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Fat Melanie
10-02-2012, 06:37 PM
I'm trying to lose around 25-40 lbs by the end of December while doing the South Beach diet. I had a baby in May and was eating my typical phase 2 eating (I've been doing for a few years now) but I had gained a lot of weight by overdoing portions of the healthy grains and carbs and then of course, throughout the pregnancy, (along with some off-plan slipups) and then I started breastfeeding, which burns a lot of calories and had me craving bad carbs in the worst way! I don't know why but I theorize it's because carbs are quick energy and the body uses a lot of energy to make milk... anyhow.. anyhow I decided I needed a refresher Phase 1, but a member on the south beach diet board on this website gave me good advice that I should do phase 1.5 since I was breastfeeding, so I did. And guess what! I lost 11 lbs! I never lost that much doing phase 1 in the past, so I guess it's a combo of the phase 1.5 and the breast-feeding which burns calories. Now I'm gonna ease into phase 2. Just thought I'd share cause I'm really excited about it.

10-03-2012, 03:45 PM
Wow that's awesome!!! Im in the same boat! Trying to loose 20-45 lbs!!! Glad to hear 11 lbs gone! Today is my first day I'm 180! I had a baby in may except 3 yrs ago an I weigh as much as did the day I had him! Lol keep going! I love south beach food! Expesially the protein bars my favorite!!!!