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03-09-2013, 09:42 PM
I don't know what the appropriate category this would go under. I am making a huge thing here that is different form what is going on. I have decided to start intutitive eating and I am totally embracing it. I am a chronic dieter and I am DONE with treating myself this badly (http://sensualappealblog.com/i-am-giving-up) and yoyo-ing all the time. I made a video on my blog about this breakthrough if you'd like to hear my point of view.

Anyway, if you are also doing IE or want to do it.. I am doing a Scale Smashing Party on my blog next week or so.

Throwing away or SMASHING (to be even more dramatic :) your scale can be a GREAT stepping stone to this journey of IE. I have been so attached to the scale but as I am ready to let go of dieting forever I am also ready to let go of the scale FOREVER (unless I need it for like doctors or whatever). I no longer want to rely on the scale. A stpid number should not be the deciding factor in whether we feel good or bad that day. IT's a freaking NUMBER! No one knows that number EXCEPT US!!! Therefore the scale holds way too much emotional burder for any sane person to take.

So I am going to be making a video of myself throwing away my scale (not smashing becuase idk where I would do that haha I live downtown Chicago in an apartment building, don't wanna make a scene). But I will be making a post on my blog about this and I wanted to know if anyone else wanted to JOIN ME in this SCALE SMASHING PARTY!

Send me your videos of yourself smashing your scale or throwing it away and I will put together an awesome video of all of us revolting against the scale and the diet industry! This is how we can FREE ourselves! I hope you are as enthusiastic about this as I am!

I am planning on posting this on the blog sometime next week (or the following).

I really hope you join in! Make it a party! Do it with a friend! Free yourself of the control of numbers and the scale!

Send your videos to sensualappeal@gmail.com

:) Can't wait to celebrate this new path with everyone! CONGRATS to us for making this huge step towards self love and trusting our bodies!

the shiv
03-15-2013, 05:44 AM
Hey, I'm still using mine, it doesn't have the same hold over me that it used to... But you're absolutely right, it doesn't deserve to make you feel bad about becoming healthier, which is meant to make you feel better!

However! I <3 IE :D I discovered it quite by accident in December. I always said i'd lose weight "when i'm ready". Turns out that's when i was ready. Are you doing it now or transitioning from something else? :)

We have a thread IE#17 on the go in the general diet plans area if you want to join in :)