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10-23-2011, 10:08 AM
Hi all!

I知 new here, found the forum yesterday and decided to join. I hope that my subscription here would help me with the motivation. I致e read many inspiring stories and I知 glad that there are so many people who are perfectly capable to turn their lives around. :halffull:

Mine is not a success story, yet. But actually the fact the I知 starting again is a big step for me, so this is why I知 posting here. :) Honestly, food has always been my biggest issue. I love chocolate and all kinds of sweets and this is what I mostly eat, plus sandwiches and milk and occasionally fruits and vegetables. I also like cheeses and nuts, sometimes chips... I知 not much into potatoes, pastas and such kinds of carbs.

So, after almost two years eating like this I知 now around 145 lbs (21 years). And I have to mention that my health got bad, as well. February and March, this year were my down-point. I was taking some antibiotics due to a bad flu and then because of this and the fact that I wasn稚 taking vitamins (neither as supplements, nor through my food) my immune system kind of crashed and the iron in my organism was so low that I felt ill and without any energy all the time. Then, I started to eat more vegetables and fruits and taking supplements, so I got better and gained my strength back. Though I still continued to eat my favorite chocolate and sweets. :D

Before my weight varied between 121 to 132 lbs. Once I reached 114 lbs for few months and I would say that it is my perfect weight and I feel most comfortable this way, so it would be my goal. Hopefully, I値l be able to reach it by New Year.

The good thing in my case is that i like working out and I致e been training for almost 5 years with some long periods of rest the first three years (few months each). So during the last period of eating bad and training hard I guess I致e gained some muscles because my body is definitely toned and I don稚 look that bad, though I知 not feeling comfortable with my current measures.

And this is how I decided to start working on my diet. I started on the 10th of October. The first week I was eating mostly salads, cheese, some meat and some sweets but not in the quantities I usually consume. On the 17th I decided to cut the carbs for some time in order for my body to get into the state of ketosis. I know that this is not the healthiest thing to do, though I知 not planing to continue with that regime for more than 10 days. I知 taking vitamins, as well.

My daily menu looks like this around 6 egg whites + 1 yolk, 100-150 grams of cheese, around 200-250 grams of meat (mostly chicken breast and fillet + some salami and bacon). And one protein shake, as well which contains around 24 grams of proteins. I drink black coffee and around 3 litres of water.

I usually train 5 days a week twice swimming and the other three days I知 at the gym, doing some exercise with weights and mostly cardio. Though I started Slim in 6 last week instead of going to the gym since it痴 temporary closed for renovation. I did Start it Up! three times. On the 20th I started Ramp it Up!. So the following weeks I値l be swimming twice a week and doing Ramp it Up the other three days, leaving two days off.

So, basically this is my story. :) I consider it as a new start for me a way to live and eat healthier than before. I値l be happy if you share your thoughts and advises.

And I hope that you are not already bored by my looong post... :D

10-24-2011, 12:54 PM
Hello there, Beyond, and welcome to the boards!

Your diet sounds good; although, I would add in some non-starchy veggies with lunch and dinner. I think you'd still get a good weight loss doing so.

Best wishes to you!

10-24-2011, 05:28 PM
Thank you for the feedback :)
Yes, I'll definitely add more veggies to my diet since I'm already bored with all the proteins. Today I decided to eat only apples, so I could detoxify my organism from the protein. Tomorrow I'll start with add salads and hopefully in 30 days I'll be able to post again here with some results.