Dieting with Obstacles - New Fibro Book, I Contributed to it!

03-23-2013, 10:32 PM
Hey everyone...

I just wanted to pass the word along that there is a new book focused on Fibromyalgia, called:

Fibromyalgia, A Guide to Understanding the Journey

by Shelly Bolton

I heard of Shelly through a website and I signed up to contribute some of my own words which are now published in her book! :D This book is available on Amazon and it looks very informative and helpful. I have perused through some of it and I like it very much. Occasionally Shelly and I correspond via email and she is a very kind individual from what I know of her, she has her own Amazon page.

I hope you all find this book and other Fibro resources helpful to you along this journey! ;)

Take care,