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05-30-2013, 01:03 PM
I have a different situation (I think) About 15 years ago I had bariatric surgery (Ruen-Y) I lost 125 lbs and kept it off but I still weight 212lbs and have had heart problems for sometime. I have 5 stints and have small vessel disease so the Dr says lose weight and exercise. Its really hard for me to get in 1200 calories but up to this time it has been "ugly food" all the chips and ice cream carbs. I take several medications...oh also I am a type II diabetic. and before someone gets mean, I know I have abused my body but I need to lose weight I am 59 years old.
For the last 2 months I have been doing a food journal, eating good stuff, NO SALT. veggies, fruits (I hate fruit), No chips, No ice cream, just good stuff, 1 slice of 100% whole grain bread a day, practically NO meat (I can't eat it after the surgery) One of my meds does not allow my heart rate to go over 90. I am riding a bike for 9 miles a day and 2 days a week an hour of water aerobics. In that 2 months I have lost "0" pounds, I am totally discouraged and usually have one day a week that I cry because I am getting no where fast. I need some advice, help, something to tell me what I am doing wrong.
I feel DEFEATED !!!!! My husband who rides with me and is my strongest supporter says its just muscle mass and lots of I look beautiful and great and all that stuff.. That is the ONLY thing that keeps me going out and doing it again....He believes in me

05-30-2013, 01:15 PM
Hi pastorjonie,

Sorry that you are struggling. Did you know there is a section here just for people who have already had weight loss surgery? I'm sorry, I don't know much about surgery so I can't really answer your question.


05-30-2013, 01:27 PM
I love to give advice on these matters but frankly, given your medical condition and history, the only advice I can offer is to seek professional help.

Ultimately fat loss or gain is a matter of energy and calories but various medications and other complications can sometimes make it a bit more complicated.


Gonna Get There Soon
05-30-2013, 01:28 PM
Hey PastorJonie-

Sorry to hear that you are going through this right now. :( That must really suck to work so hard and have no results.

I have a couple questions for you and if they are too personal, I understand. I'm just trying to get a handle on your situation.
First of all- You are a DM type II? Are you taking metformin? If so what dose?
What was your last A1C? Or if you don't know what your last a1c was- how have your sugars been running? What are your other medications?
What is your water intake look like? Give me a rundown of a typical day of eating for you.
Second of all- don't get discouraged!!! You ARE beautiful and you are soooo lucky to have a husband as supportive and kind as yours is!! Not a lot of people can say that these days! You have had what we call a lot of non-scale victories!! (NSV) You have been making good choices for yourself. You have made the commitment and that is more than half the battle!! BE PROUD!!!
I think you have some more complex issues here and maybe there's just a few things that are being overlooked or something. Also- because of your medical conditions, it might be valuable to you to see a dietician who knows what's safe to try and what's not.
Don't give up, and don't cry....you are beautiful and loved!! This is just a small bump on the road to a healthier you! :)

05-30-2013, 10:03 PM
Yes I do take Metformin and also a research Drug. My last A1C was 6.9. I take Metorprolol, lisinopril HCTZ, plavix, a multivitamin, ISOSORB MONO ER and LYRICA I try real hard to drink lots of water but I'm not a big fan of it but I drink Iced tea and crystal lite and stuff to keep hydrated.
breakfast is Oatmeal with Tbs butter, 1 slice 100% whole grain bread, and later a cup of coffee, I can't drink at the same time I eat or I will be tossin what I ate because of the surgery. for Lunch sliced tomatoes, or a bowl of tomatoe soup, for dinner I usually have some veggies and whatever the family eats except for meat I don't do well on meat, I try to get protien with cottage cheese or cheese.

05-30-2013, 11:42 PM
Are you eating enough protein? Protien helps to burn fat and build muscles. I see lots of bread and oats but no meat. You need protein of some kind. Peanut butter, nuts, tofu, lentles.....something.

Gonna Get There Soon
05-31-2013, 11:31 AM
Yeah I've worked with many people on metformin and weight loss can be tough on that med. I really think you need a dietician. They have all sorts of great advice, and they can work closely with your provider to make sure your health isn't compromised in the process.
I know water can be a tough on...but it is soooo valuable. Try not to drink so much ice tea because it's a diuretic ( makes you pee a lot and lose water)....and your already taking a diuretic with your lisinopril. The crystal lite is ok except for the aspartame that is in it. That has been linked to many health problems. Hot lemon water in the morning is a great one to try. It thins out bile and aids digestion. Cran water ( 1 oz of unsweetened pure cranberry juice NOT FROM CONCENTRATE to 7 oz of water) is a great tool for flushing out toxins and getting hydrated. I sip this stuff through out the day. You can sweeten it with some stevia or honey.
Hang in there... I know you were hoping for some more "valuable" advice, and I'm sorry this is all I can offer.

05-31-2013, 03:11 PM
You may not see a difference on the scale right now, but I promise you that the exercise and improved nutrition does do AMAZING things for your health. Don't give up -- you have done something awesome here, and need to keep going. You may need to experiment with different things in your diet (carb/protein ratios, for example), with the support of a qualified professional that can help you sort out what makes sense in your situation. But even so, all that exercise and improved food intake DOES count for a lot -- the scale is not the full picture of your health. And so glad you've got a wonderful and supportive husband to be on your side!