Weight Loss Surgery - week of 5-26

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Repairman's Wife
05-27-2003, 02:59 PM
I cound't wait for you all to start:)

I rode my Trike 10 miles on Memorial Day...Yeah!

It seems like my July Appt. will never get here. MB

05-27-2003, 04:55 PM
I called to see if my sleep test has been reviewed by the dr. It is on his desk... hopefully this will get done this week !!!! I asked the nurse to shove my to the top....lol.... she said he reads them all the same day. Guess that's good. However she also said he was suppose to read them this past friday and didn't show up to work... hmmmmm
I also called the Bariatic center to see if they have heard anything from my insurance company. GOT THE ANSWERING MACHINE. Then i called my insurance company...GOT THE ANSWERING MACHINE.... grrrrrrrr Left a pleasant message on both asking for a reply. So... now i am in the waiting mode again.
I did go to water therapy and at the moment am feeling pretty good. Seems like I should be doing something while this feeling last !! Well gosh.... i am.. checking around on the threads !! lol
The sun is shining... rain on the way again... again!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the day.... short work week this week gals !!! (and guys)


peach pit
05-27-2003, 09:32 PM
Hi Cindy and Mary Beth!!!!

Congrats again on your approval, Cindy!!!

10 miles on the trike????? WOW that is really great, Mary Beth!

Welcome home, Debkay!!! Be careful, down there...I hear you have a madman on the loose!

Barb, glad you put that money to good use and I bet you look smashing in your capri pants!!!

Kind of dull around here, which I like. Had the little guy's IEP meeting this morning and it went well. His case worker is still pushing to bring him back into district BUT admits that they have no program suitable to his needs


Still having some probems with my right side, followed up with some nasty little bathroom problems. BUT for now I am talking my self into the pulled muscle thing and not the gall bladder thing. Of course, if I get approved they can take out my gall bladder at that time...doesn't bother me as long as they leave my tubes tied!!


hey :wave: to all!


05-28-2003, 08:48 AM
:wave: Just checking for obscenity and advertising! :lol:

05-28-2003, 10:05 AM
Hey Ruth..........FLORIDA!!!! and wanna buy a really cheap diet plan!! Only 20 bucks! :lol:

Marybeth, a 10 mile ride.......bet that felt good! Hope your not sore.

Cindy glad you have your approval. It's a really, really good feeling, isn't it.

Just returned from my walk with Hazel. I can't tell you how much i enjoy our walks, we talk the whole time and before you know it we have walked 3 miles.

Had a nice time in Florida, everyone is doing well. Mom has about 14 radiation treatments left. Her neck area is red and she has some problems eating and drinking due to a very sore throat, but other than that, she is doing well. And Dad is working on his yard, right now he has the ugliest yard in his neighborhood, but he's working on it. His neighbors all give him a pass on the ugly yard since he has been so sick. :lol:

Tody is the last day of school for the daughter. She will be home around 11:30, a short day due to exams.

Off to get my hiney moving.:

05-28-2003, 01:18 PM
Hi Everyone,
Just a drive by posting to say "AAAARRGGHH!!" The Boy graduates Saturday, gets his Eagle on Sunday and the family is poised to descend starting tonight. Must vaccuum, must dust, must...help me, help me, someone bring gin!

Your frazzled little Chickadee

05-28-2003, 04:17 PM
Hey All...
Just a quick note to say it's another good day for me here. I get my breathing machine tomorrow!! Could have gone and got it today, but had some stuff already going on... and at this point what is one more day !! Needless to say I am flying high... things are all pointing in the same direction FINALLY!!

Have a great one all!!

05-29-2003, 07:34 PM
Hey everyone ... a few fun things today! (And you all know I needed some morale boosters as the divorce is in full swing.)

I went to drop something off in the recovery room today (I haven't been there since I was a patient 4 months ago.) Everyone just went crazy - they didn't even recognize me!:dancer:

Then I decided to go to the Obesity Clinic to weigh myself --- 'cause I remembered I just plain haven't had the time to check the scale lately. So I've dropped a few more pounds and it brings the grand total to 79 lbs.:cb: While I was there I ran into the nurse specialist who hadn't seen me since my post op complication admissions. (I looked rough then!) Anyway she called me a walking advertisement - I volunteered to be the poster child!

I am really very glad that I did this for myself! And really I am happy about the divorce --- it was time to end the madness of the cheating cycle. I feel free. I feel great.

I know the girls will get through this too. It's better to have two happy parents apart then two miserable together.

Hugs to all ...


P.S. Hazel I didn't catch your weight yet - but I'm determined to do it soon. :O)