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01-25-2013, 01:16 AM
Well my 100 lb reward is approaching. DH suggested booking the trip soon, as I will soon be at 100 lbs (I'm hoping for an avaerage 2 lb weekly loss to get me to my 100 lb mini goal by march 10th). Planning ahead for my sisters and myself to book time off work, make childcare arrangements, etc is necessary, so while I feel I'm jumping the gun a bit, realistically I need to plan ahead too. DH is sending me with my sisters/sister in laws/mom/mom in law as a girls weekend! Everyone is paying their own way.

SOOOOOOoooooo exciting!!!!! I can't believe I'm approaching 100 and this is real. Doesn't feel real. Wow.

OK I need help!

Where to stay? Good deals for booking? Where to shop? What stores are a must shop at? What to do? Shows to see? I'm Canadian and have NEVER been to Vegas!! I would like to shop for one full day. Planning to be there 4 days depending on seat sales etc. Any advice is welcome!!!

How do I take my IP foods along? (RTD). Suitcase? Carry on? I've never travelled while OP but I WILL stay OP!!!


01-25-2013, 01:28 AM
I am so excited for you!!!! I love Vegas. Your budget will kind of determine where you stay. Personally, we usually don't stay in a super luxurious room, cuz we are rarely in it when we go. I personally like the location of the Flamingo. Right in the middle of the strip, easy access to Ceasars, Bellagio, get the idea, but much cheaper than those places. The rooms are OK. We have lucked out and gotten a room that has a view of the fountains at the Bellagio several times.

So if you are not afraid of heights, for sure go to the top of the Stratosphere and the Eiffel night is best so you can see the lights. I also like the aquariums at the Mandalay Bay and in Ceasars Palace. I would also tell you to go to Max Brenners place in Ceasars, it is an all chocolate restaurant, but since you plan on staying OP...that might cause a problem.

You will find lots of great buffets where you can load up on veggies and stay OP. One of my favorites to eat at is Bobby Flays, Mesa Grill....OMG, the steak was melting in my mouth.

Are you up for adventure? Zipline on Fremont Street, rollercoaster at New York and the rides at the top of the Stratosphere could be fun. is everywhere.

The fashion mall on the strip, the Forum shops at Ceasars and of course great (expensive) shopping at the Bellagio. You will need to go to the botanical gardens there as well...During the day and at is simply beautiful.

What a wonderful gift/reward for all your hard work. I am so happy for you.

01-25-2013, 03:18 AM
Love Vegas!!! What a wonderful plan to celebrate such a big goal!! We usually stay cheap also. Since we're not in the rooms much anyways. We look for deals on sites like travelocity.
You need to budget for a cirque du soleil show. They are amazing! and totally worth the money. It doesn't matter which one you see, they are all amazing! My favorites are Ka, Beatles Love, Mystere, and La Reve.
Fremont street is always fun! I love the look of the older parts of vegas, and they usually have street performers that are fun to watch.
The Bellagio fountains and gardens are a must see everytime we go! I could watch the fountains for hours, and probably have. ;-)
There's lots of good shows, and things to do. It just depends what you're in to. You will have fun!!

01-25-2013, 07:17 AM
Dueling pianos at New York New York; go to the Wynn, fabulous shopping (very extravagant but fun to try on Jimmy Choos!) it's also a beautiful hotel with excellent bar and buffet; dancing waters at the Ballagio; we rented a limo for a few hours and drive around, had a blast! Have a fab time! Congrats!

01-25-2013, 10:47 AM
Awesome suggestions and tips!!!! Thanks guys!!!!

How do you travel with your IP products? I would like to take RTD products so I don't have to have he shaker along. Can I take some in my carry in for the travel day and the rest in my luggage or will they be confiscated?

I'm planning to hotel it mid-strip and not expensive. Specific hotel suggestions?

01-25-2013, 10:57 AM
Woot! Woot! Good for you!!! Nice reward!

Don't forget to look for deals. Many, many casinos will give you fantastic deals on rooms just to get you there. Touch base with a travel agent or do some searches on line - is a good place to start. Also, if you go to more local casinos and have their comp card, many of them have mother or sister casinos in Las Vegas and comps (including rooms, food, play) carry over!

I'm a huge lover of the MGM and the Mirage but everyone's tastes are different.

Have fun choosing!!! Keep us posted on what you pick!

01-25-2013, 11:04 AM
Sounds like so much fun!

You can't take RTD or pudding as carry-on, unfortunately. I know someone who had a yogourt confiscated just the other day. But definetely scheled-in would be fine. Bring an empty water bottle, a drink mix, and buy a bottle of water as soon as you get through security. Or maybe just a bar or a restricted item on the plane. Of course, bring some drink packages on the plane in case of delays, lost luggage, etc.

I've stayed at the Excalibur (not really recommended - it was ok) and the Mirage, which was great, and awesome location. Next time, I really want to stay at the Bellagio, but depends on the budget of course. Definetely visit the Bellagio, it's an amazing place to walk around.

Also agree with Cirque du Soleil. I loved 'O' and, if you're into something a little more risque, Zumanity was very sensual yet tasteful.

You're going to have so much fun!! Make sure you bring extra food, you're going to be walking lots!

Congrats on being so close to 100lbs lost!

01-25-2013, 11:11 AM
You came to the right place!! I live in Vegas and have been here for 10yrs. I love it even though I don't do touristy stuff, I still have friends who visit. One who comes most often is Canadian! From monkton (idk if I spelled that right).
Ok, so places to stay... I suppose you want to be on the strip and truly you can't go wrong with anywhere on the strip. One of the places that won't break the bank and often has specials is treasure island. That's a very nice place and not as expensive as bellagio, Mandalay bay etc. Planet Hollywood and flamingo may have deals too. Some other hotels that are on the strip but aren't as fancy are harrah's (has best dueling piano bar in town), imperial palace and bills.

Shopping- so most hotels have some shops, very high price shops like Gucci... But places that have lots and a variety of shops (like a mall) forum shops at ceasars, miracle mile shops at planet Hollywood, crystals (mostly high end but a beautiful place, def go to the chihuly shop...and artist who blows glass he did the bellagio glass ceiling in the lobby) it's in city center where the new aria and cosmopolitan casinos are. Mandalay bay has a few shops too. There is a big mall also on the strip called the fashion show mall.

Shows- you must must must see "absinthe". It was actually a temporary show but has been number 1 and has been extended a few times. I have taken friends to see it and seen it 3x myself. It's a cross between cirque and comedy (adult humor) and its very affordable for a Vegas show. It's at ceasars in a tent but amazing inside. So it's a very intimate setting and no seat is bad. Of course all the cirque shows are amazing. Seen them all. My favorite are O, Mystere, ka, Beatles. O of course is the priciest one but definitely worth it. Mystere is excellent and probably the most affordable. The other affordable one is zumanity but I don't recommend that. O and Mystere are the most amazing with acrobatics. Ka and Beatles love is more theatrical. Ka has an amazing stage! The whole theater was built for that show. If you could do 2 I would recommend absinthe and Mystere. But if you were going to do one do absinthe or O. Depends on your budget. Rio has a free Madrid gra show, shark reef at Mandalay bay.

Places to see, of course make it to downtown where Freemont street is. A lot of fun. Check out bellagio, cosmopolitan, aria. They are beautiful. If you have a rental car definitely drive out to red rock canyon. It's just beautiful and scenic and only about 30min from the strip. Hoover Dam is pretty darn cool too and now they built a pedestrian overpass where you can see the dam from across instead of being on the dam and looking down.

Check out they often have different Vegas deals.

I know this is a lot but if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Oh, I just found out the other day that Steve Wynn (owner of Wynn) and his wife did IP program and he loved it sooooo much that he has a chef at one of the restaurants at the Wynn that has up friendly meals. I thought that was so cool. Don't know the name as I just heard about it. Plus restaurants there are expensive and I can just cook at home. Lol

Hope this helps some

01-25-2013, 11:18 AM
I agree about being so close to some natural stuff if you rent a car for a day. Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon -- all do-able if you want to get away from the lights for a day. WOooo hoooo---so totally excited for you

01-25-2013, 11:37 AM
And I'm dreaming of my Vegas trip!!! How do you take the RTD when you travel? Can I take a couple in my carry on and the rest in my luggage?

pattie, all airlines are different, so check with your specific airline.
for me....i flew british airways and had NO issues taking my RTDs and even a bottled water all in my carry on. I only took 1 carry on and a backpack. I had a doctors note, stating that i had special dietary requirements but never had to show it, I only discussed it and showed them my IP foods. I had about 20 packets and bars, 6.4 oz LIQUID STEVIA, 7 RTD's, (which were EAS shakes) and 2 bottles of water and 14 Grape Drink Concentrates. I had all the liquid items in a large clear baggie and had them out sitting on top to be cleared, and notified them as i came to the secure area that i had medical clearance and medical documentation for my dietary foods. I also copied the information below, had a name and contact of a person I spoke with on the phone as well, but was never asked to show it.

Maybe it was the fat lady using a cane that made them sympathetic! haha at any rate, i had no issues, but was only told that i had to keep all of these items in my backpack and on the floor in front of me, or under the seat when taking off, and not to put them in the bin overhead. that was the only instructions they gave me.

hope that helps :) call your airline to double check. have fun in LV baby!!!!

Carry-on Exceptions

Certain liquid items may exceed the TSA's 3-1-1 requirements based on medical need. All prescription and over-the-counter medications are exempt from the rule, as are water, juice and dietary liquids for passengers with medical conditions. Breast milk, formula and baby food are allowed in larger quantities when traveling with a young child. All items that exceed 3.4 oz. must be declared at the TSA checkpoint and additional screening procedures, including those requiring the opening of containers, may be performed.

01-25-2013, 11:39 AM prepared to fend off advances in the street!! every few feet are ladies of the night handing out invitations to pornographic crap!! they will hand them right in front of you to your man!!!

i was like, lady, if you don't want your face bashed in you better NOT hand my man that invitation!!

you can see the streets littered with tons and tons of paper invitations!!!

01-25-2013, 11:56 AM prepared to fend off advances in the street!! every few feet are ladies of the night handing out invitations to pornographic crap!! they will hand them right in front of your to you man!!! i was like, lady, if you don't want your face bashed in you better NOT hand my man that invitation!!

you can see the streets littered with tons and tons of paper invitations!!!

Lol. Unavoidable unfortunately and they do hand them to anyone and everyone. City has been trying to pass a law to stop it. No luck so far

01-25-2013, 12:16 PM
Awesome awesome awesome guys!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! This is awesome!!!! What kind of purse should I take? And shoes?? Runners?? Lots of walking I bet!!!

01-25-2013, 01:05 PM
What a wonderful reward. I hope you have a great time in Vegas. I've always wanted to go. Make sure you tell us all about it.

01-25-2013, 01:26 PM
Mompattie!! I, unfortunately have never traveled to Vegas either, so I have no insights to offer, BUT I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!! What a major accomplishment, you are so close now to this goal! Fantastic! I remember how long you were stalled when I first joined the group, and how difficult that must have been, but you stuck with it and it has paid off!!


01-25-2013, 01:31 PM
So happy for you Pattie! You will have a great time no matter what you choose.

We always choose a different hotel and have not had a bad experience. I prefer WestJet's direct flights. My relatives once took another company with transfers and ended up sleeping in the airport after missing the connecting flight. Because it was customs that was the hold up the airline did nothing for them, except hold their luggage in Vegas. (so no luggage and at the airport overnight) You can book hotels and everything through WestJet too. No I don't work for WestJet but they never overbook and have never let us down like other airlines have.

Do not try to take any RTD on the international flight. Pack them in your suitcase but not near your electronics cables (looks very bad on scanning machines). Make zucchini cookies or something like that. The direct flights are short anyway.

We also haven't been to a disappointing show in Vegas. Our most resent favourite was Terry Fator because he had good humour, amazing vocals and it was fun to see his show after watching his progress on the America's Got Talent show.

I am so excited for you!!! prepared to fend off advances in the street!! every few feet are ladies of the night handing out invitations to pornographic crap!! they will hand them right in front of you to your man!!!

i was like, lady, if you don't want your face bashed in you better NOT hand my man that invitation!!

you can see the streets littered with tons and tons of paper invitations!!!

We have always taken our DS with us. We figured out that if the man is holding the child's hand they won't come anywhere near him. LOL But our DS has now grown up and will have the scum all over him now too. We had fun with it while it lasted though.