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12-11-2011, 06:26 PM

It is a chilly drizzily day here in the heartland. We had potluck at church and I did real well on my choices and talked more than ate for there was a visitor that lives in MN that we don't see very often so we had some catching up to do. I ended eating a piece of chicken that I pulled the skin off and a small roll and about a tablespoon of corn. Drank black coffee and did just fine. No dessert and there were some yummy looking ones there for sure. I think we will go out to Applebees this night after services. They always have good points+ yummy WW choices on the menu so it is an easy place for me to eat out at.

I just finished cleaning Cecil's butt hutt and of course I had an audience. All the critters have to see what I am up to with that business. Then Cecil hops in and inspects. It's a daily routine and afterwards every one gets a "good boy." Once in a great while I get to clean it out while they are all outside and it sure makes it easier and quicker to get done.

A friend got his buck so is going to give us some of the meat. I know how to cook vinison so hope it wasn't alfalfa fed. I'll have to dig out my recipes and decide what to make first. :p

JEAN I imagine you are so glad you are through toy shopping. My goodness they have so many toys out on the market nowdays ~ it makes my head swim. It makes it so much easier when Mom or Dad say what the kids want isn't it. Doing the program on line like I do ~ we don't get those neat handouts. Just the basics I guess. I am going to see if the local place will let Will bring me a new Points Pocket Guide when he goes in to buy me a new 3 month tracker on Monday. I see from the web site there is also a new cook book out now.

SUSAN Sounds like you had a good time and over did it a bit but I imagine the fun being out was worth it. How sweet they are at Bella to have a recliner for you. They sound like caring folks so you can really enjoy the applique bee while being in comfort.

Have a lovely evening Magnolias. Type at y'all later. :ginger:

12-12-2011, 12:02 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! My day began at 5:30 this morning and it's been a long one. I left for church a little after 7; we had extra practice time and we needed it. People said we were awesome once again so guess we were impressive. My part was busier than usual and I was nervous but did ok. We left town and met up with friends for lunch and the musical comedy. It was two couples; one married 30+ years and one married 5 months. They actually were married to each other which made their acting very realistic. It was a cute program. After the program we headed to the caroling gathering. By the time we finished caroling it was dark so we drove around the countryside viewing some of the Christmas lighting that farmers do on a HUGE scale. The hosts fixed a full scale meal for everyone and we headed home.

Susan -- I'm glad you were able to be out and about yesterday. :yes: I'm sure you enjoyed your day and especially going to church. I hope the recliner day and ice helped the swelling and pain in your foot and knee.

Maggie -- :congrat: on being in control at the church potluck today. They can be hazardous for sure! Everything always looks so good. The guy across the street is a deer hunter -- hangs them in his garage to bleed out. :barf: Someone got him one of those lighted reindeer and hung it upside down from the basketball hoop with a string of red lights hanging from its mouth. :( I hate it.

I'm heading for bed! See you tomorrow. :yawn:

12-12-2011, 07:47 AM
Good morning to you all. Gonna have to make this quick as I have to take Jack to work this morning. I got my referral to the gyn on Friday, yippeee so she made the appt this morning first thing knowing I wanted to get this going, which was so sweet of her. So I am up and showered and dressed and phoophooed and everything ready to go as my appt is 8 am. I will just go to the dr's and wait until they open at 7:30 instead of coming home for 10 minutes and going back out again.

Sorry I didn't get in here yesterday but I have been in horrible pain all weekend long and the only thing I forced myself to do is go commissary shopping on Saturday. I am 3 lbs up, but that's ok. Jack basically did take out for us all weekend and for me will put lbs on quick. I will get them off this week I am sure as I am feeling ok this morning.

Maggie: No, I make cookies "full bodied" so to speak. Jack doesn't like sugar free desserts of any kind so I just make them and he eats them when he wants one. Poor man is sitting here having a Niaspan attack and I know he is miserable. His whole body is bright red, he tingles, itches, and is very hot. There is nothing that can be done about it and nothing that can replace this medication. It is for his HDL to bring it up, though I don't think it works for him, they really insist on him taking it. He has occasional attacks but they are looloos when they happen. Glad you enjoyed you Sunday potluck and whatever you did in the evening.

Jean: You know I hate in store shopping and I do understand online shopping stress. I have found the same thing with those two stores about shipping. I hope they aren't "santa" gifts but just stuff from grandma and grandpa so the kids will understand if they get there late. Congrats on your bell program. Sounds like it was nice.

Susan: Hope you are feeling better today and stayed off your foot. I know it is a nuisance and you can get cabin fever, but it a necessary evil as they say. Hope you had fun at your bee.

Well, I have to get out of here as we will be leaving in just a couple minutes. Have a wonderful start to your week!!! Faye

12-12-2011, 02:31 PM

It is a day in the 40 and cloudy with rain expected Tuesday and Wednesday which is good for we do need the moisture. The dogs are both at the goomer getting a bath and Cecil sure misses them. He has been into everything and even dumped his water which I had just filled so it made a huge puddle here in my office. Guess he misses his dogs and is just acting out like a little brat. He is now in Will's office climbing all over him and sinking his claws in. We will be so glad when he gets those front paws de-clawed. He sure misses his dogs. I have things to do today and I don't want to do them. I am up a couple pounds and in bummed, but it will pass for I do know how my system is such a yo yo when it comes to losing weight. Lose 3 up 2 type of a thing. A steady downward motion but all the while up and down but more down than up will surely get me to goal one day. I was bad at my tracking this past week so I really don't have a clear picture of what I really did. My excuse is that I don't yet have a new tracker but that won't hold water because I do have lots of tablets on which to write what I bite. So no excuse there. I need to cut some glass today. I am going to build a general store for the village and I can do all the soldering of the pieces but can't put the building together till I get the lighting aparatus to install on the inside back wall. That will work. Before the month is over I should receive my order for what I need. You Magnolias know how I love my coffee. I have a coffee press that makes excellent coffee and now they have come out with a travel mug that is a small version of a coffee press. It is from Missoula, Montana, the French Press Travel Mug, with a compartment in the bottom that conceals a special container that holds two or more cups worth of ground coffee. So I can replinish my mug throughout the day when traveling. I can always get hot water needed from stops along the way.:p I like coffee but only like "good" coffee. Only those who love their coffee would understand. :D I don't expect those of you who don't drink coffee, or aren't particular to what kind to drink, to be a bit interested in that new item I will be getting. :o However, rejoice with me for my new find.:carrot:

DONNA FAYE So you are up also. :hug: We both did that this week but will do better next weigh day, hopefully. I am so glad for you that you get to see your doctor so soon and not have to wait a month or so. Maybe now you can get some answers to what avenue to take with this. I wonder why they still have Jack on that med if it isn't doing anything for him. It must be terrible to have the heat sweats like that.

JEAN That is a hoot about that lighted deer hung upside down. Tis the season for all kinds of fun things popping up like that. We are going out and about on Christmas Eve and view all the lights in the area. I love to see them and what talent and imagination folks have in doing their decorations. Sounds like the play and your caroling went well and you had a good time of it.

Time to go see about some lunch. :wave: Type at y'all later. :ginger:

12-12-2011, 05:50 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a gloomy day in my corner of the world, but "warm" at 45 degrees. The snow is melting and everything is sloppy wet. I was at church until almost 1 this afternoon. We had a $24,000+ deposit from individual contributions and then going into multiple accounts. I imagine the next two weeks will be not quite so big; there will just be 2 of us counting so it could take even longer.

"Gma" -- I will be anxious to learn what your gyn has to say about a plan of action for you. :crossed: You will have the gain gone in no time along with a couple of friends. :yes: I don't bake or cook FF or SF because Bob likes the "real" deal, and claims he can tell the difference. I just got an email from Amazon saying one of the delayed toys has been shipped; it's from a company I've never heard of before so I hope it's what I ordered.

Maggie -- The travel mug sounds like a keeper for you. We could use some of your rain if you would care to share. ;) You will have your small gain gone asap also, along with a friend or two. It's hard to lose this time of year when everything centers around food. I can just see Cecil getting into mischief while the dogs are gone. :lol:

I am subbing in a card club tonight. It won't be late as some of them are still working; they quit at 9, put their coats on, and head out. My group sits around, drinks coffee, and visits for a bit after we finish playing. I'm hoping tomorrow will be more "Christmas productive" around here although I do need to go get the gift shop money and make the deposit. The days are flying by too fast! Enjoy your evening! :tree:

12-13-2011, 09:26 AM
Good morning to you ladies. It is quite nice here again today though we are expecting a bunch of rain. It isn't very cold.

Well, got ready and showed up at the doctor and had looked at my appt sheet wrong and it is 1-12 so I have to wait another month to talk to the gyn about all this. {{{sigh}}} It is what it is I guess. I am going to try and finish up the house today though I started the day in pain. UGH! You get fed up with it after awhile that's for sure. I know have real compassion for people who have chronic pain. I don't know how they do it.

Jean: Jack says he can tell the difference too. I think it is all in their heads, frankly, for the most part anyway, but sometimes you just can't teach an old dog new tricks, can you? I have never had issues from companies that sell through Amazon and I have ordered from Amazon dozens of times. I think Amazon keeps a tight hold on who they "sponsor" so to speak. I am sure you will get the gift on time and in good shape. I was pleased I got the yarn yesterday and started the project last night and it is coming right along. My only problem is I have a skinned pinky and a calloused middle finger that is peeling and it causes problems knitting a bit. The yarn scrapes the pinky and it doesn't slide over the other finger very well and I have a specific way I hold my yarn and can't seem to change it so have to just deal with it until they heal up I guess. I can't believe it is Christmas time already and it won't be long and spring will be here again! :lol: Sounds like the card club you are subbing at isn't much fun if they don't visit.

Maggie: Cats have their own agenda, that's for sure. Fortune can be ornery when he wants to also. Sometimes I have to really get after him. Don't sweat the lbs, they will come off again. I knew when Jack did take out all weekend that I would gain, but it comes off me pretty quickly when I am back to normal so I am not worried about it at all. I didn't overeat just ate things I wouldn't normally since I was just too sick to cook.

Jack said he heard yesterday the judge is about to render a decision on whether the city has to give us our money back or not and reinstate his pay. It will be awhile though as whichever way it goes will appeal though the Tennessee appeal court goes through their appeals pretty quickly. The amount would pay the cruise off or pay a bunch of other vacation things like our new luggage, our passports and excursions and put money away, but we shall see I guess.

Well gals, I need to make myself some breakfast then get to doing the housework. Have a good Tuesday all. Faye

12-13-2011, 11:08 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's another gloomy morning in my corner of the world, but NO WIND nor, snow, rain, or sleet . . . yet. The weatherman says "it's" on the way. :( I need to pick up the gift shop money and make that deposit, return some make-up I ordered, and get to work on Christmas!

"Gma" -- Oh, that's too bad you have to wait until next month to see the gyn, but the days will fly by quickly. Can you use band aides on your sore fingers? I wore lots of them my last year in school, when my fingers cracked and peeled from eczema. I had some good cards last night and even made the iffy bids that I bid, thanks to good partners. These gals visit while they play cards, just don't linger after the last hand. We did play all 8 rounds so it was almost 10 when I got home; the gal I was subbing for is the one who likes to leave at 9 so she can go to bed. :lol: I hope the judge rules in your favor. :cheer:

I'm off to run my errands! Enjoy the rest of your day! :tree:

12-13-2011, 01:54 PM

It is a chilly 39 degree day here in the Heartland with rain predicted. I love the pitter patter of the rain on the roof. I am a happy camper for I have a new cook book. I love cookbooks. Last evening when Will was taking the records from his helping the indigent he went by where WW meets and picked up a new 3 month tracker for me to start in January. Also he bought me the newest WW cookbook intitled POWER FOODS COOKBOOK. You know what fun I will be having when I get off of here this day going through the book page by page. I am now armed with the latest so I can get a good start with my program in the new year which is fast approaching. I just noticed a few things knocked off my work table and lying on the floor. Nothing that would break or be ruined though by hitting the floor. Mr. Gato must have had some fun while I was still sleeping. :o It is very quiet in here right now. Will is gone and the animals are napping. I am going to thaw out some pork chops and cook them in the smoker today. I haven't yet used that appliance and am looking forward to doing that. Other things have come along and gotten in my way so to speak. My reading glasses are sliding down my nose so I best tighten the screw soon or they will fall on my keyboard. Can't you just see them in your minds eye slip slidding away ~ over the nose and down. Well the heater just came on and some neighborhood dogs are barking so there went the sounds of silence I was enjoying.

DONNA FAYE Oh that is too bad that your appointment is next month instead of today. But you have waited so long to have one that another month will go fast and you will get your answers. It will be great for you to finally know what can be done and go from there. Jean says band aids and I suggest your using New Skin which is liquid bandage and comes in a small spray can for large areas and a small bottle with a brush like nail polish for smaller areas. We keep both sizes on hand and have used it for years. It has an agent in it that helps heal the area. When you paint it on it makes a smooth shiney surface on your skin. Anyway if you have not tried it I think you would like it a lot. I sure hope that Jack does get that money really owed to him anyway. It will certainly come in handy now for you two in paying for your upcoming vacation. A type of "forced" savings.:p

JEAN So you did well and had a winning streek in cards if I read you correctly. It is so much more fun when one is winning. :D No wind? Enjoy the still while you have it. We are not having wind this day either but some fog which I could complain about. When I was a youngster and walked to school in the fog my hair got very curly and my sisters got straight. We always laughed about that. My natural curl loved that coastal moisture. Much later when married we moved to another state where the dry wind blew all the time I had straight hair. It blew and took my curls away with it.

JULYARIC You are very :welcome: to jump right in and can tell us about yourself and your day and what is happening in your life if you want to join this group. We welcome anyone who wants in for we are not a closed society. After all you got your foot in the door so come right on in and get to know us also.

Everyone have a lovely day. :wave: I am off now to read my new cook book. :ginger:

12-13-2011, 06:39 PM
Good evening, ladies. We made it into the low 50s today.

My friends took me to applique yesterday and then bible study last night and today I'm pooped. I did do a load of laundry. I'm ready to sit back in my recliner with some ice on my knee and ankle after dinner and watch the BL finale.

Faye, we quilters get sore fingers and I've found the liquid bandage works well and doesn't wash off. Sorry your appointment isn't until January. I hope you feel better until then.

Jean, you don't need to share your weather with me! I have a rose blooming now.

Maggie, the kids sure are entertaining, aren't they. What fun! I saw a new WW slow cooker cookbook is coming out on Amazon. I like the Power Foods one a lot and will be trying some of the recipes when I'm back on my feet and can go to the grocery store.

And in closing, let me say there is poetic justice in the prize I won from my entry at Bella Fabrics - a pair of quilters flats that have a magnetic sole that picks up pins and needles dropped on the floor and a band of buttons on the toe. They are my size but who knows if I'll be able to wear them anytime soon. I chose pink so they would be more springy.

Have a great evening.

12-13-2011, 09:38 PM

I have had fun this day going through my new cookbook. Not much else got accomplished out of the ordinary. My plans for dinner went south once again for Will wanted to order pizza so I had a piece and counted the points. The menu I had planned for tonight got moved to Friday. Wednesday night is Colonel Cluck grilled chicken. Thursday night is spaghetti. Friday will be the baked chicken pieces and rice, etc I had planned for tonight. Saturday maybe I can do something in my new indoor smoker.

SUSAN Sounds like you had a very busy day yesterday. What a neat sounding pair of slippers to have for someone like you that does quilting. I had no idea that such a pair were made but it sure makes sense to me. I will keep a look out for that new book you mentioned. I have two WW slow cooker cook books Slow Good Super Slow-Cooker Cookbookand Slow Cook It. Do you know what the name of the new book is?

12-13-2011, 09:39 PM

I have had fun this day going through my new cookbook. Not much else got accomplished out of the ordinary. My plans for dinner went south once again for Will wanted to order pizza so I had a piece and counted the points. The menu I had planned for tonight got moved to Friday. Wednesday night is Colonel Cluck grilled chicken. Thursday night is spaghetti. Friday will be the baked chicken pieces and rice, etc I had planned for tonight. Saturday maybe I can do something in my new indoor smoker.

SUSAN Sounds like you had a very busy day yesterday. What a neat sounding pair of slippers to have for someone like you that does quilting. I had no idea that such a pair were made but it sure makes sense to me. I will keep a look out for that new book you mentioned. I have two WW slow cooker cook books Slow Good Super Slow-Cooker Cookbookand Slow Cook It. Do you know what the name of the new book is?

Everyone have a lovely evening. :ginger:

12-13-2011, 11:31 PM
Maggie -- It started raining late this afternoon but the temperature has hung around 40 so it isn't freezing, yet anyhow. I know you will get much enjoyment out of browsing through and fixing from your new cookbook! :T It's a good thing you are flexible when Will decides to change your menu plans. ;)

Susan -- I'm glad you enjoyed your outing yesterday! :yes: Just be careful and don't do too much. Are you trying to work also? I have never heard of quilters flats! They sound like a wonderful item for anyone who might sew! I know you will enjoy wearing them when you are able. :D

I hear the dryer buzzing so folding towels is my last chore for tonight! Then I'm heading off to bed. Tomorrow is nails, lunch bunch, and bell practice. :yawn:

12-14-2011, 08:25 AM
Good morning to you girls! It is nice and mild here this morning. Supposed to get up near 70 today. It can stay that way if it likes! :lol:

I got the downstairs done so now will work on my knitting project and try and get it done and maybe a bit of reading today. I have 3 new Ibooks from the library and they are all pretty good. The only thing about one of them is it is a series I read and this is the newest one, but there are 3 inbetween this one and the last one and the library doesn't carry any of them, grrrrr! I don't want to have to pay for them to read them so will just watch and read them when they come out, out of order I guess.

I haven't heard back from my dd after she emailed be about finding out the prices at the buffet at the casino for Christmas Eve dinner. Jack always pays for dinner and I told her the info I could find out, the people that work there don't even know their own information though. :mad: I told her dad would be paying for all of us, but haven't heard back if they want to eat there or somewhere else. It seems funny everyone else is gearing up for Christmas and Jack and I are done. Until I can rearrange this house, I am not putting up decorations year to year as there is no where to put a tree now. Those little table ones just don't do it for me, so I will wait until we work on the house and then we will have space. No one visits here and no one can see it from the street anyway so it doesn't bother me much not to drag the stuff all out.

Maggie: Sounds like you enjoyed looking through your new cookbook. I have found the pizza places to be a little wanting here so we don't have pizza very often. There is this little whole in the wall place in Indiana, I mean it is small and take out only called Rossinis. He makes the best pizza I have ever had in my life. It is spectacular. He is only open from like 5-10 pm though so it is only for dinner meals but it is well worth it and it isn't expensive. I would imagine it isn't exactly calorie friendly though.

Jean: Hope your day worked out and you got everything accomplished. You sure do seem to be a whole lot busier than when you taught school. :lol: Bob and Jack would get along famously. Jack swears you can taste lower cal foods, which is all in his head because I have made stuff and cut calories and he can't tell the difference as long as I don't tell him. Is Bob done with farming for a while now? I don't remember whether they do winter stuff up there or not. There are bare fields here until spring.

Susan: I had a grin about your winning shoes with your situation. I bet they are really cool though. I have never heard of such a thing though I would imagine they are a wonderful idea. Are you reading anything interesting? I am reading a book called The Birthday Present, one in a JP Beaumont character series called Betrayal of Trust and Judith McNaught book called Every Breath You Take. So far, all three are winners. Do you have small lap projects you can work on while you are recuperating???

I see it is almost 6:30 so I guess I should get out of here, get the laundry in the dryer and get the dishwasher unloaded then get some breakfast in me. Have a beautiful day today and be good so Santa will visit you! Faye :clause:

12-14-2011, 12:13 PM
Good morning ladies! 48 degrees and sunny here.

Nothing happening today so I'll be paying bills and getting my Christmas cards finished. My friend gave me a container of soup mix (and a banana bread, sigh) and I've got it cooking now. It sure smells good. That will be lunch.

The shoes were actually invented by the owner of Bella Fabrics and she has patented them. They are made in Italy.

Maggie, when I went back to Amazon the check the name, I found I got it wrong about it being only slow cooker. It called Weight Watchers One Pot Cookbook. It will be out 12/20, lists for $29.95 but is $19.58on Amazon on pre-order. I did place my order. I love one pot meals.

Jean, I hope you have a fun day today! Lots going on as always.

Faye, I don't really decorate for Christmas since Stan died. He was like a kid at Christmas and couldn't wait until he could put up the tree. He was abused as a child and Christmas was just another day. So far 4 friends have given me ornaments this year so I hung them from the banister of the stairs. They are all lovely and made by them. I do have my applique and English paper piecing I can work on but you can only do so much and then you are sick of that, too. I've taken 2 days off so I'm ready to go back to it today. Right now I'm reading "Chesapeake" by James Mitchner. It's old but good. I always loved his books because you get a good dose of history with the story.

12-14-2011, 01:16 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! It continues to rain and is a "warm" 41 degrees this morning. I've been to get my nails done and opted for bright red polish which I never wear. I hope they last until Christmas. I stopped at the grocery store on my way home. Next is lunch bunch, and then either the Christmas tree (I'm out of the decorating mood) or cards. I did get the first round done last night and Bob mailed them for me.

"Gma" -- I'd hate to admit how many books I've read out of order. :o It's strange the library wouldn't have the whole series that you are reading. Bob just bought tractor #5! :dizzy: It has been redone, painted, etc., etc., and "just the one he has been looking for!" It's in IL so I'm not just sure when he will get it. I was hoping for Christmas so I could put a big red bow on it and have him park it in the driveway. :lol: He has promised to sell his least favorite tractor asap. In answer to your question, he is done farming for the winter. He did some field work for a customer; not sure why the guy didn't do it himself but Bob enjoyed doing it. Since the snow is gone our country fields are pretty dingy looking.

Susan -- Potato soup sounds good on this rainy morning. :T The banana bread sounds inviting too! :T I'm going to take a look at the new WW cookbook on Amazon. They always send me lots of emails for stuff after I've ordered toys! I'll bet your Christmas ornaments are beautiful. It's always nice to get things made by a friend. :hug:

I need to change clothes and get going. Enjoy your day! :wave: :candy:

12-14-2011, 02:53 PM
Jean: I read your post and thought, "hmmm, maybe Jean should put "Old McDonald Had a Farm" on Bob's phone and play it for him like they do the Lexus commercials as a surprise for the tractor out in the yard! :lol: :lol:

12-14-2011, 03:48 PM

It is in the low 50's this day and all is well. I fixed a nice brunch of boiled eggs, red grapefruit sections and toast. Sure hit the spot for some reason this day. Will is out back making a nice frame for a lady that works at the museum to put a horse picture her grandfather drew for her years ago. She had never had it framed and found it in some things recently so now she will have a nice frame for it.:D Of course he has a couple supervisors for Beanie and Cecil are right under foot as he is working. Ole Ragg Mopp is snoozing out on the couch in his "spot." Since the rain left some moisture in the air when the morning train went by which is over a mile away it sounded like it was going down our alley. Moisture sure makes the sound travel. When Will gets up in the morning he turns on our Christmas lights we have in a potted tree and around our window and the Kincade tree and my lighted houses. It looks so cheery when I get up a bit later. I love this time of the year. I only have christmas tree lights around the roofs of 3 of the houses but that is how it will stay this year. Will said we can make a run over to the big city after the holidays and see if Michaels, the craft store, still has them. If they do I can get them at a discounted price. :cool: Since it is a seasonal thing they probably will need the space for something else. I was showing Will the plastic folder WW sells to put the Pocket Guide in that I like to put my 3 month tracker in and it is just a quarter of an inch too small. It will snap but I want it to fit better so he volunteered to make me a nice leather one.

DONNA FAYE Have you ever made your own pizza and had it just the way you wanted it? It is fun to make but so much easier to just call for delivery. We like the little hole in the wall type places and have found the "best" of some items there. The best, bar none, burger is in a little place in Ponka City OK. The very best place for pizza is in Ventura CA. The best BBQ beef is in Jackson Hole WY. The very best ever burritos is at Maggie's out on the avenue in Ventura CA who also has the best carnitas tacos. The best pulled pork sandwiches are to be found in Lindsay TX. So if you ever travel in those areas I know where the "best" places to eat are. :p

JEAN Does Bob use all of those tractors or just a collector. We used to have a bunch of miniature tractors put out by Alice Chalmers because we had a friend that worked there. :p Will would love to have a tractor but our friend in Texas where we are going to retire to has one. Just one though. I am not sending out cards this year. I waited too long to order the ones I really wanted so I may order earlier next year. Not many folks are sending them out this year because postage is so stinkin' high. AH so your flashing red neils now. Did you have them put any holiday decorations on them? I like the little trees and candy canes, etc. they paint on nails this season. I am doing mine clear with some snowflakes on them. That is if I can find my holiday nail decorations...they should be with my polish ~ I just haven't looked yet.:dizzy:

SUSAN I'll have Will look for that book on his sites where he gets such fabulous discounts. I gave him the information and he said, "After the first of the new year" which is fine with me since it only goes on sale the last of this year. :cool: I have a lot of the WW cookbooks and this will be another to add to my arsenal. I wonder if they will be making a big ring binder book like they did for the Momentum program. Will found those in the book store when he was prowling around in there. I have 3 of the ring binder WW books. Two are for the Momentum and the other one for the Core program. The Core one is "WW All-time Favorites" which has over 200 best-ever recipes from the WW test kitchens. The two Momentum program ones are "Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook" and Weight Watchers in 20 Minutes. I imagine that a new ring binder book will be coming out with the Points Plus program in it.

Everyone have a lovely afternoon. :wave: Type at y'all later. :ginger:

12-14-2011, 06:19 PM
Maggie -- It is still raining here, but up to 46 degrees! It just feels damp and chilling inside and out. I just fixed a hot cup of tea to drink before I leave for bell practice. Bob, or his farmer friend, do use all of the tractors. His friend has converted to being an Oliver fan rather than the Allis brand of tractors he owns. :lol: He is close (?) to retiring in a few years so know he won't be buying any more tractors. Bob has a whole hutch, in his office, full of Oliver toy tractors and implements, many are "to scale" and with all the appropriate parts in place. He has an OLD Oliver wall clock that hung in his grandpa's/dad's garage. It still works too. I have no clue where we will put all of his office menagerie when he retires. I'm hoping he will sell some online. We haven't gotten nearly the Christmas cards that we normally do. With the S L L O O O W W W W postal service, who knows when they might be delivered, if at all. :dunno: I didn't think to have a decoration put on my nails. If the polish doesn't last I may go back next week and do that.

"Gma" -- It would be cute to have music to go with the tractor. :lol: I don't see how the tractor will get here before Christmas. Bob has a couple customers with trailers, but it will depend on when they can go, or if he could borrow a trailer and go himself.

I'm going to change back into my jeans and head for church. See you later! :tree:

12-15-2011, 09:27 AM
Good morning to you all. It is raining something fierce here this morning, but I think it is going to gradually drop off. It is very mild here so much so that we slept with the fans on last night. Kind of weird weather even for here so close to Christmas.

I finished my J P Beaumont book and it was really good. I am down to the decreases and pick ups on my project so it won't be long and it will be done too and then I can wrap it, go and get a couple other things to go with it and it will be all ready. I will then go back to working on my sweaters and getting them done.

I have been a busy girl this morning, I cleaned out the fridge and took out the trash, unloaded the dishwasher and am going upstairs in awhile and dust and clean bathrooms. We want to shampoo downstairs this weekend since the guy with the roofing tracked mud all across the carpets and up the stairs. I found roofing nails on the deck a couple days ago so who knows if it is going to leak again or not. I left the bowl and towel on the floor upstairs waiting for this rain to see if it was going to leak again. From what the guy said, the roof is a mess and needs total replacement. You can't legally withhold association payments in this state so you are stuck with what they will and won't do pretty much.

I put together the cutest bracelet for my best friend for her birthday online yesterday while I was goofing around. Like I have said before she and I have been best friends for 45 years now, since 7th grade music class where we met. She is such a doll and I thought she would like a bracelet that is all colors of blue or pink and hearts and best friend beads and stuff like that. She is like a sister to me and I love her like one so I want to do something really special for her next year.

Susan: I get beautiful ornaments from the boys and put them in a bag here in the kitchen and sooner or later will take them out to the storage where I have all my Christmas stuff. One of these days I will have this house the way I want then can put up all my stuff. I love the look of it, but it is a lot of work if no one else will ever see it and we either do Christmas at Kelly's or are up in Indiana. Our little condo just doesn't have room for anything.

Maggie: You would only get an argument about one food and that is the pulled pork. I think the best pulled pork is right here in Memphis. I may be prejudiced but Memphis BBQ is the best pork bbq. We don't eat it much as it is pretty high in calories and such, but we do like it. We have a great mom and pop place just across the street here where we always get our smoked turkey at Thanksgiving. He is quite elderly but still a lovely Christian man who is at the restaurant everyday. The food is glorious. :lol:

Jean: Jack would not want something quite so big for Christmas. :lol: I think he would probably want more computer junk is my guess. We really don't buy each other presents as we use the money for our vacations every year. I am going to be buying his luggage for Christmas for him. He picked it out and it is this bright, bright yellow and black. Mine is going to be pink with my monogram on it. We like the duffle style bags so are getting a couple big ones of those and a carry on to take our hygiene, meds and set of clothes and swimsuit and such as that is what they recommend since your bags don't get to your room for several hours. Kind of cool to be able to take as much luggage as you need and not have to pay extra for the privilege. Comes from driving instead of flying. They released a study that Memphis has the highest airline prices in the country. BIG surprise. Delta almost has a monopoly here now that they bought NWA and NWA was a hub here in Memphis. It is awful to fly out of here too. Hard to get direct flights and you would think being in the middle of the country it would be easy.

Well gals, enough blabbing. I need to eat breakfast. have a grand day all. Faye

12-15-2011, 01:37 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The wind is blowing, it's cloudy, and "feels like" 15 degrees. :brr: I've done a couple loads of laundry and decluttered the kitchen . . . again. I have WW in a little bit, know that won't be pretty with all the holiday eating this past week. :hyper: We're leaving for Sioux Falls early this afternoon. I want to stop at the mall before the grandkids' program at 6.

"Gma" -- I'll trade weather with you! ;) I hope your roof is fixed and you won't have another leak to contend with. I think we are flying Delta this time. We flew Delta back from AZ many years ago and wondered if the plane would make it. It was OLD and a bucket of bolts! I was really nervous and I don't usually get that way when flying. I wish the airlines would wise up and install wider seats! :yes: I need to buy a new piece of luggage since mine was a mess last time we flew. It looks like they dragged it down the runway behind the plane. :(

I need to change clothes and head out. Enjoy the rest of your day! I won't be home till way past my bedtime tonight. :yawn: :wave: :tree:

12-15-2011, 03:33 PM

It is a chilly day of 37 and not expected to get over 40 degrees this day in the Heartland. I don't have much to do this day except to round up all the ingredients for our spaghetti dinner this night. Since we won't be having our guests in to eat till 7 pm I have lots of time to get prepared for sure. I have a couple of french bread bagguetts in the freezer I do need to get out and cook and spagetti sauce to get bubbling on the stove. After I get off here this day I will go and chop the celery, mushrooms and onion that I will be using in the sauce. I leave them in bite sized chunks which makes the sauce nice and lumpy with meat balls and veggies. But like I said there is no hurry to get things moving for the dinner.

I made a "thank you" card this morning for our guest for he brought us a lovely un-sliced ham. I will, after I get though here, go cut it up and get most of it in the freezer. I'll cut some of it into bite sized chuncks to use in several dishes I can make and slice the rest thick to have same for other dinnner type things. We will have lots of ham in the freezer. :p I'll use my machine that sucks the air out of the bags and seals them to do this ham so we use the other one first. This appliance that sucks the air out and heat seals the bag sure makes the food last longer when frozen. Our guest also brought us a bakery box with 6 donuts in it and we, of course we had some. Will left the box on the coffee table in the front room and this morning he asked me, "Did you polish off the donuts?" Absolutely not! Well he found the empty box on the floor and asked me that before he accuesed the dogs and cat of partaking of our leavings. Probably was Beanie for he will eat anything. Anything. I didn't want anymore anyway nor did Will. If Paul is still with us after the first of the year I am going to have to tell him kindly to NOT bring anymore donuts or pie or anything of that sort for us. If he wants some ~ fine ~ but don't give us any for we are going to knuckle down and buckle down on our weight loss efforts. Besides I had to take an alka-seltzer after that donut for it got to me. I am not used to that sort of the thing and I don't want to teach my system to "ask" for it either.:D I realize he is just trying to be nice and contribute. He could lose some weight himself. ;) He will be gone next week for the baby girl will be born next week by cicerian. All is well with mother and child.

We have a wedding celebration party to go to on Saturday which is about an hour away. They requested "no gifts." But I really do want to give them something and since she already has 3 of my houses I am thinking of making them one of the ones with the bay window and has a matching gazabo and give it to them later. I know what she has so this won't be a duplicate. He is in the service and has made several trips fighting for us and has the Medal of Honor which was recently presented to him. We would certainly not want to miss their reception.

DONNA FAYESounds like with the amount of activity you have done this day that your moving about nicely and not sitting in your chair in pain. That is so good isn't it. I do hope he did get your roof patched so the rain doesn't come in some more. I have a real good cookbook called America's Best BBQ by Ardie A. Davis phB & Chef Paul Kirk CWC, PhB, BSAS that has some excellent recipes from Americas best smokehouses, pits, shacks, rib joints, roadhouses, and restaurants. It is full of good food and how to make it. A champion BBQ winner is going to be back in town just to make deliveries this friday and Will has ordered Burnt Ends which are a flavorful, well cooked type of brisket. We love the Burnt Ends. What I really like about this book is that it tells about some of the history of the eating joints and gives their best recipes for meat and the rubs used and side dishes, etc. It has really colorful pictures of people and places and food in it also. I would gladly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys BBQ.

JEAN Have a safe trip. I know you will enjoy that program. Drive safely on those winter roads and watch out for the "other guy." Those programs are always so fun this time of the year to attend. You are going to be one tired Magnolia if you won't get home past bedtime. Bet you sleep well tonight. Don't stress about weigh in today. Lets make a conserted effort to make a good weight loss this coming year. If we keep our FOCUS we can show a good loss in 2012. Yes we can.

Everyone have a lovely afternoon. :wave: I am off to the kitchen now to get some lunch and chop the veggies for the sauce. Type at y'all later :ginger:

12-16-2011, 02:08 AM
Maggie -- I did go to WW but didn't weigh in this morning. :o I should have, I know. I would have a hard time with donuts and sweet things in the house. :yes: Did Beanie look at all guilty about the missing donuts? We made the 5 hour road trip for a 20 minute program! The kids sang (more like yelled) the traditional carols and did the traditional skit. Ian had a speaking part as a shepherd and Zowie was an angel :lol: with tinsel in her hair. Sioux Falls has no snow either so other than the wind it was ok.

I am heading off to bed! See you tomorrow. :tree:

12-16-2011, 11:34 AM
Good Morning! It's another cloudy and cold 15 degree day, but NO wind is blowing right now. The sun is trying to peek through so I hope it appears sometime today! I've folded a load of undies and have another load in the washer. We have an open house at one of Bob's customers tonight. It's held in a machine shed so not fancy. Lots of area farm families and tons of food will be there. It's a tradition started by the grandparents many years ago.

I need to write some more cards and finish DECORATING :crazy: the tree today! Enjoy your day and whatever you are doing! :tree:

12-16-2011, 11:49 AM
:wreath: GOOD MORNING MAGNOLIAS :clause:

It is a chilly day this day in the Heartland. The temps will range from 24 to 47 degrees. Something sure had the dogs uneasy last night. Probably a skunk in the yard. Who knows but it distrubed my sleep. They are usually so quiet when they are inside. The animals are all ram-bunk-chious this morning. The Schwan man just came but we certainly don't need anything. I made a huge amount of spaghetti and sauce yesterday and so we will have it another day for sure for it really turned out good.

I got two surprises yesterday. First off I wanted a new WW pocket guide and e-mailed the local leader and asked if I could get one from her since it is a give-a-way and she said she would have to check on if she could give me one. I just thought if she could give me one I would have Will pick it up next Monday night. I wrote back and said to "not bother on my account" for I had sources out in CA & elsewhere I could have one mailed to me for I do know that WW has different rules in different states. I went on out to the kitchen and started making my spaghetti sauce and didn’t get back to my office till late so I didn’t receive her e-mail saying she would drop off the booklet at my house. In the middle of taking the spaghetti noodles off the stove Will came to the kitchen and said there was someone there to see me and I said send her into the kitchen. She came in with the Meet Points Plus 2012 and the Living Points Plus 2012 booklets along with the pocket guide I had asked about earlier. Brought them to my house. Actually brought them to my house.

The other surprise I had was Will bought me a new cookbook at the museum book store. The title is The Pioneer Village Cookbook. It has "reliable receipts & curious remedies in it" and is by Ann Chandonnet. Inside there are two pages of pioneer cooking terms which are helpful even though the recipes are written in our modern way. It gave an illustration on how a recipe written in 1736 and I will type it out here just as it is in the book.
Stone your Cherries, lay them in the Tarts, with abundance of Sugar and Cinnamon, Cordecidron and Orange Peill, close up the Tarts, and send them to the Oven.
-- Mrs. McLintock’s Receipts for Cookery and Pastry Work, 1763."
The cook was expected to know a great deal concerning pastry, sweetening and oven temperature. It is a fun book with lots of history and recipes I can read and follow.

I have the neatest little fold out thingie which is "The Night Sky" put out by the Waterford Press. It is an introduction to prominent stars and constellations. It is so neat for the star charts glow in the dark and the pamphlet is chock full of information about all the stars and other things and it is intended to serve as a star finder. I can imagine I got this when we were in Montana, the state with the "big sky." I think I will put it with our camping gear for when we are "out there" we tend to look at the stars mostly then. I like to try and figure out what I am looking at.

JEAN It's OK if you didn't weigh in. WW has a pass for us when we don't want to weigh in and that's a good thing. They understand that sometimes we just don't want to. Hope it isn't too chilly in that machine shed for the party which sounds like fun. What a nice tradition to keep going. I too have laundry to fold. It comes upstairs in a basket and I dump it out on the bed and fold & put it all away.

All Y'all have a lovely day this chilly day ~ winter really begins on the 22nd of this month and already has a good start. :ginger: Type at y'll later.

12-16-2011, 11:56 AM
Good morning ladies. A bit of a late start here as I was up at 1 AM with this female stuff and didn't go back to sleep until Jack left for work. Thank goodness for Advil and heat pads. Just one more month!

Here is Fortune in the surprise project, though if my dd peeks in here before we have Christmas Eve dinner with her it won't be a surprise. I am going to get some catnip toys for their cat, but this sweater is for their yorkie, Marty. Fortune was a love and let me yank off his, put on this one, sit still while I took pics and then take it back off and put his back on. He seemed to like this new one, but I told him he couldn't keep it as it was a Christmas present for Marty so I think he understood and was ok with it! :lol: Jack loves it because it is Navy colors, and said I should put a big "N" on it, but I nixed that idea! :lol: I do like the colors and Marty is "gold" instead of "blue" like Fortune so I think the colors are perfect for him and he is about the same size as Fortune so it should fit him perfectly and be nice and warm for him. I am going to go back to knitting my sweaters now.

Boy so much for our balmy days. It is in the 30's and rainy here today and the house is all cold again. Bummer! Hopefully, Jack won't have to work outside today.

I have to make a batch of those cookies Jack loves tomorrow and keep him out of them because they are for his plant's Christmas lunch on Thursday. I told him I would make some other stuff too if he wanted but he said the cookies were fine. I know they always gobble up whatever I send so I am sure they will eat all of these too and there won't be stuff brought home. I am just going to make and freeze them as they freeze really well. We are doing rug shampooing this weekend so will work the cookies in sometime this weekend I guess.

Jean: Ahh well, it is the grandkids so what can you do???? I appreciated the band concert being just an hour and it was in this church so it wasn't sitting on those hard metal chairs, but nice cushy pews too. Jackson starts kindergarten this next fall and then they will have the same experiences. I just hate we won't get to be a part of it like we were with Thomas's. Maybe if we know in time we can schedule a visit and go to at least a few. I too am doing laundry this morning, towels and undies. Seems like we use an awful lot of towels and such as I seem to be washing them all the time. Sounds like a good time as long as it isn't too cold in the machine shed. Nothing like good ole farmer's wives cooking, but then "it ain't WW!" :lol:

Maggie: Oh my gosh, that is funny. Fortune would have eaten them if they were within easy reach, but if he had to jump onto the coffee table or anything like that he would have left them alone. I caught him once yanking my sandwich off my tray table when I went back into the kitchen for something, but it sits next to my recliner with all my knitting stuff so he just had to walk over and yank so it was my fault. He loves people food, but then don't all dogs. I have finally gotten him back on dry dog food and though he is not chowing down on it, he eats it everyday and I imagine when he realizes that "that is all you get buster" he will go ahead and eat it. It should slim him down and it is made for senior dogs so will help him with his joints and such. I can't believe he is 12 years old already. He is still pretty spry, but he did hurt himself last night as he was climbing on us and put his back paw in the drink hole that sits between our recliners and I think twisted it a bit. Freaked me out, but he was ok in a couple minutes.

Well it is almost 10 already so I guess I better hop to things. I have already missed breakfast so will eat a banana and just wait for lunch I guess. Have a lovely weekend all. Faye :hohoho:

12-16-2011, 02:46 PM
Christmas party, New Year's Eve party or Super Bowl this is a great dip (if you love hot wings just not the calories)

Buffalo Chicken Dip

10 either canned or your own chicken finely chopped
8 oz lowfat or ff cream cheese
1/2 c hot sauce your choice
1/2 c lowfat or ff ranch dressing or you can use the same amount of a bleu cheese dressing
1 C shredded ff or 2% cheese

Microwave cream cheese until soft, stir in all ingredients making sure chicken is broken up well, put into a baking dish sprayed with Pam and bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes Serve with tortilla chips, potato chips, pretzels, crackers even fresh veggies

(I don't have new pts break down so you ladies will have to run it through your program with regards to serving size)

12-16-2011, 04:54 PM
Maggie -- I'm glad you were able to get the latest WW books. It was nice of the leader to deliver them to you. :yes: I'll bet the old cookbook is interesting! I have one that was my Grandma's and there are things in there I've never heard of. The farmer has multiple heaters in this shed, and remnant carpet pieces on the floor. Bob said he stores his machinery in there otherwise.

"Gma" -- I hope you are feeling better as the day has gone along. Fortune's fur looks so soft in the picture! The sweater is beautiful and I'm sure Marty will enjoy wearing it. It's nice of you to bake cookies for Jack to share at work. I think anything homemade is most welcome :cheer: because people just don't bake and cook like they used to. Thanks for sharing the recipe -- it sounds like a tasty one!

12-17-2011, 08:26 AM
Good morning to you all. I think Maggie and I posted at the same time yesterday because I surely didn't see it when I posted yesterday. It is cold again this morning and the heat is coming on and off. I am chilled but to turn it up anymore would make the upstairs way too hot for Jack to sleep. I guess a blanket is in order.

I am going to tear out what I have finished of my wrap and start over. I decided I didn't like it and am going to do something else with the yarn. I don't know what yet, but I am going to find a pattern for it this morning.

Maggie: What a cool cookbook to have. I love those old historical things with stories and such and a cookbook would be so fun to look at as women cooked by "feel" more than cooks do nowadays. Except for baking, I am a cook by feel kind of gal myself.

Jean: Almost all of the men out at the plant are at least 10 years younger than Jack and I imagine most of their wives work. Besides that, most working mothers and such of this generation are not big on baking and such. They buy what they want already made. They don't have time and aren't interested for the most part. I think it takes the control out of our hands and we end up eating junk frankly. Anyway, I always enjoy making stuff for those guys out there because they appreciate it and scarf it down. It is a nice ego boost for me! :lol: Hope you got your cards and decorating finished. We are going to shampoo carpets today and I am making those cookies today I think. I have the cream cheese, butter and eggs sitting out to get to room temperature and I am going to go in and mix the oatmeal, brickle and chocolate chips together when I get done here.

I am ready for spring! It has been so cloudy and such here and it gets depressing. I don't think I would like to live in a place like Seattle where it rains a lot and seems to be cloudy so much of the time. People must be permanently depressed out there! :lol:

Well gals, I am going to go. I want to work on some knitting before Jack gets up this morning. Have a nice Saturday all. Faye] :candy:

12-17-2011, 01:16 PM
Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is playing hide 'n seek this morning, and it's a cold 23 degrees with an 8mph wind. The weatherman says we will have a "brown" Christmas. I'm positive that we will make up for it in January and February. I've been to the grocery store for some oj, bread, and milk; ended up spending $52 just by picking up a few things as I passed by the displays. :spin: I need to make my Christmas menu and go early next week.

"Gma" -- I had to :lol: at your heat being off and on. Are you going to use a different yarn and pattern for the wrap? I hope you weren't almost done and then decided you didn't like it. That's usually my m.o.! I've been known to buy things and then when I get them home don't like them at all and wonder why in the world I ever bought them in the first place. :o I can remember when our kids were still in school, there were a few times we were to bring treats and working mothers brought store bought cookies. Oreos were the most popular ones! Bob still likes Oreos, so I buy them every once in awhile. Guess he is a kid at heart.

I have laundry going and need to unload the dishwasher. I hope you all enjoy your day today! :present:

12-17-2011, 05:37 PM

OH Magnolias go to the new thread I started for this one has filled to capacity. :wave: