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02-04-2012, 02:34 AM
I've decided to go for a low-carb plan (<50g/day). The first day was great. I ate two healthy meals–I don't eat breakfast and I don't really plan to start–and made sure to drink lots of water.

Yesterday, my second day, was much worse. I was stuck eating about 35g of carbs due to required school lunch, but I had a very protein-rich dinner and continued to drink water and sugar-free tea to make up for it. Around 6pm I started to feel incredibly nauseous and also had a very strong craving for sugar. After about an hour, when I could no longer stand the sick feeling, I ate a piece of strawberry shortcake and felt immediately better. The nausea was gone within minutes of eating.

Although I don't feel nauseous yet, I can feel a similar sick feeling rising in me again today.

tl;dr How do I stick to a low-carb plan (or any plan for that matter) when it means feeling physically ill?

02-04-2012, 05:00 AM
You are going through withdrawl, and itīs normal, it passes after some time. I eat a low GI diet and it doesnt allow for white carbs or any sugar. Your body needs time to process the change, so of course there are side effcts, but when you are dizzing for feeling the crave for supgar or sweets, be smart and go natural. I like to make a milkshake. I take 1 pot of fat free yogurt, 100 ml of fat free milk, and 100ml of frozen berries or fruit, blend it together and it is amazing and only 150 calories. It is super sweet, but natural, You could also cook a pear, pear or apple in the micro until its soft and then sprinkle with cinnamin. There are a lot of sugar free but natural sugars to eat.

Be strong and it will pass. Good luck.