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1 of our fat people
02-02-2003, 03:43 PM
Hello again!

On Tuesday, in less than 48 hours I go to meet Dr. Kramer! I am so excited! But, I wanted your input on questions to ask him. I know that I need to ask him about the lady that died whom he operated on. What else should I ask to ensure that he is a good surgeon for me?


02-02-2003, 06:32 PM
and first things first: you must decide for yourself if you are satisfied with the amount and types of information he gives you, the level of attention he gives you, how well he listens.

here are some other, more-specific ideas...

1.. how many patients/how many deaths/how long has he been doing this/complication rates

2. support groups

3. post-surgery diet. and if he doesn't tell you to eat lots of protein and instead allows you to eat mashed potatoes, rice, pasta, ASK HIM WHY. if he 's a carnation instant breakfast kind of guy, ask him specifically about higher-protein supplements [and this is key, along with his attitude. you would be challenging him at this point. how he handles the challenge is crucial.]

4. are the nurses/other caretakers in the hospital trained in caring for obese patients after the surgery

5. how long is hospital stay and what would keep you there longer.

6. drains? breathing tube? some patients get them, others don't. i had a breathing tube during surgery, but no drains. my surgery buddy had drains but no tube.

7. how big was his heaviest patient and how much did this person lose

8. average % of weight loss in his patient population, and how many kept it off

9. how many have hit goal and stayed there

10. support for any plastic surgery: will he do it or refer?

that's my off-the-top-of-my head list... if i come up with more, i'll let you know.

02-03-2003, 11:51 AM
What medication are you allowed to take? Vitamins?

Do they offer a support group/ Nutrition Counseling?

Do they have patients you can talk to? were they happy, are they still happy? (Personally I have much more faith in the patients then the surgeon himself. There was one lady in the waiting room who was just bouncing off the walls with energy. She had the surgery 3 years ago and had lost over 250 lbs. She showed us pictures and talked to all of the people setting there waiting to go in for our first appointment. She really put me at ease and she was not getting paid to tell us something, I'm very glad that she was there!)

Has any of his office staff had the procedure? Where my husband is going they have many nurses who have had this done.