating than whether or not I had a cookie or not. So, until I have formulated my new definition of what OP is for me, I will just be a spectator. For all of those of you who are streaking, WTG my fellow Becksters.:carrot:

Take care, Pam :comp:

12-16-2013, 06:19 PM
Holiday office party day. Breakfast was small (210 cal), and prepped the scrambled egg last night to be ready. Lunch was small (140 cal), but protein-packed to make me feel less hungry. I went in planning to bypass nearly everything, and thankfully was with a non-foodie, so we started with one plate at the buffet and I chose (conveniently forgetting Bill's rare and unique classification of treats) two small chicken tenders. WHY?? I never get fast food. Ever. I don't order chicken fingers in restaurants because they're nutritionally pits. But I chose that here. Not sure I can figure that one out. Then took two mini coconut pie bites the size of quarters and they were delish. Finished with a virgin pina colada from a machine mixer. No idea how to count all of that but with a lighter dinner, I'm counting this day as on track, since I planned to have this day be one of some indulgence, and I passed up the chocolate fountain, the sliders, all the rest of the miniature pies, cookies, candy, nachos, chips and spinach/artichoke dip, cheese/crackers, and about 20 other choices. But why the two chicken tenders? :)

Will aim for a light dinner, drink a lot of water, and stay busy tonight, which shouldn't be hard. No treats while I bake, since I'd had mine.

Snowy morning here and took me ages to scrape off the car, so am motivated to get more space cleared out in the garage to fit both cars inside.

I have NOT been reading my ARCs and need to work on that. I'm going to start fresh cards for the next three weeks only - and use that as one point per day for consulting those.

Weight this morning was under ticker for the third time - so I'm going to change it this week! Yay.

12-16-2013, 10:39 PM
Just a quick check in. Had an off plan cheese but cut down on some of dinner to stay in calorie range. So credit to me. I have my food plan for the week. A first for me.

Nationalparker. Great job on the ticker change!! Why oh why do we go for stupid stuff like chicken fingers. They are not even good food. But you did great on passing up the dip and chips.

Pam. Emotional eating is my downfall. I am just now coming to the point where I can almost talk myself out of the depression, defeatist thoughts that push me over the edge of insane eating. Mindfulness right. Just stepping back to look at the situation without food as a crutch is new to me. I'm sorry that you have had to postpone your move.

Valkyrie. What is Dukan?

BillBlueEyes. I have never tried Hummus but I love chickpeas so I think I would like it. I have seen it at Costco. Do you eat it with chips?

Gardenerjoy. Congrats on making it half way through the month of exercise. What do you do?

LuLu. Awesome the knee worked for dancing! I am glad you had a good time.

I hope you have a great night.

12-16-2013, 10:39 PM
I survived the "rare and unusual" food event relatively unscathed although I did have one more of the sweet course than I planned. I had decided to have one of each offering - they were very small serves. But there were two sweet offerings. I don't like sweets ordinarily but these were amazing... Unsurprisingly my weight is unchanged today but it was an unmissable event that was all about the food essentially. It was about cultural immersion through food and I did actually eat the crocodile and the kangaroo offered by the Indigenous staff. I survived that experience. I had the planned very light dinner

LuLu - I love the idea of "shooting for fabulous" - I need to raise my sights;
CeeJay - I enjoy your summaries that capture the discussions. Glad you are doing great and heading for your next weight goal;
BillBE - I like that "cheeses and dried fruit were commonalities" - I will have to treat most finger foods like that

Checked in 8 times in a row; Weight no change for day / +1 lb (total for week); Physiotherapy exercises - not done yesterday; Exercise - Not a lot; 6333/5000 steps; 4.3/3 km; Food - not to plan

12-16-2013, 10:59 PM
Hi all,

Today was an OP day. The woman who cleans our house left us a container of cookies. I substituted 2 cookies for my planned ice cream treat--but was otherwise just as planned. I feel good about that.

Today is Day 6 of recording everything I eat in MFP. This is my focus right now--I've got a calorie goal--but my focus is to record everything and so that's the streak I'm counting.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home from work (DH and I carpooled today) and then had the dinner DD and I planned for tonight. Tomorrow is dinner out at a new local chain--and I'm really looking forward to my tossed salad with salmon--delicious and OP!

I seem to be rushed in the mornings so I'm trying to get back on track with packing my lunch and snack the night before. I packed two lunches and two snacks. I put a note on my purse to remind me to take them so I don't forget my lunch bag--I've gotten out of the habit of taking my lunch--and so I've provided an extra prompt for my mornings.

I'm going to start taking a page for ForMyGirls and aim for a more regular bedtime with the goal being to getting up at a consistent time and exercising in the morning. This will not be easy for me, but it's the Next Step.

Take care, all!

12-17-2013, 02:48 AM
Hi Coaches
I was thinking about the idea of it being all about the food and that maybe that wasn't good - but I think it was totally appropriate in that context.

What isn't so appropriate for me is that it is always about the food! That the most mundane of foods, the most common and everyday, get to be the focus of off plan eating and craving. So sometimes it is OK maybe if it is all about the food as long as I plan for it

thanks for listening

12-17-2013, 06:46 AM
Hi Coaches,

Cruisy happy day until about 3pm and then I got some really crappy news. You might remember a couple of weeks ago I said that I had been awarded a prize for my work and that it came with cash which I was so relieved about because it meant I would be able to afford christmas gifts for my kids. Well the cash hadn't appeared and the last few days I have been chasing round to find out why and today got the news that "early in the year they decided not to award cash anymore. Instead recipients of the award will be getting a trophy" I was so damn sad. There has been a big stressful issue running through my life the last 12 months that has taken a big financial toll. If I were a financially sensible person (scratch that - "if I had lived a financially sensible life up until now" because I am not my deeds) I would have been in a position to absorb the expenses but I started from a precarious position and have been sinking into an ever deeper hole. When I found out I had been nominated for the award it felt like there was just a tiny bit of light at the end of the tunnel, and then when I heard I got it I breathed such a huge sigh of relief. A month ago I applied for an extension on my credit card to help me get through the next few months (when the expenses will be continuing) and I was denied. So the news today left me feeling like every way I turn there is a dead end.

Thanks to mindfulness I realised how upset I was - shut down my computer and came home early (I am lucky to work in an environment where I can do that - rather than having to put on the happy face for the rest of the day). I don't think I can count the number of times I opened the fridge and pantry between then and dinner - but I didn't ever take anything out. [insert expletive] huge credit to me.

So having not drowned my feelings in food (or spending - but that by force of circumstance rather than will power!) I realised this is my 'rock bottom'. Receiving an award for my professional work should be a moment of pride and delight but because of the irrational relationship I have with money it has been a shattering disappointment! I actually tore up the award this afternoon - not very mature - but emotionally helpful!

In time I will come to see today's phone call, and the banks refusal to extend my credit limit, as one of the big gifts of my life. Perhaps one day I will ask them to reprint the award for me and then I can frame it, alongwith the letter from the bank!

It occurred to me this afternoon that the CBT strategies I am employing for weight loss could help me with this too so I will start another thread - if there are other folk with "irresponsible spending" issues like me who would like a community of support about this then please come join me. NOt sure how it will work yet - but I figure, like this weight loss gig, I need to commit now and work out the plan later!

72 points for the team. Streak of 12 for me.

Thanks for being there all of you. I would have eaten the whole fridge today if I hadn't known I had you all to unload on at the end of the day!

12-17-2013, 07:13 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Funky exercise was hauling a 50 pound bag of rock salt, CREDIT moi. Even though I routinely lift 50# dumbbells in each hand, a single wiggly 50# bag was a nuisance. We never use salt on our walks because of the freeze/thaw cycle spalding on concrete. However, a neighbor left for some warm climate without arranging for someone to do his brick sidewalks; I did them late on Sunday afternoon after walkers had already packed the snow to ice. The rock salt was for his bricks. I hope it works. Other exercise was marching the miles of aisle at Home Depot for some smoke/CO detectors for DD for Christmas. Rabbit in the briar patch that.

Food was on plan, CREDIT moi, with evening snack a mediocre California Navel Orange. Streak increments to 27 days. DW found a place to donate the Clementines, but I'm left to eat the oranges. Lunch included a cuke and a red pepper; I'm working back up to the man-salad that was a staple of my lunch for years. Noble moment when the sweet Girl Scout rang the door bell selling Girl Scout cookies. I immediately pulled out $10 asking her to find someone else to eat the two boxes. She was confused; she couldn't accept money until she delivered. Then DW appeared behind me to say she'd take the cookies for a group she's in. Double win: I get to support my neighbor and DW will remove the cookies. (A few minutes ago, my moon beam greeted me in the kitchen. I saw her from the dining room before I turned on a light. Happiness!)

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Yay for that "715/1400 minutes."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Kudos for "unscathed" through that menu that still has me drooling. Interesting thoughts concerning "all about the food."

Pam (pamatga) – Ouch for the disappointing change in your plans to move. Kudos for getting your head back in place for "focusing on everything about the season that is NON-FOOD."

nationalparker – Congrats on that ticker decrement. Ouch for getting seduced by chicken fingers - reminds me how annoyed I've been that my original weight was built on Oreo cookies instead of fine cuisines.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – I like that reminder on your purse for your lunch; Kudos for serious planning.

ForMyGirls - Super Bummer facing that evaporating award with the added salt of the bank's refusal on the requested extension. Kudos for recognizing that the fridge wasn't going to give release. Using Cognitive Behavior Therapy to help stay on a financial plan is a stellar idea.

LoseToAll - Kudos for adjusting your dinner to stay your plan. [I eat hummus with red peppers - easy for me to eat a reasonable portion. With chips, I keep eating like the Energizer Bunny.]

Valkyrie1 - Kudos for a successful party. Each success invites another.

Readers - day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

How to Start

If you're not already doing so, you should engage in two kinds of exercise: spontaneous exercise (taking advantage of situations you're in to get more exercise) and planned exercise (setting a specific time to do a specific type of exercise).

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 108.

12-17-2013, 11:15 AM
My 100%OP Day streak count is up to 6.

I haven't planned my day yet. Better rectify that...Done. It took 3 minutes -- and that included a conversation w/ DH to decide if we'd run errands and go out to lunch plus pulling a couple of planning things for the week from my Tickler to decide what to eat tonight.

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +45 760/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

LoseToAll: My typical day of exercise is a 30 minute walk with DH and 15-20 minutes of some combination of dancing/strength-training/stretching. I did exercise videos for years, but now I know a lot of good moves, so I watch TV series on Netflix while I do those latter exercises. I am motivated by two things.
1) I accidentally started a streak over the summer and, as of yesterday, I've exercised 150 days in a row.
2) I track my exercise at the monthly exercise challenge thread here on 3FC:

bethFromDayton: a note on my purse is the way I remember to get things that I need to take with me, too!

seadwaters: I like your thought about it's okay if it's all about food occasionally, if it's planned that way. I've had some success this season with planning a Christmas treat once a week or so. In some cases, the treats have been things that used to trigger cravings for me. But they didn't cause cravings. I think it's because those things aren't regularly in my life anymore and, mostly, because by planning the treat, I compartmentalized it as a special thing that I don't do all the time. My brain accepted that and I didn't have the cravings that I used to get.

ForMyGirls: so sorry for that disappointing news and the trouble that it's causing in your life. I'm sure that CBT works just as well for spending issues as weight ones and decluttering ones.

12-17-2013, 01:40 PM
my 100% OP streak has ended.
I caved yesterday on my day off and had some unplanned cocktails.
which led to unplanned food as well.
I'm disappointed in myself as I had been going along so well and feeling really committed.
I have a day off today too and, although so far I'm eating all healthy things, I'm eating unplanned already.
I will recover.

12-17-2013, 02:53 PM
Day 34: Solve Problems This is one of those skills that keeps on getting better the more that you practice it. I have really fallen back daily/weekly using this day over and over. I just like how Dr. Beck presents this in her usual matter-of-fact manner. What I especially like about applying CBT to just about anything is that you remove all of the emotion from most decisions and when you do that you aren't "reacting" but being "proactive"; which I think is the model that we are all aiming for. This has been one day that my life in general has benefited from the most.

Hey, I only have 7 days left of this book's daily bullet points and then I will present what OP is now for me (rather than what it was even a couple of weeks ago) and then I will settle down in just doing it. I have been formulating and re-formulating what I need to do to make my goals "happen". I returned here again because what I was doing was working "some of the time". I want to make it work 80-90% of the time so I am not working on losing weight two or three years from now. Reconnecting with the Beck Diet Solution has grounded me again--which I really needed. TG I was "lead" here once more and that I was "open to following". Credit moi for that!

nationalparker I think you were as OP as a person could be when you honestly don't know what a particular venue will serve. We have yet another holiday get together (this time food and drink centered entirely along with good conversations among old friends) this coming weekend. When I asked what I could bring and the reply was "fresh fruit", I was happy to oblige.

Major Credit to you for making the best decisions on the spur of the moment. Having a plan in our minds helps steer around the buffet table and I personally think that is how we "survive" the unknown.

losetoall Well, I have come a very very long way from my old days of compulsive overeating but I still have not arrived as I would like to. I would say that I am 75% of where I want to be in this area. One of my persistent sabotaging thoughts is that "I am having a very tough time and therefore this is one area that I can relax a little." Well, that thought has kept me stalled because that "tough time" has not only been there but will probably be there for an undetermined amount of time so I am going to really have to quit using tough times as an excuse to be sloppy with how I eat. Period. End of the story. I need to practice my resistance muscle even when I want to bawl ---loudly. I am not a weak person so I don't know why in this area I act like one sometimes. :?: I really do want to be victorious in this area. I want the rest of the world to know me as I know me. I can do this. So can you. We just have to believe we can.

BTW, Dukan is a diet plan formulated by a Dr. Dukan (I think he is a doctor) that was all the rage in Europe back when Princess Kate was preparing for her wedding two years ago. I don't know what foods or anything else about it other than that a lot of people have tried it and, I guess, like it.

seadwaters I saw an episode of Bizarre Foods on the Travel channel with Andrew Zimmerman, here in the States, and he visited Australia while there was a food festival going on celebrating all of those foods you mentioned. Since my food plan does involve counting calories I am just wondering if any of those food items would be found on any of the apps around. :lol: Andrew said that kangaroo meat is greasy and tastes like wild game here in the States. "Survival meat" turned nouveau cuisine. I love it! ;)

I don't know if you have either of the Beck books but she does cover cravings and eating off plan well. Reading those may help you in your quest right now.

I have said before that cravings for me come down to what I eat (read: too many carbs). Keeping my carbs low and the protein high (which it sounds like her diet in the second book is similar) is my key to not craving sweets in general. As for "off planned" eating...."out of sight, out of mind" at home and when I am out, making sure that I do not arrive at any restaurant super hungry. I see this program as developing a sort of "mind control" over this particular area of our life. Ideally, it is removing both the compulsive and the impulsive aspects of our behavior when it comes to food consumption.

bethfromdayton: Major Credit for being OP 6 days in a row. Great job in planning out your meals and your days as well. You are doing great! I have always found that pre-planning lunches away from home is a big help. I too have found that structured routine is the best way to develop good and sound habits. I joined a sleep challenge run by another site this past summer and now bedtime is no later than 1 a.m. My exercise schedule is M-W-F --cardio and Tu-Th-Sat --strength workouts. So, now all I have to do is see what day of week it is and I know what I am "supposed" to do. Good Luck with finding out what works for you and then working it!

ForMyGirls: I am so sorry that things did not work out as you had planned and hoped. I too have had some major disappointments in this area and I have learned to "walk the walk" in this area of my life now more than ever. I could write a "War and Peace" post on this past year alone but I won't. Aren't you all happy? :lol: I did join you on your new thread. We can do this! One day at a time.

BBE: Great (continued) Job on your streaking. I think you must be on cruise control at this point. Your talk of oranges has got me thinking about seeing what is available locally here. I am more of an apple person but those are long gone so I am on a search now.

Thank you everyone for the condolences regarding my expression of disappointment regarding moving. The cliff notes version is that we are small business owners and between the government shutdown and the presentation of the new AHCA our customers are overwhelmed emotionally (and my guess financially) and our source of income has nearly dried up at a time when our income is 3x what it is right now. Then, add to the fact that my DH (whom I love dearly) has gotten repeated traffic violations (his office is his car) and so he is on probation as well as taking time out of his work schedule to sit with a probation officer; which is just plain ridiculous and is humiliating to him besides. This is the only law this man has ever broken in his entire life and as a person who has had a history of chronic depression it has been very difficult on him. He is feeling very persecuted.

For anyone who is familiar with mental illness (which both my DH and I have a long shared history of), stress is something we have to be especially careful of. If it gets too much, it can really overwhelm us and cause us to make very poor cognitive choices. I suspect that my DH is going through some patchy periods of just struggling and so I am carrying the load emotionally right now in our relationship. He has been a gent of the highest degree in the past for me so this is absolutely no sacrifice on my part. We are tight. We cover each other's backs at all times.

As for me, the family financial manager, I have to "let go, let go, let go". When we were out in traffic a week ago and he repeated the same offense that got him a whopping $750 fine, I said, "Now, I understand why you got pulled over." He was hurt by my comments but I stand by them. Anyway, I had to turn down an ideal property simply because of all of this. Most is not anything we have done (the government stuff) but at a time when we need to be careful the traffic violation hurt, I won't deny that.

Credit with me that I kept my temper although I did cry. Even more credit with me that I didn't do my "usual" (ForMyGirls this is why I am joining you) is to slap this unexpected expense on a credit card or something like that but instead we are paying it in installments so we aren't borrowing any more. That is definitely a new way of handling problems for me/us and one that I am doing my best to stick to. So, food is not my only issue right now that I am struggling with. So, is a mountain of debt.

This is why I really embrace this particular Day more than any of them because this is where I "excel" (credit moi again). Drop the "victim" role, cease the "pity party" and just plain figure out how to deal with it in the most rational and acceptable way. As Dr. Beck says, "If you can't solve the problem, then release it. Some problems weren't meant to be solved." I would add, "at this time". That is a lot to sit with at times but I have been practicing that and it gives me a lot more serenity and peace of mind when I do what I can and then "let go" of what I can't.

gardenerjoy: Is this Exercise Challenge a monthly one and is it ongoing into 2014? If it is I might join your group. Although I don't have trouble keeping up my exercise in general it still would help me meet another goal. I just was surfing in another area that I report and came across another short term challenge that I joined (impulsively of course :D) so I have a new ticker on my signature page. I might as well add a couple more before it is all said and done. :lol: Why not?

I am just so excited that I am almost finished with reading this book and I feel ready to make a list of what OP is for. :carrot:

To all of the readers and lurkers who pop in from time to time, hope things are well on your end of the stick.:wave:

Take care, Pam :comp:

P.S. Lulu: if you have the book read about getting back on track. We love you. We are here for you. You are doing great. TY for checking in and give yourself credit for your honesty and humility.

12-17-2013, 08:20 PM
Morning coaches

My plan is a bit scatty for today so I had better make it more structured and useful. Yesterday I had a plan and followed it but it was an intensive desk day where I had to remind myself to move regularly - just made my steps

Pamatga - I have to say I didn't find Kangaroo greasy or gamey - supposedly very healthy and low fat. Will have to chase up this Zimmerman
Lulu - hang in there - a minor lapse not relapse as you know. Be fabulous!
GardenerJoy - I will seriously need to plan for Christmas and plan in treats or it will be out of control - thanks for the hints
BillBE - ouch being stuck with the oranges. Great streak - how are you going to end it? Oh for snow and ice
ForMyGirls - sorry about the disappointment from a no doubt cash-strapped department - they should do better. And sad that you are having financial difficulties - story of my life actually and for similar reasons. Turn into a moron when numbers have a $ sign in front of them! Might join you on the other list but not sure of priorities yet
Beth(FromDayton) - was it you who asked who else used MFP - I do. And as Pamatga said - it was a little hard to log Australian Native exotica on there but otherwise it does pretty well. Packing lunch a constant bugbear but so important for me to stay on track - hope you get there
LoseToAll - great recovery from off plan cheese
Nationalparker - credit for a great plan for the office party that was not unhinged by chicken tenders. I know - behaviour can be positively mystifying

Weight - down 0.2 lb / +1 lb on ticker; 5340/5000 steps; 3.6/3 km; Food - on plan

12-17-2013, 08:46 PM
Lose to all: Thanks for asking about the Dukan Plan. It is a diet, called the Dukan Diet, create by a French doctor named Pierre Dukan. You eat low carb, focusing on veggies and proteins, but eat some fruits and whole grains. When you get to your goal weight you can have two extra servings of starch a week, and two “celebration meals” a week, during which you can eat an appetizer, main dish, drink, and dessert of your choice. I have been doing it for a year, and have been at my goal weight since last May. I did gain a few lbs. over the summer, but I just stopped the weight creep and have been maintaining ever since. There is a book, and a website about the Dukan diet, if anyone if ever interested. I found that I needed Dr. Beck also, or I had a hard time with vacations, conventions, parties, etc.

Today was a good day. I have been on plan, and I exercised at the gym: upper body, and half an hour of treadmill/cardio. I had an aggravating comment from my cleaning lady. She was always so encouraging about my weight loss. I had purchased some new pants, and was showing them to my daughter. The cleaning lady saw them, and asked, have you gained weight? “No, I, weigh the same,” I replied. It was true. I don’t know why I let it bother me. I should be more even minded, I guess. I was so ticked off that I didn’t give her the Christmas bonus I had been planning to give her. That was petty of me, but I will give it to her next time, when I have cooled down from the insult. What makes people think they have a right to comment on my body? But then again, why was I so ready to accept compliments, but not willing to accept critical questions? Either way, I’m giving away too much power to my cleaning lady! :?:

12-17-2013, 10:20 PM
Hi all,

Today is Day 7 of recording everything--and actually, I recorded everything right after breakfast! I just finished recording tomorrow. I'm remembering that it doesn't really take more than a few minutes to do and it makes the day so simple food-wise.

In mentally preparing for our big weekend house party in January, I am realizing that continuing to track is a key piece--even if I eat more than my regular calorie goals, I need to record it all. So, I'll have two big weekend party goals--record everything and only eat sitting down, even at the party, all food must go on a plate and be eaten sitting properly.

Valkyrie1: Welcome! Thanks for sharing your experiences with the Dukan Diet. It's interesting to note that Beck's approach works with pretty much any food plan.

seadwaters: Credit for making yourself make your steps--even on a desk day! I only have a brief time where I fell off of the "bring a lunch everyday" wagon--and I am back on it properly--meaning, I want to be on it--it makes the day less stressful to have lunch ready to go in the morning--and to not have to go out and seek lunch during the day.

pamatga: I really like reading your day summaries! A sleep challenge sounds like a wonderful idea!

LuLu01801: You will recover--if we didn't have off-plan days, it wouldn't be such an accomplishment to have so many OP days--you've been doing great--and can get yourself back on track.

gardenerjoy: It's so encouraging to remember that it only takes 3 minutes to make a plan--it is so not a hardship. Your success helps me remember that!

BillBE: Hello to your moon beam. 27 days--that's awesome. Are you seeing the results you want to be seeing?

ForMyGirls: Fudge! I'm distressed for you on the award not coming with cash. You deserve incredible credit for dealing with that stress without food. :hug: Interesting thought of using CBT for financial issues--it's a powerful tool.

Public service announcement: when faced with adorable Girl Scouts, ask if their troop is participating in the Gift of Caring. This is very common for US Girl Scout troops. You can buy boxes and donate them--each troop chooses their own organization to donate to--children's hospitals, shelters, to troops overseas are all common. Our sales start after the first of the year. I think I "bought" 10 boxes last year--but had exactly 2 cookies.

Take care all!

12-18-2013, 07:13 AM
67 today team. Well done us.

I had a really empowering day thinking about my ARCs for living within my means - and working out exactly how big the hole is that I need to climb out of. (A much more time consuming task than the standing on the scales I did at the beginning of this weight loss journey, but an equally important line in the sand that I have vowed never to cross back over). All that meant that I hadn't done my exercise by 9.30pm. So then the thought process went "never mind I'll just start my streak again" and then I thought "bugger that" and did the exercise. Yay for streaking.

Thanks everyone for the support and encouragement on the award disappointment. I am feeling much more accepting of the situation now - the trophy will serve as a powerful symbol of my determination to live a financial stable life!

Lulu - days off can be hard to manage hey? Good on you for posting about it and look forward to seeing your name back on the streak list soon!

On the topic of kangaroo - I really like it. Haven't had it for a while but I used to have a friend who was "vegetarian except for kangaroo" so it was a regular meat for a while. A lean meat like beef but not as dry. I think I would struggle with croc meat though - maybe just a karma thing - the crocs didn't eat me when I was up north so it's only fair not to dine on them now that I'm in safer climes.

12-18-2013, 07:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – The big deal: at the supermarket, the one that NEVER gives samples, I was greeted right inside the door with an offer of FREE chicken noodle soup. Every part of that was weird since this store just doesn't. It was midafternoon; I was tempted. It wasn't Campbell's concentrate - it came from the specialty foods case. It was small. I could count it as my afternoon snack. Even though I've been skipping morning and afternoon snacks lately, they're still on my plan. I could just Do It! The die was cast. Then, like a bolt of lightning, I recognized that all of the above were Sabotaging Thoughts. I didn't need that soup. Nor was it rare and unusual. So I passed, CREDIT moi. For those with petty judgment, I acknowledge that I don't like chicken noodle soup and have never eaten a bowl of it in my life. When facing 'FREE' I consider that irrelevant. (Streak thus grows to 28 - which is like four weeks!)

Exercise was an emergency walk, CREDIT moi, to the bank to move money from here to there since we'd written a check from account 'there' but the money was in 'here.' When I hire the butler, he'll attend to that kind of nonsense.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Neat that you have a 'Tickler' to help plan dinner. Kudos for "I've exercised 150 days in a row."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Ouch for an "intensive desk day" with Kudos for making your steps goal anyway.

Pam (pamatga) – Ouch for the increased hassle due to dead time with a probation officer. Kudos for marching forth.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Thanks for the "Public service announcement:" - I'll keep that in mind because there are a few more young girls in the neighborhood who might be Girl Scouts. Kudos for the planning for now and for January.

Lulu (LuLu01801) – Yep, [I]"I will recover" is the path forward.

ForMyGirls - "Yay for streaking" indeed; Kudos. Love the notion of "vegetarian except for kangaroo" - don't think I could have imagined that sentence on my own.

Valkyrie1 - Ouch for the comment from your cleaning lady. I've discovered that it's considered OK for Russians and Japanese to make body comments - perhaps she comes from a culture where that's expected as a way of being attentive.

Readers - day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

How to Start

Before starting on an exercise program, check with your health-care provider. He or she will take your current state of health and weight into consideration and can then make suggestions or confirm that your choices are appropriate for you.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 108.

12-18-2013, 10:08 AM
My 100%OP Day streak count is up to 7.

And, it's helping. Today's weight is my lowest since February.

WI: -0.2 kg, Exercise: +30 790/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

pamatga: (and anyone else who would like to join) December's monthly exercise thread is here: We do it every month and you're welcome to join!

12-18-2013, 11:20 AM
Meant to check in yesterday to say I was on track, but apparently I was on track with everything but time. Streak is at 1 from yesterday, and thankfully the near keg-size bins of gourmet Chicago style popcorn are emptied in our office kitchens, so the tempation that used to last a week here at work is over with in two days. In retrospect, I'm pleased with my handling of the office party and am not going to be as hard on myself as I was since I stayed light that night, and the scale bumped up a tiny bit from salt, I guess, and is back down. I'm closing in on the 169s and the lowest i was earlier this year was 167 ... and then jumped right back into the 170s. So, when I finally move that ticker to under 170, I will be aiming to not return.

I know the days at home in Florida will be challenging, foodwise. I did well this last time, and only will be there for five days, so I can commit to restraint for most of the time. The challenge will be the cookie trays of frosted cutout cookies, sugar cookies, etc. Frosted cutouts are the unique and rare category for me because I only bake them myself at Christmas (but this year I'm skipping it but know my sister is going to make them there). n But will thoroughly enjoy one with a cup of tea and not scarf several.

Today I'm lunching with a friend and we're walking (13 degrees) a short distance to a cafe in a museum ... Instead of a sandwich that I typically eat half and save the other half for later, I'm going to choose a cup of chicken tortilla soup. It's small but I don't like the jalapeno cornbread and can bring that home and freeze for DH, and it's still a treat because I do not make that. No chips with that, so that'll help me stay on track.

Made new ARC card but called them my success steps and like what I have come up with so far for the holiday span. I make this whole dang thing harder than it has to be (weight loss).

REALLY wanting to join forces with DH and work toward a healthier year in 2014 ... but just don't think he's at the same place as I am, and it's bothering me. He's enjoying holiday treats with abandon and I cringe when I count the calories in my head. But I know - lay off. But it's hard.

Bill - You cracked me up with the free soup temptation. Like you, I am not a chicken soup person but the free would have been a teaser. Kudos for the four-week span of kickin' it!!

GardenerJoy - MAJOR credits on the action taken to achieve the lowest weight since Feb. Great job!! In a few weeks, I hope I can say that I'm the lightest since April... Well, hopefully by the end of January. That's my goal. You have set the bar. :)

Beth - Great job on seeing the need to get OP and DOING IT. Good advice on the Girl Scout's Gift of Caring. I'm weary of their cookie sales myself because they're set up outside every market/store here during their push, it seems, and then I tend to get cranky in my mind. This is a good option.

12-18-2013, 02:17 PM
Day 35: Weighing In: I do this every day and keep it recorded in a pocket calendar on my computer desk so I will pass on this. I have known what I weigh every day for the past 3 years. I do not define myself by that number and I have desensitized myself to it.

losetoall: I do have to depart from my daily summaries to say if that bothered you what your cleaning lady said then don't visit the south any time soon. I grew up with a Mom born and raised in the South and she was so blunt about her observations that it left me wounded for nearly my entire life. I always thought it was "just her" until I moved to the deep South 10 years ago and the first "native Southern" I met socially said and acted the same way as my Mom and then I realized that it is a regional and cultural thing. Also, when a "real Southern" says 'bless your heart', it is their way of saying "You ** idiot, what were you were thinking?" I was so accustomed to saying the former than finally one day a "native Southern" lady told me what it really meant. Now, my DH and I have an inside joke where we still say it but add " but in the nicest way."

Which brings me to another thing. From the first day I decided to recommit to losing weight (which let's face it is about once every 18 months in the past few years), I do NOT tell anyone but my DH and all of you that I am "dieting". NO! NO! NO! I have had different people ask me and I just say "oh a few pounds, I don't know I'm not keeping track" or I will say " I guess, in all the right places." Nothing brings out the "diet police" more than knowing someone is on a diet. I like to fly under the radar on that one. This is also an added benefit for me in moving. The next "group of new friends" won't know what I looked like as a 301.8 lbs woman and I have no plans in telling any one unless the situation deems it the 'right thing to do'. "Taint nobody's business..." IMO. and it isn't your cleaning lady's business neither...she is paid to clean not make derisive comments. :soap: End of story! "bless her heart".;)

beth: WTG on Day 7 for being OP. It sounds like you have found what works for you and you are working it! Great Job!

Thanks for the info regarding the GS. I got caught by them as I was entering a store and I simply said that I would like to give a donation to their organization (I used to be one so we are "sisters" in green) and they could keep the cookies. The young girls give you the most puzzled looks (I know because selling the most cookies means money taken off going to camp in the summer time and it is kind of competitive) but I usually add that I am diabetic and the older women who are chaperoning the girls "get it". Not everyone is meant to eat sugar with abandonment. I am one who can not any more. I am okay with sharing that information since it is not something that is necessarily "obvious".

Day 36: Believe It! Okay, this is the one that is the apex of the reason why I have failed to lose all of the weight that I need and want to lose. :dunno: I have always had the desire to lose weight. I have always had the willpower :dust: to lose weight. I just didn't have the FAITHto believe that I could do it. I still don't. I read this stuff and it is all in my head but it hasn't yet all filtered down into my heart and my soul. :blah:

So, having said that, I am just going to keep going over and over the Days that I have trouble with as well as keep this in mind when I rewrite my ARC cards. I mean, it doesn't take a genius to know that I am medically obese nor that I have some health issues that would be "fixed" with weight loss. I know this!

Last year, since I was on the cusp of turning 60 as well as it being the Year of the Snake (which is me), I deemed it to be the "Year of Me". I even have a file folder on my computer so named. Although the "new year" is going to end on January 31st and be the "Year of the Horse", as far as I am concerned it is still the "Year of Me." Period. My old ARC cards are just plain too "duh" (really, you think I need to lose weight?, really)..... I need to focus more on cracking this lack of faith in myself and really get down to the nitty gritty of why I can be a cheerleader :cheer: for everyone else on this planet except me. So, I am going to :write: sit down and do some brainstorming these next couple of days and if anyone here knows of any good books on teaching a person how to believe in themselves, let me know! Please!:^:

BBE: Well, I don't know if I completely understand your "snack to pound" ratio but I do have a Maxine cartoon that says" Why does it take 2 weeks to lose a pound and 2-3 days to gain two pounds?" There is some universal truth in that for any one who has "been there, done that." Keep up the good work and I bet you would eat a second bowl of my homemade chicken noodle soup. :D

Since we are having a whole turkey for the third time since Thanksgiving for Christmas Eve; I thought I would share with y'all how I roast a turkey so that it is not dry the first, second, third et al times. I got this from "Secrets of a Restaurant Chef". I was doing it all wrong until I watched her cook a whole chicken and I have been doing this ever since.

Pre-roasting: You can do a salt brine the night before if you eat the skin. The skin on the turkey must stay dry the entire time that it is cooking. If it seems moist after prep-cleaning and rinsing then pat it dry with paper towels. Do a salt rub with coarse kosher or sea salt all over the bird. Then ample black pepper and other seasonings as you like. You can also add sliced onion and/or butter to put in the cavity if you wish.

Pour about 1 1/2-2" of plain water in the bottom of the roasting pan. Mistake #1: Do not baste the turkey during cooking. This will dry out the meat.

Cook the turkey for 45-60 minutes at 375 degrees (I am sorry I don't know the conversion for non-U.S. appliances). Then, turn the oven down to 325 degrees with a loose "tent" of foil over the bird and cook it until either the interior temps are done for poultry (which 165 degrees for U.S. standards) and/or no visible pink in the deepest part of the breast. You will have to test that to be sure. Then, remove and wait 15-20 minutes to allow the bird to cool down before slicing.

Do not be surprised if the meat literally falls off the bone. After I have cooked all poultry this way, I do not do it any other way. Even the breast meat is juicy and very moist. Do not let the cut turkey stand in the open air. Make sure to cover it until you are ready to put it in the refrigerator. When you have removed all of the meat from the bone, line a baking pan (13"x9") with first aluminum foil then plastic wrap. You will put the turkey in that, making sure to seal it with the plastic wrap and then the foil over that. This will lock in the moistness because the most common reason for poultry drying out after being cooked is how you store it. This double wrap method is key to enjoying leftovers. In fact, they will taste so good, they will go even faster.

gardenerjoy: Will you have a separate exercise challenge thread each month like we do here for our discussion group? If so; where can I find it? I will join all of you in January. December is the worst month for my RA and I am pushing the limits right now in reorganizing all of my seasonal decorations right now. I have been doubling up my usual NSAIDS just so I can "move" through a lot of organizational prep work I am doing for the 2014 move. So, January, as it starts to warm up here, I will be more able to throw myself into daily exercising.

Major Kudos for being under your lowest weight. You are in a good place.

Take care all, and for those of you are readers or lurkers, hope things are well on your end of the stick, Pam :comp:

12-18-2013, 03:09 PM
The plateau is over!

After 6 weeks of stagnation the scales finally moved this morning and reported me as down 1.3kg from my last weigh in. Woohoo. New mini goal achieved. Time to change the ticker :-)

12-18-2013, 11:23 PM
Late check-in for yesterday. I have been rushed today and lost track.

My food was on plan - I had the snacks I planned for and stayed within an 8 hour window to eat. That usually means I have breakfast and lunch together which works for me most of the time. I have introduced a processed snack (protein bar). I usually avoid processed foods / biscuits / packet stuff but other "treats" like fruit are all high carb or sugar or starch which I am staying away from at the moment. Hope an Atkins bar (which was delicious) doesn't spark a craving frenzy but it seemed OK yesterday. I did find myself nibbling as I made lunch this morning and had to tell myself that it wasn't on - and put a stop to it! Made my step count for yesterday - will be a miracle if I do for today because another day tied to the desk.

Happy for your weight loss ForMyGirls; Credit Beth(FromDayton) for a streak in recording everything - I can get a bit hit and miss with entering things into MFP

Weight - down 0.4 lb / +0.6 lb on ticker; 6100/5000 steps; 4.1/3 km; Food - on plan

12-18-2013, 11:31 PM
Good Evening, Coaches.

Brief check in tonight. Very long day with season craziness fully engaged at my middle school. Big credit for maintaining the one rule I set for myself at the potluck: No sweets at work. I brought a tupperware and stored four tastes of the homemade treats that showed up every year. I ate a small plate of main courses with a baked sweet potato I brought. I tried homemade samosas and taquitos but didn't finish them. I waited until I got home and ate my treats for dinner. Certainly not a perfect plan but I am still calling it a win.

Also credit for recognizing my family drama starting up for Xmas. I took the bold step of erasing all the emails without reading them. If someone needs to speak to me, he or she can pick up the phone.

ForMyGirls: Congrats on the weightloss.

12-19-2013, 07:10 AM
Hello coaches,

72 points tonight. This is our highest score - we've been here once before - I'll be itching to add it up tomorrow and see if we have set a new record :-)

14 points for me. Another busy day which meant I got to my exercise / Wellbeing tasks at 9pm. Thank goodness of the streaks to motivate me to do them.

Some credits - for doing the exercise well being stuff despite it being late. For not going back for seconds of a very yummy dinner. For not celebrating today's weightloss by overeating today :-)

BBE - your story about the chicken soup had me worried - I thought you were leading to an unhappy "streak has ended" finish to your tale. 28 days is pretty darn astonishing.

Maryann - what a brave wise move to delete emails BEFORE they messed with your head.

12-19-2013, 07:37 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – I got to exercise my resistance muscle at both Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, CREDIT moi. Whole Foods offered the usual, including Cabot cheeses from Vermont of which I'm particularly fond, as well as whole mini-muffins from their bakery. Whole mini-muffins tweak my childhood stuff. Better yet, my evening event meant sitting for two hours in front of good cheeses, nuts, and wines - I ate nothing. Streak goes to 29.

Exercise was another round of snow shoveling, CREDIT moi, as well as walking to my evening event. I was offered a ride home due to the icy sidewalks. It wasn't hard to decline; the night was crisp and clear - just a joy to be outside.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Congrats on lowest weight in ten months.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Kudos for being mindful trying out that Atkins bar. I love when we avoid processed foods but never achieve 100% avoidance.

Pam (pamatga) – LOL at "Bless your heart." Yep, one has to learn how to let it drip out of the mouth for its full impact. Smart to avoid the "diet police." [Putting it on my Bucket List to try your chicken soup.]

maryann - Super Kudos for showing up at your middle school potluck with Tupperware and a baked sweet potato - that's serious planning.

nationalparker – Neat idea to plan to bring the jalapeno cornbread home for your DH.

ForMyGirls - Congrats on moving your ticker - in kilograms no less. Special Kudos for not eating to celebrate weight loss.

Readers - day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

Spontaneous Exercise
You can start incorporating spontaneous exercise into your day right now. From today on, do the following:
Always try to arrive at your destination ahead of time, so you can get off the bus or park far away and walk the extra distance..
When you take an elevator, get off on the floor below your destination and walk up a flight of stairs. Over time, you might get off two floors early, then three, and so on.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 108.

12-19-2013, 10:02 AM
Pam. It was Valkyrie that has the annoying cleaning lady. But your bless your heart story was funny.

By the way. Valkyrie I have been thinking.... Maybe she just doesn't have any reason to buy clothes BUT for weight gain. It seems that is what I buy clothes for I can never go down far enough to buy new clothes but I am wearing out and buying clothes a size bigger. Not anymore, Beck has changed that I think

Fast day yesterday. I did it and I didn't suffer too much. Fasting is getting easier. TOM is on and I did not gain this month before it started, a miracle. I have a dinner out tonight and I have decided what to order and I am going to eat light for the day. Weigh-in day is Friday and I may hit my goal.

BBE. I love cheese and the holidays have so many opportunities to try it but I have stayed clear.

Maryann you are amazing. I know what it is like at my middle school with treats. The kids bring them to me and I have to give them away. You are so strong. And I love that you deleted the family emails. So smart to not even engage in the craziness. Good luck on the maybe phone calls.

ForMyGirls. Can I join your streak? I would like to add a point for yesterday.

GardenerJoy. Thanks on the exercise info. Can you post the January exercise link when it starts. I need something to get the exercise going.

Well hope you are all well. Have a great OP day.

12-19-2013, 10:35 AM
My 100%OP Day streak count is back down to 0. (Sorry, team)

And it wasn't DH's fault this time. It was the eye doctor's. Does anyone else routinely have 3 hour appointments at the eye doctor? I do, but I'm in complete denial about it, so I planned for about a third of that. And, thus, the errands I ran afterwards ended up at lunch time instead of mid-morning. So, I ate mall food.

I thought mall food would be a treat since it's been awhile. But, not so much. I learned that I'm still susceptible to the effects that David Kessler describes in The End of Overeating. If I'm not paying much attention I think food tastes good when, really, it just goes down easy. So easy that I'm looking around for more, even if I'm uncomfortably full. Fortunately, just a little attention and I realize that the food has two flavors "sweet" and "salt" (plus a chemically taste I've begun to detect in processed foods) and one easily chewed texture. The tastiness is an illusion. No where near as interesting as the salad that I would have eaten at home. So, I'm happily back to eating my normal food today.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +30 820/1400 minutes for December, Food: 60%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

pamatga and LoseToAll: The monthly exercise challenge is under Support Groups / Chicks Up For a Challenge. I've been starting it each month for a couple of years, but it was going long before I took it over. Someone recently came back to 3FC who ran it something like 5 years ago. We're not very chatty on that thread -- I figure it's because we're all too busy exercising! But it's a supportive place to keep track. Great idea, LoseToAll -- I just made a note to post the January thread here when it gets going.

ForMyGirls: so happy you got a scale result that you wanted!

12-19-2013, 01:59 PM
Day 37: Reduce Stress: Again, as I said in the beginning as I was working through this book that what I consider the easier days like sitting down when eating, eating mindfully and slowly and even eating out I have down pat; which I am grateful for because it is days like this which say it all why I am still messing around in the same weight range for so long this past year.

There are different kinds of stress and I have been through most "types" for the past year. I have learned that some were simply not well-planned for, some I just plain didn't see coming (and again maybe I need to plan for more worst case scenarios in my life moving forward) and some are always there and I just need to get used to it.

What drives this mule (stress) for me is money and how it impacts my ability to have the kinds of foods/supplements that I feel that I need to lose weight. I may be taking a perfectionist (that old friend of mine) approach to weight loss but I have learned in the past year is that in order for me to lose weight that I did was to have a fairly tight structure in place at all times. When elements of that are not in place, then it starts to unravel until it is nearly back to where I was before I had all of the structure in place. Exercise was one of them. Having the right kinds of foods (some which can be costly at times when our income can and is so uncertain) is another one.

I am not sure if it is my age (I am 60) or "what" but I have found that losing weight this past year (20+ lbs. that I have managed to keep off since March) has really been hard on me physically. I discovered (by accident) some fantastic multi-vitamins for WLS patients(even though I have never had that done) but which I ran out some time this past summer. I reordered them today and they will arrive by the New Years. During the time that I was taking them plus drinking a daily protein shake I was able to keep up with my 6 day a week workouts as well as stay on my food plan. Without those supplements I find myself crashing by mid-day with little or no energy. I still am menstruating and I am sure that I might be low on iron although it is not recommended that older people take iron since their bodies can't absorb it so I haven't been taking it and that might be part of the problem too.

And, I always have to choose between working out or getting some of these projects around here completed. I have not had the energy to do both on the same given day. This has been a persistent problem for the past 9 months.

So, since I have decided to work on packing up as much as I can while I am "in the mood", I have not exercised this past week. If I don't exercise the scales do not budge, not even a smidgen, no matter how careful I adhere to my food plan. I haven't been able to lose weight by diet alone in years. I figured that it is because of the metabolism disorder plus aging. It is what it is. Since I do want to finish this packing "business" I am willing to accept this temporary situation. However, I do plan on resuming my working out within the next week so I start out the New Year 'hitting the ground running'. Joy, I will be on the lookout for the thread. Thanks for the tip.

Well, I have four more days of the original plan as outlined by Dr. Beck. I will say, in all honesty, that I know that I have my work cut out for me this coming year. I know that learning to deal with stress more effectively will be top of the list for me for being OP. I have already had several days of "sitting with hunger" so that is another thing that I am just going to have to make peace with if I truly want to stay within my caloric range.

My Christmas gift to myself today was: products from that WLS company: multi-vitamins, calcium supplments and other food-related products. I want to start the New Year out on the right foot.

I won't do personals today since I know my posts get to be long and since I now post regularly on several threads here on 3FC it can be time-consuming to say the least.

Great Job on seeing the scales go down, ForMyGirls.

Great Job on the continuing streaking BBE

Great Planning maryann (I do the same and have for a couple of years). I always have sandwiches baggies stuffed in my pockets or purse too.

I am excited and looking forward to 2014. I hope everyone else is as well.

Take care, Pam :comp:

12-19-2013, 02:25 PM
Good day. I had typed and then backspaced over the "so far"... it IS a good day. Walked downtown to the mall with a couple of coworkers to do an exchange that was mailorder, and the suggestion to stop for lunch was made. I chose grilled chicken nuggets from ChickFilA and brought them back, since the lunch I had grabbed was a 200-calorie bag of dry cereal and figured I'd snag a grapefruit as well. I'm pleased that I found some low calorie protein. Got in a two-mile walk as well, with the temps above freezing for a change.

Yesterday I fell on the ice and luckily was wearing one of DH's old coats, so was buffered with that, but my hand and knee took the brunt. I blew partway through the knee of a pair of Levi's and am more upset about that.

DH has to work now through Sunday, and we head out on Monday for my folks in Florida.

Streak = 2 so far and with a good night tonight, it'll be 3. :)

12-19-2013, 09:32 PM
Hi Coaches!

Kudos to all! When I read posts, I hear planning, mindfulness, resistance and continuing motivation to work Beck's program even during the holidays! It is such a collective strategy for success and we accomplish this together!

My days remain extremely busy! Project-wise, I have a renter for the property we're working on right now. They'll move in Feb. 1. I have a showing for the one that's finished on Sat. That which I could not imagine accomplishing 2 months ago IS happening "one day at a time". Sounds just like weightloss. Breaking it down day by day makes it so much easier AND it becomes a reality over time.

Foodwise, I continue to fare well. Today I got to remember hunger is not an emergency as my crew headed to Denver for supplies. We didn't expect to be gone so long and lunches were left at site. We all powered through since the only option was fast food. I had a small and sane dinner and will enjoy a planned chocolate bar later. I knew yesterday it was time to plan for it. credit. Still weighing everyday and am comfortable with the number. Even though I was hungry tonight I noticed how slowly I was eating. Credit for practicing healthy behaviors and for recognizing that it comes because I have a willingness to try every day. What a change. I am grateful.

LoseToAll, kudos for powering through your plateau. That is such a skill for long term success.

MaryAnn, great job deleting emails without reading. I really believe that kind of acceptance of the family dramas and the decision not to get involved is such a positive step of growth.

Yay to streakers!

Must's wind down time.

12-19-2013, 11:15 PM
Hi everyone,

I was OP today until after dinner when I had the munchies. I took out and put back an extra sweet snack, but ended up having a small bowl of dry cheerios--I had the munchies so badly--credit for limiting it to that, and credit for logging it all.

Last night, I realized that I needed to deviate from my week's plan--I'd forgotten that I need to leave a day in the schedule for leftovers. At least I didn't have to cook tonight!

I was very hungry at work today--about an hour before my scheduled snack. "Hunger is not an emergency." I have to watch my blood sugar, so it can become an emergency for me, but this wasn't one of those times--I just wanted to eat--it didn't hurt me at all until wait until after 3:00--and I did wait, so credit for that.

It was relatively warm this evening (meaning 40 degrees F), so DH and I went for a walk when I got home from work. I invited him to go with me, but it wasn't dark yet and it was warm, and I'd have gone even if he hadn't gone with me. Credit for my first walk in at least 2 months.

I'm working on figuring out a new exercise plan--slow going, but I'm working on it. One part of my (just developed) plan is that I will walk every evening it is above freezing. When it is below freezing, I just can't convince myself to get out there--but even a few degrees above and that's fine. By giving myself a threshold, there isn't a question of "is it warm enough?"--"warm enough" now has a definition.

I still need to plan tomorrow, but I'll do that when I finish this.

Edited to add: planning done. Streak of logging in MFP now at 8.

Take care, all.

12-19-2013, 11:32 PM
Struggling tonight. Came home too hungry after running a few errands. Started dinner and for the first time in about six weeks, I started munching. I had a total of 250 calories of healthy food, but still in between my meal. Realized I'd gone super light today and was legit hungry and it was another two hours before we ate dinner late. Ate less at dinner and still met my calorie target range. Lot of sodium, though.

One more work day and then I'm done for a week and a half. I am ready to be done. Oddly enough, have been getting stuff accomplished, despite my mind being on Christmas chores, errands and biscotti baking.

Why is it, do you think, that if my higher-calorie meal is at lunch, and I go lighter at dinner, I feel successful. But if my higher calorie meal is at night after a light day, that's all I remember?

12-19-2013, 11:57 PM
Just remembered I hadn't checked in yet for yesterday! I am getting vague with all this holiday preparation

I am planning food well and sticking to it in the main - I did go to a chocolate speciality shop to buy small gifts for colleagues. And as they are totally into the Christmas treat thing I didn't feel as if I was sabotaging their efforts. I did try a few slivers of chocolate which I decided was OK. Not so OK was to eat some of dinner at the sink - so I collected it all together and sat down. I think I under ate a bit so was hungry

At work there were chocolates, and sweets, and cakes everywhere. And every time I was offered something I felt OK about saying no. Mind you they are used to me being on some (what they call) whacko diet. But this time I am actually sticking to it :cool:

What I did do at work to avoid cravings and get exercise was do a "faux vending machine run" - a term I believe BBE coined to mean taking a trip round the building as one used to, to visit the vending machines. I did in fact buy a water but that was all and got to walk up and down 2 flights of stairs

Weight still up and down - will have to revisit my plan in the new year - haven't go the will at the moment

Weight - up 0.4 lb (up and down!) / +1 lb on ticker; 6800/5000 steps; 4.6/3 km; Food - on plan but plan a bit light

12-20-2013, 06:58 AM
Hello coaches,

losetoall - delighted to have you on board as a streaker :-)

beth - so funny to hear you speak of it being warm enough to go for a walk. We are in a heat wave here - 37 degrees (98.6 in Fahrenheit) so the challenge is to get out when it is cool enough. Middle of today was that heat that hurts when you breath in!

70 points for the team today. 15 for me :-)

Had a really good moment this afternoon - took the kids for icecreams to celebrate the end of the school year. The kids asked could they have two scoops because it is a special celebration (it only occurs to me now to realise how good it is that there is no expectation of two scoops these days) and my partner said Ok. So then I got all wound up in "cool I can have two scoops" and then suddenly remembered that I had planned for 1 scoop and that this wasn't actually a get out of jail free card. Argument went on in my head for a bit and then suddenly I thought "sabotaging thought" and it was clear as the light of day that one scoop was exactly what I wanted. Hooray.

Spent some time today reading the Pink Beck book (for the purpose of my developing financial responsibility drive) and it was great to see how much of what she talks about is now ingrained where food is concerned. A nice chance to reflect on just how much I have changed my relationship with food already. And nice to think that if I am achieving such deep change with food there is every reason to believe I can make that change with money as well.

12-20-2013, 07:30 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Lunch with a bunch of old friends provided the challenge that rolls with butter sat on the table for the thirty minutes before lunch arrived. To my left, to my right, across from me - they were being gobbled up. I didn't, CREDIT moi. My order was OK, given that I substituted salad for fried onion rings. Even though it was more calories than what I'd prepare at home, it fit within the expansion I plan for myself when eating out; if I can curb the excesses, then minor extra calories of an entree aren't a concern. Morning and afternoon snacks were skipped; evening snack was an old, mediocre orange. Streak goes to 30.

Exercise was minor adjustments to the already shoveled snow. For a period the sun felt warm. Also walked, CREDIT moi, to the library to return books and to the subway to go to lunch.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I needed this, "I think food tastes good when, really, it just goes down easy." Gotta keep this as a mantra to remember why I can get my hand stuck in a bowl of nuts, or chips, or whatever.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Yay for a tenant after all your work, and Yay again for a perspective second one. Kudos for "I knew yesterday it was time to plan for it."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Super Kudos for achieving "I felt OK about saying no." What a big step. LOL at "faux vending machine run" - I'd forgotten about those.

Pam (pamatga) – This "sitting with hunger" is important for me. When I was first losing, I felt this often and just accepted it. During my house renovation, I began to drift into the belief that it had to be relieved with a snack. It was slow to dawn on me that snacking didn't relive the 'hunger' since it didn't emanate from the stomach.

nationalparker – Ouch for the fall; Double Ouch for damage to your Levi's. I don't own backup favorite jeans; if I lost a knee I'd have to go shopping. Kudos for bounding the munchies and for adjusting your dinner. Interesting thought that our feeling of success is higher for the day when our last meal is the light one.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Yep, Kudos for "I took out and put back an extra sweet snack" - each act is worthy of its own praise. Yay for walking; Double Yay for walking with your DH.

ForMyGirls - LOL at "this wasn't actually a get out of jail free card" - a new way for a Sabotaging Thought to sneak in. Kudos for being happy with your one scoop. Congrats for raising a couple of little lawyers-to-be arguing for a second scoop.

LoseToAll - You make a good point. In the past, I only got clothes to chase a new waist. It's a new concept for me to discard clothes just because they're worn and frumpy even though they still fit.

Readers - day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

Spontaneous Exercise
You can start incorporating spontaneous exercise into your day right now. From today on, do the following: . . .
If you live in a two-story house, don't let things that need to be taken to another floor pile up; take each up right away..
When you go to the mall, walk a full circuit before you start shopping. Whenever you find yourself waiting (such as at the doctor's office, at the airport, or at the hair salon), walk the concourses, the hallways, or the sidewalks outside.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 108.

12-20-2013, 10:22 AM
My 100% OP streak count is 1.

WI: +0.95 kg, Exercise: +60 880/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Hi all! Dashing in today.

12-20-2013, 03:24 PM
I am combining some of these days if they are either something that I have already learned to deal with (the plateau) and/or keeping up with exercise (something that I enjoy doing so not as big a 'deal' as other issues in this book).

I have had a plateau for the past seven months. Most of it is my own fault. I sat down last night and began to return to the earlier parts of the book. I find that the more I read the same material in any subject the more I pick up on small nuances that I may have missed the first or even second time around. I took some more notes.

I decided then and there (which is typical me) to spend the next 10 days on the non-aerobic day calorie range that my food plan allows. I am way too busy with way too many other things to even have the energy yet alone time to exercise. This will mean about 450 less calories per day though so I will definitely feel it.

I have one more social gathering on Sunday afternoon that is food-centered and folk-centered. I plan on eating before hand and nurse a glass of water the entire time. If there are raw veggies I will have those.

Since I am going to follow my basic diabetes weight loss food plan I am only allowing one day (Christmas Eve or Day) to eat the 25% additional calories that Dr. Beck says that she does on special occasions. One day only.

This is my first short term goal of many goals to come. I have written it down in a composition book (dated 2001-ouch!) I found when decluttering. When I was looking at my pocket calendar, I noticed that tomorrow was the official first day of winter so I decided that looking over the weight I wish to lose this coming year I am going to break that down into 25% increments for each seasonal change. Kind of gimmicky I know but I think it is also puts a bit of fun in all of this.

For the short term OP means sticking to what I mentioned above. January 1st there will be a new OP definition and so on.

I am very busy today so I won't do details of personals except to say that it looks like everyone is really working their plans well with a good measure of success. Kudos to all!

Take care, Pam :comp:

12-20-2013, 11:34 PM
Hi all,

Today was a work-at-home day and I found it harder than I expected since I've been dealing with the munchies lately, as in wanting to eat, even though I'm not hungry. Even so, although I deviated slightly (pickles at lunch and rice at dinner) from my written plan, I was totally within plan parameters. And today makes Day 10 of logging everything every day. (I thought it was 9 but MFP corrected me.)

Since I worked from home, I took a walk at lunchtime. I'm trying to figure out if there's any reason I can't do that at work days--I'll have to check out the area to see if there is a reasonable place to walk. All the roads I actually use are too traffic-heavy, but perhaps there's a neighborhood nearby I could drive to and walk at 2-3 days a week at lunch.

Even though we're leaving town on Sunday, I'm going to make a grocery run tomorrow morning--and buy just enough produce for Saturday dinner! I'd rather throw some away that eat less healthily--I just won't buy much.

I've got some ideas of where to stop for food en route to St Louis (wave, gardenerjoy!) so I can make good choices. I don't really have a plan for Monday--I'll have to give that some thought. I have a plan for Christmas Eve (which is when we'll have a big dinner), and I'm lacking a Christmas Day plan, since we'll be traveling and not much will be open. I may shop for some things we can travel with--DH would generally rather stop to eat out but we'll have limited options on Wednesday.

nationalparker: I think it's interesting that your perception of success varies based on when you eat the same amount of food. Do you see a difference in the results of your efforts based on when you eat?

seadwaters: I love the idea of a "faux vending machine run"--I think I'll adopt it!

ForMyGirls: Big credit for fighting off the ice cream double scoop sabotaging thought! I think that you can successfully apply the CBT strategy to other areas of your life (such as money)--I know I'd used it for other things prior to coming across the idea of using it for dieting.

BillBE: Congrats on your streak! I hope your shoveled snow did what ours did today--MELT.

gardenerjoy: Too bad we only go to STL at holidays--that makes it harder to get away and meet you! I love seeing your exercise minutes keep going up!

pamatga: I understand about re-reading the pink book--I do best if I never quite finish--and even just pick it up and read whatever random day I opened to!

Time to plan tomorrow! It's a lot easier to keep my streak going when I enter everything the day before!

Take care, all.

12-21-2013, 12:54 AM
I haven't missed checking in for quite some time - but I have lost track of the number! As well as planning meals and snacks I have tracked all my food consistently for the last week. I don't know what I was thinking yesterday but I wasn't under target - a bit over where I like to be actually. Today is on track and food for the rest of the day planned.

I had to go have an MRI this morning to check things with my back surgery - the good thing was that because I had hit the safety net (the most the govt thinks you should pay out of pocket for non-hospital incurred expenses) it only cost me $27 instead of rather a lot more of the $500 bill. What is irritating is that as usual I hit the safety net right at the end of the year when it is too late to take advantage of it.

I then went shopping to the plaza and I have never seen so many samples of free food - just doesn't happen here as a rule. Cakes, pastries, coffee (??!?) (I would have had that if I was taking milk), noodles. And I didn't want any of it - all of it full of foods I am avoiding but which I love - that felt really good.

What I didn't realise was that the Atkins bars I have tentatively introduced are not certified gluten free! I was a bit astonished as the program is most like the paleo / primal type diets which are gluten and grain free. But no - they are not. A bit of a disappointment that I have to carefully choose the ones without added wheat or gluten - but still not guaranteed safe. You'd think they make enough money from dieters to bother with food safety. Anyway - enough ranting

ForMyGirls - good move with the two scoop sabotaging thoughts; BillBE - you continue to exercise resistance - impressive; Pamatga - Good planning for your Sunday gathering. I also got my XL spreadsheet set up for 1st January 2014 with starting weight for weekly and daily weights, and 5% decrements and measurements etc. Feels good to expect the best; Beth - working at home with easy access to food is tricky. I tend to pack lunch and food as if I was at work so that I don't think to eat anything else. Good you are thinking about your trip - I will need to put a bit of serious thought into those critical few days

Weight - down 1 lb / Same as ticker; 6561/5000 steps; 4.4/3 km; Food - on plan

12-21-2013, 03:37 AM
New record team - 76! (Seadwaters I have you down for 13 days in a row - I am not totally clear on what you are counting as being OP for your streak so I have been giving you the benefit of the doubt and giving you a point if your food or your checking in are on track. Hope that is OK.)

My personal streak is 16. Credit to me today for getting straight out for my walk before 8am even though it was a weekend. Another very hot day so it wouldn't have happened any later. Credit also for not falling for the "these chocolates were a gift therefore I can eat them" trap today. Feeling good about the path to financial sensibleness too :-)

Beth and Seadwaters - helpful for me to hear your conversation about the challenges of working from home. I work from home a lot. Has the benefit that I don't often have to cope with tempting food in my environment - but I find it means I often don't eat as satisfying or interesting food because I get caught up in what I am doing and run out of time to work out something yummy to prepare. The idea of packing a lunch is good. Given I am not doing a detailed plan each day maybe I'll try a variation of planning my lunch the night before for work from home days.

12-21-2013, 07:04 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Sardines for lunch after being reminded by another thread. I would eat them more often if I remembered and if they didn't require crackers to lift them to my mouth. Snacks under budget to extend my streak to 31 days, CREDIT moi.

Made it to the supermarket fearing that Saturday would be a zoo. Got reminded of the mounds of Christmas goodies that consume more space. Bought none of it, CREDIT moi. Today's challenge is a 'breakfast' at 9:30 at one of our favorite museums. Who eats breakfast that late in the day? I've planned to skip the cereal part of my home breakfast in a few minutes and to substitute the carbs that come with their coffee. I've planned it so that I can concentrate on avoiding MOUNDS of carbs - just an appropriate serving.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Love watching your exercise counting upwards.

Pam (pamatga) – Yep, rereading does make for "the more I pick up on small nuances."

Katie (SeaSideSparkle) – Skipping all those FREE samples is a big deal from my perspective; Kudos. Ouch for enough medical events to hit the safety net.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Kudos for planning your travels in advance.

ForMyGirls - Super Kudos for avoiding the inviting Sabotaging Thought, "these chocolates were a gift therefore I can eat them." Neat thought to prepare a lunch for going to work even though the 'going' part is just to the next room.

Readers - day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

Spontaneous Exercise
To motivate yourself to do more spontaneous exercise, consider attaching to your belt a pedometer, a device that tracks the distance you cover on foot. You can buy a good pedometer for about $20 at sporting goods stores, many fitness centers, or over the Internet. Wear the pedometer every day and note in your diet notebook how many steps you've taken. Challenge yourself to continually add more steps to your day and to track your progress.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 108.

12-21-2013, 07:04 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Sardines for lunch after being reminded by another thread. I would eat them more often if I remembered and if they didn't require crackers to lift them to my mouth. Snacks under budget to extend my streak to 31 days, CREDIT moi.

Made it to the supermarket fearing that Saturday would be a zoo. Got reminded of the mounds of Christmas goodies that consume more space. Bought none of it, CREDIT moi. Today's challenge is a 'breakfast' at 9:30 at one of our favorite museums. Who eats breakfast that late in the day? I've planned to skip the cereal part of my home breakfast in a few minutes and to substitute the carbs that come with their coffee. I've planned it so that I can concentrate on avoiding MOUNDS of carbs - just an appropriate serving.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Love watching your exercise counting upwards.

Pam (pamatga) – Yep, rereading does make for "the more I pick up on small nuances."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Skipping all those FREE samples is a big deal from my perspective; Kudos. Ouch for enough medical events to hit the safety net.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Kudos for planning your travels in advance.

ForMyGirls - Super Kudos for avoiding the inviting Sabotaging Thought, "these chocolates were a gift therefore I can eat them." Neat thought to prepare a lunch for going to work even though the 'going' part is just to the next room.

Readers - day 9 Select and Exercise Plan

Spontaneous Exercise
To motivate yourself to do more spontaneous exercise, consider attaching to your belt a pedometer, a device that tracks the distance you cover on foot. You can buy a good pedometer for about $20 at sporting goods stores, many fitness centers, or over the Internet. Wear the pedometer every day and note in your diet notebook how many steps you've taken. Challenge yourself to continually add more steps to your day and to track your progress.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 108.

12-21-2013, 10:01 AM
My 100% OP streak count is 2.

I rewrote my plan twice between breakfast and lunch but I followed the last plan I wrote, so I'm calling it OP.

I have a rant. MiL who is morbidly obese and had a heart scare after her knee surgery in October, went to a recommended diet doctor this week. He gave her a diet that is a limited list of foods she can eat (including only some vegetables) and a long list of foods that she can't. Apparently, it's the healthiest diet he could devise while on fellowship at Harvard over the summer. It's not South Beach or Paleo, but it doesn't allow flour, sweeteners (except Stevia), or dairy (except butter). So, at least as hard to follow as those two, but without the great community that, I think, contributes to their success for people.

Not only is there no community, he didn't even give her recipes or menus. No support at all. A nutritionist would have offered more. How does a diet doctor get away with just handing out a diet and not giving any help to follow it? I'm appalled.

One of my SiLs does Paleo, so I asked her to bring some cookbooks to our Christmas gathering. Hopefully, we can help the poor lady plan some menus of things that she can and will eat. Some of the things on the list are things that I doubt she'll ever eat (kelp, mustard greens, dandelion greens). Other things I think I can convince her to eat (bok choy) but she hasn't had before and will need some recipes and reassurance that this is edible.

I'm quite discouraged. I had hoped that he was going to provide her with an appropriate blend of psychological and nutritional support and, instead, he gives her a difficult diet and not even the most basic tools one would need to follow it. I fear that she'll never go back and won't even really get started on this. And, that's a shame because I think she was ready to tackle the weight, but it would take an easier plan to follow or a lot more support than she's going to get.

Suggestions welcome. I'm ranting here because I don't want to say any of this to MiL. I want to be encouraging and supportive and not critical of the doctor even though, at the moment, I think I know more about what it takes to lose weight in our current environment than he does. The healthiness of a diet is immaterial if no one can follow it. That seems like a rookie mistake.

WI: -0.5kg, Exercise: +60 940/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

12-21-2013, 10:56 AM
I'm starting over on a fresh streak. Was doing well, even having gone to lunch with a few of the last coworkers still at the office yesterday ... Came home and loaded up our pooch to take to in-laws an hour away, returning home in a rush to get dinner on ... a neighbor had left us a BIG container of cookies. Typically we have a few. I thought, one is okay for my one snack. But then found two small ones in there that looked good and ate those before bed. SO... on top of a filling dinner, I was tempted with those cookies and gave in. Dinner included turkey bacon (breakfast for dinner) and so the scale is doubly reprimanding me.

I have complete control of my choices today - my schedule is filled with baking, chores, and errands. DH and I are celebrating our Christmas tonight, so want a dinner that's prepped and no dishes to do after dinner (which is always 8 p.m. or later on nights he works).

So, back to 0 because those four bites weren't on my plan. But those four bites were probably 200 calories if going with the 50 cal/bite theory.

GardenerJoy - I've never actually HEARD of a "diet doctor" ... I would have assumed that meant a nutritionist. That is so strange and rant-worthy. That will be hard for her to change to at her age to something so different from what she's familiar with. Sometimes completely changing a food plan - bok choy, mustard greens, etc., might just completely turn her off from a healthy weight loss plan. Would she be willing to meet with a nutritionist for another option and just chalking the "diet dr" visit down to a miss? I see checking in with someone else no different that a second opinion b/c this first dr. didn't seem to be on task.

Bill - 31 - Amazing!! I'm impressed! Great job.

Better get going and grab a late breakfast and get crackin' here.

12-21-2013, 02:17 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Well, yesterday was the Big, Big Day. I turned 50. I think the term "abundance' has been overused these days but it is really the best word to describe the good feelings and love I was showered with. Calls, cards, and well wishes all while working my final reading "fun day" of the year. The day before, I wore the size 8 Jones New York suit - one of my advantage cards for over a year. I felt very proud and grateful. For the actual day, I was in a new pair of slim black jeans and a school sweatshirt, kneedeep in pixie stick dust and sticky tape. My office mate brought in sandwiches and five of us ate lunch in the office. There was a secret santa party. In short, sensory overload. I made no food restrictions for the day except to stop when I was satisfied. I was so proud of my ability to enjoy rare foods for me and stop when I had had enough. The lack of planning is not something I can do well. But yesterday was a magical day.

After work, The boys and I went up to the cabin. DH treated us to a gourmet dinner on the edge of Lake Tahoe. I ordered something I had never had before - scallops on wonton/ potstickers (something like that). We ordered sides of wild mushrooms sautéed and smoked bacon mac and cheese. I am proud to say I ate a third of my entree and a few bites of the sides. I expected the standard candle in a slice of cake but to my great surprise, DH had traveled another hour to go to our favorite bakery and bring up my favorite cupcake which I savored with decaf coffee. I was touched by the effort.

Still, the best gift of the whole day was when a high school girl showed up out of nowhere at my school just before my meeting. I had taught her English four years before. She said, "I have been thinking about you for a longtime. I have AP English and all the other students think the class is hard. I just tell them that I learned it back in 8th grade from you. I wrote a whole essay on how you influenced my life and I wrote you you this letter. Thank you."

Well, I burst out in tears and gave her a huge hug. I told her how much it meant to me, how teachers doubt themselves all the time. I told her I remembered her and that she was one of the best writers I have ever had. I also told her she had been a tough cookie to teach. I gave her my email and told her to let me hear of her successes. She left, and I thought, " I can keep teaching for ever."

A long post, I know. Tomorrow I will back to personals. Today I have had a planned smoothie, part of my dinner from last night. Dinner will be a smoothie. I am glad to be quiet and process all the emotions I am feeling.

Best to all. How proud I am of your accomplishments during this tricky time.

12-21-2013, 02:59 PM
I see these two days are going "hand in hand". My interpretation of both Enriching Your Life as well as Making a To Do List to accomplish that has us "Becksters" doing a paradigm shift: going from a food-centric focus to a non-food centric focus. IMO, I feel that Dr. Beck saved the best for last because I do think that in these last days in her book this is where the cornerstone of our maintenance program will be anchored. IMO, there is no point in losing the weight and not realizing at some point that it served the purpose of filling a life that had become boring, vacant, stressed, problematic, etc. and that once gone a big "hole" is left.

In fact, the impression that I was left with when I first read this book a couple of years ago was this: excess food served a purpose in my life at one time. Once that excess food is removed, something must fill it or I/we risk returning to our "old ways". I had a similar experience with recovering from attracting the wrong people in our love life.

My original therapist, Lynn K., told me in 1992 to take "one year's sabbatical" from having any kind of relationship with a man. I did better. I took 7 years "off"; which shocked her because she knew how addicted to the wrong kind of men I was at that time. After all, I married two and it seemed like there were more in the wings waiting to fill their place. Then, I had a priest who told me about the book "The Joy of Being Single." I grumbled about the "idea" but I read it and, as part of my ongoing sexual abuse therapy, I was also abstinent from engaging in sex for that time as well. However, in spite of my initial reservations, I followed through on both of their advice. I learned to both love, enjoy and even prefer (at times) my own company.

Well, that is what this is all about: only with food. Food has got to cease being the center of my life. I have kind of known this based on what I just shared above but I didn't really put it into practice. Plus, it doesn't come right away. You just have to expect some emotional withdrawal for awhile before it becomes like what maryblu shared one day in the recent past: When she says that she doubts that she will ever regain the weight. I believe her. What will make the difference? Exactly what I want and need to do: to fill the empty spaces that food used to fill with more rewarding and fulfilling things, experiences, people, etc.

This concept works in every aspect of your life that you want to change. I did with removing addictive dysfunctional relationships from my life. I love being with myself. For one thing, I "get" who I am more than any one else. So, when I am with others I can truly enjoy them for who they are and not for what I am projecting on them or what need I may be trying to fill at the time.

Well, I have seen a glimpse of that this past holiday season. I scored two very important social food-centric days by not making them all about food. For me, those two days were more important to me than anything else right now. It proves to me that I can take the focus off of food and myself and take in whatever the experience has to give to me. Also, as a "precaution", since this hasn't become exactly natural yet, I have made sure that celebrating the holidays has also been about music, decorations and touching base with family and old friends.

There is a saying in the 12 Step community: aim for not being a "dry drunk". What that means is that one day (even if it is only for that day) you will experience a release and a freedom from the clutches of addiction. Maybe, if you are one of the fortunate ones, you will never experience addiction ever again but being a "dry drunk" means that you are still white knuckling it through your sobriety or abstinence. This is to be expected initially since you have to figure out how to replace what your "substance" meant to you but, it is a red flag, if you are still white knuckling it after a longer period of sobriety. Basically, you need to do more "work" on creating the internal environment so you don't want the substance nor what it does to you. Dr. Beck talks about this about the uncomfortable feeling of being overly full.

I used to marry men who continued to put me down because I didn't feel worthy of being loved and respected. The relationships were emotionally vacant so the next best thing that I did was fill that emptiness with food and lots of sweets. Isn't it interesting that Valentine's Day, which is about two months away is associated with sweets, sweethearts and love. We even call them chocolate kisses. :chockiss:The candy industry are no fools. They have seen this association forever.

By the time, I met Paul, my dear loving DH, I didn't "need" to be married and eventually I didn't need to support myself with excess food. The problem was that I had been propping myself up with excess food for so long I just didn't know where or what to go to next. Here is this Day's message: life itself has so much more to offer than excess food. Seek it. Experience it. Embrace it.

If you don't know where to start: then make a "to do" list and start checking that list off. If you are busy doing something else, chances are you won't be thinking about food.;)

Tomorrow is the last day of this book. I have spent some additional time reviewing what I read this past 6 weeks. I have also made some notes on some observances of my own experiences during this time.

My OP day yesterday meant staying under 50 grams of carbs per meal and staying within my calorie range. Streak=1. :lol: I noticed that today was the first day of December (well, these things sneak up on a person, y'know) so I decided that I am going to "attempt" (a person's reach should exceed their grasp or what's a heaven for) to lose 25% of the remaining weight that I want to per season for the upcoming year. This sounds silly but sometimes I can be: I am going to change my tickers according to the season and "reward" myself for every 5 lbs lost with a cute little icon on my signature page.

gardenerjoy I think nationalparker said it best. I too could go on and on about so called "diet doctors" since I have both seen my share and threw good money after bad in the process. My heart does go out to her but if it is any consolation, I am living proof that you can lose weight at any age. I am 60, I have pre-diabetes, I have crippling arthritis and so on; I am still doing it. You are never too old to begin to eat healthy and live a healthier lifestyle. There is hope for MIL. There is.

BBE Great Job on the 31 days of streaking. I feel crowds like you are describing sap my energy. I just feel all of my existing life breathe being sucked out of me. I do love to eat out but it is a landmine fraught with booby traps every which way you turn. Extra Kudos on strategic pre-planning.

seadwaters As a person who has not had health insurance for nearly ten years and has needed the most during that time, I am envious at a $27 bill. My DH went to a doctor for a referral that cost us $400 out of pocket and the DH took his pulse, B/P and then said "yep, you need a different doctor." I especially felt ripped off. I don't know what this Affordable Healthcare Act here in the U.S. will accomplish but I guess I am willing to take the risk and find out. Good luck on your back surgery. My back has hurt ever since falling in the shower three years ago. That is on my "to do" list when I get health insurance sometime in the future.

bethfromdayton: Great Job on all of your planning. It sounds like it is paying off. Have fun on your wintery road trip. You are going to be dealing with a lot of severe winter weather heading to St. Louis. Stay safe and warm.

Well, I changed my ticker already. I know that an unknown amount of this regain that I have had this past fall and early winter is water weight so I am basically re-losing the weight that I regained in the past several months. Still, I am excited enough to move that ticker down. I hope to be returning and doing that a couple more times before the New Year arrives.

Have a great day, all Pam :comp:

12-21-2013, 03:41 PM
Maryann - What a wonderful WONDERFUL life day you experienced. I hope the memories and warm feelings stay with you to bring forth whenever desired. I am sitting here with a wide smile on my face, as if I had experienced your joyful day. Years ago I had written to one of my hardest (i.e., best) teachers who expected more from me and it was my heart speaking to hers. I am thankful that this student recognizes your gift to her and all of your students. Probably should have PMd you this but MAJOR credits for all of your successes this year - the size 8 suit you've been targeting to wear, the black jeans, eating until satisfied, and savoring it all. I hope at some point next year I'm able to have followed your example of slow and steady and just keep on trekkin' ...

Happy Winter Solstice, folks! I have all of our candles ready to light and dinen and open gifts by candlelight tonight.

12-21-2013, 07:38 PM
Gardener joy - that Dr sounds like a shocker. Such an example of professionals who forget that the "problem" they are trying to solve is actually a person and that you need to find a solution that will work for the person!

My thinking is that it might be helpful for you MIL to know that you think the diet might be "too hard". It might be hard for her to tell you that she doesn't think she can do THIS diet, particularly because she has seen you be successful in weightloss (the old "she can do it so it must be me that is the problem" thought). If she knows that you think this might be a hard way to do it and that there are other options it might be easier for her to ask for help in finding alternatives, or to try something else if this doesn't work for her.

Depending on how assertive you are feeling you might even want to feedback to the Dr that you think help with how to actually follow the diet was missing from his advice :-)

Maryann - Happy Birthday! I am so pleased to hear you had such a fabulous day and that the fates were kind enough to send that student to talk to you on just this day. I still remember my year 8 English teacher who persevered with me and taught me how to write an essay. Writing well has opened so many doors in my life that I am constantly grateful to her. I am pleased that a bunch of students in California are lucky enough to have you enriching their lives the way she enriched mine.

12-21-2013, 08:21 PM
Morning coaches

It is going to be a hot few days here - your stories of snow and ice on the other half of the world are very enticing. I was never happiest than in Stockholm at -10C - I do like the cold and the snow. Oh well I guess the heat will pass - eventually.

Thanks ForMyGirls - I have now checked in 14 days in a row then. OP means that I ate what I planned to and didn't deviate from the plan. Well done on a streak of 16;

BillBE - yes your sardines stir a memory - I have never been able to imagine how one ate sardines (canned I assume) without toast under them. I tried your way with lettuce but just can't do it - no matter how healthy they are so credit that you can. Avoiding mounds of carbs at breakfast is a real challenge. BTW - I like the new name you have given me - I wonder who SeaSideSparkle is - but I wish I had thought of the name first :);

GardenerJoy - the diet doctor needs a bit of straight talk I think. It sounds like he might even be on to something by offering an evidence-based diet which is increasingly being shown to be effective. But he is totally unlikely to succeed and demonstrates a total lack of appreciation for the audience. An older female patient would require quite a bit of handholding as you have said to make the adjustment. If the diet appears sound it would be good if you could find resources to support her in the change - there are a couple of really good, really structured websites for an approach like this. And frankly she can pick whatever leafy greens appeal to her. I think he is just cashing in on a current fad (even if it is effective);

Nationalparker - Ouch for thoughtful neighbours leaving a little ambush for you - but you are moving on. Enjoy your Christmas tonight! Do you have dieticians and nutritionists? In australia dieticians also have undergraduate courses in science and nutrition to bachelor level - nutritionists can be diploma or no courses at all. Mind you they are still all ultraconservative;

Maryann - Happy birthday - fabulous 50! Credit for the way you managed food on the day - and I can imagine how you felt in your dream clothes. It was lovely to read. And as a teacher I totally get how you felt - thanks for sharing;

Pamatga - the shift from food-centric to a focus on something else is indeed the challenge and thanks for summarising that - I like your thoughts that we need to get to a place that we appreciate that life has so much more to offer.

I have decided that I need to rethink the snack bars - I notice that one a day has crept to two - all within range and planned but...Once I have finished the current lot - at the rate of ONE a day I will think seriously about their impact. For Christmas day I will try to adopt Maryann's strategy of "no food restrictions for the day except to stop when...satisfied" and to avoid wheat. I will see how successful that is...

Weight - same / Same as ticker; 7950/5000 steps; 5.3/3 km; Food - on plan

12-22-2013, 12:26 AM
Hi all,

Today was OP food-wise. I made a ton of changes to my plan because of how the day went, but stayed well under my intended calorie count. The changes were all good choices and made sense.

Today makes Day 11 of tracking everything I ate in MFP. It'll be a bit harder the next few days while we're traveling but that's how I'm going to measure "success"--recording everything.

No real exercise today--couldn't move fast enough while running errands or shopping to even pretend that was exercise. It's certainly warm enough for a walk--but it hasn't stopped raining all day.

maryann: It sounds like the most wonderful of all possible days. Happy birthday!

Take care, all.

12-22-2013, 06:00 AM
Hello coaches,

We are quite the record breakers this week. 80 points tonight :-)

My personal streak is at 17. Credit highlight of the day for me was countering and end of swimming pool excursion request for icecreams with a suggestion of waiting and having some Icecream at home instead. Saved money and allowed me to have some fruit while the others were eating Icecream. There had already been a sausage sizzle at the farmer's markets that I sat by the side for and wasn't convinced I had the willpower to not join in on Icecream. Two birds with one stone as it were.

The bit I am not happy with at the moment is helping my kids to get healthier. Hit a patch of significant resistance from my older daughter a couple of weeks ago and knocked my resolve about. I think that for her I need to not push because this needs to come from her - but I feel bad that I gave up for my little one as well. Had a useful conversation with them about it today and feeling renewed and invigorated to help the younger one and just let the older one know that the door is always open for her to join in.

12-22-2013, 08:40 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Kept to my plan for 'breakfast' at the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum; by skipping cereal at home I was happy to have croissants with coffee there. I did skip the sticky buns with pecans - for some reason those have twice the calories of anything else. The next challenge was a potluck dinner with friends followed by a Christmas Party with a different set of friends. I couldn't figure out how plan to do both and stay the path. Karma sometimes falls helpfully. At the potluck dinner, I ate reasonably and skipped the cookies and cake being passed around the table. At the later party where the host had insisted that we come even though it would be late, we discovered that it was a catered affair where the caterers removed all the food as part of the cleanup on their way out the door. Not long after we arrived, the food was all gone; I had not a single calorie! Such good luck. CREDIT moi for a successful food day that had multiple pot holes waiting for me to fall in. And inc my streak to 32.

Exercise was last minute shopping. Ouch. My body is ready for the holidays to be over so I get back to gym.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Good Grief! What an awful 'diet doctor' story. Kudos for bringing in your SIL's Paleo recipes to look for a way out of this for your MIL.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – The snack creep thing is a challenge - I've certainly been there. Kudos for seeking a solution early. [Ooops on my responding to you using the wrong name. D*rn cut and past.]

Pam (pamatga) – Thanks for "life itself has so much more to offer than excess food. Seek it. Experience it. Embrace it." As well as thanks for so much to think about in your post.

maryann - Can get teary-eyed here from your students words. Yay for an amazing day. And Happy Birthday.

nationalparker – Ouch for the neighbor's "BIG container of cookies" - I do wish BIG hearts could find an alternative way to express love.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – It is interesting that running around doing errands doesn't ever make it to real exercise. Kudos for a plan with a metric, "recording everything."

ForMyGirls - Congrats for remembering that your year 8 English teacher taught you to write. Kudos for reaching for sane parenting instead of beating up on yourself for not achieving your own ideal parenting.

Readers - day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

Planned Exercise
Since exercising is not optional if you want to lose weight, be sure to choose a form of exercise that you like and can stick with. If you're not sure what you want to do, consult a friend or health-care professional (the latter is especially important if you have a health condition or have been sedentary for a long time).

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 109.

12-22-2013, 10:00 AM
My 100% OP streak count is 3.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts about MiL's diet. I need to get more details and make sure I'm not missing something, since what I have so far is second-hand from two different people.

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +45 985/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: I love how you celebrated your birthday! Such a beautiful day with your response from your former student. A friend of mine, who turns 50 in May, is calling this her "jubilee year."

12-22-2013, 02:04 PM
NationalParker: I hope your winter solstice was as beautiful as it sounds. Good luck in Florida.

Pamatga: I still have to remember this truth:life itself has so much more to offer than excess food. It is especially difficult when a plate of cookies is staring you in the face. It feels like the truth is at the bottom of the pile.

seadwaters: I can't tell you how many times I have begun using a dieting "tool" and suddenly it has taken over my meal. The most notable was when I was on Weight Watchers and ate 6 ice cream sandwiches because they were one point each. How do you justify six ice cream sandwiches?

bethfromdayton: Safe travelling. I think it is an excellent idea to stick to the basic rule "log everything you eat." I have come to understand that my compulsive overeating is at its most destructive when I let go of accountability.

ForMyGirls: It is difficult to get kids to think healthy. I have stuck to the basics with my son. I have asked him to ask himself if he has had five fruits and veggies for the day before he makes other choices. He has been pretty conscientious about it. He also eats all the meals I prepare which I try to make healthier. Then I can let go of the cr** his dad and he eat when they are on their little "excursions." Now I am teaching him to cook so he will have options in ten years when he goes to college. But he is not go to eat what I eat. He will eat smoothies with kale but no protein powder. I just think healthy living is a LONG race.

BBE: Yay for having the opportunity for naughty ripped from your hands. I wish that was more often the case for me. One of the best breakfasts I had was a pastry and an Americano in the Legion of Fine Arts in SF.

Gardenerjoy: I will now think of this as my jubilee year.

As for me, I made a couple of last minute switches in meal planning that were dubious in nature but I closed the kitchen hopefully before much damage was done. Credit for a planned walk in the mountains and a spontaneous basketball match with the boys. DS kept holding up numbers to run plays I didn't understand. DH dominated the hoop to our great regret.

12-22-2013, 05:48 PM
Day 42: Practice and then some. This is the final day of the weight loss "walk through" in the pink BDS book.

First of all, I want to thank each and everyone of you here who have stoically allowed me to express how each day impacts me and my thoughts thereof. :thanks:

Yes, I probably took the longest of anyone here in "prepping" myself for the remainder of my weight loss journey but it has been building intestinal fortitude :lifter: which I need to cross the finish line :coach: in a very bold announcement that I will make here. I have fallen flat on my face before and if I do this year, so be it, but I will not back down from this challenge that I am about to undertake. Namely, I want to lose 2 lbs per week until I am at 135. lbs.

I love the "analogy" between the Winter Solstice and the one light in the darkness which then increases and increases until the brightness of the Summer Solstice. I want this to be an "analogy" with my weight loss journey this coming year. It is starting out small but I hope that it will end with a brightness that will carry me throughout the next 52 weeks. "Time will tell...":goodluck:

Two days "OP" so my (re)-newed streak is 2. In my decluttering recently I found a blank composition book dated 2001 (really?) and I decided to take notes of how each day goes; either observations of how well it went or what I would do better next time. :write:

Credit: staring now an unopened can of mixed nuts and package of dark chocolate last night. Talk with self: you have had all of your designated calories for today. You can wait and have this tomorrow. New mantra! It worked!:lucky:

Credit: Meals #2 and #3 were too close together and I wasn't very hungry when I made my choices for Meal #3. Wrote in my composition book: if meals aren't 3-4 hours apart (ideally 4 hours) then order less for the second meal or , be brave, and have only one very small item on menu.

Credit: Seeing the correlation between keeping my carbs under 50 grams per meal and not feeling hungry as quickly. Overall, total carbs per day is best for me when kept between 185-240 grams per day. It may be high for some diabetics but I have a fast metabolism and burn off carbs quickly. A mixed blessing because then I also crash faster as well. This is why it is critical that I monitor my blood multiple times a day. Medical name: brittle diabetic.

Credit: Looking back over the recommended meal plans that were drawn up for me last July and noticing the R.D. had half single servings at many/most meals. I did this! Wow! Revelation that I can reduce my carbs even more by using this "obvious" (except to me I guess) technique.

Credit: A group that I had been a participant in last year and which I had some shady "weight loss" reports that I am not proud of starts up on 1/1/14. The leader, a good and long standing friend, who thinks too highly of me I am afraid, emailed me and I promptly reported that I had regained a portion of the weight that I had lost last year. Honesty is truly the best policy. There, I did. I came clean. Major Credit to me. I want to earn respect, including my own.

maryann: :bday2you: I am going to sound like a real old fogey but gosh I felt like a kid when I turned 50. It just gets better! I am finally rocking 60 this year. :beach: What was an ice breaker for me when a friend (recall the food pusher) told me that he had shoes older than me. :lol: From that point on, I lightened up about my age. P.S. You and Brad Pitt just turned 50 together. Expect AARP to be sending you lots of stuff now.....;)

BBE I swear you are like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. Is there no challenge that you can't step right over and say 'excuse me, but I'm walking here?" Keep on streakin' but watch the rear mirror, we are all right behind you. :D:bike:

Well, for all of the rest of you, my coaches and Becksters, have a great day.

BBE: I have been noting your titles on your post so I thought that I would add one of my own: yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the crossword puzzle. I hate them but I do hear that they are good for your brain. Although, I might add not for your peace of mind. Now do you know a 5 letter word for "I'm outta here." ;)

Only 2 days until :hohoho: Santa comes, so be good all, Pam :comp:

12-22-2013, 07:08 PM
I'm nearly all ready to fly out early tomorrow to my folks in Florida, escaping the "bitter cold" we're forecast here for tonight- wind chill is to be five below and should arrive to the low 80s. Day was mostly cleaning up from the baking extravaganza, and wrapping up laundry. DH is still working and dinner will most likely be a frozen trader joe's cheese pizza, which is a nice treat for me more so than DH. Will able to be within my calories today, despite treating myself to biscotti and a snickerdoodle. Only because I shrunk lunch down quite a bit. Somehow there's a credit floating around in there. I find that I tend to focus TOO much on any straying from what should be a PERFECT day, so I thank you, Bill, for reminding me that enjoying a flaky croissant in place of a regular breakfast can still allow me to be on track - the modification doesn't mean failure, and I tend to get bogged down in thinking that something that tastes better must be getting me off track. (As I get bogged down in run-on sentences, when chugging along here, too.)

Committing to checking in daily on my trip. Even if it's just a few lines from my tablet. I am reading all posts but writing few personals here lately in order to keep on track with what I have to get done around home/work.

Went out to find a replacement pair of Levis after partially scraping off the knee of my favorite pair. Thankful to find a pair that should work, but were petite, so keeping fingers crossed that they don't shrink length-wise. Well, hope they don't shrink at all, really. Looking forward to buying a new pair in a smaller size in the next few months.

12-23-2013, 12:42 AM
Hi all!

This is my first 3FC post from Pegasus (my new iPad).

I did well today food-wise, in terms of making good choices. We had lunch at home before we left, which was a typical OP weekend lunch. I brought an acceptable snack with us, so that was easy, and we stopped at a Boston Market for dinner--also easy to make good choices. I have to record my evening snack yet, and then I'll be at the 12 days in a row of recording everything in MFP.

I'm hoping the weather cooperates for taking a walk tomorrow (and it'll give me an excuse to escape from my brother-in-law). Tomorrow is totally unplanned since I don't know what my in-laws will serve or if we'll go out--I have no control over most of that (although will have input in restaurant selection). However, I remain committed to making good choices and to recording everything I eat.

Best to all!

12-23-2013, 06:50 AM
Hi coaches

I am checking in late having driven to my sisters where I will stay for the next few days. I won't have a lot of control over what is offered and my main food rules for the next few days were not to overeat, stay away from wheat, and decided that there was wisdom in logging all food.

Today I achieved the first. I didn't stop at a service station / fast food place on the drive down but took some cheese with me. Packed up all the chips and sweets and nuts in the motel and stuck them in the back of a cupboard. At my sisters I avoided all snacks and party fare and I felt good about it. I ate sensibly at dinner which was also my nephews 30th birthday. And then I had a piece of chocolate birthday cake so broke the second rule. I am irritated that it was wheat but I don't feel bad about it really as I think I did pretty well so not beating myself up. I will finish logging my food in MCP. I hope tomorrow (Christmas Eve) goes so well (minus the cake).

Safe journeys and happy preparations for the holidays coaches

12-23-2013, 08:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Good Karma continues with food. At the social hour at noon I faced heaping platters of cookies warm from the oven as well as bowls of chopped fruit and whole apples and oranges. I had coffee, CREDIT moi. The cookies were fresh from the oven, but rather standard Christmas cookies. At an afternoon event, I had planned to have 'one something' to be called my afternoon snack. With good luck, I was offered a cup of mulled cider which I grabbed and then ignored an overflowing table of Middle Eastern appetizers (stuffed grape leaves, hummus, etc.) and a table of desserts. It was made easy since the cider was served in a cup with saucer so both hands were occupied. CREDIT moi for sticking to my plan, with thanks to all of you for being this support group so I could wallow in my happy about reporting that my streak increments to 33.

Exercise was a nice walk, CREDIT moi, with DW in that kind of misty weather that almost leaves damp on the clothing. I was smart enough to wear my Gore-Tex so wasn't concerned. Also carried in the Christmas tree; it was a weak shadow of a muscle workout but a good back workout as I distorted myself with tree from the back yard to the basement, from the basement to the porch onto a tarp, and then in the tarp from the porch to the living room and up into the stand. Cleanup has been so much easier since we've started carrying the tree in and out only when lying in a tarp.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I've told several people about your MIL's diet; no one has heard of a 'diet doctor.'

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Yep, it's worth Kudos for giving yourself CREDIT for a good day despite it not being 100%. I'm capable of sabotaging myself for not hitting the last corner of my plan while forgetting that I did the huge part of it.

Pam (pamatga) – Happy 100th anniversary Mr. Crossword puzzle - I'm one of those who doesn't do them well. Kudos for getting back into that group that you've been successful with before.

maryann - Yay for basketball and a walk in the mountains in December. Your six ice-cream sandwich tale reminds me of Weight Watcher 'zero calorie soup.' When I heard of that, I knew that I couldn't do WW since my first thought was to ponder how long I had to wait until I had the next bowl and still stay at zero points.

nationalparker – Waving toward Florida; may you have a good trip. LOL at "something that tastes better must be getting me off track" - I have that problem, too. Usually it's true when it comes from a platter of brownies.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Hello Pegasus - welcome to 3FC. A friend of Beth's is a friend of ours. Kudos for your streak of "recording everything in MFP." (Your body doesn't judge the reason you take a walk, it'll just be happy, LOL.)

Readers - day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

Planned Exercise
Try some of the exercises my patients ended up enjoying:

Take a daily walk or run.
Join a gym.
Swim laps or do water aerobics.
Exercise to a video tape, DVD, or TV fitness show.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 109.

12-23-2013, 10:28 AM
My 100% OP streak count is 4.

I think the diet doctor's other title is "bariatric surgeon." But we were told that, these days, they have other options besides weight loss surgery. We didn't imagine that anyone would want to do surgery on a woman in her late 70s. Maybe we were wrong and a difficult diet without support is the way they get you to think that surgery would be a better alternative.

I was imagining that she would get someone like Yoni Freedhoff who writes a terrific blog about our eating environment and realistic measures to take to maintain a healthy weight:
Here's the sort of thing he writes that I find so useful -- a piece about whether or not 3500 calories really equals a pound of weight:

WI: +0.6 in kg, Exercise: +50 1035/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

12-23-2013, 02:51 PM
Hello coaches,

Late check in for me. Went out to a movie last night with some free tickets a friend handed on which she wasn't going to be able to use before they expired. Saw American Hustle. It was entertaining in parts but I am glad I didn't spend money on it!

89 team points this morning :-) will I jinx us if I ponder when we will hit 100?

18 points for me. It was a bit of a "white knuckle day" yesterday (thanks for the expression Pam). Haven't had one of them for a while but today I know why as I have woken with a bad head cold. Bummer. Explains why I was so resistant to riding my bike to work yesterday (but I did it anyway) and why it kept feeling like burying myself in a pile of chocolate was what I NEEDED to do (but I didn't). I give myself particular credit for not taking any money with me when I went to the movies specifically so I couldn't buy anything to eat while I was there and had a yummy on plan yoghurt when I got home.

It is clear though that today some adjustments to my usual plan are warranted. So an OP point for my streak will be earned without doing my exercises or stretches - but food needs to still be on plan for the day. We are doing our Christmas meal tonight (it is Christmas Eve here now). It is a pretty low key and healthy affair - turkey, ham, salads and Christmas pudding so it won't be hard to stay on track. I will give myself an extra calorie allowance, though with the head cold I might not actually feel like eating too much anyway. Looking forward to experiencing the Santa Clause excitement tomorrow morning. It has been a long time since I have had my kids with me on Christmas Eve so it has an extra level of excitement to it (for me at least).

Maryann - thanks for sharing how you approach healthy eating with your son. Your "have you eaten 5 fruit and veg" sounds like a great simple way to do it. I think I shall try and adopt that! I think you are also so right that it is a long race. The point at which I made peace with the situation is when I remembered that I am developing good eating habits at 40 - so even if I can't make this happen for her at 9, it doesn't mean it will never happen for her. So I will do what I can to make her living environment healthy and see how it goes.

12-24-2013, 12:35 AM
Hi all!

Today is Day 13 of recording everything in MFP. We went out to dinner tonight--I steered the choice away from a buffet, knowing that would be very hard for me. I ordered well and also separated out what was an acceptable portion size and left what wasn't.

Tomorrow is our Christmas dinner day--I'm going to enjoy the meal but am committed to recording everything and making my streak 2 weeks!

12-24-2013, 02:19 AM
Hello, can I join? I'm currently working through the Beck book and I've got to the day where we find a diet coach ... and I know doing this online is the best way to work this for me!

12-24-2013, 06:21 AM
Good evening coaches

I came in under calories today, logged all I ate, but still ate a little chocolate cake. Given there was quite a bit of high drama today in the family I think that was pretty good. Christmas can be a tricky time for families but we will get through it - but not with food. I am glad that I decided this year to stay in a motel rather than with family I am glad I have this bolt hole to escape to if I need it.

I had to rethink what I would do for breakfast because the motel told me that they were only doing a "continental" breakfast on Christmas morning - all carbohydrates basically. Irritating but manageable.

Systemsaddict - WELCOME :sunny: - anyone who is following Beck can join. The list moderator will add more tomorrow but just spend time reading the posts and getting a feel for the discussions. It is a little unusual at the moment because of the holidays but take your time, don't feel the need to post personals, and work the program. I ended up here like you because I had come to the day where I needed a diet coach and likely that is how others came to this list

Merry Christmas to all and I will check in tomorrow from my trusty iPad

12-24-2013, 07:40 AM
:welcome: systemsaddict :welcome:

And, on the occasion of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you discover the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find our Beck forum here on 3 Fat Chicks?

12-24-2013, 07:44 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Eating continues on plan, CREDIT moi. The challenge was a long party with old friends and Christmas carols. I managed OK with the food partially because I have a generous party food plan, but more because I ignore desserts. I used a fork to take two nibbles from DW's dessert plate and nothing more - that meant ignoring a long table of homemade options. That keeps my snacks on plan for the day so that streak increments to 34. I ignored the dishes with pasta, including lasagna's, and heaped my plate with a fresh greens salad.

Exercise was worrying about a heating system that had to get working before Christmas dawned which causes a humongous surcharge for plumbing service. Possibly successful as measured that heat is working now. Don't think that many calories are burned through worry.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Thanks for the link to such wisdom as, "If weight's your concern, more important than anything else is finding a life that you enjoy that contains fewer calories than before."

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Had to look it up: "bolt-hole - a hole through which an animal may bolt when pursued into its burrow or den" - therefore a safe place. Thanks - a new phrase for me. Kudos for recognizing that family drama doesn't mean that you have to participate.

Beth (bethFromDayton) – Kudos for continuing to record everything even when on the road.

ForMyGirls - Always Kudos for recognizing that "chocolate was what I NEEDED" is just a Sabotaging Thought. Yay for the excitement that kids bring to Christmas. It seems kinda unfair that your girls get Santa half a day early down there in Terra Australis Incognita.

systemsaddict - Yep, you are most welcome here. This forum thrives on the energy of new folks striving to see how the Beck strategies work for them. Most of us use this forum as our Diet Coach - only a few have a real-life Diet Coach on the Side. As seadwaters just noted, it's easiest to slip in if you don't attempt to do personals right away. And when you're ready, note that many people only do a few each day - it can be an overwhelming thought to do everybody. Glad you've joined us.

Readers - day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

Planned Exercise
Try some of the exercises my patients ended up enjoying: . . .

Play a sport.
Hire a personal trainer.
Participate in exercise or dance classes.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 109.

12-24-2013, 07:56 AM
Hello coaches,

First up - welcome systems addict! I have been doing Beck for about 6 months and find this group of diet coaches incredibly supportive and motivating. I hope that you will too.

By way of explanation of one aspect of our posts at the moment - we have been running a "streak challenge" through the holiday period. Not everyone is doing it but those who are having chosen something they want to try and stick to (for some it is being 100% on plan for the day, for others it is recording everything they eat, for others it is not snacking beyond planned snacks. So each day we report in on how we did - if we achieved it again that day we increase our streak by one - if we didn't achieve it we go back to zero. I am adding up the total streak count for the group. So it is kind of a personal challenge and a group challenge all rolled into one.

I imagine you will have enough on your plate right now with working through the Beck book so don't feel even a tiny bit obliged to join in. I just wanted to explain so you know what we're on about when we talk about streaks.

So - on that note - my personal streak clocks up to 19. Our total streak count as a group is .... 91!

Credit to me today for staying OP on the day of our Christmas meal (just finishing up Christmas Eve here in Aus). I amended my usual plan for today to allow for Christmas tucker and stayed within that limit - basically maintenance calories. Interesting to note how that felt after such a long time of eating less than maintenance calories. I probably had a mouthful or two of Christmas pudding beyond "full" - which was not perfect, but was OK. Nice to realise what a long long time it is since I felt more than full - and indeed how acclimatised I am to being a little bit hungry.

Also giving myself credit for not indulging in comfort foods to deal with the head cold. It was very clear to me that on a day where there would be treats for dinner there absolutely could not be treats during the day.

And finally - have had such a happy night with my kids. It is quite a few years since I have been with them on Christmas Eve so I have been treasuring their excitement and anticipation.

12-24-2013, 10:08 AM
Hi all. Staying on plan. Have a dinner tonight, and a lunch tomorrow, but my plan allows two celebration meals a week, so i will be alright. Tonight, the theme is italian food. Pasta is a bit of a carb overload, so i cooked some healthy eggplant parmesan from the Moosewood vegetarian cookbook to bring. I will eat a lot of protein before i go. I will only have the desserts that look too good to miss out on.

Tomorrow is traditional xmas fare, and i will focus on turkey, veg, bit of potatoes, and lots of pie, because that is what i want. Credit to me for planning my celebration meals,and Merry Christmas to all!

12-24-2013, 11:57 AM
My 100% OP streak count is 5.

Merry Christmas Eve to all who are celebrating. We have a quiet day today. I'll be making cranberry applesauce to contribute to tomorrow's festivities. It's from one of Jane Brody's cookbooks. The cranberries give it a jewel color without changing the flavor much.

WI: -0.7 in kg, Exercise: +45 1080/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome, systemsaddict! This group makes a great diet coach for me -- the collected wisdom is astounding and it's available 24/7 from the comfort of my home.

ForMyGirls: thanks for modeling a great way of dealing with the main Christmas meal. 24 hours until mine, but I'm going to keep your example in mind.

Valkyrie: I love the Moosewood cookbook. Eggplant Parmesan is a great addition to an Italian supper. Yep -- good job with planning the treats! That's worked really well for me the last couple of months.

12-24-2013, 12:44 PM
Good Morning, Coaches.

Back at 0 elevation. Yesterday I took advantage of DS at work with DH to play Santa. I completed the illusion with different wrapping paper now safely hidden in a pillow case in my closet. DH will creep around in the small hours and morning will find DS verifying that Santa did indeed come this year. DS is eleven. He is in the brief,shadowy time of knowing there is no Santa but wanting us to sustain the magic of possibility.

As for food, I have exercised the resistance muscle several times using my favorite, old standby: look at the clock. I look at the clock when I want to "nibble" on something. Then I tell myself it is only an hour and a half to lunch. No big deal to wait. This worked 50% of the time yesterday. I had to make up the 50% failure with cutting dinner to two hard boil eggs with carrots. This is not my ideal regime. Still I am weighing everyday and maintaining a weight less than two pounds from ticker. An additional credit is the the treats have been minimally processed.

I have four party days looming in the future and then a New Year's trip to the beach. OK! I just got overwhelmed. I'll start with today, Christmas Eve. Walnuts before Pilates' workout. Afterwards, to Starbucks for a low cal/high protein spinach wrap and Americano (that is my treat for the day). I am forcing myself to go back to the grocery store to get the greens I forgot (don't want to) and have a berry/green smoothie for lunch. Take some more of the greens to Mom's house to eat with a skinless KFC breast for dinner.

My plan is to focus on the time with family and not the food I am missing.

ForMyGirls: I am searching for a "Financial Challenge 2014 blog" on the web in which I can participate. This is my next mountain to climb: simplify my life by spending less. Although not in "Desperate Straits (spelling?)" I want to be free of impulsive spending. I found one blog in Europe but everybody's money gab is in Euros.

Pamatga: Looking forward to witnessing your successes in weightloss this year.

BBE: You have a social calendar that rivals Princess Kate. I don't know how you do it.

For all those Christmas Traveling: Keep checking in and, if you can't, know that we are pulling for you.

12-24-2013, 03:13 PM
Well, after committing to checking in daily, I missed yesterday, but not for lack of trying. I had a post written on my tablet, hit the backspace key and the tablet locked up for ages, until I was finally able to stop the beeping and get it shut down. Day was as OP as I could make it while traveling and visiting, with exception of half cup of peppermint ice cream. Dinner was half portion of Thai food. Ate remainder for lunch, and was okay with the heavier than normal lunch because it'll keep me from snacking today. Planned dinner tonight is pizza from a local fave of the family's ... and I am going to enjoy two slices and be okay with that. Through the year, I get salad when we go here, and tonight, I'm savoring. I could eat pizza daily, but DH and I order it rarely, and then it's from a restaurant, not a fast food pizza joint.

Family dynamic is TOUGH now - mom is fading and dad is furious at everyone, including her. Yelling, tears, everything is a major intrusion or insult to him and I'm frustrated, but go in the bathroom and cry and come out and life goes on. Very hard. He is yelling about so much - he was disgusted with me for opening my mom's floral delivery and getting it all put together, watered, candles in it, because it was addressed to HER and I ruined the surprise. I said she is just so wiped out when she comes home from dialysis, that I thought she'd appreciate seeing it out, not something that sat in a box for a day without water. He looks at me and shakes his head like I'm an idiot. I just know she can't set that up, and it's not like I"m opening her gifts under the tree... oh well. Thanks for listening. I am struggling with this and alternating between tears and anger myself. He is turning her last months into an angry interaction. And I want to comfort myself with treats.

12-24-2013, 07:21 PM
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!!!

Grateful for all the support of this wonderful group of wise ladies and special thanks to our fearless leader BillBlueEyes.


12-25-2013, 03:09 AM

Thanks to you all for your continued support.

nationalparker: Such a difficult situation, in which everyone is doing their level best, you included. Beneath it all, perhaps your dad is just scared, so maybe you shouldn't take it personally. All things pass, and so will this. May you all be kind to one another, and have peace.

12-25-2013, 05:16 AM
Hello coaches,

If is was being really strict with myself I would say my streak is broken but I'm giving myself the benefit of the doubt and saying I was OP and taking my streak to 20. So that was the short version.

Long version - I was on "maintenance calories" today as well as yesterday - to enable a Christmas Day breakfast with the kids. I also had a slice of Christmas cake (a present from my Mom) and thought I was on track but didn't enter it all into MFP until late arvo to discover that I had eaten all my calories before dinner. So I had a very light dinner and was 250 calories over for the day. Giving myself the benefit of the doubt because it was miscalculation rather than bad behaviour and because I reacted to it by adjusting not saying "whatever".

valkyrie and gardener joy I love moosewood cookbook too :-)

Maryann I loved your tale of playing Santa. My older daughter is in the same zone as your son I think, but the younger one is a total believer still. Last time they were with me on Xmas morning the little one was only 2 so it felt like her first real Christmas for me. She had drawn a special picture for Santa and was beside herself with excitement when she discovered "he" had "taken it" this morning. It has been such a lovely Christmas celebration - I shall treasure these memories.

On the spending front - did you know that I have set up a thread to talk about money stuff? It is within the Beck forum because I am working through the punk book applying the logic to money stuff. Would you be able to send me details of the blog you were talking about? I have been doing a bit of surfing and haven't found anything that feels "right" in the way that this space does :-) And I think it would be helpful to be hearing about other people's experiences - especially once I get to the end of the honeymoon period.

national Parker my thoughts are with you!

After my girls had gone to their other house this morning it suddenly felt like I was on holidays :-) my partner is heading off for a few days of road trip / camping. It has been a long year for both of us and what he needs to unwind is to hit the road, and what I need is lots of days to potter at home, journal and spring clean! It will be lovely to reunite in a week or so when we are both rejuvenated :-)

been noticing today though that this is the first time I have been on holiday since starting Beck and that means there are a whole bunch of habits to confront. Found myself staring into the fridge today think "what shall I eat" without it being meal time and thought "whoa - what's this about"? Will have to keep my eyes open for the next few days as I learn how to holiday without overeating!

12-25-2013, 05:24 AM
Oops - forgot to say - team streak total is 96!

12-25-2013, 07:22 AM

Christmas is finishing up in Australia so is coming your way soon if not already there. Given some fairly tragic and challenging family dynamics I think my food intake did pretty well! I logged all food as scary as that was in MFP and am looking forward to getting totally back on plan tomorrow. I have managed to keep up my steps and kilometres during these holidays and exercise has been morning walks on the beach. Disaster was averted when I stepped onto a rock platform that behaved like black ice or an oil slick. One step and over I went. Apparently a well known hazard in the area and the source of many jokes! But not the source of motivation to put up a warning sign. Luckily I made a fairly soft landing and didn't mess up spinal bone grafts! Anyway all was well and the beach walks lovely.

Nationalparker - Families can be tough and at Christmas they are tougher than usual so I commiserate and feel with you on this one. Take care and it will pass - somehow. Credit for realising the potential impact on your eating behaviour

CeeJay & MikeB - waving - nice to see you pop in

12-25-2013, 07:52 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies – Merry Christmas one and all!

It's a joy to take my streak to 35, CREDIT moi. The challenges at Whole Foods were easy to ignore since the store was packed with folks shopping with the mania of re-provisioning a ship on a long sailing voyage. Our Christmas dinner with kids and consorts went well. I ignored seconds of the killer-good pork loin stuffed with apricots and prunes and had a second serving of salad instead. Although I had some pear slices for appetizers, by skipping the cheeses that were to go with the pear it was quite OK. DW had cut the cranberry squares into one-bite size so that taking one for dessert still kept the meal to reasonable calories.

My body doesn't remember what exercise means - Ouch. I spent the day wrapping gifts and preparing for the kids. Also did a dance with a competent professional plumber with the heating system so that I now believe that it's likely to continue working. Which is fortunate because the part I had ordered with expensive "Guaranteed Overnight Delivery" is tracked with the message, "Louisville, KY, United States 12/24/2013 8:00 A.M. The package was left in a UPS facility. / Package will be delivered next business day." As the good Dr. Beck would say, Oh Well.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Cranberries improve everything - says the guy from the state that supports itself with them.

CeeJay - Thanks for the kind greetings. Hope all is going well in your world.

Cheryl (seadwaters) – Sending supportive thoughts for finding your path to deal with the family dynamics. it's impressive that you are sticking to your path through it. Ouch for the fall that could have been serious.

maryann - Love reading that you and your DS keep up the dance so that he doesn't take the risk of losing Santa. A guest's niece is about the same age and doing the same thing. Kudos for "No big deal to wait."

nationalparker – Sending supportive thoughts to you and your whole family as you help your mom at this time. Ouch for the difficulty your dad is having with the situation. Super Kudos to you for staying centered instead of being sucked down.

ForMyGirls - Absolutely Kudos for, "credit for not indulging in comfort foods to deal with . . .[whatever]." Yay for the joy that kids bring to Christmas. My two adult kids spent some time discussing when the older had told the younger that Santa didn't exist. Turned out that he didn't need to; DD had pretended to be asleep but had watched us bring the packages down from the attic. My education continues per, "until late arvo." Arvo ( - One of the many words that Australians have cut syllables off and replaced with "-o". This one represents the hours after 12pm, and is used by people, myself included, who can't be bothered saying "-fternoon".

MikeB - And thanks to you for checking in.

Valkyrie1 - Yep, Super Kudos for "for planning my celebration meals." I join the chorus cheering the Moosewood Cookbook.

Readers - day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

Planned Exercise
No matter what form of planned exercise you choose, start out at a reasonable level. It's not realistic to go from doing nothing to exercising 30 minutes a day. You'll just get sore muscles or possibly injure yourself - then you're likely to give up exercising completely.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 109.

12-25-2013, 10:29 AM
Merry Christmas to everyone who is celebrating today!

My 100% OP streak count is 6.

Today's plan has to take into account several hours at the in-laws where I will encounter snacks I don't need and an unknown menu for an awkwardly timed meal. That portion of the plan says: focus on the veggies and my applesauce, tiny servings of everything else, skip anything that isn't special.

WI: +0.4 kg, Exercise: +45 1125/1400 minutes for December, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

maryann: good for you for keeping Santa alive for your 11-year-old. My brother and I never told our parents when the jig was up for fear the largess would stop. It worked! We still got gifts from Santa the year my mother died, when we were in our 40s!
Love seeing in real time how you went from "overwhelmed" to taking it one day at a time.

nationalparker: so sorry you're dealing with such difficult family dynamics at such a difficult time for your family. It sounds like you're doing the best you can for yourself and everyone, so take heart in that even if the people who are too close can't see it.

12-25-2013, 12:22 PM
Hello all,

I forgot to check in last night, but my recording streak is at 14.

I made some not-good food choices--two extra rolls and 4 pieces of pie. Yes, 4. I didn't want to admit that, but better admitting it than hiding it. I'd planned for two small pieces. Started there and then had 2 more. Credit for acknowledging it and recording it in MFP. For the main meal, I took exactly what I'd intended to and didn't have seconds of any of that.

We're having leftovers today for lunch, so I get to do this exercise again--but this time I'm going to stay in maintenance calorie zone.

No exercise--St Louis is having the coldest Christmas in ages, the TV tells me, and I hate cold weather! Of course, I didn't even check to see if the hotel has an exercise room.

Happy Christmas to everyone who is celebrating it today.

12-25-2013, 03:32 PM
Morning coaches,

Just a quick morning post to celebrate having lost weight in the Christmas week!!!! This morning's weigh in reports down .6kg for the week. Hooray.

12-25-2013, 04:12 PM
Merry Xmas, Coaches!

Xmas Eve at Mom was OP. Good Morning. DS has puttered all morning with his Xmas gifts and shows no sign of slowing down. He says Santa knew just what to give him to make it a great day. DS and I have spent the time entering the 21st century Bluetooth world. It was a Bose Xmas.

Breakfast and Lunch were combined. Credit for a smoothie and my one special meal for the day. The evening will be tricky. I have promised son his favorite Mac and Cheese which I never make because it is a rabbit hole food for me. The plan is to have a planned smoothie for dinner plus one cup of the casserole - measured. If I start picking at it in the fridge, the leftovers are going in the trash with dish soap on top. I just worked that through typing this. This is why I love the blog. It forces me to think through the day.

Credit for a planned walk.

nationalparker: I would have done the exact same thing if I had found the box of flowers. Grief makes people irrational.

ForMyGirls: Losing weight at Xmas is huge!! Terrific.
Money Blog

gardenerjoy: Thanks for the reminder "Skip anything that isn't special."

12-25-2013, 11:07 PM
Hope it was a good christmas for all! A scary morning here. Thought we lost my mom. She started trembling, then breathing strange, eyes rolled up, and went still and unresponsive. Thankfully, my sister in law, who is a nurse, was here and she immediately took control and everything was resolved. Very unnerving. She's not eating and took meds on empty stomach, diabetes issues compounded it all. Took an hour but then things were regulated.

Christmas ended up well, but we certainly were nervous. I just struggle here with my sister, who us very dramatic. She helps the folks a lot, but has to point out everything she does to everyone, which drives me bonkers. I let it bug me. Every time! Argh.

thank you to everyone for the positive thoughts and encouragement. It us so appreciated. Food good for a holiday, shockingly ok. Ha. Sorry for brevity...on tablet and not a great typist on this.